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Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances

Thee Oh Sees take a slight break from their constant forward motion by adding something to a previous release: An Odd Entrances is to be considered as a sister album to A Weird Exits. Dwyer and co here explore the flipside to their usual frantic garage thrashings, with a set of calmer tracks fu...view item »

Colin Newman
Not To

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Although in the case of Not To, some members of Wire were involved in the recording… Released on vinyl and CD: with the CD edition coming with an extra di...view item »

Killing Joke
Outside The Gate

Killing Joke’s seventh album Outside The Gate is a little bit of an outlier in the band’s discography. For one thing, the non-Jaz Coleman members of the band are in many cases either not present or marginalised. And for a...view item »

Public Image Limited

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon’s Public Image Limited. Album was recorded in 1986 with Bill Laswell producing and a star-studded cast of session players (Ginger Baker! Ryuchi Sakamoto!). This reissue on U...view item »

Colin Newman

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Although in the case of A-Z, some members of Wire were involved in the recording… This feels as lean and sharp-edged as all your favourite Wire...view item »

Killing Joke

Killing Joke’s third album Revelations was recorded in Cologne under the wise production talents of Conny Plank. He seems to have helped the band make their gothy post-punk sleeker, setting them up for a dash more commercial success. Pressed to picture disc vinyl in an edition of 1000, out on the ...view item »

I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off

Rainbowlicker consider themselves to be a ‘laserpunk’, and in the absence of any other definitions, I’d say they suit the territory pretty well. The fuck-you attitude of the band is plenty punk, but the music is made up of shiny brash electronics. I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off is their debut album...view item »

Mike Watt
“ring spiel” tour ’95

In 1995, the Minutemen man Mike Watt embarked on a solo US tour, enlisting other alt-rock lifers like Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl to back him up. “ring spiel” tour ‘95 is the first commercial release of a performance from this excellent tour, being a d...view item »

Go Viral

Is this man screaming in severe, agonising pain? Quite possibly. But ultimately Go Viral is the disordered release of creativity from London's revered and anarchic noise-thrashers, Semi. Featuring blisteringly abrasive guitars, monstrous vox and freakishly distorted&n...view item »

Pere Ubu
New Picnic Time

New Picnic Time is the third album by Cleveland, Ohio’s experimental art-rockers Pere Ubu. It was originally released in 1979, it continued a run of classic albums that also included The Modern Dance and Dub Housing.The sessions for the album were so stressful that the band split after recor...view item »

Pere Ubu
Song of the Bailing Man

Song of the Bailing Man is an album that is often overlooked; for many fans of Pere Ubu it is their least favourite. This makes sense because it is a different album from the rest. It lacks the Punk edge of the earliest Pere Ubu and it's not as dark as the middle period albums. With Song of the Bailing Man, the group took a brighter, more whimsi...view item »

Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP

Asylums bring their high energy, hardcore-influenced, post-punk to vinyl 12”, and they’ve brought BAIT, Petty Phase and The Horse Heads with them. Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP is a label sampler that captures their DIY attit...view item »

Straight Arrows
Turn It Off / Dead and Bored (It Happens Again)

Straight Arrows have thrown together this tight 7” single for an upcoming tour of the states. Turn It Off and B-side Dead and Bored (It Happens Again) are a pair of high-energy, low-bullshit garage rockers, precision-tuned like a fast motorcycle. There are 300 copies of this 7” in existence, but 120...view item »

Disappear / Be Here

Amounting to the third single from Manchester-incepted post-punkers LIINES, is the bold and direct double-A Disappear / Be Here. Following up by acclaimed predecessors Never There and Blackout, this release continues the three-pieces' upward momentum with their use...view item »

The Lowest Form
Personal Space

The Lowest Form is the hardcore outfit of Helm dude and Alter bossman Luke Younger, although they are pleasingly free of any kind of sound-arty reconsiderations of hardcore. This is just fucking hardcore, noisy and aggressive...view item »

Sex Swing
Sex Swing

More kraut racket for your worn out ears but this time with legs. This collective contain members of Part Chimp, Mugstar, Dethscalator and Earth and this is a brazen and rackety take on the Suicide/Silver Apples blueprint with squawking sax adde...view item »

