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The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Led by the infamous Anton Newcombe, Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded their 14th album, Revelation in Newcombe’s Berlin studio over 18 months between 2012 and 2014. Eastern influences had started to make their way into the band’s psychedelic groove. The band are a swirling collective helmed by Newcom...view item »

Manic Street Preachers

There is just no stopping them is there. They simply never stop. I’ve wanted them to stop since their very first single but it never ever happens. But now they are cuddly rock veterans they have the media in the palm of their hands and its been a long, long time since they wished AIDS and death on people. All forgotten now. This is...view item »

Ty Segall Band

Those of you out there who keep an ear to the garage will already know about Ty Segall, since he’s made quite a name for himself prolifically doling out a series of lo-fi gems over the past few years on the likes of ...view item »

The Fat White Family
Champagne Holocaust

Prompted by the arrival of this one on a CD promo and the somewhat arsey customer review wondering why we'd not reviewed this (because we don't always have time, fella!!) I thought I'd give it a listen. Glad I did. From the disturbing cover art I was expecting some kind of extreme noise nonsense, but this is far from that. Sure, it's a m...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II is the second album, believe it or not, by Led Zeppelin. They are, as many people would tell you, widely regarded as the greatest rock band of all time. II is the album with Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker on it - so what more do you need to know? It’s essential stuff&helli...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Hi. Below is some information regarding the new Oh Sees album - listen up. ‘Drop’ is a John Dwyer Oh Sees record, as with previous non-band outings like ‘Castlevania’ and such, yet it also sounds like a complete band outing which is reassuring. Sadly there’s no Brigid, no Petey (Dammit!) and no Mike whi...view item »

Sweet Apple
The Golden Age of Glitter

The Golden Age Of Glitter is the second album by all-star rock band, Sweet Apple. The band features J. Mascis on drums, Tim Parnin from Cobra Verde on Guitar and Dave Sweetapple from Witch on bass and vocals. (Hmm, I wonder where they g...view item »

White Reaper
White Reaper

From the increasingly fertile DIY scene of Louisville, KY, White Reaper – formed by Tony Esposito (vocals/ guitar) and twin brothers Nick (drums) and Sam Wilkerson (bass) -- combines sparkling hooks and fluid, fluttering rhythms to create psychedelia-tinged garage punk that make heads bob without sacrificing an ounce of sonic bite. Th...view item »

September Girls
Cursing The Sea

The process of doling out reviews to our various staff is more fraught than you may think. This record seems to have been knocking about forever and still we wait on the review from its once enthusiastic champion. A sequence of implausible events have scuppered it but we are not letting it get away though, no way,  so September Girls, you a...view item »

The Gun Club
Mother Juno

These weird avant punks blended a garage rock sound with rockabilly and raw energy to subvert the expectations laid down by their genre, taking influence from post-punk and all its weird offshoots. The Gun Club originally released the often more traditional 'Mother Juno' in 1987, and it now sees reissue by Bang! Records....view item »

Twin Peaks
Wild Onion

Chicago garage rock smirkers Twin Peaks are releasing their second record, 'Wild Onion', as the follow-up to their brighter, short 'n' sweet debut. This time about, they make a sprawling, more free-wheeling record trading screeching guitars with sad boys indie pop endlessly. A recommended listen for fans of Thee Oh Sees and other garage thrill-s...view item »

The Young Sinclairs
This is The Young Sinclairs

We all like a bit of The Young Sinclairs here at the towers. Like Allah Las they have echewed the hard rockin' sounds of a lot of modern day garage bands for the jangly West Coast blueprint as purveyed by The Byrds, Love and assorted 60's folk-rock types. They form part of the Magic Twig Community, a group of like-minded musicians operating thei...view item »

