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Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress

We thought we'd lost them forever but here they are with their first single length album since their very earliest days. Recorded in late 2013/14 with Greg Norman (not the golfer but the Electrical Audio engineer), 'Asunder, Sweet and other Distress' is described as Godspeed's most focussed and best sounding record to date. Clocking in at an ana...view item »

Sonic Youth
Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising was only the second record for these presidents of noise rock, and saw a reverence for classic rock and all its idealism hit a brick wall of distortion an disdain. Sonic Youth made feedback the new pop music, and this record helped them on their way to that very reasoned idea: this is...view item »

Olimpia Splendid
Olimpia Splendid

The debut album from Olimpia Splendid comes after their EP dropped in 2013 to praise of their gritty electric guitar and hypnotic rhythms. The six tracks on the album from the three girls from Helsinki have looping rhythms which are built upon with raging guitar and mantra like vocals. An intense and punk like slice of psychedel...view item »

Neil On Impression
L'Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre

Italian post-rock maestros Neil on Impression’s masterpiece L’Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre has been long overdue for both translation and reissue. And thanks to the kind folks at Google Translate and Denovali, we’re able to provide both. More or less. It’s something about The Oce...view item »

Sea Of Trees / Sink

Spectres noisy shoegaze was recently showcased with their debut full-length Dying, and this release subjects two of that record’s tracks to the whims of remixers. On the A-side is Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas, who takes Sea Of Trees in a techno direction. On the B, ...view item »

Midas Fall
The Menagerie Inside

Ever-so-earnest post-rock from UK four piece Midas Fall. The Menagerie Inside sits comfortably somewhere at the midpoint between 65Daysofstatic and Evanescence, adopting dashes of electronic instrumentation amongst a tried and tested formula. Out on CD and vinyl LP including free poster from Monotreme....view item »

Apprentice Destroyer
Glass Ceiling Universe

Glass Ceiling Universe is released on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records, and although it shares aspects of its sound with the garage-punk of Thee Oh Sees and much of the label’s roster, Apprentice Destroyer sounds like a cosmic robot’s interpretation of that genre. Whic...view item »

My Bloody Valentine
EP's 1988-1991

Three previously unreleased MBV songs you say? Oh, go on then.  Let's get those 'new' tracks out of the way first. None of them sound like they could be on Loveless, which is a good thing in my book, so if you prefer that earlier MBV sound then you should give these a listen. 'Angel' is the best by far with a gorgeous, breathy Bilin...view item »

Spotlight Kid
Ten Thousand Hours

Cool cover art on this one. Cool music too from Spotlight Kid who bring us Ten Thousand Hours. The title gives it away to be an expansive, building and crashing shoegaze album in the style of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. The drifting female vocals give a feeling of Slowdive...view item »

Pega Monstro

Pega Monstro are a sister act who started playing in their teenage years. As a duo on drums / guitar / keyboards / double-shouted-vocals, they have the super-tight chemistry that comes of literally growing up with another person. Alfarroba is their first record to be fully released outside of Portugal, courtesy of Upset...view item »

Static Daydream
Static Daydream

Static Daydream’s eponymous debut contains 11 tracks of noise-pop that are drenched in reverb and distortion with catchy hooks. Static Daydream are a duo made up of ex-Skywave and Ceremony founding member Paul Baker and his girlfriend Jamie Casey. Static Daydream ...view item »

Death Magic

Everyone’s favourite LA noise-rock (with a dance-pop sensibility) group HEALTH make a return to album releases, after what feels like an extremely long time. Death Magic continues the band’s harsh-but-shiny journey; from the sounds of single New Coke, things will be even more party-friendly than bef...view item »

Young Pines

1099 have only produced two full-length albums in their decade of existence, their self-titled debut and now Young Pines. Instrumental rock is the order of the day, with an approach that is has thick shades of post-rock whilst keeping it fresh. Originally released digitally, this double LP vinyl version is ou...view item »

Yuppie Flu
Our Nature

Yuppie Flu. They've gone all commercial too, like a well produced Strokes but I think 'Our Nature' is a grower as last time I wanted to rip it off & forcefeed it to the boss but now I'm quite enjoying it. Would not sound remotely out of place on daytime radio but his nasally voice might make people want to stab each other....view item »

Xiu Xiu

You'll know more than I do about Xiu Xiu. Somehow their existence has passed me by. The involvement of Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier in the group was the reason I picked this up. I heard he'd being helping to produce the band and on 'Always', dips his hand in on some of the playing too. O...view item »

