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Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances

Thee Oh Sees take a slight break from their constant forward motion by adding something to a previous release: An Odd Entrances is to be considered as a sister album to A Weird Exits. Dwyer and co here explore the flipside to their usual frantic garage thrashings, with a set of calmer tracks fu...view item »

Colin Newman
Not To

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Although in the case of Not To, some members of Wire were involved in the recording… Released on vinyl and CD: with the CD edition coming with an extra di...view item »

The Damned
Damned Damned Damned (2017 – Remaster)

If you’ve come to Norman Records with intention to purchase it’s likely you’re already familiar with this particular where-it-all-started punk classic. Damned Damned Damned is given the full 180-gram reissue treatment here, with interviews and think-pieces galore in the sleevenotes. Still sounds thrilling after all thi...view item »

Pissed Jeans
King of Jeans

.....Pissed Jeans!! 'King of Jeans' is a smart follow up to the collapsing gutter squall of 'Hope For Men'. If you ain' t heard this dirty, brooding psychotic punk mess of a band then you'd better get whip smart fucking quick. A frankly unhealthy blend of Jesus Lizard, 'Bleach' era Nirvana & The Stooges, they're genuinely unnerving & feral ...view item »

New Order Presents Be Music

Be Music is the umbrella name for the various extracurricular activities that the individual members of New Order got up to in their time away from the band. Lots of productions and remixes for acts including Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Factory Floor. This o...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Snake

Canadian epic-punks Fucked Up check in on their Zodiac series with instalment number eight, Year Of The Snake. The title track is a full twenty-four minutes long, using electronics and psychedelic weirdness alongside the band’s classic hardcore. Plus, the CD edition features a wild club-tastic remix from C...view item »

Jello Biafra with The Melvins
Sieg Howdy

In Sieg Howdy!, things are leaning towards a certain and indisputable single-minded album. It seems Jello learned how to put his burning speeches under the Melvins’ sludgy sound delivering some very powerful material of political doom! It is also apparent that Buzz Osborne has a better understanding of the unique style of Jello vocal expre...view item »

Chain of Flowers
Cadwyn O Flodau

Don’t be deceived by the pretty name and LP cover. Chain of Flowers is the heavy-hitting debut from the Welsh heavy shoegaze rockers of the same name. Guitars swirl around, crashing into a mix of sonic drawl. There’s an urgency and drive to the songs but also some more tender moments within it all. For fans of ...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Jack White continues to offer both gigs and releases to up and coming bands via his Third Man Records label and shop: good on him. Nots are the latest band to get White-aided opportunities, with this 7” document of their live set. They sound like a fierce and essential live act on this evi...view item »

Jet Johnson/ Glider

Finally here come Jet Johnson and Glider. Both featuring Gavin Baker from Billy Mahonie. A busy man, it seems. Anyway the Jet Johnson side is kind of a scruffy lo-fi punk cousin to ESG. Quite unlike anything else they've done before but most essential. Glider (...view item »

Popular Music

Hull-based band LIFE present their first album-length-statement of accurate and focused anger. The cannily titled Popular Music is a little like Sleaford Mods if they were also a Fall-ish band with guitars and all. This debut album is bristling with all the brutality of 2017, and it mak...view item »


New Northern-Irish alternative guitar music from the mind of Adam Leonard (of The Owl Service). Invaderband play choppy, post-punky songs, flavoured with old-school space alien action as on the lead single ‘Attack Of The Pod People’. This self-titled debut full-length is released on ...view item »

Live at The Roxy - August 12, 1976

This is The Ramones at the peak of their snotty three-chord power punk in 1976, finally available on 180 gram vinyl from Rhino and sounding great, or as great as The Ramones should ever sound. Live at The Roxy - August 12, 1976 is a no-brainer for fans of the band, or those looking for an introd...view item »

Totale Night

Here’s an album from Merchandise on Night People, with the label’s usual ace Shawn Reed artwork, and the Florida post-punkers immersing themselves in a woozy mogadon ‘80s guitar pop with soaring guitar solos and keening vocals, country ballads an...view item »

The Workhouse
The Sky Still Looks The Same

What year is it? That was the question Nathan put to me whilst listening to this, the first release by The Workhouse in...oh... a million years or something.  First up I must mention the packaging  - its utterly tremendous, It arrives in a double gatefold 10” sleeve with some nice hand stencilled card and a booklet with lots of p...view item »

