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White Light Motorcade
Thank You Goodnight!

White Light Motorcade are more bad rock. Sort of a cross between BRMC, The Datsuns and Feeder. Fuck me I'm being inspired this week. No wonder I'm feeling jaded with it all. Probably quite distracting in a live environment but not exactly original. Or good. Or exiting. This is a CD...view item »


Brand new FZV CD on much hyped AI Records of London. Yes believe the hype cos if you buy into it your life will improve, members of the opposite (or same sex?) will find you more attractive, you'll become more successful at work, more popular with friends and you'll have pots more cash. Though god knows why cos it's painfully aver...view item »

Future Ex Wife
While Your Husband's Away

Here's the brand new CD from Future Ex Wife which is ex Groop Dogdrill (I think). This is noisy Chicago-style rock. Think Penthouse, Helmet or Groop Dogdrill. They're  full of beans this lot. while Your Husbands Away is a CD thing...view item »

Hakan Lidbo
Clockwise Rmxs EP

With the Clockwise single, Håkan Lidbo gets worked over well, with the original getting across the twitchiness of time-keeping, incorporating environmental fragments into the groove. Si Begg takes things slightly deeper, while Matthew Dear approaches the track in a slightly smoother direction, even if the...view item »

Thomas & Sampson
When The Lower Resembles The Higher

When The Lower Resembles The Higher is candy coated pop that makes me want to jump-rope down the interstate. Here we have loops, guitars, and synthesisers burping out undeniable hooks. Finally, Thomas & Sampson sing heartfelt love songs above the music, with a voice that seems ready to crack and fall apart if the listener moves from their se...view item »

Panic DHH
Panic Drives Human Herds

Panic Drives Human Herds is an amazing work of industrial metal. It's actually a pretty good mix of industrial styles. It's got subtle elements of einsturzende neubauten and SPK in there, while having some innovative power-noise and aggrotech in there. The metal bits fit in very well and never feels like they're writing a metal song and throwing...view item »

Homemade Hits Vol 1

Here is a compilation of lots of groups from a new label (to me) called Kittridge Records. Its all psych/twee pop like the stuff released by Happy Happy Birthday To Me records or the late lamented 555 records. There's songs by Honeybunch, The Units, Lunchbox and a load of groups I ain't never ...view item »

John Wilkes Booze
Five Pillars of Soul

For a compilation of five mini-albums, it's quite uneven. The songs meander between 'one night with beer and a box of old records' to a 'day in daddy's garage'. I can't help but feel that the bunch that makes up JWB hides behind a veil of bamboozled faux-homogeny. I don't mean to rag too much on them. It's impressive that they're trying hard to ...view item »

Ghost Exits
Cincinnati Riot Blues

Ghost Exits completely rip off Grandmaster Flash on the Cincinnati Riot Blues EP, the 4th in this spellbinding & eclectic series. Old school hip hop influences with strictly nu-artskool attitude. I can't really start to understand what's going on at this strange little label. This is what ARE Weapons...view item »

Adam Green

Something good now.... A new Adam Green 7" on Rough Trade (no CD folks). This is fantastic stuff. The fella can really right songs and all of his songs sound like cover versions of old famous songs. That and his deep warm voice..... makes you want to curl up with a nice cup of cocoa You're sure you've heard 'em before. Classy...view item »


On Sonic Terror is a fine CD by Rusuden called 'Formulae' which takes the prettier, more chilled out route into our hearts. Reminiscent of recent releases on AI & the like, we have 12 quality tracks with titles along the line of 'Membrane' & 'Plankton'.  Super...view item »

Clear Horizon
Clear Horizon

Kranky have a new release out by Clear Horizon. This is Jessica Bailiff and Dave Pearce from Flying Saucer Attack. Interestingly on the blurb for it there's no mention of Flying Saucer Attack so perhaps he's feeling a bit embarrassed about it all these days. Anyhoo this is all a ...view item »

The Mood Elevator
Married Alive

My introduction to Mood Elevator was the excellent "Boycott" video that I saw on YouTube. I noticed Brendan Benson on guitar, and had to investigate further as Benson is one of my favourite artists. The songs here are very good. Mostly rocky stuff, interspersed with mellow numbers that build to a crescendo. My favourites are "Boycott" as I love ...view item »

The Buddy System

And finally from for the week there's the debut CD album by The Buddy System on U Cover recs called Application. You may remember them having a track on a split single on Awkward Silence. This is interesting electronica with some very good bits in but also a fair few noodly bits in. Well worth a listen ...view item »

Gerard Collier
Breakin' Down

Gerald Collier is simply a great singer-songwriter. His lyrics are just as brutally honest as they get - very disturbing actually. A line like, "I was up thinking to myself last night/ how much better I'd be if I'd have shot her on sight/ how much warmer I'd be between my sheets/ with the blood of her body washed all over me", really separates itse...view item »

The Gay
You Know The Rules

What happens when you put together folks from Maow, Superconductor, Vancouver Nights, The Tennessee Twin, Kreviss, and others? You get The Gay, a five-piece co-ed fun-pop outfit high on harmonies and bliss (and probably drugs too); especially as the band features an accordion (and someone playing it) Produced and re...view item »

Bizz Circuits
The Very Best Of..

