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Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band
Wede Harer Guzo

Hailu Mergia recorded Wede Harer Guzo with his Dahlak Band in Addis Ababa in 1978, during breaks from spreading wonderful party dancing among the hotels and clubs of the city. This is the very first time these recordings have been made commercially available outside of Ethiopia: celebrate! On Awesome Ta...view item »

Baba Zula

In 2016 the wonderful Baba Zula celebrated 20 years of existence, in which they expanded their reputation, becoming forerunners in contemporary psychedelia and deserving an esteemed place in Turkish music history. Spanning two discs of career defining moments, the new one traces a vast and suitably colourful journey through thei...view item »


Whenever you listen to Tinariwen, you feel at peace with everyone and everything. A splendid mix of steady beats and indie inspired guitar are combined with soft vocals in the latest release from Tinariwen entitled Elwan, which translates to mean ‘The Elephants’. This record is avail...view item »

Shango Dance Band
Shango Dance Band

The original release of this premium slice of afrobeat was so limited and hard to get hold of that it might as well not have existed unless you’ve got real collector-depth pockets. So rejoice at this reissue of Shango Dance Band’s eponymous album, properly available at last! It rolls and grooves and smiles and throbs...view item »

Cartagena!: Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962 - 1972

Columbia: the new Africa. At least in 'Archival Global Music Compilation World' anyway. Fresh off that amazing Palenque Palenque triple LP comes Soundway's next foray into the land of Carlos Valderrama, Cartagena!, which focuses (unsurprisingly) on the sounds of the coastal town of Cartagena. And in particular on the big bands of Curro Fuentes, ...view item »

Ethio Stars / Tukul Band feat. Mulatu Astatke
Addis 1988

Mulatu Astatke’s international career has spiralled into serious recognition over the last few years, but this reissue reminds us how great he sounded in 1988. Addis 1988 is a studio date recorded with Ethio Stars and Turkul Band, with Mulatu’s original song...view item »

Baile Bucanero

Ondatrópica’s second record features more than thirty musicians playing in a style that mixes the multiple influences of Bogota and Old Providence, the two locations in which it was recorded. Baile Bucanero shows off a funky Calypso / Gaita big-band in full-flow, and melodic joy-grooves dominate in every tr...view item »

King Ayisoba
1000 Can Die

King Ayisoba’s new album is a particularly powerful statement from the Ghanaian musician. Produced by regular associate Zea (aka The Ex’s Arnold de Boer), ...view item »


Gqom is the raw n’ rough house sensation that’s sweeping the nation (of South Africa), and Dominowe is a sharp Durban producer whose stuff is even more impressive when you bear in mind that the guy is nineteen. SiyaThakatha shows off Dominowe’s different gqom styles in a fierce and rem...view item »

William Onyeabor
Good Name

Plenty of people fell in love with the gorgeously bright music of Nigerian artist William Onyeabor after Luaka Bop released Who is…? two years ago. Now, they are reissuing his collected works! No need to resort to bootlegs any more. Good Name dates from 1983, and contains just two, side-long tracks of fu...view item »


Emel is a Tunisian artist that has become well known for her uplifting and positive attitudes towards women in her music, and her second album Ensen is no different. This album is a carefully crafted combination of electronica with Tunisian textured music that has been constructed in a cinematic universe. Available on Vinyl LP a...view item »

stillichimiya x COMPUMA
Bangkok Nights EP

Stillichimiya were included in a 2015 Complex list of ‘25 Japanese Rap Groups You Need to Know’, and their infectious brand of Beastie Boys-style posse rap manages to jump the language barrier pretty well. ‘Bangkok Nights’ was made to promote the 2016 Katsuya Tomi...view item »

Livy Ekemezie
Friday Night

Livy Ekemezie’s album Friday Night is a gorgeous slice of disco from 1983, recorded when your man was only just out of school. His fresh vigour combined with a sharp and funky talent makes this a crucial cut from the old Nigerian scene. This reissue is put together by the brand new label Odion Livingstone, who ope...view item »

Kink Gong
Imer Zeillos

The new Kink Gong material performs an interesting act of combination not often seen in the world of field recording. Rather than claiming to present a document of a single time and place, Imer Zeillos takes recordings of Turkish traditional instruments and puts ...view item »

