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Bird Sound Power

Jon K and Demdike Stare have curated and compiled a badass compilation of old and new tracks from Jamaica’s Equiknoxx collective. Twelve cuts strong of rump shakin’ dancehall beats and “computerize rid...view item »

Original Soul Reggae Classics

Coming straight from paws of the Trojan selectors, this compilation is as authoritative as can be on the subject of reggae / R&B crossover music. Original Soul Reggae Classics is a twelve track collection of the most soulful Jamaican music circa the mid-70s, featuring acts like Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe...view item »

Singers & Players
Staggering Heights

1983 UK dubbed-up reggae from Singers & Players, the heavyweight collective that included Prince Far I and Mikey Dread, as well as Ashanti Roy of The Congos themselves. Staggering Heights has been re-cut with plenty of bass weight for this reissue o...view item »

The Untouchable

My my, a brand new album from the legendary dub innovator Scientist. The Untouchable features an enviable array of reggae talents old and new, from Ilhame Paris and Da Real Storm...view item »

Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Revolution Dub

Say no more, this is Lee Perry operating at the peak of his super-dub powers. Along with his Upsetters, the master-man crafted Revolution Dub in 1975: since then, it’s been damn hard to find. But this BMG vinyl reissue gets the weird vibes of Perry back into proper circulation: es...view item »

Augustus Pablo
King David's Melody - Classic Instrumentals & Dubs

By now the dub O.G. Pablo needs no introduction, so the selling point of this particular collection is 5 never-before-heard cuts collected and released for the first time. The grooves are rocksteady, the vibe is deep and the production is impeccable and pioneering, and then there’s that wonderful melodica playing to cap th...view item »

Thievery Corporation
Temple Of I & I

Thievery Corporation, the Washington, DC electronic outfit, became even more engaged with the sound and culture of Jamaica than ever before, travelling to Port Antonio and welcoming musicians like Racquel Jones into the mix for a real sweet electro-dub trip. Temple Of I & I is out on Ye Records....view item »

Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 - From Nyabinghi, Burro and Grounation to Roots and Revelation

Soul Jazz, true pros of the art of the compilation, turn their attention to Rastafari music with Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 - From Nyabinghi, Burro and Grounation to Roots and Revelation. Some fantastic material here: plenty of reggae-originating sounds, but cosmic afro-jazz and other stuff turns up as well....view item »

Lloyd Parks / Var
Slaving / Crime

Two essential tracks from reggae’s history. Lloyd Parks’ Slaving is a powerful lament set to a skanking rhythm, and it comes paired with Var’s tune Crime, which keeps the vibe serious. Both numbers have the beautiful simplicity of the best reggae: just a couple of elements, pe...view item »

Sylford Walker
Lamb's Bread

This right here is a 1988 compilation of Sylford Walker’s roots reggae recordings from the 1970’s. The material here was recorded in various studios (including Studio One and Harry J’s!) and mixed by the legendary dub-lord King Tubby. All the ingredients for top-tier reggae. Lamb’s Br...view item »

Haul & Pull Up EP1

After gaining massive notoriety from production credits for acts such as M.I.A., Major Lazer, and Snoop Dogg, Munich’s Schlachthofbronx give us the first in a series of three EPs that lead up to an album release in 2017. Featuring Riko Dan of Roll ...view item »

Singers & Players
War Of Words

1981 saw the release of Singers & Players’ debut record, War Of Words. This is a good-natured war however, the Singers & Players collective (comprising Prince Far I, Bim Sherman, Jah Woosh and more) competing lyrically. A great slice of cl...view item »

African Headcharge
Return Of The Crocodile

African Headcharge was the pairing of Jamaican percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah with producer Adrian Sherwood: they got busy in the studio making psychedelic dub interpretations of Afrocentric musics. Return Of The Crocodile is a selection of familiar original tracks that have been ma...view item »

