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Jens Lekman
When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog

Sometimes I think Jens Lekman is a silly man. He writes some great songs but sometime his lyrics make me want to punch the wall. More of the heartfelt songs, Jens less of the silly irony. Taking the good songs on this new full length you could well compare him to great crooners like Richard Hawley and The Divine Comedy....view item »

Sigur Ros

One of the main reasons I'm a bit funny with Sigur Ros (apart from the pompous thing) is that they once had black snow transported half way across the world for use in a video shoot. Even Emerson Lake & Palmer in the height of their mid '70's indulgence would frown upon such an expensive and environment crushing whim. Anyway...view item »

Tirath Singh Nirmala
Bluster, Cragg & Awe

And on to TIRATH SINGH NIRMALA who may not be familiar to you but it is in fact John Clyde Evans (ex Hood member from long ago). He's converted to Sikhism now hence the name change. And he's only gone and decided to bleedin' release ...view item »

Phriz B
Pusling Quiche Gas

Next Phriz B (oh c'mon) on Go Away Records an offshoot of Compactrisk. Mad electro stuff  - this sounds like the gabba stuff I used to have to play to scraggy lads in caps when I worked in a Leeds record store. Terrible, frightening memories. There's bits of gabba, electro, video game music, and nonsensical rambling...view item »

Summer 2001

Summer is here and to celebrate this those folks at the Day Release singles club have released part 3 of their seasonal triple Cd box things. On this choice tallulah you get a 3 CD's by Monsoon Bassoon (who sound quite Cardiacs ish on this one), Defeat The Young (acoustic bloke wit...view item »

Hüsker Dü
Warehouse Songs And Other Stories

Husker Du's final album, Warehouse Songs and other Stories, was a great way to go out and is a fine collection of songs for a double album. While their other double album, Zen Arcade, is the better and more eclectic release, Warehouse is the more influential. If you want to know where the more melodic rock bands from the '90s found their sound, ...view item »

Drew Millward
Norman Records Gift Voucher

We've commissioned self-confessed music 'n' burgers 'n' beer enthusiast Drew Millward to produce this postcard for us, and mighty pleased are we with it too. For our money, Drew's one of the best graphic artists around at the moment and has absolutely nailed it for us with this design. Also available as a super-limited A3, screen-printed...view item »

Schneider TM & Static
Partake In The Pulseprogramming ‎– Tulsa For One Second Remix Project

More Notwist-ey type japery from Pulse Programming who have a remix 12" out with tracks re-jigged by Schneider TM (like a jaunty stroll down the Mississippi with bloody Fourtet (Arrrggghhh!) and for fans of Dntel & the like, Static provide a version of 'Off To Do Sh...view item »

Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Old Dog New Tricks

Dennis Young from the band Liquid Liquid, who once had a song covered/robbed by Grandmaster Flash & turned into "White Lines" (incidentally a HUGE worldwide hit - not bitter etc) has a CD out that he's sent us a few of. It's smooth, percussive stuff with a slight worldy vibe that recalls "Can dur...view item »

Shane Whitbread
Tomorrow Fades Away

".. the music evokes the loneliness of being trapped in a black hole surrounded by far away moon & stars. The struggle. The desperation. The isolation. The insulation. Fuel and oxygen depletion." ... phew bit deep. Anyway its by SHANE WHITBREAD and it's his 4 track ep and its slightly more maudlin than the other 2 ...view item »

Vic Thrill

Vic Thrill are a new name to me and their CD is fairly impressive. The word is skewed-pop. Pretty mental at tiimes. The first track sounds a bit like the "Um Bongo Um Bongo they drink it in the Congo" ad from years ago with a kind of calypso feel . It then goes all over the shop - noisy energ...view item »

Uprock Rhizome & The Aphasia Group
Jungle Green Memes

Uprock/Rhizome and Aphasia Group collaborate on a new CD on Tigerbeat 6 ups the ante somewhat with approximately 1000 clicks per minute. This sounds a bit like Autechre. In fact it sounds exactly like Autechre in places. There's a hip hop type thing going on on a couple of tracks not that there's any vocals ju...view item »

The Universe
The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor

The Universe then.... Nope not the big ole thing we're all sat in existing but the new CD on Microindie by said massive thing called The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor. This is a side project of some dude from Architecture In Helsinki and someone else who I'm too lazy to check on. Think of Grandaddy and ELO ...view item »

Art's Equivalent To MFI With His Rolls Royce Of Bu

Twocsinak have just been branded "fucking idiots" by a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless - hell, Clint, for ruining a perfectly lovely tune with unhinged noodling & deafening laptop flangefader arse-gribble screeching. More Bristol experimental electronic folk from the same community as the million selling Kno...view item »

Tokyo Explode
Rocker Boyfriend

Tokyo Explode CDs on Fire including a hilarious cover of Suffragette City by dentist killing Bowie. The vocals sound out of tune but I think it's supposed to be like that. It's a bit like an English Shonen Knife and there's bits of Transvision Vamp in there as well.  The most friendly lovely man has just ...view item »

The Tall Ships
Paint Lines On Your Glasses

New San Diego post hardcore trio The Tall Ships have a new album out on Minority. The standard setup of guitar, bass and drums is beefed up with piano, trumpet. Members include Steve Kuhn who was previously in Glendale and also features Darren Zentek on drums, formerly of Kerosene 454. Think of the ...view item »

The State Of Samuel
Mutiny On Mercury

Another one who sounds like he's singing with a clothes peg on his nose is The State of Samuel. Although he's from Sweden, this could easily be on the old Elephant 6 roster. Its lo-fi twee fun pop just like Apples In Stereo or The Minders. Some of the songs here are just fantastic ...view item »

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