The Revellions
Give It Time

The Revellions are back this week with their first album in five years on Dirty Water! These Irish garage-popsters are peddling a very authentically '60s sound full of Hammond organ, jangly guitars and naively soulful vocals, often buoyed by some uplifting brass which gives it a slight British working men's club kind of feel. Opener 'Bitter &a...view item »

The Bad Joke That Ended Well
Alta Loma

Alta Loma sees The Bad Joke That Ended well adding elements of 70s psychedelia to their garage rock sound. Long drum solos and theremins are added to the mix. The album takes its name from the hotel in John Fante’s brilliant novel Ask The Dust. Available on limited edition transparent vinyl with r...view item »

The Stroke Band
Green and Yellow

Here is a rarity from the mid 70's featuring a bunch of names who went on to do other stuff namely Bruce Joyner (The Unknowns), Don Fleming (Gumball, Sonic Youth producer) and Mark Neill (Black Keys producer). Its a fully authorized re-issue of a privately pressed album and includes downloads of demos and their only live performance.  ...view item »

Martyr Privates
Martyr Privates

Doing their bit to keep the vibrant Aussie rock 'n' roll scene alive, Martyr Privates present their self-titled new record, a collection of heavy rock tunes with indie and psych rock influences to their side. Martyr Privates have taken a bit of the recent garage rock obsession in their stride, but they cast a long list of inspirations, from Moon...view item »

Le Butcherettes
Cry Is For The Flies

Mexican garage rockers Le Butcherettes are back for more screaming and fussing, with their second record to date, 'Cry Is For The Flies'. The record offers eleven rapid-fire tunes with basic rock tactics and the venomous vocals of Teri Gender Bender. 'Cry Is For The Flies' is another ferocious, bumpy ride that incorporates distinctly dissonant m...view item »

King Tuff
Black Moon Spell

Is a winter ever hot? Well according to the press release this album was recorded in the long, hot winter of 2014. It was recorded in Los Angeles and that city has slathered its way all over this album, presumably its a sexy rock and roll record ripe for dancing naked to at some gruesome, demented party somewhere. A cursory listen reveals it to ...view item »

The Youth
Nothing But...

The Youth like to wear suits like the National and make wild, outrageous rock tunes, unlike the National. Inspired by the vibe of the 60s, and sharing a reverence for blues and garage rock, The Youth have made 'Nothing But...', a collection of pop songs that exist so that they can fulfil their lifelong dream: to wear suits. Or make music, whatev...view item »

Skeleton Soul

The kind of rock band you have to employ different spellings of the word for -- like rawk, or rockin', or rock 'n' roll -- Cowbell mix a quick-hitting brand of garage rock with elements of blues and a good few moments of twang. On 'Skeleton Soul', the sound is a little less immediate, with a few flourishes other than guitars and drums creep...view item »

People's Temple
Weekends Time

There's going to be a riff buried in the majority of these psych rock jams that will make you smile from ear to ear. People's Temple make a hazy, guitar-clashing sound that brings to mind the beach at night, with heartbroken vocal melodies and irresistibly catchy choruses that peak through the psych haze. 'Weekends Time' is as uproarious as ever...view item »

Purling Hiss

Purling Hiss continues his stoned out slacker indie rocking on 'Weirdon', following up the heavy action of 'Water On Mars' with a dosage of more relaxed pop. There's still a lot of guitar ascension, though, with feedback smothering the song-writing gleefully. Mike Polizze continues doing exactly what he's best at doing: riffing, cussing and chil...view item »

Get Ya Body Next To Mine

Castle Face announces a loogie-shined re-release of  Coachwhips’ Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine on CD and vinyl! The tracks have been re-tweaked to taste (a pinch of capsicum) and what a picture emerges—the scuzz and squall cracking ever so slightlyand revealing a coffee-can full of earworms underneath.The zombie-shuffle come...view item »

MFC Chicken
Solid Gravy

I was well into MFC Chicken's debut LP 'Music For Chicken' so it's good to see they've got another one out. This troupe got together when Canadian-born frontman and sax honker Spencer Evoy had just arrived in London and was busking outside a chicken shop trying to earn enough money to get something to eat, only to be heard by a kindred spirit li...view item »