Chris Hewitt
Martin Hannett, His Equipment and Strawberry Studios

A massive A4 book documenting several areas of interest for fans of North West post punk music. First up it covers Martin Hannett and the equipment he used to make the classic records by Joy Division and the like. Next up it tells the story of Strawberry Studios founded by 10CC but used by Hanne...view item »

Screen Wives

Screenwives exist in a particular group of Dischord-influenced, DIY rooted bands that have made up vibrant scenes dotted around the UK for years now. Often confined to criminally short-run CDr releases and playing shows to 20 people, some bands do indeed creep out of obscurity, and this London outfit are deservedly making those waves now....view item »

Oz Waves

Welcome to the invisible world of 1980’s DIY Australia! Oz Waves rounds up ten artists who produced bedroom electronic music with little concern for the wider world. Some of this material was released in micro-editions, while some tracks have never been released at all. This stuff comes with useful liner notes that provide some co...view item »


VENN are a London + Berlin outfit making their full-length debut with Runes. Nine tracks of slick and sheeny post-punk that gazes out at you from behind a dusky haze, with cold yet longing eyes. Entwined bass and drum lines push relentlessly forward behind beautifully-toned g...view item »

The Process
The Covenant Of The Cosmos

Made up from the remains of fellow Scottish hardcore punk bands Shank, Scatha and In Decades Decline, The Process make metallic edged hardcore with the relentless fury of previous tour and release mates Iron Lung whilst keeping the beat-down pit-pummeling &ldquo...view item »

Votive Offering

Votive Offering is the full-length debut of DIY punk four-piece Artefact. Shouty punk and hardcore are a key reference point, but this is kept under control by a love of the droning guitars and luscious vocals of 1980s goth and pop music. This distinctive combination is out on vinyl LP from the Adagio label....view item »

Rank / Xerox

Four track EP on vinyl 12” from noisy San Fransisco post-punks Rank / Xerox. M.Y.T.H. is the band’s first release in five years and a reminder that they have been missed. Shambolic guitars butt heads with distorted synths and weird shouted hooks that you’ll never get out of your head. Pressed by the Adagio...view item »

Eyeless In Gaza
Original Albums Boxset

Eyeless In Gaza were a post-punk outfit from Warwickshire who were active in the 80s and helped keep it moody, moving with a similar trajectory to Talk Talk from a poppy sound to sombre New Wave shores. Fronted by Martyn Bates and his untrained, boozy vocal, the band went on to make music base...view item »

Karies EP

Harbinger Sound have imported this spiky post-punk from Germany, with the help of the This Charming Man label they have out there. This 4 track, self-titled EP from Karies is fierce, tight and noisy: I can’t parse the German-language lyrics, but the singer seems aggravated about something. It’s cool angsty stuff....view item »

Golden Pelicans
Live at Third Man Records

Jack White continues to offer both gigs and releases to up and coming bands via his Third Man Records label and shop: good on him. Golden Pelicans are the latest band to get White-aided opportunities, with this document of th...view item »

Nikki Sudden
Fred Beethoven

Swell Maps' Nikki Sudden began releasing solo output after his band broke up in the 1980s, and 'Fred Beethoven' is a newly unearthed record of material through his career. It contains two covers of Chuck Berry's rockabilly standard, "Johnny B. Goode", as well as new versions of song from Sudden's debut solo record, 'Forest Fire'. 'Fred Beet...view item »

Punk Confusion Formula / Persecuted

Shouty, messy punk on vinyl 7” from Audacity. Both Punk Confusion Formula and Persecuted capture the band’s ability to somehow combine catchy pop-punk melodies, rough-edged post-hardcore drones and a frantic DIY tone. Both tunes are borrowed from the Mellow Cruisers ...view item »

The Underground Youth
What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?

