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Thee Oh Sees
Carrion Crawler / The Dream

It's getting to be a bit tense in the office these days, for when a new Thee Oh Sees record comes in there's more than half of us clamouring to review it. That's known in the trade as a fan-boy tussle. Mike got the last one, Business Lady has reviewed more Dwyer & co records than sh...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Floating Coffin

We have a dilemma here at Norman Towers this week - do we award our coveted Album of the Week trophy to The Knife’s ambitious and sprawling new 3LP masterpiece or this latest offering from Californian garage rock overlords Thee Oh Sees? The notoriously prolific ...view item »

The Rolling Stones
Exile on Main Street

The Rolling Stones took themselves off to the French Riviera to record their classic double LP Exile On Main Street. This could well be the album from which all the stories of excess associated with rock stars stem from. But let’s not let that overshadow the music. Since it’s release in 1972, Exile On ...view item »

Jim White
Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

This is his sixth studio album and is finely produced, journeying across the vast American continent. I’m not sure if that is a place I wish to visit these days, but Jim White makes it feel magical, heartwarming and limitless, helped in turns by his hometown (Athens) finest musicians, plus Dead Rock West and Holly Golightly...view item »

International Vicious Society Vol. 4

The International Vicious Society compilations achieved that powerful double-whammy of being extremely good and rather rare, which makes the University of Vice’s reissues very welcome. The album compiles international 50’s / 60’s dance music with a novelty twist. Limited edition of 500 vinyl copies!...view item »

The Sonics
Live At Easy Street

In 2015, garage legends The Sonics released their first studio album in five straight decades! They also spent Record Store Day 2015 performing a live set to a capacity crowd at Seattle’s Easy Street Records, and it sounds like it really went off that day! Live At Easy Street is a crisp and clear document of a rem...view item »

In The Devil's Focus

Billy Childish and pals did sessions for both Marc Riley and Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music in July. This 10” collects both. These 10 tracks betray a new-found interest in the possibilities of granular synthesis… nah, you know exactly what to expect! Hashtag rocknroll, hashtag 77. Only 8...view item »

What About Brian (Alt. Version) / The Fields In Mist

Billy Childish's current crew with an alternate version of a track from their fifth album, Brand New Cage. The A-side is an impassioned and perplexed protest at the omission of Brian Jones’ name from the plaque in Dartford Station commemorating the formation of the Stones. B-side exclusive...view item »

Ty Segall / Black Time

Originally released in 2009, ‘Split’ LP by Ty Segall (Fuzz, Sic Alps) and UK trash garage rock band Black Time is often referenced as being one of Ty Segall’s best early records. The juxtaposition of Segall’s Californian, reverb heavy groves and the chaotic, disorienting ruckus that is Black Times’ contribution make...view item »

The Fame-Beats
Don't Tell No Lies / The Watford Stomp

Aussie rockers The Fame-Beats are here with their debut release ‘Don’t Tell No Lies’, a lilting beat-inspired homage to mid-century British pop, courtesy of Wick Records. But the kicker here is ‘The Watford Stomp’, a rollicking party-starter that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Beatles...view item »

Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Eddy Current Suppression Ring

This is possibly the best Garage/Punk rock album released in the last ten years, maybe even longer. These marvels from Melbourne are definitely worth checking out!! ...view item »

Songs Of Experience

Latest creation from the inevasible U2. On Island Records. Available on double LP cyan blue vinyl. Or there’s a limited edition deluxe box-set version including CD, blue double LP, a themed ‘newspaper’ and a handful of extra tracks if the regular 13 wasn’t enough for you. There you go....view item »

Neil Young
Harvest Moon

Ah Harvest Moon. Like Bat out Hell 2, it's a key example of how an artist going back to an original blueprint can reap dividends. On Harvest Moon Neil Young captured the vibe of his original Harvest album, with a series of beautifully evocative acoustic songs including utterly essential closer Natural ...view item »

The Monkees
Good Times!

