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Explosions In The Sky
The Wilderness

The post-rock veterans return to claim their rightful position. The Wilderness is a reminder of just how grand, intimate and emotive Explosions in the Sky can be. Their instrumental, and experimental, rock is formed from tight, innovative playing and the dense interplay of textures and sounds. This is their firs...view item »

Matt Elliott
The Calm Before

Matt Elliott launched his career with ferocious albums of experimental drum and bass under his The Third Eye Foundation alias, but on his subsequent solo work he’s focused that energy on inventive folk and acoustic music. The Calm Before continues this approach with six pieces of delicate ...view item »

HiFi Classics

Meatraffle are a band who combine weirdo semi-experimental post-punk with keenly Marxist subject matter: check out the aggressively iron-wielding Lenin on the sleeve. HiFi Classics is their first full-length album: I do always admire a band who call their debut a classic. LP ...view item »

Death And Vanilla

Oh kind people at Fire Records, fresh from issuing Death and Vanilla's much loved second album 'Where the Wild Things Are' have now embarked on a re-issue programme of the bands earlier work including this now impossi-find debut EP. This was the record that first informed us that there could indeed be life after Broadcast. ...view item »


Dead is apparently what happens when you submit your music to a whole host of highly creative contemporaries with the request that they “kill” your songs. So Spectre’s material is shaken in all directions by the likes of Giant Swan, Factory Floor, Vision Fortun...view item »

Dark Matter

Since 2007 ex-Curve member Dean Garcia has been ploughing a shoegaze furrow with SPC ECO. Icy electronic textures and loping beats give knowing nods to Massive Attack, whilst Rose Berlin’s heavily autotuned vocals provide Dark Matter with a suitably emotionless overlay. Out on CD and vinyl from Saint Marie....view item »

The Underground Youth
The Perfect Enemy For God

On The Perfect Enemy For God, the sixth album from The Underground Youth, the band really perfected their blend of two extremes; post-punk sharpness and shoegaze softness. On this repress from Fuzz Club Craig Dyer’s group push their minimal Joy Division-inspired guitar lines...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth a.k.a Craig Dyer presents another psychedelic record from the industrial bowels of Manchester. There’s a sense of 90’s reverence on display without cosying up to outright nostalgia. Mesmerising and texturally rich, Haunted is just that. Out on CD and limited Coke Bottle colour vinyl LP ...view item »

Sound of Ceres
Nostalgia for Infinity

Nostalgia for Infinity is technically the debut for Sound of Ceres, but their dreamy pop and sample-heavy bossa nova sound has actually be honed through previous bands and live performance. Delicate guitar and drums are hidden within a patchwork of samples and soft boy/girl harmonies. We have the CD, vinyl LP an...view item »

La Lechuza

As Godspeed You Black Emperor gear up for their tour of the world's enormodromes, the deluge of related releases continues giving you plenty of time to keep your eyelids unfastened as you peruse the merchandise desk during the three and a half hour set. I saw them once in Manchester, I went in clean-...view item »

Ulrika Spacek
The Album Paranoia

Ulrika Spacek (the name may or may not be a conscious echo of John Weise’ Sissy Spacek project) are a rock band who tilt towards the experimental: lots of fuzz hypnosis. The Album Paranoia is their debut record, bursting with excitement and promise. CD or (white) vinyl LP on the T...view item »

Sonic Youth

Goofin’ records repress Sonic Youth’s art-rock masterwork Sister, and they’ve even included a download with the vinyl LP. On their fifth album the band’s dissonant no-wave drones are as heavy as ever, but they’re tied to sharper songwriting and thoughtful ...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

Tales Of Murder And Dust are a band of heavy Danes who have moved into darker and weightier territory with each release. The Flow In Between was apparently ‘forged’ on an island whose name translates to ‘Death’, which appears to have seeped into the ma...view item »

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired

Mothers are an indie-folk-rock four piece from Athens,GA who have been making waves in the online and printed music press as well as on mainstream radio stations. Their debut long-player When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired explores the big questions: what is our value, what is our place in the universe, mortalit...view item »