The Underground Youth deliver their eighth album, the cheerfully (and topically?) titled What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? Those gloomy vibes are transmitted to the listener via goth-vocalled, shoegaze-guitared post-punk music. The songwriting standards are very high, ...view item »

Behind Closed Doors
Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors were a Baltimore band who popped up and then dissolved again with just a few years in the late 90’s. Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors contains everything that the band ever recorded (which isn’t a lot), on red-with-black-splatter vinyl with a laser etching of the lyric...view item »

One Eyed Wayne
Attack Of The Luxury Flats

In the wake of Sleaford Mods and Hard Left here's another bunch of older lads getting really annoyed with stuff. Taking their cue from the London 'poetry' of Ian Dury this London four piece have made a scabrous, snarling album which has enough melodicism and bite to appeal to fans of t...view item »

Cold Meat
Jimmy's Lipstick

New Australian punk howl from Cold Meat, making their recorded debut with this 7” on Static Shock Records. Jimmy’s Lipstick is a four-track blast of tightly-wound fury, coming at the listener with a great deal of righteous feminist vigour. One song has the lyric: “I hate myself / but I hate you more&rd...view item »


Anxiety are a proper-hard hardcore band from Glasgow, and this is their debut release. They have the speed and ferocity of hardcore punk (9 tracks in 20 minutes: yep, that passes the hardcore test), but also the sonic-fuckedness of a lot of noise rock. Everything is messed-up and uncomfortable, and it's wonderful. Vinyl release ...view item »

White Dog
Sydney Limits

Proper no-messing hardcore punk from the dirty underside of Sydney, Australia. White Dog tick all the boxes: driving rhythmic chug, nihilistic macho-bloke shouting, and a 16 track / sub-30 minute tracklisting. Sydney Limits is the band’s debut full-length, ...view item »

Bye Bye Berta

Now seven releases deep, Palberta blindside you with strange post-punk grooves that sort of recall ESG and The Birthday Party before the singing starts and pulls the rug from under your feet. Each song features an array of quizzical vocal arrangements, from knowingly cutesy harmonies to cha...view item »

Blue Orchids
Bomb Manchester! / Bomb Hamburg!

Manchester post-punk mainstays Blue Orchids unearth some heavily bootlegged live recordings from Manchester, 1981 and Hamburg, 1985 for this double CD. Two very different setlists, both sought after by fans and treated in the studio by Richard Trubridge and Stuart Moxham respectively. Limited edition, 300 copies worldwide and ex...view item »

Night Bully EP

Urochromes are a harsh and gnarly outfit producing messy punk that is driven by drum machines rather than puny humans. Night Bully sounds like it was recorded inside of a bin, which is obviously a good thing. The EP also features a remix from Boy Harsher...view item »

Become Not Becoming

New music from Nightingales, one of the very first of the original punk crew to start spitting and riffing. Of course, they’ve grown with the times, still sounding tight and fresh in 2016. Becoming Not Becoming is available as a six-track 10” release with a bundled download code: that’s the only format...view item »

Grey Hairs
Serious Business

Grey Hairs play heavy metal / heavy punk / heavy grunge from the perspective of disaffected fortysomethings from Nottingham who’ve put the years into various DIY scenes. So Serious Business contains some proper desolation and some proper fierce riffs to match. Don’t mess with experience. CD and blue vinyl ed...view item »

Blank Square
Animal I

Blank Square make punk-music-gone-weird, engaging with the lessons of messed-up no wave and also pushing a saxophone to the front of their sound. Animal I is their debut record, and the deep and odd punk fans are going to go wild for it. Released, naturally enough, on ...view item »

Killing Joke
What's THIS for...!

Killing Joke released their second album, the enigmatically titled What’s THIS For…!, in 1981. The band self-produced the record, maximising the stripped-back aggressive minimalism of their post-punk thrashings. Fierce and funky. Pressed to picture disc vinyl in an edition of 1000, out on the Caroline label...view item »


Spearheaded by the stabbing bass of the record's self-titled track, Sports, neo-psychadelic outfit Fufanu sound like a nu-rave version of such 1980's innovators as Joy Division and They Fall. Their electo-driven post-punk lies alongside a plethora of candid, almost spoken vocals - which ...view item »

KaS Product
Black & Noir - Mutant Synth-Punk from France 1980-83

Soul Jazz present this compilation made up from early recordings of French experimental synth group KaS Product. Early EPs covering 1980 to 1983, many agree that the duo were leaders of the coldwave genre movement. Expect distorted and speedy drum machines, snarling synths and punk lyricism with riot calling delivery. FFO ...view item »

Tropical Skin Byrds
Tropical Skin Byrds

Tropical Skin Byrds are the potent combination of artist Nina Hartman with members of Craow and Destruction Unit. This self-titled debut EP of theirs is a fierce torrent of slicing guitars and impassioned howling, with lead track ‘Cut It Off’ dashing from opening fee...view item »


