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The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Axis Bold As Love

After the fury of Are You Experienced and before the glory of Electric Ladyland, Hendrix put to tape his most soul-searching and beautiful album. Anyone who sees Hendrix as a guitar-burning, drug-taking, rock god must listen to this album. Axis shows what a beautiful songwriter Hendrix was and how his guitar playing could be quiet and beautiful ...view item »

Blues Pills
Lady In Gold - Live in Paris

Blues Pills are a Swedish band who play a soulful brand of rock and blues. Their sound lands somewhere between ‘70s Dutch rock masters Shocking Blue and Beth Ditto’s Gossip. Following success in Europe (No.1 in Germany) with their second album, Lady In Gold, they&rsq...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Alive And Well In Ohio

Eighth album from Ohio rock outfit Buffalo Killers. With over a decade of experience behind them, they took a more relaxed approach on Alive And Well In Ohio; claimed to be their most ‘truthful’ record yet. Featuring warm fuzzy riffs and psychadelia-infused basslines. Vinyl LP and CD on Alive....view item »

The Buff Medways

Billy Childish's Buff Medways are back with a new album on Coxon's Transcopic label. Now I used to be a massive fan of Thee Headcoats, The Mighty Caesars, The Headcoatees, Thee Milkshakes and I've passed on most of the Medways stuff just cos most of it has been out before under o...view item »

The Buff Medways
Medway Wheelers

Billy Childish's Buff Medways have a new single out on Damaged Goods on 7" and CD. This is more of his medway infused sound which starts off sounding just like Dinosaur Jr and then goes into a more tuneful 60's type poppy thing instead of his usual blues route. Who'd have thought it eh? A new Billy Childish...view item »

I've Got A Conflicted Mind (Alt.Version) / In A Parallel World (Alt. Version)

CTMF are a loud rock/punk guitar band and on this 7” from Damaged Goods are two alternate versions from their recent LP, Brand New Cage. Exclusive to this release are...view item »

Son of Dave
Music For Cop Shows

Son Of Dave don’t play by the rules, or at least that’s how some of the cops may be described in the shows that bluesman Son Of Dave has written music for. Beatboxer and harmonica playing free-spirit Son of Dave’s new album title suggests he...view item »

Dirty Fences
Goodbye Love

Dirty Fences hail from Brooklyn. Goodbye Love is their third album. The band have created a sound of their own with chugging guitars and blissful harmonies, whilst not being scared to wear their punk and rock influences on their sleeves. Redd Kross, Dictators, ...view item »

Darlene Shrugg
Darlene Shrugg

Not a person but a band who seemingly eschew all forms of internet presence they are however made up of people you may have heard of. Former Slim Twigs and Tropics folks began collaborating with Meg Remy of US Girls and the unlikely trio were then joined by further people who had already traded ...view item »

Brand New Cage

Wild Billy Childish with yet another album here, more specifically his fifth in as many years with CTMF. While his work rate remains astonishing, what’s perhaps more impressive is that most of the stuff he comes up with is still pretty damn good. Cuts like ‘Are You Better Than Me?’ and ‘T...view item »

Necromancer / Take It Easy

Seratones hail from Louisiana, from whence they launch their southern-tinged garage rock. The most notable thing about the group is vocalist AJ Haynes, who has one of those enormous voices full of fire. 7” single Necromancer / Take It Easy is on Fat Possum, and only available from independent reco...view item »

Kings Of Leon
Mechanical Bull

Its so cool. I wanted it for ages and convinced myself to buy it and after I finished listening I wanted to listen to it again. Super awesome, well worth the money....view item »

Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire
Rosie Jones

Solid 60's-style garage rock from Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire. Some good yelping (an all-important ingredient with this stuff) and both tracks get your legs going, it's hard to know what to write with something that's been done so many times before but this is a sterling example, so if it's your thing you'll lap it u...view item »

King Khan & The Gris Gris

Hard to keep up with all King Khan’s activities sometimes, but here is another new venture. Murder Burgers is pitched as a solo album (although it does feature ...view item »

The White Stripes
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / Who's To Say

