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Big Nothing

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Papernut Cambridge
Nutlets II (1978-2001)

Papernut Cambridge release their second album of covers to date, and its a proper job: Nutlets II contains twenty tracks, each sourced from crucial young-person memories of bandleader Ian Button. These songs have great personal weight, and you can hear that come through in Button’s re-imagining of them. Includes tunes by Throbbing Gristle, Suede and Daft Punk!
  • Vinyl Double LP (GDNLP030)
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Singles Going Steady

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The Scaners
The Scaners II

The Scaners return with a second album of breakneck retro-futurist garage-punk… From space! Every track is within spitting distance of two minutes duration, and the vibe is kind of The Ramones piloting a UFO, with a touch of Man Or Astro-Man surf fun. The Scaners II is released by Dirty Water, and it is a lot of fun.

Cold Showers
Love and Regret

Los Angeles-based shoegaze/punk merchants Cold Showers deliver a re-pressing of their 2012 debut album Love and Regret, coming in tandem with the release of their third studio effort Motionless in 2019. Infused with melodies alongside their angular soundscapes, it’s an appropriate time to revisit an influential debut. 

Bobby Would

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Dome 2

Editions Mego present a well-earned reissue of the second album by Dome. And what, precisely is Dome? Well, that would be Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire, spinning off on a (yet) more experimental direction, with focus on utilising the studio itself for maximum effect. Dome 2 is essential listening for Wire fans and for everyone else, especially with this fetching remaster by Russell Haswell.

Siouxsie and The Banshees
Through The Looking Glass

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The Fall
458489 A Sides

It's taken Beggars some time to start with The Fall re-issue programme but here it is and it starts with the perfect introduction to The Fall for the faint-hearted. 458489 A Sides was how I got into The Fall myself as it contains all their singles from the Brix Smith era generally seen as their most user-friendly period. Of course this is only a slither of the whole story... but if you have to start somewhere...

Greatest Hits

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Cowboy Flying Saucer
Travel Lodge

Sparrowhawk proudly present the second album by Walthamstow psych dad-rockers Cowboy Flying Saucer (comprising likely lads BK13, Spanna, Johnny Ven and Dave B), whose sound falls somewhere between Happy Mondays, The Fall and Spacemen 3. Named for the dependable hotel chain, Travel Lodge was recorded at The Sickroom in Norfolk.
  • Vinyl LP (KES03)
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What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away

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Darth Vegas
Brainwashing For Dirty Minds

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From Montreal, an assault on your senses in the form of Lungbutter, a trio with a queasy name and a ferociously-thrashing sound. Honey is built from guitar and drums and voice, but within that pallette lies some absolutely-fucked skeins of noise, some mighty howls, and some real drum pummel. A short and sharp statement, out on Constellation.

Trope House

Trope House, the debut album from wired New York punks Urochromes, sees them slightly alter the short, sharp bangers approach of their initial single and EP releases to introduce some elements of psychedelia and experimental rock - perhaps inspired by their choice to record near the Mississippi River Delta! 

Billy Childish
Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

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Thee Oh Sees
Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion

'Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion' is an early live cut of sorts from the prolific garage/psych rock outfit Thee Oh Sees. The idea was to have the group tour in a van across various settings of Los Angeles and play a gig at various weird and wonderful locations. Minimal camera equipment, petrol powered engines and a pedalboard in a trusty suitcase feature here, as the band play a delightfully weird, trippy, folky and droney take on a number of tracks. An intriguing collection which provides insight into the warped mind of Mr. Dwyer. 

The Intelligence
Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City

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Television Personalities
Some Kind Of Happening: Singles 1978-1989

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Private Sector

The eight-year wait for London post-punk band Hygiene to follow up their memorable debut album Public Sector is at an end, with their sophomore effort titled Private Sector (naturally!). Where its predecessor was nostalgic, this new effort rages at modern-day Britain in its current phase of capitalistic twilight. 

Readjusting The Locks

Readjusting The Locks by Institute is the first album by the band since half of them upped sticks and moved from Austin to New York. It doesn’t seem to have held them back. They met up in Brooklyn in late 2018 and recorded an album of crisply produced scuzz rock, with the spirit of ‘77 inhabiting their thoughts and therefore the sounds they produced. On Sacred Bones.