Hey hey they’re the Monkees! And weirdly enough, this ain’t no reissue: Good Times! is a brand new studio record from the classic 60’s pop boys. The tracklisting is star-studded with guest writers, from Rivers Cuomo to Noel Gallagher to Paul Weller, pl...view item »

Wild Evel and the Trashbones
Digging My Grave

Wild Evel and the Trashbones are a knockabout good-times garage-punk gang from Austria, with lots of lessons learned from both the original 60’s garage rockers and Billy Childish’s trash aesthetic revitalisations. Digging My Grave is a driving messy fuzzy torrent of leathery guitar action, r...view item »

Time Frames

Razz are led by ex-Pets guitarist Dan Wood whose guitar and songwriting skills revive a classic new wave sound making it relevant for today. Backed up by members of Reptoids, Talkies and Sob Stories, Time Frames is blistering rock record with memorable melodies, 'ooo-ooos' all in the right places and a cracking ...view item »

The Rolling Stones
On Air

On Air showcases The Rolling Stones in a 1960s BBC recordings stylee. So you get them at their rawest, most direct and bluesy, bringing us their R&B love and Country influences which characterised their early sound. You fans will love this. All restored using ‘Audio Source Separation’ for that bit m...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Live at Third Man Records

Ultimate Painting is the pairing of James Hoare and Jack Cooper, known for their excellent indie bands Veronica Falls and Mazes (respective...view item »

David Bowie
Pin Ups

Parlophone reissued a range of David Bowie albums in the Five Years boxset in 2015: now these nice 180g vinyl versions are being released individually too. Pin Ups, released in 1973, finds Bowie covering a number of his 60’s favourites, including tracks by The Who and ...view item »

Man Or Astro-Man?
Experiment Zero

Table Scraps
Sick of Me

Brummie garage punks Table Scraps follow a slew of cracking singles and an LP with a new 7”. Sick Of Me continues in their tradition on self-produced, self-styled, reverb-soaked garage rock. The band have notably been picked to support legendary punk acts The Stranglers and Buzzcocks. On Z...view item »

The White Stripes
Get Behind Me Satan

Get Behind Me Satan was the fifth album by The White Stripes. It was originally released in 2005. It saw Jack White change his approach ever so slightly - the were the typical White Stripes numbers such as My Doorbell and Blue Orchid, but there was also the occasional stripped-back ballad that featured piano and...view item »

Iggy Pop

This 10” contains versions of everyone’s two favourite songs from Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life album (the title track and ...view item »

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

Two steps ahead of anyone hoping to insult them with a jeering nickname since 2009, Sydney’s Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys return to peddle their rather raucous, slightly punkish and unapologetically dated rock & roll. Rot is their second LP, released on LP/CD by their own label R.I.P. Society and brims with filt...view item »

The White Stripes
Fell In Love With A Girl

Fell In Love With A Girl was the second single to be released from White Blood Cells, The White Stripes third album. Following on from the success of Hotel Yorba, Fell In Love With A Girl reached No 21 in the UK charts and featured an animated Lego video directed by Michel Gondry...view item »

Those Pretty Wrongs
Those Pretty Wrongs

Those Pretty Wrongs is a collaboration between legendary Big Star drummer Jody Stephens and producer, musician and former member of roots-rock band The Freewheelers, Luther Russell. The pair got together when Stephens asked Russell to perform with him to promote...view item »

Paul McCartney
McCartney II

Universal present a full brace of new Paul McCartney‘s post-Beatles material in reissue form. McCartney II was recorded in 1979, as Wings were on their way out, and was assembled entirely by Paul himself, using a stack of synthesisers. And it includes the wonderfu...view item »

Paul McCartney

Universal have a full brace of Paul McCartney reissues to show off, giving the listening public an opportunity to examine the Beatle’s solo work once more. McCartney was his very first, released in 1970 and recorded in secret while his main band was still just about active. Paul p...view item »

Paul McCartney and Wings
Band On The Run

Universal present a full brace of new Paul McCartney‘s post-Beatles material in reissue form. Band On The Run is perhaps the best known of Paul’s records with Wings, featuring the big hit title track among other 70’s easy-rock bangers. CD and LP reissu...view item »

