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Angelo Badalamenti
Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me

Can’t go wrong with this deeply classic soundtrack work from Angelo Badalamenti can you? David Lynch’s Twin Peaks spin-off film Fire Walk With Me features variations on the series’ key themes, plus new music and appearances from Julee Cruise and Though...view item »

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

In what is amounts to arguably the darkest and most dystopian television programme of 2016, Charlie Brooker's sensational Black Mirror has returned with a vengeance. This Men Against Fire soundtrack composed by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow provides the perfect companion to a stunning and harrowing array o...view item »

Jim Williams
Raw (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Julia Ducournau film Raw is making waves with its creepily effective portrayal of *shock* cannibalism. It also comes with a very nice original score from soundtrack composer Jim Williams, with lots of dramatic organ themes and ornate acoustic constructions. The whole soundtrack to the film is here, ...view item »

Better Call Saul - Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1

Neatly timed to coincide with the airing of Season 2 of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, is the release of  The Better Call Saul Original Television Soundtrack - Season 1. The music comes from acts as diverse as Morrissey's one time favourite new band, Little Barrie, Swamp-f...view item »

The Dust Brothers
Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score)

Available again on vinyl for the first time in a decade and a half, The Dust Brothers’ specially-sequenced original soundtrack to Fight Club is a wonderful thing. This release (sort-of) reflects the film’s anti-consumerist angle by packaging the record in such a way that you will have to tear the sleeve in o...view item »

Cabaret Voltaire
Johnny Yesno Redux

I love Cabaret Voltaire, especially this time period, and I have never seen this movie, so I was excited to see this item. I have to admit I had expectations. I expected with a 3 disc set it would have the original soundtrack (so I could keep this and sell my original CD) along with extras and then the movie. Instead I found it contains nothing ...view item »

Pino Donaggio
Don't Look Now

Italian composer Pino Donaggio has been responsible (and yes, i do mean responsible) for a fair few soundtracks for terrifying films. Including Piranha, The Howling, and Tourist Trap. Here is by far the worst of the lot, and the first film sore he actually did, for Nicolas Roeg’s...view item »

Eric Feremans
The Antwerp Killer

Supposedly this is “one of the rarest vinyl horror soundtracks of all time”, so plenty of reason for B-movie / synth-score fans to be excited: you can finally get your hands on The Antwerp Killer! Eric Feremans designed many of the synthesisers used here himself, which explains how he knows how to use them t...view item »

Danny Elfman
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Music from the Motion Picture)

Danny Elfman has produced countless timeless big ticket movie scores in his time, and his accompaniment to Tim Burton’s 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake is among them. Elfman uses the opportunity to fill his scores with quirky and inventive details, just like ...view item »

Howard Shore
A History Of Violence (Original Score)

Howard Shore has played his part in bringing a huge number of big ticket movies to the screen: almost 100 films feature a Shore score. For A History Of Violence, Howard matches the uneasy mystery of the story with creeping and subtle orchestral arrangements that shimmer with mistrust. V...view item »

Max Richter
Out Of The Dark Room

Out Of The Dark Room is a collection of Max Richter’s works for film, hence taking these delicate soundtracks out of the dark room on the cinema and into the light of your stereo. Music excerpted from the soundtracks of Waltz With Bashir, Testament Of Youth, Wadjda and several more. CD r...view item »

Prevenge (Original Soundtrack)

Geoff Barrow’s Invada label continues to be a safe haven for the finest new soundtrack music: here is Toydrum’s musical accompaniment to the pregnancy-based horror film Prevenge. Toydrum tap into the giallo flavour of the movie with dramatic spacey synthesizer work, just lik...view item »

Robert Earley
Themes For TV Drama: The Music of Robert Earley

Robert Earley (also known as Robert Sharples, prominently known for his role on Opportunity Knocks) provided themes and cues for a range of ITV television shows back in the day, including Special Branch, Man At The Top and The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes. Some of these highly ch...view item »