Two covers here, actually: while this 7" project offers one White Stripes single plus one White Stripes cover, "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" was originally written by Burt Bacharach and familiarized by a soft, serenely romantic adaptation by way of Dusty Springfield. There's the Stripes' pretty raw, half-punx version on here, p...view item »

The White Stripes
The Hardest Button To Button / St. Ides Of March

The White Stripes remember a time when they released a shittonne of impressive singles, each on the classic Elephant. "The Hardest Button to Button" is counterpointed by "St. Ideas of March" on the flip, a cover of the Solded Brothers. A nice way to commemorate one of the best pop/garage rock bands t...view item »

Escape-ism / Light Beams

Split 7” release to showcase two fabulous Washington D.C. outfits. Escape-Ism is Ian Svenonius (yes, the underground legend behind The Make Up...view item »

The Rebel
Riding In The Sun / Why Must I Pay

Country Teasers mainman Ben Wallers is also The Rebel, and it is under this guise that he does some of his most fascinating work. Outsider punk that peels the genre apart and shows you s...view item »

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Live Rust

Here is a re-issue of Neil Young's late '70s live album which was recorded on his 'Rust Never Sleeps' tour of 1978. It was recorded in various venues across the US and features his classic ragged band Crazy Horse backing him on songs from his recent album alongside earlier classics. 180g vinyl re-issue. ...view item »

Holy Wave
Fuzz Club Session

Following the release of their 2016 LP, Holy Wave have been taken in by Fuzz Club to create another Fuzz Club Session. The band has moved on from their previous garage rock vibe towards a much more 1960’s psychedelic-rock sort of sound, a great little transition for the band. Available on vinyl LP....view item »

David Bowie
A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982)

Calling all very rich Bowie fans, you are in for a treat. This collection compiles all his albums between 1977 and 1982 which of course takes in his now classic 'Berlin Trilogy'. Not only that but 'Lodger' has been remixed by Tony Visconti and includes a bonus collection of single versions, non-album singles, b-sides and songs featured on soundt...view item »

The Horrors
Strange House

Now up comes the curtains and through the smoke come THE HORRORS with their debut album Strange House. Although its obviously an old image format of guys in black make up and big hair, there is something dead interesting about the dark dandies. The music is gothic punk and angst with Doors sounding keyboards and cl...view item »

The Weather Station
The Weather Station

Self-titled and self-produced, The Weather Station is a collection of softly sung tracks that open your eyes to a fair few different genres. On her fourth record, Tamara Lindeman is able to bring together country with pop, and indie with rock and manages to do it well. This eleven-track record ...view item »

Satan's Satyrs
Black Souls

Yuh-yeah! Here's a 7" of cheesy'n'sleazy '70s style rock from highly entertaining trash monkeys Satan's Satyrs, whose clattering retro assault of wah and fuzz has been impressing acid fried freaks far and wide on their 'Wild Beyond Belief' debut LP. 'Black Souls' is pretty much what you would expect; hard and dirty riffing a la ...view item »

Neil Young
Cow Palace 1986

Neil Young had just turned 41 when he played this momentous gig at Cow Palace, San Francisco. The show was part of the Rusted Garage tour with his backing band Crazy Horse. Despite his studio output not being up to his usual standard at this point in his career, Cow Palace 1986 finds Neil Young...view item »

Ranch Ghost
Sugar and Milk / Soot

Third Man Records' Blue Room Sessions series continues with this, it's fourth instalment recorded in a single take direct to vinyl. Nashville's Ranch Ghost were casually accompanying The Today Show's feature on vinyl with their garage psych mess when Jack White's ears pricked up and bam, here those catchy tune...view item »

Pet Crow
How Are You Wired

Unlike the pet seagull that was a recent barely fathomable news story, this is instead a Pet Crow. The band have already built up a good following and have been featured in all the magazines. They play a brand of raucous garage and punk rock which has drawn comparisons to the Sonics and the Julie Ruin...view item »

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are a London based three piece who are now on their fourth album and continue to make old fashioned style pop, blues and soul using analogue gear. Weirdly Phil likes them despite them not having anything to do with Geoff Barrow. Anyway this should see them continue on their singular path and ensure healthy...view item »