Beachheads is a spin-off band from good-times heavy metal band Kvelertak, with two of that band’s members joining another drummer and a synthpop singer. Their music is more pop-friendly than Kvelertak, with sun and beaches replacing black skies and forests. Fun times! Their self-titled deb...view item »


Crustified hardcore punk from New York. Made up from members of Dawn of Humans, AJAX, and Blank Dogs, Warthog cut through like a leather jacketed knife, offering the three chord mayhem of OFF!, the crusty epicness of Tragedy, and the rock and ro...view item »

Personal and the Pizzas
Personal and the Pizzas

Everyone loves a pizza, especially (in my experience) people who play in punkish bands. So Personal And The Pizzas make perfect sense: Ramones-esque vibes seen through the lens of hot cheese and crisp crust. This 12” release gathers up seven 7”s of sold-out material, boosted with a new track. A fun p...view item »

Closer To Closed

From 1993 to 1999 emo pioneers (back when emo wasn't a dirty word) Braid tore through the post punk world with catchy, chugging riffs, layered with slightly off kilter guitars and slightly off kilter vocal melodies. But these songs built a memorable scene that went missing about 10 years ago. On this EP though...where are the noisy off kilter gu...view item »

Alan Vega Martin Rev

The follow-up to Suicide's 1977's legendary eponymous trail blazer. 'Alan Vega Martin Rev' (named after the two members of Suicide, in case that isn't obvious) was originally released in 1980 and produced by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. A lighter and fluffier animal than its predecessor, but still bearing a healthy kick of venom. Reissued on vinyl....view item »

Out Of Body

After their last LP ‘Always Then’ on Clan Destine sold out pressing after pressing, and the follow-up on Anton Newcombe’s A imprint dazzled both our Nath and the customers brave enough to submit their own opinions, “Klaus Von Barrel”’s The KVB are back this week with a short but sweet EP, recorded in Berlin la...view item »

Public Image Limited
Metal Box

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon and Jah Wobble’s legendary Public Image Limited. 1979’s Metal Box is a dubbed-up experimental masterpiece that you really should own. This reissue on Universal contains 4 CDs / LPs of material, with B-...view item »

Crack An Egg

POW! are gnarly synth-punks who manage to mix the gorgeous garage-throb of bands like Thee Oh Sees (whose main man John Dwyer is releasing this record via his Castle Face label) with bright and shiny synth melodies that maintain a strong sweet-pop backbone to the sound. Crack An Egg is ...view item »

Aquarian Blood
Last Nite In Paradise

Aquarian Blood are a band built around the husband and wife duo of Laurel Ferdon and JB Horrell, both of whom have played in a bunch of bands. When the other members of the group are added in, I imagine the whole of the Memph...view item »

Laurie Shaw
Felted Fruit

Amalgamating vintage sounds with a contemporary slant, not unlike Cate Le Bon, Laurie Shaw’s music emanates the gentle ebb and flow of soft vocals and warm fuzz. The 30 tracks on this double album are certain to make their impression on you, like crashing waves carve out the rocks of the shaw. One can’t help but feel this album&rsquo...view item »

Killing Joke
Fire Dances

Killing Joke’s fourth full-length album Fire Dances was first released in 1983, but the time is now right for a reissue. There is a bit more brightness in this album than in the group’s work up to this point, although there is still a sharp edge to their post-punk style. Pressed to picture disc vinyl bearing...view item »

Killing Joke
Night Time

Killing Joke’s fifth album Night Time was both a hit and a turning point for the band. Both the taut gothy aggression of early Joke and the slightly smoother and commercially appealing tone of later Joke are present here, mixed in just the right quantities. Night Time is ...view item »

Killing Joke
Outside The Gate

Killing Joke’s seventh album Outside The Gate is a little bit of an outlier in the band’s discography. For one thing, the non-Jaz Coleman members of the band are in many cases either not present or marginalised. And for a...view item »

Killing Joke
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Killing Joke’s sixth full-length album, initially released back in 1986, here gets reissued in style by Caroline. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns found the Joke playing a slightly more commercial version of their post-punk sound,...view item »

