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Dead Rabbits
Everything Is A Lie

Southampton shoegazers Dead Rabbits (that's Dead Rabbits UK, not to be confused with the metal band from Arizona) release this throwback effort, more than slightly reminiscent of Loop, Spacemen 3, etc. The band themselves describe it as "...the only honest thing you’ll hear in a world full of lies and hate." So probably worth investing in ...view item »

The Underground Youth
The Perfect Enemy For God

On The Perfect Enemy For God, the sixth album from The Underground Youth, the band really perfected their blend of two extremes; post-punk sharpness and shoegaze softness. On this repress from Fuzz Club Craig Dyer’s group push their minimal Joy Division-inspired guitar lines...view item »

OK Computer

What? This album isn't already reviewed? HOW? Basically it's hard to talk about this album briefly, Radiohead broke new ground in a big way with this truly their magnum opus. Tracks like "Street Spirit" and "Planet Telex" hinted at the coming of 'OK Computer', but no one would have expected that the pop-rockers who produced "Cree...view item »

Wrekmeister Harmonies
Light Falls

Wreckmeister Harmonies mix drone, neo-classical, outrock and extreme metal. They are led by JR Robinson. Essentially a duo, Esther Robinson makes up the other half. Their new album Light Falls features a bunch of interesting guests including Thierry Amar, Sophie Trudeau and Gregory Herzog from Godspeed! You Blac...view item »

Hey Colossus
Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo

Ooof, here’s the chunky new offering from UK noise rockers Hey Colossus, reinvigorated by the addition of an ex-Part Chimp on drums and this time round opting for a more hi-fi approach to their sound, recording these tracks live to tape throughout 2012. The band m...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Guadalajaran kraut/psyche-rock duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete manage to blow some of the cobwebs away, re-energise and bring grit back to the genre with Balance, literally. La Distinción sonically paints a world where Tarantino directed Austin Powers with big band psychedelic groove meeting mexican stand...view item »

Show Me The Body
Body War

Show Me The Body are bringing back old-school noise rock vibes, with obnoxious vocals, stop-start heavy rhythms and distortion a-go-go. The tracks feel like they have been dragged out of the dirt, but they still have a jerking groove to them. Full-length debut Body War is a vinyl release out on Loma Vista / Concord....view item »

The Dead C

I should be able to just say “this is a new album from The Dead C” and you’d go and buy it straight away, but in case you need convincing… Trouble is a big fat double LP, calling to mind their classic Harsh 70’s Reality record in both size and sound. The Dead C ke...view item »

Lung Dart
As I Lay Drying

Lung Dart are Tim Clay and James Rapson. Using a huge range of field samples and youtube rips they create textured blocks of nostalgia. Sounding like Leyland Kirby making ballads, they play on the odd sense of isolation that comes from the youtube age. It’s loving, but str...view item »

Slushy Guts
Honey Is Not For The Mouth Of An Ass

Gleaming passed lo-fi, scoffing and laughing, and jumping headfirst into the no-fi pool Stephen Keane’s Slushy Guts project dabbles in a range of acoustic-folk-rock-noise. Recorded on cheap equipment and distorting vocals, production doesn’t really exist on this record, but that’s what makes it...view item »

The Shape Of Drums To Come

Khompa is but one man: Davide Compagnoni, of Stearica. This is indeed The Shape Of Drums to come: the drums are wired up to an array of triggers and electronics, so that ...view item »

Teeth of The Sea
Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

Following on from their third album, 2014’s Master, Teeth Of The Sea return with Highly Deadly Black Tarantula - a pummelling workout that’s as aggressive as it is groovy. Equal parts post-rock scope and heavy metal ferocity, it’s the kind of album at which Teeth Of The Sea excel. Out on CD and vinyl L...view item »

Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
Manglehorn: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

David Gordon Green’s new film Manglehorn comes with a soundtrack from a band often described as cinematic in their own right: Explosions In The Sky. With the help of film composer David Wingo, they have created some really shimmering atmospheres, using a lot of percussive textures...view item »

