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Excellent Italian Greyhound

The year of our lord Thursday May 31st 2007 AD. A box arrives at Norman HQ from one of our distros. We are fully aware of its contents. We can barely contain the excitement. I start fumbling as I attempt to open the box... I'm in.... Behold in all its glory 'Excellent Italian Greyhound' the new LP from Shellac !!!!In my teens I was somewhat of...view item »

A Silver Mt Zion
Born Into Trouble

The A Silver Mt Zion LP (Born Into Trouble) sounds really good on first hearing. Very floaty in places, incredibly intense at others, big dollops of atmosphere dripping from every available orifice. Folks from Godspeed in case you didn't know. And the vinyl comes with a free poster. Nice!...view item »

Glenn / Rhoda (untitled)

Sort of named after the strangely stork-like man who used to manage Newcastle United, this is an appendage to Slint's two classic albums 'Tweez' and 'Spiderland'. If I remember correctly it takes one unused track from the sessions for each of the albums. Essential stuff particularly as they didn't release anything else after this. ...view item »

The Sea and Cake

The Sea & The Cake release oh, what must be their tenth or eleventh long player. "Everybody" contains simple, understated music presented with an effortless poise that makes this bunch of musicians a joy to listen to. Who'd fail not to like a record with John McEntire at the helm. If you know anything about these Thrill Jockey stalwar...view item »

Shoreham Airport
It Was Hot We Stayed In The Version

For reasons only known to themselves, Shoreham Airport woke up one day and decided to cover note for note The Microphones album 'It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water' except in the end they didn't and so they ended up with this instead which they say is a 'dub version' of the album intended to ac...view item »

The Mars Volta

Evolution and drastically changing is business as usual for The Mars Volta. Noctourniquet feels like it might be half trying to do something genuinely new and half trying to keep one foot in their previous style. As always with The Mars Volta a lot of fans will hate this album just because it isn't like their debut, a lot of fans will blindly lo...view item »

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Clint here with more. First up Animal Collective  - one of the few new bands to lick my ears in a seductive manner and not have me chop their tongue off with a rusty pair of shears. I'm always amazed by their songs  -its kind of nice acoustic stuff slightly chopped up full of crazy noises and m...view item »

Free Time

It's taken a little while but the drifting dreamy Beach Boyscapes of Panda Bear's lauded 'Person Pitch' record is finally being re-produced by others hoping to catch onto some of the magic that catapulted that album into the stratosphere. Firstly the excellent recent single by Jagwa Ma bu...view item »

Oneida / Mugstar
Collisions 02

Here's a thing for you. It's a split LP by noisy prawns Oneida and Mugstar. Each band gets a side each and both artists choose to fill each side with one long track. Oneida's contribution  'Shahin's Song' is a 15 minute improv rock beast with sludgey guitars and it's possibly the grimiest ...view item »


This is a really good record! I can hear everything from These New Puritans, early Factory Floor to This Heat and Disco Inferno in the first track which marries a grumbling wiry bass to a dancehallesque thud with tons of spangled, clanking, gurgling & ricocheting industrial-tinged samples, a yearning echo-fle...view item »

Ocean/ Conifer

Conifer / Ocean: 'Durance Vile' / 'Building State Empire' (Important) Split vinyl 12" comes packaged in a printed plastic sleeve that works in tandem with the card inner (you'll see when you open it!).Despite what the label says the copy that i'm reviewing is a good old slab of black plastic. Both sides act as a collaboration between two bands...view item »

Dross Glop 3

The Battles remix project continues with installment III featuring Silent Servant, Kangding Ray and Qluster. If I'm honest I could do without an ongoing Battles remix EP project. Not been overly fussed with the other EP's but this bodes a little better with the inclusion of Qluster. Silen...view item »

Wolfram Wire

Dropping the needle on this insanely limited LP it would seem that somebody has got to my a-capella drone record idea before I got the chance to record anything, but this does develop into what its own title so aptly describes as an 'Oral Symphony'. This is a track based around vocalising...view item »

Living: 2009 - Present

This record is a live album that sees Tearist doing what they do best. These L.A. types have forgotten more than I know about playing live and this collection of songs (culled from various shows at various locations) is a rather heady offering. Building on songs driven by synths and intens...view item »

Dillinger Escape Plan
Dillinger Escape Plan

I don't know if "Dillinger Escape Plan" is the best place to start, but if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Dillinger Escape Plan before, whenever you get the chance to: Do it! You will find one of the most talented bands around playing some of the hardest, heaviest, and technically chaotic music ever. Fans of non-commercial hardcore...view item »