Lazy Bones

'Lazy Bones!!', the third record by Zambian garage rockers Witch, trawls through rollicking guitar riffs (with plenty of fuzz action), avid drum fills and sublime vocal harmonies, creating a sound that's joyous and communal whatever genre it ends up slinking into (be it their preference for funk or psych rock). It's being reissued by Now-Ag...view item »

Paul Major: Feel The Music Vol. 1

Paul Major, the man behind the band Endless Boogie, has been collecting and distributing weirdo music rarities for decades now, focusing on those individuals operating from outside the established industry. ...view item »

Alex Lipinski

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe (also the label runner of ‘a’ Recordings, who are putting this album out) at his side as producer, Alex Lipinski has crafted a snappy record of sixties-style pop-psych rock. Alex was recorded in six hours apparently, a...view item »

The She's
"all female rock and roll quartet"

The She’s present their most snarkily-titled album yet in the form of all female rock and roll quartet, neatly skewering precisely the kind of lazy musical writing we try to avoid. This is the band’s second album, and it is packed with both raw energy and direct lyrics on the one hand and carefully-assembled...view item »

Introduction to Escape-ism

Like Jon Spencer, Ian Svenonius is one of the hardest working men in contemporary rock 'n' roll. Over the years he's amassed an awesome discography with The Nation Of Ulysses The Make-Up, Chain & the Gang, XYZ, Weird War etc. but hasn't stepped out on his own. Until Now. Here he is, but naked and armed with a guitar, drum box and casset...view item »

Chain & The Gang
Live at Third Man Records

This is the first live document of Chain and the Gang the latest product of the world's most entertaining front man Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up etc). The album perfectly captures the soulful racketeering of his latest band and the raucous social/political commentary of his vocals.   ...view item »

Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip

Fifth compilation LP in Lance Barresi and RidingEasy Records’ Brown Acid series, packed with obscure tracks from the 60s and 70s. Including Captain Foam, Mammoth, Zebra and more, The Fifth Trip is another carefully curated selection of heavy psychedelic rock. For Led...view item »

The Traditional Fools
The Traditional Fools

Who doesn’t like Ty Segall? Nobody worth knowing, from my experience. The hardworking garage dynamo has built up a reputation and body of work in the past five years that most would be happy to achieve in twice that time through relentless touring ...view item »

Fox Face
Spoil + Destroy

Fox Face are Milwaukee’s best feminist punk outfit, applying lots of riot grrrl ferocity along with a bit of old-school heavy riff’n’chug, and even some brighter surfy sections. Spoil + Destroy is their debut album, and it definitely does the job if you are after powerful guitar music with a strong ant...view item »

Leisure Opportunity

Proto-Idiot hail from Manchester and share band mates with fellow Mancs The Hipshakes. Their debut album, Leisure Opportunity has the quintessential English songwriting of, say, Ray Davies but with a delivery that is way more urgent, sharp and erratic making it classic, but absolutely for right now. ...view item »

Blues Pills
Lady In Gold - Live in Paris

Blues Pills are a Swedish band who play a soulful brand of rock and blues. Their sound lands somewhere between ‘70s Dutch rock masters Shocking Blue and Beth Ditto’s Gossip. Following success in Europe (No.1 in Germany) with their second album, Lady In Gold, they&rsq...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Alive And Well In Ohio

Eighth album from Ohio rock outfit Buffalo Killers. With over a decade of experience behind them, they took a more relaxed approach on Alive And Well In Ohio; claimed to be their most ‘truthful’ record yet. Featuring warm fuzzy riffs and psychadelia-infused basslines. Vinyl LP and CD on Alive....view item »

The Buff Medways

Billy Childish's Buff Medways are back with a new album on Coxon's Transcopic label. Now I used to be a massive fan of Thee Headcoats, The Mighty Caesars, The Headcoatees, Thee Milkshakes and I've passed on most of the Medways stuff just cos most of it has been out before under o...view item »