Warmer Milks
Let Your Friends In

I almost jumped out of my skin when I hit play on 'Let Your Friends In' by Warmer Milks. Immediately I assume this is gonna be a noise album but that's not the case. A few minutes into the first tune and the band enter heavy rock terrain with fairly lo-fi production values and black metal vox. Not the cacophony of blistering chaos implied by the op...view item »

Tremulous Monk
Sweet Little Things

Tremulous Monk: 'Sweet Little Things' (Echo Chambers) Twelve tracks pleasantly easily digestible singer-songwriter viewed indie pop in the mode of classic pop/rock as produced by such luminaries as Lou Reed and artist of his ilk. Home produced in and around York, Northern England...or at least that's where the label is based. Taking his influence f...view item »

Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear

Toman are Belgian which has just occurred to me is responsible for a very distinct sounding brand of progressive rock, the modern lineage from Deus to Soulwax being world famous, so this is perhaps not a purchase for our good Belgian friend Jeroen as he apparently dislikes those two aforementioned bands like the plague. 'Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear...view item »

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

Grave Babies present a record all about the possibility that humanity is a doomed species, a proposition explored through drum machines and an hard-rock-in-the-1980s guitar sound. Holographic Violence is an odd-sounding album that is hard to pin down, something that works quite well. On the Hardly Art label....view item »

Vision Fortune
Country Music

They called it Country Music but I think they are actually big liars: this psych rock outfit wouldn't know twang if it hit them on the head and chased them around the barn in a pick-up truck of lovelorn melodies. So instead: Vision Fortune hone their usual compositions of sparse, strangely coalescing...view item »

Sleeps In Oysters

I'm not sure I can take a band called Sleeps In Oysters very seriously. Saying that, their second full length album features loads of fantastic animal masks on the sleeve (some of which I also own myself like unnaturally small chicken head and Panda face to name but a a couple) so that's redeeming. Not sure where these lads are from 'cause their...view item »

Strange Wilds
Subjective Concepts

Strange Wilds are both strange and wild, although on reflection probably more wild than strange. Subjective Concepts is a grungey hardcore record that drinks in the major music history of their native Seattle. Out on Sub Pop, with the option of white vinyl exclusively limited to independent stores (like ours!)....view item »

The Roman Empire
Return to Woody Creak

Nice self released CD by The Roman Empire. It's made up of hazy, organic folky lullabies ala the Fence label, with visits into melodic homespun bluegrass territory (with fey vocal harmonies!) It's a hard one to put me finger on as to influences but there's definitely something here for fans of Kings of Convenience & Tunng, they've got that gold...view item »

Heavy Maple

Heavy Maple is the debut album from Rec.tangle A.K.A Brighton-based, France-born Adrien Rodes. Formally known as Topo Gigio, Adrian Rodes has been taking it steady since signing to Melodic ten years ago but it looks like the wait has been worth it. I'm really taken by first track 'Square One'. Brett reckon's it sounds like the theme to 'The Hitchik...view item »

There Has To Be More

I seem to have brought the Swedes home tonight. Philthy said this is "shoegazey" so thought I might like it because I'm miserable & stare at my shoes all the time. Well, it's the only fucking part of me that can see easily at all times and isn't my arms (which i'm quite frankly sick & tired of). I'm not being funny but this album sounds ...view item »

Protestant Work Ethic
The Jar And Shock

Protestant Work Ethic, as well as having a great name, has a rather pleasing sound: folk songs nestled amidst detailed arrangements. Not quite as dour as you might expect Protestant folk music to be, but that may be for the best, depending on how bleak you like your folk. The Jar And The Shock is released by Valeot....view item »

Waking Lines

“A modern shoegaze-pop record” screams the press release and yes I suppose it has slew of guitar effects piled on top of the rock dynamics but really this is nothing of the sort. Its big, bold shiny pop thats nods fairly far in the direction of Jonsi from Sigur Ros s...view item »

Papercut And Wrecking Ball
Papercut And Wrecking Ball

Papercut and Wreckingball- S/T(Deserted Village) Two tracks of epic length meditative high end oscillations and cat killing frequencies from Northstation main man Steven Fanagan. The tones generated float in and out of view and are combined with mid range points and processed (environmental?) sound textures. All in all, an effective filmic sounding...view item »


This is the second 12” EP by London’s Cheatahs, who feature members of Male Bonding and Weird Dreams, treating us to four more songs of their nostalgic-soundi...view item »

Wrapped In Plastic

The credits for this album list each member of Blindness as playing their ‘proper’ instruments (vocals, bass, guitar), but each is also credited with ‘noise’. This bodes well. Wrapped In Plastic is a record of bright electro pop swathed in shoegaze atmospherics and driven by stern drum machines. ...view item »