Johnny Osbourne / Otis Gayle
We Need Love / I'll Be Around

Soul Jazz have always excelled at putting together super-strong compilations of the finest old sounds, especially when it comes to reggae and dancehall. But sometimes you want to be able to spin the tunes old-school: one track per 12” side, all ready for DJing. In which case, good news! A whole set of 12” reissues are landing, includ...view item »

Steve Spacek
Follow Me

If his Discogs page is telling the truth, then this is Steve Spacek's first solid release since 2009, on Eglo Records no less! Oh, and the page also says that his brother is apparently D-Bridge. Give this man some credit on his own, jeez. Expect some extremely soulful house action across the course of this 12", if the title track is anythin...view item »

Radioactive Man
Dub Vault Vol. 2

Banging materials from Radioactive Man, aka Keith Tenniswood. The 3 tracks heard here were pulled out from the Dub Vault, where they’ve been languishing for the last 10 years. That time given these productions plen...view item »

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill
Deep Dive Dub

Dub isn’t a genre known for it’s progressive or experimental leanings, but then again Switzerland isn’t really known for it’s contribution to dub. Put together elements of dub, trance like electronics and an edge of theatrics and you get Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. They made a William Burroughs...view item »

Scotch Bonnet presents Puffers Choice

Scotch Bonnet are at the centre of the Mungo’s HiFi empire, releasing most of their tracks as well as being huge supporters of the the surrounding reggae and dub scene. In show of appreciation of the support and acts around them they have compiled this release of some of a load of the players around them. Includes ...view item »

First Class Rock steady

Compilation of classic Jamaican island sounds, including offerings from the seminal likes of Alton Ellis, Lee Perry, Desmond Dekker and Lynn Tait and the Jets. Cool, laid-back, sun-soaked reggae, available on vinyl as a double long player. Every vinyl collection needs one of these. Pre-order from us now. ...view item »

The Maytals
Monkey Man

Classic reggae from festival favourites The Maytals (featuring Toots). Released in 1969, Monkey Man had a bit of an impact in the UK, pricking ears up to this Jamaican sound. Money Man has been unavailable on vinyl for too damn long, but now Trojan are reissuing it, with remastered audio but or...view item »

Mystic Eyes

Mysterious, the 1979 album of Anthony Johnson’s group Mystic Eyes, is a very rare piece of reggae history: as it has never been reissued, original copies fetch high, hefty prices. This Burning Sound reissue makes the Jah-worshipping roots riddims widely available once more, on CD and vinyl edition...view item »

Dub Realistic

Dubblestandart are a long-running dub crew from Austria. They’ve deeply learned the lessons of the Jamaican originators though to be fair, with every sound swimming around in a cosy echo haze. It does feel a little odd to hear toasting in German though… Dub Realistic...view item »

Tippa Lee
Dub Them With Reality

New music from hot-toasting reggae dude Tippa Lee. The record is coming out in 2 forms: the original Cultural Ambassador and a classic-style dub reworking of the whole album by producer Tom Chasteen. Dub...view item »

Tippa Lee
Cultural Ambassador

New music from hot-toasting reggae dude Tippa Lee. The record is coming out in 2 forms: the Cultural Ambassador itself, and a classic-style dub reworking of the whole album by producer Tom Chasteen. This original version...view item »

Coxsone's Music 2: The Sound Of Young Jamaica - More Early Cuts From The Vaults Of Studio One 1959-63

An eclectic compilation showcasing a huge array of musical styles, from jazz and gospel to Jamaican R& B and Rastafarian, 'The Sound of Young Jamaica' is a collection of legendary producer Clement Dodd's early recording work in the 50s and early 60s. Featuring early performances from Bob Marley and the Wailers, plus many more. Out on triple ...view item »

Studio One Dub Fire Special

You know your dub reggae? Then you’ll know about Studio One, one of the true homes of the genre. Studio One Dub Fire Special trawls the studio archives for sterling examples by Brentford All-Stars and Leroy Sibbles...view item »

