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Neptune's Lair

I bring this week's review odyssey to a close with this tasty reissue of a stone cold electroid techno classic, Drexciya's debut full length 'Neptune's Lair'. At this point they'd got a fair few 12"s under their belt, the first coming out seven years prior in 1992, but this 17-track voyage showcased a scope previously only hinted at. The...view item »

Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound

The legendary Soul Jazz label here releases two different sets of exclusive tracks: one load from editions formerly limited only to their Sounds of The Universe record store, one load brand new. Major players here: Heatsick, Hieroglyphic Being, Kassem Mosse… Available as a double...view item »


‘Manbait’ is the new double LP release from Regis aka Karl O’Connor (Downwards records, Sandwell District collective, British Murder Boys). The record features several new versions of three original tracks, remixes of Raime, Vatican Shadow, Ike Yard and Dalhous, an alternate mix of Tropic of Cancer’s ‘Plant Lilies A...view item »

Ron Morelli
A Gathering Together

Dom Fernow’s Hospital Productions label has been gradually following his path towards techno, though without fully shedding the harsh distortions we’d expect given the label’s past. L.I.E.S head Ron Morelli manages all of that, with a full-length that will pound you with heavy dancing all ...view item »

Jeff Mills
Exhibitionist 2

Jeff Mills has long been regarded as an originator, and rightly so. Exhibitionist 2 has him pushing things forward again by attempting to show audiences what an ambitious live DJ is actually doing. Turns out it isn’t just pressing play. Multiple shows with multiple camera angles show the techno maestro at wor...view item »

Balance Remakes

Quality Surgeon gear here from 1998, back in print on Tresor with alternate versions of tracks from his excellent ‘Balance’ album from the same year. ‘Box Version II’ dispenses with the more jacking elements of the original, foregrounding infectious polyrh...view item »

Moufang / Czamanski
Live in Seattle

David Moufang and Jordan Czamanski have been working in electronic music in various forms for decades. That experience shows on Live In Seattle, which is that rarest of things: an improvised, totally live techno set. Over 99 minutes, they move through deeply atmospheric series of peaks and troughs, enra...view item »

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. T...view item »
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DJ Richard

Grind is the first full-length album release of White Material boss DJ Richard, and it comes with some anticipation. And it’s a big one, full of brooding atmospheres that tip inevitably over into club drama. Although at times, this could almost be a dark ambient record.. Nine tracks over two LPs (or one CD), on th...view item »

The Chemical Brothers

New Chemical Brothers 12”, extracting Go from this years full-length Born In The Echoes. As you would want from a Chems 12”, the track is extended for full dancefloor effectiveness, and is accompanied on the flip by an ‘Edge Of Control Dub’ version. Q-Tip takes up the vo...view item »

Faces of Drums / Steve Poindexter
Faces Drums / Short Circuit

A reissue 12” here that gathers classic old tracks from Steve Poindexter and his Faces of Drums alias. Acidic, staccato percussion punches its way over the top of the tunes, while on the B-side lies a remix from Africans With Mainframes, a duo containing, let’s not forget, Hi...view item »
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Joe Farr & Martyn Hare
Mode EP

The Mode EP contains three pieces of straight-up old-school techno in a British stylee. Joe Farr and Martyn Hare have both made good names for themselves already, and together they double down into even more intense territory. Everything is totally kicking off on this 12” on Dutch label Leyla Reco...view item »

Antenna Happy
Pinto EP

Antenna Happy (the electronic music project of Nathan Pope) has been away from music for a full twenty years, remarkably enough. The Pinto EP is a great way to re-enter the scene, a bright and shiny set of forward-pushing techno with some very nice and spacey production techniques. 12” on Reinhard...view item »


Oun_C is the latest emission from Swamp81’s sub-label 81. Chunky steps up with two firmly bass-loaded rollers. I don’t know what the mysterious title refers to, but it could be the same thing the enigmatic and distant blurs of vocals are on about… No need to worry though, this 12” bypasses the n...view item »
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Cooly G
Armz House EP

The ever-unpredictable Cooly G hits us with another curveball following the quiet storm R&B of 2014's Wait 'Til Night LP. Stepping aside from the emotive and sexually charged material of the previous release, the five tracks that make up Armz House constitute the London DJ/producer...view item »

EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

Italian analogue-techno pair EMG and Battista team up for their first effort on Will Bankhead's ever-excellent Trilogy Tapes label for a 4-track offering of hard-hitting, trigger-happy blasts of sludgy techno. It's a natural fit for the label, with EMG previously outing on similar outfit Berceuse Heroique. The EP keeps up TTT's love-affa...view item »
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Tengui has techno club lineage, but for most of Transference he is all about the atmospherics, with nary a beat in sight. Hissing, smudgy, noisy ambience that’s all about the texture. And what textures. Released as a cassette with download code, though the mixes dubbed to the tape are exclusive to the medium! The ...view item »

The Faces of Drums
Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost Vol. 2

Fresh from the dusty attics of Steve Pointdexter and Jamal Moss, aka FACE OF DRUMS: some prime 20 year old vintage raw Chicago techno cuts. Thanks 4 the Tracks U Lost Vol. 2, just like its predecessor, is a really tasteful time capsule, with three tracks saved from old cassette tapes. N...view item »
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Simo Cell
Cellar Door / Piste Jaune

Not content with ruling the waves with their own productions and a highly acclaimed label, the guys behind Livity Sound last year started a “reverse” sister label, dnuoS ytiviL. Yeah, literally reversed. The music on their new release is certainly the right way round though, these two tracks from Simo Cell facing rig...view item »

Django Django

Reflections is taken from Mercury Music Prize nominated and London based art-rockers Django Django’s latest album Born Under Saturn. This four-track 12” EP features Reflections as featured on the album along with 3 quite different remixes: the Happa Remix, Jellyman’s Midnight...view item »

Atom TM
Riding The Void

Four totally different versions of Atom™‘s track Riding The Void here. First up is the original album version (the album being 2013’s HD+), followed by a technotastic reworking by Scuba. The EP is rounded out by Atom™ himself taking a second look, with a...view item »

Antenna Happy
Rotor / Late

Antenna Happy (the electronic music project of Nathan Pope) has been away from music for a full twenty years. He’s coming back with the excellent Pinto EP, but one isn’t enough now he’s recaptured the bug, so we also have this nice white label release of Rotor / Late, self-rel...view item »

TT / Love

Koreless turn out two new tracks on the Young Turks label. TT / Love finds the Koreless sound sidestepping away from the big sweeping cinematic nature of recent releases, instead delving head-first back into the club environment. These are two big tracks, though the radically cut-up vocal on Love...view item »

Seven Davis Jr.

Ninja Tune present a very Ninja Tune album from Seven Davis Jnr, who whirls up a whole load of styles into a highly groovy series of electro-funk productions. Universes will make you expand all your energy on wild dancing, if you give it the chance. Double LP, CD, and special CD with an extra disc of ‘bonus beats&...view item »

Punish The Atom
First Line In Frankenstein

Punish The Atom are lumbered with one of those names that conjures up visions of 8th on the bill at some shit all day festival. Unsure about this local crews direction. It's shouty new wave gear with a smidgeon of The Fall & a healthy spot of Fugazi all rolled up in a large messy blob of bizarre trash punk glam attit...view item »

Jeff Mills
Woman In The Moon

Reinventing the soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s 1929 sci-fi classic Woman in the Moon, Jeff Mills is here to treat us all to a contemporary reworking of the accompanying music. Apart from updating the movie to suit our modern tastes, Mills’ soundtrack also deserves your attention in its own ...view item »

Morgan Louis
Only 1

Morgan Louis kicks the White Material label back into action, with a brand new 12”, titled Only 1. Four tracks on here, pulsing their way through some compelling low-down dance action. With the right crowd, this could really take over bodies. Three locked grooves on the record too, if you really want to drive the ...view item »
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Pierre Gerard/ Shinkei
Static Forms

Some minimalism from the John Cage school of silence with the ultra sparse 'Wooden Mouldings For The Assembly (To Constantin Brancusi). It is quite difficult to write about this as it basically is a huge amount of silence punctuated by quite, distant sounds that really demand focus. To quote the artist "The silence that I manufacture, hears on...view item »