To Be Kind

I've spent my life a little afraid of Swans. They're pretty violent bastards. I saw one proper going for somebody's arse on a canal barge once. Serves them right for drunkenly hanging it off the edge. Michael Gira, the singer from the rock band Die Schwäne, doesn't so much peck your arse as kick it; metaphorically, cerebrally and ...view item »

Wild Beasts
Present Tense

Oh God, dear God what have they done? Wild Beasts are a band who, after I’d completely dismissed their debut ‘Limbo Panto’ due to its carnival shrieking and roly poly cabaret operatics, I grew to love following their about turn towards a subtle and effective new take on pastoral British pop on their superb ‘Two Da...view item »

Roger Miller

Roger Miller took some time out from playing in the likes of Mission Of Burma and Destroy All Monsters back in 1988 to record Oh at home. It’s a damn good piece of solo weirdness, with experimental out-sounds and songcraft in equal measure. Out also includes Mille...view item »


Rattle are a magical double drums duo, somehow creating memorable, tuneful songs with carefully-schemed drum patterns and some vocals: rhythmic alchemy. Katherine and Theresa play in Kogumaza and Fists respectively, but this has to be their most impressive work....view item »

Marielle V Jakobsons
Star Core

The collaged ambient pop of Marielle V. Jakobsons draws on stilted sound art and fluid melodic movements, which made for a grand adventure on 'Glass Canyon'. On new record 'Star Core' she continues to build from the same elements -- processed violin, a bassy backbone and a myriad of synth tone -- while singing at ...view item »

Have A Nice Life
The Unnatural World

Its always disconcerting to us when something starts flying off the shelves when we haven’t a) reviewed it b) listened to it c) even heard of it. We are, believe it or not, comprised of deeply flawed and sometimes useless human beings and so on occasion it is possible to completely miss stuff. As it is with this second album from t...view item »

Arab On Radar
The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions

Arab On Radar flung themselves into oblivion some time ago, but these recordings have never previously seen the light of day. The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions was recorded in 2001 at the same time as their final album, and the material carries the same sense of unhinged bro...view item »

City Of Echoes

'Down to earth' is a good way to describe their performance on the album overall. Their previous effort, The Fire In Our Throats, was a little pretentious, and they tried to get away with putting too little music in too much time. On City Of Echoes, Pelican knew exactly what they wanted to do, and they recorded as an incredibly tight unit once m...view item »


Lowtide are an indie-rock four-piece from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound has been likened to a combination of Slowdive, Spacemen 3 and Sparklehorse which seems a bit of an odd mix to me…..anyway, on their self-titled debut they definitely have tunes in abundance. They have been champio...view item »

Fir Cone Children

Contributing to the very worthy and absolutely made-up genre of shoecore (in layman's terms, that's doting shoegaze + a slight hint of grindcore), Fir Cone Children impressed with their sweet but sinister songs on The Age of Blastbeats. Now they return with a record called 'Firconium' hich doubles down on...view item »

Russian Circles

Chicago trio Russian Circles return with another fierce album, their sixth. Guidance continues down the frighteningly-tight instrumental pathway they’ve been honing for years, building again and again to brute-power post-metal crescendos. A dense and writhi...view item »

Clay Rendering
We Are Aware

Next up on Sir Prurient's Hospital Productions label is one from duo Clay Rendering, aka Wolf Eyes alum Mike Connelly alongside artist Tara Connelly. Their music sounds like extreme music being reduced into a dreamt-up ambience, blurred together but never cut of its melodies or extr...view item »

Spray Paint
Punters On a Barge

Unpolished, and harsh, Spray Paint pack a lot of energy. From the barren streets of Austin, TX, they have chosen vinyl as their medium for unleashing their no wave punk upon us: Punters on a Barge harbors paranoid, atonal tracks that will have you jump awake in the night. Which is totally our kind of jam....view item »

