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Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP

Godspeed's most succinct document, Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada consists of two compositions -- one named "Moya", dedicated to one of the band's founding members, which builds around intricate orchestration towards a simple, cathartic climax (hey dudes, it sounds simple, but it's post-rock). "Bl...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Yellow House

Warp's latest signing GRIZZLY BEAR have released their debut album for the label. This has a kind of trippy psychedelic acid hippy vibe going on that seems to permeate a lot of stuff coming out now. 'Lullabye' reminds me of something from Brian (Genius) Wilson's excellent 'Smile' long player. Infact I think If he ma...view item »

The Fool

Well after over a year of writhing away to the atmospheric strains of their mini-LP Exquisite Corpse, these 4 LA geniuses finally unleash the beast, I mean "The Fool". 9 tracks this time & their template remains approximately the same. Harmonies mingle with spectral, ethereal guitars, airy fluid bass & steady ever-evolving drum patt...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Check this out: SQÜRL is a band with Jim Jarmusch in it! Yeah that’s right, the director with the excellent music taste can also play out himself. Live At Third Man Records is a great slab of weird-rock music,...view item »

Live At Third Man Records

Now, it’s fair to say that I’ve not always sung the praises of Third Man Records. For a while there it looked like they’d settled into a modus operandi of putting out an endless stream of increasingly pointless novelty 7”s by “artists” like the ...view item »


Nashville, Tennessee’s Hammock returns. Mysterium is the duo’s eighth and latest album. The record serves as memorial to Clark Kern, son-like figure to Hammock,...view item »

Fever Dream

Londoners Fever Dream are back with a new album following their 2015 debut 'Moyamoya'. Squid promises us more of their mesmeric guitar work, infused with a blend of grungy psychedelia with wall-of-noise shoegaze manoeuvring. Fluid and expansive sounds to immerse yourself in. LP on Club AC 30....view item »

Secret Shine
Singles 1992-1994

Secret Shine were a Bristol band who had the (mis) fortune to be signed to Sarah Records. Although this got them a ready made audience it also made folks overlook that they were a quite hefty shoegaze band and not all that twee. This collection rounds up  the Greater Than God EP and Ephemeral and ...view item »

When The Sun Hits
Immersed Within Your Eyes

Nottingham band When The Sun Hits make huge sounding songs. Over the six tracks on their new EP, Immersed Within Your Eyes, they dabble with early-Verve style swells, gaze at their shoes and link stuff together with ambient passages akin to that of Seefeel or early Aphex Twin. B...view item »

Petite Fantome
Un Moment Pour Le Vent

Petit Fantome is what Pierre Loustaunau (who has played in Crane Angels, Francois & The Atlas Mountains gets up to when taking the reigns all for himself. Un moment Pour Le Vent bounces along like all your favourite experimental-leaning indie pop music, with a louch...view item »


Ambient comes in many shapes and forms, and we’re all for that. One guy plays piano and synthesizer, the other guy puts on his lowest voice and reads brooding poetry. Sound like your cup of tea? Then don’t pass up on the chance to buy the Entropic EP by exedra. It takes all colors to make a rainbow!...view item »

Richard Neale

Purveyor of gentle electronica and lover of hexagons Richard Neale presents his new album EVES via the charmingly-named Rain Bear Records. Piano leads layers of weightless vocals and ambient sections thr...view item »

Thin Black Duke

Thin Black Duke follows the trend of all Oxbow albums in being so unpredictable as to what direction the record will follow. What can only be described as a mix of alternative rock, indie and even some shoegaze thrown in for good measure, this is an album that shows how musically cultured and mature Oxbow have become. A...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Moonlight Butterfly

The Sea And Cake have always made consistently good records. For the past 20 years they've forged a truly unique sound that embraces elements of jazz, Afrobeat, Latin and electronica whilst maintaining a unique individualism. Ultra mellow whilst being reliably upbeat, the...view item »

Central Belters

Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl rec...view item »

The Sea and Cake

Transcendent without being overbearing like a lot of jazz can be, mainstream enough to appeal to pop sensibilities yet sophisticated and smart. The quietest moments of Steely Dan, perhaps "Aja"'s "Deacon Blues" or their later work "Two Against Nature" gives one a reference point where they leave off and the Sea and Cake take the most subtle poin...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Fawn

