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The Jesus Lizard

Bob Weston and Steve did a great job with all of the reissued Jesus Lizard records. Basically, they just gave all the recordings a 10dB boost. That said, if you're not happy with how the original recordings sound then you won't be happy with these either. It's basically just more in your face. I was never a huge fan of Down and I'm still not but ...view item »

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

Both Phil and I tried to get into the latest Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-LaBand. This is way too clever for me as I just got confused at it starting on track 13 but it now makes sense as it is called '13 Blues For Thirteen Moons'. There are elements of this that are interesting but they're completely overshadowed by the grea...view item »

Do Make Say Think
And Yet And Yet

Also quite liked the Do Make Say Think LP but to me it wasn't enormously different to the others. But then I did only get chance to play it once this week. And Yet And Yet And yet is yet more experimental instumental guitar post rock stuff for you... They do it very well too.... bless.... ...view item »

Do Make Say Think
Other Truths

Do Make Say Think kick their new one off with one of their best tunes to date in 'Do' (the other tracks are called 'Make', 'Say' and 'Think'.. Yeah, I know). It's quite the little rocker, sporting chugging guitars and a cheeky little riff that keeps popping up like a persistent wee meerkat who just won't stay dead. It's quite poppy actually, remind...view item »

The Longcut
Open Hearts

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Battles: "Mirrored" debut long player for Warp is finally out. A fine live proposition, recorded, their sound is only slightly more contained. The dynamic is a play-off between the pulverising polyrhythmic percussion and the melodic interplay of the munchkin vocals, keyboards, guitars & effects. At times seeming to contain elements an...view item »

Doomsdayer’s Holiday

Grails I've never really got. Try as I might I just find the music a bit too hoary, stonery and proggy for my tastes. And here's their brand new album Doomsdayer's Holiday on Temporary Residence! It's well proggy.... the production I like though and there's some nice bits in it. Clearly a bunch of talented folk here and the homage to John Barry on ...view item »

Dead Western
Suckle At The Supple Teats Of Time

If someone else shouts "put it on the right speed Clint!" I'm going to explode. Its on CD - I simply can't speed it up anymore. Its true to say that the vocals on this are odd. Kind of like the already odd sounding Wild Beasts guy at 16rpm. Takes some getting used to. The music is nice gently folk stuff with plucked acoustics and haunting violin...view item »
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Diesel Dead Machine

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Child Abuse
Cut And Run

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  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Christy & Emily
No Rest

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High Places
High Places vs. Mankind

Pretty Excited about this new High Places LP. Their split 12" with Soft Circle on PPM was super sweet so my expectations are high for this release. High Places are Mary Pearson and Rob Barber of Brooklyn, NY who've recently relocated to sunnier of climes of Los Angeles. What is immediately apparent on listening to '...vs Mankind' is that the su...view item »

Souvaris / Sincabeza
Clown Jazz

You Don't Have To Win, But You Have To Fight

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Clipd Beaks
To Realize

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99

Glass Rock
Tall Firs Meet Soft Location

Glass Rock are a band made up from Tall Firs - a band clearly influenced by the like of Pavement and Sonic Youth - and Soft Location, a band I know nothing about other than they have a female singer who sings on this album. They decided to collaborate after Tall Firs heard and liked a song on the radio by the apparently then defunct Soft Locatio...view item »
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The Doozer
Great Explorers

This one came out on CD a bit ago but when Siltbreeze deem fit to stick something out on vinyl it usually pays to sit up and take a bit of notice. The press release mentions proper good shit like Syd Barrett and The Shadow Ring and it's to The Doozer's credit that this one-man band doesn't suffer from the comparison, combining the whimsical oddn...view item »

Glass Ghost
Idol Omen

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Josef K

Ooooh wibble, gurgle, gush, fawn....faint. BANG!!! There. I've crashed again. It's all the fault of upstart Scots post punkers JOSEF K. Or Domino spending all the profit they've made off lesser "disposable" bands on lavish re-issues of old music that begs, deserves nee DEMANDS to be heard again. 'Entomology' is a nif...view item »

Ill Ease
The Whole Sha-Bang!

