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A Silver Mt Zion
Horses In The Sky

Throwing up some sounds of their own are Silver Mount Zion (where's the "A" gone? - Brian) with their new record that we have in on vinyl LP. Lots of layers up folky viola's and random plucked instruments build to a crescendo - its quite brilliant. Why the vocals remind me...view item »

Roy's Iron DNA
Men In Wax Jackets

managed to grab a promo copy of this through a friend in the business.... fantastic... been waiting for these guys to release something for a while and it was worth the wait. Has depth and loads of singalong stick in your head type tunes.. Silent Majority is a cracking song! ! ...view item »

Feu Therese
Ca Va Cogner

Feu Therese I'm told is some French Canadian God Speed related thing. Phil told me cos he knows everything about Godspeed related things. Second track on 'Ca Va Cogner', 'Visage Sous Nylon' is a Giorgio Moroder inspired synth pop track It's a bit of a strange one this... There's a bit of a 70's synth prog thing happening here along with experimenta...view item »

Canon Blue

In the absence of actually being able to buy a physical copy of the new Radiohead album then I think you should check out the Canon Blue CD 'Colonies' on Efterklang's Rumraket label. The similarities on some of the tracks are striking. Actually to be fair to 'em there's only a few tracks with rip Radiohead off and these days anyone who does any inv...view item »

Mikaela's Fiend/Twin
Burning Brown

Miracle Fortress
Five Roses

Five Roses is lush, layered electronic atmospheric pop that is absolutely disarming. This disk seems to fall into the mental 'filing space' of other bands that I have come across that evoke the same impression with me - I call it "Narcotic Pop". The kind of music whose gentle lulling minor key melodies and layered electronic soundscapes, accompanie...view item »

Destination / Glades

Messages: "Destination" (The Social Registry) Is a sound-art project that incorporates gliding tones and tension building atmospherics conjured up with a Gopihand (an Indian string instrument), guitar, keyboard, turntables, tone generator and sampler. One of those records that could easily dip below you radar unless you give it some conce...view item »

Future Life Remixes

Skallander: "Future Life Remixes" 7" (Type) In which the reworkings are undertaken by Signer and Muriel Tsains.The Signer side is stripped down with handclapping and electronic static padding. The flipside utilises some backwards masking and tinkly, shiny, chiming naivety and pianos (the new guitar folks!) ...view item »

Charles Atlas
Felt Cover

The Charles Atlas CD on Static Caravan is also rather splendid. Very very beautiful mellow electronic music. More tuneful than a large seal throwing big barrels of tunes at you. Really laid back. For fans of Yellow 6 (without the Cocteaus) and other floaty type music. Felt Cover is...view item »

Teardrop Sweetheart

Now its New York Duo Misha with their debut album Teardrop Sweetheart. The lads think it sounds like Prince (who apparently is giving his album away free with the sunday papers). Its pretty lovely stuff actually. flowery pop with with electronic beats and analogue keyboards and softly sung male vocals. It sounds really gentle like floating down a s...view item »

Bonde De Role
Bonde De Role with Lasers

Bonde Do Role: "With Lasers" (Domino) is twelve tracks of guitar fueled Baile Funk with shouty raps, call and response antics, handclaps all over the place. The attitude is just dance, go mad and have a laugh. Produced between Hackney and Curitiba (Brazil), like MIA for indie kids according to the office banter. ...view item »

Scraps Of Tape
This Is A Copy Is A Copy

The first thing I thought of when the first track on Scraps Of Tape's 'This Is A Copy Is This A Copy' came on was that it reminded me of Isis with it's post metal sound. Later on though things become a lot lighter with hints of Do Make Say Think, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky etc. So yeah basically a post rock album that's not going to blow your so...view item »

Fly Pan Am
Ceux Qui Inventent N'Ont Jamais Vecu?

Something I greatly enjoyed last week was the Fly Pan Am LP which is by far the best thing I've heard from them and probably the best thing I've heard on Constellation in a while. This rocks in a repetitive experimental dare I say it almost Can like fashion. But with showers of guitars dr...view item »

Tenebrous Mitchell
The Havering

Rob Crow
Living Well

ROB CROW now (who's the dude Pinback). From the cover I thought I was going to me (mis) treated to some American red neck screaming at me. Well I'm pleasantly surprised with the intelligent and carefully constructed proper tunes. Sounding somewhere between Elliott Smith and Kurt Cobain, he's a...view item »

Shipping News
Flies The Fields

Shipping News have a new album out. Now it's been a while since I've heard any Shipping News records and I always lumped 'em into that Chicago rock scene with Shellac, June of 44, Rex etc. So I was quite looking forward to this as I'm a sucker for anything with that big sound which makes my ears grow back after hearing awfu...view item »