DREI Remixes EP

Emika’s last album, DREI, went down very well with all sorts of characters, and so has received the appropriate reward: a remix EP. Doing the honours here are The Black Dog (a frantic dancefloor take), CNCPT (a dubbed techno version), The Exaltics (a simple but st...view item »

Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum 01

'Post Scriptum 01' is the debut album from enigmatic new techno producer known only as Post Scriptum. Hot on the heels of P.S’s debut release 'Human Timescales' featured on 'Berghain 07 - Part I' (Ostgut Ton 86), ‘Post Scriptum 01’ comprises eleven tracks of ethereal, intricately crafted, modern techno electronica....view item »

The Fear Ratio
Refuge of a Twisted Soul

The Fear Ratio is a collaborative project between London techno DJ/producer Mark Broom and Croydon born techno producer James Ruskin. ‘Refuge Of A Twisted Soul’ is their latest release on Manchester based, independent, electro label Skam records. Combining the Balearic/Chicago and acid house influences of Broom with the hip hop/late ...view item »

Safe In Harbour

Double LP or CD on Perlon. Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer collaborate under the Vilod Moniker. Safe in Harbour is their first full-length of original material, since most of their collaborative efforts have been remixes. They have kept the content successfully close to their ches...view item »

The Sun God
The Sun God and The Myth Lives On Trio

The Sun God, aka Chicago based DJ/producer Jamal Moss (Mathematics recordings) returns to radical musical curiosities label Cejero with ‘The Sun God And The Myth Lives On Trio’. The tracks are punchy but meditative electro compositions built from the warm sounds of classic vintage technology....view item »


Aphelion is a fitting title for for this collection on Belgium’s fine Token imprint. The is aphelion defined as the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the Sun. That gives a very clear indication of where these tracks will take you; the dark side of deep space but then one would expe...view item »

Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald
Borderland III/III

Ultra heavyweight masters of techno collaboration here. It’s been some years since we had these guys on record together. ‘Borderland’ is released on CD and across three limited edition heavyweight vinyl 12”s which are limited to 500 copies so I don’t expect they’ll hang around for too long. I’ve heard th...view item »

Pete Swanson
Pro Style

Pete Swanson continues his foray into uncharted techno waters with this superb three track EP for Type. Immediately the title track takes the plunge into icy waters with the crunched and crinkled sounds of stuttering machines malfunctioning, gradually building ...view item »

Robert Leiner

Robert Leiner has been producing highly acclaimed techno / house / acid more or less since the birth of all three of those genres, and Melomenia represents the first we’ve heard from him in quite a while: and this time, he’s also working with a band! Nine tracks spanning multiple electronic genres, and the l...view item »

Luke Abbott
Wysing Forest

Border Community is a proper survivor of a label. To survive you need to adapt. Epic tech-house club bangers are all very well and good but you gotta keep things fresh and crispy innit. Label chief Holden surprised many with the relatively un-dancefloor friendly aspects of his brilliant kosmische-kissed 'Inheritors'....view item »

HTH040 (Regis / Fis Remixes)

Finally pressed to vinyl due to great demand, ‘HTH040’ is the final chapter in Akkord’s ‘HTH035’ package consisting of two remixes, both sourced with elements of tracks from the ‘HTH020’ EP. The first track is a left field experiment in drum and bass drone, the second an atmospheric sludgy arrangement of...view item »

Ricardo Tobar

Referencing the new wave ghost of '80s past for a rich and yet brooding sound, Ricardo Tobar pulls Collection out of his proverbial hat, offering tunes based in the tradition of synth-punks origins. This record is more of a giddy shuffle through than it is linear album, offering wild shifts in mood b...view item »

IMD // RSJ / JF // CF

The Brothers label / series continues into its eighth edition, pairing producers together in a fraternal way. IMD // RSJ / JF // CF translates to Eomac and Rory St John on one side of the 12”, and Joe Farr and Witch on the other, each pair producing a grea...view item »
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George FitzGerald
Fading Love

George FitzGerald is a DJ and producer who made his name spinning discs at the worlds greatest clubs. He has also been displaying his abilities as a resident DJ on Radio 1 for the past couple of years. Fading Love is his debut album and an attempt to recreate the intimacy of the smaller club nights he used to play. It c...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Raw Materials

