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Mad Professor
Electro Dubclubbing!!

The master blaster aka Mad Professor is back with a new LP to stand up to any of his classics. Electro Dubclubbing!! contains a wealth of tough new dubs to dust soundboys the world over, including the likes of ‘Psychic Vampire’ and ‘WhatsApp Dub’. Sly & Robbie are in the mix,...view item »

Linval presents
Dub Landing Vol. 1

Greensleeves are reissuing Linval Thompson presents Dub Landing Vol. 1 -- the only authorised reissue of this classic dub album in fact -- originally put out by Starlight Records in 1981. It's now presented with a second disc of original vocal versions, including previously unreleased tracks from Junior Reid at Channel ...view item »

Linval presents
Dub Landing Vol. 2

The evergreen Greensleeves repackage this essential 1981 LP from Linval Thompson. While the original dubs retain all the experimental energy of Jamaica’s 70s and 80s dub explosion, the real treats here are bonus vocal versions mixed by Scientist and Prince Jammy. The ...view item »

Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvaer feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav Delay

Sly & Robbie, Nils Petter Molvaer, Elvind Aarset and Vladislav Delay - how’s that for an unholy alliance? Sly & Robbie and trumpeter Molvaer have been touring together for some time, and to this collaboration Aarset adds guitars and Vladislav Delay electronics and ...view item »

Birth Of Dancehall: Black Solidarity 1976-1979

Niney The Observer Productions: Messages From Trenchtown

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The Harder They Come

The unshakeable masterpiece is back for another ten rounds. We're sure you’ve heard this before, but the influence of the soundtrack to Jimmy Cliff’s 1972 film The Harder They Come cannot be overstated. One of the LPs to take Jamaican music worldwide, the record is a peerless collection of rocksteady, ska an...view item »

Joshua Moses
Africa (Is Our Land)

Ken Boothe
Freedom Street

Reissue of an LP by the man they used to call ‘Mr. Rocksteady’. After a string of hits for Studio One in the 60s, Ken Boothe took his style to Leslie Kong...view item »

Dubkasm & Rider Shafique
Enter The Gates

Dubkasm hosts this intercontinental get-together between British vocalist Rider Shafique, Norwegian bassist Bajan Steppa and (on remix duties) the legendary Guyanese dubmaster Mad Professor. ‘Enter The Gates’ is a smoky, strong dub-poetry track in the vein of ...view item »

Winston Edwards & Black Beard
At 10 Downing Street

Dub subversions of the UK party political system from Winston Edwards & Black Beard. At 10 Downing Street was first released in 1980, and is now being reissued especially to overlap with the upcoming general election, a move I heartily endorse. If politics felt more like this record feels…...view item »

Original Skinhead Reggae Classics

Coming straight from paws of the Trojan selectors, this compilation is as authoritative as can be on the subject of early skinhead music. Original Skinhead Reggae Classics is a twelve track collection of quality UK reggae, featuring acts like The Hot Rod All Stars, Lloyd Charmers and Desmond Ril...view item »

Duke Reid Rock's Steady

Music On Vinyl take a look at Trojan’s back catalogue and pick a couple of releases for reissue. Duke Reid Rock's Steady compiles many great reggae and rocksteady artists, including tracks from Phyllis Dillon, Alton Ellis, Three Tops, The Techniques, and T...view item »

Errol Brown & The Revolutionaries
Dubb Everlasting

Though the cover might read Dubb Everlasting, Errol Brown’s 1975 LP is officially known as Everlasting Dub. With the ‘Riddim Twins’ Sly & Robbie providing the rocksteady grooves, Brown spins out these melodic and busy dubs with style and aplomb. The album originally had a ...view item »

Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators
Super Star-Disco Rockers

Pressure Sounds continue on their 2018 reissue tip with this pressing of Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators 1977 LP Super Star/Disco Rockers. A cornucopia of big names - Earl Smith on guitar, Tubby and Jammie engineering, Sly & Robbie...view item »