Acid Baby Jesus
Lilac Days

Greek garage-rockers Acid Baby Jesus return from Athens after 3 years with their 3rd album, Lilac Days. The four-piece manage to distil warm, fuzzy 60s psych-pop and infuse mystic Eastern folkology with the dirt and grit of classic rock 'n roll -- these guys love the likes of The Stooges as much as Ravi Shankar. Well, s...view item »

The Bombay Royale
Run Kitty Run

The Bombay Royale keep on mining their exciting territory of choice: synthy pop and surfy rock that takes inspiration from the rich world of vintage Bollywood. Run Kitty Run is cool and soulful and full of Hindi...view item »

New Moody Judy

Written as a complete collaboration from all three band members, New Moon Judy is the latest nine-track release from punk rock band Honey. This record sees a continuation i...view item »

The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

Okay, okay it's not their best work, but that still means it's a masterpiece when it's by The Beatles. The main thing that brings this album down is the musical score of the animated movie... which comprises all of side 2. Focusing primarily on side 1 there are some brilliant tracks on 'Yellow Submarine'. First off you have the eponymous track w...view item »

The Doors
Strange Days

During the Summer of Love, when everybody in San Francisco was wearing flowers in their hair and talking of peace, love, and brotherhood, who should headline the psychedelic ballroom scene but the Doors, singing the darkest of songs, about sex and death rather than love and peace? From the opening cut, with Morrison's voice echoing from ...view item »

Dead Rider
Crew Licks

Chicago based art rockers Dead Rider return to Drag City for their fourth full length album. Ever developing their almost unclassifiable sound you get glitchy time shifted R’n’B mellow grooves alongside twanging dark blues licks and layered vocal harmonies, and they don;t skip a beat in hitting the atonal either. Inc...view item »

Brian Wilson
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology

Covering more than thirty years across nine different solo albums, Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology is a comprehensive celebration of the great man’s solo career through 18 songs over two vinyl LPs. A collection of studio and live recordings, this compilation also contains two previously unreleased tracks, one of which...view item »

The Doors
The Singles

The Doors were a kind of gloomy '70s version of INXS with a prowling tiger of a singer and some other blokes in tow. They are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary and this set compiles all their US singles and their B sides - even the ones they ill advisedly did after the death of Jim Morrison. Your only vinyl option is ...view item »

JD McPherson
Undivided Heart & Soul

JD McPherson was delighted to have access to all the vintage analogue gear of the RCA Studio B in Nashville, and that delight comes across in the recording of Undivided Heart & Soul. This album really sounds...view item »

Travis Pike
Watch Out Woman

Travis Pike has an entire two singles to show for his five decade career in music: seems the man prefers to keep his thing to his native Boston. But! Here we have a previously unreleased single to add to that number, recorded in 1966 but languishing in a film company archive since then. Two wonderful soulful songs, released at l...view item »

Celebrity Skin

Slicker, more polished and more produced than their two previous albums, "Celebrity Skin" sees Hole making a more radio-friendly sound. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins helps out with a bit of songwriting and production and there's evidence of ...view item »

El Goodo
By Order Of The Moose

Ah El Goodo. Named of course after the Big Star song, El Goodo are a Welsh six piece who blend all manner of '60s influences particularly spaghetti westerns to create a form of nostalgic,cinematic pop that references Super Furry Animals, Lee Hazlewood, Love and Ennio Mor...view item »

Pinky Pinky
Pinky Pinky EP

If there's one place to thrive as a musician, it's LA. This proggy three-piece seem to have embraced the West Coast environment with their self-titled, and not plinky plonky, Pinky Pinky EP. If nothing else, this four-track offering - co-produced by Hanni El Khatib and Johnny Bell - is an assured slab of...view item »

Luke Haines
Smash The System

Former Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines, who hates everyone and everything, returns with a new solo album. Smash The System is a classic sounding rock songwriter record that alludes to such figures as Bruce Lee, Ulrike Meinhof, Mar...view item »

The Kinks
Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire

The schoolmasters of the British Invasion continue to get in our faces long after the invading is all said and done, offering a reissue of Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall of the British Empire), their brainiest and most orchestral moment in the sun. Fashioned after soft folk rock arrangements and glorious riffing, it...view item »

