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At Action Park

Shellac At Action Park is Shellac's debut LP following on from the "The Rude Gesture (a pictorial history)", "Uranus" and "The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger" 7" singles. 'At Action Park' was recorded electrically, and features no overdubs, no guest appearances and no tiny cymbals that go "pish". The vinyl forma...view item »


Souvlaki was a high point of shoegaze, Pygmailion took the sound several stages further at the time, this leap forward was too much for most fans at the time to apreciate, but like all great albums show how far ahead of the game slowdive were at that time the songs have beautiful minimalism and have great use of sonics used, with the pauses with...view item »

Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

The airtight experimental label Constellation continues to fly off the walls with their genres by enlisting Avec Le Soliel Sortant De Sa Bouche, a group based around the vocalist and bass player Jean-Sebastien Truchy, who used to make music with the abstract post-rock band Fly Pan Am. Now, he likes to make funky kraut rock, and the exuberant 'Zu...view item »

Flashlight Seasons

It took me awhile but I finally fell in love with Gravenhurst’s first two albums. In the early 2000’s I have to admit  my reaction to them signing to Warp was one of sheer disbelief. There were far better bands out there at the time doing a kinda similar thing and more deserving of the Warp dollar. I thought them chancers, miser...view item »

Waiting for a Sign

The fourth album from experimental indie supergroup Githead is more surprisingly melodic post-punk and rich, sunny instrumentation. Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner mixes his experimental tendencies with the skills of Colin Newman from Wire and Malka Spigel and Max Franken of Minimal Compact. Improvised music has never sounded so immed...view item »

Flashlight Seasons / Black Holes In The Sand / Offerings: Lost Songs 2000-2004

A band with a lot of post-rock commotion and grimacing facial expressions, Gravenhurst might seem like an odd fit for Warp now. Back in 2004, though, they were all the rage, and this collection shows the band at their atmospheric best, with their first two records -- 'Flashlight Seasons' and 'Black Holes In The Sand' -- reissued with a lot of su...view item »

Super Roots 8

Boredoms are back with a new release in the Super Roots collection this time called "Super Roots 8". The main song of this release is the great "Jungle Taitei" which is boredoms at there best. Awesome drum and conga beats psychedelic guitars and hypnotic vocals. This really once again proves that Boredoms have managed to produce an incredibly un...view item »


Obake awoke one morning to discover they had turned into a giant cockroach. Or, alternatively, they decided to metamorphose metal into ambient and noise, further abstracting their sound from its original resources, and continuing to take one of the most extreme genres out of its shadowy confines. 'Mutations', their second record, proves them to ...view item »

Blind Mr. Jones
Tatooine (20th Anniversary Edition)

Escaping the peak of shoegaze and the attendant cliches, Blind Mr. Jones’ Tatooine arrives on CD as well as vinyl for the first time. A great mix of swirling melodies and chiming guitar lines, Blind Mr. Jones wrote songs as weightless and memorable as more well known shoegazers and they’ve got a flautist for...view item »

Trans Upper Egypt
Trans Upper Egypt

The self-titled sophomore release from Italians Trans Upper Egypt delivers an intoxicating blend of ratatat rhythms, psych-soaked vocals and krautrock repetition. Summoning the freedom of Damo Suzuki, it’s a hypnotic journey with the distant ghost of Hawkwind looming overhead. Out on vinyl LP from Monofonus Press....view item »

Dirty Beaches

Known for his furious live shows, his battered electronics and his heartbroken, buried under vocals, Alex Zhang Hungtai makes some of the most forceful and emotive experimental works out there. His last record under the Dirty Beaches alias was the double record 'Drifters / Love Is The Devil', which showed two flips of his creative coin: on one s...view item »

Anatomy of Habit
Ciphers + Axioms

Despite arguably coming from entirely different disciplines -- the band comprises ex-members of Tortoise and Wolves In The Throne Room, to name just two -- Anatomy of Habit marry the heavy but introspective build-ups of post-metal with the dissonant refusals of noise rock. It's a different venture all round, but 'Ciphers + Axioms' dives right in...view item »

Black Clouds

The thick-fogged Black Clouds meld together the heavy, screeching post-metal of acts like Isis with the more plaintive avenues of your average post-rock twinkle sweethearts, making for a sound that flirts with the sinister and ominous before giving way to something wide-eyed and aspirational. Furious noise meets ambient wash on 'Dreamcation', a ...view item »