The Very Best Of.. boasts a humongous list of musical artists -- although you have to wonder how many of them truly influenced this collection. Certainly, the minimalists and the microtonal experimentalists show their hand here (listen to the cool bleeps and dub beats on "Gilles Deleuze Meets Rockers Downtown" or the slow, skittering percussion on ...view item »

World Of Bauxite

12" by Kruton. It has drums on it and wibbly sounds.The drums are playing a fairly regimented beat, very well disciplined. The wibbly bits are also well disciplined. They haven't made an audible error yet and we're about 3 and a half minutes in. On the second track the drums are more staccato and are joined ...view item »

Hand Picked Fragments

In on Suction is a new Skanfrom LP which is a hybrid of Kraftwerk/ Boards Of Canada with a vulgar 80's pop twist. Bits sound like early Depeche Mode (the music that is) and it's all very melodic but I can't do with the 80's sounds. Hand Picked Fragments is all very tuneful and probably ...view item »

Total Shutdown
The Album

Total Shutdown. Bet  you've never heard of 'em? They're on Tigerbeat 6 and Load Records. This particular release is on Tigerbeat 6 (as it's a CD) and the vinyl comes out on the fucking noisy Load label. This is mental type thrash metal gear in yr Extreme Noise Terror vein. O...view item »

The Singles
Better Than Before

More Detroit rockers with a certain Livepudlian fixation. But don't mistake The Singles for The Forty-Fives or The Sights, even though they share a producer in Detroit 'scenester' Jim Diamond. This motor-city four-piece stand out by imagining garage rock as being solely inspired by the George songs on the early Beatles albums. It is hardly impor...view item »


After being turned on to Portland's Audio Dregs label, I had to check this guy out. Meet Eric Mast aka E-rock, older brother of Evan Mast aka E-vax who you may know as one half of the popular electronic rock duo, Ratatat (lord only knows what those guys are doing these days). It took me a...view item »

Bugz In The Attic
Fabriclive 12

Hands down, this Bugz collection has to be one of the nicest mixes I've heard in a long time. When you put the chilled breakbeats, percussive rap, house, and funked up remixes together the flow is unbelievable. Some of the standout tracks are "Focus - Having your Fun", "Seiji ft. Lyric L - Loose Lips", and the re-edit of "N'dambi's - Call Me". T...view item »

Children's Hour

More niceness from The Childrens Hour on Rough Trade. A lady singing, just guitar and a few assorted odds and ends. Very quiet..... Sos Jerk is CD only...view item »

Alpha Beta Gamma

Sometimes we're a bit slow at the towers. Yep we're honest as the day is long as well. A CD will come in and will sell like crazy yet it has slipped us by. A good example is the Bitmap which has been selling in droves. Its a guy from Salako and a collaborator of Fonda 500 apparently. I thought this...view item »

L'go Pistooli

We also have a 7" called Holiday by Lgo Pistooli. This is nice instrumental slow stuff with electronics. Would fit nicely on Static Caravan I think....view item »

Show Offs Get Hurt

Lastly back to the increasingly fine Red Square, who bring forth a CD by Cabrini, entitled 'Show offs get hurt' More lovely old skool indie of The Go-Between's/Field Mice variety. Not as twee as expected but still as pretty as you like. 11 tracks of cheery, summery pop to brighten up thos...view item »

The Tall Boy
Goes On

555/Red Square Records of wherever it is the boy Anderson has settled himself and wife Jen (Flagstaff, Arizona!) have a batch of lovely new CDs ready for sale from the good ship Norman! Firstly Red Square release The Tall Boy's 'Goes On' long player which combines pretty summery pop with ...view item »

You Am I
'No After You Sir..' An Introduction To -

If you're going to put time and effort into becoming a fan, 'No, After You Sir...' really is the place to start. This is a fine collection of You Am I's songs, and a pretty good representation of what they are about. The only complaints I can offer are that the song 'Damage' is missing (a truly beautiful song) and that the band's first album "So...view item »

Mos Eisley
The Get Up Set

Mos Eisley sounds like a rapper but it's an indie tune of the quality Byrds/60s variety so it must be a band. The get Up Set is chocca full of great tunes and pop hits and Id like to think they'd get quite popular but it's just not gonna happen.... shame! It's CD only on Beautiful Pigeon Records and it's wel...view item »

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