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Leon Vynehall
Rojus (Designed To Dance)

Leon Vynehall unveils a rich and varied collection of house cuts. On Rojus (Designed to Dance) the producer’s lush, spacious deep house is in full effect. Vynehall uses jazzy samples and soulful vocals to create a unique, organic dance music, and this double EP contains two 12” of the good stuff....view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
The Disco's Of Imhotep

Jamal Moss has never been shy with releasing music (how many aliases does he have again?), but word is that new Hieroglyphic Being full-length The Disco’s Of Imhotep is a proper statement, worth serious attention. It certainly has that hypnotic blown-out Being vibe, pitched toward...view item »

Adam Feingold

Canadian producer Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial (1080p, Temple, Pacific Rhythm) returns to Steven Julien's label for a second twelve, featuring two cuts of the rugged style house/techno that Funkineven seems to hoover up for his imprint. 'Ascension' is raw and emotive with a smattering of acid, while the blue 'Inner Zone' is melancholy a...view item »

J. Albert
Small Room EP

Super-prolific techno footmover J. Albert comes back for another 2016 12", this time channeling dusty inner city beats for a good 4 tracks. Judging by the quality of A2 cut 'Ting Waan', this will be stomping, keeping bodies warm and limber deep into the winter nights and beyond. While he's just got things moving with his own Exotic Dance label, ...view item »

Aphex Twin
Richard D James

In a career full of brilliant music, this could possibly be one Aphex Twin's high-water marks, widely popular at the time of release. It introduced his pulverising 'drill and bass' techniques, moving him away from his acid 'n' ambience beginnings. Contains several classics such as 'Cornish Acid', 'Girl/Boy Song' etc. ...view item »

Marcellus Pittman
Sneak Attack / Random Acts of Insanity

4 years ago, Marcellus Pittman wowed people with Pieces, his debut full-length album on Unirhythm. Now he sneaks out 2 of the strongest tracks from that collection for DJ-friendly 12” release. Sneak Attack and ...view item »

Cold Gemini EP

Matt Weiner is pulling the strings on this new 12" from TWINS (a shorthand for That Which Is Not Said), following up on his last release, a split with Os Ovni. The record is a collection of in-your-face techno tunes that head straight for the darkest avenues, while keeping one eye on the dancefloor at the same time. Full of squeaky beats an...view item »

Diagenetic Origin
The Galactic Clock

Punchy, tough atmosphere-drenched techno with shades of, say, Ancient Methods but a little less sonically brutal. Yet this EP is gonna be devastating on the dancefloor, loaded as it is with floor-scorching industrial vigour and a clenched fistful of mechanical funk.  A1. CyclesA2. Question B1. GalaxyB2. Hear...view item »

J Velez

Lost in the cosmos with J Velez. Ausland are two hot efforts from the state side technophile. These jams are stone cold killers assassinations, with the deep water diving of "Ausland" - effortlessly loosening you up for the floor. Perhaps inspired by Lynch, "Lost Highway" is the early morning failed ...view item »

The Gooch

“Daddy, are ghosts real?” “No sweetie, of course not. But THE SPECTER is. Are you ready to go all acid up in here?” Just a regular conversation between father and daughter. The Gooch is one piece of 12” goodness that will tear family ties apart and sow them up nicely and in strange and...view item »

Cop Envy
Total End

Three funk fueled, highly percussive techno tracks from Melbourne producer Cop Envy backed by a Manse (Lobster Theremin, Opal Tapes) refix. ‘BGFT’ goes first, with spectral synth hovering under a ...view item »

Blackmass Plastics
Under The Radar

Blackmass Plastics drops 8 new tracks on the Ugly Funk label, keenly playing up to label type with rough dancefloor killers that are presented without smooth edges. Under The Radar, which sprawls over 2 12”s, is a mutant thing that collects up tracks that have made a bi...view item »

Cristian Vogel
The Assistenz

Another major statement of electronic music by Christian Vogel. The Assistenz was recorded in Copenhagen with rich array of synthesisers and creative programming techniques. This record could stand just as well in the middle of the dancefloor as in an academic electronic music lab. The Assistenz is released by ...view item »