Dancefloor beat pioneer Marquis Hawkes’ latest release ‘Raw Materials’ revisits the primal house rhythms he made a name for himself with during his time with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Citing influences such as house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt and Roy Davis Jr, ‘Raw Materials’ title track is a dreamy analogue...view item »

Waiting For Me

Lab Series Vol. 1

Opening track Plutoniumdealers has such a dirty sawtooth it only promises the best for the rest of the first Volume in the Lab Series. Featuring original tracks and remixes by Parassela, Buck and Limo, this 12” has some nasty and unnerving techno tracks that we’re n...view item »
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Some Tracks

No nonsense rugged techno action from Detroit’s Manuel Gonzales. Beginning with the tough 4/4 stomper ‘Extort’. A brutal drum track with rough filtering that pounds away showing zero mercy for frazzled minds on the dancefloor. Then there's the stuttering muffled electro of Mean While’ with a delay affected vocoder vocal h...view item »
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If You're Reading This EP

If you are reading this you must be either our proof reader extraordinaire Mike or be very bored indeed. This is my last review of the day and it will be followed be a big juicy sleep if I have my way. This is a record that I know little about, the label is Don’t Be Afraid and Mgun are back on there after being somewhere else for awhile. T...view item »
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Sylvester Stallone / Smut

Big boy Powell delivers two new tracks ("Sylvester Stallone" and "Smut"), not for his own Diagonal Records, but for the more indie-ish XL. Perhaps signalling forthcoming crossover appeal? Let's hope so, because Powell’s tracks deserve a good-sized audience. On this 12”, Sylvester Stallone ...view item »

Distant Present

Including new, previously unreleased material by Icelandic, techno, dub artist Ozy, as well as remixes by prominent artists including American electro artist Laurel Halo (Hyperdub records) and experimental techno producer Miles Whittaker (Modern love records), ‘Distant Present’ is an energetic experiment in minimalist, ambient techno...view item »

Nick Höppner

On his full length album, Nick Hoppner is still making techno. With a style that sounds like it would be just a little too heavy for legendary minimal label Kompakt, but still similar, Folk is a new take on sturdy 4/4 beats. At first listen, the kick is too heavy for the amount of ambient ambiance going on, but the...view item »


Reminiscent of Cex or Hrvatski dropping acid, HTH035 features time-warping beats, paranoid pads and an inexplicable catchiness to it all. Akkord is here remixed by Fis and OG Regis, the first leaning more towards the psychedelic electronica, the latter responsible for a slowed and disto...view item »

Kassem Mosse / Simone White
Three Versions

An intimate and spatial offering by Kassem Mosse. Using source material from American singer-songwriter Simone White, Mosse brings out subtle melancholy washes and adds in kitchen sink percussion to generate a contemplative collection of downbeat tracks. Out on 12” vinyl from Honest Jon’s....view item »
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In Advance of the Broken Arm

‘In Advance of the Broken Arm’ is the new 12” from Parisian techno heads December, released via A14, a new 12” imprint dedicated to “delinquent dancefloor gear”. Presented here are two new tracks from December, ‘In Advance of the Broken Arm’ and the dubby ‘Collapse’. Limited edition of ...view item »

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

‘Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy’ is the second record on Diagonal from Cleveland, Ohio’s James Donadio following the ‘Shatter and Lose’ 10” and stuff for Opal Tapes, Digitalis, Mir...view item »
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Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness

A lesson in all things electronic, dancing and grooving on Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness. It's a glimpse into the ghetto house scene in Illinois in the '90's, with hot tips from many of the big DJ's and producers who were kickin' it. Gritty, minimal and booty shaking as hell, this one will freak the dance floor out in the b...view item »

TX Connect
Trixxter EP

Getting dangerously loose with TX Connect. Trixxter EP is the new release from the mysterious Texan. This synth-centric record will frazzle all yer brains with the squelchy groove of "Trixxer" before spooking you into dancing with the unearthly "Intramountains", and finishing with a journey...view item »

Marcellus Pittman
Do You Like Music EP

Doing it for the thrill with Marcellus Pittman. Do You Like Music EP is another scorcher from one of Detroit’s finest. Bringing it down a bpm or two for three slices of groovy & spaced out house numbers. With all yer favourite drum machines, atmospheric synths and raw production you would expect...view item »