Has A Shadow
Sorrow Tomorrow

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Has A Shadow release their second full-length dark offering of gothic, grunged-out post-punk on a black, 180gm slab of vinyl. And CD. Theirs is a sound that haunts and stalks the night, with stark, eerie vocal chants and murky bass rhythms serving as undercurrents to moonlit riffs and scuzz of &...view item »

Public Image Limited

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon’s Public Image Limited. Album was recorded in 1986 with Bill Laswell producing and a star-studded cast of session players (Ginger Baker! Ryuchi Sakamoto!). This reissue on U...view item »

Killing Joke

Killing Joke’s third album Revelations was recorded in Cologne under the wise production talents of Conny Plank. He seems to have helped the band make their gothy post-punk sleeker, setting them up for a dash more commercial success. Pressed to picture disc vinyl in an edition of 1000, out on the ...view item »

I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off

Rainbowlicker consider themselves to be a ‘laserpunk’, and in the absence of any other definitions, I’d say they suit the territory pretty well. The fuck-you attitude of the band is plenty punk, but the music is made up of shiny brash electronics. I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off is their debut album...view item »

Mike Watt
“ring spiel” tour ’95

In 1995, the Minutemen man Mike Watt embarked on a solo US tour, enlisting other alt-rock lifers like Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl to back him up. “ring spiel” tour ‘95 is the first commercial release of a performance from this excellent tour, being a d...view item »

Go Viral

Is this man screaming in severe, agonising pain? Quite possibly. But ultimately Go Viral is the disordered release of creativity from London's revered and anarchic noise-thrashers, Semi. Featuring blisteringly abrasive guitars, monstrous vox and freakishly distorted&n...view item »

Pere Ubu
New Picnic Time

New Picnic Time is the third album by Cleveland, Ohio’s experimental art-rockers Pere Ubu. It was originally released in 1979, it continued a run of classic albums that also included The Modern Dance and Dub Housing.The sessions for the album were so stressful that the band split after recor...view item »

Pere Ubu
Song of the Bailing Man

Song of the Bailing Man is an album that is often overlooked; for many fans of Pere Ubu it is their least favourite. This makes sense because it is a different album from the rest. It lacks the Punk edge of the earliest Pere Ubu and it's not as dark as the middle period albums. With Song of the Bailing Man, the group took a brighter, more whimsi...view item »

Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP

Asylums bring their high energy, hardcore-influenced, post-punk to vinyl 12”, and they’ve brought BAIT, Petty Phase and The Horse Heads with them. Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP is a label sampler that captures their DIY attit...view item »

Straight Arrows
Turn It Off / Dead and Bored (It Happens Again)

Straight Arrows have thrown together this tight 7” single for an upcoming tour of the states. Turn It Off and B-side Dead and Bored (It Happens Again) are a pair of high-energy, low-bullshit garage rockers, precision-tuned like a fast motorcycle. There are 300 copies of this 7” in existence, but 120...view item »

Disappear / Be Here

Amounting to the third single from Manchester-incepted post-punkers LIINES, is the bold and direct double-A Disappear / Be Here. Following up by acclaimed predecessors Never There and Blackout, this release continues the three-pieces' upward momentum with their use...view item »

The Lowest Form
Personal Space

The Lowest Form is the hardcore outfit of Helm dude and Alter bossman Luke Younger, although they are pleasingly free of any kind of sound-arty reconsiderations of hardcore. This is just fucking hardcore, noisy and aggressive...view item »

Sex Swing
Sex Swing

More kraut racket for your worn out ears but this time with legs. This collective contain members of Part Chimp, Mugstar, Dethscalator and Earth and this is a brazen and rackety take on the Suicide/Silver Apples blueprint with squawking sax adde...view item »

Real Numbers
Wordless Wonder

Real Numbers are a good old dreamed-up indie pop act, formed from members of acts like Cozy, Private Interests and France Camp. Wordless Wonder is their debut full-length album, and it breezes along beautifully. Hovering harmonies and all sorts of interesting tales told...view item »

The Men
Devil Music

On Devil Music, The Men decided to throw a few new ideas into the mix such as cassette cut-ups and sax. It was recorded over one weekend in January 2016. They used the fact that they’d decided to make an album for themselves as inspiration. Devil Music is the Brooklyn punk rockers 6th album, but first sin...view item »