The Blue Swell

Beverly return with a new line-up, refreshed energy and a second album. Joined by members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Crystal Stilts, the band are more shoegaze-pop than ever, with Drew Citron...view item »

Dieterich & Barnes
The Coral Casino

The Dieterich & Barnes this record is attributed to is John Dieterich and Jeremy Barnes, of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw...view item »

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra, aka Sam Perry, produces his own songs from his bedroom studio, managing to achieve the perfect level of dreaminess that allows simple indie-pop songs to elevate the listener to some higher plane. Operating out of New Zealand, young Sam has now joined the roster of Flying Nun, ensurin...view item »


Glitterbust is the newest project from Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon paired up with Alex Knost. This self-titled cassette and double vinyl LP on Burger Records has a queasy improvisational quality to it; scratch, out of tune guitars blend with whispered vocals and miniature feedback freak-...view item »

Jeff Runnings
Primitives and Smalls

Jeff Runnings is usually busy working with his group For Against, but he’s taken some time out to make his solo debut under his own name, Primitives and Smalls. Shiny synth-pop with an 80’s feel is the name of the game, and Runnings is a pro at it. The album is released by S...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Disconnect From Desire

What is going on with all this watered down shoegaze we get these days? These guys have been absorbing late period Lush & Cocteaus I reckon. From the ethereal vocal harmonies to dated dance beats, these luscious ladies & their male cohort sound like a Goa backpacker's dream. I cannot bring myself to dislike it too much as they sound like...view item »

The High Violets
Heroes and Halos

The High Violets have many years of dreampop experience (this is their fifth album), meaning that they can be truly relied upon to provide that special woozy feeling to the listener. Heroes And Halos has learned all the lessons of shoegaze, and marries them to proper pop structures. CDs and a limited edition of 250 viny...view item »

Bloody Knives
I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Bloody Knives are an intense proposition, producing what might be considered to be shoegaze via a noise-rock approach. The soundfield is saturated with layers of distorted guitars, delicate vocals floating in the middle. But too much filth is laden on for bliss-out relaxation to be an option. I Will Cut Your Heart Out For Th...view item »


Za! are a powerful Spanish duo, ferociously mashing genres and sounds together with little regard for decorum. Loloismo, released as a collaboration between Hot Salvation and the Audacious Art Experiment labels, rolls around joyously in a pit of drums, keyboards, trumpets, dubsteps and math-rocks. Quite a ride....view item »


Battles. Warp's latest supergroup signing release EP C/B EP on double CD.  Philip says this sounds like 70's prog rock and I think he's right. Don't let that put you off though as there are some rewarding moments on here. Its not particularly challenging music to listen to and yet the arrangements sound extremely complex.&nbs...view item »


This is pretty sweet. Its on ruby red vinyl. It has a plain sleeve. It makes me want to smoke a bowl too*. This is the new project from members of Wolves! of Greece, Lords and Little Girl With Cherries. I thought it was gonna be a blues/grunge work out, but its not of that ilk. It's a lo-fi bong fest that sounds really dense, with twin Gibsons set ...view item »

The Volume Settings Folder

M. Beckmann is a busy guy… Having self-released over 15 albums under The Volume Settings Folder he’s releasing his first vinyl in the form of Laguna on Oscarson. This is gorgeous, expansive, post-everything ambient music. Highly influenced by Sigur Ros and The Album...view item »

New Bermuda

New Bermuda is Deafheaven’s debut for the ANTI label. It’s their second album and follows-up the commercially and critically successful Sunbather album. Deafheaven take their musical cues from black metal band Weakling and the feedback-drenched shoegaze of My Bloody ...view item »

My Autumn Empire

Here at Norman we’re rather fond of Epic45, and as far as we can tell you guys are too, so it’s a treat when something like this comes in from their Wayside ...view item »

Sonic Youth

This is the Sonic Youth album I identify with most, originally released in 1992 when I was 18. I'd only heard "Goo" prior to this and loved it. "Dirty" was almost like a pop album in comparison. Opener "100%" was also the first single, despite the squalling feedback, Butch Vig's tight production made it very accessible. The same could be said of...view item »