Lecherous Gaze
Zeta Reticuli Blues

Zeta Reticuli Blues is the third album from Californian band Lecherous Gaze. The scuzzy blues-rock band feature members of bands such as Saviours, Annihilation Time and Witch. The album contains the band's hard-rock version of blues classic Baby, Please Don't Go...view item »

Apache Dropout
Heavy Window

After three LPs and a clutch of 45s, Southern Indiana’s Apache Dropout have loosened an adherence to the divine mono sound and forged a scaly stereo technique for HEAVY WINDOW This is a deeper, blown out swagger of peer-less rock ‘n’ roll filtered through a lush three-dimensional spectrum These 11 songs hoist Sonny Blood as one...view item »

Icarus Peel vs Mordecai Smyth
Barnburner EP

A woozy sway from Icarus Peel vs Mordecai Smyth. Barnburner EP is the new 6 tracker with each artist taking 3 for themselves. Full of soaring vocals, reverby guitars, funfair organs and grooving bass lines. It's somewhere amongst Nick Cave, Bowie, ...view item »


In 2009, Drag City unearthed and collected for the first time the work of Death, a trio of Detroit brothers whose existence represents the missing link connecting a number of different chains of musical experience, namely punk, funk, metal, spirituals, and the relative novelty of black ...view item »

Thee Headless Kings
The Untimely Death Of... EP

Garage-indie-soul-doo-wop-fun from the Emotional Response stable. A rollicking heart-on-sleeve kaleidoscope of 50s styledrock and roll and and 60s soul icons, (think Booker T, Al Green), coupled with a healthy dose of garage punk, filtered through the off kilter singular vision of frontman Justin Burch, (Soft Paws/Inspaceno!). Also stars Stewart...view item »

Reigning Sound

Greg Cartwright hasn't got Reigning Sound, his rotating band of merry men, in gear to release a record since 2009, but now they return with their debut for Merge, 'Shattered'. Cartwright decided he wanted to make a perfectly balanced kind of rock record: some heart-breaking balladry, some raucous bits, and the magic number of eleven so...view item »

The Kneejerk Reactions
The Indestructible Sounds of...

This raw rhythm’n’beat garage-rock’n’roll combo, headed up by the ubiquitous veteran rocker, Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim), delivers super rough, tough and wild mid-’60s inspired sounds that are just about as frantic as a pack of dogs in a lamp post factory. It’s British beat at its best, loaded with gra...view item »

Buddy Miles
Them Changes

Them Changes is the 1970 release by American Rock and Funk drummer, vocalist, composer and producer Buddy Miles. He was a founding member of The Electric Flag (1967), a member of Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys (1969-1970), founder and leader of the Buddy Miles Express and later, the Buddy Miles Band. In addition to Jimi Hendrix, Miles playe...view item »

Dan Melchior und das Menace

Dan Melchior is back...kind of. 'Hunger' is a collection of unreleased recordings recorded between 2008 and 2011, but don't worry, it's way too good to just be dismissed as an odds and sods anthology. Melchior's brand of unpredictable and often anarchic experimental pop is a hard one to describe because he flits around between genres so much, ...view item »

Plantagenet 3 & A Little Orchestra
Dark Ages

This latest 7" from minimal-surf duo Plantagenet 3 sees their minimal-surf sound thickened out by five members of A Little Orchestra, who give a kind of chamber John Barry feel to guitarist Richard Lanyon's Marvin-meets-Morricone compositions. On side A there's 'Canute (The Irresistible Surf)', in which the str...view item »

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
There Is A Bomb in Gilead

The musicians in LEE BAINS III & The GLORY FIRES sing with Southern accents, because they speak with Southern accents. They sing about places called Birmingham and Opelika, because they were born and raised in and around places called Birmingham and Opelika. They don’t wear Depression-era clothing, and they don’t sing about picki...view item »