The lovely Ill Ease is back with a 7" on the reliable Parlour records. I recall she used to drum in New Radiant Storm King and her slightly wonky, infectious take on indie reminds me of Life Without Buildings a bit, crossed with her old band. That's on one side at least, I can't tell which is which as the labels are maps, with little or no inf...view item »
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Bleeding Heart Narrative
Tongue Tangled Hair

Well the last Bleeding Heart Narrative CD was a monster hit for us, many, many months ago and now 'Tongue Tangled Hair' is a fresh offering from Oliver Barrett & friends so 'tis time to get proper excited!! Beginning tentatively with stately organ drone switching into a choral barbershop piece with charming minimal percussion, that then blossom...view item »

Wolfram Wire & Alisia Casper
The Bookshelf EP

The Bookshelf EP is brought to you by Wolfram Wire & Alisia Casper with help from the nice people at Drahtwald. It's quite a curious little 7" with it's cut-up male/female improv vocal duets and odd instrumental accompaniment, coming in at the cuddlier end of the avant garde spectrum.. But maybe that's just the artwork talking. Phil reckon...view item »

Bipolar Bear/ Hiroshima Rocks Around

Just got a bunch of sweet imports from the Kill Shamen label. First up is a split 12" from Hiroshima Rocks Around and Bipolar Bear. Hiroshima Rocks Around are an Italy post punk band affiliated with the duo Trouble Vs Glue and they make an awesome rockin' noise. The vibe is garage rock orientated but i can hear the XBXRX, Weasel Walter, Load reco...view item »

Pascal Babare
Thunderclap Spring

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Arab Strap
The Red Thread

Probably one of the most underrated Arab Strap records, and it's a blinder. It's sluggish, it's hungover, it's wonderful, and it has some of their best tracks 'Love Detective' and 'Screaming In The Trees' to name a couple. Might be the last slow burning Strap record before their final years (studio releases wise), so what's the point in this alb...view item »

Why Is Anything Forbidden 2: A Tribute to Cash Money Records

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Yes here's a CD on Polish label Foreshadow by Canadian pre/past/post/future shoegazers Thisquietarmy which is the one man band of Eric Quach. Though guest stars on the album include Aidan Baker from Nadja (always brings a chuckle) playing some guitar shaped thing and Meryem Yildiz utilizing their throat and vocal chords. The album over it's 8 track...view item »

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Yanqui u.x.o

Godspeed are back with a brand new double album and compact disc. What do you think it's gonna be like then? Bet you could just guess what's it's gonna be like. More of the same I hear you cry??? Well yeh it is even with Albini at the mantle it doesn't sound drastically different. But it's mos...view item »

Model Morning
Your Worst Enemy

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A Place To Bury Strangers
Exploding Head

A Place To Bury Strangers, NYC's loudest rock band (though i'm sure that accolade actually belongs to Sonic Youth) return with their second LP 'Exploding Head'. With their emphasis on "total sonic annihilation" A Place To Bury Strangers have the uncanny ability to nab from the most likely of places (shoegazing rock, goth, 80's synth rock, 80s Br...view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
White Lunar

Warren Ellis from Dirty Three and Nick Cave from Nick Cave have spent a bit of time together in recent years doing fantastic film scores and here we've got a double CD collection of them, presented in a handsome gatefold-style pack along with some selected odds and ends. I've seen a few of the films involved (which include John Hillcoat's The P...view item »

Broken Bones

What on earth is going on... This Gowns record has some crazy lady singing about being sick in drugs in a car. Taking drugs in cars is bad. Bikes, helicopters, hovercrafts are fine, but never in cars. Anyway the music proceeds in unexpected ways with a cool sounding fucked up fiddle/ bagpipe sort of instrument. Drums are whacked frantically, s...view item »