The King Of Limbs

Who the hell are these weird bastards? I've obviously no eye for art as I love the sleeve for this album - some sort of amorphous jellyfish ghosts in some psychedelic woodland setting. But everyone else here thinks it sucks. 'TKOL' has divided opinion like every Radiohead album does. It's not experimental enough for the chin strokers & is a ...view item »

Thought Forms
Ghost Mountain

‘Ghost Mountain’ is a superbly heady mix of full on doom rock drone and effects laden MBV style indie rock, on first listen I’m blown away by the ease of transition from one style to the other and after a while I feel like it just works perfectly, if you can imagine ...view item »

Bell Gardens
Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions

Listening to "Darker Side Of Sunshine", a lead tune from 'Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions', it's hard not to be reminded of the softest, most anonymous slowcore artists: the soft percussion, lilting twang and whispered vocal harmonies all bring Low to mind, the song both grandiose and impossibly light. On 'Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions' Bell G...view item »

The Last Dawn

Stripping their sound back from the grandiose orchestral pomp of their recent albums, Japanese post-rockers Mono return this week with two separate single LPs rather than their usual double. 'The Last Dawn' and 'Rays Of Darkness' explore the opposing themes of light and dark, joy and pain, with 'The Last Dawn' perhaps unsurprisingly being the li...view item »

Rays of Darkness

Mono return without the orchestra for their latest tag-team of albums, with 'Rays Of Darkness' providing a scorched and blackened companion piece to the more redemptive 'The Last Dawn', with the two being released simultaneously. In contrast to that more uplifting LP, this one provides a devastating wall of crumbling distorto-drones and harsh no...view item »


I knew this re-released Onna 7" from 1983 would be AMAZE when I read the Holy Mountain website and it was mentioning people like Les Razilles Denudes, Stars and White Heaven.. Admittedly the latter two was only because a forthcoming compilation features early guitar work from Michio Kurihara, but still. In theory it sounds like a total treat ...view item »

Lukas Creswell-Rost
Go Dream

Lukas Cresswell-Rost was formerly part of Leeds post rock twiddlers The Pattern Theory but having relocated to Berlin is pursuing a much different oeuvre with this album of polished 80's sophisti-pop. Opener 'Foreign Movies' has some serious Prefab Sprout moves, 'Ten Dollar Cocktails' goes even further and I hasten to mention Phil Collins. A bad...view item »

Verdugo Hills Remixes

While the remixes of Caroline's debut album "Murmurs" all brought unique approaches to the each track, making them actually sound like new versions, these "remixes" are just too minimal. Except for maybe the last track, all of the songs from Verdugo Hills are stripped of either the main arrangement and replaced with minimal lazy/ basic arrangeme...view item »

Fire Eyes
Hide Out

Led by the vocal juxtapositions of Sally Megee and Paul Beet, who share the mic as if their acid and alkaline voices can meet in the middle, Fire Eyes make a soulful kind of indie rock that sounds serene and widescreen. The sly guitar licks, soft percussion and dramatic keys of 'Hide Out' give it a compelling backdrop, but it's in Megee and Beet...view item »

Plowing Into The Fields Of Love

Copenhagen punk outfit Iceage's third studio album. Relying less than previously on straight-up guitars and classic punk abrasiveness, 'Plowing into the Fields of Love' sounds more well-rounded and introduces a fiddle / horn player, who apparently looks strange and has a beard. Which is important to know. This double vinyl LP (or shiny round CD)...view item »

Pit Er Pat
High Time Remix

Hey hey!!! Here we've got 'High Time Remix', five re-mixes from Pit Er Pat's 2008 release 'High Time'. I'm a big fan of the band but last years LP seems to have passed me by somehow. This i regret as Pit Er Pat are going from strength to strength and these re-mixes are sounding top. 'The Ciaro shuffle' remixed by Brenmar is a tropical multi-tap del...view item »

Electric Youth

If you've been following the world of film in the last 3 years, you will have heard Electric Youth's bittersweet single featuring College, 'A Real Hero', featured in 2011's Drive. On these Canadian's debut full length, they conjure up similarly emotional, 80s-inspired synthpop which would be right at home on a beach accompanying a cool pair...view item »

Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong
Savage Imagination

Dustin Wong is the lightning-fast guitarist and loop aficionado behind the crazy sound of the late noise rock band Ponytail, as well as his own instrumental forays, including last years 'Meditation of Ecstatic Energy'. Takako Minekawa, meanwhile, is an established J-pop songwriter with twee and electronic inclinations. They've already relea...view item »

We Need Secrets
Melancholy & The Archive

'Melancholy & The Archive', the debut by Canadian shoegazers We Need Secrets, immediately recalls a myriad bands who liked drowning their tunes in that thing we call fuzz: the string bends on 'Melancholy' recall My Bloody Valentine, the happy melodies bring back the romantic pop Eric's Trip, and you can fill in the rest with your lo-fi indie...view item »

Pere Ubu
Lady From Shanghai

One of the strangest and most challenging bands on the international experimental rock/post-punk circuit must be these Cleveland OH oddballs led by the larger-than-life David Thomas. Associated with such enigmatic freak units as Red K(...view item »

These Machines

Shoegazers Kontakte come out of the woodwork for 'These Machines', their new eight track mini-record that covers two years of artistic processes. It's the follow-up to their recent 'Fear of Music' EP and finds them on their very own record label for the first time, which they have ambitiously -- and with lots of post-rock hand gestures -- titled...view item »

Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh Trio / Oren Ambarchi & Matt Skitz Sanders

Triple blast from sax drums and violin wizards here and what a trio splattering out frenetic cacophony like being attacked by a a zillion killer ants. It's a hyper rush of intensity from start to finish leaving my jaw on the the floor. "What the fuck just happened???" CHAOS!!! Oren and Matt pull out an unexpected move with huge drum blasts in al...view item »

Moon Relay
Moon Relay

The debut from Norwegian quartet Moon Relay, this self-titled LP sees the multi-instrumental instrumentalists galloping through nine unpronounceable tracks. A taut, twisting mass of krautrock repetition, screeching noise rock distortion and stop-start Oxes-esque precision, featuring synths, electronics, marimba, organ and gra...view item »

Living With Damp

On the sleeve there are three arses but no its not the new Manic Street Preachers album, its a great little 7" from a Male Bonding dude, helped out by a Dum Dum Girl on one track. Its immediately rather intoxicating. Guitars are spindly, melodies are firm, production is lo...view item »

Hollow Sunshine
Held Above

I seem to have found myself with lots of metal in my review mountain today, so I was expecting this debut LP by Hollow Sunshine on Robotic Empire to be pretty straightforward chug'n'howl business but I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that it's actually pretty weird and...view item »


A band from Turku, Finland and its ever-expanding scene of intriguing experimental rock acts, Pöllöt are now releasing their self-titled debut record. Their music often retains the lo-fi tag -- not as a trophy but as a tool -- fixing it on grooves that sound beautifully suppressed as a result of their production. The ban...view item »

The Unsemble
The Unsemble

A Jesus Lizard and an Einsturzende Neubauten and another guy? Playing instrumental rock? This is relevant to my interests. The album itself is somewhat different than you might expect, though, far from a rehash of Duane Denison, Alexander Hacke or Brian Kotzur's prev...view item »

If Anything

Greys are a canadian punk rock band with the sole aim of making a noisy old racket about everything on If Anything. The band spew out short bursts of angry noise aimed at giving you and ya mates a good old-school party while annoying the neighbours -- what could be much better? For fans of Fugazi and ot...view item »

Adebisi Shank
This Is The Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

While Adebisi Shank may be over, but their legacy lives on with this ace third album from the math-rock trio. Relentless, soaring, and quite a lot like a heavier version of winning on a Nintendo game, the band definitely went out on a high when they released this just before the split. Available on vinyl or CD....view item »

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything

180g LP audiophile pressing includes art poster + dl. CD in gatefold paperboard jacket. Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything is the first definitive document of the band's newfound sound and style as a quintet. It’s also their first single LP-length work since the band’s debut record as a trio almost 15 years ago, an...view item »