Real Numbers
Wordless Wonder

Real Numbers are a good old dreamed-up indie pop act, formed from members of acts like Cozy, Private Interests and France Camp. Wordless Wonder is their debut full-length album, and it breezes along beautifully. Hovering harmonies and all sorts of interesting tales told...view item »

The Men
Devil Music

On Devil Music, The Men decided to throw a few new ideas into the mix such as cassette cut-ups and sax. It was recorded over one weekend in January 2016. They used the fact that they’d decided to make an album for themselves as inspiration. Devil Music is the Brooklyn punk rockers 6th album, but first sin...view item »

Anti Vibe

Energetic debut LP self-released by the London-based quartet. Musically the record draws from Spoilers' driving rhythms, Fugazi-inspired riffs and (melodic) noise recorded by Rory Attwell. Lyrically it cites honesty, being in love, anxiety and misplaced optimism. The band's post-hardcore roots from ...view item »

Ab Baars & Terrie Ex
Shifting Sands

Joy! That’s what spreads all around when Terrie Ex starts flailing on his guitar, grinning like mad (except when holding a drumstick in his teeth). He and reeds-player Ab Baars have recorded as a duo but not for years, so Shifting Sands is a treat to hear. High-level, highly entertaining improvisa...view item »


Lo-fi and minimal post-punk from Washington based one woman band Sneaks. There’s an air of Siouxsie and The Banshees, but stripped back to bass guitar, drum machine and Eva Moolchan’s dry and tongue in cheek lyricism thrown in with a Sleaford Mods gritty punk-come-po...view item »

Spahn Ranch
Back To The Wood

Compiled of unreleased and alternate takes from Detroit post-punk trio Spahn Ranch, comes the raw and gem-rammed release Back To The Wood. With only a limited amount of 500 Vinyl copies available, this is an essential for fans as tracks include old versions of Countdown and...view item »

Kewdi Udi

Brisbane punks Clever make a raucous high-speed music with strange math-rock structures and eccentric shouted vocals. Kewdi Udi is a horrifically great fusion of nihilistic hardcore and fearsome noise rock, where every song is a two-minute explosion of ideas and distortion. On vinyl LP from Homeless...view item »


Prog showstoppers Milemarker have a long history of mixing a rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop, an undercurrent of math kinetics and metal showboating in the vox. Their new record, Overseas, panders to their old love of fronting guitars and giddily overbearing electronics. It's a bit silly...view item »

My Cube

Hello. You have thirty minutes to move your cube. In the meantime, listen to ‘My Cube’, by Cube, possibly about cubes. This is their very first LP but unlike a baby’s first steps it is not at all adorable, instead pushing distorted synth-punk through a lens of unkind noi...view item »


Brighton boys Broker drop their second full-length album of tightly-wound mathed-up hardcore. Main geezer Duncan Harrison has a fierce howl on him, and the band clearly know their way around each other: plenty of Quixota’s tracks feature unpredictable breakdowns and prog-complex inversions. Well s...view item »

The Flesh Eaters
Forever Came Today

Forever Came Today was originally released in 1982, standing proud as The Flesh Eaters’ third album. Non-nonsense punky rock business with plenty of swagger and spit. Forever Came Today has never been reissued before, so this remastered vinyl pressing is cause to celebrate. On Superior Viaduct....view item »

40oz. To Freedom

Vintage ska-punk from American group Sublime. 40z. To Freedom is their 1992 debut album, almost entirely filling a compact disc with 23 tracks, which include covers of Toots & The Maytals and The Grateful Dead as well as references to reggae / ska luminaries Bob Marley ...view item »

Good Throb
Good Throb

Proper raw punk aggression from Good Throb, full of grit and sinew. This 4-track 7” includes ‘SCUM’, a Valerie Solanas tribute, and ‘The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock’. Sadly the last issue from this brutal crew for the foreseeable f...view item »


Belgrado are one of Barcelona’s finest post-punk groups, and Obraz is their third album. Sometimes they apply the lessons of dub in a way that might remind you of The Clash; at other times, they go full coldwave. They always have sharp edges though. 10-track LP on La Vida Es Un Mus, featuring an i...view item »

Mystic Inane
EP's of M​/​I LP

Wild punk action from New Orleans. Mystic Inane sound like they’ve got themselves wasted on some homemade hooch and felt the need to flail around in a studio shouting at the walls. Needless to say, that means they are good. EPs of M/I LP is a collection of three previous 7”s, upgraded to full LP status. On L...view item »