Mickey Pearce

Mickey Pearce (aka Shortstuff's Richard Attley)'s debut album is a mixed affair. Whilst a lot of the tracks here inhabit the familiar post dubstep landscape we would expect them to, there are others which veer downbeat, some optimistically and upliftingly so, and others with a dark kind of edge. Expect the unexpected....view item »

Gerd Janson
Fabric 89: Gerd Janson

Gerd Janson steps up to the honoured Fabric decks with the 89th instalment in their crucial mix series. He’s got plenty of killers in his DJ box, with almost every track here being a special remix version: Prins Thomas does Caribou...view item »

Faster Action
Faster Action

Usually a pairing with Robert Bergmann, Interstellar Funk goes it alone under the Faster Action title for these cheeky tools many DJs would be thankful for. Two tracks offering strong beds of rhythm, the first a 909 explosion and the second a heavier metallic affair. Great backbone stuff for any...view item »

Minus Degree

Appleblim gets back to Tempa with a new 12”. Minus Degree starts off with a left-turn: the title track has no beats! Serious! Synths and sub bass create an uneasy soundscape, with no head-nodding of dancing to relieve you. But don’t worry, the EP’s other 2 track will give you a good ti...view item »


Dark, brooding atmospheres reminiscent of your time as a night-shift factory worker, always throbbing onward: expect those sounds from Lakker’s debut full length. Tundra will give you the chills with its threatening basses and obtuse beats that’ll fill your room, ears and head as soon as the needle touches t...view item »


Debut release from producer Yaws: in fact DOUBT is also the debut release for the label, Purely Physical. These 4 tracks seem somewhat informed by the slightly-too-slow sounds of Andy Stott, except that Yaws pulls back slightly on the delay / decay front. Meaty, textural club sounds all...view item »

Gut Man Cometh / Destroyer

Audion is the long-running I-Love-Techno project from Matthew Dear, and recent album Alpha was first full album released under the name in 10 whole years! To celebrate, 2 of those mighty dancefloor cuts have been extracted and remixed, one by FOLD and one by Matthew Herbert...view item »

Cute Heels
Third Skin EP

Barcelona’s Cute Heels offers up a synthesis of classic dance genres, with aspects of EBM, Detroit techno and Chicago house all present on the Third Skin EP. Old-school floor-filling stuff. On top of the original cuts, we also get a pair of remixes: one from The Hacker and one from Steffi...view item »

Floorplan (Robert Hood)

Floorplan is a fantastic name for a house music project, immediately focussing the mind on the only place that matters: the dance floor. It is, of course, the name under which the legendary Robert Hood makes his houseiest tracks, and Victorious finds him co-producing with his own daughter(!). Awesome. T...view item »

This Coercion Pt. II

Hard-jacking new tracks from Shawn O’Sullivan’s Vapauteen guise, working the project’s signature style of relentless beat-pummel and acidic synth lines. This Coercion Pt. II neatly complements the recent Pt. I: taken as a pair, they add up to some of the year’s most form...view item »

Tin Man, Jozef K & Winter Son
Acid Test 11

3-way collaboration here between the Mancunian duo Jozef K, the 303 groove-dude Tin Man, and Winter’s Son. Acid Test 11 contains 2 new tracks of inventive, acid-derived sound-sweep, as well as a remix from Erika. It goes without saying that this will get crowds ja...view item »

DABJ Allstars Vol. 3

The word ‘Allstars’ holds such fun and promise: I’m pleased to report that this 12” of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Allstars doesn’t let down on that promise. The stars in question are O.D.D., Casio Royale and Modini (the latter presenting the incredibly-titled &lsquo...view item »

Kern Vol.3 mixed by Objekt

Kern is the in-house mix series of Tresor, the famed Berlin techno haven. Objekt provides Volume 3, a slick-mixed collection of his favourite DJ tools: think Shanti Celeste, Mon...view item »

The New Cycle

The New Cycle is meant to be ‘electronic music without the electronics’: the elements at its foundations are orchestral instruments (from both the Western and the Karelian traditions) and field recordings. The results, clicked into a techno-derived grid, are pretty damn lush and melodic: Suokas has pulled of...view item »