Karl Blau

Part Chimp

Part Chimp I always loved, back in the days when I listened to breakcore & fell over in a state every weekend. Well I don't listen to Shitmat any more but I'm still prone to falling over on occasion & still revel in the fuzzy revved up mess that these guys force out of their speaker stacks. 3rd album in and it's business as usual. 'Thriller' opens ...view item »

Sax Ruins

It's simple, yeah? Sax + Ruins = Sax Ruins. Having lost his longtime bass pal a couple of years back Tatsuya Yoshida has given up on his solo drum jaunts and recruited a game chap by the name of Ryoko Ono to play the old classics with the power of wind rather than the rumble of bass. The Zeuhl-prog of Magma and the like which formed a large par...view item »

The Dead Science
Frost Giant

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Rated O

The second part of the epic Thank Your Parents triptych embarked upon by Brooklyn’s finest band, Oneida. Rated O is itself a triple album, and it's one of the most remarkable collections of modern times, spanning experimental repeato-rock, deep psych, weird noise electronics and all sorts of other magical...view item »

Kicker In Tow

Now we have the Hanged Up newie on cd and vinyl. As is the incestuous nature of these mysterious canadians, I'd bet me bottom teeth there's some folks from GYBE featured on this rather lovely record. Old Too Pure faves Long Fin Killie spring to mind immediately as do the 'Sp...view item »

Six Finger Satellite
Half Control

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Record in Red

The album's simplicity belies a deeply psychotic streak in this Hoosier hoedown: talk of monsters speaking in the singer's voice ("telling me what to do"), artists as Green River Killers, etc. Tremendous, creepy stuff. Pretty simple execution (indie guitar, bass, drum rattle) but with nice parsley on the side: echo, keys, sha-la-las. For fans of...view item »
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Azalia Snail
Avec Amour

The sounds incorporated into Snail's slow-moving, trippy meditations include both traditional and unusual rock-band instruments. There's a hypnotic quality to these songs, a smooth surface that rests on layers of voice, keyboard tones, brass and saxophones. It is hard to hear the components of any given song as they move in and out of focus, yet th...view item »
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Thank You for Not Discussing the Outside World

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Young Widows
Old Wounds

La Petite Nicole

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My Sad Captains
Here and Elsewhere

Sittin' here caressing my beloved tub of low fat cherry yogurt. Not one to advertise products, me (apart from our weekly round up of musical platters!!) but Rachel's organic low-fat bio live bloody rules my world & I'd probably be dead without it, taking into account my tumultuous lifestyle. My Sad Captains accompany my dairy treat consumption ...view item »

Matt Krefting
I Couldn't Love You More

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Foot Village
Fuck The Future 2

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24



Pink Mountaintops
Outside Love

This is the 3rd release from Vancouver, Canada band led by Stephen McBean of Black Mountain, Blood Meridian. PM lay a captivatingly hazy psychedelic cloud over beautifully desolate Americana chorus chants in a sky that sometimes thunders with Jesus & Mary Chain style rock chords. The lyrics reach deep into the darkness with a hopeful cynicis...view item »

Kevin Blechdom

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Immaculate Machine
High On Jackson Hill

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  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74


Wiqwar is the collective name for the output created by the brothers Wickwar and this s/t effort is the follow up to the well received Fence records release last year. The Wickwar brothers ideas are both refreshing and uplifting much like a can of my favorite carbonated grapefruit drink T'ing. Wiqwar, like T'ing provide a refreshing alternative to ...view item »

Joker's Daughter
The Last Laugh

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Wildbirds & Peacedrums
The Snake

Wildbirds & Peacedrums seem to have totally polarised the office with The Snake which can't be a bad thing now, can it? Getting a reaction's always a good thing. Phil and Business Lady aren't fans at all but Brian and I like it, the neurotic lady vocals and percussion heavy arrangements no doubt appealing to our post-punk sensibilities. Imagine...view item »

Masha Qrella
Speaklow (Loewe & Weill in Exile)