Linval Thompson
Dub Vocal Meet Version


With Jamar McNaughton having been one of modern reggae’s foremost vocalist for a good few years now, it comes as a surprise that Chronology is the first official Chronixx LP. The album offers up a taut ten tracks that fold reggae, dub, lover’s rock and dancehall together with great style and aplomb. Well worth the wa...view item »

Rico & The Rudies
Blow Your Horn

Unavailable on any format since its original 1969 release, Rico & The Rudies' Blow Your Horn is back on Trojan and in full, flaming colour (who doesn’t love orange vinyl?). This is a stellar record, Rico Rodriguez’s soulful West Indian trombone jiving playfully with The Rudies’ London-spiked roots reggae. R...view item »

Ken Boothe
Everything I Own

Described by some as the most iconic Jamaican soul singer of his generation, Ken Boothe’s Everything I Own is back on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1974. The record is a must have for reggae fans and soul fans alike. The release features the original analogue mastering and album art for tr...view item »

Lee "Scratch" Perry
Black Ark Classic Songs

To mark the Upsetter’s 80th birthday, an album of dub reworkings by the Mad Professor. The wide-ranging selections include Super Ape standout Zion Blood, Keep on Moving from The Wailers’ Soul Revolution, even harking back to the ska era with Doctor Shit (né...view item »

Seekers International
RunComeTest! EP

A hazy pairing of stripped back but snazzy dub jams with contemporary touches adding atmosphere and abstraction. The deep bass and subtle beats are augmented with space echoed voices, pulsing keys and pad textures. Singular stuff from a unique collaborative force, brought from obscurity into the light....view item »

Johnny Osbourne
Love You Tonight

A pair of highly sought-after Prince Jammy / Channel One productions, finally available together on a single 12” alongside their dub versions. Love You Tonight is upbeat and dissonant, with an oddly wiry, almost post-punk rhythm guitar line. Purify Your Heart is a more laidback rhythm with righteously prea...view item »

Dennis Brown
Words Of Wisdom

Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix

The ‘Riddim Twins’ Sly & Robbie see their style collide with the oddball dub stylings of Dubmatix here. The Canadian producer takes tracks laid down by the pair and peppers them with a cornucopia of different sounds, styles and effects. The result is an LP built on tough grooves, yet blessed with...view item »

Hollie Cook
Vessel Of Love

After a VERY auspicious start in music, joining The Slits aged 19 when they reformed in 2006, Hollie Cook is now releasing her third album. She’s moved up the genre family tree, Vessel Of Love is a vivid selection of soaring reggae tracks released by Merge on CD and limited edition transpa...view item »

The Bug

'Freakshow' is an apt title for the opening cut on this double 10" set. When I first heard this tune I wasn't so sure about it, it sounded kinda chaotic and messy but Danny Brown is pretty intense so it took a couple listens to get my head round it. The Bug is in usual savage form dr...view item »

Easy Star All-Stars

Dubkasm meets Talisman
She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm)

Bristol reggae meets Bristol reggae here, with Talisman handing over their tune She Look Like Reggae to Dubkasm for two new workings. One strips everything back to the vocal and then builds up again, which the dub version is a minimalist cut that does what it says on the tin. Released as a 7” sing...view item »

Mark of Slavery / Slow Down

News to this blurb-writer, but three decades ago there was a thriving reggae scene in the Midlands. Though I guess that me now knowing about it proves that the reissues game is one worth playing. Anyway, this is a sick cut, the groove bristling with dancehall energy and the vocals full of power and soul. Coming out on green vinyl - the original ...view item »

Lloyd Parks & We The People
Meet The People

Another classic reissue - this time from the masterful Lloyd Parks, known for his work with the Termites. Recorded in 1978 together with his band We the People and recorder/producer Joe Gibs, Meet the People has become a reggae classic, despite its small-scale release, ...view item »

Adrian Sherwood
Survival & Resistance

The Hempolics
Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Volume 1

With a title that describes the perfect romantic evening round my house this is a band aiming to put organic rootsy vibes back into music with an infectious romp through Reggae, Electro, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Rock and Pop. Perfect sunshine vibes to get those dull days at festivals up and running. ...view item »