Taken from Tiga’s No Fantasy Required LP and working with Paranoid London, this club stomper is an old heart with a new head, harking from the golden age. Thick grooved-out acid bassline and shuffled drum machine will get you moving without realising. For Fans of Erol Alkan, ...view item »

Fabrizio Rat
La Machina EP

Inventive little EP here from Fabrizio Rat, a producer and pianist who set out to construct this EP using only a drum machine and a piano. The results are 4 Techno tracks made out of deliciously fiddly little looped sounds from the piano: strings scraped and prepared, the surface tapped and treate...view item »

Russell E. L. Butler
The First Step

This arrived in stock a coupla weeks ago and managed to evade the review pile because of time restraints but I thought I’d show this EP some well deserved love.‘The First Step’ is the second release from this Oakland producer (aka Black Jeans) under his real name, hot on the heels of last years ‘God Is Change’...view item »

Circling Vultures
Circling Vultures

Whenever you see a release by L.I.E.S., you know it’s going to be a piece of hard-hitting techno. Circling Vultures deliver nothing less, and this self-titled 12” is sure to blow up your speakers if you turn it up as loud as you want to. Heavy 808 beats combine well with paranoid bass lines, and...view item »


Donna is released on Aus Music and is the debut from UK techno and house DJ and producer, Cassy. There are some solid Detroit techno sounds here, with pulsating electronics layered with flowing synths and ping-pong rhythm. Expect the Boiler Room lady to be soundtracking any Berghain style party ...view item »

Yen Towers
Bidders Must Justify Their Price

Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation label have a seemingly limitless of compellingly dark music, from the harsh noise of Puce Mary to the relentless techno pounding of Yen Towers (aka Simon Formann of Age Coin and Lower). Bidders Must Justify Their Price ...view item »

60°43' Nord

60° 43’ Nord is a banging techno record, primed and ready for club deployment. But, more unusually, it is also a document of the underwater soundscape found underneath a fishing boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, it can be both things! ...view item »


Gloomy and dubby techno explorations from Jens Massel on Raster Norton. The tracks run so slow you'd imagine you have chosen the RPM yet this is the pace he works. Exploring the human psych through depth of sound, the pieces are enlivened by snatches of Michael Cramm's vocals which humanise the dislocated bloopery. ...view item »

Dancing Therapy

Luca Cara heads up Spacetravel, going for the scope of that alias with NASA-approved house music (citation needed) that blends together electronics with acoustics and lets them loop around each-other with all of the universe's joyous futility. High energy and sure to please about five different electronic contingents, ...view item »


Matthew Dear is a man of many aliases and many styles, from electro-pop to various experimentalisms. But as Audion, Dear is a man of the dancefloor, pushing high-powered techno that positively bursts with electro-claps and low-end thump. Alpha is the first Audion full-l...view item »

Roll The Dice meets Pole
In Dubs

I met Pole once - he could be described in one word - cuddly. Never met Roll the Dice though but I’m sure they are cuddly in their own way. Here they’ve hooked up with Pole who has re-worked their composit...view item »

Africans With Mainframes

Africans With Mainframes is the pairing of Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being) and his Chicago buddy Noleian Reusse. After stacks of quality 12”s over the last decade, 2016 sees the release of their first full-length album, K.M.T., and what a blast it is. The high...view item »

Flame Rave

Following in the footsteps of his eponymous 2014 album Chris Clark aka Clark continues to establish his place as one of the pioneers of electronic avant garde music. Gradually formed from the bones of Clark's momentus live rave musical performances, ‘Flame Rave’ carries soulful, emotive melodies over an aggressively tense percussion ...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Social Housing

Proper house for proper dancers, with a huge bounce to the kick drums and a rubbery boogie in the synth-lines. Marquis Hawkes works wonders on his debut full-length album, pulling together the different strands of his beloved genre into a triumphant whole, including disco-leaning tracks and vocal ...view item »