The Cavemen
Born To Hate

The London based New Zealand band The Cavemen have released their first full length album called Born To Hate. A nostalgic mix of garage-rock and hardcore punk that can be credited to the boys use of turbocharged anger and humorous lyrics that compliment a not-at-all rhythmic musical accompaniment! Available on ...view item »

Slaves / Wonk Unit
Take Control / We Are The England

Slaves, the Tunbridge Wells punky outfit responsible for one of our least favourite singles from the last year, have persuaded another band to associate with them. Wonk Unit take the B-side of the Take Control / We Are The England split single. And those titles makes me think: is this a Brexit single? 1...view item »

MX-80 Sound
Crowd Control

MX-80’s sound has always been a rare thing, combining the sharp edges and harsh energy of post-punk and noise-rock with lessons learned from modern classical composition and free jazz. Plus plenty of absurdist lyrics! MX-80 need more recognition for their excellent avant activities, and this re-release of ...view item »

MX-80 Sound
Out Of The Tunnel

MX-80’s sound has always been a rare thing, combining the sharp edges and harsh energy of post-punk and noise-rock with lessons learned from modern classical composition and free jazz. We don’t really know what to call it, but we can highly recommend this reissue of Out Of The Tunnel: the first time it has b...view item »

PUNK 45: Les Punks: The French Connection. The First Wave Of Punk 1977-80

Including an array of bands spearheading their scene, such as Marie et Les Garcons, Metal Boys and Fantomes, this offering is a glorious celebration of the first wave of French punk. Brought to you by UK label Soul Jazz Records, the record truly captures the zeitgeist during an anarchic and feral time in music....view item »

Cocaine Piss
The Dancer

Cocaine Piss taste just precisely as nasty as they ought to with a name like that: thrashing super-speed punk that spits riot grrrl-style righteous bile in yer face. Oh, and The Dancer was recorded by Steve Albini, so there are no airs or graces about this production. Fierce! Released by the Hypertensio...view item »

Petrol Girls
Talk Of Violence

Petrol Girls are an entirely fierce ball of feminist rage, kicking out gloriously at all enemies with howled bile-filled lyrics and tight snarls of hardcore punk. Talk Of Violence (yeah there’s a good deal of that) is their first full-length album release, following on ...view item »

Origin Of What

Building upon their brooding grizzly tank of fuzzy punk, is Origin Of What - the latest continuation of Tyvek's ruthlessly rough' n 'ready wall of noise. Teaming up once again with Fred Thomas, band members new and old create a thrashing record set to please old and new fans alike....view item »

Joy Division
+/- (Plus/Minus)

From the Manchester kings of post-punk who were sadly taken away from us much too soon comes +/- (Plus/Minus) by Joy Division. Featuring the obvious hits of Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart as well as alternative versions and other less well known songs. If you’ve never really listened to Joy Divis...view item »


Second 12” from London / Berlin band VENN. RUNE002LP is a little less utilitarian in sound than it is in title, with catchy tunes sung over slinky tracks that were apparently built out of both brand new bespoke parts and older sounds of uncertain provenance...view item »

City Yelps
The City Yelps Half Hour

City Yelps are a Leeds band of scrappy young guitary things, following up a single and a tape with a full-length debut. The City Yelps Half Hour has had the privilege of being produced by Mick Flower of Vibracathedral Orchestra, so its garage-rock-punk songs sound spot on. LP out on Odd...view item »

Terry Malts
Lost At The Party

Overdriven indie pop that keeps the grit and drive of their favourite punk albums. Think The Buzzcocks or The Undertones waking up and getting into joyous pop. Keeping the riffs, the energy and the trashy back line sound, but a sprinkle of catchy oohs and ahhhs and cleanly sung vocal choruses. Positive energy....view item »

Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2

If unfamiliar with the Death Rock movement these series from Sacred Bones are a great bit of exploration. An offshoot of punk rock that emerged in California in the late 1970s it is punk rock but infused with a load of effects (warbling reverb mainly) and horror themes. Features Veda, Middle Class, Crank...view item »

