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Disco Inferno
In Debt

A reissue of the debut album of Disco Inferno is something to be celebrated: Disco Inferno remain one of the most original and impressive post-rock bands to have ever been active. In Debt introduces their mixture of radical sampling processes and smart songcraft. These CD and 2LP reissues on Rocket Girl...view item »

Just For A Day

Slowdive have their debut reissued on wax by Music On Vinyl. When Creation released this in 1991 a sticker on the front read "like a mind altering substance, without the risk". Compare it to Souvlaki and Pygmalion and decide on your favourite. Lets this 180 gram...view item »

Hey Colossus

Here's a re-release of a fascinating album Hey Colossus made in one big long studio session with Jon (Notorious Hi-Fi Killers) and Leon (Shit+Shine) in tow. The eight of them made a right old racket which has now been re-pressed onto a double LP with a bonus LP of outtakes and tracks which didn't make the f...view item »


Japanese band Tricot set up their own record label, Bakuretsu, alongside the band and after 12 releases have signed with Big Scary Monsters. Mixing the complex time signature changes and layering of bands such as Battles and Don Caballero with the catchy harmonies of J-pop and beyond. Think of a...view item »

Illinois River Valley Blues

Brokeback are an American music band deeply rooted in the Chicago music scene. The band features members of Tortoise, Exit Verse and The Eternals (among others), and part of Illinois River Valley Blues includes them playing a Rob Mazurek piece. This is ...view item »

Compilations 1995-2002

The second of the CD collections of all the various bits of Wetherby's finest. This one collects all the tracks that appeared on split singles, compilations etc during their long history and remarkably despite it's diversity from lo-fi pop to electronics to rhythmic post rock the collection stands up pretty well as a standalone LP.   ...view item »

Singles Compiled

Preposterous 59 track double CD of all the bands mid-era singles on a variety of labels such as Earworm and 555. Ranges wildly from lo-fi pop to electronica to field recordings to blissed out pastoralism. Contains 15 previously unreleased tracks.  A must for any discerning fan of the Wetherby based band. ...view item »

Stephen Molyneux
The Shape of Clouds to Come

Some softly spoken words from Stephen Molyneux. The Shape of Clouds to Come is the new release from this States-man. His heartfelt croon is aided by some calm strings, a delta styled guitar and warm percussion. It's somewhere between Grizzly Bear & Arthur Russell. Out on 12" vinyl from La Station...view item »

The Road to the Unconscious Past

Stereocilia is the work of John Scott, one man busily working away amidst a load of synths, guitars and samplers to knit together this record of finely weaved post-rock-drone. The Road To The Unconscious Past recalls some of Mark McGuire’s work, with thoughtful guitar lines held i...view item »

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino
The Sorrows of Young Georgio

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino is back. People try to pigeonhole 'The Dove', they try to diss 'The Dove', but the 'The Dove' always bounces back. 'The Dove' always gets his way. Evidently not a happy bunny, 'The Dove' returns with a bleak work which disturbs. The first track sounds a bit like an I Like Trains who have moved to Lithuania and go...view item »

City Center
Zen Kids

This is ok actually - It's on K Records who I am happy are still releasing records. Its lo fidelity guitar stuff that doesn't really recall anyone - a bit of early TV on the Radio here a bit of The Microphones (esp. Mt Eerie) there. Atmospheric guitars, pounding drums, pleading chanting vocals. The B side has some absurd vocal effects which alwa...view item »

Trevor De Brauw

Trevor De Brauw is the guitarist of Pelican, and this is his first solo release. Although don’t assume that he’s only just had the idea: Uptown has been slowly created over the course of the last ten years. Uptown pushes away from songs and riffs and into dense drone-ambient territo...view item »

PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland JR

If listeners can't even get through a 30 second stream then what chance has anyone got of getting though a full double album? Well Athens experimental rock group  Tunabunny say 'pah' to short attention spans and release a 75 minute double album that rivals the White album for scope and ambition. All killer and fill...view item »

The Declining Winter

A lovely six tracker of late night melancholy from Hood alumni Richard Adams. The especially composed EP for the French imprint Monopsone showcases various shades of fractured, rusted acoustics and electronica with that ever present autumnal hue. Like mist lifting from an October field to reveal shards of sunshine.  ...view item »

Kino III: Xaman

Third part of the Kino series, which brings back into print a whole host of early Skullflower material. This one is Xaman, a long lusted-after piece of the Skullflower puzzle, containing all the crushing blackened hallmarks of their early sound. Remastered, and lushly packaged with new artwork ...view item »