Animal Collective

*** FINALLY BACK IN ON DOUBLE 180 GRAM DMM WAX!!*** The crazies that are Animal Collective have a new album out on Fat Cat on dbl vinyl LP or limited 2CD job avec a bonus disc featuring yet more crazyness.... only LIVE. So their new album is a lot different to the last one. It sounds sounds fuller and hazier yet more lo fi and les...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

A band with that most trusted of career trajectory of starting promisingly and managing to get worse on each release, School of Seven Bells have veered from a a vaguely interesting nu-gaze (sorry) proposition that showed hints of heading in a direction that could be termed interesting, to...view item »

Dirty Three
Toward The Low Sun

I've always had a lot of time for the Dirty Three. And since it's been a while since their last album I suppose you're wondering if they've still got it. Both live and on record they've always been a moving and exciting act, capable of conjuring swooping, slow-burning epics that wash ove...view item »

Porcelain Raft
Gone Blind EP

This is the work of Mauro Remiddi, a native of Rome, Italy. The first track here 'Gone Blind' knocked my little socks off with its pastoral lo fidelity glow. It arrives almost at the exact midpoint between Real Estate's watery, reverbed guitar compositions...view item »

Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

Animal Collective: 'Strawberry Jam' (Domino), seems to take it's cue from the last Panda Bear album, full of vocals to the fore, high melody factor and much more potential for crossover into mainstream radio play. We've been playing this for a few weeks now on promo and by heck it surely does grow and grow to infectious levels. Still, not...view item »

Dross Glop 2

I'm getting a little jaded by the 12” remix project. There seems to be tonnes of them about at the moment and they don't really add anything to the albums they purportedly are promoting. Here, Battles are reworked in by various luminaries. Firstly The Alchemist does a dark take on '...view item »

The Vermillion Sands
Miss My Gun EP


Gonjasufi - the name you know. After wowing the world with his Warp debut 'A Sufi And A Killer' in 2010 Sumach Valentine returns with what I would consider to be a full album,  though it's been touted as a mini LP. So, we've got ten new tracks from the mind of  Valentine to mull ...view item »


Firstly we have a new album by the magnificent Rachel's. It has 19 tracks on it and on first listen it sounds utterly compelling. For the uninitiated this is a neo classical collective from Kentucky who make some of the worlds most gorgeous music. It's all pianos and cellos, violas and violins that take your breat...view item »

Koolaid (Global Tyranny)
Koolaid (Global Tyranny)

Well, this one's madder than a box of frogs. It comes with a wildly diverse mixtape (WHICH HAVE ALL GONE NOW... SORRY!), awesomely bonkers sleeve art and a CD of the material on the LP, and even the label themselves (claim they) don't know who these guys actually are. As for that material ...view item »

Various (Blessure Grave, Kevin Greenspon etc.)
Family Time 12

Stephen / Steven and The Urxed

This is a weird lad. It's a split between Stephen/Steven (a pseudonym of Brendan “BARR” Fowler) and The Urxed, which is High Places' Rob Barber. Fowler's side is a confusing lump of concrete, with tiny little piano samples clicking in and out like a scratched up CD. It's not re...view item »

Porcelain Raft
Strange Weekend

Porcelain Raft is the work of Mauro Remiddi, a native of Rome, Italy who has relocated a number of times before settling in New York where I'm assuming this record was made. 'Strange Weekend' is one of those very contemporary sounding records sitting somewhere between the blissful indie p...view item »

Russian Circles

Russian Circles have been refining their post-metal chops for years now, with this being their fourth full-length offering to date. It's a total monster, too. I'm totally in awe of how huge this sounds, and it's probably their most sophisticated offering in many respects, too. The guitar ...view item »

Matt Bartram
The Dreaming Invisible

You may know Matt Bartram's name if you're a fan of his main squeeze - Air Formation, a band that make Shoegaze music like it's going out of fashion. Bartram is generally regarded as one of the finest musicians to embrace the second wave of Shoegaze and make it his own. Always keen to sta...view item »

Neon Indian
Era Extrana

Neon Indian is back! In fairness though I didn't really get on the boat first time round so I'm having to rely on what Business Lady says about the previous record to some extent. She says it was a totally great slice of bedroom pop from around the time that Washed Out and Passion Pit were also putting out their high quality debuts. She also...view item »

