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Thee Oh Sees
Warm Slime

Damn! Thee Oh Sees like to keep busy. It seems like no time at all since i was placing 'Help' on my deck for it's first listen and they've released a whole bunch of stuff between then and new offering 'Warm Slime'. Well it's business as usual for Dwyer's crew...and that's good business. Recorded live by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors guitarist and pro...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Meat And Bone

Jeeeesus, I thought these were permanently gonna be on the W-A-T-N? dumper, the geezer singing on the opening tune doesn't even sound much like the man my friend Charlotte once proclaimed "the sexiest man on the planet" after watching him simulate sex with a theremin for 10 minutes at a f...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Putrifiers II

This is more than an EP, it's knocking on 40 minutes long and sports a walloping ten tracks to its name! What it is without a shadow of doubt, is the sound of Dwyer and co. flexing their creative muscles and diversifying in pace and style again after the frenzied psych-garage onslaught of 'Carrion C...view item »

Wolf People

Apparently this lot are the first British band to be signed to Jagjaguwar. "BIG WOW" I hear you say but still, I thought it was worth mentioning. I kinda knew what to expect from these guys based on past releases and that Laughing Windows thing which featured one of the members but for the uninitiated I shall describe them. Erm.. It's actually q...view item »

The 2nd Law

Coming off the overwhelming success of 2009’s The Resistance, Muse once again deliver apocalyptic, arena rock music with Matt Bellamy’s roaring vocals at the helm. Our first introduction to the 2nd Law came with the band’s Olympic song “Survival”, with its numerous guitar solos, operatic style and dodgy lyrics. The ...view item »

Ty Segall
Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall's newie is a farewell to '80s comedy classic "Bread" in which a family of lovable Liverpudlians try to make their way through the veritable minefield that was Thatcher's Britain. Who knew that this show would have such an impact on both sides of the Atlantic. It must have l...view item »

The Beatles
Past Masters

If you wanted to introduce anyone to The Beatles this would be the best place to start. Past Masters obliterates the need for any Beatles compilation albums. Chronicling the bands entire singles and B-sides releases from “Love Me Do” to “Let it Be”, Past Master’s has an extensive track ...view item »


First up, it's good see Finders Keepers back on their feet and releasing vinyl again. This strictly limited 7" is a companion release to their eagerly awaited compilation of ‘70s Mancunian hard rock, heavy funk and hairy prog rarities entit...view item »

Die Forever

Cross is the brainchild of Warmer Milks’ Ma Turner and visual artist R Clint Colburn, and this album here that they’ve done is full of quite ‘80s-sounding post...view item »

John Cale
Shifty Adentures In Nookie Wood

Despite my love of John Cale’s stellar album ‘Paris 1919’, I have never knowingly delved into his varied solo back catalogue for fear of ruining it all for myself. I’ve enjoyed his ...view item »

Biffy Clyro
Infinity Land: Expanded Edition

Simon Neil's vocals here range from beautiful and touching to incredibly intense, and most of the songs are laced with dark melodies, catchy beats and powerful choruses that are great to sing along with. Standout tracks to me are "Strung To Your Ribcage", "Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave", "Pause It And Turn It Up", with its haunting little traditional...view item »

The Black Keys

This is an exceptional album and a fantastic tribute to Junior Kimbrough, an obvious influence on The Black Keys' music. Dan and Patrick play these songs with such a great feeling for the blues, and for Junior's style, it is no surprise that his widow wanted to congratulate them on their efforts. There can be no finer endorsement than that! The ...view item »

The Black Keys
Rubber Factory

For me, "Rubber Factory" is the best album by The Black Keys. It has the grooviest, most rocking, catchiest songs and reaches the heights that other albums didn't manage. Also, it's more raw sounding - it was before they started making records that had that more produced glam rock stomp, which I don't particularly care for. "10am Automatic" is t...view item »

Eagle Twin
The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale

Salt Lake City doom duo Eagle Twin's first album, The Unkindness of Crows, was apparently inspired by Ted Hughes’ poem Crow. At the end of the album crows fly into the sun, burn, and fall back to the Earth as snakes. That's some pretty metal imagery right there! Fittingly, the Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale picks up the story there, and ex...view item »

Strange Cultures

Now, we’re a bit late on these babies here, having just picked them up direct from the band on their first trip to the UK. I’m mad psyched to get my hands on it though, since I’ve been rocking these tracks for a while via the medium of Soundcloud and dying to get hold ...view item »

The Christmas Bride
Planet Earth's Motto: Someone Just Shit Out A Perfect Sphere

Trash-pop doyens Sophomore Lounge’s last outing, the debut 7” from Tropical Trash, totally popped my skull so it’...view item »