The Telescopes
As Light Return

For the Telescopes Stephen Lawrie the familiar nostalgia circuit. He could, if wanted, get out on the road and play the shoegaze classics from the first couple of albums but no, this singular artist continues to stretch out into unknown waters. This new album features oscillating noise, feedback and out there detachment straddli...view item »

Foot Village
Lovers With Iraqis

This 4 drummer, mad as a bag of hedgehogs combo peddle a shouty style of agit rock in the vein of Coughs or some other obscure noisy fucks. The drums are kind of tribal and not at all drum workshop which you thought might happen. There are no interlocking grooves or ghost notes or any of that bulldink. Its all pummeling pedal to the metal t...view item »

Rollin Hunt
Criminal/ Castle of Nothing

Aah, nuts.. Where would I be without my mid-morning nuts? Dead? Or alive? No man can say! This record has nothing to do with nuts other than the fact I'm reviewing it with a mouthful of them so I apologise for the digression; I entered into it because I'm having a hard time describing the tunes here. The guy's definitely on some sort of a weirdo...view item »

Whirr / Nothing

Nothing are that noisy shoegaze band who were very mean about poor old Slowdive once. They blend the aggressions of noise punk with heart-melting melodies and hope it all comes together in the moment -- one of the songs here kind of sounds like their take on Interpol, to be honest. They're joined here for a split with Whirr, who make a kinder, d...view item »

Dead Gaze
Somewhere Else

Dead Gaze is Cole Furlow. He gets this guy James Alexander Warren to drum with him. He sorta does that watery lo-fi semi-hypnogogic pop thing a bit like what Gary War does I guess. Or Ariel Pink? Yeah deffoes some of Ariel Pink, especially when he does his wonky falsetto wailing. 'Somewhere Else' is definitely a pretty nice tune, slow-paced and ...view item »

Misogyny Stone

Horoscope’s new one Misogyny Stone is a murky listen; a brew of grey noise, clattering rhythms and samples and tape loops galore. Through all of this, Rene J Nunez-Cabrera, the human behind Horoscope, makes an investigative assault on gender relations, with vivid results. LP relea...view item »

Sorry Escalator
Generation Winter / Street Corner Absurdity

Dark and mysterious, Sorry Escalator are not one bit apologetic for their no-compromise approach in creating danceable-yet-twisted indie melodies. This pulsating release, Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity, signals the bands changing direction in tandem with joining...view item »

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa
Are Euphoria

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa bring together their varied musical experiences on this collaborative record, ending up with a bright and rich swirl of busy musics. Are Euphoria has tropical guitars, hand percussion, ecstatic vocals, surreal looped samples, and a dense tangle of melodies and counter-mel...view item »

Gold Dime

Gold Dime is the latest incarnation from Andriya Ambro (formerly of Talk Normal), joining forces with Ian Douglas-Moore and Jessica Ackerley they draw on their noise rock past and refine the writing into a more expansive and wide ranging sound and song structure...view item »

Fir Cone Children
No Gravity Girls

Fir Cone Children are the kind of band whose attention span is so short that they whip through 13 songs in just 28 minutes. They play catchy punked up twee-pop that is full of exuberant optimism with the sort of melodies that should really be written by grown ups. File alongside the Lovely Eggs as the sort of ki...view item »


Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles return to the Felte label for their sophomore full length as Au.Ra. For fans of Slowdive, Pale Saints, Primal Scream, Cultivations has grown from Au.Ra’s previously succe...view item »

James P Honey & Joel Simeus
Book of Marion

Don't know a lot about either of these fellas. Nothing at all, in fact. One thing I can say on listening to this is that if your attention has been grabbed by the phrase “curiosity grindcore” in the press release, let me tell you now that this record and grindcore haven't so m...view item »

Sounds & Moving Pictures

Last week saw two Yellow 6 releases drop and here's another one. It's like buses, innit? Despite the fact over the last 13 years or so he's released over 110 releases this is the first one to come with a DVD. Anyway seeing as though I've heard so many albums by him I thought I'd watch a t...view item »

Animal Youth

Animal Youth are a Belgian shoegaze post-punk group with previous experience as members of the band Siamese Queens. Debut album Animal has the underslung and interlocked bass-guitar-and-drum team holding down the low-end while shiny and distorted guitars do their thing in the upper atmosphere. They&rsqu...view item »