Rough Guide to Bollywood: The Psychedelic Years

There are plenty of legends of Bollywood soundtracking here, going that extra psych mile. Featuring musicians such as R. D. Burman, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi -- all influenced by Western Rock 'n Roll and the entwined 'flower power' culture of the 1960s. Thus mushroomed the Indian Psychedelic Underground. Includes a full-album download c...view item »

Adrian Corker
The Have-Nots OST

Violin, cello, double bass and viola de gamba (Google it) are the main tools here, and their processed loops, lock-grooves and leitmotifs create ambiences by turn plaintive and wrought. There is something of Kid A, Skeleton Tree and Mica Levi’s Under the Skin OST to Corker’s latest...view item »

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson has been leading a double life for many years now, being both a video game artist and half of noise-rock destroyers Lightning Bolt. Here, the two come together, with the soundtrack to Gibson’s acclaimed game Thumper, composed by Gibson himself. Very d...view item »

Omaggio al Maestro Ennio Morricone

The Cineploit label have reached five years of fine releases, and are celebrating in an ideal way, with a homage to key hero of the soundtracks community, Ennio Morricone! Omaggio al Maestro Ennio Morricone features exclusive tracks by every member of the Cineploit roster, doing versions of Morricone pi...view item »

Bruce Broughton
The Monster Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Monster Squad is a cult movie in which a whole gang of classic horror villains (Wolfman! Dracula!) join forces and have to get beat by some kids. With a set-up like that, you know that this movie is going to have an entertainingly dramatic soundtrack, and Bruce Broughton’s original orchestral score does not di...view item »

Emanuele de Raymondi & Marco Messina
SARO (Original Soundtrack)

The rich tradition of Italian musicians producing incredible and unusual soundtracks for films is very much still alive! Emanuele de Raymondi and Marco Messina have pooled their talents in the fields of contemporary and ambient music to accompany Enrico Maria Artale’s film SARO, b...view item »

Thomas Newman
The Shawshank Redemption

The soundtrack to classic movie The Shawshank Redemption should stir some feels in the minds of many: now you can hear it without having a TV to hand. This release includes the whole Oscar-winning original score by Thomas Newman, as well as featured Hank Williams and Inkspots songs and,...view item »

Michael Giacchino
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Star Wars music tends to stand up to plenty of in-depth repeat listening, and the soundtrack to the franchise’s latest edition is no exception. For Rogue One Michael Giacchino has done a great job writing memorable original music while referencing and recalling vintage themes from the series. Circa two hu...view item »

Morricone Youth
Mad Max

Morricone Youth get their kicks from re-interpreting scores for classic films, and here is what they’ve done with the original Mad Max movie. They keep George Miller’s score in mind, referencing it here and there, but this is an original suite. Released in a limited edition of 500 LPs by Cou...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Contra 3: Alien Wars - Original Video Game Soundtrack

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Contra game franchise Mondo bring us the soundtrack to the 1992 sequel on vinyl. Because Alien Wars was on the super nintendo the composers had so much more to work with in terms of production and could seriously let loose. The result is pretty mad, and filled with insane percussion...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Rich and influential chip music from the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. This Konami Kukehiha Club music is now getting pressed to vinyl for the first time ever, and if you are wondering whether this is th...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club

Music that was originally composed for the tiny 8-bit chips of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1986 is now receiving a full vinyl release for the first time: could composer Kinuyo Yamashita ever have predicted such an outcome? The Castlevania soundtrack is brief but memorable, with an amazing range of so...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Un Uomo Da Rispettare

Still the reissuers keep digging, and still the vast soundtrack archives of Ennio Morricone keep providing high-grade goods. Un Uomo Da Rispettare, a 1972 crime flick starring Kirk Douglas, drifts into some real deep avant territory: eerie atmospheres and dissonant orchestrations, very nice indeed. Reis...view item »

Dario Marianelli
Kubo and the Two Strings (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dario Marianelli’s sublime score to Kubo And The Two Strings. Marianelli’s previous scores include The Boxtrolls, Atonement, and Pride and Prejudice. To work alongside the theme of the film he utilised a lot of japanese instruments and techniques to mind blowing effect. Features an...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore

This is the first official reissue of the 1974 cult classic soundtrack ‘Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore’. Casting some of his most frightening compositional enchantments, legendary composer Ennio Morricone has crafted a beautifully terrifying landscape of sound. The release also includes two previously unreleased tracks....view item »

Franco Micalizzi
The Visitor

MONDO is pleased to reissue the original soundtrack to the cult classic THE VISITOR and because you've been so nice there's 8 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl in this exciting package. Pressed on 180 gram Black vinyl with randomly inserted Yellow & Orange swirl vinyl. Music composed, arranged and conducted by Franco Micalizzi....view item »

Ben Frost
Music From Fortitude

Ben Frost, everyone’s favourite purveyor of frightening and elemental music, has recently been exposed to new audiences via the hit TV show Fortitude, for which he has provided an original soundtrack. Features lots of sinister drone-shimmer and tense electronics, as well as an amazing cover of ‘Tainted Love&...view item »

Olivier Alary
Fiction / Non-Fiction

Olivier Alary has produced experimental pop under the name Ensemble for many years, but now produces film soundtrack work under his own name. Fiction / Non-Fiction compiles numerous examples of his really rather luscious pieces, performed by various orchestras, choirs and ensembles. Released by 130701....view item »

Nick Sutton
Angels Dreams Inches

Three excerpts from Nick Sutton’s various film soundtracks, produced in partnership with filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell. The films are called ‘Angels’, ‘¼”’ and ‘Dreamt In Flesh’, hence the tile Angels Dream Inches. And what’s more, two bold remixe...view item »

Ludwig Goransson
Creed (Original Motion Picture Score)

The soundtrack to the boxing-tastic movie Creed, available on vinyl for the first time ever! Ludwig Goransson’s compositions for orchestra are just as dramatic and bombastic as you’d want from such a big hitter of a movie. This double LP release includes four bonus tracks that have not previously been releas...view item »

Paul Weller
Jawbone (Music From The Film)

A surprising move from an old hand here, as Paul Weller produces a film soundtrack for the first time ever. Better still, the old mod rocker manages to overcome old habits for Jawbone’s OST: the key track is a twenty-one minute abstract collage of weird guitars and synths! Along with some more traditional songs, i...view item »

Fabio Fabor / Armando Sciascia

Some of the strange sounds recorded in the name of library music continue to impress. Nowhere is this more true than with Fabio Famor and Armando Sciascia’s Infini, a 1972 set of uneasy atmospheres. This is the first time this music has been released commercially. Remastered from the original tape...view item »

Sven Libaek
Solar Flares

Solar Flares is a 1974 work of high-grade library music that takes loungey-jazz up into the stratosphere to float around. Sven Libaek guides his orchestra into some very atmospheric territory, the acoustic instruments supported by an early Australian synthesiser, the Qasar. Very rare in its original pressing, Solar ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters In A New World

William Ryan Fritch is the in-house music maker for action-camera manufacturers GoPro. Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters is a new project of theirs, focusing on the epic landscapes of Mongolia. Fritch’s soundtrack draws on the traditional instruments and the ever astonishing throat singing techniques ...view item »

Cliff Martinez

Many days of late I have ranted under my breath about the unceasing proliferation of re-issued "classic" soundtracks and beg the existential question to myself much of the time: "Is there any real need for all this vinyl fetishism? Just watch the bleedin' film!" Then along comes Cliff Martinez and his glorious OST for the otherwise fairl...view item »

John Barry
Walkabout (Original Motion Picture Score)

Walkabout is a seminal work of 1970s Australian New Wave cinema, delving into the surreal landscapes of the outback. The master tapes of John Barry’s original soundtrack (which is, obviously, of a very high caliber) were thought to be utterly lost for years, but now they have been recovered and released! The vinyl...view item »

Mark Ayres
Doctor Who - Ghost Light

Dr. Who from back when it was 1989 and he was played by a man named Sylvester McCoy, apparently. 'Doctor Who - Ghost Light' is about the usual sci-fi antics, I'm sure, though I don't think any daleks are involved. Mark Ayres scored the music, in what was one of his final recordings for 1/4" tape before the world went all digital -- ah, the olden...view item »