Les Amazones D'Afrique
République Amazone

Les Amazones D’Afrique are a broad collective of some of the most amazing female West-African musicians, using a range of African styles along with re-appropriated dub sounds and hip-hop beats. The resulting album, République Amazone is a strong statement and an amazingly rich listen. Released on Real World...view item »

Lone Piñon
Dias Felices

Lone Piñon are a New Mexico band who bring their musical roots fully into their contemporary work, engaging with the old Chicano folk styles of their state. Playing acoustically on guitars and fiddle and singing multi-part harmonies, their sound is a beautiful resurrection of tradition. Dias Felices is released b...view item »

Joe King Kologbo & The High Grace
Sugar Daddy

Joe King Kologbo is a Nigerian highlife veteran, contributing his guitar to loads of ensembles over the years. Sugar Daddy is an album he recorded as bandleader of The High Grace in 1980, and it mixes those lovely sunny highlife vibes with bits of disco groove. Great to see this reissued and in circulat...view item »

Odion Iruoje
Down To Earth

Odion Iruoje mostly stayed behind the desk, producing stacks of amazing music by Fela Kuti, Mono-Mono, Geraldo Pino and many more. But he couldn’t resist showing off his own mighty musical prowess at least once: Down To Earth is his only solo album, and it's a col...view item »

William Onyeabor

Many fell in love with the gorgeously bright music of Nigerian artist William Onyeabor after Luaka Bop released Who is…? in 2013. Now, they are reissuing his full catalogue! Tomorrow was released in 1979, yet still sounds shockingly contemporary. And (I can’t emphasise this enough) deeply funky....view item »

Bargou 08

Bargou 08 is the band formed by Nidhal Yahyaoui to circulate the unique music of his home region, situated near the Tunisia / Algeria border. Targ was recorded at home with a set-up of Moog, loutar, bendir, drums and flutes. Yahyaoui sings these traditional songs passionately, richly re...view item »

Ekambi Brillant
African Funk Experimentals (1975-1982)

African Funk Experimentals (1975 - 1982) is one of the most enticing album titles I’ve heard in a good while, and the music does not disappoint. This is a compilation of Cameroonian musician Ekambi Brillant’s further-out funk tunes, and boy does that man know how to work a groove. Vinyl LP reissue on Africa ...view item »

Erasmo Carlos
Carlos, ERASMO

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). But the albums now reissued by Light In The Attic are not so known even in Brazil, being the records on which Carlos indulged ...view item »

Johanna Schwartz
They Will Have To Kill Us First - Malian Music In Exile

Parts of Mali suffered a takeover by militant jihadists in 2012, which had many consequences. One was that music was banned. Johanna Schwartz’s documentary follows artists like Songhoy Blues and Moussa Sidi, who bravely defied that band. They Will Have To Kill Us First - Malian Music I...view item »

Carlos Erasmo
Sonhos E Memorias 1941-1972

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). Sonhos E Memórias 1941 - 1972 has in fact never been released outside of Brazil before, an utter shame given the smoothly funky...view item »

Wells Fargo
Watch Out!

This is the first time that the tough and groovy rock music of Wells Fargo has been released outside of their native Zimbabwe. This edition of Watch Out! is paired with a seventy-two page book on the history of the Zimbabwe rock scene from which Wells Fargo emerged: for the CD it is a hardcover book, wh...view item »

Awa Poulo
Poulo Warali

Awo Poulo is a Malian singer playing and living within the Peulh tradition. The hallmarks of this sound include flutes, n’goni and calabash gourd percussion, to which Poulo adds elements from a broader array of Malian music. Poulo Warali is a beautiful introduction into her instantly engaging musi...view item »

Erasmo Carlos
Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). But the albums now reissued by Light In The Attic are not so known even in Brazil, being the records on which Carlos indulged ...view item »

Christophe Lemaire Presents: Can’t You Hear Me – African Nuggets & Garage Rock from Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

“Can’t You Hear Me?” is the result of Christophe Lemaire rooting through the record collection of Eothen Alapatt, with a particular focus on Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria during the 1970’s. Lots of super-rare and super-good material here, a lot of it falling into ...view item »

