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Give Me Evils EP

Wales kicks ass. You should all buy records on welsh labels and support their independent scene. Not that I'm biased or anything. Infact I'm off to my hometown of Holyhead in a few hours. If I get too drunk and ruin my sisters wedding my Mum will kick my nuts off like she did that time I ruined Christmas. GIVE ME EVILS self...view item »

The Small Hours

Eliot has a new CD out. Well it's his debut in fact and it's somewhere between Massive Attack and Coldplay. ie the mellower moments of Massive Attacks music with Coldplay ish sensitive vocals on some tracks. It's quite coffee table ish when the female guest vocalist kicks in sounding like a more laid back mell...view item »

The Decider
Men Women & Alcohol

A CD by Decider. This is lo-fi noisy garage-y pop that recalls Swell Maps or Television Personalities. It sounds like it was made back in the day when shambling was de rigeur for every 4 piece outfit from Pollockshields with floppy fringes and out of tune guitars. On track three they are all laughing and messing about. ...view item »

S Brooks (Minmae)
In Preparations For Dance

Here's a CD by S. Brooks who I've always had grudging admiration for since his prolific work as Minmae. So he's now gone down the lonesome country path. Kind of like a minimalist Smog. There's a lot of people doing this kind of stuff at the moment. I fear that only repeated listens will reveal wheth...view item »

Boom & Birds

Here's a nice record/cd by Boom and Birds. The CD has the advantage of coming with free confetti so you can save money on your wedding day by buying up loads of copies of the CD and saving the confetti. Bargain! Its hip hop-y electronic music with a twang of jazz -  kind of along the lines of Mister Boom Bip, funnily enoug...view item »


Audioroom we have a new CD in by, on Arbhouse. Nice downtempo twinkly electronics blah blah blah. Sometimes my head really hurts trying to formulate a description of this stuff in my head when it starts to all sound the same. I really wish I was pretentious enough to come out with Wire style appraisals that just leave you more in ...view item »

Attack & Defend
Owl EP

Owls rock. Really now. Owls totally rock. They can turn their heads in ways you can only dream of and they can see things miles away. Me, I can't see the number of the bus that's coming towards me til it's on my feet. Many great things about owls.....Attack & Defend on the mammary catching obsessed Boobytrap label release a ...view item »

Blue Smoke

Autophonic are the folk responsible for a Labteks remix 7" on Bomb Mitte. 'Mental Block' is a stunning swirl of sinister, brooding alt-hip hop that paints Antipop & Gislain Poirier shades all over your nice whitewashed walls before inadvertently causing you to rise up from your chair & put it on aga...view item »

Four Day Hombre
The First Word Is The Hardest

Apparently this weeks next big thing (from Leeds....) is Four Day Hombre who release their new single. This was sold to me as an exciting breath of fresh air. I was hideously lied to as it sounds just like a more commercial Elbow. It's rather average and veering over the tip of a dull cliff about to fall into an enormous canyon o...view item »

Farmer Dave Scher
Bab'lone Nights

Farmer Dave Scher apparently used to be in Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio who I can't remember ever hearing. All Night Radio I've not even heard of so you'll have to excuse my ignorance here.. On the evidence of this 'Bab'lone Nights' 7" he's into 70's-inspired indie with a mighty dose of piano-heavy country boogaloo and little droplets ...view item »

Every Move A Picture
Signs of Life

Every Move A Picture. Now that's a band name. Seemingly of that grumbly, spiky, skanking & shambling ilk that has spawned bands like Arctic Monkeys & Burning Pilot. I get a spot of highly infectious organ infected guitar pop with a dash of soulful early eighties bounce, 'Signs Of Life' sees these San...view item »

Dan Coffey
Follow Up Treatment

Then comes a CD called 'Follow Up Treatment' full of sauntering shuffle-hop, curious DIY atmospherics & wierd staggered breaks with what sounds like Wagon Christ's fat cheeky brother shoplifting some quirky gurgles. Music unhampered by owt fashionable thus ultimately refreshing. That's by Dan Coffey. Isn't he in Supergrass...view item »