Kiki Hitomi
Karma No Kusari

This is officially being labeled as a Reggae album. Karma No Kusari by Kiki Hitomi could however fit into a myriad of genre - is it sweet candy pop, with songs such as Pink No Kimono having a sickly-sweet feeling. How about psychedelic pop, especially prevalent in the title track which is a distorted collection ...view item »

Horace Andy
Good Vibes

Compiled by Steve Barrow and originally released in 1997 on Blood & Fire, Good Vibes collects a brace of tracks from the period 1975 to 1980. All tracks are either augmented with dubs or in discomix versions and capture Andy in his hardest-edged form. Highlights include Prince Jammy’s ...view item »

Dis Ya Sound

Classy reissue from Jamwax. ‘Dis Ya Sound’ is a pleasant bit of dub-reggae that is served with all the trimmings. A rocksteady riddim, a nice tinkling piano line, and a hook that’ll win any soundclash, the song also features some great percussion licks from the group’s main man Leroy ‘Mabrak...view item »
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Soul Jazz Records Presents: Studio One Rocksteady

Another sterling compilation from Soul Jazz, this one delving into rocksteady, soul, and early forms of reggae. You know that these guys can curate a comp, and sure enough Studio One Rocksteady is fully stocked with classic sounds, from the likes of Alton Ellis, John Holt, and T...view item »

The Spectacular Empire II

A sequel to, you guessed it, The Spectacular Empire I, sees a continuation of GAIKA's slightly twisted but significantly affecting electronic outings. As another part of the story of empowerment in authoritarian chaos, it succeeds heavily; as an essential addition to the darker end of your record box, same....view item »

Dub Syndicate
Tunes From The Missing Channel

On Dub Syndicate’s fourth album, Tunes From The Missing Channel, the band were able to take advantage of advancing studio technology. They took their dub reggae foundation and began mixing in samples, creating a whole new, influential world. Drummer Scott Styles was making the music what it was, w...view item »

VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents
The Legendary Studio One Records Sub-title: Original Classic Recordings 1963-80

Monkey Marc
Post Traumatic Dub

This new 7” on Disrupt’s Jahtari imprint packs a pair of singular Monkey Marc productions, beamed straight from a solar-powered freight container studio in Melbourne. Following some rather bombastic recent work on Jahtari and other labels, do the titles of these two - ‘Post Traumatic Dub’ and ‘Decep...view item »
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Mungo's Hi-Fi
Sound System Champions

Dub Syndicate
The Pounding System

The Pounding System was the first album by Dub Syndicate. It was originally released in 1982. The band were the brainchild of Adrian Sherwood whose career since, as a producer and remixer, saw him work with Primal Scream, Pop Will Eat Itself, Depeche Mode and ...view item »

Dub Syndicate
One Way System

Heavy dub meets delay-ridden post punk on One Way System, the second album by Dub Syndicate. The band were lead by dub-obsessed musician, remixer and producer Adrian Sherwood. This is the first ever vinyl pressing as it was only ever released as a cassette back in 1983. Pressed on 2LPs cut a 45rpm to make t...view item »

Dub Syndicate
Displaced Masters

Dub Syndicate were a loose dub collective with selector Adrian Sherwood at its centre, with a varied cast of players working experimentally within the structures of wonderful dub. Displaced Masters is a set of previously unheard quality cuts from the studio in the early 1980’s. Much of this materi...view item »

Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate
North Of The River Thames

Dub Syndicate were a loose dub collective formed in the early 80’s. Selector Adrian Sherwood sat at its centre, with various other musicians working with him to craft crucial dub sounds. North Of The River Thames is a collaboration with Doctor Pablo, and features such essential tr...view item »

Dub Syndicate
Ambience In Dub 1982 - 1985

Dub Syndicate were a loosely constructed collective with Adrian Sherwood at its centre, with a varied cast of key players working experimentally within the structures of wonderful dub. Ambience In Dub is a big five CD box-set anthology which covers the first five years of the group’s existence: al...view item »