Bear McCreary
10 Cloverfield Lane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Thanks to Mondo the original score to the love/hate sequel to the love/hate film Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane is now available on double vinyl. Bear McCreary cut hi teeth a long time ago as a classical composer, and has scored soundtracks to the new(er) Battlestar Gallactica, The Boy, and...view item »

Art Of The Memory Palace
Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir

If you are going to do the pastiche-of-an-obscure-old-style thing, you might as well do it to a high standard eh? That’s what Art Of The Memory Palace have achieved here with Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir, which positions itself as the soundtrack to a ‘lost’ French film from the 70’s. Certainly, t...view item »

Brad Fiedel
Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Time to fill the 'Terminator 2'-shaped hole in your soundtrack collection. It's not often I have to review a record that needs no introduction, but I think this qualifies. I'm being paid to write words, though, so I'll write words. 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' is of course notorious for being one of very few sci-fi sequels to actually be as good...view item »

Billy Mitchel
Electronic Dance (From The Motion Picture Walkabout)

Nic Roeg’s astonishing 1971 film Walkabout is a psychedelic exploration of the outback fuelled by a soundtrack that mixed orchestral cues with overhead bursts of psych-pop. The Roundtable have pressed one of these strange lost songs to 7” vinyl. Billy Mitchel’s Electronic Dance (From The Motion Pictur...view item »

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield
Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

An absolutely essential purchase for any fans of BBC Radiophonic Orchestra/early day synth, this very rare soundtrack created in 1972 by legendary composer Delia Derbyshire (along with artist Elsa Stansfield) finally gets a re-issue on the ever inquisitive Trunk records. They came up with a mix of sound design, tape manipul...view item »

Cannabis (Original Series Soundtrack)

New French TV show Cannabis has a rich and varied soundtrack that features lots of artists, from France and from beyond. Notable acts include Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Mala Rodriguez and Vitalic...view item »

Fernando Velázquez
A Monster Calls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Fernando Velázquez composed this suite of dramatic music to accompany the sensitive monster film A Monster Calls, following his previous work for Guillermo Del Toro and M. Night Shyamalan...view item »

Steve Moore
The Mind's Eye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Steve Moore has history in Zombi, meaning that he’s demonstrated his talent for soundtracking spooooooky horror movies in the past. Here he applies his synth skills to The Mind’s Eye, weaving uneasy ambient passages and bombastic themes like it ain’t no thing. Plenty of tense dramatic ...view item »

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman, composer of a million soundtracks, naturally had a hand in accompanying Goosebumps, a series with an impressive heritage (62 books!). It sounds highly dramatic and plenty spooky, and comes packaged in brand new artwork exclusively designed by Tim Jacobus, the illustrator of the books. On W...view item »

Andrew Thomas Wilson
The Chain Reaction - Original Soundtrack

Andrew Thomas Wilson's compositions are cold but gentle, bringing about the inevitable conflicts of chilling instrumental music with light, synth-pop oriented sounds. Basically, there's a lot of synth, used in a few different disciplines -- and it always sounds like an icicle is being dangled above your head. 'The Chain Reaction Soundtrack' is a...view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Mars (Original Series Soundtrack)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis go to space! Mars is the latest screen project to benefit from the pair’s sensitive original scoring; they also contributed the series’ theme song, which involves Cave’s vocals. These two have worked together so many times in so many contexts, they can prob...view item »

Le Matos
No Tomorrow feat. PAWWS

Are you a fan of the new film Turbo Kid, trying desperately to find that compelling synth-pop tune that caught your ear during the film? Well look no further: that track is No Tomorrow by Le Matos with vocals from ...view item »

Jonah Senzel
Pony Island - Official Video Game Soundtrack

Pony Island is a new game that wryly nods towards video game history, and Jonah Senzel’s soundtrack is similar, using the gleeful pallette of 8-bit sounds to make new themes. And in a weird inversion of how things usually work, this soundtrack accompaniment to the game comes with a download for the actual game its...view item »

Peter Thomas & Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra
Space Patrol (Raumpatrouille)