Anti Vibe

Energetic debut LP self-released by the London-based quartet. Musically the record draws from Spoilers' driving rhythms, Fugazi-inspired riffs and (melodic) noise recorded by Rory Attwell. Lyrically it cites honesty, being in love, anxiety and misplaced optimism. The band's post-hardcore roots from ...view item »

Ab Baars & Terrie Ex
Shifting Sands

Joy! That’s what spreads all around when Terrie Ex starts flailing on his guitar, grinning like mad (except when holding a drumstick in his teeth). He and reeds-player Ab Baars have recorded as a duo but not for years, so Shifting Sands is a treat to hear. High-level, highly entertaining improvisa...view item »


Lo-fi and minimal post-punk from Washington based one woman band Sneaks. There’s an air of Siouxsie and The Banshees, but stripped back to bass guitar, drum machine and Eva Moolchan’s dry and tongue in cheek lyricism thrown in with a Sleaford Mods gritty punk-come-po...view item »

Spahn Ranch
Back To The Wood

Compiled of unreleased and alternate takes from Detroit post-punk trio Spahn Ranch, comes the raw and gem-rammed release Back To The Wood. With only a limited amount of 500 Vinyl copies available, this is an essential for fans as tracks include old versions of Countdown and...view item »

Kewdi Udi

Brisbane punks Clever make a raucous high-speed music with strange math-rock structures and eccentric shouted vocals. Kewdi Udi is a horrifically great fusion of nihilistic hardcore and fearsome noise rock, where every song is a two-minute explosion of ideas and distortion. On vinyl LP from Homeless...view item »


Prog showstoppers Milemarker have a long history of mixing a rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop, an undercurrent of math kinetics and metal showboating in the vox. Their new record, Overseas, panders to their old love of fronting guitars and giddily overbearing electronics. It's a bit silly...view item »

My Cube

Hello. You have thirty minutes to move your cube. In the meantime, listen to ‘My Cube’, by Cube, possibly about cubes. This is their very first LP but unlike a baby’s first steps it is not at all adorable, instead pushing distorted synth-punk through a lens of unkind noi...view item »


Brighton boys Broker drop their second full-length album of tightly-wound mathed-up hardcore. Main geezer Duncan Harrison has a fierce howl on him, and the band clearly know their way around each other: plenty of Quixota’s tracks feature unpredictable breakdowns and prog-complex inversions. Well s...view item »

The Flesh Eaters
Forever Came Today

Forever Came Today was originally released in 1982, standing proud as The Flesh Eaters’ third album. Non-nonsense punky rock business with plenty of swagger and spit. Forever Came Today has never been reissued before, so this remastered vinyl pressing is cause to celebrate. On Superior Viaduct....view item »

40oz. To Freedom

Vintage ska-punk from American group Sublime. 40z. To Freedom is their 1992 debut album, almost entirely filling a compact disc with 23 tracks, which include covers of Toots & The Maytals and The Grateful Dead as well as references to reggae / ska luminaries Bob Marley ...view item »

Good Throb
Good Throb

Proper raw punk aggression from Good Throb, full of grit and sinew. This 4-track 7” includes ‘SCUM’, a Valerie Solanas tribute, and ‘The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock’. Sadly the last issue from this brutal crew for the foreseeable f...view item »


Belgrado are one of Barcelona’s finest post-punk groups, and Obraz is their third album. Sometimes they apply the lessons of dub in a way that might remind you of The Clash; at other times, they go full coldwave. They always have sharp edges though. 10-track LP on La Vida Es Un Mus, featuring an i...view item »

Mystic Inane
EP's of M​/​I LP

Wild punk action from New Orleans. Mystic Inane sound like they’ve got themselves wasted on some homemade hooch and felt the need to flail around in a studio shouting at the walls. Needless to say, that means they are good. EPs of M/I LP is a collection of three previous 7”s, upgraded to full LP status. On L...view item »

The Cavemen
Born To Hate

The London based New Zealand band The Cavemen have released their first full length album called Born To Hate. A nostalgic mix of garage-rock and hardcore punk that can be credited to the boys use of turbocharged anger and humorous lyrics that compliment a not-at-all rhythmic musical accompaniment! Available on ...view item »