Iggy Pop
TV Eye: 1977

The Iggy Pop himself, recorded live in concert during 1977, the same year as both The Idiot and Lust for Life and so at the absolute peak of his solo powers. TV Eye: 1977 is full of fierce performances from Iggy and his band, which includes a certain David Bowie on key...view item »

The Beach Boys
Wild Honey - 50th Anniversary Edition

Following from the dizzy heights and horrible fallout of Pet Sounds and the at-the-time-unreleased Smile'you'd have been forgiven for thinking that Brian Wilson was finished in the late '60s. He did however play a large part in several low key records of the era including the straight down the line co...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Wolf Lie Down

The latest chapter in the ongoing sound world of the Fresh and Only's took them three years to complete but continues the anything goes art punk/ technicolour garage pop of their previous five full length releases. The band is nothing if not multi faceted and here take you on a journey through jangle pop, desert rock and primiti...view item »

The Solarflares
Psychedelic Tantrum

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 1999, Psychedelic Tantrum...view item »

The Solarflares
That Was Then... And So Is This

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 2000, That Was Then...And So Is This...view item »

The Solarflares
Can Satisfy You

Damaged Goods are reissuing some albums from the British pop/psych/rock/mod noughties group - The Solarflares. Printed for the first time since its initial release in 2003 and out on vinyl for the first time, Can Satisfy You...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Dreaming In The Non-Dream

The press release for this is almost as long as Chris Forsyth's last album. I see the words Pere Ubu, Neu and Roxy Music in there so I'm assuming this next opus contains moments of '70s art rock amongst the blistering solo's and heat hazed Americana that he produced on earlier work. Prolific tho...view item »

Alex Chilton
A Man Called Destruction

Following on from his wildly successful stints in the Box Tops and Big Star, Alex Chilton spent his remaining years as a kind of musical troll, constantly switching styles and annoying his audience. A Man Called Destruction was his 1995 comeback and featured an eclectic mix of garage rock, jazz and r&am...view item »

Sheer Mag
Need To Feel Your Love

Sheer Mag’s debut full-length album has arrived. Need To Feel Your Love is dressed in the guitars, production and sleeve design of a bunch of vintage 70’s rockers (just look at that band logo!), but with a thoroughly modern anti-bullshit approach and a garage-punkish twist to the vocals. Out on Static Shock ...view item »

Black Moth
The Killing Jar

So what is this band all about? It’s a fast-paced experience most of the time, but it also has its slower parts as in, for instance, the songs “Plastic Blaze” and “Blackbirds Fall”, however it kicks off really great at the opening track “The Articulate Dead” that just throws you right into the boiling ca...view item »

The Stooges
Heavy Liquid (The Album)

Phwoar, rare material from The Stooges! Heavy Liquid is a document of what went on in the studio around the time the band were recording their mighty Raw Power, and it consists of some truly ferocious proto-punk action, including a version of ‘Cock In My Pocket’. The Heavy Liquid double LP ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bout Des Doigts

Fronted by the infamous and only constant member, Anton Newcombe, Brian Jonestown Massacre have seen more than twenty members pass through their ranks down the years but the quality has rarely erred. Although their sound is now well defined, different influences are picked up through the years. Bout Des Doig...view item »

Medicine Mountain

Chomper is a new band made up of hardy veterans of other bands, including such notables as The Men, Junk Boys and Guided By Voices...view item »

David Bowie

Although you might reckon that the world is quite well stocked with David Bowie best-of compilations already, this one is new to 2016 and therefore includes two songs from Blackstar! The other unique feature is an unreleased mix of ‘Life on Mars?’: oooh. And of course, four vinyl sides packed full of familia...view item »

Stills-Young Band
Long May You Run

Out of the various permutations of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, this was the only collaboration between Stephen Stills and Neil Young. The 1976 album follows in a similar West Coast folk vein to their parent band Buffalo Springfield but there's moments of jazz and synthesised strings to give a more modern fee...view item »

Neil Young
Comes a Time

After all the earth-scorched rock songs and talk of killin', Neil Young decided to draw back into his folksy shell, following up Zuma and American Stars 'N Bars ...view item »