Antelope (Remixes)

Here Static Caravan are treating us to a pair of remixes of the track 'Antelope' from the debut Diagrams mini-LP (Sam Genders from Tuung's new outfit for those late to the party), all pressed into see-through purple vinyl in an edition of 300. These are pretty comprehensive reinventions,...view item »

Dismantle / Music For Vampyr

So good to get some more stuff from Lebanese producer Rabih Beaini so soon after his magnificent ‘Albidaya’ album for Annihaya released under his own name. This however has him back in Morphosis mode with five track...view item »
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Raw Material

London label EarToGround with their first release from German techno duo dualit. Four tracks and two locked grooves (so you can listen to the brutal beat forever), the shuffling brittle rhythms are combined with enough dynamic range and out-there weirdness to keep everyone happy. The label’s last release of 2014 with real ...view item »
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Gunnar Haslam
Bera Range

Bizz Circuits
Bizz Circuits Play Intifada Offspring Vol. 1: Nishbar Li Ha'Zayin

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Tank / Beaviane

Only the third release on the Mistry label, Chevel's newest 12” is here to treat all you early Monday-night party-seekers to the time of your life. Accessible by virtue of its fat bass and dirty drums, the two tracks released by the funky Italian will have you moving your feet no matter the time of day....view item »
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The weather is always grey and overcast on these dense remixes of Dronelock’s ‘Clusters’ 12”. Mark Broom, Ontal and Rivet each bring their distinctive variations on brooding, rough techno and the orginal mix is kindly included too. The tracks are diverse, but there’s enough shared industrial drone, ...view item »
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Menacing techno 12" vinyl from Houndstooth label. HTH030 are two reworks of Akkord's HTH020 EP, via The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. Taking the HTH020 tracks a their own weird and foreboding directions, HTH030 sees both artists showcasing their esoteric production models, churning out two c...view item »

The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

It's fucking hard to categorize Drexciya (& their many fantastic offshoots)! I say bloody just as well cos as a guy that has to do reviews every week, i'm bloody sick of trying! The finest tunes have their own agenda, away from idiots with little boxes. Ok, if I were to put them in a box it'd be a big thick waterproof laminated one with a thriv...view item »

Snake Inside My Leg

L.I.E.S affiliate Marcos Cabral back here as Chemotex for another solid Trilogy Tapes 12". Texture-heavy, grainy techno that growls and hisses before going straight for the jugular on Side A. The flip is stranger, twitching all over the place before settling into a raw but infectious industrial groove. All packaged in a nice screen printed sleev...view item »
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Ricardo Tobar

Ricardo Tobar makes downbeat and oh-so-minimal techno, known for fucking shit up on James Holden's imprint. His work has a nostalgic, crackedy feel, brought on by his affection for primitive drum machinery and ageing electronic equipment. 'Garden' takes a cut from his debut record and presents it on a shiny 12" courtesy of Desire Inc., with a co...view item »

The New Today

2562's first record in two years, The New Today is some no nonsense Dutch booty shaker. Filling his boots with techno, house, electro and other euro junk. There something for everyone here - trippy synths, endlessly endless drum machines and wacky production. Out on vinyl and CD on his own label When In Doubt. It is wel...view item »

Arcing Seas
Converging Prey

Arcing Seas continues to descend further into the minimal waters with 'Converging Prey, a record of consistent beatwork and barely-audible looping melodies that pretty much never let up. This is straight-and-narrow techno for fans of the genre's purity and potency when it follows all the usual rules. ...view item »

Dan Physics
Dan Physics

Dan Physics self titled 12" on Brooklyn's L.I.E.S Records, is a dark outing into the past 3 decades of dance music. The New York native is unafraid of cranking up the tempo on this vinyl - the scientist combines spooky and squelchy synths with jacking kicks, hats and snares. It relentlessly grooves whil...view item »

Surgeon EP (2014 Remaster)

Part 1 of the 6-EP SRX Surgeon reissues series revisits the sounds of Birmingham techno as of 20 years ago. A highly influential artist in the genre, Surgeon feels that the masters of his earliest tracks were "cut by people who had no understanding of electronic music", refusing them the clarity and dynamics that these pioneering cuts deser...view item »