Raumpatrouille (or Space Patrol in English) was Germany’s first sci-fi TV series, broadcast in the 60’s. The theme music, composed by Peter Thomas, is a remarkable thing, a funky number that also features the first known use of a vocoder in music. This 7” release features a new re-version of t...view item »

Danny Elfman
The Girl On The Train (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Based on Paula Hawkins New York Times no.1 bestselling novel, U.S thriller The Girl On The Train has smashed box offices around the world this autumn. Now available on red coloured vinyl, the feature-length's sparse and cinematic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is availa...view item »

Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltà

The world of Italian library music and film composition is already fairly obscure territory, but Giuilia De Muittis is even less well known than the area’s ‘big names’, no doubt due to the inbuilt sexism of 70’s Italy. She played on many releases, but Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltá is the fir...view item »

Jerry Goldsmith
Chinatown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Roman Polanski’s 1974 Chinatown is now rightfully recognised as a masterwork of noir cinema. But the importance of Jerry Goldsmith’s evocative and atmospheric soundtrack is still not fully appreciated. That all changes with this remastered gold vinyl LP from Cinemax. So stare at the ...view item »

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Here is the accompaniment to The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, with all your favourite tunes from the Disney hit-making machine. This is a picture disc release, complete with a high-grade image from the fi...view item »

Deathgasm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Deathgasm is a modern film homage to the bad-taste splatter-horror flicks of the 80s, and it comes with a soundtrack to match. A whole array of gnarly metallers throw their brutal riffage all over the film, with appearances from Beastwars, Emperor, Axeslasher and even NunSlaught...view item »

Hans Zimmer
Inferno (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer, who has written scores for a higher number of films than you’ve ever even seen, has most recently taken on the latest adaptation of a Dan Brown book. Inferno is another thrilling tale of symbology and running, and Zimmer’s music boosts the drama to no end. Doubl...view item »

Jerry Goldsmith
Planet Of The Apes - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jerry Goldsmith has written scores for loads of hollywood films, including Gremlins, L.A. Confidential, and Hollowman. But his score for Planet of the Apes was one of his greatest works, tense and terrifying. His off-kilter choices of instrumentation emphasised the warfare of the film, and got...view item »

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Miss Sharon Jones! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The release of Miss Sharon Jones!, the new documentary about Jones’ life and work, makes this the perfect time to get some Sharon Jones in your collection if you foolishly haven’t already. She really is a modern soul queen, and her band The Dap-Kings have probably never drop...view item »

Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run - Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Run Lola Run is as memorable and atmospheric as the film itself, pulsing with the energy and drama of 1990’s Berlin. More techno-influenced than most film soundtracks, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek and Twyker did a great job pumping up the action of the film, and ...view item »

Kill Bill Vol 1

Tarantino is well known for his love of popular culture, and his soundtracks to the films he directs are always painfully and methodically planned out to ensure worldwide appeal. It is often said that a soundtrack can make a film, and in the case of Kill Bill, they sure are right. Some might even argue that this soundtrack surpasses the previous...view item »

808: The Music

808 is a documentary about a drum machine, the much-loved Roland TR-808. Naturally, the star machine is at the centre of the film’s soundtrack, which is released separately as 808: The Music. Original tracks from artists like Lil Wayne engage with the unique rhythms of the Roland. CD / double LP release f...view item »

Sven Libaek
The Set Original Soundtrack

Possibly best known for playing "Fifi" Macaffee in 'Mad Max', Australian actor Roger Ward also wrote and directed the controversial 1970 film 'The Set', which challenged and shocked the sexually conservative public of the time. Sven Libaek's lighthearted jazz soundtrack from said film gets the reissue treatment here, providing a compelling glimp...view item »

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously ...view item »

Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie
Salero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The expansive soundtrack to the 2015 film Salero, a documentary about Bolivia's lithium reserves. Inspired by director Mike Plunkett's stunning cinematography, composer Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid/A Winged Victory For the Sullen) delivers a gorgeous&n...view item »


Saints is a film about the distant and isolated island of Saint Helena, for which Hiele has provided the soundtrack. Appropriately for the nature of the film, Hiele has pulled back on the beats somewhat, choosing instead to emphasise the droning qualities of clarinets and strings and the like, over the ...view item »