Slaves / Wonk Unit
Take Control / We Are The England

Slaves, the Tunbridge Wells punky outfit responsible for one of our least favourite singles from the last year, have persuaded another band to associate with them. Wonk Unit take the B-side of the Take Control / We Are The England split single. And those titles makes me think: is this a Brexit single? 1...view item »

Bad Sports
Living With Secrets

It’s simple, really: Bad Sports throwback to the economically performed, half-political punk rock of yore with an EP that sometimes exists with a chip on its shoulder a la Dead Kennedys and also sometimes rises up with the emotive euphoria of Husker Du -- with other, more foreboding influences to work their way down the line after a couple...view item »

MX-80 Sound
Crowd Control

MX-80’s sound has always been a rare thing, combining the sharp edges and harsh energy of post-punk and noise-rock with lessons learned from modern classical composition and free jazz. Plus plenty of absurdist lyrics! MX-80 need more recognition for their excellent avant activities, and this re-release of ...view item »

MX-80 Sound
Out Of The Tunnel

MX-80’s sound has always been a rare thing, combining the sharp edges and harsh energy of post-punk and noise-rock with lessons learned from modern classical composition and free jazz. We don’t really know what to call it, but we can highly recommend this reissue of Out Of The Tunnel: the first time it has b...view item »

PUNK 45: Les Punks: The French Connection. The First Wave Of Punk 1977-80

Including an array of bands spearheading their scene, such as Marie et Les Garcons, Metal Boys and Fantomes, this offering is a glorious celebration of the first wave of French punk. Brought to you by UK label Soul Jazz Records, the record truly captures the zeitgeist during an anarchic and feral time in music....view item »

Cocaine Piss
The Dancer

Cocaine Piss taste just precisely as nasty as they ought to with a name like that: thrashing super-speed punk that spits riot grrrl-style righteous bile in yer face. Oh, and The Dancer was recorded by Steve Albini, so there are no airs or graces about this production. Fierce! Released by the Hypertensio...view item »

Petrol Girls
Talk Of Violence

Petrol Girls are an entirely fierce ball of feminist rage, kicking out gloriously at all enemies with howled bile-filled lyrics and tight snarls of hardcore punk. Talk Of Violence (yeah there’s a good deal of that) is their first full-length album release, following on ...view item »

Origin Of What

Building upon their brooding grizzly tank of fuzzy punk, is Origin Of What - the latest continuation of Tyvek's ruthlessly rough' n 'ready wall of noise. Teaming up once again with Fred Thomas, band members new and old create a thrashing record set to please old and new fans alike....view item »

Miss Destiny
Miss Destiny

The girls are outshining the boys once again with this debut album from Melbourne based Miss Destiny. Bullet belts, leather jackets, pounding fists, and banging heads. Raucous big stage presence with a DIY edge and a serious message as well as Danzig, beer, punk rock, friends, and the open road in tow. ...view item »

Exploded View
Exploded View

Exploded View is the latest project of Anika, the haunted-voiced German artiste. The group is the result of a trip to Mexico, where Anika played shows with a lineup of Mexican musicians who turned out to be great creative partners: they improvised each of these dubby post-punk cuts live in one take only! Debut a...view item »

Duchess Says
Sciences Nouvelles

Duchess Says seem to be working a very interesting seam indeed, crossing over fuzzy psych with cold-wave synths and Italo disco grooves. Plus a little bit of punks-from-space? Very hard to pin down, but very easy to enjoy. Sciences Nouvelles is their third album, and is released by the Slovenly label....view item »

Rats On Rafts / De Kift
Rats On Rafts / De Kift

Rats On Rafts / De Kift is not a split, no no. This is a full-blooded collaboration, with the two different flavours of Dutch joy being combined into one single band. The songs played are taken from Rats On Rafts and De Kift’s respective catalogues, with punky flair and ensemble brass mixing remar...view item »

Raspberry Dawn

Hard to pin this one down apart from to note that it is well heavy… Okkultokrati have hard rock at their core, but with plenty of influence from punk, post-punk, metal and black metal. New album Raspberry Dawn even finds them adding a synth player into the mix, for even wider possibilities! Dark forest music on S...view item »

Perfect Pussy
I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

I Have Lost Desire For All Feeling first gained attention when it was self-released as a demo EP back in 2013. Subsequently, Perfect Pussy's brand of urgent and febrile noise-punk continued to prevail with their 2014 debut LP Say Yes To Love being critically praised...view item »

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