Keep It Together

Here is a collection of non-album tracks from this long disbanded Baltimore band including recordings made with Steve Albini who had also recorded their two studio albums. The collection spans their entire career from their mumbly beginnings onwards and showcases the quiet history of a post-rock band who deserve to take their place amongst conte...view item »


Even after splitting up, Isis still impresses. “Temporal” is a posthumous release by one of the most iconic atmospheric sludge bands of all time. This is a band that defined the post-metal offshoot, introduced many fans to a more meditative sort of weight in music, influenced countless bands, and accomplished just as much as the grou...view item »

High Places
Original Colors

High Places return with their third album for Thrill jockey and this time they ain't messin'! H.P have been unfortunate in that their sample based, organic approach to composition has been heavily co-opted in the past couple of years evolving into the potentially profitable sound you migh...view item »

Debris Slide

Araido is the debut album of Debris Slide, a Nottingham group with an abiding love for the great shoegazey tradition of refracting pop songs through walls of noise and distortion. They have a very thick sound, a near-constant cloud of treble-fuzz hovering above distantly echoed vocals. LP limited to 100 copies, on Fluff...view item »


A blast from the post-rock past! pg.lost tend to bring the heavy side of beautiful, while also implementing songwritten affectations and treated vocals. On Versus they ditch that and go a lil' bit electronic, utilising synth to offset their muddy, heartbroken sound. For fans of the more guttural...view item »

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s excellent second album, first released back in 2000. Awing in its scope and ambition, and uniquely optimistic and joyful within the band’s discography. I’ll never forget when I first heard the trumpets creeping in during ‘Storm’, or on ‘Sleep’ where a New Yo...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

I have only been into EITS since July, but it's been a magical journey so far. This was the first album that I got and once I listened all the way through, I proceeded to get the rest of them (with exception of the very first one). For me, listening to this album along with the rest, each song tells a story. The titles are appropriate in th...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
Those Who Tell The Truth

The Explosions In The Sky LP that came out last week was fantastic. It's a massive grower and have since come to the conclusion that it's a work of genius. If you like Slint, Shellac, Godspeed and Mogwai then you'll will love this. It sounds like Mogwai most of all with the big sou...view item »

Disappointment Island

Bands putting out an album after a few years is like meeting an old friend: they’ve changed, but you still recognize them. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not so much. This Town Needs Guns added a member and is now known as TTNG. And thankfully it’s not a let-down at all, despite being called ...view item »

Terra Nova

FOUND produced the music presented on Terra Nova as part of a commission for a project that considered the fate of the 1910 Antarctic expedition ship of that name. Naturally, synthesisers were used to represent this adventure: at least they can capture the icy chill of those frozen wastes. LP edition on Chemikal Undergr...view item »

Oddments Of The Gamble

It’s impossible to get Nils Frahm to sit still. If he’s not recording a solo album on the world’s biggest piano, he’s together with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sepp Singwald making lush and spacious ambient rock as nonkeen. Having recorded so many good songs they couldn’t...view item »


The concept behind Be’s album One is intriguing: an imagined version of what a honeybee might hear over the course of a British summertime. Field recordings are used, as are delicate improvisations, including parts from Amiina and Jason Pierce of Spiritualized...view item »

These Arms Are Snakes
Tail Swallower and Dove

Comes on like vintage Fugazi early, then the keyboard burbles kick in at the end of "Woolen Heirs" and the album becomes something else entirely. Honestly, while I'm a fan, I was a little afraid that this album would just be 'more of the same'. I'm pleased that These Arms Are Snakes continued with the sound we're acc...view item »

Tunn Star

Earring are a very fine guitar / drums duo from Chicago, presenting their debut full-length on Brooklyn’s Fire Talk label. Tracks like ‘Dark Heart’ almost recall Codeine in their slow speed and thick heft, but the pair are nimble on their feet elsewhere. Top end noisy-fuzzed guitar action here ...view item »