The Blank Album

Stupid release of the week goes to SUPERTHRILLER who's cunning marketing ploy is thus..... The CD is called The Blank album and it is in fact a blank disc. Bargain oui?? Well inside there's a code for you to download the whole album. So not only do you have to go to the bother of buying the thing.. you then have to go to the bother of downloading i...view item »

Do Make Say Think
You, You're A History In The Rust

Now DO MAKE SAY THINK with their new album You, You're A History In Rust. They make complex rhythmic patterned music with a whole host of instruments. Now on their 5th album they certainly don't sound rusty with chipper drum patterns supporting organically growing waves of music. Song based but instrumental it makes for a pleasurable af...view item »

A.E.I.O.U. (Lost For Words)

I was putting some stock onto the database yesterday when infront of me was the sleeve for SLIPSTREAM's 'A.E.I.O.U (Lost For Words)'. It's absolutely fantastic (the sleeve) being one of those super trippy pictures by Akiyoshi Kitaoka that looks like its moving. The music is proper horrendous though . It really is beyond chees...view item »

Nurse & Soldier

Lullabye Arkestra

The LULLABYE ARKESTRA long player 'Amp Grave' is well worth checking out. This Canadian bass and drum duo serve up a tasty dish of 'distorto soul'. I nicked that from the press release cos it's pretty spot on. There's lots of horns on here that in places is sound like Ennio Morricone or Bierut. The boy girl vocals are ...view item »

The London Apartments
Logistics & Navigation EP

THE LONDON APARTMENTS have their debut single out on Beggars Banquet. It's on 12" and CD and it's called Logistics and Navigation. There's your information rush. It's a pleasing drifting affair instantly bringing a more shoegazey Mum to mind. Probably cos of the guy's breathy vocals. I've never heard anyone sound so ...view item »

Round & Round

Digging this GARDEN CD we are. 'Round & Round' is Static Caravan's latest future pop masterpiece & just get those hooks. It all reminds me a lot of undervalued Manc geniuses Simian, probably cause Garden's mainman Simon Lord also fronted those psychedelic popsters through their baffling...view item »

Music For Egon Schiele

An emotional, ethereal journey. Parts of which are refined and parts very rough. Beautiful music nonetheless and an interesting interpretation of an individual's life and works....view item »

Apple Or A Gun

And finally from me is a 7" by Volcano! called Apple or A Gun on Leaf which is the first time I've properly sat down and listened to them. I wasn't prepared for the noise on offer...... This is a great little 7"! Think somewhere between Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Deerhoof, The Paper Chase and The Mars Volta.... tha...view item »

Feu Therese
Feu Therese

Constellation is a consistently forward thinking label that always does its own thing regardless of any 'Scene' No surprises then that the new self-titled album from Feu Therese is really very good indeed. The drumming is absolutely all over the place and the synths are pretty wild too. Imagine Broadcast going round to T...view item »

Beautiful Seizure

Just in on Leaf is the latest from Volcano! which starts off all pretty twinkly and acoustic then erupts into a massive mess of strangulated vocals and guitar cacophony. Dramatic stuff indeed, lots of volume changes, shards of noise, tough sounding drums and smatterings of melody. CD only....view item »

Glissandro 70
Glissandro 70

Oooh don't reckon i've heard much to shout about on top Canadian post everything imprint Constellation for a while. A new disc from Glissandro 70 has plopped into my pile and from the off I'm thinking maybe Long Fin Killie's out-folk mandolins & spindly guitar remixed by a beatless Orb. Spectral strings layered w...view item »

The Rakes
All Too Human

For some reason whenever we get Rakes CD singles from the distro the CD cases always come completely trollied. Always with The Rakes singles. Fear not cos we change the cases.... Anyway is the new Rakes single worth buying??? I only really liked the 1st single to be honest and since then I've been disappointed by everything...view item »

Secret Mommy
Very Rec

You just know a record by Secret Mommy is gonna be a bit off it's chump. Just got these eclectic CD's in on Powershovel (see: Directorsound in Clint's pile) & this is possibly the sound of Joseph Nothing headbutting Mochipet in the face then being sick all over Matmos. The concept of ...view item »

Part Chimp
I Am Come

I'm not listening to any of this shite today. Just reviewing the covers. Part Chimp win not only sleeve of the month (the crude chimpman (tm)" logo" of the first album is now wrestling with an equally crude green dragon that's spewing blood down his throat while he zaps it with chimp-power) but title as well -'I Am Come' Fuck m...view item »

First There Was The Emptiness

Racebannon have the ability to combine different stylings of music to create aggression, angst and dark energy all at the same time; what's more I must add that I enjoy how far back in the mix the vocals have been put giving it a 'poor production punk feel'...which works amazingly. However, Tracks like "Yr test scores don't speak for themselves" s...view item »