The Buff Medways
Medway Wheelers

Billy Childish's Buff Medways have a new single out on Damaged Goods on 7" and CD. This is more of his medway infused sound which starts off sounding just like Dinosaur Jr and then goes into a more tuneful 60's type poppy thing instead of his usual blues route. Who'd have thought it eh? A new Billy Childish...view item »

I've Got A Conflicted Mind (Alt.Version) / In A Parallel World (Alt. Version)

CTMF are a loud rock/punk guitar band and on this 7” from Damaged Goods are two alternate versions from their recent LP, Brand New Cage. Exclusive to this release are...view item »

Son of Dave
Music For Cop Shows

Son Of Dave don’t play by the rules, or at least that’s how some of the cops may be described in the shows that bluesman Son Of Dave has written music for. Beatboxer and harmonica playing free-spirit Son of Dave’s new album title suggests he...view item »

Dirty Fences
Goodbye Love

Dirty Fences hail from Brooklyn. Goodbye Love is their third album. The band have created a sound of their own with chugging guitars and blissful harmonies, whilst not being scared to wear their punk and rock influences on their sleeves. Redd Kross, Dictators, ...view item »

Darlene Shrugg
Darlene Shrugg

Not a person but a band who seemingly eschew all forms of internet presence they are however made up of people you may have heard of. Former Slim Twigs and Tropics folks began collaborating with Meg Remy of US Girls and the unlikely trio were then joined by further people who had already traded ...view item »

Brand New Cage

Wild Billy Childish with yet another album here, more specifically his fifth in as many years with CTMF. While his work rate remains astonishing, what’s perhaps more impressive is that most of the stuff he comes up with is still pretty damn good. Cuts like ‘Are You Better Than Me?’ and ‘T...view item »

Necromancer / Take It Easy

Seratones hail from Louisiana, from whence they launch their southern-tinged garage rock. The most notable thing about the group is vocalist AJ Haynes, who has one of those enormous voices full of fire. 7” single Necromancer / Take It Easy is on Fat Possum, and only available from independent reco...view item »

Kings Of Leon
Mechanical Bull

Its so cool. I wanted it for ages and convinced myself to buy it and after I finished listening I wanted to listen to it again. Super awesome, well worth the money....view item »

Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire
Rosie Jones

Solid 60's-style garage rock from Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire. Some good yelping (an all-important ingredient with this stuff) and both tracks get your legs going, it's hard to know what to write with something that's been done so many times before but this is a sterling example, so if it's your thing you'll lap it u...view item »

King Khan & The Gris Gris

Hard to keep up with all King Khan’s activities sometimes, but here is another new venture. Murder Burgers is pitched as a solo album (although it does feature ...view item »

The White Stripes
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / Who's To Say

Two covers here, actually: while this 7" project offers one White Stripes single plus one White Stripes cover, "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" was originally written by Burt Bacharach and familiarized by a soft, serenely romantic adaptation by way of Dusty Springfield. There's the Stripes' pretty raw, half-punx version on here, p...view item »

The White Stripes
The Hardest Button To Button / St. Ides Of March

The White Stripes remember a time when they released a shittonne of impressive singles, each on the classic Elephant. "The Hardest Button to Button" is counterpointed by "St. Ideas of March" on the flip, a cover of the Solded Brothers. A nice way to commemorate one of the best pop/garage rock bands t...view item »

Escape-ism / Light Beams

Split 7” release to showcase two fabulous Washington D.C. outfits. Escape-Ism is Ian Svenonius (yes, the underground legend behind The Make Up...view item »

The Rebel
Riding In The Sun / Why Must I Pay

Country Teasers mainman Ben Wallers is also The Rebel, and it is under this guise that he does some of his most fascinating work. Outsider punk that peels the genre apart and shows you s...view item »

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Live Rust

Here is a re-issue of Neil Young's late '70s live album which was recorded on his 'Rust Never Sleeps' tour of 1978. It was recorded in various venues across the US and features his classic ragged band Crazy Horse backing him on songs from his recent album alongside earlier classics. 180g vinyl re-issue. ...view item »