Cold Showers

Recorded in their own studio in Los Angeles and produced in-house by the band’s own Chris King, Motionless sees Cold Showers move in a more mature and complex direction for their third album, pushing their synthetic post-punk even further. Come in a sleeve designed by L.A.-based artist Robbie Simon. 
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS135LPC2)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Fall
Live At The Witch Trials

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All Your Sisters
Trust Ruins

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Live at Third Man Records

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Every Night They Hack Off A Limb

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The Scientists

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Red Channel
Crazy Diamonds

Come on Red Channel! Come on Upset the Rhythm! Come on you Crazy Diamonds! This 7" EP features four tracks that show off the band's post-punk experimentation, all brought together under the harmonies of their twin vocalists. Though a bassline is always present, the rest of the instrumentation leaves Red Channel ethereal enough that they might just float away.

Mark Stewart and The Maffia
Learning To Cope With Cowardice / The Lost Tapes (Definitive Edition)

Learning To Cope With Cowardice was the debut solo album by The Pop Group vocalist and post-punk pioneer Mark Stewart and The Maffia. This reissue, regarded as the definitive edition, is coupled with The Lost Tapes. Following the break-up of The Pop Group in 1980, Stewart went to New York and began picking up ideas for an industrial hip-hop sound. With the help of producer Adrian Sherwood and crack team of reggae musicians including ‘Deadly’ Headley Bennett and Bonjo Iyabinghi (African Head Charge) the vision became a reality. Originally released in 1983. Double LP and CD on Mute.

Vic Godard
30 Odd Years

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POW! release their fourth LP via Castle Face (Thee Oh Sees, Damaged Bug and all those other John Dwyer-type ventures). Shift is, you know, garage rock and that. Guitars are loud, tubs are thumped, vocals are shouted, that sort of thing. Shift's tunes are short and sharp and everyone seems to be going about things with a sense of fun. Job’s a good’un.
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Dead Tenants

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The Mystery Lights
Too Much Tension!

Very scrappy and committed punk rock from The Mystery Lights. For WICK (a Daptone subsidiary), the band release their second album Too Much Tension! This is a record that moves like a cannon, barrelling through while drawing on the likes of The Kinks and Television. Best is the lead singer's powerful yelp that acts as guide to the the songs. 


Drums? Tick. Bass? Tick. Reverby vocals? Tick. Yes yes, looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of the no-waves. Nots are now a three piece, having shed a synth player since their last record. This makes 3 an incredibly cold record, one that is anchored by its rhythms and liberated by its lyricism. On Upset The Rhythm. 

VR Sex
Human Traffic Jam

LA deathrock/synthpunk/post-punk/ethereal soundscape pointillists VR SEX (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty, Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow and others; and Brian Tarney) have just about had it with overpopulation. The technological perfection of simulating sexual experience ought to be just the thing to take it down a notch. Human Traffic Jam is the trio’s view on the subject, expressed through the medium of fiercely cool music.
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Bikini Kill
Reject All American

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Falha Comum

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This Mess Is a Place

Is it a taco? Is it a cat? Is it both - or perhaps … neither? Whatever a Tacocat is, we can say with confidence that it’s from Seattle, contains four humans (‘Tacopeople’?) and has just made its fourth LP in the form of This Mess Is A Place. This record is a peppy thing that polishes the group’s lo-fi grunge-pop sound with some pop influences, warm vocal harmonies and great production. It kind of reminds us of The Long Blondes actually.

Human Switchboard
Who's Landing In My Hangar?

Human Switchboard come from Cleveland, Ohio. Their early ‘80s punk leanings are inspired by The Velvet Underground. Who’s Landing In My Hangar?  was their debut studio album from 1981. It was critically successful upon its release, but poor sales at the time means has to go down as one of those lost classics. Fortunately, you have your chance again, though. On Fat Possum

Stop Und Fick Dich!

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This Kind Of Punishment
In The Same Room

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Wolfmanhattan Project
Blue Gene Stew

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Useless Coordinates

Long-awaited debut album from Leeds’ very own Drahla on Brooklyn indie imprint Captured Tracks. Mixing wiry, raw post-punk with the dark and volatile textures of art-rock and Luciel Brown’s abstract lyrical preoccupations, Useless Coordinates was recorded in short gaps between hard touring throughout 2018.