Neil Young
American Stars 'n Bars

Essentially, American Stars 'n Bars is the album Neil Young made after he was done making the classics now firmly established in the old rock man canon. It's a grab-bag of old additional recordings that hadn't quite made it before and features his swirling, semi-proggy "Like a Hurricane", which would...view item »

Guantanamo Baywatch
Desert Center

These punningly named rock and rollers offer up their second LP which contains more examples of their unique take on '50s inspired rock and roll. They land somewhere between Violent Femmes, Rocket From the Crypt and Eddie Cochran offering grungy bar room brawls to crank up the jukebox ...view item »

TV Set

Released exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday, TV Set finds US indie-rockers Spoon covering The Cramps! A treat for fans of both bands. The other half of this 10” is a ‘Nighttime Version’ of Spoon’s ‘Let Me Be Mine’. Pressed to coloured vinyl...view item »

Man Or Astro-Man?
Live at Third Man Records

Jack White’s series of Live at Third Man Records releases now includes this treat of a set from the space-surf action men and women who make up Man Or Astro-Man. The Tesla-coil-loving gang play songs from throughout their career with electrifying energy, so that their Live at Third Man Records...view item »

Greg Ashley & The Western Playboys
Greg Ashley & The Western Playboys

Greg has been a wanderin' America for some time now playin' music, releasin' records. This latest one should start payin' him some dues as it's out on Jack's Third Man Records. We're promised a rough hewn selection of waltz, country swing and honky tonk. Like a one man jukebox in the dusty end of town. ...view item »

Fast Metabolism

This record is a collection of Tyvek's earliest, rawest singles and recordings. They have a sloppy sound, that makes you think of an early Fall, but with less talented more Yankee (obviously!) sounding shouty vocals. The songs are vitriolic, and ramshackle to THE MAX!! Yet they have quit...view item »

King Animal

Back in the day I loved “Screaming Life/Fopp”, “Louder Than Love” and especially “Badmotorfinger”. Then, half way through “Superunknown” Soundgarden’s music started to leave me a bit cold. So as much as I’m not sure why that happened, I’m not sure what reignited my interest enough...view item »

The Americans
I'll Be Yours

Plucked from obscurity by Sir Jack White and pals to become the house band in forthcoming PBS documentary American Epic which details the recording processes in early American music, the aptly named Americans were initially influenced by pre-war music. They also reconfigure the sorts of blue collar music made by the likes of ...view item »

The Blanche Hudson Weekend / Horowitz

Not only have my ears been blasted by the fire alarm this morning, trebly in itself but no more trebly than this record. It's so trebly my ears are screaming out in pain. It's a two-sided slab of indie pop fuzz, both from different bands but they sound the same. I can't tell which side is which as the label doesn't really explain. Does it ma...view item »

David Bowie
Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74)

This high-quality live recording of David Bowie circa 1974 was released for the very first time this Record Store Day: now it makes the transition from the triple LP to the double CD format. Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ‘74) is from a significant point in Bowie’s career, and features all ...view item »

Far Corners
Ruling The Roost/ Gold Choice

Far Corners is a new outfit from the lads that bought you the uncompromising, no bullshit garage rock of the Turpentine Brothers. There's not much info to go on but basically Far Corners are Turpentine Brothers but for some reason they now run things under this new moniker. 'Ruling The Roost' does not disappoint on the scuzzy-as-fuck, mad-a...view item »

The Coathangers

Whilst this edition is still lathered in exactly the sort of haywire and scuzz-ridden guitar solos you'd expect from The Coathangers, this time - with Parasite - Julia Kugal has attempted to not "scream anymore -- just sing and focus on melody". Written in the wake of the election, this piece of angst-...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bringing it all Back Home Again

The BJM being the BJM...doing what they want, even if that means playing just two chords for over thirteen minutes on an acoustic guitar while singing about some farmboy killing his parents. Whether 'Arkansas Revisited' really was co-written by Charles Manson is, let's face it, doubtful. But it's evil - in a good way - nonetheless...view item »

Wolf People

Wolf People return to Jagjaguwar after a three year gap. Known for their psychedelic, proggy and pretty much classic rock with a little Jethro Tull thrown in for good measure, Ruins is a bit heavier and weightier. Distorted megaphone like vocals and valve driven guitar leads. Noted inc=fluences ...view item »

