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Workout EP

Laksa follows a slew of superb plates for Mistry, Timedance and Illian Tape with a limited edition 10-inch for Bedouin Records off-shoot label Bastakiya Tapes. 'Workout' is top-notch, eerie, clattering, techno ride through the neon lights of a futuristic cityscape. Meanwhile 'RAM' is a seething, acid/dub flecked trip, long into the night....view item »

NHK yx Koyxen
Exit Entrance

This is most welcome news: lopsided dance miscreant Kohei Matsunaga is back! His new record for the NHK yx Koyxen record is also his first for DFA, offering the usual medley of melody, abstraction and frantic programmed drumwork. With his love of pitching anything and everything, it's hard to know what to predict beyon...view item »

The Cyclist
Sapa Inca Delirium

Lo-fi house throbber and presumed cyclist The Cyclist (one Andrew Morrison) puts on the exotica hat for this one. Sapa Inca Delirium explores South American mysticism for i...view item »

Lab Rat XL
Mice Or Cyborg

Clone's offshoot label for all things Drexciya repress this in-demand classic from the seven storms. Produced by James Stinson (RIP) and originally released on Clone back in 2003, 'Mice Or Cyborg' still sounds as fresh and futuristic as it did thirteen years ago. Hi-tech soul at its finest from this legendary Detroit artist aka Clarenc...view item »

Gunnar Haslam
Lebesgue Measures

L.I.E.S. have been consistently releasing the most exciting, raw and experimental house and techno, and this vinyl LP from Gunnar Haslam continues their stunning run. Harsh walls of sound are blended with jackin’ drum machine workouts and warped 808 basslines. Lebesgue Measures is the the ...view item »

Louis Guilliaume
Born Free 29

Rotterdam producer Louis Guillaume drops three wads of awkwardly funky techno for Born Free. In so doing, he betrays his true identity as Akai’s hardest-working product tester. Between his gritty production and highly playful style, Guillaume manages to...view item »

Wilted Woman
Home Listener

Wilted Woman comes creeping out of an accomplished romp in the cassette-label underground to present this formidable foray into the vinyl format for the ever-excellent Alien Jams label. The sound and vessel are a natural fit, with WW’s errant analogue bleep abstractions pinging out into a wonderfully gritty yet cosmic kind...view item »

Cristian Vogel
Classics Remastered 1993-1998

A very fine retrospective of important Chilean / UK producer Cristian Vogel’s forward-looking 90’s techno tracks. Classics Remastered 1993-1998 has wide-eyed high-energy club vibes for days, and each track is newly remastered for extra kick. Out on Sub Rosa in differently-tracklisted 2CD and 2LP versions....view item »

Fear Of An Extra Planet

Extrawelt! The highly-respected duo return with a whole album of new material to uproot you from your static position and get you moving and nodding: authoritative low-slung deep-space grooves here. Fear Of An Extra Planet...view item »

Call Super

Fresh from a collaborative 12” with Beatrice Dillon, here is the new full-length statement from Call Super. Arpo is his second album, and it inhabits that super-textured ambient-leaning techno space that we’ve come to love from the producer. Eleven tracks deployed across CD and double LP edi...view item »

Rod Modell

Strange to hear allusions to places outside of Detroit on an echospace [detroit] release, but here we are with an album called Mediterranea, which contains faded traces of field recordings made on a Spanish holiday. The journey must have relaxed Rod Modell, because he has turned in a full CD’s-worth (72 minutes!) ...view item »

Speicher 100

Kompakt’s workaholic Speicher series enters triple figures with six charming new numbers on a double twelve. Kompakt heavyweights Jürgen Paape, J&...view item »

Future Beat Alliance
Collected Works 1996-2017

Matthew Puffett lays out the history of his work under the name Future Beat Alliance for us here, with a triple LP set that spans twenty-one years of activity. The Alliance sound has alw...view item »

John FM
Ricochet ...And Then Leave

After two EPs with FXHE, John FM brings his brand of house to Trilogy Tapes for a third slab of wax. Ricochet…...And Then Leave comes highly recommended by those in the know and is even to said to better his previous efforts. Ricochet has an old skool, rela...view item »

DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa
F Planet

Spacious and claustrophobic at the same time, DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa's 'F Planet' gives us grumbling, percussive techno, rising and dipping in sonic height. The free manipulations lend the tracks a unique sense of life, patches of noise here, wild frequency and filter shifts there, evolving in two directions at once. ...view item »


Nukubus is Jan Katsma from friends of Bunker, Syncom Data. Para is his first solo outing for three years and sees him ramping up the dub on six synth workouts. Powerful yet restrained, in places, the pieces are reminiscent of the tunes Kat...view item »

John Selway / Seltav
Shimmerdown / SPQR

The remasters on this record deliver a huge sonic thrust to the original tracks, preparing them for the modern body moover. On the A side there's a deep, soulful, keys-driven cut, full of cosmic bleeps and chopped beats whilst the B side lets things totally loose in anthemic tripped out house style....view item »

Oscar Mulero
Pattern Series 4 Remixes Part II

Remix pack from PoleGroup/Warm Up boss and prolific techno veteran Oscar Mulero. This second 12” of Pattern Series album reworkings features takes from Taapion’s Shlømo, Enklav’s Chevel the minimal maestro Donato Dozzy himself. Deep, winding and ready to...view item »


Deepchord really allows himself to expand his sounds here on this double-length LP, surely a perfect format for a producer with such a woozy, immersive ambient approach to dub techno. Auratones’ twelve tra...view item »

Florian Kupfer
Florian Kupfer

Back on Ron Morelli’s grinding L.I.E.S. imprint, Florian Kupfer returns for yet more lo-fi, industrially-flavoured, analogue madness that threatens to rattle its house and techno template until it falls clean apart. With track titles like ‘Random Chaos’ and a closer that’s ...view item »

The Egyptian Lover / Syracuse & Epsilove / Palms Trax / Interstellar Funk
Dekmantel 10 Years 04

Dekmantel’s ten year birthday celebrations continue with the fourth release in their EP series. Dekmantel 10 Years 04 features exclusive new tracks from Interstellar Funk, Palms Trax, Syracuse & Epsilove and The Egyptian Lover, each of whom moves in different ...view item »

Move D & Jordan GCZ

With intact hiss and lo-fi drums at the backbone of this subtle record, 'Urgence' is dripping in realness. The vast space that is left is filled with gentle and precise synth murmurings, thin synth washes and stripped back bass. It's a singular record for inner city night walks and strange mornings....view item »

Dragon's Path EP

Cascading synths sit at the heart of this techno four tracker, which has a slight old school trance feeling to it. The arpeggios roll on and on as understated beats and bass rumble beneath them. Psychedelic and engrossing stuff, completed with a nightmarish remix from Heinrich Mueller aka Gerald Donald of Drexicya, Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Arp...view item »

El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos (Greg Beato)
El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos

El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generación De Los Feos is a rather elaborate alias of producer Greg Beato, and this compilation rounds up a stack of rare cuts from him. Eleven tracks over two LPs and you’ll have heard very few of them before, I bet you. El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generación De Los...view item »

Arla III

Waxing nostalgic on some nostalgic wax, Overmono hereby bring their Arla EP trilogy to a close. If you’ve already encountered the first two entries, you’ll be aware that the brothers’ concept was to reminisce on their formative rave years in the Welsh countryside and turn the memories into contemporary tracks. ...view item »

To Him Who Has Nothing

Intriguing debut EP from some shadowy figure or figures from Dublin. The five tracks are more or less variations on a dubbed-up house style, full of unpredictable interjections in the form of blurry chord stabs and stray snatches of melody over precariously rickety beats. It never quite falls apart, but maintains a lovely elusive and ambiguous v...view item »

Electro-Soma II

Alongside the reissue of B12’s Electro-Soma they have compiled a load more material taken from the time they were working on the album and created Electro-Soma II, a compilation of archival gold for everyone (who is a fan of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early 90s electronica/IDM originato...view item »

Fort Romeau
Untitled II / A Familiar Place

Two cuts from producer Fort Romeau, commissioned by DGTL Records in order to represent the label / festival. Untitled II and A Fa...view item »

Kowton / Asusu
More Games (MM/KM More Names Mix) / Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix)