Count Ossie & The Rasta Family
Man From Higher Heights

Count Ossie died in 1976, but that didn’t stop his Rasta Family from releasing this album in 1983. The exact provenance of the recordings presented on Man From Higher Heights is not entirely clear, but either way, this slab of rhythm-heavy roots music has the Rastafari spirit of the Count...view item »

Singers & Players
Revenge Of The Underdog

Earth-quaking dub from the Singers & Players collective. This record does basically consist of incredibly played dub, with back and forth chatter between the many vocalists, experimenting with phrasing, creating a sort of freeform dub. Features possible members of Dub Syndicate, Creation Rebel ...view item »

Sly & Robbie
Dub Sessions 1978-1985

Sly & Robbie were essentially the official rhythm section of the reggae genre, their slick bass and drum interactions having underpinned the sounds of any major reggae artist you could mention. Dub Sessions 1978-1985 is a set of exclusive, previously unheard studio dub versions of a stack of classic tunes. CD or LP ...view item »

Burning Dub

Reggae instrumental crew The Revolutionaries did of course include the crucial rhythm duo of Sly & Robbie, a fact that should indicate the kind of quality we are dealing with here. And 1979’s Burning Dub does not disappoint with its spacious grooves. Recorded at Channel One, reissued by Burnin...view item »

Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990

Adrian Sherwood is a true UK dub pioneer, and his production credits double up as a guide to some of the most interesting underground artists around during his career. Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990 compiles 16 tracks that Sherwood...view item »

Leroy Smart
Dread Hot In Africa

Leroy Smart recorded Dread Hot In Africa with The Revolutionaries, including the crucial rhythm duo Sly & Robbie. Consequently, this is some totally premium reggae material. The LP edition is pressed to 180g vinyl, whereas the CD version adds the entirety of the 1978 Propaganda...view item »

African Head Charge
My Life In A Hole In The Ground

An exciting quartet of African Head Charge albums incoming from Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound. The group dabbled in deep dub and intense psychedelia, stretching pretty far out on occasion. My Life In A Hole In The Ground was their 1981 debut, a sort of response to Brian Eno an...view item »

Provisional (Dub) / Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix)

Two very strong dub wobblers from Systemwide, dug up from the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s. Provisional (Dub) is super-weighty, and the second side features a Pan American Sun Remix, for an extra far-out trip. Strictly limited edition of 500 180g vinyl copies, each presented in a good solid card...view item »

The Bristol Roots Explosion

Bristol has a reputation as the home of UK soundsystem culture and The Bristol Roots Explosion gives a small and fascinating glimpse why. This exclusive vinyl LP compilation collects roots reggae tunes from the West Country. This deep, soulful and inventive musical culture created local legends like Dennis Bovell...view item »

Congo Natty
Jungle Revolution in Dub

Jungle Revolution by Congo Natty was universally praised by critics from the likes of DJ Mag, Mojo, The Guardian, The Times and Q Magazine. Jungle Revolution in Dub takes its influence from over 30 years of British bass music maximising the bottom end that the various styles have in common. Fans of Shy ...view item »

Mungo’s Hi-Fi (featuring YT)
No Wata Down Ting

Reggae and sound-system veterans Mungo’s Hi Fi finally make a full album with their frequent collaborator vocalist YT. YT’s intelligent and socially conscious lyrics are foregrounded on No Wata Down Ting, but Mungo’s craft some of their finest riddims to date; minimal, analogue...view item »

Dub Specialist / Alton Ellis
Dub Creation / Alton's Groove

Not satisfied with gathering up the finest old singles for their essential CD / vinyl compilations, Soul Jazz are now straight-up reissuing the 45’s themselves, in the same format on which they were originally released. Here’s a pair of classic Studio One reggae cuts, from Dub Specialist and Alton Ellis...view item »

Noel Ellis
Noel Ellis

Noel Ellis’ self-titled album of dub-tinged reggae songcraft is an underrated gem, well worthy of reissue by Light In The Attic. Sample-spotters will be able to identify a considerable treat in ‘Dance With Me’, which Kanye West made prominent use of in his track ‘All Day’. LP with r...view item »