The Sea and Cake is a band with tremendous talent and a creative vision. Their sound is simple yet complicated, integrating rich, dreamy sounds with Sam Prekop's soothing voice. "Sporting Life" is a stunningly beautiful song that never wears out; it motivates you to hope high and love life. "There you are" is equally beautiful- it starts off bar...view item »

The Sea and Cake
One Bedroom

With One Bedroom, TSAC have proven their knack for writing quirky pop songs that still endure long after its 40 minutes have ended. At the same time, TSAC lives up to the motto of "Sound and Vision": giving the listener a view of the world, as seen through them - a hypnotic panorama of sound that doesn't disappoint, and sure enough, is only gett...view item »


Taking John Cage’s Prepared piano into completely new fields by creating software and mechanisms to turn a grand piano into a programmable and playable drum machine basically. Whilst Erol Sarp manipulates and triggers plucks scrapes and hits of various parts of the piano Lukas Vogel actual...view item »

The Undertones
Get Over You (Kevin Shields 2016 Remix)

The Undertones’ 1979 single’s master tapes put in the hands of Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream). He boosts the crap out of it basically, makes it a fresh and crisp, brings it all to the front so it ALL punches you in the face. Also has the other two...view item »


Sophomore album from Icelandic composer, musician and experimental instrument-maker Úlfur. Having worked with Icelandic favourites Jónsi and Ólöf Arnalds, Arborescence sees him blend electronic and classical influences, tied together with his own vocals and string arrangements from Gyda Valtysdottir. Hi...view item »

World Of Pooh
The Land Of Thirst

Cult classic underground indie-pop from San Francisco's World Of Pooh. 1989’s The Land Of Thirst was in fact the only album they were ever able to release, and has be...view item »

Bardo Pond
Under The Pines

Bardo Pond are reliable staples in the world of spacey psychedelic experimental rock music, having been plying their riffy trade for twenty-six years now. Under The Pines is a concise new missive from the band, playing a Bardo Pond version of dream-pop. The kind of album you can really sink into. Releas...view item »

Prazision LP

Labradford's debut 1994 release 'Prazision' is probably their least satisfying record, but is still very much worth checking out if you are serious about your post-rock. Opener 'Listening in Depth' is pretty dark with its deep drone and scratchy rhythm. It recalls the stunning Virgin compilation Ambient 4: Isolationism, which was so groundbreaki...view item »

Eternal Recurrence

The former Dirty Projectors/Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks member comes through with a mini-LP of dreamy, slightly psychy pop. Angel Deradoorian ...view item »

Can’t Explain / Below

Hawk have relocated from London to the hip artistic mecca of Berlin in recent years. The double A sided single Can’t Explain/Below, follows on from a string of well-received singles. Lyrically it is a reaction to powerful organisations belittling the underdog. Musically, Julie Hawk’s heavenly vocals transcend their p...view item »

Sound of Ceres
The Twin

Follow-up album time with The Twin churning them out. After 2016’s debut LP, Nostalgia for Infinity, pop duo The Twin ain’t waiting abo...view item »

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

Both Phil and I tried to get into the latest Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-LaBand. This is way too clever for me as I just got confused at it starting on track 13 but it now makes sense as it is called '13 Blues For Thirteen Moons'. There are elements of this that are interesting but they're completely overshadowed by the grea...view item »


Husband and wife team Mario and Sarah Quintero have been sat at home worrying about the state of the world. But instead of blanking it out with some Celebrity Love Island they've made an album of ultra intense dream rock that has garnered comparisons to Hum, My Bloody Valentine and Isis (th...view item »


Ganglions are part of the wonderful scene(s) surrounding Sheffield DIY venue Audacious Art Experiment, and are consequently having their second EP released through Audacious’ label. Thirsty is a suite of t...view item »

Andrew Hung

Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons has been comparatively quiet compared to Blanck Mass, but he has been readying his debut album Realisationship. A step away from the heavy distortion and straight pounding of Fuck Button it takes a lean toward Bayonne’s...view item »

Behind The Shadow Drops

This is the debut album from  Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of iconic Japanese rock explorers Mono. Here he stretches out into a myriad of styles from ambient to trip hop to industrial minimalism and modern classical  and takes members of Tortoise, Mono and the Sea & Cake along...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

Stafrœnn Hakon is the band of Ólafur Josephsson. New album Hausi sprung forth out of some improvised harp melodies played by L&...view item »