I had to stop buying 12"s recently, I like far too much stuff, too many “genres” y’ know. Also, I hardly ever get out to DJ (If that's what you'd have called it) these days. So these dance platters build up and brutally command my life. One of the few people I still get wet about, however, is the German wunderkinder Gunnar Wend...view item »

Blue Pyramid

It’s high time the Psychic TV catalogue got a reappraisal, and Dark Entries are just the label to do the job. Working in tandem with Emotional Rescue, they’ve dug out this blistering set of early house wares from Dave Ball of Soft Cell his wife Virginia, whose violin...view item »

Honey Badger / Pig

Clark knocks out a heavy pair of homages - one to the honey badger, a fierce little mustelid famous for behaving as if it’s all out of bubblegum and one to the less exotic, more industrially-farmed pig. Though still of the gentler production style Clark has developed in the last few years, this material hearkens a decade b...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald
Transport Remixed

Was the superstar team-up of Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald not impressive enough for you already on their album Transport...view item »

Battle Standards (Surgeon, Regis, Broken English Club Remixes)

Everyone loves Talker’s recent record Battle Standards, so check this out: an EP of remixes from some of the best damn heavy-techno producers in the business right now. Surgeon and Regis go classically fierce and brutal, while Broken English Club tries an intrigui...view item »

Lane Escape EP

Frak's 'Lane Escape EP' is one of those great records that manages to combine dirty, understated acid with weirdly soulful Chicago house hooks, resulting in an exercise in propulsion and retro-minimalism. This irresistible four track release is a meeting of worlds, played out in four to the floor analogue harmony....view item »

DJ Sling
The Secret EP

Despite being involved in music since 2001 this is the first solo release from Swedish promoter, producer, and DJ, DJ Sling. He attributes these four tracks to the psychosomatic so of course this one for those whole like their house a bit wonky and psychedelic. Released on 12” by DJ Sling’s own Born Free ...view item »


“I'm just an instrument”, Darren Cunningham has stated recently. If so, he's surely constructed entirely from wires, circuits, buttons, plastic casing and keys so he must look bloody weird when he's stood in Tesco express ...view item »

DJ Bone
Riding The Thin Line

Detroit’s hard-working and much in-demand man of techno, DJ Bone has his late-nineties classic 12” Riding The Thin Line reissued on Anotherday. Originally issued in ‘99 on Metroplex and presided over by Juan Atkins, there are three slices of robo-funk ensconced within these grooves. Scuzzy, bassy elect...view item »

Brain Scan

Savage doesn't conform to tempo traditions; what better way to demonstrate its slower incarnations than with this 12" from Pinch. Over three cuts the descriptor is deployed in various ways - the distorted kick backing of the title track, the deep bass and growls of 'Street Light' and the threatening trudge and machine whirrs of ...view item »


When a new track emerges and you just whisper to yourself 'yes' as the bass is switched in, anticipating another peak of technoid frenzy... that's what this release is all about. A meeting of scene stalwarts Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems), Steve Bicknell (Lost) and David Sumner (Function). Here exploring the psychedelic reaches of techn...view item »


Ploy's latest offers several shades of understated intensity, switching between stuttering, claustrophobic drum workouts, and snatches of atmosphere and space pulses. This record keeps the producers uncompromising dance floor approach up in dark style. More unnerving goodness from Hemlock Recordings....view item »


Nuel is an Italian producer who explores long form grooves and soothing soundscapes. He has collaborated in the past with Donato Dozzy and here goes it alone with four tracks of pulsating, life-affirming techno. Limited 4 track EP on the always reliable Semantica label. Get ready to be blissed.   ...view item »

Addison Groove & Bim Sanga present Bags Inc
Where Are The People EP

Bristol bass botherers Addison Groove and Sam Binga last linked up on 50 Weapons back in 2013 for the BS3 EP. Now they’re back with some seriously reduced club wares for the newly minted Bags Inc label, exploring slender techno tools and icy electro shot through with plenty of West Country moodine...view item »

Lurka / Bruce
Timedance Remixes

Having just released Batu’s Murmur EP the guys at Timedance thought it’d be a good time to ask some of their favourite artists to dive into their releases so far and remix the hell out of them. Remixes 1 is the first set (obviously) featuring Stenny remixing Lurka, ...view item »