King Tubby vs Channel One
Dub Soundclash

Anyone who knows anything about dub will know that the names King Tubby and Channel One are synonymous with the finest deep-grade dub. This Dub Soundclash delivers just what it promises, the 2 institutions going head to head. This release on Jamaican Records is available on vinyl or CD: 6 bonus tracks h...view item »

Studio One Showcase: The Sound Of Studio One in the 1970s

Essential reggae / dub / dancehall compiling from Soul Jazz, as you should expect. Studio One Showcase: The Sound Of Studio One in the 1970’s does just that, with artists like Horace Andy, Lone Ranger, The Heptones and plenty more captured at the peak of their powers in the best s...view item »

African Head Charge
Drastic Season

We have four African Head Charge albums incoming from Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound. 1983’s Drastic Season is a highly original swirl of dub rhythms and African percussion, mutated into strange new forms by heavy tape editing and use of new technology. Remastered reissue with extra bass ...view item »

Keith Hudson
Jammys Dub Encounter

Big re-issue for fans of premium dub. A companion piece to 'Tuff Gong Encounter' this showcases The Wailers in fine and heavy style. King Jammy is at the controls for six massive woofer testing dub tracks, with the vinyl cut loud for maximum rib rattling bass and big drum sounds....view item »

Jeb Loy Nichols
Long Time Traveller

Jeb Loy Nichols sits in both the country and the dub camps for this record. Long Time Traveller features Adrian Sherwood producing, and members of Roots Radicals and Dub Syndicate merrily reggae-country-ing. The album has been remixed and resequenced since its original,...view item »

MM / Imaabs
Body Horror II

MM is the abbreviated form of Miss Modular (the boss of Her Records), who obviously isn’t afraid to push into experimental territory while still maintaining the dance. Two wild pummelings on her side, and on the B we have Chilean producer Imaabs, who goes slow and hypnotising with his mate...view item »

Augustus Pablo
Presents Rockers International 2

Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International is part two of a compilation series, gathering up excellent reggae-meets-rock tracks. We’ve got the likes of Earl Sixteen, Norris Reid, Jacob Miller… And all of it driven forth by Pablo’s smooth-skanking, ...view item »

Coxsone’s Music: The First Recordings Of Sir Coxsone The Downbeat 1960-63

Coxsone’s Music: The First Recordings of Sir Coxsone the Downbeat 1960-63 is a new compilation that gathers together Jamaican proto-ska, R&B, Jazz, Rastafari and Gospel recorded by Clement Dodd before he founded the legendary Studio One Records. Sir Coxsone The Downbeat was the name of Dodd&rs...view item »

Harry J Allstars

Here is a reissue of the classic 1969 album by Jamaican reggae producer Harry J. The lead track ‘Liquidator’ was an enormous hit  in Jamaica and went Top 10 in the UK spawning this album which includes covers of pop classics such as ‘Je T’aime’ (?) ‘My Cherie Amour’ and ‘Don't Let Me...view item »

Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics

Trevor Jackson, compiler extraordinaire, has another carefully chosen collection of danceable history for you. Science Fiction Dancehall Classics is an incredibly enticing title, and the contents live up to the billing. Wondrous weird dubness from the likes of Neneh Cherry, Mark Stewart + The Ma...view item »

Dennis Brown
Just Dennis

Famous reggae record label Trojan is treating us to yet another reissue. This time it’s Just Dennis, the 1975 classic by Dennis Brown. Bustling with songs of protest and deliverance, the record is still filled with positive energy. Of course, the good folks at Sanctuary took the effort to pre...view item »

100% Dynamite! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica

100% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica is apparently the best-selling release on the illustrious Soul Jazz roster, and stands as the seminal example of classic American-influenced Jamaican music. This reissue is specially expanded to include a few extra tracks. Crucial material on CD or double LP....view item »

Essence Of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley

The Reggae Archive continue to do their express job with aplomb: dig up old classics. In this case, it's Sceptre, an '80s Birmingham act who were defiantly underground (mainly because none of the record labels wanted them). Their DIY release 'Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley' is now getting reissued on vinyl for all to hear, celebrating...view item »

