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Lubos Fiser

Those lovely people at Finders Keepers have a double portion of cult Czech cinema for you this week in the form of these soundtracks to 1969/72 films by “Czech New Wave Master of Macabre” Jujaj Herz. The first is 1972’s ‘Morgiana’, scored by ...view item »

Lubos Fiser / Zdenek Liska
Morgiana / The Cremator

Those lovely people at Finders Keepers have a double portion of cult Czech cinema for you this week in the form of these soundtracks to 1969/72 films by “Czech New Wave Master of Macabre” Jujaj Herz. The first is 1972’s ‘Morgiana’, scored by Lubos F...view item »

David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack

Another holy grail soundtrack reissued in fine style. This has been out of print for some time since its issue on Alternative Tentacles. The film and the soundtrack have long been a personal favourite and I really never thought I&r...view item »

Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
Prince Avalanche

Explosions In The Sky team up with fellow Texan David Wingo to produce this soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s latest film project ‘Prince Avalanche’, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. The film sees two friends leave their hometown on a job to paint traffic lines on a wildfire rava...view item »

Dr. No - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

It's 'Dr No', one of those spy films where James Bond is very charming, orders drinks at bars, raises his eyebrows and kills other, less nice spies. The soundtrack gets a reissue here on vinyl, showing off the original score and of course giving us that pretty famous James Bond theme tune, which is performed by the John...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
The Waiting Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I first came across William Ryan Fritch through a remarkable track he contributed to the bonus CD on the recent Yuri Lugovskoy album. I had no previous idea that he made such a beautiful sound. He is a composer and multi instrumentalist out of Oakland ...view item »

Sean Lennon
Alter Egos Soundtrack

Making no attempt to ape either of his parents' musical output, Sean has written and produced yet another masterpiece here. Like Sean's previous soundtrack, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, it features his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, his former girlfriend Yuka Honda, and many others. James McCartney plays guitar on the track "Conspir...view item »

Berberian Sound Studio

Peter Strickland’s new film Berberian Sound Studio - a thriller centring around a foley artist working on a ‘70s giallo film - looks completely fascinating but sadly I’ve not seen it yet so I’m having to review this soundtrack out of context. Thankfully it’s a won...view item »

Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs To Test By Collectors Edition

Valve make great videogames. That’s a fact! Portal 2 is a great videogame. That’s another fact. It combined the genres of shooty and puzzle with physics and though I’ve probably made it sound quite unappealing it’s actually brilliant. Ipecac have got together a mas...view item »

Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009

It's a lovely thing we got here, the complete Claire Denis film scores by our fave mumblers. Except there's relatively little mumbling to be found throughout this collection. Another side to the 'Sticks is more evident, their love of cinema and the power of incidental music to heighten & enhance the impact of a scene. It's lovely to know cul...view item »

Olafur Arnalds
Another Happy Day OST

It's a well known fact that I like Olafur Arnalds. Perhaps as well known as that water is wet and without it we'd all be very thirsty. So, pretty well known then. I grabbed this all excitedly and here I am writing a review. This is the soundtrack to 'Another Happy Day' which features Dem...view item »

Sonic Youth
Simon Werner A Disparu

I'm liking this shit. I think it might be my favourite SYR release actually. I think I got a little bit bored with the 'solid, dependable and consistent' thing with The Eternal; I guess I felt like it was more of the same thing they've been doing since about the turn of the century only less inspired than the likes of Murray Street, Sonic Nurse ...view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
White Lunar

Warren Ellis from Dirty Three and Nick Cave from Nick Cave have spent a bit of time together in recent years doing fantastic film scores and here we've got a double CD collection of them, presented in a handsome gatefold-style pack along with some selected odds and ends. I've seen a few of the films involved (which include John Hillcoat's The P...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy
About A Boy OST

Just got the Badly Drawn Boy album in this morn for the About A Boy soundtrack. I've had chance to play it once so far. I would have played it again to get a better feel of it but the smirking face of Hugh (schlong) Grant on the cover is enough to put any self respecting human/ animal off this. The cover aside I...view item »

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