Alejandro Mosso

Six new tracks from Alejandro Mosso, who reckons that this set represents a move away from sheer dancefloor utilitarianism and towards electronic music narratives: songs if you will. Gaia’s tracks are all named for celestial bodies, and they do feel like expressions of something, even if they still retain the powe...view item »


Tracks released by Ged Gengras under his Personable moniker tend to fizz with fresh energy: probably a consequence of his ‘live-in-the-studio’ production approach. House-garage-techno jams with a bounce and a punch, from a real synth talent. 4 tracks on Oyster, which is released by Black Opa...view item »

Damon Wild
Cosmic Path

Damon Wild's 'Cosmic Path' is very cosmic indeed, consisting of layers of synths and conscious machines gliding and bleeping over a relentless framework of techno beats. It's like alien trance music, acidic in structure, bordering on ritualistic in repetition, clear as a bell and as distant as unknown worlds....view item »

Tales From The 2nd Moon

A 1993 Dan Curtin production given an essential repress. 'Tales From the 2nd Moon' brings together driving kicks, restless drum machines and acid for the heavy middle. Washed over this however is a psychedelic, drifting palette of synth pads and forays into rave breakbeats. A diverse selection back in print....view item »

Teleport EP

Superb, melodic and driving techno from Argentinian techno producer Seph, moving around various styles over the three tracks. Teleport has a retro synth hook at its heart, with pounding drums keeping it rooted to the floor. Delta takes things into a duskier realm with a broken beat, whilst Motion is a future Deutsch school class...view item »

Hollow Systems

Bonebrokk is honoured to be the first artist to ever be released as a vinyl edition on the Trial & Error label. Hollow Systems is a pounding techno trip in four tracks, bolstered by a fifth track in the form...view item »

Richard Fearless
Gamma Ray

Death in Vegas head honcho Richard Fearless now making trippy, minimal analogue techno. This is the highly anticipated follow-up to Higher Electronic State and is a particularly enticing twelve inch event considering the inclusion of a Legowelt remix. Danny Wolfers name on anything more than triples the inclination to buy a record. Nex...view item »

Your Love Will Set You Free (c2's Set U Free RMX)

Caribou’s definitive 2014 summer jam gets reworked by Carl Craig in C2 mode. The melancholic arpeggio that structures the original is amplified, intensifying that vague, joyful tone Dan Snaith works hard to create. Craig’s vast synth chords and tight house groove provide just enough momentum to re-en...view item »

Tres Demented (Carl Craig)

Carl Craig’s entirely unhinged surging blast of techno, Brainfreeze, gets a welcome reissue on the Memento label. The flip side contains a bonus remix by Luciano. The track was originally released in 2006 and cemented him as one of the most important names in the second wave of Detroit&rsq...view item »

Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 1

rRoxymore delivers three mid-length tracks on this here 12” EP for Don’t Be Afraid. Thoughts of an Introvert, Pt. 1 is indeed kind of introverted in its production style, with a rolling, pulsating el...view item »

Jeff Mills
Lost In Space

This Lost In Space 12” is part of a collaboration between techno veteran Jeff Mills and the classical Orchestre National Du Capitole de Toulouse...view item »

Moritz von Oswald Trio
Vertical Ascent

Moritz von Oswald of Basic Channel/Maurizio/Rhythm and Sound legend has thankfully come through his mild stroke of last year and is now fronting the Moritz von Oswald Trio along with Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer. As touched on in this month's lead Wire article, the 'trio' in the name alludes to a jazz influence as the setup seems to have come...view item »

Harmonious Thelonious
Apakapa EP

Stefan Schwinder has been on a roll of late, recently dropping 12”s for Kontra Musik and Disk, the label he runs with fellow Salon Des Amateurs rhythm wizard Don’t DJ. This link up with Trilogy Tapes finds Harmonious Thelonious on exceptional form, bringing the outernational heat in ...view item »

Yn y Ty

DJJ’s ‘Just A Lil’ had a stint as one of those ubiquitous club anthems when it dropped in 2015 as well as spawning the micro-genre of ‘outsider Ibiza’. Two years on and DJJ’s back on Crazylegs for another EP of Daft-Punk-in-a-washing-machine m...view item »