Solid Gold

A collaboration between Portland duo Au and clever sax honker Colin Stetson.  Stetson amazed me earlier this year with his album of sax vignettes and here he really brings something to the party (a big fat sax in fact). The A side is your typically post Arcade Fire/Mumford and Sons ...view item »

Family Portrait
Dark Roast EP

I'm a big fan of Evan Brody's (a.k.a Family Portrait) self-titled debut on UP. To me it seemed like a coming of age record that paid homage to Brody's childhood influences whilst suggesting what may lie ahead for the artist. The Dark Roast EP differs greatly from his debut in that it seem...view item »

Outside Closer

Well you've all been waiting over three years for those shambling West Yorks slouches Hood to deliver another long player & now It's here. 'Outside Closer' is the title & before you ask, we sold out of the ltd 2 CD set in 4 hours last Friday so please don't ask us for it!!!! Big respect to the boys & label Domino for k...view item »

The American Dollar
Awake In The City

The American Dollar are a duo consisting of long-time collaborators and friends John Emanuele and Rich Cupolo. This duo have been an item since 2005, constructing a luxurious cross-strand of post-rock most suited to television programming and advertising...which is primarily where you're...view item »

Rites of Uncovering

If you’ve been waiting and praying for a re-issue of Arbouretum’s debut album then this is your lucky day. To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Thrill Jockey have freshly repressed it onto virgin (ooph!) vinyl.  They play a kind of morose folk infused music that suggests all members of the band h...view item »

Yoko Ono / Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon
Early In The Morning

Weird little release this one. You already know you want it even though you already know you probably won’t listen to it more than a couple of times. As you’re bound to already have guessed, this record contains a...view item »

Pega Monstro
Casa De Cima

Pega Monstro are a Portuguese sister duo based in Lisbon, producing dreamy-thrashy guitar-drums-vocals music from (on this album) a house in the mountains. Casa De Cima obviously benefits from the powerful and intimate familial bond between the two Reis sisters, but the record is firmly outward-looking,...view item »

And So I Place You In The Setting Sun

This band MayMay are the brainchild of Laurel Simmons and Heather Broderick’s doing some cello on here and it was mastered by Nils Frahm so I think you get the idea - they’re part of “that lot”, stars with...view item »

Hand To Man Band
You Are Always On Our Minds

On this record multiple earth humans from famous bands make music which is a little more explorative and challenging than they can get away with in their primary projects. We’ve got Lord Mike of Watt on bass with a keys dude ...view item »

Bomber Jackets
Centurion Travel EP

Curious little lad, this one. Totally loving the riso printed Bill Kouligas sleeve art (he’s the dude who does all those sexy Pan sleeves) with smartly dressed people clambering over geometric shapes in redscale. As for the musi...view item »


Despite there having been two songs played since, we still all have the Adele song in our heads. It has to be said that this won’t shift it. Actually first up, lets talk Club AC30 - what a funny label. Having released ...view item »

Bell Gardens
Full Sundown Assembly

Kenneth Gibson (Furry Things) and Brian McBride (Stars of the Lid) have come together to produce this lovingly executed slab of orchestral pop. First things first, it sounds like neither of the projects t...view item »

Sofa Club
Actual Video

Sofa Club are a trio from Staten Island who play bouncy and slightly saccharine ‘80s-inspired synthpop which brings to mind all sorts of bands; ABC, Duran Duran and The Human League, or more recently Passion...view item »

Department M
The Second Prize

This isn’t Department S of ‘Is Vic There?’ fame, instead its a different department, the M department who have belatedly taken their cue from the ‘S’ lot and  and launched a pop career for themselves. In fact, this is the new project from ex Grammatics man Owen Brinley wh...view item »

Valgeir Sigurdsson

Valgeir Sigurosson: 'Ekvilibrium' (Bedroom Community), Where crunchy beats, electroid textures meet the glacial, icey tinkles and tingles of strings, music boxes, prepared pianos and harps with the odd smattering of heartbreaking balladry courtesy of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Faun Fables' Dawn McCarthy, & J. Walker A.K.A Machine Translations. Here...view item »

Deathbird Stories

One man recording project Deathbird Stories is built on a bed of heavily processed guitar and piano and manipulated tape loops. All forced through a huge string of pedals and effects to create these incredible undulating drones that pack the power, warmth and personality of Fennesz’s Black Sea. On...view item »

