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DJ Rashad
Double Cup

Chicago footwork master DJ Rashad gets busy on his MPC for his third Hyperdub emission and first full length album proper with ‘Double Cup’. If you’re familiar with the term “Drank” then you’ll know what that means. Thsi 2LP/ CD is packed with some...view item »

Hive Mind

Daniel Martin-McCormick's Ital project finds a new home and its first full length release on Planet Mu. It's clear to see why Mike Paradinas has signed this material as there is something quite charming about the sound and the simplistic approach to its creation. 'Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)' samples fragments of Lady Gaga and Wh...view item »

Laurel Halo
Chance Of Rain

Quite a stylistic departure from her last celebrated long player is 'Chance of Rain', the new freaky stylus-eater to burst forth from the excitable neurons of Ms. Halo, NY’s queen of warped techno. There's not any vocals for a start and the whole shebang initially stumbles into the arena of our minds with a woozy jazz f...view item »

Russian Torrent Versions 6

With an album name that is almost as hard to torrent as Album by Girls, Karlist has a brilliantly named series underway. Add to that the fact that the music is also tight, sounding like it was commissioned by an early 80s factory overseer who wanted his workers to even harder after he had them ingest sp...view item »

Ron Morelli

It's taken me around six listens to get into this NY-dwelling, house-music-abusing miscreant's debut album. It's absolutely corking stuff once you get your head around the bleak and menacing demeanour of it all. Eight tracks long, 'Spit' begins with a slow stalk of a tune that has no tune, merely a creepy echo-laden kick and the sound of a doome...view item »

Mr Oizo
Best of (Wrong Cops)

Mr Oizo is an oddball French musician and filmmaker, known initially for his banging hit ‘Flat Beat’, and later for the hilarious film ‘Rubber’, which starred a sentient tyre as its murderous villain. Best Of (Wrong Cops) is at once a greatest hits compilation and an official soundtrack to his la...view item »

Brandt Brauer Frick

Techno is good, but a techno mix is better. You know this. We know this. Brandt Brauer Frick definitely know this, and their DJ Kicks mix drives the point home. With two vinyl records thumping onward, they have made it possible for you to lose yourself in smooth mixes of today’s finest techno artists....view item »

DJ Diamond
Flight Muzik Reloaded

Do you know why they call him DJ Diamond? Is it because of his sick cuts? Because he’s brilliant? Or his many facets? Nobody cares. Flight Muzik is an eclectic musical collage that wonders the gamut of electronic-hiphop related genres. Get your fix for all varieties, all together in one healthy dose....view item »

Ike Yard
Remix EP 3

Early 80’s minimal electro post-punk outfit Ike Yard receive further remix treatment from a wicked selection of current players. This set follows remixes from Regis, Tropic Of Cancer, Fred Szymanski and Arnaud Rebotini. Stepping up here we hav...view item »

Bow EP

Glitches by themselves aren’t dirty enough. Not for AnD, who needs to line them with paranoid bass and schizophrenic synthesizer loops, and the occasional destructive beat thrown in for good measure. A truly dark EP, Bow is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who are dark at heart....view item »

DJ Harlow

Rough and raw club music from the unknown quantity DJ Harlow. Waxwork is frantic and busy but with a real ear for negative space. Fuzzed out tape sound phase in and out of earshot as clickity clackity hi hats dance across the waveform, all held together by a pummeling kick drum that causes earthquakes on the dancefloor....view item »

Bee Mask
Pear Growers Series 1 (Surgeon & Abdulla Rashim remixes)

This is the The inaugural release on Chris Madak’s (AKA Beemask) new Pear Growers Series label. He’s commissioned a fine pair of remixes from two artists I’m very familiar with. Surgeon I’ve been following since he ...view item »

Samantha Vacation
Samantha's Vacation / Postcards From Mssr Perdu

Twisty mutated house from Samantha Vacation. Here first 12” release for L.I.E.S, White Label consists of two side long tracks that fuse Detroit techno, bass music and a definite leaning towards a headphone listening experience. It’s wickedly warped and a little uneasy. Out on 12” vinyl from L.I.E.S....view item »