No Poetry

New Jersey native DJ Qu, real name, Ramon Lisandro Quezada, is an important figure in the New York House scene. He has cemented his reputation with two albums, 20-odd 12s and countless mixes. His new white label on Strength Music, No Poetry, features four tracks of brain-drilling house to lose y...view item »

Dave Clarke
The Desecration of Desire

Heeeeeee’s back folks! Yes, its Dave Clarke, the big-style techno producer, returning with his first album for fourteen years. And it's an interesting one, reflecting various interests beyond techno that Dave has been honing over the years, including new wave, industrial and noise. Lots of voices turn up o...view item »

I’m Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle

Man-named producerman Bruce ups the manliness with a heavy dose of masculinity rivalled only by Bicep for his latest 12" on Timedance. Despite the fact that both tracks are named after testosterone-fuelled sayings and frivolities, they aren't actually bro house - 'I'm Alright Mate' tracks a path through glitchy searing noises in order to make th...view item »

Voiski / Randomer / Toulouse Low Trax / Gilb'r
Dekmantel 10 Years 07

Amsterdam powerhouse Dekmantel continues to flex its pecs with the latest in its 10-year anniversary series. Voiski’s “Time As A River” trickles out a spread of bleeps and pulses over a submerged kick drum, while Randomer scuffs up the broken techno template in a style that would sit right on I...view item »

Tyler Dancer
Resisting In The Darkness

Don’t Be Afraid welcome an up and coming talent from Detroit in the shape of Tyler Dancer, who was recently spotted working the buttons with the legendary Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir on a remix of Funkadelic. This is gritty outboard techno loaded with personality and flair, all bloa...view item »

Mark Broom
King EP

The dependable bedrock of British techno Mark Broom is back on EPM to continue a trilogy of EPs. This time around things are a little more soulful, with piano chords, disco licks and straight-up housey hooks scattered atop the tough rhythmic backbone of Broom’s time-honoured style. Scottish peak time workhorse Gary...view item »

Project Pablo
Hope You’re Well

Canadian producer Patrick Holland’s Project Pablo has had releases on 1080p, Let’s Play House, Spring Theory, and Club Lonely with his energetic deep house productions. On hi...view item »

Juju & Jordash

Amsterdam’s trustiest pair of hardware-wielding cosmic warriors return to their home turf of Dekmantel with another rich and varied trip through elevated musicianship played on the finest studio gear. There’s as much space afforded to plush jazz-funk keys and worldly inflections as there is smoked-out house and techno, and it comes o...view item »

Vision Zero

After releases on Trax Couture and Nous Disques, Jesse Pimenta moves his experimental techno project Dreams to Subsubtropics for this five track EP. With the first three tracks going from Berghain ready industrial heavy weight to acidic arpeggiators and twisted electro, all backed with a remix from fellow Brazil...view item »

Leo Anibaldi
Italian House

Italy’s Flash Forward Records are unearthing some of the stellar house music from their country’s past. This time it’s Leo Anibaldi with Italian House...view item »

Eris Harmonia EP

With records out on Blueprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts, and a slew of releases on R&S the Dublin based two piece Lakker move to Eotrax for their new EP. Dark ambient, techno and experimental they mix elements of Emptyset, Arca, and Autechre, bringing you into their cold, deso...view item »

Roman Flugel
fabric 95: Roman Flügel

Leftfield techno/house/IDM producer Roman Flügel has multiple releases on Dial, Phonica, Hivern, Hypercolour, and many more labels, and has constantly managed to keep rigid genres fresh and invigorating. It was only a matter of time til his FabricLive debut...view item »

Passarani / Evan Michael
ICU / Granite Cradle

Two tracks apiece from Passarani and Evan Michael, each sleekly mixing their chosen blend of acid, techno and italo disco to the perfect proportions. ICU...view item »

DJ Sotofett Presents Jesse

Via Helsinki, techno iconoclast DJ Sotofett continues to confuse the game on this stellar collaboration with Finnish artists Kalifornia Keke and Stiletti Ana. In parts a reflection of disco and psychedelia, Twotinos is another release that shows off So...view item »

Lory D
Strange Days Vol.3

Some sonic mood construction from Lory D. Strange Days Vol.3 is the next instalment from the Italian producer. Pumping out his own brand of darkly italo tinged techno, these two tracks of full of acidic synthesizers, squelchy bass lines and jacking kicks, hats and snares. Lory knows how to get the intensi...view item »