Verckys et L'Orchestre Veve
Congolese Funk, Afrobeat and Psychedelic Rumba 1969-1978

Another superb release from Analog Africa, this time from Verckys et L'Orchestre Veve. Congolese Funk, Afrobeat and Psychedelic Rumba 1969 - 1978 is a great insight into central African grooves, mixing Congolese roots music with the emergent influence of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti. Out on Double LP vinyl - ...view item »

Talahun Gessesse

Sima is a gathering of recordings from 1969 to 1975 and it dips into the multi-faceted vocal performances of Talahun Gessesse. Ranked alongside Mahmoud Ahmed, Gessesse is considered to be one of the greatest voices of Ethiopian soul music, holding ballads and raucous rock songs with equ...view item »

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou
Echos Hypnotique - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Vol. 2

The new Orchestre Poly Rythmo set is here, Volume two - 'Echos Hypnotiques' - and as usual it's a passionately compiled collection of Afro Beat, Voodoo rhythms, Afro Funk, Latin & Psychedelia from Benin's finest & most legendary collective. This music is less lo-fi than Vol. 1, 'The Voudon Effect' but loses none of its exciting edge & trance-li...view item »

Luke Vibert / With You. / Clap! Clap!
Africable / Kulira / No Resistance

As part of an exciting new project, the bulging archives of the International Library of African Music have been opened to a range of contemporary producers. On this 12”, With You, Luke Vibert and Clap! Clap! all make a track using Hugh Tracy’s recordings (made over ...view item »

Fela Kuti
London Scene

Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is known for having a huge and excellent catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. London Scene is early, formative ...view item »

Pedro Santos

This 1968 album by Pedro Santos makes the listener smile immediately with an opening volley of irresistible rhythm and brass fanfare. From there onwards, Krishnanda travels through some of the funkiest Brazilian music you ever heard, all with a definite psychedelic flavour. This joyous album is super-rare, but now Mr Bo...view item »


iZem is the work of a travelling French producer who dropped into Morocco to absorb some of the local sounds and work them into his own thing. Hafa is his debut LP, and it applies a firmly digital dancefloor structure to the “soulful exoticism” and “organic grooves” of North Africa and Latin Amer...view item »

Kronos Quartet
Pieces of Africa

Pieces Of Africa finds the go-to indie-classical string quartet supreme, the Kronos Quartet, taking on commissions from eight African composers. With the string quartet being arguably one of the most archetypal formats of the Western classical tradition, it is wonderful to he...view item »

Gaye Su Akyol
Hologram Imparatorlugu

Gaye Su Akyol has been gaining some attention outside of her native Turkey. Combining traditional Turkish instrumentation and rhythms with typically Western techniques, Akyol’s music keeps a strong identity of growing up in Istanbul. Hologram Imparatorlugu (Hologram Empire) is a fantastic mix of seductive ...view item »

Fela Kuti

Nigerian afrobeat king Fela Kuti is known for having a huge catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. Afrodisiac features the track ‘Alu Jon Jonki...view item »

Fela Kuti

Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is known for having a huge and excellent catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. ITT (International Thief Thief) is...view item »

Fela Kuti
Upside Down

Nigerian afrobeat king Fela Kuti is known for having a huge catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. 1976’s Upside Down is storming and political...view item »

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Mudei De Ideia

The debut album of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, who managed great success with their psychedelic take on samba and funk music in Brazil in the 70’s. Mudei De Ideia was initially released in 1971 and is reissued now by Mr Bongo, packaged in the psych-haze variation on the sleeve art (much nicer than ...view item »

Noura Mint Seymali

A joyous tomato party from Noura Mint Seymali. Tzenni is the new genre redefining exploration from North Africa. Her deeply emotive and technically brilliant voice is at the heart of each piece being accompanied by Mauritania instruments mixed with electric guitars, drums and modern production. She bridges the gap betwe...view item »

Legend of Funana (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands)

Bitori had spent most of a lifetime developing and performing his sound before he entered a studio for the first time in 1997 to lay down The Legend of Funana. Based in the traditional Cape Verde form but souped up a little for this recording, Bitori’s accordion-led music is super-rhythmic and lot...view item »