Ural Umbo
Delusion Of Hope

Sometimes music can be brilliant and uplifting. The world can feel like a much lighter place to live in when you hear a Motown track, or a really sharp blast of Bob Pollard or mebbe a slice of Fine Young Cannibals and hey presto...everything's probably gonna be o.k. Then sometimes music ca...view item »

We Move Through Negative Spaces

This reminds me a little (or possibly a great deal, simultaneously) of Maps, early Mogwai, EITS, 65daysofstatic & Epic 45. Their last effort was a motorik Krauty affair but this is all proper "epic guitar cathedral walls", whispering, fluttery electronics & galloping, stomping, clattering drum machines with stately arpegiated guitar line...view item »

Big Black

I need to get my facts straight on this, but I think this was the final release from Albini's wonderful experiment in sonic violence called Big Black. Either you love this kind of stuff or you hate it, but if you are looking for unique hard rocking greatness, you need to catch up with these guys. This is the ultimate live Big Black show, perform...view item »


M+A are an Italian duo who make music in the vein of Postal Service, Panda Bear and mebbe even Tunng.They use delicate instrumentation and repetitive vocal loops to create a rich sound that is very nostalgic sounding, yet quite futuristic at the same time. Which makes about as much sense ...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
God's Money

Gang Gang Dance who are geniuses from another dimension. Everything about this progressively bonkers band screams inventive, barking mad, tribal & breathtaking. Imagine The Slits taking a ton of very wobbly narcotics  round Thinking Fellers Union Local 282's house before Sun City Girls come round & build...view item »

Sandro Perri
Impossible Spaces

You may be more familiar with Sandro Perri's work under the Polmo Polpo moniker. I missed the boat on his previous material under his own name so this is actually the first I've heard of it. He's certainly moved on since putting out his drone classic 'Like Hearts Swelling' a decade or so ...view item »

Dreamers Of The Ghetto
Enemy / Lover

Trans Am

The latest LP from Trans Am has all the correct ingredients. Bass guitars sounding like they have been beamed in from the future. Rotor tom fills that remind me of Ghostbusters 2. Vocoder vocals that Frampton would wank off a tramp for. Massive production on some parts, minimalist electro on others. These guys have their houses in order. Some of th...view item »

My Autumn Empire
The Village Compass

My Autumn Empire is Benjamin Thomas Holton from pastoral superkings Epic 45. My Autumn Empire is Mr Ben's side project which he does when Epic 45 are on fag breaks or something. Hey we all need a vice. Mine? I like watching people put shoes on and then taking them off.... it's brilliant. Anyway here sees Ben on a more singer songwritery/ folky t...view item »

Cocteau Twins

Both shimmery and overpowering, this is a recording with both vastness and intricacy, like the massive snowpack made up of individual crystals which covers the territory the release is named for. Of all of their releases this is perhaps the most personal, and certainly the most haunting, plunging listeners into their own transcendent interior la...view item »

Salli Lunn
Heresy & Rite

Salli Lunn are a Danish four piece from the town of Frederikshavn. 'Heresy And Rite' was originally made available at the back end of 2010 via Australian label Hidden Shoals (as well as on their own imprint) but it has only just made its way into our hands. First up, this is a hands...view item »

Olympic Games

The debut album from Finnish rockers SIINAI is a sly homage to the wonder and unification that only the Olympic games can produce. The passion, the drama, the failed drug tests. Mebbe not the last part but you catch my drift. It really does remind you of Chariots Of Fire in some of it...view item »

Hello Voyager

Carla Bozulich is one of those performers I'd like to class as an angry woman. Anyone remember those 're/search' books from ages ago? It had Lydia Lunch in and other such types talking about violence, death and menstruating... you know... a light hearted holiday read. Well if that book was being written now Carla would be in it I'm pretty sure. Her...view item »

Dreams Come True

Cant is the solo pseudonym of Grizzly Bear drummer Chris Taylor and 'Dreams Come True' is his debut solo album. Also known for his lavish productions for Dirty Projectors, Jamie Lidell, Solange Knowles, Twin Shadow and Blood Orange amongst others, this Taylor lad is obviously a talented fella. 'Dreams Come True' is chocker with the kind of t...view item »

Angela Valid
Angela Valid

There's somebody at the door. Angela Valid is here to invite you into her chuntering sound-hole. This is an LP which comprises three long improvised pieces which transport you into the dark mechanical realms of her twisted mind. This seems to be a combination of live improvisations and tape manipulation, building tones on top of one another ...view item »