French producer Marcelus drops his debut full-length album on Berlin’s legendary Tresor imprint. Vibrations pushes through an array of techno styles, with strange textures and counter-rhythms allowed to join the soundspace: though never straying from that crucial 4/4 for long. This is proper techno stuff on a prop...view item »

Self Mythology

Lucy runs the Stroboscopic Artefacts label, on which his new full-length is seeing release. Self Mythology has all the techno / ambient credentials you’d expect of a release on this Berlin label, but flutes and improvised vocals (from collaborator Jon Jacobs) push some of these tracks into in...view item »

Max D

More off-kilter house from the artist formerly known as Maxmillion Dunbar, Max D. This third album on vinyl LP from Future Times is part weird digital sheen and part analogue machine-music. But it’s all powered by Max’s sharp melodies. I’m not sure when house and techno become so off-kilter tha...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

The Borderland project combines key producers from the two international hubs of techno, Detroit and Berlin. The prospect of the two styles merging is a prospect to make beat-heads quiver, and this collaboration between Moritz von Oswald and Juan Atkins will not disappoint. Transport is...view item »

Pantha du Prince
The Triad

German techno producer Pantha Du Prince is known for his conceptual mimal works on Dial and Rough Trade. He return to Rough trade with his first album since 2010, working on the concept of collaboration and humanising his music. The Triad has many collaborative efforts on it with Queens, Joachim...view item »

Fierce For The Night

Virginia drops a full-length album on Berlin’s techno overlord label, Ostgut Ton. Unusually for these keepers of the Berghain, Fierce For The Night is made up of actual, vocally-driven songs, albeit songs grounded firmly in the sound of techno. Working with co-producers Martyn, Steffi...view item »

Motor City Remixes

Accompanying the vinyl reissue of Motor City, Sand Circles’ (aka Martin Heterich) slab of neon synth melancholy is this set of remixes of the original material. Some emphasise the Detroit associations, some strip out the dance in favour of the drone. 4 different approaches, from producers includin...view item »


Somewhere between Cloud Boat, Moderat, and Darkside you find Weval. Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers lock themselves away in an attic room in the Netherlands and create this warming, soul filled electronica with pop sensibilities and catchi...view item »


Cheap and wonderfully nasty sounding DIY techno from Brassfoot. Realms, on vinyl 12”, is refreshingly agro and unpolished, mashing together house drums, lo-fi samples and abrasive textures. This free-form and abstract electronica, on the Apron label, reminds us of Actress ...view item »

Jorge Velez
Animals Disk

Jorge Velez delivers a curious set of “animal-themed electronic exploration”, utilising only, a Microbrute synth and samples from a Fairlight CMI. Animals Disk is overtly digital, almost plastic in tone, but Velez does a ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm
Clawing At Sand EP

Techno icon Neil Landstrumm continues an impeccable run of releases with the rough and sleazy techno of the Clawing at Sand EP. Landstrumm’s approach to 4x4 techno has always been a little weird and this vinyl 12” is very much in character, with plenty of harsh snares and surreal organ outbursts...view item »

Low Jack
Lighthouse Stories

Low Jack joins the Modern Love roster for his Lighthouse Stories. Don’t let the idyllic title fool you, this is a collection of avant-garde electronics and far-out club music pushed to the limits of genre. The songs borrow the alien sounds and structures of footwork, but twisted into inten...view item »


Detroit man Manuel Gonzales has been producing the material that appears on Gentium, which appears under his MGUN moniker, since 2007. Most of it is bounced live onto cassette: Gonzales believes in capturing the moment of creation as it occurs. Double LP of cutting techno / electro, on ...view item »


With releases on Crosstown Rebels and AZMred over the last two years Azimute bring their mix of deep, minimal and techy house and techno to Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label. Always deep and with solid groove, Azimute like to play with a slightly leftfield element over the top, keepin...view item »

Israel Vines

Experimental Techno from Israel Vines here, with 3 varied tracks on 12” vinyl. 2 dark, thrusting dancefloor demons and 1 dubbed-out piece of ambience. Gatekeepers is released by Eye Teeth, a recent sub-label of the Detroit-based Interdimensional Transmissions label with a focus on the sharpest cutting-edge of Tech...view item »