Kenya Special

Another Soundway compilation means another gold mine of funky beats and Afro rhythms. This time it is recordings from Kenya (I would also recommend checking out the Nigeria and Ghana Special LPs) made in the 1970s/80s. I'm not sure where to begin with such a rich and varied compilation but some things to loosely ex...view item »

Rizan Said
King of Keyboard

Rizan Said is probably most prominent to Western ears as Omar Souleyman’s key collaborator, generating wave upon wave of addictive dabke dance sounds. King Of Keyboard sees Said step out solo, wowing the listener with his astonishing synth skills. As modern as Korg keyboards and a...view item »

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou

Almost 50 years into their existence, Benin’s Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou still sound brighter and fresher than you could possibly imagine. Madjafalao, which adds to a catalogue of more than 50 LPs, is a ten-track set of wonderful music: the kind of stuff it is impossible to resist. Released by Because Music....view item »

Beating Heart - Malawi (Originals) - Recorded by Hugh Tracey

A high quality set of recordings from Malawi from the long middle of the 20th Century. Hugh Tracey travelled around documenting some lively and glorious material, including songs about animals wanting wages and overturning lorries. Literally excellent music. Proceeds from sales of ...view item »

Tee Mac featuring Marjorie Barnes
Night Illusion

Originally released in 1980, 'Night Illusion' is an Afro soul classic that's ventured deeper into obscurity over the years, and still remains relatively unknown outside of Nigeria. Once impossibly hard to find - thanks to Soul Jazz Records, the enigmatic Tee Mac and the lost 'Night Illusion' sees the light of day once more for those who missed i...view item »

Pascal Comelade
Wings On Rocks

Three bits and pieces from Pascal Comelade, plucked up from across his career. The title track is from the soundtrack to a 1999 Bob Wilson ballet, and we also have an unreleased track from 2009 and a brand new take on a familiar song. Guest musicians include the mighty Richard Pinhas and ...view item »

Noura Mint Seymali

Noura Mint Seymali builds new shapes on top of the music of her Moorish griot heritage, with the intention of forging a new Mauritanian sound. It seems to be working: Arbina is a fantastic listen, packed with electrified vigour, traditional and non-traditional rhythms, and Noura’s huge voice. ...view item »

NIGERIA SOUL FEVER - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!

The weight of fantastic 1970’s Nigerian music being discovered in recent years by non-Nigerians (much of this music was never exported at all) has grown so great that authoritative compilers Soul Jazz have had to step in with this hefty set. Nigeria Soul Fever - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!...view item »

Me and My Friends
Hide Your Way

This is Me and My Friends second album and it seems they aim to marry English folk songwriting with afrobeat/world music rhythms. They use an unusually array of instruments including cello and clarinet to flesh out a delightfully intricate style. By gum these people can play their instruments but it's not about showing off. This is about fusing ...view item »

Kenya Special: Volume Two - Selected East African recordings from the 1970s & '80s

Soundway continue to journey where others rarely will, to bring us the second in their acclaimed East African compilations. 20 rare recordings from: Bahari Boys, Rift Valley Brothers, Lulus Band, Afro 70, Sammy Katana, Orchestre Mangelep...view item »

Khmer Rouge Survivors
They Will Kill You If You Cry

If you were expecting Khmer Rouge Survivors to be the name of another edgy white indie band, think again: this music was recorded by traditional Cambodian musicians who lived through the murderous Khmer Rouge regime. These folk musics are powerful, beautiful, and increasingly rare, but They Will Kill You If You Cry make...view item »

Jah Wobble and The Invaders Of The Heart
Everything Is Nothing

This album is a real meeting of the veterans. PiL man Jah Wobble welcomed in a band that includes Tony Allen (of Fela Kuti fame) and Nick Turner...view item »

Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal

Professional waistcoat wearers Mumford and Sons team up with Sengalese singer / guitarist Baaba Mal in this somewhat unexpected collaboration, recorded in Johannesburg with Sweden's Johan Hugo (AKA The Very Best). Expect the usual Mumford fare, but with some added African vocals which are n...view item »

Ganimian & His Oriental Music
Come With Me To The Casbah

Come With Me To The Casbah is the only publicly released full-length album by Charles ‘Chick’ Ganimian, the Armenian-American oud-player. That’s a kind of Middle-Eastern lute, which you knew already of course. For their fusion between traditional music with contemporary sounds (from 1958, that is), ...view item »