Springbox Riddim Part Two

This time, Tradesman invites Speng Bond to drop lines over his Springbox Riddim. With the same beat, the song is just as catchy and head-nod-friendly as Rudeboy Skank. It’s chill, easy and groovy, but unfortunately there are only 500 seven inch singles to go around, so make your pick and get it s...view item »

Dub Narcotic Sound System
Degenerate Introduction

Dub Narcotic Sound System have a new CD of comedy percussive jams & bass/vox grumbling out now on the occasionally inspired K records of Olympia, WA. I really think that any given household should have at least one DNSS record but no more than that cause it's all a bit samey,  like. I said t...view item »

Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family
From The Ghetto

Phil had obviously gone completely mental before he buggered off to Lanzarote. We have several records in this week with the word ‘dread’ used as a hilarious pun. This is an odd one, it’s classic early ‘90s fusion of funk, reggae, hip-hop and toasting which possibly co...view item »

Jah Wobble
Redux: Anthology 1978-2015

Here we have a fairly comprehensive retrospective collection of Jah Wobble material: Redux: Anthology 1978-2015 fills up six whole discs and an actual box with solo Wobble and with countless collaborations, including the likes of Bill Laswell, Jaki Liebezeit, Th...view item »

Capital Letters

UK reggae of the highest order, hailing from 1982 with a roots sound that could fairly be described as classic. Capital Letters best known album was probably this one, Vinyard, so here it is reissued with a smattering of outtakes and a typically high-grade Peel Session. CD or LP formats, out on Greensleeves....view item »

Mungo's Hi Fi (featuring Charlie P)
You See Me Star

Fresh young newcomer Charlie P teams up with Glasgow soundsystem veterans Mungo’s Hi Fi for an album of straightforward roots reggae / reggae dancehall. You See Me Star even has Charlie puffing smoke on the cover, so you know he’s authentic. He fits in with Mungo&rsq...view item »

Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979 - 1984

Adrian Sherwood has made a name for himself through his innovative sound development throughout the 80’s and 90’s, learning his trade from dub warriors Prince Far I and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and later working as a live sound engineer to legendary acts such as The Clash and Public Image Limited. ‘Sherwood At The Contro...view item »

Black Symbol
Black Symbol

Now here’s another solid piece of contemporary dub. Bouncing on jolly basslines and floating around tweetering reed solos, Black Symbol’s self-titled LP is sparse reggae at its finest. The first LP features two tracks and various remixes, whereas the second is a full-length album in its own right....view item »

Michael Prophet

Produced by one of the reggae scenes most influential and prolific artists Henry 'Junjo' Lawes, this is a classic roots reggae album by vocalist Michael Prophet, best known for his “crying” vocal style. Produced at the legendary Jamaican Channel One studios with the unstoppable Roots Radics band, this record features classic sound sy...view item »

Bunny Lion

Some soul soothers on this one from Bunny Lion. Red is getting the repress treatment, even though it evaded the limelight the first time. Featuring vocals from Linval Thomas, this record is raw, outrageously grooving and a delicious slice of dubbed out reggae for those wanting some untapped rootsy vibrati...view item »

Sherwood & Pinch
Late Night Endless

Two generations of dub pioneers combine as Adrian Sherwood meets Pinch on CD and vinyl for On U-Sound. Sherwood brings his singular and experimental studio mastery whilst the dark, rolling percussion can probably be attributed to Pinch’s deft fingers. Disembodied vocals, swathes of echo and heavy bass-line...view item »

The Dub Album They Didn't Want You To Hear

Since the late 70s, The Scientist has been treating the world to bass-heavy dub tunes on the renomated Jah Life label. From their old dusty boxes they have now uncovered these high-resin dub mixes that have that old school vibe and that tasty deep bass mix. Come hit this shit and listen yourself right off the deep ...view item »