Holy Wave
Fuzz Club Session

Following the release of their 2016 LP, Holy Wave have been taken in by Fuzz Club to create another Fuzz Club Session. The band has moved on from their previous garage rock vibe towards a much more 1960’s psychedelic-rock sort of sound, a great little transition for the band. Available on vinyl LP....view item »

David Bowie
A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982)

Calling all very rich Bowie fans, you are in for a treat. This collection compiles all his albums between 1977 and 1982 which of course takes in his now classic 'Berlin Trilogy'. Not only that but 'Lodger' has been remixed by Tony Visconti and includes a bonus collection of single versions, non-album singles, b-sides and songs featured on soundt...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Vol. 1

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are a band so firmly dedicated to their heavy rock history that they originally released Vol. 1 on the exact forty year anniversary of the first Black Sabbath...view item »

The Horrors
Strange House

Now up comes the curtains and through the smoke come THE HORRORS with their debut album Strange House. Although its obviously an old image format of guys in black make up and big hair, there is something dead interesting about the dark dandies. The music is gothic punk and angst with Doors sounding keyboards and cl...view item »

The Weather Station
The Weather Station

Self-titled and self-produced, The Weather Station is a collection of softly sung tracks that open your eyes to a fair few different genres. On her fourth record, Tamara Lindeman is able to bring together country with pop, and indie with rock and manages to do it well. This eleven-track record ...view item »

Satan's Satyrs
Black Souls

Yuh-yeah! Here's a 7" of cheesy'n'sleazy '70s style rock from highly entertaining trash monkeys Satan's Satyrs, whose clattering retro assault of wah and fuzz has been impressing acid fried freaks far and wide on their 'Wild Beyond Belief' debut LP. 'Black Souls' is pretty much what you would expect; hard and dirty riffing a la ...view item »

Neil Young
Cow Palace 1986

Neil Young had just turned 41 when he played this momentous gig at Cow Palace, San Francisco. The show was part of the Rusted Garage tour with his backing band Crazy Horse. Despite his studio output not being up to his usual standard at this point in his career, Cow Palace 1986 finds Neil Young...view item »

Ranch Ghost
Sugar and Milk / Soot

Third Man Records' Blue Room Sessions series continues with this, it's fourth instalment recorded in a single take direct to vinyl. Nashville's Ranch Ghost were casually accompanying The Today Show's feature on vinyl with their garage psych mess when Jack White's ears pricked up and bam, here those catchy tune...view item »

Pet Crow
How Are You Wired

Unlike the pet seagull that was a recent barely fathomable news story, this is instead a Pet Crow. The band have already built up a good following and have been featured in all the magazines. They play a brand of raucous garage and punk rock which has drawn comparisons to the Sonics and the Julie Ruin...view item »

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are a London based three piece who are now on their fourth album and continue to make old fashioned style pop, blues and soul using analogue gear. Weirdly Phil likes them despite them not having anything to do with Geoff Barrow. Anyway this should see them continue on their singular path and ensure healthy...view item »

Acid Baby Jesus
Lilac Days

Greek garage-rockers Acid Baby Jesus return from Athens after 3 years with their 3rd album, Lilac Days. The four-piece manage to distil warm, fuzzy 60s psych-pop and infuse mystic Eastern folkology with the dirt and grit of classic rock 'n roll -- these guys love the likes of The Stooges as much as Ravi Shankar. Well, s...view item »

The Bombay Royale
Run Kitty Run

The Bombay Royale keep on mining their exciting territory of choice: synthy pop and surfy rock that takes inspiration from the rich world of vintage Bollywood. Run Kitty Run is cool and soulful and full of Hindi...view item »

New Moody Judy

Written as a complete collaboration from all three band members, New Moon Judy is the latest nine-track release from punk rock band Honey. This record sees a continuation i...view item »

The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

Okay, okay it's not their best work, but that still means it's a masterpiece when it's by The Beatles. The main thing that brings this album down is the musical score of the animated movie... which comprises all of side 2. Focusing primarily on side 1 there are some brilliant tracks on 'Yellow Submarine'. First off you have the eponymous track w...view item »