Best Before 1984

At long last the back catalogue of anarcho-punks Crass is being reissued. Best Before 1984 is a compilation of the Steve Ignorant and co’s singles, bits and bobs. It was originally released in 1986. It includes a booklet with lyrics and a Crass history, written by the band themselves. On Crass Records.

Plastic Dance 1

Andy Votel and Doug Shipton have decided to pool their collective expertise to produce a new series of Plastic Dance compilations, This, the first, is jammed to the gills with sharp and funky electro-jams and arty punk types: I am literally dancing in my chair as I write this. On Finders Keepers / Cache Cache.

Viagra Boys
Street Worms

Viagra Boys are another of those scuzzy Scandi punk bands. There’s been plenty of excitement around the Stockholm group these past few years, and debut LP Street Worms demonstrates why. This is ramshackle, wiry and drily witty post-punk in the vein of Fat White Family and Devo. Street Worms is out on YEAR001 (Yung Lean, Bladee).

The Gluts
Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip

Third LP from Milanese rockers The Gluts here. The thing’s called Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip. It’s out on Fuzz Club, a label that has previously released records by acts with names like Sonic Jesus and The Underground Youth. Yep, that’s right - you better believe that this is some loud-as-hell psych-rock we’ve got our hands on here. Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip will melt faces from 50 feet.
  • Vinyl LP (FC108V12)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

The Fall
The Fall - Singles 1978-2016

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Uranium Club
The Cosmo Cleaners

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Hash Redactor

Hash Redactor are an indie rock/punk band comprised from Alex McIntyre of Ex-Cult,  Meredith Lones and Charlotte Watson from Nots and George Williford who has played in a number of Memphis bands. Drecksound is their debut full-length LP. Expect some energised, avant guitar interplay backed-up by a solid rhythm section. LP on Upset The Rhythm.

Otoboke Beaver
Itekoma Hits

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Chameleons Vox
Where In The World

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s t a r g a z e feat. Greg Saunier & Andre De Ridder

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Straight Arrows
Another Day In The City

A Record Store Day 2019 special 7” single from the acclaimed Straight Arrows, with their rambunctious cover of the British Jets’ murder-punk classic ‘Another Day In The City’, while on the reverse is a brand new track in the shape of ‘Black & Blue’. Follows on from their 2018 studio album. 
  • Vinyl 7" (IMSO022)
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Johnny Thunders
Que Sera, Sera (Resurrected)

This Resurrected edition of Johnny Thunders’ often maligned 1985 album Que Sera Sera aims to put right the reputation. One of the coolest rock’n’roll/punk figures of all time, Thunders’ penultimate album before his 1991 death comes on purple and white vinyl, new sleeve notes and a 12”x24” lyric insert. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (FREUDLP129)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Reissue of UT's debut album Conviction. By 1986 the band had left behind no-wave New York for post-punk London. On the album the trio of Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young, explore the shared space between no-wave, post-punk and even the more improvisational space of free jazz to create songs that are simultaneous taut and expansive. 

Thou / Ragana
Let Our Names Be Forgotten

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Look everyone, it's Mekons, but now with brand new material! The inventive Leeds punk / post-punk group went to Joshua Tree in California in order to record Deserted (it's a desert, geddit?), but managed to avoid absorbing too much of the ghost of U2 into their sound. It’s brand new Mekons guys, what more do I need to say? On Glitterbeat.

Gang of Four
Happy Now

Post-punk icons Gang Of Four return with their ninth studio album HAPPY NOW, funded by their considerable fanbase via PledgeMusic. Already trailed by a download-only EP last year titled Complicit and a single a few months back ‘Paper Thin’, this new effort, available on CD as well as vinyl, promises the same political urgency as ever. 

Witching Waves

London DIY post-punks Witching Waves have been steadily building up a cult following owing to their high-energy live set and constant gigging. Their new album Persistence finds them in an assertive mood, with confidence gained from previous records Fear Of Falling Down and Crystal Cafe. On Specialist Subject.


Fuzz Club begin to sonically diversify the fuzz with new band NONN, who cover coldwave and post-punk territory reminiscent of Suicide and New Order. If you're expecting endless psych dirges, then you'll probably be refreshed by this debut release from a band that's taking the label to fresh places. There's more to life than psych??