Bear In Heaven
Time Is Over One Day Old

Bear In Heaven’s new album is aptly titled ‘Time Is Over One Day Old’. It’s a record with a visceral relationship to time and its processes. Where invulnerability and ambition can support you as you grow, at some point they become dead weight and being true to yourself means casting them off, starting anew. This plays out...view item »

Dredd Foole & Ben Chasney
Drunk With Insignificance

Here's an album by someone I've heard of and someone I haven't. Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Ben Chasny fame has teamed up with a character called Dredd Foole. I wonder if that's his real name like Kurt Vile. On this album Mr Foole takes the fore most of the time with some alt-co...view item »

I Hear The Devil Calling Me

Tracks: A1  Alastair Galbraith Milky Milo Man 1:00A2  A Handful Of Dust The Lonesome Death Of Albert Ayler 0:48A3  Peter Jefferies Lassitude 1:08A4  Olla Dead Fish 1:02A5  Renderers, The I Hear The Devil Calling Me 1:11A6  Dead C, The 5.12.90 0:48 B1 &nb...view item »

Delay Trees

This one has my name written all over it. First up it has trees in the band name. I like trees. I also like drifty, dreamy guitar pop, the type recently made popular by Real Estate and Wild Nothing. 80’s influenced, slightly flangy guitars and murmured indistinct vocals. ...view item »

Dub Thompson
9 Songs

Was most curious about this as our Clint was enthusiastic about it which means, regardless of his worrying infatuation with Yacht Rock, that it's most likely to be a pretty damn cool record. Which it is, I can happily declare. I think he knew I'd thrill my ass off to '9 Songs'. Which only has 8 songs. See what they did there? Now. What d...view item »

Half-handed Cloud
Flying Scroll Flight Control

Experimental twee popster Half-Handed Cloud has a wild kaleidoscope of syrupy indiepop for your diabetic ears to eagerly absorb this week. Pitchfork have him down as a “hypercaffeinated Shins”, and certainly Mr Cloud’s soft falsetto and ridiculously catchy harm...view item »


As one of longest slow-burn artists on Pink Mist and Holy Roar, the glacial unravelling of Brontide has been a consistent, fascinating tease.  Following a momentum-stoking 12” single (‘Coloured Tongues’) and tours in America, Europe and the UK finally the band settled down to write and record ‘Artery’. ...view item »

Divorce (Album)

Glasgow mentalists Divorce have been doing the rounds for a bit now, teasing us with all manner of juicy singles full of scratchy, unhinged psychopunk clatterings, but only now have they finally got round to dropping a full album of their anarchic disc-sander-to-the-face rantings. It’s f...view item »

Young British Artists
A Change By Any Other Name

It's a bold move to name your band after an art movement, so I had high hopes for the levels of ambition to be found on Young British Artists' debut LP. Sadly, however, it's sorely lacking the confrontational sass that defined their visual artist namesakes, opting instead to plod firmly down the middle of the road trod by the...view item »

And The Light Will Swallow Everything

SEIROM is M.C. De Jong. And The Light Will Swallow Everything marks a departure from De Jong’s usual desolate and bleak work, this time he has created something that is bright and glorious, 4AD-ish and cinematic by using elements of shoegaze, post-rock and black metal. And The Light Will Sw...view item »

This World

Grails/Slint blokes. Nuff said.” That’s all the post-it on the front of this CD has to tell me, and listening to it now I’d say that’s a valid point. Watter is like a musical victory lap for some of Louisville’s finest - multi-instrumentalists Zak Riles (...view item »

Gentle Friendly

The ghost of Animal Collective looms large over a large majority of modern groups. Here is another. Now onto their second record having transferred from Upset the Rhythm to Fat Cat, they are going to have to win me over with tunes as the first few minutes reveals enough annoying noises to make you go runni...view item »

Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Enfant Terrible

There's a post-it on this record that simply has my name on it, since I'm the office's known Rune Grammofon expert. This is of course album number three from those crunchy minimal jazz-proggers Hedvig Mollestad Trio. Those of you who are familiar with the previous two will know that this lot's stock in trade is twisty-turny instrumentals full ...view item »

Abrakadabra / Magnapinna

Here’s a split 12” between a band I’ve not heard, Berlin trio Abrakadabra (“groove-ridden dissonance” says the press release), and one I have heard, local trio Magnapinna (“dissonant, groove-ridden” says the press release). First thing’s first then, I’m listening to Abrakadabra’...view item »