Albeit Living

LA gang Sextile give us their second album, Albeit Living. These ten tracks take the gnarly debut album’s sound and makes pretty much everything a bit better, from the production to the songwriting and composition. But don’t worry, these synth-driven post-punks still have plenty of bite and bile to them. ...view item »

Gang Wizard
Important Picnic

Gang Wizard are not a real gang, or even a real wizard, but a band. There are five of them, three share a surname, they've been going for ages in one form or another and they make up their songs as they go along. Yeah, completely off the cuff, bash 'em out and see what happens style. It's brave, it's difficult, it's not always fun to listen to, ...view item »

United Waters
The Narrows

This immersive offering is hard evidence that United Waters have the skill to step out of the shadows of cloudy production, and present bold and ambitious songwriting. Whilst rock still provides the spine during The Narrows, a step into pop and balladry from such hits as 'Move The Distance' and 'L...view item »

Aquarium Sympathy

Shelling are a Tokyo-based pop shoegaze band, which frankly is enough to get me interested. If you need more, this is the second album from the duo Aya and Shota. They make what is described as in Japan as Sherbet Pop, but don’t let that put you off. It’s anything but -- poppy, upbeat and moving ambient sounds....view item »

Big French
Stone Fish

A second full-length album of the strange and personal weird-pop vision conjured up by Quentin Moore and the rest of the Big French crew. Stone Fish’s sixteen tracks are tight but wobbly, pirouetting quickly between different high-technique guitar parts, grooves and melodic ideas. Plus keen exploi...view item »


Berlin’s Vlimmer still intends to complete a hefty series of 18 EPs, making this fifth edition still comparatively early in the proceedings. I hope he adopts a clearer numbering technique soon though, as IIIII is already a little difficult to read… The sounds are brighter than usual, though still with lots ...view item »

Ghost Ship Cargo

The debut album by Oceaneer is an eerie thing, themed around ghosts and ships. Ghost Ship Cargo is built out of dramatic guitars, a broken old piano, and all sorts of semi-abstract sounds of creak, hiss and crackle. Fans of the the themes and sounds of Gavin Bryars’ Sinking Of The Titanic...view item »

Broken Dog
Flips (Selected B-Sides + Rarities 1996-2004)

London based experimental lo-fi rockers Clive Painter and Martine Roberts released 5 albums between 1996 and 2004 as Broken Dog. Here Tongue Master are plugging some gaps with a collection of B-sides and rarities, including covers of Big Star, The Kinks, ...view item »


Melodic hardcore band from South Carolina Hundredth return with their third album on the Hopeless label. Rare sees the band switch their sound up again, seems like they might have listened to Loveless by My Bloody Valentine a fair few times and mixed it into the post hardcore pot. Still heavy a...view item »

Field Recordings From The Cook County Water Table

Brokeback, the solo project of Douglas McCombs of Tortoise, The Sea And Cake and various other outlets, released debut album Field Recordings From The Cook County Water Table in 1999. It’s a gorgeous listen, combining natural noises with subtle instrumentation fro...view item »

Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus

The second album by Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus here receives a reissue that gets this music onto vinyl for the first time ever! 1991’s Mirror, titled after the Andrei Tarkovsky film, is a strange, deep, and stylistically varied work that invokes religious music, spiritual drones, field...view item »

Man Forever
Play What They Want

Oneida super-drummer Kid Millions’s solo project Man Forever has thus far been a focused exploration of pure percussion sounds, but his new record Play What They Want expands the palette a little bit, including voice and other instrumentation from Laurie Anderson,...view item »

Fotomoto/ The Workhouse

is a split between the Ukraine's Fotomoto and The Workhouse from England. Fotomoto first of all.. This is top.....Their track sounds like Blonde Redhead without the Sonic Youth obsession. Like a twee Blonde Redhead you could take home to meet your mum. It's a crackin...view item »

Toby Driver

Toby Driver, the main man behind Kayo Dot, continues his infinite journeys into his own avant-garde creativity with a new solo album. Madonnawhore, which explores the Freudian notion of one of patriarchy's central contradictions, is very stripped-back for Driver, being focused on the so...view item »

Chain of Flowers
Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone

Double A-side single from Cardiff’s premier post-punk-shoegaze-pop outfit Chain Of Flowers. Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone sounds like it could play to get the crowd excited before a Cure gig, with moody vocals and dramatic synth and guitar lines. Released as a 7” single on the Al...view item »