Savage Pencil
Norman Records Gift Voucher

We commissioned the one and only Savage Pencil (Sav X / Edwin Pouncey) a few years back to produce our very first Norman Records postcard. It's still going strong. With a design purposely intended to scare children off buying vinyl (seriously, kids, don't start) you too can own an exclusive piece of art from a guy who has done work for everyone ...view item »

Snakes In The Grass (Woolford & Nasty mixes)

Essential purchase and first release on Nightmares On Wax' new label.The Paul Woolford mix in incredible. Adding some lovely aggressive drum sounds and an amazing piano/synth line about half way through which really cranks it up.Possibly a little old now but this will be my second copy. Testament to the stature of this great pie...view item »

Next We Go Sublime

Next a CD by Supercilious on Monopsone. This is good hip hop flecked electronic stuff  - dark like DJ Shadow, Massive Attack or Sixtoo. Some more electronca ish stuff with lady vocals and the Aphex Twin beats and bloops over something a whole lot more ethereal. This is one of those CD's that takes influ...view item »

Good Hood / Iodine

The cover of this single is a bit disturbing. Loads of folks dressed in gas masks looking well unnerving. Possibly a bit My Chemical Romance but that's where the similarity ends! It starts of with a super energetic abrasive guitar riff and pounding drums with the guitars high up in the mix totally sucking you in. I like it. Very new wave sound...view item »

Copper Glove
Surviving The Garden Of Hate

Copper Glove is a new project from Baltimore noisester Door, formally known as Earth Crown. He has had a couple of split sevens out, the most notable being a split with Kites (whose creator C.F. is responsible for the sweet artwork). This industrial outing is a departure from previous efforts with distorted vocals, synth manipulation and tone gener...view item »

Foreign Islands
Fine Dining With The Future

FOREIGN ISLANDS , Nude's "latest signing" (yawn) Twangy post punk guitar (check) Bendy funk bass (check) ramalama disco new wave drums (check) itchy meaningless vocals delivered in that muffled conversational rap style that the guy from At the Drive In invented. This sucks. Don't be fo...view item »

Jeans Team
Oh Bauer

Jeans Team! remember them????? No???!!! Well, we have a 12" & CD called 'Oh Bauer' (which I'd love to translate as Oh Bollocks...) & It's got a piss funny retro 80's house mix from Christopher Just, and the gayest disco fucknuttery on the other side. ...view item »

His Name Is Alive
Last Night

I must admit that after the pop-collage technique of the first few albums (which nested so well with the rest of the 4AD roster), I was not expecting His Name Is Alive to become a soul/R&B band. I was used to the music taking weird twists (and in fact this and SDMBWCTE are just extended examples of that), but this move was unprecedented in the HNIA...view item »


Supersoul with a slightly more commercial thing. Cut up hip hop - musically extremely  interesting,  vocals a bit obvious but still very worthy. Somehow it reminds me of a cross between early Scritti Politti and Tricky....view item »

Lubyanka Chorus

Was alarmed to open this CD by Lubyanka to discover a Scorpions CD inside. Turns out it wasn't a joke either. It really was a CD by the German hair rockers called 'In Trance'. Now, one of you lucky bleeders is gonna get that free in your parcel. It sounded pretty cool actually. But not as cool as the real CD which was underneath. This is Anthony's ...view item »

I Am An Antagonist

Pretty solid CD single action from 1877 on Dead Pilot with the 'I Am An Antagonist' limited edition which comes over as a curious mix of The Sisters Of Mercy, Interpol, Sofa and prime period Human League Phil Oaky vocals. The production is well tight and mixes guitars and electronics in a wicked 80's style that has us thinking of bits of Cabaret Vo...view item »