One man guitar orchestra Eric Quatch inhabits that wild and fertile (and increasing populated) border zone between ambient, shoegaze and metal. He’s been quietly forging his sound and releasing music as Thisquietarmy since 2005 and with this latest release, ‘Rebirths’, he offers new recordings of select tracks from his consider...view item »

Olga Bell

A marriage of intelligence and beauty rendered more mysterious by the sole use of her native Russian, Krai by Olga Bell is a work as rich in history as it is in sound. Having worked with the likes of Dirty Projectors and Tom Vek, Brooklyn-based Bell shows here a talent all her own. Imagine Karin Elisabeth Dreijer tackli...view item »

Life Among The Savages

Papercuts sounds like an edgy name for a band doesn't it? You expect them to be some kind of spiky post-punk types with a lean, aggressive sound full of slicing trebly guitar and whip-crack drums, don't you? Well I thought they were going to be a rock band anyway, but it turns out they're playing a timid and breathy brand of indie which reminds ...view item »

Melt Banana
Cell Scape

The Japanese are always guaranteed to completely buck any trend in the world by taking elements of western culture (in this case something called 'music') and distorting it into some kind of startling, spazmodic mess. Melt Banana scare the shit out of me as a rule because I think what they do might act...view item »

Cosmic Thoughts
Cosmic Thoughts

I just finished writing about the cosmic synth voyages of Emeralds offshoot Outer Space, so how fitting that the next thing I have to critique today is the self-titled LP of Cosmic Thoughts. Kosmische this ain't, however. This lot play a scratchy, spiky post-punk racket with sharp trebly guitars, a Joy Division...view item »

Mamiffer & Circle
Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)

Circle team up with Mamiffer (featuring Isis man Aaron Turner) for this slow and serious voyage of dread-drones and chilly textures. Over the course of three sides, we get a lengthy opener of chilly dark ambience with intermittent drumbeats and melodic twangs and scrapes (viola by ...view item »

Cypress / The Light

Vow are a duo made up of Linda Wölfel and Fender Schrade and have been described as one of Berlin’s most promising new bands. Cypress/The Light is their first ever vinyl release and will appeal to fans of dreampop. The single was mixed by Bernd Jestram of Tarwater and mastered by Rash...view item »

Sleep Kit
Sleep Kit

This is sounding good, its a one sided 12" by these German noiseniks onto which they manage to cram five tracks. Taking their principal cue from Sonic Youth it has all those screwdriver-in-the-guitar wierdly tuned things but married to a plaintive vocal which comes across more Jawbre...view item »

Women's Hour
Her Ghost / I Need You

This is Kendal four piece Women's Hour's first release on American independent record label Secretly Canadian. Since forming just a few years ago, Women's Hour have won over a considerable fanbase and become one of the most blogged-about bands of the year. This is smooth, modern indie: carefully crafted textures that are rich in detail but power...view item »

Be My Weapon (Swell)
¡¡ GREASY !!

One of my favourite bands of the 90’s were Swell. They made some incredible records (particularly ‘Well’ which every home should own) and were generally woefully underrated and undeservedly ignored. The last Swell album I picked up was ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ but since then I&rsqu...view item »


Iceland's Samaris are back with a second album of their sultry electronic pop. This trio have quite an unusual and distinctive formula, with silky female vocals singing passages which the press release tells me are "culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems" (a fact that would have eluded me entirely otherwise, not speaking Icelandic myself...view item »

Pink Mountaintops
Get Back

Black Mountain man Steve McBean is back with another of album under his Pink Mountaintops alias, featuring the usual brace of high-calibre buddies backing him up. For the most part it's a mishmash of plodding indie rock and crunchy psychedelic post-punk, but there are a few notable moments. Opener 'Ambulance ...view item »

Refractory Obdurate

Not what I was expecting at all but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Wovenhand emerged out of 16 Horsepower who I remember straddling a woozy alt-country territory. This, however, is a raucous affair, completely at odds with what I expected. That’ll teach me for being ignorant. Its a windswept ...view item »


Stallone are heavy, fast and technically proficient. Their talent is showcased on their debut 7-track mini-LP Mire. This will appeal to fans of bands like Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan. The album was recorded by Lewis Johns (Vales, ...view item »