Triple Sun
The City Lies In Ruins

Triple Sun are a trio. I don’t think of gassy, hot suns but the music they make does seem rather out of this world so, maybe. On The City Lies in Ruins the trio bring a combination of minimalism and electronics with rock guitar to create a sinister, ever building album of deep drone and post-rock....view item »

Francesca Lago
Mirrors Against The Sun

Francesca Lago produced new album Mirrors Against The Sun with just 2 close collaborators (apart from Max Lotti’s credit for ‘noise guitar’ on 1 track), who drape her vocal songcraft and guitar lines with synth, cello and drum rhythms. It’s a very full and sweeping alt-pop sound ...view item »

Lymbyc Systym
New Varieties

Lymbyc Systym is a pair of brothers, putting in the commitment to make things work over long distances. The New Varieties EP is another step into brightly-coloured synth lands, with heartfelt melodies played out in all kinds of textures over a dance beat. 3 original tracks, rounded out neatly with a remix by Bot...view item »

Blue States
Restless Spheres

I still listen regularly to Blue States music which makes it even more surprising that this is their first album in nine years. Blue States (actually just one bloke Andrew Dragazis) makes lovely sweeping usually (but not always) instrumental music with a nod to past masters at cinematic composition such as Ennio Morricon...view item »


Swedish indie-synth-pop which transmits an epic feeling on a bedroom-producer scale. These 4 tracks from Sverige are sweet and beautiful, sung in Swedish over charming, finely-crafted instrumental tracks. The Rymdem 7” is limited to a mere 250 copies in hand-printed sleeves, released by the Tona Serenad label....view item »

Linda Guilala

Second full-length album from Linda Guilala, after a hefty 7 year(!) wait. That time has been spent brewing up this heady psychedelic concoction, an album so full of ideas and sonic flavour that it squeezes 20 tracks into a standard-length running time! The songs are universally bright and colourful, the vibe is noisy and euphor...view item »

Lovely Little Girls
Glistening Vivid Splash

A full 9 people from the fertile weirdo-rock scene of Chicago contributed to Glistening Vivid Splash, the second full-length secretion from Lovely Little Girls. Wailing amateur-operatic vocals, tooting brass and mathish rhythms: the very many parts add up to a st...view item »

Third Sight

Connecticut's Landing have been making rural psychedelia for over twenty years but without reaching Flying Saucer Attack like levels of adoration. Those in the know appreciate this band for its ability to distil fuzzed up driftings and blissed out folk that could be compared to prime movers Bardo Pond and ...view item »

We Know About The Need

Quietly legendary, mildly esoteric, shrouded in mystery, HOOD are Leeds' treasured sons of the understated, experimental underground that has thrived like a rampant mushroom in the last 15 years, seemingly around the nucleus of what they dared to create/de-construct within the parameters of 'indie' music. Now s...view item »

Bruce Russell
Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings

Bruce Russell is of course one of the principal guitar-manglers for New Zealand noise-rock heroes The Dead C! He also produces lesser-known solo work, such as the material gathered on the perfectly-titled Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings, a set of guitar / amp interfacings with a gnarly e...view item »

The Blue Swell

Beverly return with a new line-up, refreshed energy and a second album. Joined by members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Crystal Stilts, the band are more shoegaze-pop than ever, with Drew Citron...view item »

Richard Neale

Quirky folk electronica from English acoustic wizard Richard Neale. Prior to his release of the 'Deep Blue' Eps, Neale released this minimalistic loop odyssey. Hypnotic, trance-inducing experimentalism, building four tracks around a single loop. Inspired by the works of William Baskinski, this comes in a nice he...view item »

The Tango Saloon
Shadows & Fog

With a name and logo like these guys have I was expecting some kind of punk rocky Americana gubbins on this CD here but actually what my ears are experiencing as I write this is more of a dignified, post-rocky take on Ennio Morric...view item »