Phoneys & The Freaks
Phoneys & The Freaks EP

There’s a school of thought that suggests that Oasis were never the same after Bonehead left. I’d trace it further back, perhaps to Tony Carroll’s departure. The press release proudly states that this is the only release by an Oasis member which coincides with the 20th Ann...view item »

Sonics Rendezvous Band
City Slang / Electrophonic Tonic

Sonic's Rendezvous Band came from the ashes of four Michigan rock bands: Fred "Sonic" Smith, formerly of the MC5, Scott Morgan, formerly of the Rationals, a soul-influenced Detroit band of the 1960s, Gary Rasmussen, formerly of The Up & Scott Asheton, formerly of The Stooges. They remained virtually unknown, but their one and only single ret...view item »

Donnie & Joe Emerson
Still Dreamin' Wild : The Lost Recordings 1979-81

I may be misguided here but I’m going to lay the blame for the current fetish for unearthing lost private-press records right at the door of Donnie and Joe Emerson. Well, not them as such but the industry that has grown up around the unearthing of their ‘Dreamin’ Wild’ album. It seems anyone who recorded an album ...view item »

Colored Balls
Heavy Metal Kid

This is a true proto-punk slab of dynamite, right up there with similar recordings by the likes of the MC5 and the Pink Fairies. Featuring a mix of growling punkers (the title track, 'Private Eye'), '50s rockers (a cover of '(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care', 'Need Your Love'), hi-energy boogie ('Do It', 'Dance To Th...view item »

Mongol Horde
Mongol Horde

Frank Turner forgets what folk punk is and gets all nostalgic with Mongol Horde, a band comprised of Sleeping Souls contributor Matt Nasir, as well as old punx friend Ben Dawson (of Turner's old band, Million Dead). The result is something like hardcore, this self-titled debut full of a different kind of energy Turner hasn't tapped into for a go...view item »

The Moons
Body Snatchers

A 7” of the single Body Snatchers by The Moons. It’s got quite a theatrical feel to it with some synths bubbling away on classic B-movie horror film soundtrack type themes. It actually sounds like the theme tune to a rubbish American horror flick. It’s unhinged, spooky pop at its finest. The B-...view item »

Straight Arrows

When Phil handed me this LP saying it'd be "noisy" I was picturing some scratchy late '80s Chicago sounding scuzz-rock, but actually Straight Arrows are dealing in '60s style garage-pop fuzz that makes me think of The Seeds, The Milkshakes, the Pebbl...view item »


I don't know what's happened to Boris. I was never a big fan anyway but 'Pink' really had a startling power that pricked my ears up. It's all been a bit downhill from there, however. They've transformed into this kind of "alternative" stadium band, retaining their dynamic structures and eclectic nature but...I dunno. It's all a little over-worth...view item »

Gooch Palms

As you may know, much of the music we stock is Very Serious Music, which has an entirely valid place on the musical landscape and all but when you have to listen to every record it can get exhausting, and it’s a relief when something light and easily digestible comes in. Today my light relief has come in the form of this delightful LP by N...view item »

White Lung
Deep Fantasy

Thought I'd squeeze in a few typed yelps in about this shouty nu-punk stormer.  I think this is Domino's answer to that there quite excellent Perfect Pussy and regardless of their relatively poor showing in the Norman archives for past endeavours, have proved themselves to be a melodic punk force to be ...view item »

Craft Spells

The law of averages says I’m going to find an album I actually like this week. Y’know, that I might take home and shit? The fact that this is on Captured Tracks and that the opening track sounds something like a Wild Nothing/Real Estate hybrid suggests I may have hi...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Despite the slow burning blues of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and the manic blues of “Celebration Day” Led Zeppelin found themselves moving away from their roots on their third album to incorporate elements of folk music into their heavy rock sound with tracks such as “Frien...view item »