Julian Williams

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Land Of Kush
Against The Day

Constellation always bring me the shit. There's not many records on the label I've struggled with and most I've thoroughly enjoyed. Here's another one by Land Of Kush called Against The Day. It's a side project of Sam Shalabi who's a stalwarts of the Montreal avant garde music scene. He's played in Molasses and the Shalabi Effect to name just 2 t...view item »

Mixed Signals Remixes

First up is the Tristeza remix LP (Mixed Signals remixes). I reviewed the CD some time back and finally the vinyl from Rocket Racer hath arrived and worth the wait it was. There's 3 bonus vinyl only remixes by Fridge, Astorria and Djjims whoever he may be. A lovely looking t...view item »
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Decay of the Angel
Decay of the Angel

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Logos For Love

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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear: 'Friend' EP (Warp) Ten track mini LP or EP if you will, that includes tracks by the band covered/performed by CSS and Band Of Horses plus a version of the Goffin/King track 'He Hit Me'. If you sw...view item »

Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon
Through A Forest Only

Mirakil Whip

Oppressed By The Line
Soft Focus

Trying to excersise my mind muscles this morning with Oppressed by the Line's 'Soft Focus' CD. It's a fine collection of wistful electronic pop songs with an old skool heart, constructed with modern technology. Passages of enveloping, caressing sound make me think of a less Radiohead indebted Julian Fane. Waves of warm yet melancholic sound tussle ...view item »

Angil & Hiddentracks
Oulipo Saliva

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

The Crisis Is Over

Lately the CD's on Distant Noise seem to be finding their way into my review pile. Not that I'm complaining as they're always a welcome listening experience for when things get a bit hectic you can just switch into chill mode. So the latest lovely 'The Crisis Is Over' comes from US producer Phasen who's released stuff on U-cover. Pretty melodic ele...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £3.24

Trans Am
The Surveillance

Can instrumental music tell us something about surveillance? An interesting attempt to prove it can, and one of the few records that addressed the subject in the pre-9/11 US....view item »

Hawnay Troof
Island Of Ayle

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24


So the new Volcano! album has come in and reading the reviews down the bottom of the page here I've got to say I'm completely baffled.. 'Will appeal to fans of Dirty Projectors, Deerhoof, Why?, Liars, Battles and even Sparks!' it says, 'Will appeal to fans of OK Computer and Muse' I say. There seems to be quite a big disparity between wha...view item »

The Dead Science

The Dead Science
180g Villianaire

A brand new signing to Constellation. In the absence of new Godspeed records (which is what you all really want from the label) youll have to make do with The Dead Science and they're new opus 'Villainaire'. The first tme I heard this I thought it was pretty good though and further playing has cemented this. It's epic... I'll give it that. Really b...view item »

Okie Rosette
Leap Second

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Lonely Ghosts
Don’t Get Lost Or Hurt

  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.99

Chemical Chords

Was listening to Stereolab's latest album 'Chemical Chords' and failed to entertain me. It's weird seeing them on 4AD like. As well as the double vinyl LP there is a limited edition Japanese edition of the CD available with extra tracks and in a mini gatefold sleeve an obi strip. I used to like Stereolab but I'm not into their recent material as ...view item »

Africa Just Wants To Have Fun

Anything's going to be an improvement after The Fratellis so Volcano! have got it pretty lucky this week, in this context it sounds like the greatest artistic work produced by mankind since Commando. The peculiarly titled 'Africa Just Wants To Have Fun' is apparently a dig at goons like Bono which is always nice to hear, not that you'd be able to...view item »

Preteen Weaponry

The first part of the epic Thank Your Parents triptych of Brooklyn’s finest band, Oneida. Preteen Weaponry is a long jam in three parts that goes deep into the heart of the band’s magic formula: Kid Millions’ infinitely engaging drums circle around the organs and guitars at th...view item »