Biased Advice

Melbourne band Exek have their first full-length album to show off. Their sound is not a sunny one: instead, this music feels like it was made in some shady garage before a hard rain, late at night. The production on these post-punk songs is laced with dub, with a coldly groovy effect. Biased Advice is out on Another Da...view item »

Folk Devils
Beautiful Monsters (Singles and Demo Recordings 1984-86)

Folk Devils shone briefly in the mid-1980’s: Beautiful Monsters gathers together all of their singles and throws in a bundle of previously unheard demo recordings. Post-punk with an aggressive and political edge. This is the first release of these singles in quite some time, and the very first time on CD. All rema...view item »

Alter EP

Debut international EP from Yung, a Danish four-piece melodic punk band. One for fans of the sensational Ty Segall, Jay Retard and definitely the Replacements. Six tracks on limited edition 12” vinyl. Yung are young, fresh and urgent, too fast to dance to and to slow to feel down to. Nobody cares is a pretty stand out trac...view item »

Family Fodder
Sex Works

Unique and clever and experimental post-punkers Family Fodder have served up Sex Works, a four track EP featuring songs about...you guessed it… sex. It includes You Came (Again) which will feature on their forthcoming, and apparently previously lost album, Foreverandever. 7" transparent yellow v...view item »

Mike Rep and The Quotas

Sweaty, gritty, gold. Sounding like a nutter running around a single mic in a room and someone hitting cardboard boxes, and to be fair it probably was. Filled to the brim with energy, reminds me of the tunes written by Beck for fictional band Sex Bob-Omb but with manic laughter and screams. Hellbender h...view item »

Miss Destiny
Miss Destiny

The girls are outshining the boys once again with this debut album from Melbourne based Miss Destiny. Bullet belts, leather jackets, pounding fists, and banging heads. Raucous big stage presence with a DIY edge and a serious message as well as Danzig, beer, punk rock, friends, and the open road in tow. ...view item »

Raw Material (Requisitioned) / Post-Atomic

Two tracks excavated from 1979 here, right from the heart of the punk / new-wave crossover. Raw Material (Requisitioned) / Post-Atomic is a punchy and quick pair of tracks, and the 7” comes packed in a bag along with the 36 page zine Defiant Pose Issue 9, plus a postcard of retro punk gig posters. All on Inflammable Mater...view item »

The Pop Group
Honeymoon on Mars

Post-punk pioneers the Pop Group return with new LP 'Honeymoon On Mars'. A concept album of sorts, Mark Stewart calls it "hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of alien encounters and sci-fi lullabies". Fans of their previous work won't be disappointed: 'Honeymoon On Mars' still pertains to the band's successful hybrid...view item »

Duchess Says
Sciences Nouvelles

Duchess Says seem to be working a very interesting seam indeed, crossing over fuzzy psych with cold-wave synths and Italo disco grooves. Plus a little bit of punks-from-space? Very hard to pin down, but very easy to enjoy. Sciences Nouvelles is their third album, and is released by the Slovenly label....view item »

Rats On Rafts / De Kift
Rats On Rafts / De Kift

Rats On Rafts / De Kift is not a split, no no. This is a full-blooded collaboration, with the two different flavours of Dutch joy being combined into one single band. The songs played are taken from Rats On Rafts and De Kift’s respective catalogues, with punky flair and ensemble brass mixing remar...view item »

Red Kross / Side Eyes
Songs That Chargo Taught Us

Punk bands Red Kross and The Side Eyes each cover a track written by Go-Go’s lead guitarist Charlotte Caffey. Both equally amped up re-imaginings, Screaming is a garage punk tune with loads of energy, while Don’t Talk to Me is a driving, ballsy, ang...view item »

Negative Growth

It's on In the Red, this one, so you can expect the usual Psychic-type Pokemon approach to punk rock. Slapstick garage rockers Ex-Cult make tunes for ye who prefer it sweet 'n' simple and they had the production hand of Ty Segall too. They describe the record as the sound of "ghost notio...view item »

Holy Serpent

Skater-psych rock-metal from Melbourne here, with the second album from Holy Serpent. Temples is a bit speedier than their debut, but it still fits only five tracks into a 44 minute running time, leaving plenty of time to sink into a stoner-haze of fuzz and riffs and reverbed howls. Temples is out on RidingEasy...view item »