Tijuana Panthers
Wayne Interest

Happy surf pop garage is always welcome during these rainy days. If you need some sun etched into beautiful vinyl grooves, Tijuana Panthers’ Wayne Interest is just what you need. Packed with short songs brimming with bright melodies and upbeat singing, this record would make even the British summer feel ...view item »

Teenage Mojo Workout

Teenage Mojo Workout is divided almost equally between cover songs and originals. It is nostalgic enough for many a retro rock fiend yet cool enough for the 'youth crowd'. Musicians just do not tell us to "do the go-go" or sing songs titled "Hanky Panky" any more and that is where this hard-rockin' girl-trio from Japan comes in. Word has it that th...view item »

Satan's Satyrs
Die Screaming

In the world of Satan's Satyrs, the riff is king. They don't even give us a whiff of vocals until we've banged our heads through a five-minute barrage of non-stop pummelling riffage. Their singer has a weird voice, thin, trebly and sneering, which works oddly well against the backdrop of thick, chunky testosterock.   ...view item »

Royal Trux
Radio Video

Primal indie rawkers Royal Trux made some of the '90s most hectic music, with jaunty punk conjoining their sweet pop hooks to create a nebulous, chaotic strand of rock music. With a title that pushed forward their many idiosyncrasies and contradictions, Radio Video became an EP of five tracks. A wond...view item »

The Black Keys
Turn Blue

Used to hate them but hate them less these days. The opposite to the normal trajectory. They seem to be purveying soulful, smoky atmospheric pop rather than balls out blues on this album and its all the sweeter for it. Nice production touches, 'Fever' does what MGMT used to do before they went mental. Clever lads. &n...view item »

White Fence
Cyclops Reap

One of those names I’ve seen about for ages yet never heard. Despite my employ in a record emporium, its very easy to miss out on loads of great stuff if you are looking the other way, which I normally am, at a tree or the viaduct. This is the latest album in the lifetime of Tim (no relation to Elvis or Reg) Presley and its a lovely surpri...view item »

Howlin Rain
Live Rain

Here's album number two in my "live album corner" for this week, 'Live Rain' by Howlin Rain. It's strident Americana-rawk from the Blueshammer school of subtlety, the vocal affectations are getting on my nerves quite quickly. The gatefold has loads of photos so you can look at the beardy man shouting at the microphone and close your eyes and ima...view item »

Danko Jones
A Collection Of Lost Songs From 1996 - 1998

Toronto's Danko Jones are probably best known for their slick and sleazy high energy hard rock antics of latter years, but this fascinating LP collects together various demos recorded in the two years between the band's formation and their first EP. Far from the radio-friendly theatrics of their latter releases, these recordings are chock full o...view item »

North St. / We’re Gonna Make It

Lots has been said about Death in recent years, especially when compared to how much was said about them at the time. The past few years have seen a succession of reissues, celebrity endorsements, and of course the documentary 'A Band Called Death', which poignantly charts the could-have-been career path of these maverick proto-punks. These two ...view item »

Manchester Orchestra

Anyone who heard Manchester Orchestra's 2011 LP 'Simple Math' will know that this troupe are not from Manchester, and neither are they an orchestra. They are in fact a rock band from Atlanta, but as far as band names go I can see why they didn't go with "Atlanta Rock Band". On 'Cope' they're playing the kind of skyscraping American Rawk ...view item »

Bomb the Rocks - Early Days Singles (1989-1996)

Japanese girl-trio The’s have been providing the world with punked-up rockabilly sounds since 1989, and this compilation captures their earliest singles. Much of this material has never really been properly available outside of Japan, so Bomb The Rocks is a great opportunity to get on board with some high-...view item »