Walking Boss

pOrch hail from Oakland, California and like to subversively put their capital letters in the wrong place. The band play experimental, noisy, math punk. Walking Boss, which now sees a 180g blue vinyl pressing, was originally released in 2013. It was recorded by Tim Green whose CV boasts such recording and engineering credits as ...view item »

The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved with A Knife

Nadja, the long-running heavy ambient guitar duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, have a new album of typically dense sonics out on the Gizeh label. The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved With A Knife is good for blasting away what ails you, and is available both on CD and on viny...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Biz

Many TSAC listeners seperate the band's career into two segments: pre and post-Fawn. And I would definitely agree. While their work on The Fawn and later albums is undeniably TSAC in its sound, it is remarkably different than their first three albums. For my money, The Biz is the best of the pre-Fawn era. Here they are still the guitar driven, s...view item »

The Sea and Cake

This is definitely the Sea and Cake's most varied album; the scope of the songs ranges from the light breezy "Parasol" to the uptempo "Nature Boy" to the album-ending rock-out "I Will Hold The Tea Bag." It's a bit of a departure from their usual latin jazz sound, and it's not as electronic as The Fawn or One Bedroom, but I like the chances that ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Sea and Cake

I just recently became a fan of 'Sea and Cake' This is their first album; I believe and I love it! It's just so relaxing. I think my blood pressure goes down just listening to it and I love 'So Long to the Captain' 'Lost in Autumn' (good music to listen to before bedtime). Only outlier would be 'Choice Blanket' - it's unusally upbeat...for Sea a...view item »

Planning For Burial

Planning for Burial are forerunners of the gloomgaze genre. Desideratum is their second album following on from Statement of Purpose, which was released in 2010. Planning for Burial are essentially a one-man bedroom project, that man being Tom Wasluck. The music takes in every gloomy genre from...view item »

Housewives / Massicot
Exc. 281016 / Kokteilis

The no wave repeato-brutality of Housewives and the hip-hopped tropical pop-noise of Massicot both commit themselves to wax on this exciting split 7”, with a totally new track from each band. EXC. 281016 / KOKTEILIS is released by a powerful coalition of five labels: Harbinger Sound, Hands In The ...view item »

The Great Distraction

Our next door neighbours (they rehearse next door) Leeds electronic rockers Vessels drop the big one on their fourth album by working with actual big rock stars the Flaming Lips and John Grant. This one pulls out all the stops  - a tour de force of electronic rock that should see them move ...view item »

From the Mouth of the Sun
Hymn Binding

Aaron Martin (Black Vines, The Cloisters) and Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) have individually had releases on Miasmah, Type and Denovali. Joining forces as From The Mouth Of The Sun they work entirely with acoustic sound sources, from guitars to or...view item »


Habitat is Beliefs’ third album and continues in a dark post-punk mood towards tough shoegaze and edgy noise-pop. It’s a scratchy and fraught experience from the duo, with Jesse Crowe’s vocals adding a swooping menace to Josh Korody’s anxious guitar and s...view item »

Salad Days : Remastered

Remastered reissue of Cheer-Accident’s Salad Days from 1999. Produced by Steve Albini  the Chicago five-piece Salad Days is an expansive proggy push in avantgarde, mathy, post-rock. From ear-splittingly grating to subtle and restful, but always weird. It is also the last record made ...view item »


Some music is that indie that you can't actually find a track on Soundcloud or YouTube unless you get a physical copy. s/t by Intravene is such a record. There is something kind of romantic about buying a tape and listening to the music in a pretty old school way especially when it isn't available to find to stream on t...view item »

Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim

Ranaldo is often seen as second fiddle to Thurston Moore's sonic experimentation but is still loved by obsessive Sonic Youth fans around the world, 'Electric Trim' is the follow up to 2013's more song based 'Last Night On Earth' and is a collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree&rsqu...view item »

Zola Jesus

Foghorn-voiced chanteuse Zola Jesus has had a terrible time with death and loss recently so retreated to the woods near her childhood home to create this personal snapshot of loss and sympathy borne out of her experiences. It's fair to say that "Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey" this is not but instead a bleak meditation on tragedy. ...view item »

Go Away EP

Florida punx UV-TV turned heads with their debut LP Glass earlier this year. A short five months later and they’ll be dropping this EP on Emotional Response (City Yelps, Sleaford Mods). The three-piece tear through two new bits and cover tracks by The Prim...view item »

