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Volume 7

No! Don't call the record label that! No, No, No. Ok, let's start again, talking about the music this time. This is really great stuff straight outta Ghana. Musically it consists of repetitive beats overladen by two stringed lute, simple but enormously effective. Over the evocative rhythm...view item »

National Wake
Walk In Africa

Here’s a name I’ve never heard before. National Wake were active in South Africa from 1979 until 1981, a mixed race punk band in apartheid South Africa, they were mired in controversy and their album was pulled by the government after selling a measly 700 copies. I don’t want to go too far into their history and background beca...view item »

Doug Tielli

Doug Tielli lives in Toronto, where he is a well-known name on the underground music scene. Much of Kerelsey, though, was conceived in a rainy two months spent in the suburb of Coventry, England, with the same name. English folk influences are audible on the album, alongside African and Brazilian vibes. On CD or vi...view item »

Sidi Toure

I'd never heard of Sidi Toure before but with an album cover like that, you just have to have a listen and boy am I glad I did! An album of traditional African sounds, expect brilliant guitar playing, rattling percussion and Fela Kuti style vocals and chorus. All of th...view item »

Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside

As a child I imagined that by my mid 30's I'd be an estate agent or something, swaggering into a country pub on a friday evening, soft top down, lady on each arm. Instead I'm sat in a converted school overlooking a 'Bird's Eye' billboard reviewing an album of Thai Country Music. Funny how things turn out. I have to say though I wouldn't miss thi...view item »

Melt Yourself Down

Tuning into ‘Later with Jools Holland’ this week propensibly to watch the mesmerising Low, I sat through some hit and miss stuff but was struck by this group who resembled Pigbag. I couldn’t decide if it was a brilliant post-punk take on afro beat or a load of self indulgent twaddle. They f...view item »

Fela Kuti
Koola Lobitos 64-68 / The '69 Los Angeles Sessions

Anyone that can listen to Fela and not be moved truly doesn't understand music. This album, representing some of his earliest work, is a view directly into his High Life beginnings. It is perky and upbeat, the horns are remarkable and the drum work is still to this day impossible to imitate. Although every song is incredible, you should feel goo...view item »

Fela Kuti
Shakara / London Scene

This album is an absolutely party political blast. Lots of horns and African roots on it in long improvisatory musical poetry. This is absolutely Ellingtonian funk indeed... Of course MCA who has the okay player hip-hop stuff on it is smart to reissue this series of Fela dopeness. The smart packaging combines 2 albums in it and that is rather go...view item »

Fela Kuti
Roforofo Fight / The Fela Singles

If you're looking for a really good afrobeat CD, this one is solid all the way through. All 6 tracks are nice and lengthy and high quality (even the bonus tracks). Also it comes with a booklet with a brief history of Fela and an explanation/translation of each song. If you are curious about Afrobeat check this one out. Everything that was to mak...view item »

Fela Kuti
Confusion / Gentleman

As much as any major artist of the rock-era, Fela's recordings work as a musical biography, telling the chapter-by-chapter story of this fascinating man's 25 year struggle to catalyse the pride of Black Nigeria as it moved beyond British colonialism. Yes, the intrinsic groove of Fela's "afrobeat" rarely fails to amaze and inspire (in short: funk...view item »

Fela Kuti
Monkey Banana / Excuse-O

"Monkey Banana/Excuse O" is another gem in the Fela two-albums-on-one-CD reissue series. It should be noted that unlike some of the other titles in this series, the song "Monkey Banana" was previously available on the original Celluloid label release of "Zombie" in the mid-1980s. Both the original "Monkey Banana" (with its b-side "Sense Wiseness...view item »

Fela Kuti
Everything Scatter / Noise For Vendor Mouth

A great pairing, really. This wasn't where I started on my Fela collection, but having listened to it quite a few times now I have to rank it among my favourites like Confusion/Gentleman, Opposite People/Sorrow, Tears, and Blood. In the first 30 seconds or so of 'Everything Scatter' I knew I was going to like this, and of course (go Fela!) wasn'...view item »

Fela Kuti
The Best Of The Black President 2

Deluxe three disc (two CDs + DVD) edition includes bonus DVD. 2013 collection from the late Nigerian musician. Maybe start with The Best Of The Black President 1 first, it is truly a remarkable overview of a musical genius and a 50+ album career. Not all the songs here are in the same vein as TBOTBP-1 except maybe "Yellow Fever", but still, it i...view item »

Marcos Valle
Marcos Valle

This 1970 album presented something of a break with most of what Valle had done up to that point. For starters, both the songs and his hair were getting longer, and the dynamic of this unique record resides in the yin-yang between electrified rock-influenced tracks featuring Milton Nascimento's backing band Som Imaginário, and orchestrall...view item »

Alegria EP

Soundway, well known for digging up dusty old global classics come correct with a modern bit of dancefloor action here. 4 tracks of latin beats to detonate s dancefloor. On the a side you have teo versions of Alegria, the extended and radio. This tracks hits hard from the off with kicking beats overlaid with the so...view item »


Antibalas are a 12-strong collective from New York who specialise in Fela Kuti's Afrobeat style. Expect extensive ornate musical breaks, shifting polyrhythms, organ, horns, and a freeform carefree spirit. The members have at different times collaborated with Amy Winehouse, TV On The Radio, and also helped provide the backing for the musical Fela...view item »

Yva Las Vegass
I Was Born In A Place of Sunshine

Apparently Yva is a motherfucker says the press release. Bit harsh possibly when you're trying to get folks to buy the record? Who wants to buy a record by a motherfucker? Well this particular MF used to be in Sweet 75 with Krist Novoselic of Nirvana fame. They never took off as you well k...view item »

Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM

More essential stuff on the Dust to Digital label. This is a 4CD treasure trove of early 78RPM African music (1909-1960) accompanied by a 112 page book which details each track providing a historical document of both the music and the culture.  Like the Fahey box its too exhaustive to...view item »

Carlos Paredes
Movimento Perpétuo

We got a couple of records in this week by this dude on Drag City who I've not heard of before. I can tell you he's from Portugal and he's the man when it comes to playing the Portuguese guitar. Which is different from a normal guitar - it's a short-necked, wide-bodied instrument with twe...view item »

El Rego
El Rego

How exciting to have a really well selected comp of the great El Rego! My only quibble with this release is that some of the tracks overlap with the prior released compilation by Analog Africa called 'The Legends of Benin' (get it-it's great). With so many other fine tracks not compiled anywhere I wonder why they decided to release a bunch that ...view item »

Antonio Gonzalez "El Pescailla"
Tiritando - Hit Best Flamenco Rumbas

Various (loads of Bossa Nova people)
Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s

Party time!! Soul Jazz have very nicely put together a comp of Brazilian ass shaking Bossa Nova especially for you. God bless 'em. The extensive 2 disc set and book (or 2 x 2LP) will pretty much make you a knowledgeable person on the subject in no time. Though will have to listen to it and read the booklet (which I've just thumbed through and it...view item »

The Good Ones
Kigali Y Izahabu

I have no particular inside information as to who they are or their back story, but The Good Ones are an African group playing string instruments and singing with glorious harmonies. Their music, despite being in no language that I understand, taps directly into the "wistful" emotional centre in my brain, beautiful and sad and optimistic all at ...view item »

Marcio Local
Samba Sem Nenhum Problema

I love happy endings, very good Marcio Local.Bresilien's music wonderful.Samba sem nenhum problema, soul do samba oh yes!...view item »

Native America Calling: Music From Indian Country

I want to hear that music, I like Indian music because they have a very peaceful rhythm. ...view item »

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