Studio One: Black Man's Pride

Soul Jazz take another fruitful dip into the amazing archives of Studio One, this time with black pride on their mind. What we have here is premium reggae, with artists like Alton Ellis, Horace Andy and The Heptones all represented, with both fan favourites and obscure cuts included. CD and LP e...view item »

The Spectacular Empire I

Gaika continues his stay with the legendary Warp Records with a synth and sample heavy trudge through dystopian soundscapes and pulsing beats. The fuzz clears to make way for vocals to swerve in, but the overall dark atmosphere remains throughout. Deep stuff from a torchbearer of political electronic music....view item »

The Blackstones

UK reggae group The Blackstones released their debut album Insight in 1979, and returning to the album for the occasion of this reissue highlights the group’s considerable quality. Three brothers performing three-part vocal harmonies over a studio backing band including the legendary Sly & Robbie...view item »

Lady Chann
Hard Drive

Lady Chann is fierce out at the front of this banging tune, produced by Rapha in a fully-fledged tight modern dancehall style. The Hard Drive 12” features the main track and a bonus Riddim on the A-side and vocal and instrumental versions of a R3LL remix on the flip. Stripped-back...view item »

Dub Pistols
Crazy Diamonds

Festival favourites thanks to their raucous shows and live band, Barry Ashworth’s Dub Pistols return for album lucky seven with another round of block-rocking beats that take influence everywhere from skanking reggae to tear out jungle. After two decade...view item »

Treasure Isle Ska Rarities: The 7" Vinyl Box Set

Some extremely good goodies to be found here in this 7” box-set by Treasure Isle, in which the catalogue is raided for amazing recordings that, for one reason or another have never been released before despite featuring some of the finest artists in the game. Ten 7”’s, housed in a lovely box with...view item »

Andy Rantzen

Australian native and electronic music polymath Andy Rantzen was best known for being one half of ‘90s rave duo Itch-E & Scratch E. Two of the tracks for 1/66, a four track retrospective 12”, were originally intended for a dub album he was making. They never made the cut but have appeared on Crea...view item »

Ken Boothe
Inna de Yard

Legendary Jamaican singer Ken Boothe has returned to the studio to record a full-length album for the first time in twenty-five years. Ken recorded Inna de Yard inna de yard, e.g. outside in nature, using only acoustic instruments. He and his group return to some of the tunes from Ken&r...view item »

DJ Vadim & Blackstone
Double Sided

DJ Vadim’s seventh album on Barely Breaking Even is a collaboration with Californian songstress Katrina Blackstone. Double Sided is an LP that makes good on the pair’s link-up on Vadim’s 2014 record Dubcatcher. The fourteen tracks across Dou...view item »

STUDIO ONE Supreme: Maximum 70s and 80s Early Dancehall Sounds

Two names synonymous with vintage Jamaican quality, Soul Jazz and Studio One, unite again for another smash hit compilation. Studio One Supreme: Maximum 70s and 80s Early Dancehall Sounds shows off some of the amazing music created when vocalists like Horace Andy and Alton Ellis converted old rhythms to...view item »

The Selecter

Since their initial break-up in 1982, 2-Tone legends The Selecter have had an on-again-off-again career with frontwoman Pauline Black occasionally nipping off to try new things. In 2017, however, the band are definitely on. Black reunites with founder member Arthu...view item »

Little Axe
London Blues

Little Axe, AKA Skip MacDonald was schooled in blues, jazz and gospel. He was once a session player in the Sugarhill Records house band. He then went on to work with Adrian Sherwood and experiment with industrial and dub sounds in Tackhead. On his...view item »

Jah Wobble
In Trance

A triple CD compilation put together by Jah Wobble himself that focuses mainly on his earlier releases on his own 30 Hertz label and his more ambient productions. Features tracks from his collaborations with Philip Jeck ...view item »