Never Enough Hope
The Gift Economy

Never Enough Hope: The Gift Economy (Contraphonic) Another Chicagoan release, this time more reminiscent of the exploratory jazz of Chicago Underground/Duo/Trio etc... Opening up with a heavy percussive drive and vibraphone to the fore. It moves outwards towards a funky bass and brass blare and onwards to more orchestral sounding compositions that ...view item »

Funny Man

Lark’s fifth album ‘Funny Man’ fuses darkly gothic nursery rhyme vocal themes with low slung bass, warped, disorienting noise, creepy melodies and rhythm programming and sampling onto a foundation of un-characteristically traditional song structures resulting in fourteen tracks of sludgy, industrial feedback goodness....view item »

Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair

This ain’t your regular barbershop-quartet. In fact, these are not barbers nor are there four of them. But they’re still tight. With a new line-up, Grooms newest album has a new sound that should please the old fans as well. Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair is the product of change, both forced and volunt...view item »

Hangover the Top

Marvin are a progressive electro rock outfit from Montpellier, France. 'Hangover The Top' is their second LP which sees the group out grow their early Trans Am aping efforts to become a more unique proposition. Dynamically the group are all over the shop, crazy authentic Moog synths effortlessly cruise their way through a bizarre obstacle course...view item »

Leaving the Fold

LEAVING THE FOLD (I'm convinced they used to be just The Fold!!!) have a pretty darn cool single on Marquis Cha Cha too. It's nowt particularly new (like, so whaaat?) but if I were 18 again I'd be well into the melodic post hardcore of 'Contort for the Two of Them' with its dense walls of dive-bombing guitars stabbed up by...view item »

We Are Singing For Hurrays

On the same label (Arbhouse) we have a CD by Hopen.  This is a wierd kind of electronic thing that sounds initially quite ambient but is often interrupted by other strange sounds and voices coming out of the ether. Bits of cut up guitar, piano, voice etc. Its definitely an unusual mix and is otherwise quite indescribable in t...view item »

Hey Willpower

The rhythms in Hey Willpower's 'Hundradaire' reminds me of The Cure's 'Close To Me'. In fact imagine Prince doing a cover of it. That's it in a nutshell. The Cd Comes with remixes from Community Library's Strategy and Copy who does a 80's new wave electro pop bleepy mix. Comes well as a Quicktime video (though not on the 7"!). Out on Tomlab. ...view item »

Gang Wizard/Friends Forever

Echo Fisk
Water Sports

Punk Jazz Rock doesn’t sound too promising, but that’s how the press release describes Echo Fisk and Water Sports. It sounds more like experimental jazz to me, something in the vein of The Feed Back or something like that. I think the Punk element comes from the fact that the three N...view item »

Electric Bird Noise
The Silber Sessions

This is a grab bag mix of various post rock sounds with bizarre song titles and an even more oddball sleeve. It's a compilation of various tracks the band have released over the last 10 years on singles and compilations. The main man Brian McKenzie plays a variety of instruments and constructs some of his compositions from lifting sounds fro...view item »

Christy & Emily
Tic Tac, Toe

Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy
The Brave & The Bold

Oh God. Although they've once or twice come up with some great records I often think that Tortoise are taking the piss. Same with Bonnie Prince Billy. It always seems as though he's laughing into his sleeve at the gullibility of his loyal fans. Well now they've both got together to take the piss out of the record buying public aga...view item »


This Blanket self titled album on Try Harder is a bit useful. It's very gentle delicate sounding female fronted folk music with twinkles and general pretty in. Delightful stuff in fact.... The 2 guys in the band have had releases out before on Woodland Recordings as The Diamond Family Archive and The Great Park. Also one of them has the most tremen...view item »

Crystal Shipsss
I Will See No Moon No Sky

Transparent red vinyl LP on Resonans. Crystal Shipsss is the project of Jacob Faurholt. I Will See No Moon No Sky is a low down droned out shoegaze album with drums and bass that resonate from the next room, delicate vocals and delicate low tuned plucks. features collaborative efforts with members of ...view item »

Black Dice
Beaches & Canyons

DFA are the krazy kool production team/label honchos on the tip of everybodys tongue at the mo' so in my grubby paws I have the Fat Cat licenced version of Black Dice's LP/CD entitled Beaches & Canyons. We all know Fat Cat is an experimental label given to unleashing waves of s...view item »

Black Dice

I guess some people will be falling over themselves to get their mits on 'Repo' the latest album from Black Dice. There's just tons happening on this album, as you'd probably expect. I like the use of repetition and the way the tracks evolve in all their skewed off kilter glory. You get the sense that the trio just live for creating sound and yet d...view item »

Black Arts In Town Hall E.P.