Everyone knows a little bit about the sound of Bossanova music, but this compilation is so well informed about the genre that it comes with an essay of track-by-track analysis by Jacques Denis. The focus of Bossanova is the early days of the 50’s and 60&rsq...view item »

DJ Katapila
Trotro + Bonus Tracks

Awesome Tapes From Africa presents 4 cuts from Ghanaian producer DJ Katapila, who is clearly a force to be reckoned with. These tracks are clean and minimal but also packed with rhythms, leading to frantic dance movements. A well-placed drop of a Katapila tune could really boil things over in the club. 2 of the ...view item »

The Rough Guide To A World Of Psychedelia

A bargain priced album showcasing global psychedelic right through from the '60s to the present day. Big representation from Latin America on here but also stuff from Africa and India all carefully selected to give you an overview off how the genre combined with politics and rebellion to create mind bending music.   ...view item »

Karachi Files
Karachi Files

Brothers Hans and Andi Teichmann (Gebrüder Teichmann) assembled a group of electronic musicians from their native Germany as well as The Maldives and Pakistan. They met in Karachi, Pakistan and converted a house into a temporary studio and begun work. The result is a culturally eclectic and very raw sounding collection of recordings. Double...view item »

Lukombo Vibes

Never forget the sound of Zamrock, Zambia’s 1970’s response to the rock’n’prog boom going on in the Anglocentric world. Bands like Witch took those styles and filtered them through immense funk and Afro rhythms for something particularly special. Lukombo Vi...view item »

Blacky Joe

People Rock Outfit were a Nigerian garage-rock band, and Blacky Joe was their only album. Sparse and funky afro-rock, with enough groove that they were able to act as Jimmy Cliff during a Nigerian tour. Apparently, original pressings...view item »

Nigeria Freedom Sounds! Calypso, Highlife, Juju & Apala: Popular Music and The Birth of Independent Nigeria 1960-63

After independence came in 1960, Nigeria’s music scene immediately flourished in numerous directions. Nigeria Freedom Sounds! Calypso, Highlife, Juju & Apala: Popular Music and The Birth of Independent Nigeria 1960-63 is one of those reliably stellar Soul Jazz compilations, surveying the period with an expert eye. The double L...view item »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin is a Thai musician who received a bit of Western attention thanks to Youtube. With his Electric Phin Band, he plays a fairly excellent form of psychedelia, with long, spaced-out jams that centre on the phin, a kind of lute. II contains original tunes in addition to a few covers of Thai pop so...view item »

Seun Kuti + Egypt 80
From Africa With Fury: Rise

Seun Kuti, offspring of the grand overlord of afrobeat Fela himself, has this music flowing through his veins. He lets it out again on From Africa With Fury: Rise, his 2011 album with Egypt 80, which nails the unbeatable groove and stunning energy that the best of the genre ascends to. ...view item »

Various Artists
Wedding Songs

The kindly folk at Domino Sound have reissued this bunch of Ethiopian wedding songs from 1973 here, and it's a pretty swingin' affair by all accounts.  A lot of the tracks have little suggestive intros, so you're already lured before the track's even really started, but it still comes like a kipper round the chops when it all kicks off....view item »

Anthony Joseph
Caribbean Roots

British and Trinidadian singer, novelist and spoken-word artist Anthony Joseph is finally coming out and saying it: he’s got Caribbean Roots. As you might guess based on the title, this record is all about Caribbean rhythms and melodies - but never without freely formed lyrics and some crazy and equally ...view item »

Ave Africa: The Complete Recordings 1973​-​1976

Sunburst are a premium Tanzanian band, and this release squeezes every last recording they ever made onto 2 discs (of vinyl or of CD, take your pick). They tapped into the Zamrock scene, playing forever-funky music with a sharp political slant. Ave Africa includes their only album along with their singles and a radio se...view item »

Garagem Aurora

Telebossa have already created a new musical blueprint on Garagem Aurora by fusing traditional bossa nova sounds influenced by Brazilian musical legends Antonio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso and Joao Gilberto, with contemporary sounds. The guitars and cellos used on thei...view item »

Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra
Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra

Putting different musicians together is always a great experiment, and the Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra is no different. Thrown into a five-day recording session in a transatlantic culture promotional effort, musicians from Nigeria and Haiti made this high-energy, positive-vibe filled poly-rhythmic musical experiment with...view item »

VENEZUELA 70: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth - Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s

Featuring artists not much known outside of the country(Soul Jazz doing what they do best), such as Vytas Brenner, Angel Rada, Pablo Schneider and Miguel Angel Fuster, who through the 70s brought Venezuelan experimental rock to the forefront of experimental by incorporating elem...view item »

Fela Kuti
Open & Close / Afrodesiac

Get the party started with this one. 'Open & Close' is probably my favourite Kuti track. The nearly 15 minute long track is a relentless mix of jazz and African tribal drumming and rhythm which swings along with punchy trumpets above a chorus of piano, guitar, saxophone and jangling percussion. You get swept away with it and at the 8...view item »

Fela Kuti
Alagbon Close / Why Black Man Dey Suffer

One of the best qualities of Fela's work that I have always enjoyed is the electric, live feel to his albums but this album doesn't have that. The music is top shelf but for a musician that has so many excellent recordings this one just misses the mark a bit. This album really feels like its one of Femi Kuti's instead of Fela's, which is not to ...view item »

Why The Mountains Are Black - Primeval Greek Village Music: 1907-1960

Why The Mountains Are Black - Primeval Greek Village Music: 1907 - 1960 is a fantastic double set of 78rpm records of Greek musical traditions. None of these recordings have previously been reissued, being sourced from the collection of Christopher King. Unusual, beautiful, historic, essential. Released by Jack ...view item »

Black Power

Black Power by Peace was released in the mid 1970’s, and it has taken as long as this for it to see an official reissue. And yet this is one of the premium albums of the whole Zambian Zamrock scene, a groovy and soulful thing. It is also the only album that ...view item »

Ahmed Malek
Musique Original De Films

High quality stuff from a musician not well enough known outside of Algeria. Ahmed Malek played funky, slinky, slightly psychedelic arabic jazz music, and regularly composed soundtracks for the country’s film industry. Musique Original De Films is made up of unheard material, lovingly packed with an interview and ...view item »

M.A.K.U Soundsystem

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem is an 8-piece band of New Yorkers with Colombian roots. They ground their music in the body-dominating rumbling rhythms of cumbia, but throw afrobeat and hip-hop vibes in as well. The result is a super-rhythmic juggernaut of impossible potency. Mezcla is ...view item »

Family Atlantica
Cosmic Unity

Family Atlantica return with a properly funky afro-jazz record, fittingly titled Cosmic Unity. Guests to the ensemble for this record include Orlando Julius and space overlord Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra) himself! Strings and horns and rhythms and love, helmed by ...view item »

Wake Up You! Vol. 2 - The Rise & Fall of Nigerian Rock Music (1972-1977)

Wake Up You! Vol. 2 - The Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock Music (1972 - 1977) is a compilation that does 2 things. It tells a historical story about a scene, with an accompanying 100 page book of photos and detailed notes. But it is also a gorgeous set of funky music that you probably don’t know well enough. Re...view item »

Solla Solla

Some insane lo-fi electronic pop/psychedelic funk here from 1977-1983. Lovingly compiled from no less than sixteen Indian Tamil language feature films - an industry known as Kollywood! Tracks were sourced from rare 45's and EP's. Reading the sleevenotes, at the height of his career, this man was averaging 50 full-length scores a year. That's lik...view item »

Fumaca Preta
Fumaca Preta

This is an experiment started by Figueira, a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer and percussionist who invited some mates to the studio he shoehorned on the back of his house. They had a right old laugh making some digi-dub jams, pulsing acidy electronics and psych guitar workouts.   ...view item »

Konono No. 1
Konono No 1 Meets Batida

The mighty Congolese collective Konono No.1 haven’t released a record in ages, so this new collaborative effort with the Angolan / Portuguese producer Batida is very welcome. He mostly underpins the tracks with beats, managing to add to but not distract from the inimitable buzzing momentum that Kon...view item »