Capital Letters
Judgement Day

Fresh British reggae from Capital Letters. They are preparing a whole album for your pleasure, but for now you’ll have to satisfy yourself with this preview single, Judgement Day...view item »

Sly and The Revolutionaries
Black Ash Dub

They were the most infamously wicked rhythm section in Jamaica. Many of the finest studio musicians of the time made up The Revolutionaries, including of course the amazing drummer Sly Dunbar and his most trusted and venerable sideman, Robbie Shakespeare. When recording Black Ash Dub&nb...view item »

African Head Charge
Enviornmental Holes & Drastic Tracks: 1981 - 1986

African Head Charge was the collaboration between Jamaican percussion master Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and English dub-maestro Adrian Sherwood (selectah), using studio wizardry to construct “a psychedelic Africa”. Environmental Holes & Drastic Tracks: 1981-1986 compiles their...view item »

Mad Professor meets Jah9
Mad Professor Meets Jah9 In The Midst Of The Storm

The crown prince of dub sprinkles his magic dust over Jah9’s much lauded 2016 debut LP 9. … In The Midst of the Storm is Mad Professor’s first album for legendary Queens, NY reggae label VP Records. Take one listen to the LP and enjoy the studio wizardry...view item »

The Heptones & Their Friends
Meet The Now Generation

Released in 1972, 'Meet The Now Generation' showed the world the supreme talents of Jamaica’s celebrated vocal trio, The Heptones. Credited to The Heptones & Their Friends, it contains a number of their wonderful tunes as well as big hitters Judy Mowatt, Nicky Thomas and Peter Tosh of The Wailers. With th...view item »

I Roy
Gussie Presenting I Roy

Plucked straight out of the 1970’s reggae scene comes I Roy and his pioneering release Gussie Presenting I Roy. Combining that classic swing backing track we’re all familiar with when it comes to reggae alongside solid vocals from the man himself. This record is a reissue that is available on orange vinyl LP...view item »

King Jammy
Waterhouse Dub

King Jammy has a claim to being Jamaica’s foremost studio wizard, having been schooled by King Tubby and produced, among hundreds of other tracks, Wayne Smith’s ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’. He funnels decades of experience into another set of tough dubs. C...view item »

The Specials
More Specials

The reissuing of The Specials early albums continues with their second LP from 1980, the aptly titled More Specials. Naturally the album has been freshly remastered for this release, allowing the bleak themes and expansive sound to properly resonate. ...view item »

Augustus Pablo
Africa Must Be Free... By 1983 Dub

Augustus Pablo was one of the real roots and dub reggae originals, both as a producer and as the pioneer of the melodica within reggae. His 1977 album Africa Must Be Free… By 1983 is a profound classic of dub music, here remastered and reissued (in facsimile packaging) for the fortieth anniversary of the Greensle...view item »

The Paragons

As a pioneering force within the rich conglomerate of Jamaican Ska, The Paragons' legacy is here to be enjoyed with the release of Return. The 12-track offering is a perfect representation of the group's smooth works. With a long, rich history - characterised by hits as much as it is line-up chang...view item »

Dave Barker & The Upsetters
Prisoner Of Love

Dave Barker found great success in many avenues of reggae, as a solo act and in groups. Most known for his work in Dave And Ansel Collins, Prisoner Of Love was his breakthrough album from working with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the year before. Released in 1970, Music On Vinyl a...view item »

Desmond Dekker

Israelites is a classic 1969 release by major reggae player Desmond Dekker. The album is notable for containing the first ever UK ska number one. It has, however, been mostly unavailable since the 60’s due to a lack of reissuing. Thankfully, Trojan have at last stepped up, remastering the audio and presenting it i...view item »

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
African Dub Chapter Two

The musicians on these tracks consist primarily of Joe Gibbs group,which in reality are members of Soul Syndicate and Lloyd Parks group. Other well-known names crop up like Sly Dunbar and Tommy McCook and Dean Fraser. The actual era of true dub music lasted a relatively short time. The music on this album was made in the era when dub was very po...view item »

