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The Good The Bad and The Zugly
Algorithm & Blues

Norwegian supergroup The Good The Bad and The Zugly are on a bit of high. Their new album, Algorithm & Blues is the follow-up to Misanthropical House which bagged them the Norwegian Grammy for best rock album. The group feature members of Kosmik Boogie Tribe, Wonderfools and The Devil and the Almighty Blues. RIYL The Wildhearts.

The Correct Use Of Soap

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Gino and the Goons
Do The Get Around

Do The Get Around is the fifth album by Floridian low-budget, hard rocking punk band Gino and the Goons. They take their inspiration from a range of rock ‘n’ rollers such as The Ramones, Chuck Berry and Motorhead. It’s a record that they hope will inspire you to get in love and in trouble. 
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Time On Earth

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Slumb Party
Spending Money

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Alien Nosejob
Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud

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The Fall

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The Fall
Bend Sinister / The 'Domesday' Pay-Off Triad-Plus!

We're still literally scratching the surface with the Fall re-issues, Beggars have been first off the mark and here re-issue 1986's semi forgotten Bend Sinister alongside a bunch of extra tracks culled from various singles. The CD has even more bonus stuff from peel sessions and even some unreleased takes. LP comes with replica program for the Riverside production of ‘Hey Luciani!’   

Normil Hawaiians
What's Going On?

High-grade reissue of the 1983 album of Normil Hawaiians, who were not Hawaiian but were based within the vivid Brixton squat scene of the time. Operating in the grim depths of Thatcherism and following the suicide of a close associate of the band, Normil Hawaiians recorded this remarkable suite of unusual and highly-collaborative group music, which sadly sank without a trace as a consequence of label failings. But this reissue gives What’s Going On? the love it deserves, with lots of liner notes and seven bonus tracks, as well as a fine remastering job.

The Blow-Up

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Compiled 2.0

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The Fall
Medicine For The Masses - The Rough Trade Singles

Medicine For The Masses by The Fall contains the four 7” singles they released through Rough Trade in the band's early days. It includes classic tracks such as How I Wrote Elastic Man, Totally Wired and Kicker Conspiracy. Of course you want it. 4 x 7” single box set with 4 button badges, limited to 1000 copies on BMG.

Jaz Coleman
Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman, front man of post punk band Killing Joke has always had a thing for classical music, despite his more obvious experimental rock leanings. He has always thought that the songs of Killing Joke have an untapped widescreen gorgeousness that orchestral sounds can bring to music. Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke was recorded with St Petersburg Philharmonic. With this project Coleman has sought to accentuate the beauty and melody of Killing Joke songs.

A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan

Recorded at the end of a massive, celebratory world tour in December 2018 at Paris’ prestigious Le Bataclan, IDLES tore through a cathartic set of highlights from their career so far, including covers on top of tracks from their two beloved albums Brutalism and Joy As an Act of Resistance. That set is captured on new live album A Beautiful Thing - available on 2xCD or limited edition clear multi-coloured vinyl (orange, pink or lime green). 

Screaming Females

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The Enemy: Reality

Wolfbrigade are a hardcore punk / death metal band from Skaraborg in Sweden. The Enemy: Reality is their tenth album. They take their influences / inspiration / energy from ‘80s metal and the pummling brutality of hardcore punk to create their short, fast bursts of combustible material. It makes your heart pump faster, this stuff.

Screaming Females
Rose Mountain

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Factory Communications 1978-92

The compilation Factory Communications 1978-92 finally makes its way onto wax a full decade after the CD release. This bumper set needs little introduction - Factory Records, Tony Wilson, arguably the UK’s most important post-punk label, blah blah blah. All the big hitters are included here (yer Joy Divisions, yer Happy Mondays, yer New Orders) as well as some more obtuse Factory acts. This wide spread makes for a good blend of anthems and rarities - for every ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ there’s something like John Dowie’s ‘It’s Hard To Be An Egg’.

The Urinals
Pin The Needles - Live at George's, Santa Barbara, November 1979

The Urinals were a rackety minimalist punk rock band out of South California who later changed their name to the more user-friendly 100 Flowers.  Pin The Needles is their first ever live album, capturing the band at their raw and ragged best at an early show which gave the audience a peek at the songs that would emerge on their debut LP of '83 (released under the 100 Flowers moniker). Comes in gatefold sleeve with info, photos etc.  

Pop. 1280
Way Station

Borne out of the process of putting together their last album - 2016’s excellent Paradise, released on Sacred Bones - industrial punk act POP.1280 deliver their fourth studio record Way Station this December on new label Weyrd Son. Expect more ragingly noisy thrills from the New York-based outfit! 