Auburn Lull

The latest opus from reclusive rural psychedelia explorers Auburn Lull veers into new territories showcasing a newfound love of minimalism and restrained composition. Though there's still an influence of vintage electronic music and the more ambient side of Slowdive present, Auburn Lull are pushing their sound i...view item »


Montreal based three piece return to Southern Lord for their third album. With three tracks spanning 40 minutes they go the whole hog in post-rock experimentation from huge domineering heaviness to abstract and delicate. This time with guest in the form of members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt Zion Memor...view item »

Lower Slaughter
What Big Eyes

A complete and utter madness of a record from Lower Slaughter - featuring Ex Divorce vocalist Sinead Young. What Big Eyes is their debut album and it re...view item »

Death and Vanilla

A prime slice of hauntology to get your teeth into here. Originally released on cassette last Halloween, this double LP features a live recording of Death And Vanilla’s soundtrack to Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 classic ,Vampyr. For the performance, the psychedelic dream pop duo expanded their line up, incorporating an...view item »

Tera Melos
Trash Generator

If math rock is your thing, then Tera Melos is also your thing. The fifth record from US math and experimental rockers Tera Melos entitled Trash Generator is a great addition to the genre. Incorporating a number of different textures, layers and elements to their music has enabled them to carry on with the sound they he...view item »

Total Immersion / Total Immersion (The KVB Remix)

One man experimentation focussed electronic rock band TVAM has shifted his sights onto the kraut/psych sound and brought us Total Immersion on his own label Psychic Data, and it’s wall of sound that journeys off into space. The flip side comes with a remix from Invada based dark synth wave duo&...view item »

Amen Dunes

The press guff compares it to Plastic Ono Band and War on Drugs but the opener here, ‘White Child’ more resembles a lo-fi out-of-key Oasis. Dreadful. Lets skip to track 2 then and this is much better. Its a lo-fi 3 chord fireside strumalong which resembles ...view item »

Sonic Jesus

As we know too easily psych rock will never die. Labels like Fuzz Club and Rocket are bringing all kinds of shades of it to our attention. Take Sonic Jesus for example. The brain child of one Tiziano Veronese out of Italy. On his second album he matches the earlier barrage of gruesome psych with a newfound pop sensibility with p...view item »

Billow Observatory
II: Plains/Patterns

Billow Observatory are a transatlantic (Detroit / Denmark) duo carving out icey slabs of droning ambience with elements of shoegaze and distant techno woven into the mix. II: Plains / Patterns is some of their most rhythmic work to date. Available in an edition of 300 ‘milky translucent vinyl’ LPs and on CD,...view item »


exedra’s Elemental is a collaboration between two avant-garde icons, Darrall Knight and Jeremy Gluck and on this limited CDr they have blended post-rock, shoegaze and a few genres in between to create something surprisingly accessible. Their sound is dense, but always hyper-melodic at the ...view item »

Shocking Pinks
Dance The Dance Electric

Dance The Dance Electric by Shocking Pinks was an unusual record that ended up being released on the DFA label ten years ago. It combines that label’s punk-dance aesthetic with yet more styles: hints of reggae atop the nu-disco flares. It has been out of print for a long while, but to accompany the band’s fi...view item »

The Naturals

The Naturals have fallen in with Bristol’s Young Echo crowd, despite being a ‘band’ in the traditional sense of the word. But they treat their tracks like electronic producers, with songs like ‘Axe’ being swathed in digital treatments and interesting sounds. Hive is a very ...view item »


Liars are back. After a three year absence the off-kilter group return with a new footprint in their skewed journey in dark experimental lands. This time, with eleven-track TFCF, the band couple their line up upheaval with a revolutionised sound - one which smears the line between acoustic and electronic....view item »

Expect The Best

As if Widowspeak have been around for seven years? Life, it would seem, really does come at you fast, and this band of hybrid folk rock and dream pop continue to make strides in their sound, now coming a long way from their Fleetwood Mac inspired debut. A record of patient deliberation and th...view item »

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Liars.... christ what do I say about them?? How on earth do you describe 'em??? Tricky job.... I think there's much easier jobs out there like being a solicitor or a doctor perhaps??? Well they've got a new album out and I'm here trying to give you some pointers and don't have a clue where to start. I like it.... ...view item »

Crash City Saints
Are You Free?