The Doors
Strange Days

During the Summer of Love, when everybody in San Francisco was wearing flowers in their hair and talking of peace, love, and brotherhood, who should headline the psychedelic ballroom scene but the Doors, singing the darkest of songs, about sex and death rather than love and peace? From the opening cut, with Morrison's voice echoing from ...view item »

Dead Rider
Crew Licks

Chicago based art rockers Dead Rider return to Drag City for their fourth full length album. Ever developing their almost unclassifiable sound you get glitchy time shifted R’n’B mellow grooves alongside twanging dark blues licks and layered vocal harmonies, and they don;t skip a beat in hitting the atonal either. Inc...view item »

Brian Wilson
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology

Covering more than thirty years across nine different solo albums, Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology is a comprehensive celebration of the great man’s solo career through 18 songs over two vinyl LPs. A collection of studio and live recordings, this compilation also contains two previously unreleased tracks, one of which...view item »

The Doors
The Singles

The Doors were a kind of gloomy '70s version of INXS with a prowling tiger of a singer and some other blokes in tow. They are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary and this set compiles all their US singles and their B sides - even the ones they ill advisedly did after the death of Jim Morrison. Your only vinyl option is ...view item »
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JD McPherson
Undivided Heart & Soul

JD McPherson was delighted to have access to all the vintage analogue gear of the RCA Studio B in Nashville, and that delight comes across in the recording of Undivided Heart & Soul. This album really sounds...view item »

Travis Pike
Watch Out Woman

Travis Pike has an entire two singles to show for his five decade career in music: seems the man prefers to keep his thing to his native Boston. But! Here we have a previously unreleased single to add to that number, recorded in 1966 but languishing in a film company archive since then. Two wonderful soulful songs, released at l...view item »

Celebrity Skin

Slicker, more polished and more produced than their two previous albums, "Celebrity Skin" sees Hole making a more radio-friendly sound. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins helps out with a bit of songwriting and production and there's evidence of ...view item »

El Goodo
By Order Of The Moose

Ah El Goodo. Named of course after the Big Star song, El Goodo are a Welsh six piece who blend all manner of '60s influences particularly spaghetti westerns to create a form of nostalgic,cinematic pop that references Super Furry Animals, Lee Hazlewood, Love and Ennio Mor...view item »

Pinky Pinky
Pinky Pinky EP

If there's one place to thrive as a musician, it's LA. This proggy three-piece seem to have embraced the West Coast environment with their self-titled, and not plinky plonky, Pinky Pinky EP. If nothing else, this four-track offering - co-produced by Hanni El Khatib and Johnny Bell - is an assured slab of...view item »

Luke Haines
Smash The System

Former Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines, who hates everyone and everything, returns with a new solo album. Smash The System is a classic sounding rock songwriter record that alludes to such figures as Bruce Lee, Ulrike Meinhof, Mar...view item »

The Kinks
Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire

The schoolmasters of the British Invasion continue to get in our faces long after the invading is all said and done, offering a reissue of Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall of the British Empire), their brainiest and most orchestral moment in the sun. Fashioned after soft folk rock arrangements and glorious riffing, it...view item »

Iggy Pop
TV Eye: 1977

The Iggy Pop himself, recorded live in concert during 1977, the same year as both The Idiot and Lust for Life and so at the absolute peak of his solo powers. TV Eye: 1977 is full of fierce performances from Iggy and his band, which includes a certain David Bowie on key...view item »

The Beach Boys
Wild Honey - 50th Anniversary Edition

Following from the dizzy heights and horrible fallout of Pet Sounds and the at-the-time-unreleased Smile'you'd have been forgiven for thinking that Brian Wilson was finished in the late '60s. He did however play a large part in several low key records of the era including the straight down the line co...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin's 'IV', known colloquially as "the one with Stairway To Heaven On It", was the band's fourth record (uh, yes?), and saw them surge back from the relative obscurity of 'III'. It stands as one of the high watermarks of hard rock and saw the band cross into folk and prog more consistently. Get the Led out in 2014, because I hear that's...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Wolf Lie Down