Silver Tongues

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Twilight Splendour

Housewives have made the classic move for their second album, moving from a guitar-dominated sound to a more electronic presentation. With this change has come an increased interest in What Technology Means These Days, which makes for some strong lyrical-sonic juxtapositions. Twilight Splendour is out on Blank Editions.
  • Vinyl LP (BETBC016COL)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Skinny Girl Diet
Ideal Woman

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Lark / Andrew Weatherall
Can I Colour In Your Hair

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Metro Crowd

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Love Keeps Kicking

County Durham’s DIY punks and melodic racket-makers, Martha, are back with their third album, Love Keeps Kicking. On this album, they want to fight back against the increased visibility of fascism whilst our world spirals down the plughole. The album also deals with heartbreak and the bit afterwards where you get over it. A big dose of noisy positivity. 

Steven R. Smith
A Sketchbook Of Endings

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Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson

Sometimes, things are divisive. You see, there's a certain spread. A good one. And it has managed to completely own this idea. But I'm not going to mention. Not when describing Peter Simpson's confidently wacky vocals. He over pronounces every word in a way utterly unique to him. On this self-titled mini album accompanies himself on simple synth lines to create an utterly bizarre pop music. 

David Chesworth
Layer On Layer

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Nyah Fearties
A Tasty Heidfu'

Nyah Fearties released this scraggy old thing in 1986, and it has been a secret jewel of the Glasgow underground music scene ever since. The Nyah Fearties sound is kind of Celtic-folk via post-punk and (genuinely) industrial percussion. All very Scottish. Now a proper full vinyl reissue, thanks to the Good Energy label!
  • Vinyl LP
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  • Limited edition

Kevin Harrison
Inscrutably Obvious

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The Selecter / The Beat
Breakdown / Side to Side

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Show Me The Body
Dog Whistle

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Is This Real?

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The Floor

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A. Swayze & The Ghosts

Scrappy and belligerent garage-punk group from Australia, treading that sloppy-tight balance with a real sense of vigour and gnarled energy. Yelped vocals, scathing guitar lines, this isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it knows what it is and does it well. A. Swayze & The Ghosts are a promising young band and this 12” single titled ‘Suddenly’ comes out via Rough Trade.


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The Fall
The Rough Trade Singles

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The Fall
Mark E Smith’s Personal Holiday Tony Tapes

It has started. Ozit Dandelion the label that brought you that fake Martin Hannett compilation have now been given access to a mixture of live and studio recordings from the late and great Mark E. Smith and his the Fall. We all know it will be utter rubbish barrel-scraping stuff but it's the Fall innit? Expect plenty more similar releases over the coming years.   

Joy Division & New Order
Total (From Joy Division To New Order)

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The Coathangers
The Devil You Know

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Circuit Breaker
Hands Return To Shake

If you can imagine the vocal stylings of ‘80s goth-punks such as Bauhaus and Killing Joke and the angular new wave of Wire paired with the pristine synth work and dissonant electronic sounds of acts such as Autechre and Pan Sonic then you’re close to imagining the sound of sibling duo Circuit Breaker. Their debut album Hands Return To Shake will please fans of industrial rock, new wave and IDM alike.

Hot Water Music
The New What Next

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Low Life
Downer Edn

Second album by Aussie punks Low Life after their killer 2014 debut. Although Downer Edn ("Edition" in Strayan) features arguably less intense cover art, the music will match your expectations. Think Protomartyr but darker and more urgent, accelerated sun-bleached post-punk. So if you're into that, this album might actually not be a downer at all. 

A Casual Assembly

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Fond Reflections

This has got to be good news for a certain breed of early 4AD worshippers. Rema Rema made one EP back in 1980 before splitting up and ending up in such bands as Renegade Soundwave, The Wolfgang Press and Adam and the Ants. Fast forward to now and some pretty committed people have got together to try to stitch together what would have been their debut LP by way of live recordings, alternate takes and rehearsal recordings.   

Viv Albertine
The Vermillion Border

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Alien Boy EP

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Meat EP / Meta EP

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Jackson Politick
Psycho-Mania / Well Adjusted Australians

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Communication / Selective Memory

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Backyard Babies
Sliver & Gold

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