Mutants of The Holocaust
Kings Of The Rock 'n Roll

Some dude just turned up at the office with these one-sided garage rock LPs the other day. Apparently he played in this band in the '80s and dug out the recordings recently and decided it was time for them to come out on vinyl. What we've got here is a solitary side of muddy and messy garage rock. It sounds quite...view item »

Patrick Campbell Lyons
You're A Cloud, I'm A Comet

I thought they were sausages at first but I'm now pretty sure they are baguettes on the sleeve. This is the first solo album in 35 years from Patrick Campbell Lyons who was the prime mover in '60s pop symphonic act Nirvana. Gentle, lilting and yearning psychedelic pop from this veteran of the genre. ...view item »

Fantastic Negrito
The Last Days of Oakland

Let me tell y'all about some Fantastic Negrito. From the first note to the last , you will be engaged in real, black roots music and the bluest of blues....if he comes within 100 miles of where you live, gas up the jalopy and get there quick. Heartfelt, honest, original music from a cherished artist. Breathtaking Blues modern style, merging Grun...view item »

Iggy Pop
New values

New Values by Iggy Pop was originally released in 1979. It was his third solo album and first album of his post-Stooges ouvre, apart from Raw Power, not to feature any input from David Bowie. Nevertheless, this is a bit of classic featuring tracks such as Five Foot One...view item »

Booker T. & The M.G.s
Green Onions

Well we all know 'Green Onions' the song. The kind of laid back groove that could only have been made by 'cats' in the 'swinging' sixties. The sort of 12 bar blues riff that will live on forever. Well who knew that there was an album attached? Here it is in all it's instrumental glory. Classic early day Stax recordings to be laid back to. ...view item »

75 Dollar Bill
Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

No, 75 Dollar Bill. That's not how you play Tetris. It doesn't even work on paper. Anyway, this is a duo-plus-quintet of people who got together to play such instruments as wood, plastic, and rhythm, making an interesting music that isn't confined to any singular global scene, but definitely sounds like a chamber version of Goat. Long,...view item »

Alex Chilton
Take Me Home And Make Me Like It

Alex Chilton was the ultimate musical troll. Having made chart friendly white boy soul with The Box Tops and wonderful trebly guitar pop with Big Star, he then set about on a solo career that attempted to annoy each and everyone of his fans. This new collection is taken from the sessions that yi...view item »

Live In San Francisco

The Castle Face label manage to do Magnetix justice. Get a basement in San Francisco, ram it full of people and hit record. Not rocket science, but the resulting recordings encapsulates the frantic and sweaty energy the french duo are renowned for. Chunky, get up and yell garage rock. Get going. CD and LP on Castle Face....view item »

Joel Silbersher
No Teeth

There's only 500 of those beauties to get your grubby mitts on. This a distinctly weathered Melbourne veteran - having been performing for an astonishing 41 years and still strong - who is not rolling over yet; Joel Silbersher's solo offering No Teeth is a witting and snarling edition with a ...view item »

Howlin Rain
When The Morning Comes

I don’t really get/understand/like Howlin’ Rain. I’ve heard a few records by ‘em and it just sounds like 70’s hoary old rock to me.  I don’t get it.... Anyway here’s a tour 7” ...view item »

Crushed Beaks

What’s this then? Some kind of tropical ‘60s pop number is what’s going on here, with somewhat Razorlighty vocals that I shall gloss over in favour of talking about the hazy summer atmosphere conjured up and the bouncy, kind of ...view item »

Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht

Numero Group really know their way around the strange underworld of America’s private press music, putting them in the perfect position to curate compilations like this one. Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht is a selection of smooth soft-rock from the 1970’s: leisure rock from an array of near-unknown bands. CD and double L...view item »

I Get Lonely

Fun, light-hearted soulful track from Saskwatch - belting voice and a garage rock vibe. Loud guitars, crashing drums and just a little tease of brass to make this a great little number. A nine piece band help to create the tight yet many-layered sound which gives these guys their charm. On vinyl from Northside Records....view item »