Songs From Alice In Wonderland

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Alice In Wonderland must surely be one of the most psychedelic kids films ever made, naturally has some amazing stuff on the soundtrack, which you can now enjoy at home. And pressed to grinning-Cheshi...view item »

Alun Woodward
Music From Battle Mountain

Alun Woodward hasn’t been sighted in the music world for 7 years, but the former Delgado / Lord Cut Glass man now returns under his own name to soundtrack a film about maverick Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree. Music From Battle Mountain is a lush, looped-up set of electronica that s...view item »

Songs From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Songs From Snow White And The Seven Dwarves is packed with catchy numbers from the fairytale classic, including the Dwarves happy labouring songs. Plus! This is a picture disc LP complete with high-gr...view item »

Music From Peter Pan

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Not only does Music From Peter Pan contain the film’s catchy tunes and incidental music, it also comes pressed to picture disc vinyl bearing an image of Mr Pan himself. LP from Disney....view item »

A Goofy Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This A Goofy Movie soundtrack on Disney’s own label is one in a series of collectible picture discs recently released by the iconic company. But more than just harmless, great looking nostalgia, the Goofy soundtrack is genuinely odd, with madcap arrangements and even some weird digi-funk mixed in....view item »

Endless Melancholy
In The Shadow Of History

Stripping away pretty much all of the electronics and leaving skeletal piano pieces and stark string accompaniments, this is Endless Melancholy’s score for the documentary Ostroh: In the Shadow Of History. Delicate pieces that have the close personal feel of Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arna...view item »

Music From Bambi

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissues game, although this one isn’t exactly an obscure cult gem. No, this is Bambi’s soundtrack, the original accompaniment to the film that emotionally scarred a generation of children. Music From Bambi is pressed to charming picture disc vinyl, published by Di...view item »

Adam Green

Adam Green has, it would appear, taken it upon himself to produce a film version of Aladdin, giving it his own, fairly radical spin (the lamp is replaced with a 3D printer) and bringing in his New York associates to assist. This is his soundtrack to the project, a decadent song suite full to the brim with Adam G...view item »

Harry Sukman
Salem's Lot - Original Television Soundtrack

Brought to us by Waxwork Records is the chilling Harry Sukman-produced, Salem's Lot - Original Television Soundtrack. This monster double vinyl clocks in at over one hour, and includes a host of creeping tracks. In being Sukman's final works before passing in 1984, this is a staple essential for any retro-horror...view item »

Straight Outta Compton - Music From The Motion Picture

The soundtrack compilation from the film Straight Outta Compton can’t really fail to be great can it? As well as crucial cuts from the original N.W.A. album the film takes its name from, we also solo Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg tracks, as well as tone-setting numbers from the likes of...view item »

Power Glove
Trials Of The Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)

Trials Of The Blood Dragon is a new game, but in a vintage style, allowing the soundtrack to revisit familiar 80’s tropes through 2016 lenses. Power Glove go hard on the synth arpeggios and big drum machines: it really does sound like 1986! Out on CD and double pink vinyl LP, courtesy of Invada....view item »

Andrew Hung
The Greasy Strangler

As a founding member of the whimsical electronic-rock band Fuck Buttons, Andrew Hung has come to produce some the most catchy, lo-fi electronic synths for the critically acclaimed film The Greasy Strangler, and this record is said film’s soundtrack. Available on a snazzy shocking pink Vinyl LP...view item »

Toru Takemitsu
Ran - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Ran is the last epic of legendary director Akira Kurosawa, and it was soundtracked by Toru Takemitsu, one of Japan’s finest 20th century composers. Takemitsu engaged with the influence of Mahler on this score, but also brought in plenty of his own bold approaches ...view item »

Roque Baños
Don't Breathe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Don’t Breathe is a properly eerie horror film about not breathing, and a fair amount of its visceral impact comes from Roque Baños’ original score, which treats the audience / listener like a plaything. The tense passages are very tense indeed, and the clim...view item »