Lines+ Colours

This new material from Moiré has all his playful movement between different dance subcultures, but it’s also more refined and elegant; these are minimal and thoughtful house bangers. Lines + Colours also reveals a jazzy and experimental side that reminds us of his pal Actress. ...view item »

Max Wurden

Max Würden produces thickly textured ambient music with a dub sensibility that sometimes rears its head in the form of actual beats. Transit seems to be designed specifically with eyes-closed sonic journeying in mind: just follow the thrust of the submerged-in-drone field recordings. CD release on Bine Music....view item »

Exosomatic Artifacts

Noumeno throws a disorientating array of digital sound at the listener, as interested in exploring texture and socio-philosophical themes as in making you dance via his broken beats. New EP Exosomatic Artefacts also includes a ‘Wall of Crystal’ reworking from Fis and another remix by the exc...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu Remixes

Following the acclaimed album Savara Evu, Denovali have pressed a collection of remixes to 12” vinyl.  A variety of diverse styles were invited to explore Ricardo Donoso’s austere drones. Orphx ties those dry synthesizers into a dub techno framework, Tho...view item »

Dollar EP

4 new tracks from Newcastle producer NY*AK. The Dollar EP was made on a delicious array of vintage analogue synths and drum machines, and the sonic feel throughout is warm, slippery and plenty groovy. Featuring guest-work from Mark Hand, Misumami and Ian Blevins. 12&rdq...view item »

Casio Royale
In Basements Vol. 2

Casio Royale takes another trip down to Dixon Avenue Basement, where it sounds like a killer party is going down. Gorgeously squelchy acid synths and thick, thick bass ensure that a good time is had by all (apart from maybe Tories: take a look at the B2 track title…). In Basements Vol. 2 is out on Dixon Avenue Ba...view item »

Chronicles Of The Future

Simply put, Tadeo’s Chronicles of the Future is minimal techno made with classical instrumentation. Violins, pianos, cellos and more produce tight, repeated loops whilst the artist covers it with synthesizer. The result is fun-loving, beautifully repetitive neoclassical music that you can’t help but tap your foot too...view item »

Alex Coulton / Chevel / Simo Cell

Split vinyl 12” from Alex Coulton, Chevel and Simo Cell. Wisdom Teeth have brought these artists together on WSDM004 to showcase their outsider variations on house and squealing acid techno. There’s certainly a competitive element here, with each art...view item »

Bill Converse
Meditations / Industry

Despite being deeply involved in the ‘90s rave and techno scene, this is synth experimenter Bill Converse’s vinyl LP debut. Meditations/Industry collects tracks from 2012-13. These tunes borrow textures and technology from the Chicago house and Detroit techno that fascinates Converse, but then strip ...view item »

Shlaguance EP

Binny is back with more dark and sordid house/techno hybrids on the Shlaguance EP. This vinyl 12” has everything for the electronic music outsider; acid basslines, harsh hi-hats and strange synths, all twisted into terrifying new shapes. This release on CLFT is limited to 500 copies and hi...view item »

Cabana EP

4 new ones from Nurve, who produces classic 90’s-esque techno from behind a shadowy curtain of anonymity. The Cabana EP goes pretty deep, with vocal samples looming up from the groovy murk of bass and drums. Also features a collaboration with Caski. 12” on Tectonic, more than matching his we...view item »

When I Feel You Wet

London producer IVVVO is so confident of the power of his heavy new track When I Feel You Wet that they have allowed it to stand alone: the B-side is a blank void. His boldness might be justified though, as the track is a pretty hammering slice of winning dark techno. Limited edition single-sided 12” on the ORO la...view item »

House of Daggers

Very limited 4 track 7” of mangled electronic music. With analogue gear from the golden-age of IDM and a vicious industrial streak borrowed from Throbbing Gristle, House of Daggers’ BRKNO2 is a raw burst of breakbeat techno. There’s only 200 of this rude rave hybrid and it comes with a download...view item »

Thug Entrancer

With his previous release on Software Thug Entrancer introduced us to his abstract blend of Techno and footwork and with Arcology he’s extrapolated it to the Nth degree. There are joyous Squarepusher esque uplifting chord sequences, 303 squelches, and FM burbs atop of a bed of footwork shuffles. T...view item »