True Widow
As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth

Heavy tings here on the second album by True Widow, first released in 2011. As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth has the emotional weight of slowcore as well as the distorted-riff weight of stoner rock. Mighty stuff. Reissued on vinyl by Mexican Summer....view item »

True Widow

Heavy tings here on True Widow’s I.N.O. EP, first released in 2011. The band have the emotional weight of slowcore as well as the distorted-riff weight of stoner rock, although this release also sees them pushing into some weirder territory, with 2 10-minute-plus tracks that drone and dirge. Reissued on vinyl by M...view item »

Failing Lights
Afternoon Summer Sex

Wolf Eye Mike Connelly has been peddling queasy cosmic dark ambient drone jams with his Failing Lights alter-ego for a while now, and this latest very limited LP on super-consistent murk-mer...view item »


British ambient guitar strummer and really Christmassy guy Yellow 6 has rush released a two track EP containing music written in the wake of the death of Tony Conrad (therefore made really recently). It comes on this most unusual of formats a  minimax CD which is actually a 5” size CD with a  3” silvered pl...view item »

Leonard Las Vegas
Jagmoor Cynewulf

This shoegaze-dream-pop record comes with the baggage of an 18-chapter book’s worth of philosophical musings (not packaged with the LP), so you know it ought to be interesting. Leonard Las Vegas has created the character of Jagmoor Cynewulf, through whom he channels catchy tunes with existential lyrics. CD / LP pa...view item »

Wars of the Roses

Norwegian band Ulver have always been hard to pin down, and their eighth album is no exception, whisking their history of black metal, post-rock and ambience into a progressive, song-based whole. First released in 2011, this reissue of Wars of the Roses presses the music onto pure white vinyl. On Kscope....view item »

Common Era

Vinyl and CD reissue of Belong's Common Era, the first long player to be released since the celebrated but underexposed October Language. This album retains the fuzzed out ambience but augments the gorgeous, Hecker-esque wooziness with a more song based, shoegaze approach, replete with drums and vocals....view item »

Sigur Rós

Von is definately for the more open minded of Sigur Ros fans. If You have only heard Hoppipolla on Xfactor or something, Von probably isn't for you. Yet. But if (like me) your into your into extended passages of disturbing noises and screams interspersed with slow, ethereal 'songs' then your bound to love it.If you haven't got an...view item »

The Still
The Still

As well as Chris Abrahams, the pianist in The Necks, this Berlin-centric ensemble features Rico Repontente, Derek Shirley, Steve Heather...view item »

David Grubbs

Thinker and guitarist David Grubbs presents six mostly instrumental pieces for electric guitar on Primrose. Half of the album also features the highly combustible drumming of Eli Keszler, and the tracks performed include a setting of a Walt Whitman poem and an arrangement of the 14th ce...view item »

Muscle and Marrow

Muscle and Marrow is a pretty visceral name, and this duo often live up it, with blasts of crunching noise and heavy drums. But they also play soft and wispy, and the delicate balance between these two contrasts that they maintain is where they really succeed on Love. A darkly beautiful LP, on The Flenser....view item »

Odd Blood

What really sets Yeasayer apart from the pack is their ability to write good songs. They could have just played around with their various influences and released an album full of sonic concoctions that were nothing but noise. Instead, these guys have written an album's worth of stellar songs. There are hooks and melodies aplenty, but the lyrics ...view item »

The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit return with KIN, their first record in 5 years. As well as the band’s own elegant performances, the album also features some considerable guests, including Mark Lanegan and members of Archie Bronson Outfit and Gallon Drunk. The LP is pressed to 180...view item »

Dieterich & Barnes
The Coral Casino

The Dieterich & Barnes this record is attributed to is John Dieterich and Jeremy Barnes, of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw...view item »

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra, aka Sam Perry, produces his own songs from his bedroom studio, managing to achieve the perfect level of dreaminess that allows simple indie-pop songs to elevate the listener to some higher plane. Operating out of New Zealand, young Sam has now joined the roster of Flying Nun, ensurin...view item »