Under A Single Banner

I've not really had the pleasure of checking Shifted's material in the past. Myriad 12"s have appeared and vanished as quickly from our shelves. His last album on Luke Slater's back-to-basics Mote-Evolver stable is highly regarded yet now out of pr...view item »


Tohuwabohu are all about questions -- to who about who? This 4-track joint effort of Chronomad (Saam Schlamminger) and Burnt Friedman is their dubtechno fueled effort to answer all the questions, and then some, and then ask another final question: Tohuwabohu? Don'...view item »


Anyone with a penchant for deep melancholic techno really ought to be checking out this release from Recondite. Berlin based producer Lorenz Brunner has been releasing  his work on his own Plangent imprint as well a releases scattered across Hotflush Recordings, Dysto...view item »

Peter Van Hoesen
Life Performance

Up there in the foot of the pennines I envisage our resident techno expert Ant weeping when perusing our ham-fisted attempts to describe his favourite genre.  I will do my best to do justice to this live album by the acclaimed Belgian producer, although when I say live, you are not hearing whoops of the crowd and ‘Antwerp We Love Ya&r...view item »

DJ Spider and Marshallito
Deadly Structures EP

DJ Spider & Marshallito are no strangers, having corroborated on several records. However, they team up for their first outing on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label for four tracks of wonky, intriguing techno. Each of the record’s tracks takes its name from a chemical compound, and we begin with "C17H21NO2". The trac...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Melody Attack

Beautiful double LP gatefold sleeve from Belgian electronic artist Red Stars Over Tokyo, with his usual brand of trancey hypnotic IDM, ‘Melody Attack’ is almost vintage sounding in its bleeps and bloops but still retains a futuristic element to the world of ambient dance music, its influence...view item »

Luke Abbott
Holkham Drones

Despite what the title suggests, this collection would be far more aptly titled 'Holkham beats', though I don't really know what 'Holkham' has to do with it, and calling something 'beats' or, 'non place-specific beats' is a truly terrible name. This is a collection much in the vein of fellow border community artists James 'Holden' ...view item »

Ghosts On Tape
No Guestlist / Still Got the Feeling

For the uninitiated, Ghosts on Tape as a moniker seems incongruous to the floor-filling sounds he doles out here. Those after some Hauntological expeditions best cover your stylus in moss if you accidentally buy this. No Guestlist gets worked over a couple of times here, taken deeper, then taken to the play...view item »


Launching off the success of the infamous Berghain Sub:Stance parties, this Sub:Stance 3xLP (for real? for real!) aims to capture the unique vibe of lighting up one of the darkest places of techno worship in Europe. With 7 contributions from those in the know and one the scene, this is a testament to an era....view item »

Emerald's Edge

Philogresz unleashes this nice 3 tracker on Echocord, the lead track of which contains pummeling drumming, a nice stretched out synth melody and a good pinch of icy European bleakness. Its less dub-techno-ey than a lot of the stuff on this very consistent label. The B side starts with a Mikkel Metal remix -nice...view item »

Lowjit Vagrants EP

Here’s the latest 12” on The Trilogy Tapes which I have woefully little information about. The artist is _moonraker and there are four songs of spooky minimal techno here. This is just the kind of thing our resident electronics/spookiness expert Ant would have a lot to say about but sadly I&rs...view item »

Dark Acid

This is the first in the tasty Dark Acid series of 12s exploring the outer reaches of techno / dance / acid...and if that sounds too vague for you I can only recommend diving right on in. Those Clan Destine folks are on curation duty, taking us on some dark techno journeys from Dungeon Acid, Ron Hardly, ...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)
Somerset Avenue Tracks (92-95)

Planet Mu and Mike Paradinas release this fantastic 2 CD set of unreleased material from the very early beginnings of the u-ziq legacy, out of the usual crop of nineties electronic acts like Aphex Twin, ...view item »

Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald

Ultra heavyweight masters of techno collaboration here. It’s been some years since we had these guys on record together. ‘Borderland’ is released on CD and across three limited edition heavyweight vinyl 12”s which are limited to 500 copies so I don’t expect they’ll hang around for too long. I’ve heard th...view item »

Jeremy Greenspan & Bory
God Told Me To EP

Don't say tech house people please. We're past this stage now, come on. We all agreed pigeon holing like that abomination has to stop. This EP is trance infected synth house/disco/techno hybrids and that's all i'll say on the matter. We can all agree on that, right? Sorted. Cheers. Goodbye. Go Home and stick on your Disclosure record if you don'...view item »

Terrence Dixon
Lost At Sea

This man’s been a true Detroit techno player since the mid 90’s although compared to a lot of producers he hasn’t released a huge amount of records so when they come around I’m all ears. He seems to have been fairly busy recently though which is wicked. Here he has four untitled tracks of his vision of techno. The first o...view item »

Sandwell District
Fabric 69: Sandwell District

Techno at 8.30 in the morning. Well unless you are our Brian on one of his marathon good time japes, then its a fairly alien concept. I’ve just had an enormous bowl of porridge and am settling down to this superb compilation of the very best of the legendary Sandwell District imprint (comprisin...view item »

Acid : Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993

Soul Jazz follow up their 'Can You Jack?' compilation from some years ago with this dual 2LP / 2CD set compiling some gems from the golden era of house music 1986-93. Chicago house / acid house in one of my real musical passions. To this day I still discover lost gems and obscurities that excite me. This collection bundles together a ...view item »

Full Of Feelings EP

France's national treasure Bambounou takes to the stage another one of his experiment-y EPs on 50WEAPONS. This is a big step-down from his previous COBE EP. A lot more questionable samples are used within Full of Feelings, and makes you feel as if you're on a spaceship rather than in a club (which probably wouldn't even touch Bambounou's...view item »

Caustic View

Opening track on this 12” by Bandshell on Mute imprint Liberation Technologies annoys the hell out of me but if you like thumping bass oriented dance breaks then this is the thing for you, second track ‘Perc’ is a little more interesting...view item »

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Elements Of Light

This is described on the press release as a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells. And certainly from the first few minutes its like woaaaaah bell overload. Half way through some nice warm bass is brought in and the track ge...view item »

Nathan Fake

Electronica dude Nathan Fake is a popular man in the Norman office, with both Phil and Brian singing his praises enthusiastically when he last album dropped, so I’m curious to see what all the fuss is about here because I’m a bit backward wh...view item »

Order Of Noise

We got a new thing in on Tri Angle this week by new signing Vessel (not to be confused by Leeds angular rockers Vessels and old electronica dude Vessel on Expanding!) Unlike the majority of the Tri Angle releases this one jumped right out at me on first li...view item »

John Tejada
The Predicting Machine

The Predicting Machine I think may on the whole be the easiest album of his to access to someone who is not already familiar with his work. The first track "Orbiter" start things off on a bit of an off-putting note however. The first few times I heard that track I didn't much like it, but I came around. I find it a perfect commentary on the huma...view item »

Nathan Fake
Steam Days

I recall us Normaners being bang into 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' several years back, it fitted beautifully into that post IDM glut of hugely melodic, astoundingly layered yet deceptively simple and atmospheric 4am music such as Julian Fane a...view item »

The Hundred In The Hands
Keep It Low

I heard Phil say “feckin' Warp” this morning. Oh, what have they done now? I think he actually said “it's feckin' warm”, but he might as well have said “feckin' Warp” as I'm not 100% sure of the value in this six track 12” from ...view item »

Astral Social Club
Generator Breaker

The ever reliable Neil Campbell returns with yet another release, this time for Dekorder records. This is Campbell's second LP for the label following his collaboration with High Wolf under the guise of Iibiis Rooge. 'Generator Breaker' continues Campbell's evolution into the blissful a...view item »

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