Tropa Macaca

Software venture deep into experimental purism with the co-release of the fourth rekkid from ambient noise makers and all round good lads Tropo Macaca. ‘Ectoplasm’’s opening fifteen minute opus flirts with post-techno concepts and presents an ever evolving looped based experimental wig-out in the vein of early ...view item »

BETRAYAL (1​/​09​-​1​/​14)

Divan is the project of techno head Michael DeMaio who is also known for his work as Womb and Twin Facility. ‘Betrayal’ is the debut release from Divan and promises to be a more sophisticated affair that combines muscular, jagged techno rhythms, 808 grooves and ambient, hazy drones. Released on printed cassette and limited to just 50...view item »

Zov Zov
Ruin Lust

Two techno enthusiasts worth being enthusiastic about make up Zov Zov, which supposedly means "something unknown, something ancient". Sure thing. Oliver Ho is one half of the group, and he's joined by Tommy Gillard, who he's worked with on dance-floor catered sounds before. This time, though, they up the ante and go for something more experiment...view item »

Anthony Parasole
Off The Grid

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Russian Torrent Versions 12

More from Russian Torrent Versions here, '12' offering up some new work from techno vortex ripper Karlist, who provides a strict and disciplined A-side based around a straight-and-narrow synthline and immediate percussion. The flipside is also a heavily percussive affair, with plenty of kicks to get you through the otherwise extremely ...view item »
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Angus Tarnawsky

Angus Tarnawsky gets welcome to the electronic stalwarts at Inner Surface Music with 'Pitched', an EP of disorientating rhythms, syncopated drums and stern synthesizer work. The A-side features the title-track as well as a remix from dub techno master AnD. On the flip are three more dark tunes with the occasional inclination for the dancefloor.&...view item »
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The Cyclist
Bones In Motion

Fuzzy house musician The Cyclist continues to send his vibes over from Northern Ireland with 'Bones In Motion', his new record for Leaving Records and the follow-up to 'Dual Form' on that label. The record brings together two distinct aesthetics -- tape music and traditional electronica -- and sees what it's like when they intersect.&n...view item »

John Heckle
Desolate Figures

Experimental artist for who 'house' is only a rough picture, John Heckle is back with his second record, 'Desolate Figures', a smorgasbord of dance music channeled through the harsh sounds of fuzz and washes of noise. Heckle's records have a knack so far for packing a very raw sound, though 'Desolate Figures' is perhaps a more challenging l...view item »

Da Sampla
West Side Sessions

Disco samples and drum machines; these are rawest-of-the-raw, analogue house jams from Da Sampla, one of Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir’s pseudonyms. As well as collaborating on some of the sessions, Detroit techno veteran Kyle Hall’s record label have outdone themselves with this package, a 12” and 7&rdquo...view item »

Anom Vitruv

The downbeat and always mysterious Anom Vitruv is a man of few words, and his new record, which contains six untitled tunes, has been described succinctly as "against the tide". As ever, Vitruv continues to explore making tranquil, drone-like techno alongside heavier, more hardware trigger happy tunes....view item »

John Heckle
Desolate Remixes

Coming with John Heckle's newest record, 'Desolate Figures', are these three remixes from the record, involving psyched electronic artists who want to have some fun making Heckle's weird sounds even weirder. Call Super takes on "Love-Lies" with his brand of existential house, while Vercetti Technicolor and Moon B also join in on two other tracks...view item »

EX (Performed live at the Guggenheim, NYC)

Plastikman’s new album ‘EX’ is the first album release since 2003’s ‘Closer’ and was recorded live at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum. This very special performance was at t...view item »

Roman Flugel
Happiness Is Happening

Back with 'Happiness is Happening', the second album under his own name, master electronic craftsman Roman Flugel drops another dollop of cyber gravy onto our plates. The German has retained the lush, arpeggiating melodies from 2011's 'Fatty Folders' and added possibly even more 'Fatties' - fun, Kraftwerky bangers to go with the more pad-le...view item »