World War 3

As with most great punk tracks, World War 3 was recorded on nothing more than cheap booze and shoe strings, by a group of friends, with a truly poignant story to tell. Here, it’s the cold war, and punk rock was the perfect antithesis. Repressed and re-released 37 years later, it’s just as powerful. Punk rock, that is...view item »

Youth of America

Nice re-issue of the second album from Greg Sage's post-punk greats. This is where the band got all cold and nihilistic and spread six long tracks that burn with a fiery intensity across the LP. It's a harsh angular sound that influenced Mission of Burma amongst others and led Kurt Cobain to consider it one of t...view item »

Juliet and The Raging Romeos
Good Girl / Venus

Juliet & The Ranging Romeos are a highly international (4 countries are represented in the line-up) garage-rock crew. They have a good ear for pop melodies as well as a strong, leather-clad attitude, and front-person Juliet carries off the role with aplomb. Good Girl / Venus is their debut single, s...view item »

Dow Jones and The Industrials
Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981

Dow Jones and The Industrials, who have one of the best band names I’ve seen in ages, were a US art-punk outfit from the turn of the 80’s, who couldn’t stand living in the very un-art-punk Midwest. Can’t Stand The Midwest contains a stack of their simple-but-weird tracks, some of which have never...view item »


Rattle are a magical double drums duo, somehow creating memorable, tuneful songs with carefully-schemed drum patterns and some vocals: rhythmic alchemy. Katherine and Theresa play in Kogumaza and Fists respectively, but this has to be their most impressive work....view item »

The Cakekitchen
World of Sand

Coming not long after The Cakekitchen's marvellous 'Time Flowing Backwards' (also re-issued on Dais) comes 'World of Sand'. This time head man Graeme Jeffries worked with his live band and if the album doesn't quite have the magical charm of  'Time....' it has more variation and a slightly harsher sound palette. That's not to say that Jeffr...view item »

The Cakekitchen
Time Flowing Backwards

Another classic New Zealand gets a re-issue with this lovely 1991 era LP from Graeme Jeffries outfit. Jeffries had started out in ace post punkers Nocturnal Projections before forming the magnificent This Kind of Punishment with brother Peter. When the Jeffries brothers went their separate solo ways Peter seemin...view item »

Archie and The Bunkers
Mystery Lover

Archie and the Bunkers are two home-schooled siblings from Ohio. They record music in their basement when they are supposed to be doing their schoolwork. And, it's completely brilliant! Emmet capably handles the vocals and frantic, crazy thrashed drums whilst brother Cullen plays some seriously disturbed synth. Just have a listen to the sound cl...view item »

The Monochrome Set

Trace back from The Last Shadow Puppets, Franz Ferdinand et al any you’ll find The Monochrome Set. They originally formed in 1978, as part of the first wave of post-punk, and give most contemporaries a run for their money. Grand and smokey dive bar music, that would fit soundtracking a com...view item »

F*Ckin’ Ziggurat

Fancy zine / book assembled by Emotional Response, featuring deep interviews with lots of cool bands from around the world, including No Monster Club, Primitive Calculators and Quaaludes. And the 70 beautifully-bound pages are accompanied by 17 songs on an accompanying CD, so you can read about ...view item »

Κολοσσιαίο Γυναικείο Κεφάλι (Colossal Female Head)

Efialtis are an international trio with strong femme power and a fierce approach. Songs are sung in Greek and played in gnarly punk style: tight but not sleek, with a good deal of grit and anger sizzling out of the speakers. Κολοσσιαίο Γυνα&i...view item »

Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984

Get away from here with your overly Anglocentric narratives of post-punk! As Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984 demonstrates, incredible stuff was being made all over the place, pushing the envelope ever further. The first track, from Rheingold...view item »

Raspberry Dawn

Hard to pin this one down apart from to note that it is well heavy… Okkultokrati have hard rock at their core, but with plenty of influence from punk, post-punk, metal and black metal. New album Raspberry Dawn even finds them adding a synth player into the mix, for even wider possibilities! Dark forest music on S...view item »

Sex Stains
Sex Stains

This horribly named quartet feature members of luminaries such as Bratmobile and Warpaint and they seem to exist purely to bring scratty pop punk back from the late '70s or wherever it was last left. They aim to provide thought provoking punk welded to infectious rhythms that you can dance to and they are v...view item »

