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Kumo And Friends
Later Than You Think

Kumo and Friends, limited 12" on Electric Tones. Bangy drummy stuff. No idea how to descibe this so I won't bother. Later Than You Think is limited to 300 and numbered....view item »


Another Disasters By Choice release is by Vero. Title of this is 'Preghiere' and conjures up images of a sleepy Red Snapper being fed through a stuttering laptop full of small, furry mammals. Once again. this is dead pretty with nice trumpet and double bass splashes, a spot of piano and a soupco...view item »

The Koala Octet, Lermoc, Sir Os
Volume 5

the koala song is one of the most horrable songs i have ever heard, absolutely perfect.the rest was pretty amaizing really.definately buy it then give it away to your friends...more more more ...view item »


If you enjoy the music of the British invasion you'll love Venue. Combining Beatlesque harmonies, thrashing guitar riffs reminiscent of the Kinks, and beats from the Keith Moon School of Drumming, this brotherly band manages to create their own new sound that sounds old (if that makes sense). From the slightly surf sounding title track, "Mmhm!" ...view item »

The Murky World Of Seats

Garlic- Quirky American sounding indie not unlike Pavement with a killer chorus made of sweets and other sugary nonsense. The Murky World Of Seats is a surprisingly good if not derivative debut....view item »

Turn Pale

Here's a 7" by Turn Pale. This is dark raincoat rock that sounds a bit like Echo and the Bunnymen or early U2. There's a Rapture quiver in the voice and a bit of Pixies in the guitar lines. Hey, its funny how the name Pixies contains the word 'pies' which is no doubt what the singer has been eating ...view item »

Jack Planck
Pass The Ammunition

Jack Planck- 7" on Rodeo Meat. Probably the best sleeve I've seen in all time. Stupid stupid music. Fucked up big time.... somewhere between easy listening, a childs playground, All Seeing I all with a large healthy dozen of random cheese. Most enjoyable..... Pass The Amunition is 7" only...view item »

The Waxwings
Shadows Of..

Let me start off by saying that I think their first release is simply a masterpiece. It had great songs and great melodies. The vocals were distinct, the background vocals were an integral part of the music and the guitars - which are their calling card - were clearly distinctive. Now we come to this new release. Unfortunately I was a little dis...view item »

Down Soft

Barrichello- new single on SL records called Down Soft. Really sounds like someone but can't think who? Got some great vocal harmonies on this. Nice plodding beat and melody. Me like....view item »

Simple Funk EP

Fresh in from Germany a new 12”  (called Simple Funk EP by Gram on Underscan. Its fucking mental if you ask me. Mad as lorries electronica with a fucked up dub feel and people having sex all over it. An orchestral stab turns up out of the blue halfway through the second side then it all goes al...view item »

Holidays In Europe

Also reissued are the 2 Kukl LP's orig on Crass recs and now on CD courtesy of One Little Indian. Out of tune young Bjorky Bjorky lady singing in pre proto Sugarcubes outfit. If you liked the Sugarcubes then this is a perfect addition to yr collection ...view item »

Don Lennon

I love this album -- as well as Don's first two self-released affairs. If you like the sound of the Smiths or Belle and Sebastian, and enjoy clever, humorous lyrics, you'll love this album. There are two songs devoted to Dave Matthews. The second is the type of song you have to play over and over because it is so damn funny -- sample lyric, "Dav...view item »

Geeez 'n Gosh
Nobody Knows

More crazy glitch-gospel from Geeez 'N' Gosh on his 2nd album, Nobody Knows. The gospel samples are a little longer, the beats more subdued. "We Call On Him" takes a microhouse-lite approach, incorporating a modulated beats to keep the rhythm, while "Pray" takes the filters to the single-word sample of the title. Closing with "I'm Determined (Je...view item »

Grey Matter
Sonic Textures

In on Axia records from Manchester is CD of electronica from a band called Grey Matter which is quite melodic electronica. Some of it sounds quite old school with the sounds that have been used but there's a few really good tunes on the CD, also there's some ambient bits and bats for the sleepyh...view item »

Daemien Frost/ Montana Pete

Here is a split with Daemien Frost and Montana Pete. Mr Frost does bizarre instrumental rocking type stuff in a post rock type Captain Beefheart fashion. Montana Pete is more noisey rock but with a more indie ish ness about it but st...view item »

Scud Mountain Boys
The Essential..

The Scud Mountain Boys at their best are very good indeed so a compilation of their 'essential' recordings can be no bad thing. It's a great way to get into them, but you might as well buy their first three albums as everything here has been previously released. The first two, "Dance The Night Away" and "Pine Box" are available as a double CD ca...view item »

The Angel Is My Watermark

Am really fond of the new Hopewell single. Sounds an awful lot like Mercury Rev but it would do as one of them is in them. A cracking single and if you like Mercury Rev you'd do no harm in checking this out cos I can guarantee you'll get a bit fruity with it. One to jump up and down on yo...view item »

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