John Holt
1000 Volts of Holt

John Holt’s snappily named 1974 album 1000 Volts of Holt is a particularly fine example of the legendary vocalist’s poppy reggae style. The instrumental arrangements are luscious and smooth, with generous swathes of orchestral overdubs placing the music in a special place. The covers Holt ch...view item »

Carlton & The Shoes
Love Me Forever / Never Let Go

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. This edition in the series is by ro...view item »

Freddie McGregor / Dub Specialist
Bobby Bobylon / Hi Fashion Dub

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. This one’s got remastered ver...view item »

Sound Dimension
Soulful Strut / Time Is Tight

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. Here we’ve got Sound ...view item »

The Abyssinians
Declaration Of Rights / Declaration Of Rights (Version)

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. On this particular 45’ we&rsq...view item »

King Tubby's & The Agrovators
Dubbing In The Back Yard

This particular record by dub mastermind King Tubby and studio backing band legends The Aggrovators (with Bunny Lee at the producer controls!) has never ever been reissued, leaving only the original 1982 pressing floating around. Now though, everyone can get Dubbing In The Back Yard, th...view item »

The Aggrovators
Rasta Dub '76

The Aggrovators were the in-house studio band for so much of Jamaican reggae’s fertile mid-70’s period, providing the backbone for countless hits and classics. Rasta Dub ‘76 features a selection of those tunes put through the magic dub machine, with ...view item »

Studio One Groups

Soul Jazz’s superlative catalogue of archival compilations goes deep and wide, but their Studio One series, documenting the musics of the renowned Jamaican label of the same name, remain some of their finest sets. Here we have a reissue of Studio One Groups, focusing on some of the amazing combos that passed through the Studio One...view item »

Studio One Kings

Soul Jazz’s superlative catalogue of archival compilations goes deep and wide, but their Studio One series, documenting the musics of the renowned Jamaican label of the same name, remain some of their finest sets. Reissued here is Studio One Kings, which features blinding tracks from Burning Spear, Alton E...view item »

Studio One Scorcher

Soul Jazz’s superlative catalogue of archival compilations goes deep and wide, but their Studio One series, documenting the reggae-derived musics of the renowned Jamaican label of the same name, remain some of their finest sets. Reissued here is Studio One Scorcher, a hot suite of instrumentals from the likes of Jackie Mit...view item »

Studio One Soul 2

Soul Jazz’s superlative catalogue of archival compilations goes deep and wide, but their Studio One series, documenting the music of the renowned Jamaican label of the same name, remain some of their finest sets. Here we have a reissue of Studio One Soul 2, digging into the sweet and soulful corners of that fine fine archives. Thi...view item »

Can't Conquer Rasta

Classic reggae reissues coming your way from the Radiation Roots label. Here is I-Roy’s 1977 album Can’t Conquer Rasta (it’s true, you can’t), produced with Bunny Lee, gi...view item »


Gaudi presents his new album, an epic-scale neo-dub statement that comes with an equipment list as long as a reel of magnetic tape: stacks of special synthesisers, six bass players, and even some ‘electronic noises’ from Masami Akita himself! The results are dense and massive but wide-open and carefu...view item »

Delroy Wilson
Go Away Dream

Delroy Wilson was a solid player through Ska and Rocksteady in the 60s and 70s, working with the likes of Ken Boothe, into the ever growing reggae scene. Originally released in 1982 on Black Music, mixed at King Tubby’s Studio in Jamaica by Prince Jammy and recor...view item »

Lee Scratch Perry & The Orb
The Orbserver In The Star House

Brixton Rec

Dubkasm are a band so immersed in the dub reggae scene that the material gathered up here was never released at all through proper channels: these tunes have been dubplate only for decades, hidden in the record boxes of certain selectas and only heard when they chose to deploy them. Now, Brixton Rec brings this material...view item »