Mungo's Hi-Fi
Get A Lick Feat Blackout JA / Kuff Riddim

Mungo’s Hi-Fi continue their fine tradition for digging deep into dancehall and pushing positive vibes with this familiar reggae cut on Scotch Bonnet. Featuring a rasping vocal from Blackout JA it’s crying out to be played on a big soundsystem. Limited to 500 copies, it’s worth getting in quick. Out on 7”...view item »

More Jammys From The Roots

Compilation of Jammy's produced reggae classics, available on either cd or double vinyl. Tracks: 01. Wayne Smith – My Lord My God 02. Admiral Tibet – Chase Them Down 03. Junior Murvin – Cool Down The Heat 04. Echo Minott – Living In The Ghetto 05...view item »

Keith Hudson
Rasta Communication

Keith Hudson's records are unique in the reggae canon, mainly due to the strength of his personality and his unflinching examination of darker themes- hence his reputation as the 'dark prince of raggae'. While this has made him a slightly marginal figure in a genre mostly celebrated for its relaxed, sunny vibes- Hudson's albums have always been ...view item »

Black Symbol Presents Handsworth Explosion Vol. I

'Handsworth Explosion Vol. 1' exists thanks to the tireless efforts of Black Symbol, a dub reggae act who sought out other prominent, rising acts in the Handsworth scene and gave them the chance to record tunes at their Outlaw Studio. After the songs were wrapped up, they committed them to this compilation, hoping to show off the vibrant and eve...view item »

Soul Jazz Records Present
90 Degrees of Shade: Image and Identity in the West Indies: Over 100 Years of Photography in the Caribbean

'90 Degrees Of Shade: Image and Identity In The West Indies' encompasses a century of Caribbean history in an extensive collection of photography that attempts to show the region in every little and significant detail, from its political and colonial fractures to its independence. The book was compiled by Paul Gilroy....view item »

Bucky Skank EP 2

The second EP on this eclectic Bucky Skank label brings a bunch of different artists out to play, each serving up their own slice of weirdo dub: JD Twitch and Dave Clark team up, as per, while Jabru goes solo and Richmond hangs out with Lord Shearton for both flip-side tracks. Lots of rhythm to be felt, here....view item »

Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions I

Straight out of the Glitterbeat Records vaults is their new vinyl double LP Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions I. A fantastic compilation of various artists releases from the label, and packed full of excellent collaborations from an array of monster producers. Focusing on Mali and West Africa - these originals and dubs are a must for any...view item »

Augustus Pablo
Born To Dub You

Bursting will dubby goodness from VP, Born To Dub is a selection of rarities and unreleased tracks from reggae legend Augustus Pablo. Taking you back to the glory days of King Tubby and Studio One, Augustus Pablo's influence on not just reggae and dub, but decades of music is evident. Whether you're lis...view item »

The Bug
Angels & Devils

Plenty of big-name collaborators on The Bug's latest, 'Angels & Devils'. Billed as a "battle between utopian and dystopian" (but definitely not a "concept album", oh no) you get Liz Harris (Grouper), Warrior Queen, Gonjasufi, Miss Red, Death Grips, Manga (Roll Deep), Copeland and Flowdan for your money. Pulling together "the fringes ...view item »

Bill Callahan
Have Fun With God

Now this may make me a few enemies but I've been tiring of Bill Callahan in recent years. Perhaps it's the fact that I have a job where I have to listen to every record, but while I don't struggle to tell that they're well-made and he does have a way with words, the sheer quantity and lack of variety of his Leonar...view item »

Steel Pulse
Handsworth Revolution

Some spiritual cleansing from Midlands legends Steel Pulse. Handsworth Revolution is widely lauded as the pinnacle of UK reggae which is reason enough for a repress. Full of big tracks, big grooves and a bigger message this is definitely one to scoop up on wax. Is it the best thing to come out of Birmingham si...view item »

Michael Prophet
Serious Reasoning

Another reggae great and another classic plate rescued from collector obscurity, this guy is well loved but relatively underrated. Along with Yabby who he collaborated with, this is another burner from around 1980 that has long needed such a dust-off! Michael George Haynes is his real name. A true Prophet!...view item »