Paid Reach
I Ping

The second 7” vinyl from Paid Release, a new pseudonym for house upstart Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse. These releases push Mosse’s unique sound into even weirder, off-grid zones. Ping sounds both nasty and funky and Experience Change has an abstrac...view item »

Diamond Version

Impact-wise I’m unsure how I would react to ‘Science For A Better Life’ in a club. I love bits by both producers and this is very much the work of both Byetone and Alva Noto. See, I really dig Byeton...view item »

Better Strangers

With previous EPs released on Tectonic, Cold Recordings and PAN’s sub-label Codes, Better Strangers is Acre’s album debut. From previous works showcasing rave flashbacks and heavily distorted jungle breaks akin to Andy Stott productions. From his own words Acre has injected ...view item »


Fyoelk is a producer who likes to keep things under wraps, having not put anything out since a 7” on Erode Releases almost five years ago. Shame, as this self-titled 12” shows that they have the knack of weaving synth-lines and bass-lines into a fine, groovy mesh, with the beat cushioned in the middle. Limited editio...view item »


Hunger/Game have been sprinkling exciting 12” releases around for a while now, on the likes of Last Night On Earth and Innervisions. Now however, they are fully going for it with their debut full-length album, on the legendary Kompakt label. Adaption is a little less minimal than most of the stuff we’d assoc...view item »

Alvin Aronson

A deep, subby, bubbly debut vinyl release from Alvin Aronson. The heavily titled Aevus contrasts warm analogue tones and ice-cold sounds for an atmospheric techno experience. Released on the label set up by DJ Richard, you know it’s worth more than a moment of your time. Out on 12" EP from White Material....view item »

Dilate Remixes

If Vessels’ recent album Dilate wasn’t club-ready enough for you (unlikely, but I’ll continue), Dilate Remixes should sort you right out. They’ve called in the minimal techno talents of Barker & Baumecker, the housey vibes of Ripperton, and Monkeytow...view item »

Esteban Adame
Rise & Shine EP

The EPM label have grabbed a track from Esteban Adame’s Day Labor album from last year and allowed it to shine as a stand-alone 12” release, in both original and ‘beat edit’ version. Also has remixes from Mark Flash and (check this out) the legendary Underground Resistanc...view item »

Visions EP

Osaka producer YPY’s new EP is packed full of thorough, rigorous techno, to put everyone in the dance through their paces. The press release boasts of ‘industrial malevolence’ and ‘nonchalant efficiency’, descriptions I can’t really improve on. 12” EP on Nous, following on from past...view item »

Anthony Parasole
Wild Life

Experienced producer Anthony Parasole drops a new 12” on the Deconstruct label, following past activities for The Corner, Ostgut Ton, and Marcel Dettmann Records. As you can see then, this is serious techno business, make no mistake. Wild Life and B-side ‘In The Stars’ will both whip dancefloors up int...view item »

Max McFerren

Known to many under his Mcferrdog moniker, Max McFerren reverts to his own name for this leftfield release on 1080p. Acid funk flavours and expansive synthscapes combine on Sipps to create an alien mood that’s infused with urban melancholy. Out on limited 12" vinyl from 1080p. One copy per customer....view item »


Perfectly described in the press release as a purveyor of hallucinogenic wonky funk-infused off-kilter glitch house, DNCN gets his first release in seven years with BRKN01. Released by BRKN.DNCFLRS on 7” vinyl in a chunky Kraft card sleeve for that vintage generic techno aesthetic. Lots of fun from the Mancunian t...view item »

Mumbai Science
Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

Belgian duo Mumbai Science are pretty nifty at filling floors with their tech house jams, and Black Hole is no exception. This release however, is a remix of that track by Floorplan, an anonymous sounding pseudonym behind which lies… Robert Hood himself! The former Underg...view item »

New Lines

Having debuted on the Peak Oil label back in 2012, Personable is back after having released Umor Rex, Opal Tapes and Leaving. New Lines sees Personable push his twisted off-kilter approach to modular music further into the future with some hints...view item »