Jerry Fielding
The Nightcomers

The Nightcomers is a gothic horror tale from 1971, starring Marlon Brando. Set in a grand country house and with lots of creepy goings on, there is much for film composer Jerry Fielding to sink his teeth into, and this fully-orchestrated soundtrack is tender and dramatic and highly cinematic. 180g vinyl...view item »

David Wingo
Mud - Original Motion Picture Score

Mondo present the first pressing on vinyl for the soundtrack to the 2013 Matthew McConaughey film Mud. Original score tracks by David Wingo, as well as featuring tracks performed by Lucero, Ben Nichols, Jeff McIlwain and The Dirty Three...view item »

Pan Sonic
Atomin Paluu

This right here represents the final recordings of Finnish heavyweights Pan Sonic! Suitably for a group with such a brutalist sound, they were commissioned to soundtrack a documentary about building a nuclear power plant: construction recordings are integrated into Vainio and Vaisanen’s ha...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Morricone 60

Even if you don't recognise his name, you'll definitely recognise his music. Most widely known for his 'spaghetti western' soundtracks, Ennio Morricone is the hugely prolific composer behind movies like The Good The Bad And The Ugly, most recently The Hateful Eight, and many hundre...view item »

Ennio Morricone
The Mission: Music From The Motion Picture

Another sterling film score from the bottomless archives of the great maestro Ennio Morricone, put back into circulation at last. The Mission, a big ticket film that starred Robert De Niro, is about a clash of cultures, and Morricone works aspects of each culture (native American drummi...view item »

Richard Einhorn
Shock Waves - Original Motion Picture Score

Composed entirely on analog synthesisers, Richard Einhorn’s soundtrack to the 1977 horror film Shock Waves was alongside the first electronic soundtracks. Cold and sheer terror, the tracks play out like screaming machines, quite literally, Zombie Chase is horrific. Comes with liner notes from the director...view item »

The Irony Of Fate (Original Score)

The remastered original score from the 1976 Soviet romantic comedy film, The Irony Of Fate. Award-winning Soviet composer Mikael Tariverdiev is the musical visionary behind these 17 tracks of beautiful orchestration, with swelling strings punctuated by delicate pianos and classical guitars. Releas...view item »

BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Soundhouse

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was responsible for nurturing talents such as Delia Derbyshire, and developing madness through experimental hand-cut tape loops and signal generators before synthesizers were available. This is a reissue of the first work made by them with the invention of the first digital polyphoni...view item »

Gruff Rhys
Set Fire To The Stars

Good isn't he? This soundtrack to a film about Dylan Thomas's first week in the USA has a warm hopeful feel with the Super Furry Animals lad effortlessly blending cocktail jazz, Americana and Atomic Age bop using vintage instruments and live takes. Recorded at the same time but in very different circumstances to his last LP...view item »

Various / David Bowie
Lazarus (Original Cast Recording)

Lazarus is the musical devised by David Bowie, and this release contains versions of his music as performed in the show. Plus, as you may well have heard, the set includes the final three studio recordings ever made by Bowie himself,...view item »

The Man Who Fell To Earth: Original Soundtrack

It’s Bowie season whether you like it or not and that means a release of tracks he doesn’t feature on can have his face on the cover. Of course, Bowie is the star of the film The Man Who Fell To Earth and its soundtrack had been unavailable on physical format until now. Composed for the film by Stomu Yam...view item »

The Last Panthers

Electronics wizard Clark is back on Warp records. The Last Panthers picks up where his last self-titled album finished; mashing field recordings with precise electronic rhythms and drones. The major difference on this release is that it is the soundtrack to the series of the same name,...view item »

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll is an important forthcoming film about the musical history of Cambodia before the Vietnam War overspilled and destroyed the country’s artistic freedom. Many of the artists on this accompanying music were consequently killed, making the vitality and joy of ...view item »

British Sea Power
From The Sea To The Land Beyond

This effort from British Sea Power really caught me off guard. I have always been a fringe fan of theirs, and didn't initially think much of this when I heard about it. After reading a little about the background and listening to some samples from the album, I checked it out. The music is mostly instrumental, there are vocals on a few of the tra...view item »

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