Glitterbust is the newest project from Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon paired up with Alex Knost. This self-titled cassette and double vinyl LP on Burger Records has a queasy improvisational quality to it; scratch, out of tune guitars blend with whispered vocals and miniature feedback freak-...view item »

Jeff Runnings
Primitives and Smalls

Jeff Runnings is usually busy working with his group For Against, but he’s taken some time out to make his solo debut under his own name, Primitives and Smalls. Shiny synth-pop with an 80’s feel is the name of the game, and Runnings is a pro at it. The album is released by S...view item »

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
Casino Drone

I’m frankly a little disappointed that Casio Drone isn’t just an album of Casio keyboard drones. But that’s probably a minority opinion, as the actual sound of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight is richly-textured independent pop, warm and friendly and full of wit. There is some ambience too to be fair&he...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Disconnect From Desire

What is going on with all this watered down shoegaze we get these days? These guys have been absorbing late period Lush & Cocteaus I reckon. From the ethereal vocal harmonies to dated dance beats, these luscious ladies & their male cohort sound like a Goa backpacker's dream. I cannot bring myself to dislike it too much as they sound like...view item »

The High Violets
Heroes and Halos

The High Violets have many years of dreampop experience (this is their fifth album), meaning that they can be truly relied upon to provide that special woozy feeling to the listener. Heroes And Halos has learned all the lessons of shoegaze, and marries them to proper pop structures. CDs and a limited edition of 250 viny...view item »

Bloody Knives
I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Bloody Knives are an intense proposition, producing what might be considered to be shoegaze via a noise-rock approach. The soundfield is saturated with layers of distorted guitars, delicate vocals floating in the middle. But too much filth is laden on for bliss-out relaxation to be an option. I Will Cut Your Heart Out For Th...view item »


Za! are a powerful Spanish duo, ferociously mashing genres and sounds together with little regard for decorum. Loloismo, released as a collaboration between Hot Salvation and the Audacious Art Experiment labels, rolls around joyously in a pit of drums, keyboards, trumpets, dubsteps and math-rocks. Quite a ride....view item »


Battles. Warp's latest supergroup signing release EP C/B EP on double CD.  Philip says this sounds like 70's prog rock and I think he's right. Don't let that put you off though as there are some rewarding moments on here. Its not particularly challenging music to listen to and yet the arrangements sound extremely complex.&nbs...view item »


Mogwai penned Atomic as the soundtrack to Mark Cousin’s documentary Atomic: Living In Dread And Promise which was released summer 2015. The record consists or reworks of the original pieces into an album pieces, and are explorative, electronic, slowed down and krautrock inspired. Atom...view item »


This is pretty sweet. Its on ruby red vinyl. It has a plain sleeve. It makes me want to smoke a bowl too*. This is the new project from members of Wolves! of Greece, Lords and Little Girl With Cherries. I thought it was gonna be a blues/grunge work out, but its not of that ilk. It's a lo-fi bong fest that sounds really dense, with twin Gibsons set ...view item »

The Volume Settings Folder

M. Beckmann is a busy guy… Having self-released over 15 albums under The Volume Settings Folder he’s releasing his first vinyl in the form of Laguna on Oscarson. This is gorgeous, expansive, post-everything ambient music. Highly influenced by Sigur Ros and The Album...view item »

New Bermuda

New Bermuda is Deafheaven’s debut for the ANTI label. It’s their second album and follows-up the commercially and critically successful Sunbather album. Deafheaven take their musical cues from black metal band Weakling and the feedback-drenched shoegaze of My Bloody ...view item »

My Autumn Empire

Here at Norman we’re rather fond of Epic45, and as far as we can tell you guys are too, so it’s a treat when something like this comes in from their Wayside ...view item »

On Dead Waves
On Dead Waves

On Dead Waves is a new collaborative project, pairing electro-pop maker Polly Scattergood with shoegaze-electronica producer Maps. Together they end up with a fairly noirish kind of sound: there are brushes of guitar, electro...view item »