Penny Rimbaud’s L’Académie Des Vanités
Yes Sir, The Truth Of Revolution

During the political unrest of the Faulklands conflict, 1982's 'Yes sir, I will' by Crass was as hard-hitting as they come. Writer Penny Rimbaud re-imaged the piece for Blackpool's Rebellion Festival thirty years later, taking the original sentiment and applying it to the current political climate. The recording features some of the leading name...view item »

Spray Paint / EXEK

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas post-punk group, with a music that is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. Here they share a split with Australians Exek, who synth up their post-punk sound. 400 7" copies pressed up for an Australian tour, released by the Homeless...view item »

Spray Paint
Clean Blood, Regular Acid

Spray Paint are a loose and chilled out noise rock outfit with abrasive production, sharp guitar riffs and dual vocals that recall a stoned Parquet Courts staring blankly into space. The energy is there, but it's used leisurely, as if the band can rip through these songs without blinking. 'Clean Blood, Regular Acid' is ramshackle post-punk that'...view item »

Monolith: The Power Remains

This Amebix record has had a slightly tricky release history (something to do with label wranglings), but the important thing is that this slab of classic heavy rock is now properly available again. What’s more, this reissue of Monolith: The Power Remains adds one side of demos and one side of a live gig in Bath, ...view item »


These are from Newcastle, Australia but their sound is not unlike the rainy stink you might have thought come from a pre-makeover Newcastle, England. They play a very intense form of sludgy rock which reminds me of their fellow countrymen the Birthday Party and endless churners Swans. Over torrential guitars lyr...view item »

Pete Shelley
Cinema Music & Wallpaper Sounds

Buzzcocks frontman Pete Shelley's electronic dabblings, as unearthed by Jon Savage. Dating back to 1976, which is basically before electronic / synthesiser music even really existed, these recordings are pretty fascinating. Experimental pre-punk from before Shelley's punk pop years. Get it on vinyl. ...view item »

Trust Punks
Double Bind

Get ready for some noisy, young avant punk courtesy of New Zealand group; Trust Punks. Double Bind is a tight rock album which isn’t afraid to go off and do its own thing; from deep, menacing tunes to simple chord punk rock that's most reminiscent of the Women/Viet Cong/...view item »

Warm Widow

Warm Widow’s previous album ‘Widower’ was an absolute stone cold classic, one of those rare records that if it does leave my stereo, it doesn’t wait long before crawling back. Sounding something like Guided By Voices and The Fall circa ‘78 locked ...view item »

Spend The Night With...

New York five piece Cheena bring a truly American rock ‘n’ roll sound to the table on their debut album, Spend The Night With….They cook up a glam-tinged sound that falls somewhere between Kiss and the New York Dolls that is also likely to please fans of Royal...view item »

Hard Left
Economy EP

As their name would suggest Hard Left are a band that promote left-wing ideals. Principally, however, they are a a mod-tinged punk band who have a lot of fun. Economy EP is packed with coarse-throated vocals, raw guitars, band chants - everything you’d expect from anthemic punk. For fans of The Clash, ...view item »

Phantom Forth

Phantom Forth recorded The EEPP for release on Flying Nun in 1984. It offers an insight into one corner of New Zealand’s low-key DIY underground scene: apparently a dark and shadowy corner judging by the coldwave / post-punk stylings on display here. This Dark Entries reissue is fully remastered, features 2 bonus ...view item »

Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2

The BART is the rail transport system which connects San Francisco's Bay Area, and so it should come as no surprise that this is a compilation of music from that area around the late '70s and early '80s. With contributions from the likes of Factrix, Chrome and Tuxedomoon as well as lesser known artists from the scene, this compilation records th...view item »

All Your Sisters
Uncomfortable Skin

All Your Sisters are proudly in love with a certain part of the 1980’s when industrially-vibed post-punk was all the rage. Their second album Uncomfortable Skin nails that particular sound with stern drum machines, obscured vocals and Cureish guitars. Lots of shadowy swagger, released by the delib...view item »

The Julie Ruin
Run Fast

The new band from Bikini Kill/Le Tigre lady Kathleen Hanna (hopefully that’s shifted a few copies already) is a raucous age-defying affair and also features Bikini Kill alumni Kathi Wilcox. They certainly sound reinvigorated, veering wildly between sexy slithery '60s sleaze w...view item »