Sleaford Mods
Divide And Exit

Divide And Exit by Sleaford Mods is the follow-up to their breakthrough compilation album, Austerity Dogs. I think it’s fair to say that the Nottingham duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearns, mixing beats, samples with sharp, witty lyrics and punk delivery have come up with a bit of classic. Includes the single, Tiswas.

Trash Kit

Trash Kit are a three-piece comprising of Rachel Aggs (Shopping, Scared Paws), Rachel Horwood (Bas Jan, Shopping, Bamboo) and Gill Partington. Horizon is their third album and first in five years. With the members being active in many other musical projects, lots of influences feed into the Trash Kit sound, but it’s fair to say that The Raincoats and Sleater Kinney have been fairly influential here.

Iggy and The Stooges
Death Trip

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Siouxsie and The Banshees
A Kiss In The Dreamhouse

The Siouxsie and the Banshees re-issue festival continues with this, their fifth album. Originally released in 1982 it saw the band take on a more varied sound with the use of recorders, tubular bells and loops. It didn't really boast any hits but is well regarded as one of their most psychedelic offerings particularly closing track Slowdive which of course must have influenced a certain shoegaze band.

Siouxsie and The Banshees
The Scream

The Scream was the debut album by Siouxsie and the Banshees. It's slower than punk textures and rhythms could be said to be the birth point of post- punk and their sound can be heard in innumerable bands that followed such as Joy Division and the Cure. Contains a preposterous version of Lennon and McCartney's 'Helter Skelter' amongst other classics but their hits would come later.  

The American In Me

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Hungry For Stink

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A Pathetic Youth

British punk rock outfit Gloo’s backstory seems ideal for making their kind of music - a childhood spent in the dull, faded Sussex seaside town of Littlehampton, lack of opportunities and drudge jobs. Their debut album Pathetic Youth channels all of that frustration into loud yet melodic punk nuggets. 

Biting Tongues
Live It

Ever bitten your tongue? Let me tell you, it's a horrible experience. Perhaps as horrible as when punk funk pioneers Biting Tongues realised their much heralded second album was only going to be released in a miniscule cassette run by the Buzzcocks-affiliated label New Hormones. Many many years later however, Cache Cache have re-issued this preposterously rare Manchester artefact on vinyl. And why is it so heralded? Well, its members including one Graham Massey went onto perform in the likes of 808 State and Simply Red.   

Cosmic Psychos
Glorius Barsteds

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The Prefects
Going Through The Motions

The Prefects were a Birmingham punk band who operated in the last two years of the 1970s. They featured Robert Lloyd who would go on to for The Nightingales with several other members of The Prefects. Going Through The Motions collects together their best stuff for the first time as a full length LP. It includes a live version of the Modern Lovers classic, She Cracked.

Dome 3

After Wire temporarily called it quits in 1980 Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert decided that, actually, they still quite enjoyed making music together. However, the stuff they then started doing in Dome was pretty far removed from the serrated, angular punk they’d dealt out in their previous band. While still part of the post-punk continuum, records like Dome's third LP Dome 3 (1981) have more in common with the dubwise experimentation of Brian Eno & David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - another album that came out in 1981. This new Editions Mego pressing of Dome 3 gives the record new artwork an a remastering job from Rashad Becker.

A Certain Ratio

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In Computers

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Carnage Hall

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Siouxsie and The Banshees

This is possibly Siouxie and the Banshees high water mark. This 1981 album featured the unique, distinctive guitar of John McGeoch which gave the Banshees an unconventional innovative sound. The album features the dashing single 'Spellbound' and has been cited as one of the most influential British albums. 

The Gun Club
The Pastoral Hide & Seek

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Slagheap are a feminist post-punk band from Bristol. The four women have built their sound on making their point clearly and loudly, rather than relying on musical skill. They are disturbed by what’s going on in the world but also revel in the joy of being together to make a stand. This all comes across on their self-titled debut. If you’re a fan of The Slits, X-Ray Spex, The Raincoats and Kleenex, then you should check out Slagheap.

Thee Oh Sees
Sucks Blood

Nice selling point in that this is the first black vinyl re-press of Thee Oh Sees seventh album in many years. Bugger all that coloured vinyl nonsense eh? We want the original and best vinyl colour. Produced by pop person Kelley Stolz it was the first record released on their own imprint Castle Face and is as usual jammed full of their psych rock and garage experiments. 

Watching The Hydroplanes

An angsty post-punk new wave album from a young Blackpool duo who caught the eye of Rob Gretton and Tony Wilson of Factory Records, recorded in 1981 (and mixed by estranged New Order bassist Peter Hook) but never released save for one song on 7”. Now, thanks to Factory Benelux, the original reels (plus a bonus live song recording) have been given a new master and a nice pressing.