A Dead Forest Index
In All That Drifts from Summit Down

In All That Drifts From Summit Down is the sprawling debut from A Dead Forest Index. The duo make a minimal acoustic music that focuses on powerful songwriting and post-rock structures. The melodies and harmonies are always pristine and memorable, but they incorporate textures from drone music a...view item »

Black Heart Procession / Solbakken
In The Fishtank

These In The Fishtank collaborative LPs are are on oddity, and this one a bit of a gem. Musically this bears the hallmarks of BHP’s later, (slightly!) more chipper records, with seemingly quite occasional help from not-the-ex-Wolverhampton-Wanderers-manager Solbakken. From the lost age of ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack

Further is the last 180 gram vinyl in Domino’s Flying Saucer Attack reissue series, and the only official studio album they are repressing. This record from 1995 finds the band in proper psychedelic form, balancing their drone and shoegaze experiments with ambient music. As always with the group, those gor...view item »

Public Memory
Wuthering Drum

Very hard to pin down vocal electronica from Public Memory. On Wuthering Drum abrasive electronic textures, hip-hop drums and neoclassical piano are all held together by Robert Toher’s melancholic vocals and lyrics of alienation. A thoughtful and minimal record with a trip-hop sensibility. CD and vinyl LP ...view item »

Come to My Party

Winkie are a New York based shoegaze-pop group, but with a twist: they don’t use any guitars! Nevertheless, the fuzz haze is strong with this one, cloaking the innocent vocals to just the right degree. Come To My Party is their second full-length, and is released in a screen-printed sleeve by America Primitive....view item »

Yeti Lane

Labels Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music have joined forces to bring the new album from Yeti Lane to vinyl LP and CD. For L’Aurore the psych duo built up their ideas for the album through a series of free-form improvisations with their pals, and thankfully their friends i...view item »

yndi halda
Under Summer

It’s been eight years since yndi halda released Enjoy Eternal Bliss. The Brighton-based post rock, neo-classical five piece have a new album, Under Summer, which has the exuberant highs, the beautifully serene passages, craft and heartache that will be familiar to fans but this time they’ve added to...view item »

Man Man
Six Demon Bag

Man Man on Ace Fu Records. This is one of the best things I've heard in ages. It's so much fun you've no idea. Mix up Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Arcade Fire, the music from Tim Burton films (and even a little Melt Banana on a couple of tracks) and you have one of the most interesting bouncy records I'...view item »


Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of ...view item »

Fir Cone Children
The Age of Blastbeatles

Fir Cone Children are all about writing and performing pop songs through the lens of fuzzed-out garage-goths: kind of as the corpse-paint pop idols on the cover would suggest. The Age Of Blastbeatles is a quick EP squeezed out between albums, with 7 tracks that speed along 2 minutes at a time. On Blackjack Illuminist Re...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Mexican psych-kraut sensations Lorelle Meets The Obsolete return this week with LP number three, and rather a treat it is too. They've got CAVE's Cooper Crain producing this time round so everything sounds crisp and huge as they bound through 10 hypnotic tracks of their hypnotic psychedelic pop. ...view item »

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
A Man Alive

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are a San Francisco-based indie band led by Thao Nguyen. A Man Alive is the band’s fourth album and follow-up to 2013’s We Common, which featured a duet with Joanna Newsom. On A Man Alive Nguyen wanted to bring bass and beats to the...view item »

Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge

Fresh from her stunning, album-of-the-year-from-Norman-Records-award-winning collaboration with Colin Stetson (who also guests here), Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld puts out her second solo record. The Ridge takes her violin to higher planes of hypnotic, dramatic melodicism. Also feat...view item »

Micachu & The Shapes

Well, I think I'm safely on stable ground here even if Mica Levi's head is beyond the clouds heading in the direction of the stars, I think she's a bit of a wonderful nutter to be honest. Her obsession with vacuum cleaners hasn't aba...view item »

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