Clipd Beaks
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Volume 10

Couple of tracks of woozy experimental rock from Minneapolis veterans Clipd Beaks on this new 7". On side A there's a number called 'North Hard Daze', a blurred, dreamlike bit of psychedelia with all the sounds strangely muddied. There's a simple drum groove and the bass guitar gets quite lively in places, but everything else is fucked with unti...view item »

The London Dirthole Company
The Sounding Alley Tapes

The Sounding Alley Tapes is the fourth album by The London Dirthole Company. This is blistering punky garage noise pop from Action Town played by four guitarists, four stand-up drummers, four singers and one bassist. Interested? You should be... The Sounding Alley Tapes is available on vinyl LP ...view item »


I've had a lot of "challenging" music to review today, which I don't mind in principle but after a few hours it can really clog up your brain. Here to give me a little mental clean-out and loosen me out for more oddness, though, are Inventions. I'm pretty confident they won't be too freaky because it's a collaboration from people involved with t...view item »

Holy Mountain
Ancient Astronauts

The mind-bending future pop of Islaja's latest offering just had me come over all weird but I'm re-fortifying myself now with a dose of hot coffee and my latest prescription of bombastic stoner rock from riff doctors Holy Mountain. Yup, if it's heavy psychedelia you're after then you can never go far wrong with this ...view item »

Chrome Hoof
Chrome Black Gold

Stumbled upon a couple of tracks over at the YouTube Knopheria and When The Lightning Strikes and felt compelled to seek out the album. If those tracks tickle ya titties then the remainder of the album just might toot ya tube....view item »

Anthems For The Micro-Age

First up in my Friday review pile is this LP by Roladex, a modern synthpop duo armed with an impressive arsenal of classic synths. You can tell they're very proud of them because while they don't include their own names anywhere in the album art, they do list all their equipment. As for the music itself, they seem to be taking their cues from ea...view item »

Chelsea Light Moving
Chelsea Light Moving

It’s supergroup time again! This time round we’ve got veteran Sonic Youthite Thurston Moore joining forces with Keith “Hush Arbors” Wood on second guitar, John “Pegasus” Moloney on drums, an...view item »

The Casket Girls
True Love Kills The Fairy Tale

Three piece The Casket Girls came about when when electro sound composer Ryan Graveface (Graveface Records, Dreamend, Black Moth Super Rainbow) was in one of Savannah’s many squares and happened across sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene under a tree. They were singing improvised prose like songs accompanied by an autoharp Autoharp. Shortly af...view item »


We've got a couple of old LPs in from German noiseniks Gammelfleisch along with their hypno-themed split LP with psychedelic golden boys Gnod. I'm having a spin of 'Kicker' and it's an entertainingly grotesque repeato racket. The formula is a fairly simple and well-worn one; the bass and drums lock into a primal thumpi...view item »

Atlantis (Gilson Heitinga)

Dripping with paranoia, dark and heavy, OMENS is the latest in genre-transcending drone. Between ambient and metal, atlantis is an unstoppable force that crashes through houses and dreams in search of sonic darkness. Never comforting or stopping, this album will please all you heads in search of the heavy stuff....view item »

The Pink Caves

Currently trying to get my noggin round this Fenster album 'The Pink Caves'. A dreamy concoction of feather-light indiepop psychedelia and breathy boy-girl vocals, it meanders along with a soft-shuffling ghostly warmth full of detached melodies densely layered into glassy-eyed soma bubbles or awkwardly penetrating a musty silence. Sometimes it's...view item »

Michael D Donnelly
I’ve Come to Love You Forever

From one nightmarish-sounding record to another, I've just tackled the dark recesses of Jakob Riis & Bill Horist's psyches and now I have to dive headlong into the paranoid crevasses of a certain Michael D Donnelly's tortured id. Opener 'With Ease' here gives us electrical crackles and a meandering droned synth melody along ...view item »

Stars In Aspic/ It's Here

I'm not familiar with this band Rivulets but when Phil handed this 7" to me yesterday he said it was the first thing they'd done in ages and they were a bit like Low. He's right to some extent, as 'Stars In Aspic' itself sounds an awful lot like Duluth's finest, the plaintive vocals, the slowly strummed guitar, that c...view item »