The Raincoats
The Raincoats

Spindly post-punk heaven here from The Raincoats. The album was both important for its DIY spirit but also for the fact that it was made by four women in the then male dominated music industry. The album fell under the radar until Kurt Cobain mentioned it as one of his favourite records and since then has taken on legendary status and influenced scores of musicians. Re-issued from original sources for this luxury revamp that no home should be without. 

Big Bite

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Dead Kennedys

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Private Life

Calm down everyone! Stop shouting at each other! Goodness me - Tempers, tempers. Despite having a name that implies vitriol, this NYC duo actually serve something closer to angst than anger on their latest LP Private Life. Entries such as ‘Capital Pains’ (geddit?) find singer Jasmine Golestaneh dealing with the mess of city living over urgent, widescreen synth-pop beats. The War On Drugs and Future Islands are close compadres of Private Life.

Mind Rays
Course Of Action

Course of Action is the second album, by Belgian punk band Mind Rays. It is the follow-up to Nerve Endings, which was a real fire starter. Course of Action is a speedy punk rock album which, whilst not being polished exactly, is played by a band with the swaggering confidence that they know exactly what they’re doing.
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Wild Billy Childish & CTMF
Marc Riley Session 2019

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So Cold Streams

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I suppose it was only a matter of time before there was a band called Cunts. This lot are from Los Angeles and are made up from members of the bands Festival Of Dead Deer, Retox, Dead Cross, Hepa.Titus, Orphan Goggles, Virginia Reed, Kill The Capulets, Planet B and Qui. Their reason for giving themselves such a name is to fly in the face of all the ridiculous nonsense that people in positions of power seem to get away with saying these days. Totally unapologetic, their self-titled debut album serves as a soundtrack to the demise of society, albeit self-inflicted.

The Mind
Edge Of The Planet

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Land Of The Lost

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Heavy Lungs

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Negative Approach
10-Song EP

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The Mekons
The Edge Of The World

The Edge of the World was the 5th album by British/American punks The Mekons. By this time in their career, 1985, they had incorporated country rock into their sound which was quite a shift for them artistically. Nevertheless, the music was good, the lyrics about eating cat food and being stuck talking to drunks were typically imaginative and odd.

Iguana Death Cult
Nude Casino

Since the chaos of their 2017 debut album The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Life, Dutch garage punks Iguana Death Cult have earned themselves a reputation as a must-see live act. Nude Casino seeks to underline that reputation, infusing their glorious racket with elements of psychedelia and post-punk. 

The Mekons
Fear And Whiskey

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The Damned
Black Is The Night (The Definitive Anthology)

An exhaustive anthology from the Damned who went from releasing what is said to be the first ever punk single in New Rose to having big goth hits in the 80s like Eloise. They are still going strong today, Captain Sensible still wears a beret and Dave Vanian still looks like a vampire. This is their first ever career-length anthology and was curated by the band themselves.  

Minimal Compact
Creation Is Perfect

Dutch post-punk band Minimal Compact formed in 1980 and were famed for their energy, unpredictability and intensity. Creation is Perfect sees them under the guidance of long time collaborator and post-punk legend Colin Newman of Wire as they re-record some classic tracks, giving extra hue to their original compositions. 

Thou / Hirs

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Girls In Synthesis
Arterial Movements

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Tropical Fuck Storm

The Drones were on hiatus but are now officially over. Founding member, Gareth Liddiard and his musical and life partner Fiona Kitschin are carrying on though. They’re rocking out with a new-found purpose in Tropical Fuck Storm. Braindrops is the band’s second album in 18 months, following on from A Laughing Death In Meatspace. Doc At The Radar Station by Captain Beefheart was a big influence on this album, so expect some weird, wonky and wonderful noise.

Spirits & Embellishments

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There's A Lot Of It About

North London punks Snuff return after 6 years with their tenth album, There’s A Lot Of It About. It is the follow-up to their 2013 album 5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?. The band, to the uninitiated, are a speedy, hook heavy, horn heavy band that bring all the skins, mods and punks together under one roof. 

Stiff Little Fingers
Inflammable Material

Stiff Little Fingers’ debut LP Inflammable Material turns forty this year. If punk isn’t dead, it’s certainly well into its midlife crisis. Back in the day there were few better than these Northern Irish legends when it came to sound and fury. Recorded to a backdrop of the Troubles and sectarian violence, Jake Burns and his band burn with a righteous anger from Inflammable Material’s first track to its last.