The Criminal World
Seeing Double

Portland, Oregon based The Criminal World are a self proclaimed “Doom-Pop” trio made up of members from Soft Kill and Wavves. The 7” holds two tracks from their demo released in 2016. Following a Cocteau Twins meets shoegaze via a doom learnt bleakness these tr...view item »


Glasgow post-punk / noise rock trio VOM have been active since 2009 but haven’t exactly been churning records out. Way back, we scored copies of their split with Gummy Stumps on Winning Sperm Party in 2001 and their excellent ‘Altered States’ LP in 2013. Then they appear...view item »

The Black Ryder
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

The Black Ryder’s debut album Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride was released the first time around in 2009. These two Australians managed to swirl up a whole ocean of psych-shoegaze, rich with all the noisy-melodic flavours that we ‘gaze fans love so dearly. Reissued by Fuzz Club in an edition of 800 double LPs ...view item »

Swap Babies
Furnished Man

Good old shoegaze from Stockholm trio Swap Babies. The interesting things about these guys is that the three members come from the music worlds of free jazz, minimalism and baroque respectively, so their ‘gaze contains hints (precise guitar tunings, a skip in the step of the drums) of other sounds. Furnished Man i...view item »

Emil Amos

Playing in a wide range of bands - OM, Grails, Holy Sons, and Lilacs and Champagne, multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos puts out his first full length as a solo artist. Set out as music written for film, the LP stylistically touches base with each of the projects he...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
Hallucination Of Beauty

Re-issued by London label Fuzz Club on limited edition 180g black vinyl, Tales of Murder and Dust are back with their first LP, “Hallucination of Beauty”, originally released in 2012. Indeed, the Danish band, whose seismic amalgam of varied instrumentation and hallucinogenic psychedelia, return with this climactic heavyweight of an a...view item »

The Shining Breeze: The Slowdive Anthology

Taking the plunge with Slowdive. The Shining Breeze: The Slowdive Anthology is a big old cross section of the bands oeuvre. Starting off in the '89 and being contemporaries of My Bloody Valentine, the 'dive poured out their own brand of shoegazing indie-rock. Think big walls of guitars and melan...view item »

Damon & Naomi
Within These Walls

Within These Walls is a 2007 album from Galaxie 500 / Kramer couple Damon & Naomi. The mood is sombre and moody, in an old-fashioned and smoothly-dramatic sense. With superb string and horn sections and Michio Kurihara’s guitar on board, they’ve produced...view item »

Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People started out as the solo home recording project of Brian Batz, and although he’s picked up some bandmate assistants for touring, he still writes, performs and produces everything you hear on Lingering. Quite the feat when you hear how fully-formed these bright-eyed epic-pop minia...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
The Sound Of All Things

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete releasing a new record is a breath of fresh air that is sometimes greatly needed, and thankfully we’ve been given The Sound Of All Things. A great blend of sounds and musical architecture that give a deep and meaningful addition to any collection of shoegaze and indie synth-pop. Availabl...view item »

Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings

Rocket Records have been going for 15 years. That’s quite a feat in this fickle industry we inhabit (cohabit?). What with labels, artists and record companies losing money left, right and center these days (cos folk want music for free and straight away) things are a lot trickier than they used to be....view item »

You’re Alright

Bloody Nora. Crumplehorns were originally an 80s indie band who got played on John Peel etc but here they are with a new record which takes influence from soul, funk, gospel and the current dissatisfaction sweeping Britain. They've collated their new recordings onto a 7" and a retro CD. Both come with a badge and an inlay!&...view item »

Sweet Williams
Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight

Sweet Williams are one of Brighton’s finer guitar-based bands, and they’ve now clocked up a second full-length LP. Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight has Thomas House leading his crew into a full array of tightly-coiled songs, with plenty of blasted heft and sharp howl to go around. This is...view item »

Under The Pipal Tree

This is the debut album by MONO, first released fifteen years ago on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. Turns out these guys were epic right from the start: much of Under The Pipal Tree has a grand sweep and a searing intensity to it. Under The Pipal Tree has never been released on vinyl before, s...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Instrumentals 2015

The first release in fifteen years from Flying Saucer Attack sees David Pearce perform 15 new lo-fi tracks recorded at home. One to be listened to from beginning to end, this British space rock album resonates, drones and creates a stunning emotional arc from start to finish. Vinyl double LP or CD from Domino....view item »