Black Spiders
This Savage Land

Although this album is not quite as strong as the debut, it rocks the same way and has some awesome songs. This is a heavier, faster, darker album than the last. The band sticks to its good fun Rock and Roll tone and attitude, but lyrically, the songs are darker and more aggressive than most of what was on the debut and is overall more metal. Th...view item »

The Coathangers
Suck My Shirt

These lady garage punkers are now onto their fourth full length album. ‘Suck My Shirt’ released on Suicide Squeeze Records is a brash but intelligent collection of riot grrrl noise, the riffs are simple but effective and the art rock style vocals give it more of a post punk vibe than out and out garage nonsense. Tracks like &...view item »

Divine Fits
Live at Third Man Records

Divine Fits are fronted by Spoon mainman Britt Daniel. He is joined by Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown. The four piece indie supergroup is completed by Alex Fischel. The finale of the set, recorded at Jack White’s Third Man Records, inv...view item »

Sudden Death of Stars
All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown

So much stuff, so little time. This is a French psych pop band who sound unbelievably English...as if they’ve just emerged from a thatched cottage in the South Downs to play at the village fete. They use all the correct psych pop reference points; The Kinks, Syd Barrett...view item »

Talmud Beach
Talmud Beach

Talmud Beach a bearded three-piece from Helsinki, Finland but their sound recalls the relaxed blues of JJ Cale and Canned Heat with elements of Krautrock and Suicide. Talmud Beach are so laid back they are horizontal and the music matches their demeanor. ...view item »

Dead Moon

Defiance, Dead Moon’s fourth album, is full of attitude and has songwriting chops to match. Originally released in 1990, this is the first time the album has been available worldwide on CD. Defiance includes the fan favourites and Dead Moon classics, Dagger Moon, Johnny&rsquo...view item »

Towers Of London
Fizzy Pop

Brilliant!!  A band on top form...... ...view item »

Michael Yonkers
Michael Lee Yonkers

Here's a side to Michael Yonkers I hadn't heard before. You may have heard his fuzzy '60s proto-post-punk weirdness that has been unearthed on labels like De Stijl and hotly lauded in recent years, but in the '70s he also picked up his acoustic guitar and made some very different records. This one I have on my record player, 'Michael Lee Yonkers...view item »

Jim Woerhle & Michael Yonkers
Borders of My Mind

Michael Yonkers recorded an album way back in 1968 which passed by unnoticed until it was released again a decade ago and he finally got the acclaim that he so richly deserved. This is another of his earlier pieces, showing the folksy heart of the man along with his friend and co-musician Jim Woerhle. Recorded o...view item »

Yellow River Boys
Urinal St.Station

Yellow River Boys devise a good ol' honky tonk for you so that you'll forget the fact they called their record Urnial St. Station and are mainly talking about their dicks and the piss that comes out of them. Bearded bros singing about taking a slash, basically: country rock dudes, these folks are your kin...view item »

White Fence
Live in San Francisco

Having recently been to a live concert I can vouch for the excitement they provide. Certainly more thrilling, if less comfortable, than sitting in front of an electric fire of an evening. White Fence recently rocked San Francisco to its core and there to record it on his trusty Tascam was John Dwyer, leavin...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Singles Collection Vol: 3

This seems to be a compilation of singles. The third one. I’m nothing if not perceptive! Here we have singles, rarities, covers, bits (and indeed bats) of stuff that are a lot easier to have all on one LP than to spend a fortune trying to get the originals... There is stuff from a split 7” with Turner prize nominated ...view item »

Royal Trux
Veterans Of Disorder

This really is the quintessential, junk-free Royal Trux. It may not be pretty, but hey, it's art. No Trux album is an easy listen (except, perhaps their major label boogie-fest, Thank You) but repeated listens get into your head and clear away some of the noise, smoke and dust. Neal says that they make music for people who like music, whatever t...view item »

Blind Shake
Key To A False Door

Rattling riff rock from these Minneapolis -raised garage stompers who have recently toured with Thee Oh Sees and collaborated with psych guitar legend Michael Yonkers as well as John Reis. From the sound of these storming, blustery bl...view item »