Michigan based Crash City Saints return for their second full length seven years after their debut. Are You Free plays out like energised shoegaze, think My Bloody Valentine meets The Smashing Pumpkins in a catchy down-beat fashion. Features a guest appearance by Simon Raymonde...view item »

Fourteen Nights At Sea
Minor Light

More epic material from Australian group Fourteen Nights At Sea, who lay out 5 tracks of grandiose post-rock for the listener to get swept up in. The tone of Minor Light is as gloomy as the cover art, but redemption lies within the careful arrangements. CD or LP in a limited edition of 300 copies, on Hobbledehoy Records...view item »

Six By Seven
Six By Seven

Nottingham’s Six By Seven recorded this self-titled LP in a boxing gym in their hometown. It was the gym where infamous 19th century boxer Bendigo Thompson trained. The music takes inspiration from Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit and utilises the sound of Rickenbacker guitars to the full. The band are proud tha...view item »

Children of the Stones
The Stars & The Silence

Children Of The Stones are somewhat of an indie supergroup. Led by Mark Van Hoen (Black Hearted Brother, Seefeel), the band features former Slowdive and Mojave 3 man, Neil Halstead on guitar, Rachel Davies of Esben & The Witch, Martin M...view item »

Ekca Liena
Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement

Originally released in a tin box on Dead Pilot in 2008 our very own imprint Public House Recordings have now given this stellar ambient/post rock/drone/electronica lost classic a brand new vinyl lease of life. Stretched out ambient music with a collage-y feel, like the best bits of Stars of the Lid, Lo...view item »

The Bomber Jackets
Kudos To The Bomber Jackets

The absolute state of that cover art. Continuing their usual tightrope walk between poignant and crass the Bomber Jackets follow up their Alter debut with more scattershot pop hits, breaking everything into a kinda silly, drunken stupor where the vocals are plain and wobbly against lazy beats and shiny and amused keys....view item »

EP #260

Originally called Bad Rabbit and forming especially to create the soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s Limits Of Control, the three piece (that includes Jarmusch) renamed themselves SQÜRL and carried on after. With a number of releases on ATP and now on Sacred bones their strain of n...view item »

July Skies
The Weather Clock

Lovely re-issue of classic English pastoralism. Here's Mingus's review from back in the days we sold CDs.   Twelve tracks of melancholic English pastoralism in the vein of Vini Reilly's Durutti Column. Long drawn out guitar passages, sometimes drenched in reverb. Introduced with the pips (UK Radi...view item »

Time Well

Indiana based gloomers Cloakroom move to Relapse records for their second full length release. A heady mix of shoegaze, downtempo indie and doom, Time Well  brings the...view item »

The Rebel
The Five Year Plan

Okay, I'm a little bit won over here before I even put the record on the player. Take it out of the sleeve and you will discover that the blank side of this record has been screenprinted with a cool little picture of a snooker ball, and the side with the songs on has a picture of ...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Caddywhompus (great name) join the likes of Shabazz Palaces and Death From Above 1979 in the Live at Third Man series. A live recording plays to the group’s strengths, showcasing the band’s tight math-rock grooves and song structures. ‘Fun Times at Whiskey Bay’ v...view item »

Virginia Wing
Measures Of Joy

South London four piece Virginia Wing's debut album promises some slinky and dream-like electronic pop which owes debts to early Krautrock, revered Brum legends Broadcast and the Radiophonic pioneers of wibbly otherworldly electronics. Also see the trance-like post-punk rhythmic drive of, say, This Heat. 'Measures of Joy' is certainly ...view item »

Alder & Ash
Psalms for the Sunder

Montreal’s Alder & Ash take a leaf from Colin Stetson’s single instrument becoming a whole band, and takes the stark yet highly emotive soundtrack compositions of Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, adding in influences from noise and doom and a loop pedal. Made entirely...view item »

Alder & Ash
Clutched in the Maw of the World

Look towards Colin Stetson and Warren Ellis and Nick Cave soundtracks, take a cello, loop pedal and an array of effects and travel via noise, post-rock and doom influences. This is where you’ll find Montreal’s Alder & Ash. Minimal yet cacophonous it swings betwee...view item »

Compilations 1995-2002

The second of the CD collections of all the various bits of Wetherby's finest. This one collects all the tracks that appeared on split singles, compilations etc during their long history and remarkably despite it's diversity from lo-fi pop to electronics to rhythmic post rock the collection stands up pretty well as a standalone LP.   ...view item »