Danny & The Darleans
Don't Ask The Question / You're Driving Me Insane

Here’s a new single of crunchy garage rock fun from Danny and the Darleans, a trio from Detroit led by Danny Kroha (Gories, Demolition Doll Rods) playing some classic ‘60s-style hooky, yelpy two-chord garage rock’n’roll ...view item »

Wobbly Lamps
Neon Tepee

I’ve had to review a load of “difficult” experimental records all day and my brain is totally mashed so I’m delighted to pick up a couple of gems so late in the day when morale throughout the office was really on the wane. I’ve not heard these Wobbly Lamps bef...view item »

Biffy Clyro
Vertigo Of Bliss

The mechanics of the songs vary on Vertigo Of Bliss, however, the intensity and drive remains consistent - each song with its own bag of tricks and multitude of hooks that will have you rewinding frequently. The music remains complex yet accessible and although catchy many parts will seem unique. This album is a little more prog-rock and "mature...view item »

Black Belles
Wishing Well

The Black Belles hit us with a second single from their self-titled debut on that Jack White lad’s Third Man records. Not got much to say really. It’s produced by Jack White and sounds kind...view item »

The Icarus Line
Live In London

The Icarus Line are a severely underrated band with 5 excellent albums under their belt and this live album is no exception. Live cuts from their 4th album Wildlife mixed with some then unrecorded tracks (now available on the 2014 mini album Avowed Slavery) make for a good time. For fans of guitars and good music....view item »

Eye Can't Take It

Aw yeah, always good to get a bit of garage punk in your reviews pile to blow away the cobwebs. This week it's the turn of boy-girl duo Cyclops. These funsters knock out a hyperactive drums/guitar/dual vocal attack of snotty fast-paced punk which reminds me a little of ...view item »

Wounded Lion

As The Cure almost sang 'Thursday I'm in Love', I've made the correct Danish Pastry decision, it appears to be August outside and I've been dragged from my warm bed half way across Yorkshire to tell you about various phonograph records. This 'Wounded Lion' thing is an odd one - it start...view item »

The Dots And Stops
If I Look Uncomfortable, it's Only Coz I Need to DO IT!

You can barely move without bumping into a new garage rock band nowadays, and these new pretenders to the garage throne peddle messy melodic garage pop with nice thin guitar tones and great bits of loose-tight-loose tension that's very effective. The singer sounds like a cross between Edd...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

Thee Oh Sees never caught a ride on the psych garage wave; they've lived on it, made their bed on it, champions of the genre and masters of its energy levels. The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, originally released in 2008, showed them in peak form, covering their quick-fire melodies in a trench-coa...view item »

Young Guns

The second record from Buckinghamshire based band Young Guns. All Our Kings Are Dead was obviously going to be a tough cookie to follow due to the commercial success it achieved. However, Bones...view item »

The Howling Hex
Wilson Semiconductors

Neil Hagerty's previous projects are of such consistently high quality that it almost serves to his detriment having to live up to such raging masterpieces as those he produced with Royal Trux and Pussy Galore and later Ian Svenonius's underrated Weird War. No matter, though, he just ke...view item »


It would appear you can buy 'Velociraptor!' again, as proof that Kasabian always and without fail had terrible ideas for album titles. Some things never change. Back in 2011, the alt rock crew were still coming to grips with their love of electronic music, striving to be that slightly weirder and more eclectic sibling of all the d...view item »

The Pine Hill Haints
Welcome to the Midnight Opry

I really do quite like American roots music and the Haints have that feel with an ongoing Halloween theme - they are quite unique in style, and very haunting, yet fun. I’d be very much down to see them live from stories I’ve heard/read, but they don't seem to list concert dates and they seem to play for free (they do accept donations). These fo...view item »

River Of Snakes
Bad Blood EP

Apparently we're practically the only people stocking this in the UK or something...but if you find it elsewhere don't come complaining to me. These guys play garage rock 'n' roll with a bit of a metal edge. One of them was in Magic Dirt. This is real simplistic, neanderthal rock with what see...view item »

Dead Elephant

Dead Elephant's new album Thanatology has nothing to do with the Thanet comp that came out on Mordant Music a few weeks ago. It is in fact a dirgey post rock record and the third album from Italian trio Dead Elephant. The main elements we're looking at her...view item »

The Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing
Stormy Weather

What an odd career path Edgar 'Jones' Jones has had from The Stairs' marvellous '60s beat group racket to his excellent 'Soothing Music for Stray Cats' album to being hyped by Noel Gallagher and working with the Scouse mafia of McCulloch, Power and Mavers...view item »