Burning Spear
Marcus Garvey

'Marcus Garvey' is an utterly legendary mid 70s roots reggae album produced by Lawrence Lindo. Burning Spear's masterful classic is even more highly praised in many quarters than any long-players by Bob Marley and came complete with a "sister" dub album (not included here) called 'Garvey's Ghost' As a tribute to the great man, one of Jamaica's r...view item »

Studio One Dancehall - Sir Coxsone In The Dance: The Foundation Sound

Fantastic, mind-blowing, awesome new collection of killer Studio One dancehall and proto-dancehall! Featured here is a new collection spanning Studio One’s dancehall period – singers and deejays on classic Studio One rhythms, studio and electronic wizadry from the Brentford Road headquarters, lots of rare 12” singles, a...view item »

Greg Gives Peter Space
Greg Gives Peter Space

Erased Tapes releases this collaboration between two already well known composers Greg Haines and Peter Broderick. At first I put this on the wrong speed and I wonder what the hell is going on but after changing to 45rpm I’m greeted with a fantastic bass heavy dub ...view item »

Clinton Fearon

Rocking steady with Clinton Fearson. Goodness is the next instalment from this Kingston vibesmith. Having been in the business for as long as he has, Clinton knows what he's doing when it comes to reggae rhythms. Full of his soul-soothing vocals, deep grooves and delightful arrangements, you can...view item »

Kalbata & Mixmonster
Congo Beat the Drum

Total relaxation from Kalbata & Mixmonster. Congo Beat the Drum is the full length collaboration from these two dub heads. Made using all analogue equipment and mind set, this record is stone cold groove instigator, in the vein of Tubby, Scientist and Studio One. The combination of a clear vision...view item »

The Quasi Dub Development
Little Twister vs Stiff Neck

The Quasi Dub Development make friendly homemade Dub with their hands and many instruments. This gives their records an experimental yet at the same time more accessible feel than other recordings in the genre that rely more heavily on post production methods and effects. This unique sound even inspired Dub pioneer ...view item »

Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt

Reissue of important 80’s dancehall on Greensleeves. Rather than anything to do with We Are Scientists, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt is sterling material from Jamaican original Yellowman. The title track is especially great, you pretty much need it. And how could you not want that cover starting o...view item »

Michael Prophet
Righteous Are The Conqueror

Declaiming tall tales of victory, defeat and oppression, Michael Prophet talks of the shape of reggae yet to come. Predicting righteousness for all, the reissue of Righteous Are the Conqueror confirms its own prophecy: the just will endure. Highly recommended for all you dubby reggae heads out there....view item »

Bunny Lee
Agro Sounds 101 Orange Street

‘The Agro Man’ AKA Bunny Lee, founder of the legendary Agro Sounds record shop at 101 Orange Street in London, has put together a record highlighting some of what he considers to be the best producers from the most overlooked period in time for the genre. The record is compiled from the countless exceptional recordings that were made...view item »

Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi
Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi

Released on the much loved Mr Bongo record label, Prince Fatty Versus Mungo’s Hi Fi sees the group, Prince Fatty, take on Mungo’s Hi Fi’s reggae, dancehall tunes to layer on some extra dub vibes and build further on the fun, heavy reggae dance tunes from the reggae group. ...view item »

Willi Williams
Sweet Home

Yet another exceedingly high quality re-issue from Sugar Minnot's Black Victory label via the Dug Out label which I absolutely adore, they just bring it every time. If you're not familiar with Willi Williams then check him out, he's worked with everyone from Joe Gibbs through to Rhythm & Sound and I can totally recommend picking up his 'Mess...view item »

In Dub

We try to measure with one ruler, but Dubbelstandart makes it hard. Normally we love all sick dub equally, but In Dub is just, well, double as good as usual. Warped electronics and a bass that will make your brains wobble are normally enough, but Dubbelstandart don’t take half measures - and they definitely dub it...view item »

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