Monkey Business: The 7” Vinyl Box Set

When the demand for the various original formats of reggae grows, only the guys at Trojan can serve it with justice. A massive box set of 10 7”s that covers all your boss reggae needs. Grab them boots and braces. Including tracks from The Kingstonians, The Maytals, The Pioneers, Th...view item »

Two Sevens Clash (40th Anniversary Edition)

Culture’s Two Sevens Clash is a 1977 reggae classic with a place both in history and in the hearts of many who discovered the genre that year, This reissue expands the album by gathering up all the dubs, 12” disco remixes and DJ versions that sprung from it, so you can have the full Two Sevens Clash...view item »

Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album In The World)

It seems like ages and ages since I added Scientist's 'In The Kingdom Of Dub' and 'The Best Dub Album In The World' to the site. Now finally they have arrived and it was a most welcome sight to behold as I clocked them in my review pile. For seasoned dub freaks this man needs no introduction. Remastered fo...view item »

Dennis Alcapone
Guns Don't Argue

Classic reggae reissues coming your way from the Radiation Roots label. Here is Dennis Alcapone’s 1972 album Guns Don’t Argue (it’s true, they don’t), produced with Bunny Lee, has a lovely swing to it, with Dennis holding forth over the top of some classic rhythm...view item »

King Tubby and The Aggrovators
Shalom Dub

Total class selection here with the Tubster behind the desk versioning cuts from Cornell Campbell, Derrick Morgan, Johnny Clarke, Mighty Diamonds, Owen Gray, BB Seaton, Barrington Spencer etc. Suffice to say with the king at the controls and Striker providing the rhythms played out by the likes of Robbie Shakespere, Earl "China Smith", Ca...view item »

Riddimentary: Suns Of Dub Selects Greensleeves

Led by Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy, The Suns Of Dub are a group producers and performers that mix the live instrumentation and produced worlds together. On Riddimentary they have been given full access to the Greensleeves and VP archives. Featuring picks from Linval Thompson...view item »

Inna De Yard – The Soul Of Jamaica

Inna De Yard - The Soul Of Jamaica is a remarkable album by an impressive super-group of vintage Jamaican reggae talent. With artists like Ken Boothe, Lloyd Parks, Winston McAnuff and Cedric Myton among the roster, the group recorded this whole rootsy suite in four days...view item »

HUSTLE! Reggae Disco - Kingston, London, New York

Here's a real favourite from the remarkable compilations catalogue of Soul Jazz: a set of funk & soul classics reimagined as reggae disco cuts. Some of the tracks on HUSTLE! Reggae Disco - Kingston, London, New York might be familiar to habitual Grand Theft Auto players, but this is music that makes an immediate impact. This 2017 re...view item »

STUDIO ONE Rocksteady 2: The Soul Of Young Jamaica - Rocksteady, Soul And Early Reggae At Studio One

Another authoritative compilation from Soul Jazz, digging once again into the vaults of the seminal Studio One. Rocksteady 2: The Soul Of Young Jamaica collects the crucial cuts that defined rocksteady and the early reggae sound in the 60’s and early 70’s. Artists include Delroy Wilson, The Heptones...view item »
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Keith Hudson
Pick A Dub

A crucial piece of the dub canon, produced way back in 1974 by Keith Hudson. A strong case can be made for Pick a Dub being one of the very first dub works, taking earlier tracks and filtering, echoing and otherwise re-organising them. The sound is sparser than some later dub, allowing each element of the mix to shine. ...view item »

For A Reason

Lifetones was the post-This Heat project of Charles Bullen, in which he worked with Julius Samuel to incorporate West Indian reggae flavours into his music. It’s less bleak and out-there than This Heat, but still retains an unusual, uncomfortable edge: rep...view item »

The Skatalites
Skatalites: Independence Ska and the Far East Sound – Original Ska Sounds from The Skatalites 1963-65

The Skatalites were the house band for Studio One Records, which means that they turn up on most of your favourite reggae and ska records whether you know it or not. Independence Ska and the Far East Sound compiles some of the tracks they recorded in their own right, exploring Don Drummond’s &lsqu...view item »

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