Birds of Passage
This Kindly Slumber

This Kindly Slumber is the third album by Birds of Passage, AKA New Zealander Alicia Merz. The sound is made up of layers of ethereal ambiance underneath Merz’s philosophical poetry. For fans of Zola Jesus, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros and Grouper. This Kindly Slumber is available on v...view item »

Guilty Of Everything

Guilty Of Everything is the debut album by Nothing. despite being signed to metal label, Relapse Records, Nothing take their cues from shoegazing maestros My Bloody Valentine and the arena alt. rock of Smashing Pumpkins. The heavy swathes of guitars, introspective, dark lyrics are offse...view item »

Love To Give

At 23, Sam Howard has already set himself a difficult task in following up his raptly received debut album 'Ark', which he released as a mere nipper at the end of 2012. 'Love To Give' is a record which centres around the ex-choirboy's angelic voice, but there's a lot more to it than initially meets the eye, as he deftly throws around spiritual-s...view item »

The Notwist

Nook is the second full-length album to be recorded by German band, The Notwist and was originally released in 1992. Nook is an example of their early sound which took in elements of heavy metal and dark indie rock rather than their later electronica sound for which they are more well known. Nook...view item »


I think I'm right in saying that this was the final release from post-rock legends Labradford before new projects, including the excellent Anjou took shape, and it's a pretty decent way to bow out. Opener 'Twenty' fills the whole of side one, and features the trademark bass sound coaxing you ever deeper amongst the shimmering hum and cli...view item »

Dope Body
Natural History

Ooh, I'm not familiar with Dope Body but one track in and this CD has already reminded me of Floor, Shellac and ...view item »

Chaos Destroy
Lightning Strikes Twice

We’ve got a slab of frantic Jap-influenced noise punk shrapnel here from America’s Chaos Destroy, who turn out ten tracks of head-fuckingly frantic, blown out hardcore punk which is all but obscured by tape muck and feedback and broken, distorted equipment. The primary influences here would have ...view item »

Black Earth

Surprising one this. I've heard of guitarist Ken Camden because I loved that kosmische-styled slab of vinyl that came in last year but now his complete Chicago-based brotherhood/collective have erm...Imploded onto the scene with this rather superb long player. I especially love the shifting, hazy, spangled s-s-s-sound of this record because it g...view item »

Tres Cabrones

The MELVINS are busy lads. Eager to keep things interesting whilst maintaining their daft work ethic ‘Tres Cabrones’ sees Buzzo and Crover reunite with original drummer Mike Dillard under the guise of Melvins 1983. It’s not strict reunion as such but it’s a close as the lads are willing to get and, of course, having Dale ...view item »

Bad Guys
Bad Guys

Nice! I’d not heard this lot before but the sun just came out and Leeds is experiencing its first meaningful warmth in about six months and this is just the kind of adrenalised riff-a-thon we need to celebrate that. It sounds just like you’d want a band called Bad Guys to sound like, neanderthal...view item »

Beauty Pageant

There’s never really enough dirty bands that raise their middle finger at anybody who doesn’t like noise, although Beauty Pageant are definitely doing enough to fill all our needs in that department. Their newest EP, by the name of Torso, is a celebration of the body at the cost of all pretense - ex...view item »

Ghost Maps
The Ocean From The River

Quiet dramatics filter in above the steady pulse of folk rock that Ghost Maps are conjuring from several graves. These songs swell with twinkling guitars, lilting strings and intensive percussion, but do what the best folk music does: they rest on a nice bed of melancholy. The Ocean From The River is...view item »

Moonface with Siinai
Heartbreaking Bravery

Canadian Spencer Krug (Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade) with his 2nd Moonface album, this time with Finnish band Siinai, formerly known as Joensuu 1685. The result is a sort of diverse, medium paced indie rock with a flair for epic drama based around subtly developing rhythms and a powerful voice. Elements of pulsing Krautrock, punctuated by bursts ...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse

Canada's THE BESNARD LAKES release their 2nd LP. This one is called The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse and it's a follow up to the Earworm released debut album Volume One. This time they've picked up members of Godspeed and The Dears along the way. The sound is packed with layers upon layers and the opening track clearly is indebted to Brian Wils...view item »

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