The latest chapter in the ongoing sound world of the Fresh and Only's took them three years to complete but continues the anything goes art punk/ technicolour garage pop of their previous five full length releases. The band is nothing if not multi faceted and here take you on a journey through jangle pop, desert rock and primiti...view item »

The Solarflares
Psychedelic Tantrum

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 1999, Psychedelic Tantrum...view item »

The Solarflares
That Was Then... And So Is This

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 2000, That Was Then...And So Is This...view item »

The Solarflares
Can Satisfy You

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 2003 and out on vinyl for the first time, Can Satisfy You...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Dreaming In The Non-Dream

The press release for this is almost as long as Chris Forsyth's last album. I see the words Pere Ubu, Neu and Roxy Music in there so I'm assuming this next opus contains moments of '70s art rock amongst the blistering solo's and heat hazed Americana that he produced on earlier work. Prolific tho...view item »

Alex Chilton
A Man Called Destruction

Following on from his wildly successful stints in the Box Tops and Big Star, Alex Chilton spent his remaining years as a kind of musical troll, constantly switching styles and annoying his audience. A Man Called Destruction was his 1995 comeback and featured an eclectic mix of garage rock, jazz and r&am...view item »

Black Moth
The Killing Jar

So what is this band all about? It’s a fast-paced experience most of the time, but it also has its slower parts as in, for instance, the songs “Plastic Blaze” and “Blackbirds Fall”, however it kicks off really great at the opening track “The Articulate Dead” that just throws you right into the boiling ca...view item »

The Americans
I'll Be Yours

Plucked from obscurity by Sir Jack White and pals to become the house band in forthcoming PBS documentary American Epic which details the recording processes in early American music, the aptly named Americans were initially influenced by pre-war music. They also reconfigure the sorts of blue collar music made by the likes of ...view item »
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Fantastic Negrito
The Last Days of Oakland

Let me tell y'all about some Fantastic Negrito. From the first note to the last , you will be engaged in real, black roots music and the bluest of blues....if he comes within 100 miles of where you live, gas up the jalopy and get there quick. Heartfelt, honest, original music from a cherished artist. Breathtaking Blues modern style, merging Grun...view item »

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
Super Natural

Super Natural is the rock-solid debut record from British thrashers Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind, whose name is taken directly from a book on social psychology. Showcasing their twisted brand of grime-ridden psych, the long awaited offering contains ten tracks of expensive and ambitious m...view item »


Meatbodies describe themselves as ‘Heavy Pop’, a concept that they actually pretty much live up to: louder and more metally than most indie pop, but a lot more melodic and actively ‘fun’ than most metal and hardcore. Alice, which is released by the In ...view item »


Australian trio ORB land on John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees)’s Castle Face imprint to take the label’s garage-psych vibe in a slightly different direction. That gloriously tangible fuzz-sound is still present on Birth, but the music underneath it is closer to proggy hard-rock than ...view item »

White Fence
For The Recently Found Innocent

'For The Recently Found Innocent' is many things: the fifth White Fence album the first White Fence album to be recorded outside the bedroom fence (with live drumming!) the first White Fence record to be produced for Drag City the second time that Tim Presley and Ty Segall have met to record music....view item »

The Black Keys
Rubber Factory

For me, "Rubber Factory" is the best album by The Black Keys. It has the grooviest, most rocking, catchiest songs and reaches the heights that other albums didn't manage. Also, it's more raw sounding - it was before they started making records that had that more produced glam rock stomp, which I don't particularly care for. "10am Automatic" is t...view item »

The Black Keys
El Camino

If Brothers seemed like an unexpected win for the duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, then the follow up album, El Camino, seems desperate to argue that their time in the spotlight isn't over. Where Brothers was an expansive trip through many of the Black Keys's outer stylistic influences, El Camino is a tightly structured album designed to ...view item »

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