According to Ital, things are about to get psychedelic -- whatever that's supposed to mean. The important thing is that he's done releasing EPs and is delivering his first full-length, the ominously titled 'Endgame'. According to Ital himself, the record is something of a dancefloor horror flick, working with warm, welcoming electronic...view item »


Twinned with 'Heart', his other, warmer slice of ambient house, Scrase has released 'Another', an EP that takes a more sinister turn, abandoning the kindly, natural atmospheres for aggressive acoustic percussion and eerie layers of sound that wouldn't be out of place on an Amon Tobin record. 'Another'&nbs...view item »
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Second Storey
Shaman Champagne

Alec Storey ditches the comedy name for something a little more sensible and delivers a kicking, dark cosmic techno freak-out that has its roots still slightly submerged in the outer reaches of what was once dubstep but spikes his Shaman Champagne with some filthy old warehouse dust and mind-spangling trippy ephemera. Another track wor...view item »

Answer Code Request

Code is the debut LP from Berlin producer Patrick Gräser in his Answer Code Request alias. Over the course of twelve tracks, Gräser deftly references the ghosts of techno past and serves them up with a zeitgeist-pleasing twist. Nods to the likes of Higher Intellegence Agency and mid-Ninet...view item »

Valved remixes EP

An EP of raw and abrasive industrial techno to pummel both mind and body with here. This is the first remix 12” on Trensmat, a by-product of the label’s continued incursions into techno territory. On the first side you get AnD remixing Valved’s ‘Tipping Point’, which strips the original (all of which are available a...view item »


London based record label Technicolour sees the return of BNJMN with ‘IV’, following releases on Rush Hour and Stolen Kisses. Comprised of three distinct off kilter techno tracks, this 12” showcases BNJMN&rsquo...view item »

Roberto Clementi
Bonton EP

The latest instalment of the Echocord Colour series might be pressed into hot orange wax, but Roberto Clementi’s debut for the label gives off about as much warmth as a cold night on the shop floor of a concrete plant.  In the austere world of dub-techno this is invariably seen as a positive.  No cutesy little ukelele ditties aro...view item »

The People Without

3rd outing from this solid new techno label from London based artist 'PRIS'.The People Without can only be described as a body of work that seamlessly showcases the artists attention to detail and knowledge of sound design and texture. The People Without as a whole takes the listener on a journey that is at times eerily b...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

Blank Slate 004

Mirko is getting all up inside ya on this one. Blank Slate 004 is a big slab of mind melters from the New York label. These four tunes slip n slide around all the frequencies, from the sub-centric "Bergstrom" to the tripped out funk of "Ekaterina" on the A. On the flip he darkens the mood with t...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

The Air Between Words

Pushing you in multiple directions with Martyn. The Air Between Words is the Dutch producer's 2014 offering of his take on all things sonic. Packed with studio wizardry, broken beats, synths for every occasion and a couple of collaborations. Think Four Tet, Mount Kimbie,...view item »

Nicola Ratti
Ossario Vol. 2

Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples Ossario is a collection of ten separate and independent songs - in two volumes, available separately - introducing a new and radical composing method. The aim is to build some kind of musical skeletons designed not to be covered in flesh and tissues, but trying to red...view item »

Cute Heels

Dark Entries specialise in minimal wave, synth wave. gothy sounding dark electronic vibes with some pop chucked in there. Their reissues are always interesting (and usually very valid editions of expensive hard to find classics) but they occasionally chuck something new into the hat which is what we have here.  'Cute Heels' aka Victor Len...view item »

Diamond Version

After five EPs in a row I was starting to question whether Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender's (Byetone) duo Diamond Version would ever actually make a full-length LP, and here is my answer. 'CI' stands for "Corporate Identity" apparen...view item »

Remixes (Peaking Lights and Hieroglyphic Being)

Ooh, I like this. Here we've got two top current artists, Peaking Lights and Heiroglyphic Being, paying tribute to elder statesman of kosmische Hans-Joachim Roedelius. I'm starting with Peaking Lights' one, which is quite bouncy w...view item »


Everyone needs some Kompakt in their life from time to time don’t they? The Cologne electronic label has long been teaching the value of repeating the beautiful sonic slice into infinity, and this new 12” from Coma is no exception. Atlantis contains three delicious tracks, and will quite possibly make you ha...view item »

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