Evening Water Project

This is the most eagerly awaited thing since living memory. Yep I'm talking about the brand new Sierpinski CD on Jonathon Whiskey of all things. Yep we've come out of hibernation for one last fling at the world. Its our first release for 2 years and most likely our last (unless Sierpinski want us to do anymore and we'll ...view item »

Son, Father And Son

Here's a CD by Oldman on the French Arbouse label. This is an odd beast. It starts off with a throbbing solo bass which reminds me of a Neubauten track from Tabula Rasa. Some eerie theremin noise and then some shuffling kicks in making one of the oddest tracks I've heard in a while. Then comes the old twiddly dee folk guitar. I swear I didn't know ...view item »

Blues Control

Here we have a repress of the third Woodsist release, recorded way back in the balmy days of '06. I don't know about you, but that was the craziest year of my life. What we've got here is some fuzzy, hazy, minimal psych of the highest order. It starts out a bit directionless for the first couple of minutes, but as soon as they hit a groove t...view item »

(I Forgot) To Turn You On

'(I Forgot) To Turn You On' is the work of the Toronto born, Netherlands based singer-songwriter known (for now) as Audrey. Can't help you with a second name, maybe Audrey doesn't have one...who knows? Anyway, her album is a beautifully crafted peice that has an air of melancholy without straying into full-on miserable territory. This is ach...view item »

Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped

I wasn't sure what to expect with this album. Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade are two of my favourite bands. The repetition and sense of looping/cyclical rhythm in this album is expertly crafted and recalls elements of Philip Glass. The opening song "Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor" is an epic synth based anthem with a very dark underto...view item »

Marzipan Marzipan
Marzipan Marzipan

Marzipan Marzipan: "S/T" (Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment) One girl vocal antics with sparse guitars, fx and electronic instrumentation. Lurching from the semi- harsh to the playfully melodic. Sing-song/half spoken word delivery for fans of Chicks on Speed or any of those femminist Berlin girls with DIY agendas....view item »

Roman Ruins

Everything on this label comes on coloured wax with download codes. That's because they care about you. Instantly you feel loved and that's no bad thing. This oranged up beast is one of the chillwave variety. Smothered in 80's synth washes and that acceptable cheese sound of chill wave I'm immediately thinking Washed Out and folks like Toro Y Mo...view item »

Kimonophonic/ Transbeauce

"I struggled over to the record player and shoved on this 7" by Kimonophonic and Transbeauce. Some prat had called it Chloe. Don't know what that's about. I ate one but it tasted shit but it sounded alright to listen to. Anyway Kimonophonic (from Canada) do 2 tracks of instrumental lovelyness...view item »

Shit & Shine
229 2299 Girls Against Shit

Oh Man the latest Shit and Shine record is totally awesome. From the moment I hit play I'm smashed over the head with some ugly, nasty overloaded distorted repetitive heavy rock music. 'Have you Really Thought About Your Presentation?' is a blistering opening track to say the least. It's nuts! It's ridiculous and I LOVE IT! I could quite...view item »

Lachrymose One/ Sansava

Split 7"s eh? We have one here featuring the delightful post Dinosaur/Sebadoh style lo-fi rock of Lachrymose One sharing a sexy slab of sweet vinyl with the much gentler Sansava introducing  their sweet, blissed out Broken Dog/Mazzy Star inspired melancholic loveliness. This is the follow up to that nice...view item »

What a Colourful Mouth

This is the second release from this quartet who hail from Caneberra in the upsidedown land. As my brain has turned to jelly I shall do the lazy cop out thing of copying something directly from the press release, here you go: "rework the traditional notion of rock music, approaching tension and repetition with dissonance and metric imbalance - t...view item »

Expansion Hall
Left Behind

Right, first thing's first, there are only 100 of these in the whole wide world. It's very winsome acoustic pop, the lead track shamelessly nicks the melody from Blondie 'Heart of Glass' I think. This nagged at me all day when the promo came in last week but I suppose a nicked melody is better than none at all. The set up is simple, acoustic...view item »

No Balls

Dirgey repeato riff rock with a loose punky edge is always gonna make this office swing. No Balls have a similar nihilistic outlook to Shit & Shine, their new album is a bit slacker & rawer than the 'Come Clean' record but by side two you're truly sucked into that wonderful vortex of cyclic scuzz rifferama, flailing drums & general e...view item »

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