Eric Maltz

Eric Maltz is a veteran of the electronic music world, having worked at Halcyon Records and being a good pal of Levon Vincent. But check it out! Now he’s producing himself, and this debut full-length of his is landing on ...view item »

Nick Klein
The Lonesome Dealer

Nick Klein comes to the dancefloor from a performance and sound-art background, mixing up noise-damaged industrial techno with a real kick to it. The 4 tracks of The Lonesome Dealer are heavy and woozy and carefully constructed for precision impact. This 12” is released...view item »

Swing for the Fences

A corker from the Bristol bass junkie. Swing for the Fences is Hodge’s new EP on Hemlock and continues to demonstrate why Hodge is being championed as one of the UK’s leading dance musicians. Each track across this EP is a huge club banger and guaranteed to be the soundtrack to the b...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

Juan Atkins, representing Detroit, and Moritz von Oswald, representing Berlin, have teamed up for the duo project they call Borderland. Here they present two powerful and understated studio collaborations that blend their approaches with sage-like control. Angles is a 12” release ...view item »

Jamal Moss presents R2 Underground
The Walls

Jamal Moss, the Hieroglyphic Being himself, presents a fine cut from a live performance in Zurich on the A-side of this, the one hundredth release of the Mathematics label! Over on the B-side, we get to enjoy a ‘Paradise’ mix and an ’Ocean To Ocean’ version from Blake Ronan...view item »

Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy Pt. 2

Kai Hugo returns as Palmbomen II to re-invoke his memories of Cindy. Pt 2 continues the energy of his initial instalment; those high bpm's are present and correct in the pure house grooves and acid crescendos. But there are also meditative moments amongst the frenetic percussive grooves. For those wistfully re...view item »

Not Phazed EP

Dreams is not only a musician, but a visual master, a producer and a DJ which sort of makes him an pretty hot artist in the underground electronic scene. His tracks bring together elements of electronic music that are not only traditionalist, but that also add something incredibly new. Not Phazed is available on vinyl 1...view item »

Nicolas Bougaïeff
Cognitive Resonance

I wonder if any of my university lecturers released a rave thumper LP? Here is Nicolas Bougaïeff, a university lecturer among other things and here we have a 12” LP of psytrance and techno bangers on NovaMute. Cognitive Resonance shifts from classic techno rhythms to sparse tranc...view item »

I Can't Carry On

FatCat love making new subsidiary labels for themselves but this one feels particularly special: FCR is an homage to the days when they were not yet a label but in fact a record store in Crawley selling techno. This release by Cottam is a driving deep house 12" with hints of acid and a remix from Detroit producer ...view item »

Cut Hands
Volume 4

William Bennett's excellent Cut Hands project continues to gain momentum as he once again simultaneously releases two albums this week. Volumes 1 and 2 sold out double-fast so I'd imagine these will do the same. I'm listening to Volume 3 and it's got the fevered percussive electronics I was expecting, cutting out tribalistic and supremely dancea...view item »

John Barera & Will Martin
Proceed To The Root

John Barera & Will Martin's second release together sees them combine their loves for house, techno, soulful electronics, dub, jungle, Berlin, DJing, and being rushed for creative time. Wow, that's a real smorgasbord, what does that even sound like? Expect a serious blend of electronic styles, kinda like Om Unit maybe?...view item »


Third release from new label Peach Discs features a debut from a new producer based in Leeds. Chekov leans to the caustic edge of techno, with opener Bierce cracking your skull straight open with heavily distorted, well, everything. Violent kicks and overly pushed electronic screams. The remaining two may pull it back a...view item »

Kit 'n C.L.A.W.S
Urn Of Stilled Sorrows EP

The tree-wreckers are back. It's Squirrels release no. 2, Kit 'n C.L.A.W.S -- Squirrels On Film's Brian Hock and SanFran man Kit Clayton -- and the Urn Of Stilled Sorrows EP: a swimmy-headed trip for inter-dimensional dancers. Clayton 'n' Hock's sound worlds meld smoothly, where subterranean chords grind and g...view item »