Majeure is the solo project by the drummer from Prog-rock/Electronic duo Zombi, Anthony Paterra. Devolving further into heavy synthesis, arpeggiators and insane drumming. This is definitely what you’re after if you want to scratch John Carpenter, Sea Of Teeth...view item »

Trans Am
California Hotel

Trans Am. They do what they like but as a result have been rather ahead of the curve in translating the sounds of the likes of John Carpenter and DAF to the modern rock arena. This latest burst of inspiration was initially released for RSD2017 and consists of tracks mainly recorded live to tape with minimal overdubs. ...view item »

Damaged Bug / Black Pus
LAMC No. 17

The LAMC series, now up to its seventeenth release, has a lovely format: one artist provides an exclusive track, and the B-side is filled by a lesser-known act of their first artist’s choosing. In this case Damaged Bug submit a nifty piece of cool sneaky garage and select a track from Black Pus, a...view item »

Tiny Vipers

Tiny Vipers is Jesy Fortino, a collaborator with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Liz Harris of Grouper. She shares the latter’s love for submerging her voice among layers of distance, but third album Laughter has the residual forms of synth-pop looming...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

The best of the Frightened Rabbit herd was The Midnight Organ Fight, a glum emo folk classic that made everyone sad about someone's break-up. These gorgeous, countrified songs are perfect for the winter, which we very much wish was over -- we shan't hold the band responsible, but here's a bunch of rocking...view item »

Russian Circles

Totally overwhelmed with stock today so let's be brief. A CD on Suicide Squeeze next from from Russian Circles called 'Station' which is in an appealing digipak set up complete with sepia tinged photos of forces types parading for a group mug shot prompting the question....Would any of these chaps (for they look to be all geezers) have approved of ...view item »


Synchromysticism (get your tongue around that one) is a unique concoction of prog from US math-rockers Yowie. The trio - from St.Louis - have been going for almost a decade-and-a-half now, and that deluge of experience seems to have sharpened their latest release. Overlook this idiosyncratic commodity ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack's debut was one of those records that pointed the way forward in terms of how albums could be comprised and sequence. Half blurry pop songs, half wandering instrumentals, it contains two tributes to the then totally obscure Popul Vuh and an unlikely cover of Suede's 'The Drowners'. It's notable how twee the pop songs are sou...view item »

Live VII 02.25.10

After more than making their mark on the post-metal scene with albums such as Celestial, Oceanic and Panopticon ISIS abruptly announced their break-up in 2010, stating that they had done what they set out to achieve. Live VII is a second release ofter the fact, documenting a live performance i...view item »

A Pink Sunset For No One

Noveller is filmmaker Sarah Lipstate’s solo musical project, in which she extracts whole oceans of sound from her electric guitar. A Pink Sunset For No One is a broad selection of her sound: Noveller is probably best known as a drone artist, but this album gets involved in territo...view item »

Minor Victories
Orchestral Variations

Minor Victories, the Mogwai / Slowdive / Editors supergroup, released their debut album together to great acclaim in 2016. This new release shows off the breadth of scope and vision that the group possesses, being a full-length suite of Orchestral Variations on the whol...view item »

The Album Leaf
Between Waves

It’s been over ten years since I first heard In a Safe Place, The Album Leaf’s sophomore album. It wasn’t hard to lose track of Jimmy LaValle’s instrumental ambient post-rock project, as he hasn’t treated us to a full length album since 2010. But now he’s back with ...view item »


Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack

Domino begin their Flying Saucer Attack reissue project with a tough to find singles compilation from 1994. Distance is a reminder of how influential the group’s spaced-out drone rock has become. Waves of feedback blend with field recordings and distorted vocals to create something harsh a...view item »

Stealing Sheep
Into The Diamond Sun

The opening track on this debut album ‘The Garden’ is immediately impressive and recalls a Warpaint raised solely on The Slits and The Raincoats. Production wise it’s soft, subtle and supple but the song structures are complex with chanted vocals, swift...view item »

Good Arrows

alright. A new Tunng album. Always a special thing I'm sure you'll agree. From the off they've been one of those bands that have that 'certain something'. So how do they cope with the difficult third album? Tears For fears blew it with The Seeds Of Love. Will Tunng fair better?? I'm happy to announce they do. 'Good Arrows' is a total feast of lovel...view item »

Sonic Youth

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1990’s Goo was considered to be their most accessible album to date: it does after all contain the popular tunes ‘Dirty Boots’ and ‘Kool Thing’, virtually pop hits for Sonic Youth. LP reissue on Universa...view item »

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