A Dead Forest Index
In All That Drifts from Summit Down

In All That Drifts From Summit Down is the sprawling debut from A Dead Forest Index. The duo make a minimal acoustic music that focuses on powerful songwriting and post-rock structures. The melodies and harmonies are always pristine and memorable, but they incorporate textures from drone music a...view item »

Black Heart Procession / Solbakken
In The Fishtank

These In The Fishtank collaborative LPs are are on oddity, and this one a bit of a gem. Musically this bears the hallmarks of BHP’s later, (slightly!) more chipper records, with seemingly quite occasional help from not-the-ex-Wolverhampton-Wanderers-manager Solbakken. From the lost age of ...view item »

Public Memory
Wuthering Drum

Very hard to pin down vocal electronica from Public Memory. On Wuthering Drum abrasive electronic textures, hip-hop drums and neoclassical piano are all held together by Robert Toher’s melancholic vocals and lyrics of alienation. A thoughtful and minimal record with a trip-hop sensibility. CD and vinyl LP ...view item »

Come to My Party

Winkie are a New York based shoegaze-pop group, but with a twist: they don’t use any guitars! Nevertheless, the fuzz haze is strong with this one, cloaking the innocent vocals to just the right degree. Come To My Party is their second full-length, and is released in a screen-printed sleeve by America Primitive....view item »

Yeti Lane

Labels Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music have joined forces to bring the new album from Yeti Lane to vinyl LP and CD. For L’Aurore the psych duo built up their ideas for the album through a series of free-form improvisations with their pals, and thankfully their friends i...view item »

yndi halda
Under Summer

It’s been eight years since yndi halda released Enjoy Eternal Bliss. The Brighton-based post rock, neo-classical five piece have a new album, Under Summer, which has the exuberant highs, the beautifully serene passages, craft and heartache that will be familiar to fans but this time they’ve added to...view item »

Man Man
Six Demon Bag

Man Man on Ace Fu Records. This is one of the best things I've heard in ages. It's so much fun you've no idea. Mix up Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Arcade Fire, the music from Tim Burton films (and even a little Melt Banana on a couple of tracks) and you have one of the most interesting bouncy records I'...view item »

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Flowers follow up their Bernard Butler produced debut with Dying to Meet You, on vinyl LP and CD. Their dreamy shoegaze-inspired sound reminds us of the golden-age of 4AD records, when guitars were chilled and vocals hushed. The fuzzy, slightly melancholy sound of this three-piece strike a perfect balance of pun...view item »

Fir Cone Children
The Age of Blastbeatles

Fir Cone Children are all about writing and performing pop songs through the lens of fuzzed-out garage-goths: kind of as the corpse-paint pop idols on the cover would suggest. The Age Of Blastbeatles is a quick EP squeezed out between albums, with 7 tracks that speed along 2 minutes at a time. On Blackjack Illuminist Re...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Mexican psych-kraut sensations Lorelle Meets The Obsolete return this week with LP number three, and rather a treat it is too. They've got CAVE's Cooper Crain producing this time round so everything sounds crisp and huge as they bound through 10 hypnotic tracks of their hypnotic psychedelic pop. ...view item »

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
A Man Alive

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are a San Francisco-based indie band led by Thao Nguyen. A Man Alive is the band’s fourth album and follow-up to 2013’s We Common, which featured a duet with Joanna Newsom. On A Man Alive Nguyen wanted to bring bass and beats to the...view item »

The Drones
Feelin Kinda Free

Feelin Kinda Free is album number 7 from The Drones, with producer and drummer rejoining the fold after a decade away. The Australian group are highly critical of the socioeconomic consensus, and the lyrics attack it while the band’s music sounds blasted and drained, but with enough energy left to fight back. Out ...view item »

Flavor Crystals
The Shiver of The Flavor Crystals

Flavor Crystals are 1 decade and 4 albums into their career, which means that The Shiver Of The Flavor Crystals sounds exactly as the band means it to: a wispy, gorgeous psych-rock ride. Featuring guest appearances from members of The Telescopes and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Double ...view item »

Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge

Fresh from her stunning, album-of-the-year-from-Norman-Records-award-winning collaboration with Colin Stetson (who also guests here), Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld puts out her second solo record. The Ridge takes her violin to higher planes of hypnotic, dramatic melodicism. Also feat...view item »