Sian Alice Group
The Dusk Line

The Loved
Everything, Anything, Nothing

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

They Were Wrong So We Drowned

When Liars released this as a follow up to their dance-punk debut album, critics and fans were not ready for the pummeling that "They Were Wrong" delivers. However, because 2004 were simpler times where everyone couldn't stop talking about Franz Ferdinand (...embarrassing....view item »

Patti Smith & Kevin Shields
The Coral Sea

Anyway here's is this unlikely duo's long awaited 2 CD collaboration called The Coral Sea recorded live and it's about Robert Mapplethorpe (long time friend of Patti). This is extremely hard work. The guitars are lovely..... nice wooshy feedback which any MBV fan will recognise though it's considerably more sombre. Over the guitar work you have ...view item »

Sigur Rós
Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

This album, which translates to 'with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly' is pure enjoyment. With a standard rock band arrangement this group produces a landscape that reminds us of innocence...whether we knew any or not. A kaleidoscopic journey of sound. I am enthralled....view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Team LG
The Way We Do It

Very nice CD by LG which is one half of Psapp. Apparently LG have already split up which is extremely inconsiderate of them. Maybe they'll reform for a farewell tour once this rockets to number one in the hit parade. Anyway its really really nice. Twinkle factor set to 100...it sounds like an exact cross between Empress...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.74

Ten Kens
Bear Fight/ Y'all Come Back Now

Ten Kens are a new signing to Fat Cat with their debut UK 7" called 'Bear Fight'. Do you know Ten Kens? Do you know one Ken? I have to say I personally don't know any Kenneth's. Sure we sell to a few here but I wouldn't say they're friends. Shite aside this Toronto bunch of lads tread a similar path as Broken Social Scene we reckon. Tasty big ...view item »

The Thrush

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

People Like People Like You

This is little album is amazing!.......got lent it from a mate at Uni and just cant stop listening to it....its one of those that grows and grows...some bits make you want to explode.............if you dont buy it then get a copy somehow......everyone needs to have this.......but dont tell them I said that...music for music lovers............ ...view item »

Thank You
Terrible Two

Super Roots 9

The Boredoms proper go for the spiritual trancendental mantra stuff on 'Super Roots 9' which is out on Thrill Jockey in a stunning gatefold CD package with booklet. This is ridiculously over the top and dramatic and epic sounding with huge choirs of angels singing and gargantuan, enormous crashing drums. Really cinematic sounding and I think its be...view item »

The Insect Guide
6Ft In Love

The Most Serene Republic

Don't you hate it when you get water stuck in your ears from having a bath or shower. This is the situation I find myself in this morning and could do with a plunger.. Best crank up the volume then. I just unpacked 'Population'. The latest long player from Canadian indie pop rockers The Most Serene Republic. For your hard earned you get an optimist...view item »
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  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £2.79

No Kids
Come Into My House

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £9.44

Last Harbour
Dead Fires &; The Lonely Spark

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Clipd Beaks
Hoarse Lords

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Knew Abloom (Life's Hood)

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Shit & Shine

I'm so gutted that the courier hasn't turned up with the Shit & Shine 'Cherry' 2LP on Riot Season as I'm a bit of a fan. I recall seeing them last year and all of a sudden a member of the audience, like myself, folically challenged got up and started bustin' moves like he was at a rave. He completely shattered the bald man stereotype and libera...view item »

X's &; O's

The first release on Cuckundoo Records (not strictly true but according to the catalogue number) is by Escalade AKA Tokyo based artist Greg Sullivan. 'X's & O's' immediately reminds me of Hood. Phil reckons there's a bit of Pinback in there too. His vocal delivery especially makes me think of Chris Adams. It's a gently, breezy track with fairly...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £4.00

Roy's Iron DNA
Men In Wax Jackets

managed to grab a promo copy of this through a friend in the business.... fantastic... been waiting for these guys to release something for a while and it was worth the wait. Has depth and loads of singalong stick in your head type tunes.. Silent Majority is a cracking song! ! ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

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