Primal Scream & MC5
Black To Comm

Two "great" bands...together at last...collaborating on a piece of work that the New York Times called "...incendiary..." and I call "....pointless...". I never really gave Primal Scream the time, because I always thought they were shite. With the exception of one or two songs from "Vanishing Point" and that other one "...view item »

Brain Idea
The Survival Scrolls

It's too fucking early and I'm too fucking tired to do justice to what I'm hearing now! Anger!!! Brain Idea are a relatively fresh new face on the scene with only a single tape release and this debut for real on Permanent to their name but they certainly know how to craft a banging tune. The Clean are an obvious reference point on 'The Surviving...view item »

Dex Romweber Duo
Is That You In The Blue

Is That You In the Blue feels like a an afternoon of AM pop radio from the pre-Beatles 1960s, when you'd hear Elvis, the Surfaris, Andy Williams, Lonnie Mack and Ray Stevens all in the course of an hour. As a contemporary piece of music, it's the perfect antidote to today's artlessly auto-tuned assembly line pop. The music in these grooves is re...view item »

Rachelle Garniez
My House of Peace

OK more from this Jack White blue series on Third Man Recordings. As with everything on the label the single is produced and mixed by White and is ludicrously limited. Rachelle Garniez has this lush looking 1 sides etched 7" with a 70's esque ballad which goes all rocky and reminds me of one of the 'fun songs' from Sesame Street. It's fun and ...view item »

Jerusalem And The Starbaskets

Where do they get those names? Jerusalem and the Starbaskets. Right then. Its very messy strung out lo-fidelity pop - the term I believe is shit-gaze, or its sister sub-sub-genre shoe-shit. Psychedelic Horseshit an' all that. There's a lot of 'shit' about these days isn't there? I'm reminded also of playful loa...view item »

Peter Case
The Case Files

The Case Files is culled from Peter Case's enduring solo career and makes a fine sampler of his unique brand of rock 'n roll Americana. This disparate collection also makes a decent intro for those who've never had the pleasure; raw and unrefined as it may be at times, the album runs the gamut from spartan folk portraits of middle America to pol...view item »

Urge Overkill
Rock&Roll Submarine

Urge Overkill were responsible for one of the best records of the '90s with their album "Saturation" which contained classics such as "Sister Havana" and "Positive Bleeding". They also shot to unlikely fame with their cover of Neil Diamond's "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" which featured on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. It would be fair to say that...view item »

Downliners Sect
Dangerous Ground

I am happy to say that Dangerous Ground is a good effort to say the least. More than proves this long-running R&B / freakbeat ensemble is still very much able to deliver the goods. CD cover for this piece was done by Art Wood (R. I. P.) who was the vocalist for the short-lived R&B / freakbeat band, The Artwoods, as well as Ron Wood's bro...view item »

Byrds of Paradise
Teenage Symphonies

You can't spell your band name like that, guyz! Been done like. However, I, Judge of All That is Right and Good in the World, will let you off because I'm finding that your record's quite tasty. It's definitely one of the finest examples of scuzzy, super lo-fi garage noise-pop that I've heard in a long time, effortlessly evoking many a classic b...view item »

The Phoenix Foundation

Fuck, this is mellow as. Not one to lift your flagging insomniac mind-body (dis)construct in the mid-afternoon but quite nice nonetheless with its gently driving, lightly psych-prog flavoured indie pop-rock shizzle. I feel like I used too many hyphens there but never-mind. It's a sunny-sounding (COCK!), expansively produced record from start to ...view item »

Movie Star Junkies
Movie Star Junkies

This is a really cool record from a band with a rather shit name. Movie Star Junkies manage to stir into their pot a vibrant mixture of Surf Rock, Rockabilly Tindersticks-y balladeering & flecks of industrial power into this delightful brooding voodoo concoction. They sound weirdly topical & exciting despite a confusing array of influenc...view item »

Life of Love

These guys are doing something a little unusual. They're an NY based outfit who blend folksy art-rock, gospel, Americana & and an abstracted form of psychedelic blues into something that sounds much more appealing than what I just said. The lady singer is the main draw here. Somewhere between the Karens Dalton & Carpenter with maybe a bi...view item »

The Sights
Most Of What Follows Is True

From the sound of Most Of What Follows Is True they’ve fully embraced classic rock, and are trying to preserve it for a new generation. However, don’t let the classic rock tag mislead you. This is not music for yuppies trying to relive their youth. This is classic rock for modern people – especially those who like the harder so...view item »

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