That Fucking Tank
China Tour seven-inch

Very limited tour 7” from That Fucking Tank. China Tour captures the brutal, free-form assault that this noise-rock band produce. Their math rock elements have been eased off a little for a more textured sound. But there’s still plenty of distorted tapping and harsh noise if that’s your thing. The vinyl include...view item »

The Notwist

The Notwist were formed in 1989 in Germany. The band's first few albums could be classed as heavy metal or dark indie rock. 12, their third album from 1995 is regarded as being the point of transition from their early dark, guitar-driven sound to their later more acclaimed electronica sound. 12 is ...view item »

The Loved Drones
Good Luck Universe!

The Loved Drones take their name very seriously. Their second album Good Luck Universe! is instrumental post-rock that uses vast drones to build to emotional crescendos. They also borrow some groovy krautrock and kosmische elements to keep things fresh. One track also has a sitar, which is probably the best indi...view item »

Sonic Youth

Master-Dik is one an early piece of the Sonic Youth puzzle, an EP released the year before their Daydream Nation. As well as the title track, this collection includes a scrappy series of short tracks that span beatboxing, sound collage, and ...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth are a band for whom demand has always outstripped supply, so don’t hang around on this Fuzz Club release of Mademoiselle! This 2010 record was only ever released online before, so this is the first opportunity to get a physical copy of this particular strain of lo-fi psych-folk. CD and 1000-c...view item »

Atlas sound
Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel / Another Bedroom EP

Shoehorning this review in here. That's HERE. Yarp. It's a CD by Atlas Sound who is Bradford Cox from Norm faves Deerhunter. Don't know how to accurately describe this but it sounds like future shoegaze to me. Beautifully atmospheric music with drifting clouds of treated guitar fog hovering over minimal percussion, vocals floating spectrally at...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO

The Besnard Lakes are back this week with their fourth album of impeccably polished epic dreampop, eight cinematic tracks of slow-drifting emotional cinematic indie rock which reminds me of Sigur Ros crossed with The National...view item »

The Pheromoans
I’m On Nights

The Pheromoans have been around for nine years now and have a comprehensive back catalogue of guitar-based indie rock. On their new album I’m On Nights, guitars take a back seat as analogue synths, drum machines and keyboards create the backdrop for vocalist Russell Walker’s frosty poems. ...view item »


I’m one of those moaning stuck-in-a-rut buggers that wishes Darkstar had continued experimenting within a dubstep vein as there’s three twelves by them I could not live without and that doesn’t even include the technicolour mind-warp that...view item »

Cross Record
Wabi Sabi

An unusual album this one. Cross Record are husband and wife and Dan. Moving from Chicago to Texas, they found themselves working 60-hour weeks, hopping between working at supermarkets, restaurants and nannying. That’s the backstory to what went into the making of Wabi Sabi. It’s an album of ethereal...view item »

Static Waves Volume 4

Saint Marie Records present their fourth annual Static Waves compilation to date, again pooling an impressive quantity of material only from the label’s roster. Most of the 33 tracks here are previously unreleased, so fans of artists like Static Daydream, Bloody Knives and Orange ...view item »

Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 - Volume 1-11

Reissue of the legendary alternative singles series that Amphetamine Reptile Records ran between 1988 and 1998. Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets is as raucous as it ought to be, including tracks from an unbelievably great selection of bands: Boredoms, Mudhoney, Melvins, H...view item »

Melt Yourself Down
Dot To Dot

Melt Yourself Down are soon to return with a second album of their frenzied fiery free-afro-jazz-punk. Dot To Dot, the first single, makes a compelling preview, Kushal Gaya holding forth authoritatively over an unbeatable groove. The track is backed by a fresh-flipping remix by DJ Khalab...view item »

You Walk Through Walls
You Walk Through Walls

You Walk Through Walls are a London shoegaze with a very shoegaze name indeed, making guitar-collapsing lo-fi that's slightly clearer than your average MBV-influenced act; you can hear vocalist Matt Bartram's vocals and a great deal of harmonizing throughout this self-titled debut. Recommended for fans of older shoegaze such ...view item »