Max McFerren
Monk's Mood

Max McFerren has previously released on Ultimate Hits and 1080p, and now finds himself on Allergy Season (where do these labels get their names eh?). Monk’s Mood gives us three new tracks of vocal-centred house, and Blondes round out the EP with a remix of ‘Hunting’. Pressed to 12&rdqu...view item »

Mark Broom
Stunned (97 Mix) / Decay

Works old and new from Pure Plastic label-owner Mark Broom for this release on Robert Hood’s famed M-Plant label. As implied, Stunned (97 Mix) dates from way back when, though it’s thudding powers have been tweaked to 2015 levels without losing that original sound. On the B-side is a brand n...view item »

Air Max '97
Core Work / Expenditure

Air Max ‘97 has set up a new label, Decisions. The label’s intentions are to move people with music, focusing on dancefloor tunes on vinyl and digital formats. Core Work and Expenditure are two brooding yet effective cuts to showcase the new label’s ethos. According to ...view item »

Jackie House

Jackie House gives it all away with the name eh? Turns out they live up to the moniker though, with Stydive, a clear and present dancefloor danger with old school drum machine rhythm and trippily echoing vocals. On the B-side, Matrixxman tries his hand at a thud-tastic remix. 12” on Dark Entries s...view item »


After raising anticipation with a series of 12” releases on various labels, Ipman is now ready to deploy his first full-length. Depatterning lands on Tectonic with a thud, pulling in modular and granular synthesis systems along with advanced drum programming. The results are glorious, with each track providing a w...view item »

Hodge / Bruce
Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) / Tilikum (Hodge Remix)

Another release on Livity Sound’s conceptually insane reverse label dnouS ytiviL. Here we have two original tracks by Hodge and Bruce re-engineered by Peverelist and Hodge (so that Hodge gets to participate in two different ways! Both tracks pulse and flex...view item »

Seth Troxler

The latest installment in the DJ Kicks series sees Seth Troxler stepping up to the decks. This isn’t a peak-hour club mix, but one that can be enjoyed in multiple scenarios. Tracks from Derrick Carter, Herbert and Sun Ra to name but a few. Different tracklistings ...view item »

Donato Dozzy
The Loud Silence

Donato Dozzy decided to make this record using nothing but a selection of mouth harps, which he has treated and layered into a bizarre landscape of noises. It’s an odd, but certainly impressive piece of work. The Loud Silence is part of a series that Further Records are releasing that feature only one instrument....view item »


Martin Gore of multi-million selling mega-band Depeche Mode began work on a new solo album, MG, after the band’s Delta Machine tour in 2013. MG was released in April 2015. Now we have MGEP, an EP containing remixes by Martin Stott, Virgil Enzinger...view item »

Capracara & JTC
Bubble 'N' Squeak / Reggie, Don't Panic

The third release on One Day Wonder sees a bumping rhythmic exercise take place led by JTC (Tadd Mullinix) and Capracara. Thumping kicks and repetitive sirens are the name of the game here on A side Bubble & Squeak. Reggie, Don’t Panic takes up the B side with video game bleeps for co...view item »

Itinerant Dubs
Itinerant Club (DJ Stingray / Mr G Remixes)

Itinerant Dub is a label somewhat shrouded in mystery, supposedly nobody knows exactly who is making their tracks… We can say, however, that the producers on remix duty here are DJ Stingray, who brings his twisted Detroit electro styles along to play, and Mr G, who takes a techno approach. Two great sound...view item »

Wear Black EP

Disorienting, discomforting and just, well, really far outside of what you’re used to. The Wear Black EP is a nightmarish trip, with kicks compressed and distorted almost beyond recognition, slowly evolving into something you can almost understand. Next time you go to a satanic rave, feel free to bring one of Mourn...view item »

Shawlands Arcade

Shawlands Arcade’s two newest tracks are out on Rubadub, the Glaswegian label who’ve brought us stacks of the good stuff over the years (Model 500, cv313…). RAD-ZOD1 cuts straight to the peak-hour club core with thrusting bass and relentless drum pads. Plus, one of th...view item »

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