Anno Stamm
Fragments B

Anno Stamm treats us to some tasty Fragments here, with chunky-funky groovy synth-house being the name of the game. ‘La Viande’ is particularly nice for its slow throb, but the peak-time power action...view item »

World Of The Waking State

Having moved to Berlin in 2007, Steffi became a resident at Panorama Bar and soon began to release on the club’s label; Ostgut Ton. World of The Waking State is her third solo album for Ostgut Ton and is an ensnaring mix of heavy club beats and shadowy electronics. The ten tracks across th...view item »

FABRICLIVE 94: Midland

The rising star has risen - Midland has made it onto the headline slot at Fabric room 1 and here is the Fabriclive mix to prove it. Packed full of tunes from talented folks like Daphni, Beatrice Dillon, LFO, and Kowton, expect things from dank bass-techno hybrids to dancefloor e...view item »


After three albums on Rvng Intl. New York duo Blondes join R&S for their latest full length. Growing from a love of repetition and dense texture layers, they have made the natural transformation into full blown techno. On ...view item »


This lady Patricia is actually a man called Max - big reveal. As Patricia, he explores lightness and longing through hefty dancefloor numbers that proudly utilise hardware machines to achieve their floaty rhythmic intensity. Featuring collaborative artwork and B-side etching from Dutch artist Louis Reith....view item »

Nathan Fake
Providence Reworks: Part I

First revisit of Nathan Fake’s Providence full length bringing two remixes, with Overmono (Truss and Tessela) and Huerco S. reworking the Prurient collab track DEGREELESSNESS and Olga Wojciechowska taking...view item »

Ourea I​

Sam KDC and Lemna both have similar directional approaches to dark percussive techno and with releases on Auxiliary and Horo they have new teamed up as Ourea. Polyrhythms are the drive here, whilst a constantly shifting industrial murkiness is the result. With multiple elements falling in and ou...view item »

Shanti Celeste & Funkineven

Shanti Celeste resides in Bristol but hails from Chile, giving her potential ties to some very weighty scenes indeed. After recent releases for Secretsundaze and Future Times, SSS lands on the Apron label. Celeste’s original shuffler is backed by a tantalisingly-titled ‘90’s Cut’...view item »

Harnessed The Storm

There are few acts in underground dance music who inspire as much reverence as the Detroit electro duo Drexciya. Their radically futuristic grooves were steeped in a mystery that was enhanced by their anti-mainstream anonymity and mythical identification with technologically advanced aquatic descendents of Africans...view item »


Well what do we have here then? Following on from that enormous box set of his greatest work of 20 years vintage, Wolfgang Voigt re-ignites his Gas project with a new album which, though it continues the thick foggy sonics of earlier work introduces dense and sometimes atonal sonics to the magical mist with that...view item »

Threats EP

Notoriously brief UK techno label Swamp81 put out another 12 from MC Chunky (Hank Del Chunkus to his friends) under their sublabel 81. Didn't even realise swamp needed a sublabel. This time round things get nice and shuffly with garage and grime elements, basslines leaning towards that throbbing dubstep sound and if that wasn't ...view item »

Achim Maerz
Experiments EP

Experiments (Appendix A/B) is a collection of 12 improvised house jams recorded at Achim Maerz’s house in his native Hamburg. Titled Experiments for its rough and un-processed approach, the album is a bubbling collection of chilled House grooves, which come together to create a relaxing and unusual experie...view item »


After releases on Osiris, UVB-76 and A14, Bristol based producer Pessimist found a home for his dark twisted and techy drum and bass at Blackest Ever Black. Now releasing his first full length record with them as a self titled. Ten tracks of brooding dystopian D’n’B and techno deconstruction. Bleak and heavy, just ho...view item »

Love Songs: Part Two

London-based DJ and producer Romare returns with his 10-track album, Love Songs: Part Two. Romare's production style incorporates idiosyncratic usage of samples, steady beats, and a constantly evolving world of sound which never fails to sustain intrigue. Released as white vinyl double LP, ...view item »

From Farthest Known Objects

A brand-new, full-length album from Anthony Child, aka Surgeon. This time, the conceit is that Child’s vintage equipment ended up spitting out such strange-sounding results that they could only conceivably emit from another galaxy: hence From Farthest Known Objects. These tracks a...view item »

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