Emotional hardcore band Frameworks return with a second full-length, sounding both more emotional and more hardcore than ever before. The heartfelt anguish of the frontman can’t be disputed as he howls his throat raw over the actually-quite-pretty instrumental tracks, and the whole thing has...view item »

These Arms Are Snakes
Tail Swallower and Dove

Comes on like vintage Fugazi early, then the keyboard burbles kick in at the end of "Woolen Heirs" and the album becomes something else entirely. Honestly, while I'm a fan, I was a little afraid that this album would just be 'more of the same'. I'm pleased that These Arms Are Snakes continued with the sound we're acc...view item »


Pylon existed right in the centre of that fertile Athens, GA scene in the early 80’s until they spontaneously vanished. This record isn’t just a live Pylon show: it's a document of the last set they ever played. The group sound on premium form, the vocal howls as demented as you like while the rhythm...view item »

Alan Parker
One Summer

1983’s British TV show One Summer was blessed with a particularly interesting soundtrack produced by Alan Parker, whose session work saw him turning up on Kate Bush and David Bowie records. All sorts of sharp atmospheres here. The whole of his original score (the tracks are very s...view item »

Soviet Soviet

Soviet Soviet, who are, curiously enough, an Italian band, created and self-released the tracks on Nice as a variety of singles from 2008 onwards: they they were digitally compiled in 2011, and now they are at last pressed to wax together. This is the band’s earliest ma...view item »

Entracte Twist
Christine Young

Pretty slick indie-punk action here from Entracte Twist, an up-and-coming band from France. Christine Young has a low-slung 80’s kind of swagger to it, stylish and rude. This is the first ever vinyl release from the charmingly-named Croque Macadam label; a 7” single limited to 350 copies....view item »

The Modern Lovers

Led by Lou Reed-fanboy supreme Jonathan Richman, The Modern Lovers were and still are renowned for their upbeat summer rock sounds. Live sees the band play perhaps their sweetest songs, with generally unworried and happy songs. Great summer sounds to lend your night that stylish vintage edge. Reiss...view item »

The Flexibles
Pink Everything

The Flexibles are a fuzzed-up weird-punk trio made up of Andrew Paine, Richard Youngs, and his pre-teen son Sorley Youngs, because why the hell shouldn’t R...view item »

Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn

Two Italian groups share some 7” wax on the latest split from Maple Death Records. Holiday Inn play stripped-back synth-punk and Hallelujah! play full-band noise punk, but what we can’t stress enough is how lo-fi, overdriven and just generally blasted both acts sound. Messy and nasty and ever so much...view item »

Gift of Life

VHS are a bleak-stare post-punk outfit with a fierce outlook and a blasted aesthetic. Main songwriter Josh Hageman uses his day job to provide heavy tales of medical sufferings, which are capably accompanied by the wiry-harsh guitars and relentless rhythm section pummel. Gift of Life is out on Suicide S...view item »

Male Gaze
King Leer

Male Gaze are a band that has scooped up members of garage-punk groups to form a formidable roster: members of Mayyors, Blasted Canyons and The Mall are all here. Ki...view item »

Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990

Adrian Sherwood is a true UK dub pioneer, and his production credits double up as a guide to some of the most interesting underground artists around during his career. Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990 compiles 16 tracks that Sherwood...view item »

Crime & The City Solution
American Twilight

The reformation of Crime and the City Solution by original members Simon Bonney (as in former Bad Seed) and Bronwyn is a stunning work of dramatic post-industrial narrative. The album invites comparison to early Bad Seeds, as it should. As a founding member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Bonney’s influence on their early sound is evident. Fur...view item »

Perfect Pussy
I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

I Have Lost Desire For All Feeling first gained attention when it was self-released as a demo EP back in 2013. Subsequently, Perfect Pussy's brand of urgent and febrile noise-punk continued to prevail with their 2014 debut LP Say Yes To Love being critically praised...view item »


This is about as exciting as it gets for a new band: the release of a much anticipated debut album. When it comes to making music, caution is clearly absent from the two Leicestershire brothers’ constitutions. This is an explosive, gripping and loud start to a career that clearly points towards a promising future. ...view item »

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