Singles Compiled

Preposterous 59 track double CD of all the bands mid-era singles on a variety of labels such as Earworm and 555. Ranges wildly from lo-fi pop to electronica to field recordings to blissed out pastoralism. Contains 15 previously unreleased tracks.  A must for any discerning fan of the Wetherby based band. ...view item »

Stephen Molyneux
The Shape of Clouds to Come

Some softly spoken words from Stephen Molyneux. The Shape of Clouds to Come is the new release from this States-man. His heartfelt croon is aided by some calm strings, a delta styled guitar and warm percussion. It's somewhere between Grizzly Bear & Arthur Russell. Out on 12" vinyl from La Station...view item »

The Road to the Unconscious Past

Stereocilia is the work of John Scott, one man busily working away amidst a load of synths, guitars and samplers to knit together this record of finely weaved post-rock-drone. The Road To The Unconscious Past recalls some of Mark McGuire’s work, with thoughtful guitar lines held i...view item »

Bronze Mystic

As a raucous mix of sparse post-rock, jagged electronics and crashing percussions, Welsh-born Gallops' concoction is not for the faint-hearted. In their latest nine-track cut - Bronze Mystic - the ambitious trio have stood well clear of the dreaded second album syndrome, and instead built upon the...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
New Lands

Released in 1997, New Lands is the eight-track pioneering record from Flying Saucer Attack. A solid and creative album that brings together different elements of their dreamy yet distinct shoegaze sound. Underneath a few of the tracks is a constant mumbling drone to keep you on edge and this quietly influential ...view item »

Take Refuge In Clean Living

I like Grails in my life and here's some more. For me to like. I tell you what, the first track on here is an absolute belter and I think they know it, the little sheet included in the CD digipak has artwork based around it with nary a mention of the other songs. Actually the artwork in general is a weird mishmash of styles from cheesy stoner-rock ...view item »

Requiem For Hell

An album by Japanese post-rock heavyweights MONO, titled Requiem For Hell, was always going to be a crashingly epic experience, and the band don’t disappoint. Strings are prominent within the sound here, coaxing the band’s grand crescendos into yet-more-ecstatic territory. CD / double LP editions on the Pela...view item »

Helen Money
Become Zero

Helen Money is the recording name of cellist Alison Chesley. Become Zero was recorded digitally, despite her using analogue recording equipment in the past with Steve Albini. She felt that the range of sounds on offer was wider and easier to build on, manipulate and edit in the digital medium. The ...view item »

Oddments Of The Gamble

It’s impossible to get Nils Frahm to sit still. If he’s not recording a solo album on the world’s biggest piano, he’s together with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sepp Singwald making lush and spacious ambient rock as nonkeen. Having recorded so many good songs they couldn’t...view item »

Minor Victories
Minor Victories

Minor Victories is a new group, perhaps even a supergroup: it comprises members of Editors, Slowdive and Mogwai. Although the original intention was all-out noise, what seems to have arisen is an album of dramatic, vocal-led songcraft. This self-titled debut album is out on Play...view item »


Mogwai penned Atomic as the soundtrack to Mark Cousin’s documentary Atomic: Living In Dread And Promise which was released summer 2015. The record consists or reworks of the original pieces into an album pieces, and are explorative, electronic, slowed down and krautrock inspired. Atom...view item »

The Telescopes
Hidden Fields

The Telescopes have a rich history of walking the borderline of sheer noise and straight song-forms, never quite committing to either. Hidden Fields, their first record since 2013, finds them channelling wild drones into fairly songish songs, by their standards. A heady rush of devotional sonics, released by Tapete....view item »

Drums Not Dead

Trying to listen to Liars new album on Mute but Phil's got a rapping Mr T from the A Team blaring from the other computer so I'm tempted almost to review that. But I've come to my senses, thank christ. Liars seem to have softened a little but by no means have they ceased to be a bunch of utter backwoods weirdos. Like tribal...view item »

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Clint here with more. First up Animal Collective  - one of the few new bands to lick my ears in a seductive manner and not have me chop their tongue off with a rusty pair of shears. I'm always amazed by their songs  -its kind of nice acoustic stuff slightly chopped up full of crazy noises and m...view item »

A Silver Mt Zion
This Is Our Punk Rock

Their punk rock indeed. Nothing, as I'm sure you are aware, like the punk-rock we know but this is theirs remember? The second LP from the Montreal collective consisted of four long pieces and was the first time they'd used vocals. They even put together a choir for the opening track 'Fasola'  - a track which sets the tone for the exuberant...view item »

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