La Di Da Di

Battles are back! The second record produced by their trio format, La Di Da Di is as bright, as colourful, and as listenably complex as ever. The first track references horrifying Australian film Wake In Fright, which is a promising way to begin. CD or double gatefold LP with bonus breakfast-themed p...view item »

Blank Realm
Illegals In Heaven

Guitar wallowers Blank Realm have made something of a slow-burning pantomime on Illegals In Heaven, rerouting their noisy punk aesthetic into a sound caught between the lethargy of Psychic TV and the dynamism of Half Japanese. This record of pop tunes moves...view item »

Singapore Sling
Psych Fuck

Icelandic group Singapore Sling pin their flag quite firmly to the mask with this title and that sleeve art: Psych Fuck emblazed in giant capital letters. There’s more to this record than a garagey torrent however: the group have a great feel for dark, simmering, Suicide-esque vibes. Out on the Fu...view item »


merry6mas2015 continues the lovely tradition of Yellow6 releasing a special festive collection every year for the fans to celebrate the season with. Some tracks missed the boat for last album No Memories, Only Photographs, others were written quickly and recently, catching passing snatches of inspiration. All recorded (pretty much) in one take f...view item »

What We All Come To Need

Coming at a time when Pelican had made the switcheroo between heavy rawker labels Hydra Head and Southern Lord, ‘What We All Come To Need’ sums up why the band were good for both labels: an emotive, freefalling post-metal band with the self-seriousness of the best Isis records, the band could just as easily...view item »

Aris Kindt

Submerged avant-techno from the duo of Francis Harris and Gabe Hedrick: together they form Aris Kindt. Debut album Floods was inspired by the work of the wonderful author W.G. Sebald: consequently it woozes in and out of the past and the present, of recognisable forms a...view item »

Laddio Bolocko
Live & Unreleased 1997-2000

Laddio Bolocko are a remarkable and lesser-known band, whose two albums are well worth your time. But everything on Live And Unreleased is previously unheard: 3 LPs worth of old recordings from suitcases! Liner notes from Oneida’s Kid Millions: if he likes it, you should too. Also...view item »

The White Birch
Star Is Just A Sun

The White Birch spent a full decade away between 2005 and 2015, when they returned with The Weight Of Spring. Now they are back in business, what better time to reissue Star Is Just A Sun, their early 2000’s masterpiece. Tender, sensitive, near-ambient slowcore music of impressive emotional weight. Remast...view item »

The Telescopes
Splashdown: The Complete Recordings 1990-1992

Early business from The Telescopes. Splashdown compiles all four of their Creation EP’s, a never-before-released theoretical fifth EP, their whole second album, some cover versions from compilations, and a previously unreleased Peel Session! Good lord! This comprehensive package can be yours for a very reasonable ...view item »


In the four years since their 2011 album, Factorycraft, Scottish folktronica band, Found have reduced their numbers to become a duo of founding members Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim. On their new album, Cloning, the guitars are replaced a thick fog of analogue synths as the duo introduce new influences into their ...view item »

Ringo Deathstarr
Pure Mood

The phrase “shoegaze pioneers” in the press release for this here new Ringo Deathstarr album doesn’t quite ring true to me: this band have always excelled at playing shoegaze, but I wouldn’t put them among the originators. Anyway, Pure Mood is a strong collection of blasted noise pop, pressed in ...view item »

L.A. Takedown
L.A. Takedown

L.A. Takedown is a new project that aims to recall the sort of synth-laden 80’s movie soundtracks that often pass through our doors. This single-track debut album does a pretty sterling job of meeting that aim, synthetic and ‘real’ instruments swirling up into a shiny monolith. LP only available through indepen...view item »

Midday Veil
This Wilderness

Midday Veil are a funky bunch of characters, augmenting their personal brand of out-rock with large amounts of synth-magic and cosmic disco grooves. The Wilderness features guest spots from Eyvind Kang, Skerik, and the actual Berne Worrell, of P-Funk...view item »