New single from Bitmap (the man out of Salako,  pop pickers). It's ok acoustic upbeat pop with an awful guitar screech getting right in the way. Sounds very much like David Bowie. The first track is taken from their recent album and features the quickest fade in recorded music history. ...view item »

Bacanal Intruder

Bacanal Intruder then... No it's not something you use in the bedroom when your marriage is collapsing around you (though I'm not saying it wouldn't help). It's the name of a beat combo from somewhere or other and here's their CD album called 'Lulo'. I know nothing about these whatsoever. Seriously... I know as much about these as I do a ...view item »


Claiming a huge range of influences including Daniel Miller, Frank Zappa, P-Funk, Steve Reich and many more weird and wonderful acts is Ff. Not a funny Welsh consonant but a band and art collective made up of Antronhy of Bivouac and Dave W. of White Hills. A little bit disco, a lot of synths and vocals like you  might expec...view item »

Climb Up

Reviews of this album are fairly luke-warm to be honest. As music is completely subjective and some other person's opinion, which is what reviews are, rarely equates to your own, one must listen to the music themselves, without prejudice. If you do this, you will find that many of the reviews for Climb Up that you find, are way off the mark....view item »

Six Six Seconds
Tearing Down Heaven

Six Six Seconds’ Tearing Down Heaven was first heard on a Downwards compilation a few years ago, but it was agreed by all involved that it was worth being released on a disc of its own. Here it is on a 10”, in all its dark, seething glory, backed with Reprise, a fresh return to the same territory....view item »

Son (Christopher Schiel)
Alphabet Series 'O'

Now on the Alphabet Tomlab Singles series we're up to O and taking the baton this time here we have a split from  THE ENVIRONS and  SON. First up the Environs sounding like indie electro Craig David. Really like the song by SON which is an electro pop ...view item »

Ultrasound/ Patrick Phelan

Next Patrick Phelan/Ultrasound. Well what can I say. The Patrick Phelan track on here is simply one of the best songs I've ever heard.I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! We are immensely proud to bring you this fine man on vinyl. Its like a cross between Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. ...view item »

My Education
Concentration Waltz

Also proving that Texas is the new erm...oh I don't know...are My Education. We liked them so much we gave them a full 7" to ply their majestic trade. If you like the grandiose post rock of Godspeed you Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai then I really think you are going ...view item »

Cloven Thumb/ Ill Prepared (Dieter & Gadabouts mix)

Librarian I know sod all about apart from the fact they're a pan Lahndan/Bristol act. 'Cloven Thumb' is kind of lo-fi backpacker hip-hop skinny funk with bizarre lyrics. There's a very home spun vibe about it, recorded off-the-cuff with no overdubs or post-production, I'm totally undecided as to whether I like it or not but it possesses an undeniab...view item »

Jesus Licks
Highwayman EP

Jesus Licks: 'Marry Me' (Post Records), a four track 7" EP from a former Norman's single of the week winner. Very very cutely naive folk-pop powered by voice-guitar, banjo-voice, melodica-voice, piano-voice ...handclaps and percussion. Highly recommended with a stylish apocalyptic sleeve, if death is stylish!...view item »

Metallic Taste Of Blood
Doctoring The Dead

The Metallic Taste Of Blood is an evocative name for a band, no doubt about it. Surprisingly though, this is no thrash album, though Doctoring The Dead certainly has its share of heaviness. Rather, this is a series of mostly math-rock tracks, careering tightly between time signatures and different musical styles. On Rar...view item »

The Black Lamps
The Black Lamps

Another jumper across the chasm between digital release and physical record, The Black Lamps’ self-titled debut is now finally out on vinyl as well. Hitting massive sales since its digital release, we can only assume that the vinyl release has that much more depth, warmth and ‘realness’ to it to make it worth a...view item »

No Joy
More Faithful

The third LP from No Joy is More Faithful which delivers some beautiful shoegaze that whirls around in reverb and almost chant-like vocals which layer over one another before being hooked back to earth with some concrete guitar work. It’s full of ethereal melodies which glance toward Slowdive ...view item »

Regal Degal
Not Now

Not Now is the second record from Brooklyn’s Regal Degal, produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. Regal Degal operate firmly within the non-temporal realm of popular culture, where sonic elements from any and all eras are fair game, so that Not Now is...view item »