Pentwater do the whole prog rock thing right by name-checking pretty much every single first wave band there was -- let's just drop the words Yes and Gentle Giant now and be done with it -- and also playing some music. Mentioning their constant usage of "haunting flute lines"...view item »

Pearl Jam
Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam’s album Lightning Bolt, unfortunately not named for the avant-metal band, is a comfortable listen for fans of the old rock 'n' roll sound of the band, without being too precious or uptight about it. Recommended for anyone who is a big fan of Vedder’s talent of singing through the nostrils. On ...view item »

Purling Hiss
Paisley Montage

Purling Hiss’s recent ‘Water On Mars’ LP was a departure from the meandering blown out stoner fuzz of their early material into a more concise (and some cynical people may say more marketable) gnarly grunge-pop business. Those who lament the move away from those raw, twiddly early days of fu...view item »

Hands On The Controls

Garage rock fans will be happy about this one - Castle Face have just pressed the first Coachwhips album ‘Hands On The Controls’ onto vinyl for the first time ever, and thrown six unreleased tracks in to sweeten the deal. That’s 25 songs on a single LP. ...view item »

Butter Knife

The Goatse-esque cover illustration to this new Audacity album has kind of put me off my lunch, but no matter! I’m a professional and will review through the retches, because this lot actually aren’t too bad. They’re peddling a very ‘90s-ish indie rock sound as seems to be the trend nowadays...view item »

Bed & Bugs

Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu legend Rick Froberg’s latest outfit Obits have their third album out this week on Sub Pop. The quartet are ripping out some more of their loose-limbed bluesy post-punk rock&rsqu...view item »

The Herms
Drop Out Vol:1

Here we have a collection of demos, rarities and general oddities from The Herms, a ramshackle bunch of lads that make the strangest of lo-fi garage pop with a surreal edge. I'm always amazed at how a lot of these garage rock/pop bands sound so old, like they've stepped into a time machine and recorded their album back in 1975, I guess The Herms...view item »

Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos
Live In San Francisco

If you like, or love, Ry Cooder, you'll love this album. Comprised mainly of older songs with some more recent, and all done beautifully. The old Cooder classics, such as Boomers' Story and Goodnight Irene (Leadbelly, I know) have been reworked and sound fresh. The guitar solos aren't done to impress or show off, ...view item »

King Tuff
Live At Third Man Records

This Live at Third Man series seems to quickly be becoming the jewel in the label’s crown, knocking out functional live discs from the likes of The Peoples Temple and Black Lips and with a Melvins...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
Rewind The Film

If you're a fan, consider that every Manics album has its own sound, its own look and its own feel. They're always true to themselves, but they dress their sound (and themselves) differently for every new venture, exploring, creating and reimagining their world. If you're expecting Send Away The Tigers or, going further back, Motown Junk, sure, ...view item »

The Mallard
Finding Meaning In Deference

The press release for ‘Finding Meaning In Deference’ is a bit of a downer as it announces the split of The Mallard, a band that, in my opinion had a lot of potential. Fortunately ‘Finding Meaning In Deference’ is an outstanding swan song that sees Greer McGettrick and Co. (I have no idea who is currently playing the group...view item »

Fair Ohs
Jungle Cats

Despite being quite good at the information thing, the internet doesn’t tell you everything. Its just taken me 10 minutes to try to find out where this raucous band are from. Why in ears' sake do I need to know? Does it matter? Well, the fact that they are from the grimy street of England's London headquarters provides just the fai...view item »

The Killers
Battle Born

The Killers have always been at the top of their game, since 2004’s Hot Fuss the band has been mega-stars, channelling the arena-like grandeur of Bruce Springsteen and U2. However, since the chart topping 'Hot Fuss' each album release since has dropped in quality a little. We...view item »

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