Black Channels

Black Channels present their first release, a 10”. EP demonstrates what they do: these are cinematic songs coated with a mysterious aesthetic, velvet darkness lurking around every corner. Tape loops and manipulated female vocals are some of the elements that set up this atmospheric vibe. On Death ...view item »

Blanket Waves

Inventions is a still relatively new duo made up of alumni of Eluvium and Explosions In The Sky. With this, their third album in not much more than a year, they combine the epic scale and the emotional intimacy of their approaches into a warm, melodic, semi-abstract pair of pieces. Limited editi...view item »

The Leaf Library
Daylight Versions

Daylight Versions is the debut album by London four-piece The Leaf Library. They’ve stepped away slightly from the Stereolab influenced sound of their early singles to incorporate the fuzzy warmth of Yo La Tengo, the intelligent meanderings of Talk Talk and the me...view item »


The sophomore release from international band Cheatahs gleans its name from Roland Barthes’ collection of essays. Mythologies follows a diverse touring schedule accompanying the likes of No Age, Metz and Wavves - absorbing a little influence from each along the way. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Wichita and Sonic Fu...view item »

Mueran Humanos

Miseress is the second album from Argentinian duo Mueran Humanos. They manage to create dark foreboding pop. Imagine the captivation of Coil with some analogue warmth and depth of How To Destroy Angels all chucked in and mixed at Einsturzende Neubauten's studio, and I t...view item »

Where Are You Now

Since Roman times, Italy has been renowned for it’s strong (euro)dance culture. Prolonging ancient traditions, port-royal (mind the hyphen) have finally returned with a full length album. Where Are You Now is filled with catchy Mediterranean beats and brimming with electronic shoegazing energy....view item »

Year of Glad
Old Growth

After self-releasing Old Growth last year, Year of Glad are now bringing it out fully, on the Vox Humana label, in remixed form. This is post-rock with strong folk stylings: it sounds like an urgent source of heat in a cold, desolate landscape. Fair enough, as its roots are in rural Canada. Blue and black coloured vinyl...view item »

Long Beard

Long Beard, the alias of Leslie Beard from New Jersey, took four years to create Sleepwalker, a mix of woozy vocals and blissful guitar which brings the sound into the realm of bands like Lush; it’s almost eerily beautiful, unsettling and enthralling all at the same time. One to listen to ...view item »

Glacial Glow

Noveller is the work of guitarist and ambient play-maker Sarah Lipstate and 'Glacial Glow' is her new album out on the consistently strange yet totally fun Weird Forest. 'Glacial Glow' is pretty easygoing stuff and apparently a departure from Lipstate's u...view item »

No Dreams

Sarah Lipstate's got a new Noveller album coming out! 'No Dreams' has eight new tracks of her smudgy ethereal ambient pop full of sleepy drones and yawning trails of gleaming guitar noise, inspired by the artist's struggles to distinguish between reality and hallucination in the moments between sleep and awakening....view item »

Lost Voices

Esmerine have been producing high quality chamber rock for several years now, and Lost Voices finds them in more of a ‘rock’ mood than ever before. The delicate precision of the arrangements is still there of course, as you would expect from a group that includes members of godspeed you! black empero...view item »

Everything Else Matters

Big wide open shoegaze from St. Petersberg, Russia! Pinkshinyultrablast grabbed that pleasing name from an album by Astrobrite, which gives an impression of what their sound might be, but these guys love shoegaze too much to simply replicate it like a relic from the early '90s. Instead they push forward and outw...view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Breaking Mirrors

It has been suggested that Brooklyn-based indie duo Blanche Blanche Blanche approach their songwriting in a rather unusual way if you take previous records such as Night People, Feeding Tube or NNA as evidence. On their new album, Breaking Mirrors, it seems that the songs were more crafted and clearly ...view item »

Vincent Over The Sink
22 Coloured Bull-Terriers

Antipodean lo-fi bedroom indie from the haunted-sounding duo Vincent Over The Sink. The 23 tracks of 22 Coloured Bull-Terriers were first released as a hard-to-find cassette, but now their low-key psychedelic strangeness has been made fully available in gatefold double vinyl. The reissue is produced by Another Dark Age....view item »