Little Barrie
Death Express

Nottingham’s Little Barrie are the main band of Barrie Cadogan, who is also a regular guest guitarist for the likes of Paul Weller and Primal Scream. That gives you a hint at the kind of guitar antics he gets up to on Death Express, the fifth Little Barrie...view item »

Big Star
The Best Of Big Star

If trawling through the classic-era Big Star's mammoth collection of three albums is too much for you then consider this handy 'best of' which collects tracks from each to showcase Alex Chilton's prime power pop band. With songs such as 'Back of My Car' and 'September Gurls' in their locker it's still rather har...view item »

Benjamin Booker

Benjamin Booker’s new record is partly the result of a trip he took to Mexico City, which gave him a broader perspective on his own world. Booker has an excellent sound that mixes all the best hallmarks of classic soul and R&B with an edgy garage blues touch. Witness, which features a guest vo...view item »

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

There are two things worth noting on this album. Every track was recorded live and was not overdubbed or anything -- you can hear Rick Rubin's voice before "The Power of Equality" and "Suck My Kiss" and the crickets chirping at the end of "Sir Pyscho Sexy" and "They're Red Hot". In other words, this is how the album was intended to sound without...view item »

Endless Boogie
Vibe Killer

Endless Boogie craftily anticipate the comments that listeners might offer by putting the phrase in their name. And they do indeed boogie endlessly, settling into a psychedelic ZZ Top kind of vibe and then riding it all the way over the horizon. Vibe Killer is another fine collection of cosmic chug, rel...view item »

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
Super Natural

Super Natural is the rock-solid debut record from British thrashers Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind, whose name is taken directly from a book on social psychology. Showcasing their twisted brand of grime-ridden psych, the long awaited offering contains ten tracks of expensive and ambitious m...view item »

Guadalupe Plata
Guadalupe Plata 2017

Guadalupe Plata list more influences than you can shake a stick at in their press release, but I’m just going to say they are an eclectic groovy desert-blues flamenco-rockabilly band with a spaghetti western aesthetic. Anyway you present it though, it sounds damn fine. Guadalupe Plata 2017 is released by Everlasti...view item »

Black Lips
Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art?

Black Lips, who are now being released by Vice(!), continue their messy antics with the Sean Lennon-produced Satan’s Graffiti Of God’s Art?, their first full-length in three years. Fuzzed-up garage rock action is of course the name of their game, though this record is perhaps a little neater...view item »

The Deslondes
Hurry Home

The Deslondes come from New Orleans, a major centre of American musical culture if ever there was one. The five-piece band, here presenting their second album, have absorbed the sounds and styles of country, soul, psychedelic rock, R&B, gospel, and more besides, making Hurry Home a firmly-grounded American album. Ou...view item »

Lecherous Gaze
One Fifteen

Lecherous Gaze are a total hard rock & roll band from California, featuring alumni from bands like Witch, Saviours and Annihilation Time. One Fifteen is a heavy and psychy set from a bunch of guys who live, eat and breath hard rock. Chugging riffs and flaring solos ...view item »

Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2

If unfamiliar with the Death Rock movement these series from Sacred Bones are a great bit of exploration. An offshoot of punk rock that emerged in California in the late 1970s it is punk rock but infused with a load of effects (warbling reverb mainly) and horror themes. Features Veda, Middle Class, Crank...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Live In San Francisco

Thee banner garage rawk band played the Chapel out in San Francisco, launching their happy-go-lucky psychedelia into a crowd of possibly stoned hopefuls. This extensive set is presented not only as audio but in DVD format with photos to boot. Musically, it scales more towards their propulsive, loud, noisy side -- but th...view item »

Small Faces
Small Faces

This is a 2CD digi book edition of the Small Faces self-titled debut full length released via Sanctuary. Included here is the original mono and stereo albums remastered, alongside 17 bonus tracks of previously unreleased material and an extensive, 24-page booklet of liner notes written by Mojo journalist Mark Paytress. With surviving members Ken...view item »

Wolf People

Whilst firing up the stove, putting the wood on the fire and tucking into my latest pot noodle I turned the wireless toward Marc Riley and a progressive, rambling folk inflected sound wafted through the kitchenette. Even though I didn’t appear to like it at first, I was curious as to what it was. It sounded like ...view item »

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