Ashrae Fax
Static Crash

This is the first of several reissues on Mexican Summer of the work of Ashrae Fax. No, me neither, but it turns out they were a pumping synthpop band from the early 2000s when synths were pretty out of vogue and have since been celebrated retrospectively. It&rsqu...view item »


Reverb-heavy slowness from Bay Area lifers Valet. A collaboration between Honey Owens, Fauria and Mark Burden, Nature is a shimmering shoegazey effort that’s as expansive as it is organic in sound. Fans of the My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive revivalist aesthetic take note. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Kranky....view item »

Takaakira 'Taka' Goto
Classical Punk and Echoes Over Beauty

After aging for 12 years, the solo album by MONO frontman Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto is finally here - it was originally composed and recorded back in 2003! Featuring what will hopefully continue in the direction of engrossing, tension-filled compositions, Classical Punk and Echoes over Beauty ha...view item »

Anthems For Catharsis

CD or 12” vinyl LP on Consouling sounds. Canada’s Thisquietarmy seems to have a release every couple of months, all based around guitar improvisations. Layer upon layer of guitar textures builds into a palette that can be equally dark and cathartic. For fans of Jesu, Deafheaven, ...view item »

Totem Terrors
Hard Science

DIY Cardiff noise rock duo Totem Terrors return following the underground success of their fan funded debut ‘Repeat Play Torrent Rar’ with the highly anticipated release of their new album ‘Hard Science’. Released on their own independent label Diet Pops, beautifully packaged in artwork by Adventure Time (OMG!) illustrato...view item »

Cotton Candy / Storm O.K.

Thick with fuzz, overdriven guitars march on these poppy songs of Keroscene’s new 7”. A-side Cotton Candy brings a chorus you’ll be humming all day, set against a distorted post-punk vibe. AA-side Storm O.K. comes with more electronic influences, mixing synthesizers with classic grunge riffs....view item »

Solar Cafe

Available on digipak CD on Eibon Records (500 copies) or hand numbered 180g red vinyl on Deafborn (400 copies). Found sound and drone swamped plucked post rock guitars soundtrack-like album from the aptly(and excellently) named Melanchoholics. With sub frquencies and darkened tones competing with each other, put it somewhere bet...view item »

Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart
Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart

Available on 12” vinyl LP or CD from Secretly Canadian. Sunns and Jerusalem in my Heart is the result of a seven day collaboration session from 2012 between Sunns and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in my Heart). After a couple of years they revisit the material, edit, re-work, an...view item »


Apparently inspired by “the squares of the Arab Spring”, Fertile is the second album from instrumental group Stearica, based in Torino, Italy. Being released during Spring, the album does blow away the cobwebs; with big, chunky guitar and hammering drums it’s quite a stomper of a record and tra...view item »


Slick, shiny and smooth, but also cold as an unpleasant February, Marriages present their first full-length album, Salome. Lively drums underpin post-punk vocals that might be described as ‘epic’, and a synth / guitar combo with wide eyes. Available on CD or vinyl, from the Sargent House label....view item »

Free Reign II

Evergreen Liverpudlian krautpoppers Clinic came up with their strongest offerings to date last year with ‘Free Reign’ and on this LP Daniel “Oneohtrix Point Never” Lopatin has been tinkering around in t...view item »

Two Boys Alright
Hazy Realms

How many? And are they boys? Oh, they’re Two Boys Alright, let there be no doubt about that. Chucking together heavily distorted guitars, floating vocals and an organ’s bass pedals was perhaps one of the best choices they ever made. Hazy Realms, released on exactly 100 cassettes at honestly a cutthroat rate,...view item »

Juke & the All-Drunk Orchestra
Juke & the All-Drunk Orchestra

Norwich six-piece Juke and the All Drunk Orchestra initially released this album as a limited CD last year, and it went down so well that it has now reappeared on fancy double vinyl and a less scarce CD edition so more people can wrap their ears round the Juke and his cohorts’ bold rock’n’roll/swing hybrid. The first co...view item »

Yann Tiersen

Many (perhaps most) of Yann Tiersen's fans became familiar with him from his soundtrack to the film 'Amelie.' The score consisted of mostly pre existing compositions, and the result was unforgettable. I think it is the moment most of us fell in love with Yann. As much as I miss the early Yann sound, I like the fact that he changes as an artist a...view item »

Eric Copeland
Alien In A Garbage Dump

Eric Copeland from Black dice has his second solo release out on Paw Tracks. 'Alien In A Garbage Dump' is a pretty messed up record. He takes some samples, loops them, filters and time stretches them, then sequences to give a disorientating effect with a twisted sense of funk. It's pretty weird and you'll either think its pretty cool or it will irr...view item »

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