Crippled Black Phoenix
A Love of Shared Disasters

Finally The debut long player from Crippled Black Phoenix 'A Love Of Shared Disasters'. The first thing that strikes me about this is how cinematic sounding it is. They've used a combination of modern and old Victorian equipment to achive the sound. There's a country feel running through the album at times. If you didn't already know the band fe...view item »

Lymbyc Systym
Split Stones

Lymbyc Systym is the work of two brothers (Michael and Jared Bell), which would explain the perfect synchronicity they display in the music they make. Split Stones is a colourful electronic jaunt made up of tracks that aren’t afraid to pile layer on top of layer: they have the ski...view item »

Majical Cloudz
Are You Alone?

Majical Cloudz make grand pop songs with a more-than-ordinary production sensibility. So the tracks are structured like pop, but have elements like jarring synth choirs and voids of electronic ambience cropping up all over the place. Good. Are You Alone also has some guest appearances from the wonderful Owen Pal...view item »

Nicolas Godin
Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde

Nicholas Gödin is probably best known to you as half of French duo Air, but he’s been making music of his own as well. His stately electro-orchestral pop single Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde is presented here in its original form, as well as in a wide variety of remix versions by Jus...view item »

Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)

Good to have Mogwai back.......with "Government Commissions" an LP of BBC Radio sessions. Starts off with the wonderful "Hunted by a Freak" and that's worth the admission price alone. You know what to expect.  Quality stuff....view item »

The Great Tyrant
The Trouble With Being Born

The Great Tyrant is the original band of the members of Pinkish Black, for which the two of them were joined by their sadly now deceased friend Tommy Wayne Atkins. Their second album, The Trouble With Being Born, was never released following the death, until now. Similarly heavy and pro...view item »

Pinkish Black
Bottom Of The Morning

Pinkish Black manage to sound a lot like the constant stream of old horror movie soundtrack reissues we get here: but they are brand new! They’ve really nailed the sound and the vibe though, as Bottom Of The Morning had me imagining scenes from the kind of film it could feasibly accompany. On Relapse....view item »

F ingers
Hide Before Dinner

Spooky spooky business here from Fingers, a trio operating on the Blackest Ever Black label. Hide Before Dinner is a little like a Ghost Box album where the implicit threat and unease is made explicit. Electronics swath fragments of murmured songs about childhood darkness. A successful attempt to conjure a certain aesth...view item »

Black Wing
Is Doomed

Black Wing is another project from Dan Barrett, the latest in a stack of names he works under. The Black Wing sound is dark and hazy, driven by stern drum machines and featuring very distant post-punk vocals. ‘Depressive Chillwave’ is Barrett’s term for it, and...view item »

Vaadat Charigim
Sinking As A Stone

A supple psych offering from Israeli rockers Vaadat Charigim. Sinking As A Stone manages to utilise heavy distortion and screeching guitars whilst sounding sumptuously lush all at once. Drenched in reverb it’s an expansive collection of emotive epics. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Burger Records....view item »

One Day All This Will End

One Day All This Will End is the eagerly anticipated debut album from Svalbard, a band devoted to most of the genres that could be described as ‘heavy’. Eight tracks of howling post-hardcore with lashings of crust-punk, black-metal, and maybe even some post-rock (especially on ‘The Vanishing Point&rsqu...view item »

In Stone

In Stone is the third album from a band evidently very fond of things extracted from the ground, Bronze. Actually, what they really like is synthesisers, especially when they are tethered to psychedelic grooves. This is a sonically dense set of songs for synth-heads who like to space out (and maybe dance a bit). LP on B...view item »

Beacons Of Ancestorship

I suppose I've had a strange relationship with Tortoise down the years.. For ages they kind of got on my tits even though I had a couple of records by them. I really like those early ones now, the later stuff (including Standards, which everyone else seems to love) I can't really get into so it's a bit of a triumph from a personal point of view tha...view item »

Odd Blood

What really sets Yeasayer apart from the pack is their ability to write good songs. They could have just played around with their various influences and released an album full of sonic concoctions that were nothing but noise. Instead, these guys have written an album's worth of stellar songs. There are hooks and melodies aplenty, but the lyrics ...view item »

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