Favourite Friend

I did release a record by Diefenbach once and am still utterly amazed to hear that they've changed in the way they have in such a short time. So much so it regularly comes up in conversation here and at some point in the next week Clinton will rip my mouth off and pull his own ears off in case I can still make noise. They started off sou...view item »

Les Georges Leningrad
Soopa Doopa

Canadian mentalists Les Georges Leningrad have a remix 12" of 'Soopa Doopa' out for the more discerning post punka DJ out there! The ace gollywog sleeve is enough to have you scratching yer perplexed bonce for one! The psychotic worry-inducing lyrics are reminiscent of a complete mental breakdown whilst the re-jigs by Soutien G...view item »

Clatter For Control

Here come Hanged Up to blow all the cobwebs away. The first track sounds like a bizarre tortured take on 'You Made Me Realise' starring just drums and violin. They are an amazing band who I'm sure are incendiary live.  Its all incredible drumming and the most wierd noises ever wrestled from a violin. Not always  the easiest li...view item »

Germany To Germany

XL continue releasing strangely average records with a 12" by Ratatat whoever they are (actually it's chap from E*Vax! Phil x). It sounds like the kind of thing the hapless Output would release. Totally don't know what to say about this apart from it's so-so harpsichord ele...view item »

Fly Pan Am
N' Ecoutez Pas

What is it with Canadian bands and slightly changing your name for each release. Les Fly Pan Am (oh come on) return with a new album. Phil likes these  - he's raving about it. I can only think of Sebadoh for some wierd reason. Its not really like Sebadoh, Brian's just shouted Thinking Fellers - I suppose that...view item »

Trans Am

Trans Am- new album TA More of the same but tongue firmly wedged in electro 80's cheek. It's not as good as previous releases...view item »

Icewater Scandal
No Handle

This album reminds me of Rodan's album Rusty, in that it only has six songs (two of which are shorter than 3 minutes, while the other four all run over seven minutes), and the style of music isn't too dissimilar. They used to be called AM Radio, and I kinda disliked the song I heard from them under that name. I decide...view item »

Fuzzy Boombox Vol 2

peaking of fuzz, we have a compilation here called Fuzzy Boombox volume 2. There's tracks from Orange Cake Mix, Flowchart, Ma Cherie for Painting, Amp, (the magnifique) Velma and Aarktica. So you know the type of thing....view item »

Cerberus Shoal
Bastion Of Itchy Preeves

Cerberus Shoal's Bastion of Itchy Preeves has it all! From odd Balinese gamelan rhythms to King Crimson's prog rock jams to Cromagnon's hippie freakouts to Animal Collective's organic campfire ditties. As far as the overall sound goes, they...view item »

Papa M
Hole Of Burning Alms

There's a new Papa M compilation in town and its brought to you by Domino Recording Company of London, England. Its mainly made up of the excellent post Slint, pre dodgy country era and so is the prime bits of Papa M's meandering history. So the sound is more of a Slint, Mogwai thing. G...view item »

Her Space Holiday
My Girlfriends Boyfriend

Her Space Holiday write great songs that are ruined by the singer's insistence on droning on and on  about how terrible his life is and how much better it would be if the rock critics stopped bothering him  - (you're in a band  - what the hell did you expect?). Anyway there's a new single out which has a great little song...view item »

Winston Echo
When Will We Commute Like The Jetsons Did?

Next up is a 3" CD by Winston Echo which is winsome acoustic pop like a young  and lively Television Personalities. Kind of all over the place but not without the all important entertainment value. On Undereducated Music. ...view item »

Yuppie Flu
Food For The Ants

Yuppie Flu have a new single out on Homesleep and it's unmistakably them. They do the whole catchy Pavement(y) pop as good as the next Joe Schmo. Another fine example of how to make decent indie guitar tunes. Food For The Ants is CD only tigers.......view item »

Big Black
The Hammer Party

Big Black were unquestionably one of the finest independent rock bands of the '80s. They were loud, crushing, intense and best of all, uncompromising, not giving a flying fudge how they came off to anyone else. Throughout this disc, one may hear hints of industrial music, but this is mainly due to the use of a drum machine, which was an integral...view item »

Big Black
Songs About Fucking

You already know it, but Big Black are Steve Albini's old band of pisstakey punk-churners, offering transgressions at a super-fast rate as they squirm and snarl their way through the classic Songs About Fucking. This was the band's second and last record, offering industrial noise bluster like never ...view item »

1 Speed Bike
Droopy Butt Begone

Well I had no idea what to expect from this album, all I knew is that it was the techno alter-ego of Aidan from Exhaust & Godspeed. Sampling his own live beats & mixing them up with melodic elements ranging from the irreverent to the sublime. 1-Speed Bike was everything that I ...view item »

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