Third full-length album from Flamingods, the international psychedelic explorers. Their sound here is as thrillingly varied as it has ever been, but without losing focus. Majesty is conceptually split, with the first half consciously light and positive and the second half much darker. Which side will you prefer…?...view item »

Fumaca Preta
Impuros Fanaticos

Second full-length album from Fumaça Preta, the experimentally-inclined Spanish-language group. Recorded in locations as diverse as a Spanish desert and the border of Venezuela and Brazil, Impuros Fanaticos is as heavy as it is groovy as it is frenzied: a busy blur of sound that recalls Zun Zun Egui...view item »

Awalom Gebremariam

Desdes is a 2007 recording from Eritrean artist Awalom Gebremariam, using the traditional instruments of the krar and the wata. As a cassette and CD release it went down well in Eritrea, but Awesome Tapes From Africa tracked down Awalom (now residing in North Carolina) to get his blessing for a reissue:...view item »

An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014

Sub Rosa continue their sterling work unearthing little-known electroacoustic and other experimental works, this time from Turkey. So much of this brilliant material has never been released at all, and over a wide variety of music (contemporary compositions, noise, electronics) the listener will be wowed and delighted. An Anthology Of Turkis...view item »

Billy Bao
Lagos sessions

Billy Bao’s Lagos Sessions is a furious mash-up of afrobeat, distorted drone and thrashing noise all wrapped up and packaged on CD by Night School. Even that ridiculous description does not do justice to the collision of improv, Nigerian percussion music and DIY noise-punk to be found here. Billy Bao is pu...view item »

Aloha Got Soul

Welcome to the sound of Hawaii, circa the 1970’s and 1980’s. Aloha Got Soul shows curious listeners how the popular commercial sounds of the day (disco, funk, rock, R&B) melded with the Hawaiian perspective and folk tradition. Lots of previously obscure artists get a decent showing here on this Roger Bong...view item »

Ebo Taylor
Twer Nyame

Ghana’s Ebo Taylor produced some thoroughly gorgeous highlife music in the 1970’s, comfortably relaxed and smooth-flowing. 1978’s Twer Nyame adds strong twists of jazz and afrobeat into the mix too. The political conditions at the time of releas...view item »

Ebo Taylor
My Love and Music

Ghana’s Ebo Taylor produced some thoroughly gorgeous highlife music in the 1970’s, comfortably relaxed and smooth-flowing. The political conditions at the time of release meant that records like 1975’s My Love and Music were sparsely distributed at the time, so relish this timely reissue on Mr Bongo....view item »

Aziza Brahim
Abbar El Hamada

Super groovy and far-out West Saharan rock ‘n roll from Aziza Brahim. On Abbar el Hamada she has built a wonderful band to perform her varied songs. Now Saharawi rhythms, meet Senegalese drums, Afro-Cuban arrangements and emotive blues. Glitterbeat release this scorching album on...view item »

Samba Touré

Alabala means "danger," and when Samba Toure' materialises, he splits the world, shimmers in the darkness, creating a psychedelic atmosphere, conjuring hypnotic grooves laced with inner connecting vision. The music is powerful in its protest and sadness, as if the guitars and drums could stop the onslaught and bring reform and compassion by shee...view item »

Aris San
Boumpam / Dam Dam

The king of the ‘Greek Jaffa’ sound makes it to 10” vinyl on this extremely limited release from Fortuna Records. Aris San revolutionised Greek traditional music in the 1970s by replacing the bouzouki with an electric guitar and psychedelic mindset. Boumpam/Dam Dam...view item »

Chang Fo Ji - Buddha Loops from China & Tibet

A singular little oddity on vinyl LP from Discrepant. In China and Tibet mini, pre-programmed boomboxes called Chang Fo Ji, or Buddha Machines, pump out meditation drones and modern prayers. Buddha Loops from China & Tibet compiles these hypnotic looping tones and pulsing, bowed drones and is perfect for fan...view item »

DJ Katapila

The always reliable Awesome Tapes From Africa return with this ace CD and double vinyl LP from DJ Katapila. Trotro is a fast-paced mash-up of Ghanaian traditional music and modern technology. Katapila sings, shouts and chants over backing that sounds as if it had been beamed from the golden age ...view item »

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