Emery Reel
For And Acted Upon Through Diversions

Staying on the whole RAWK tip, we've got a really cool treat for all you people who lapped up those cheeky Texans EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY!!!!! Well, it's not a new sonic unleashing from those noisy bastards, but a lavishly packaged CD from fellow Stateside soundscapers Emery Reel called 'For & acted upon throu...view item »

You See Colours

This is technically The Delays second full-length album, however they've recorded at least as many songs for B-sides to their singles (all of which are worthy of tracking down, I might add). Delays records definitely have that Phil Spector-ish "wall of sound" texture--big, layered melodies that would sound lush coming from transistor AM radios. ...view item »

The Morning Benders
Talking Through Tin Cans

No. I just don't understand half the stuff that's being made these days. Plodding yawn-some 70s-flecked college rock, as densely layered & wonderfully produced as it often is, fails to ignite me. All. These. Bloody. Bands falling somewhere in between what Field Music did so bloody well but which fell to deaf ears years ago and the grandoise,...view item »

Chicks On Speed & The No Heads
Press The Space Bar

Oh and here's a new Chicks on Speed album with the The No Heads. Who they? Well they be Christian Vogel, Joe Robinson (from Mum & Dad) and probably other people. The insert has text all over the show and I can't be arsed fighting my way through it. Musically it's a departure from the last polished more ele...view item »


Wow. I've just been handed two Belgian vinyl releases on the Kraak imprint. Never before have my ears wandered across the shiny surfaces of this labels outpourings of musical grief before. R.O.T.'s 'L'ecurie' is 4 tracks of disturbing field recordings, possibly put onto tape inside a wandering sheeps bowels. There's some strange ...view item »

The Reverse
A Clean Incision

Really digging this CD single 'A Clean Incision' by THE REVERSE. It's not normally my thing particularly as it's old skool clean cut indie guitar stuff ala prime House of Love or early Coldplay. But 'Carry the Light' has its hooks in me within seconds & the words graceful, mature & passionate don't even do it just...view item »

DJ/ Rupture, Kid 606, Joseph Nothing, Various
Let's I Love You

Have It All Stringed Up

I love that PLANNINGTOROCK album on Chicksonspeed Records. You all largely ignored me though... This new CD Ep (called Have It All Stringed Up) is one of those enhanced jobs that has videos on there well. I believe you need a computer for that. Mind you if you're reading this then you'll probably sorted on that one. A potentiall...view item »

Pine Am
Pull The Rabbit Ears

This is the perfect record for nippophiles. PINE*am is three girls from Japan. This is an amazing little record. This band met in Osaka and released their first album in 2000. Now part of the band lives in Vancouver. Some songs have weird synth kiddie sounds like "Pull The Rabbit Ears." But there are some pop elements like on "Starlight, Star Br...view item »

Greenwich Resident
I Hid My Heroes

Next up is a 5 track EP from GREENWICH RESIDENT. 'I Hid My Heroes' immediately makes me think of Badly Drawn Boy albeit slightly more twee and without the Bruce Springsteen obsession. Whether they wear hats all the time I'm afraid I can't tell you. This has commercial appeal as the songs are strong and the production is polished...view item »

Swan Lake
Beast Moans

Swan Lake -- for the most part -- delivers, with its weaves of lo-fi fuzz, acoustic guitar and wavery synth. It starts off a little weakly, but quickly gains steam and barrels on like the Decemberists on really good acid. The music itself is a glorious mess of the lo-fi and experimental, dabbling in sing-alongs and poetry recitals. There are rou...view item »

Dave Fischoff
The Crawl

If you appreciate intelligent lyricism in your music, look no further: "A crowd spinning its calligraphy of voices/ surrounds me with its talk. / Strands of conversation unwind/ around my ear like a vine." A former librarian, Fischoff obviously understands poetry and his magical observations about real life read as well as they sound. Fischoff h...view item »

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