Hand & Leg
Lust In Peace

Greek duo Hand and Leg make bass and drum music. There’s an important distinction between that and drum ‘n’ bass, in that this is post-punk / garage rock type stuff with an arty slant that has lyrics delivered via the force of spitting and screaming. Lust in Piece is their latest album, born from a busy period of writing, recording and touring that saw the pair earn a support slot with post-punk godheads, Wire. 
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Deux Furieuses
My War Is Your War

Deux Furieuses, comprising vocalist-guitarist Ros Cairney and drummer Vas Antoniadou, return with their second studio album after having earned the airplay from Radio X and support slots for Frank Turner with their 2016 debut Tracks of Wire. Re-doubling their efforts and bringing a sense of political urgency to their sound, My War Is Your War looks likely to repeat their successes to date. 

World Eater

Fetish are an off-shoot band comprising members from different eras of Poison Idea - that is, Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford and Eric “Vegetable” Olson, plus latter-day guitarist Brandon Bentley - plus three members of Portland punk act Long Knife. World Eater follows their recent excellent single as the band’s debut album. 

Tennis System

As the heaviest offering yet from the shoegaze-tinged rock trio, Tennis System have managed to create a gnarly yet immersive third LP. The Los Angeles outfit have been sliding up and down hazy guitars together for over a decade now - but this is the release, astonishingly created in only 5 days (!), that crystallises their trademark formula.

The New Testament

Dirty Water’s latest compilation The New Testament seems single-handedly dedicated to keeping the primal, destructive thrills of rock’n’roll alive, collecting six bands from countries ranging from France to Japan and inviting them to contribute a brand new track as well as a golden oldie. On Dirty Water.

Cold In Berlin
Rituals Of Surrender

Cold In Berlin mix fuzzy, goth-flavoured detuned doom rock with post punk. They're based in London, so I have no idea if they know what the temperature is in Berlin. They claim to be influenced by music released in the 20 year period between 1973 and 1993 along with things outside music such as Asian extreme films, early 20th century European literature, the work of documentary maker Adam Curtis. This all pours into their latest slab of wax, Rituals Of Surrender.

Body Negative

Adrian D’Epinay, lead singer of French experimental rock act MNNQNS, was inspired for the band’s debut album by spending some time in Cardiff. The hybridisation of cultures that he experienced is made clear on Body Negative, an album that defies easy categorisation by its attempts to squeeze so many ideas into its 13 tracks. 


So dark, so doomy but if the sight of Bauhaus's back catalogue fills you with dread but you still want to get on board then this could be a good place to start. It is the career spanning 'best of' containing such goth anthems as Bela Lugosi's Dead and She's in Parties. No cover of Fun Fun Fun but they do attempt to cover their prime influencer David Bowie on Ziggy Stardust. Cloaks at the ready.  

The Fall

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Suggested Friends
Turtle Taxi

Oh God now we get bands named after phrases we see on the internet every day.  Suggested Friends are a DIY, queer-punk band out of deepest Norfolk who blend their lo-fi credentials with a tongue-in-cheek take on big 80s rock. They self-identify as the sweet spot between Weezer and Abba ...two awful bands I hope you'll agree. Doesn't bode well but maybe they will cancel each other out. The appearance of Emma Kupa (Mammoth Penguins etc) suggests it will be better than all that and that they will be coming to Indietracks in 2020. Mark my words.      

VR Sex

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Penis Envy

Penis Envy was the third album by legendary anarcho-punks Crass. It was a move away from their early macho punk sound and the subject matter of feminist issues was reflected in the fact that the album had exclusively female vocals. It became notorious by the fact that it was involved in a seizure of copies from Manchester record shops and the band were charged under the Obcene Publications Act. The band eventually won under appeal but it cost them financially and the seeds were sown for their eventual dispansion. 
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Active Listening: Night On Earth

Empath were formed in Philadelphia by Garrett Koloski, Emily "Jem" Shanahan, Catherine Elicson and Randall Coon. Between them they have played in the bands Perfect Pussy and Waxahatchee. They make a kind of noisy, but non-aggressive version of punk and have been compared to Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth, Times New Viking, New Age and Priests. Their debut album is 'Active Listening: Night On Earth'.

Colin Potter
The Where House?

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Jason Williamson
Grammar Wanker: Sleaford Mods 2007–2014

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Wild Billy Childish & CTMF
Last Punk Standing

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The Rats
In A Desperate Red

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Ghost Wolves
Crooked Cop

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Not to be confused with the utterly cack mid-Noughties band responsible for the irritating ‘Monster’, this Automatic are a three-piece from Los Angeles who’ve gained a reputation for their incendiary live shows, inspired by psychedelia and punk. Signal is their debut studio album, and comes in a special indies-only red vinyl version. 

Tough Crowd

Nervus are an indie punk band from Watford. Tough Crowd is an album that gives out anger and joy in equal measure, The themes are of a political nature, like many bands they are dismayed and angry about the state of the world. They also hope to transmit joy and positivity, empowering their fans' ability to affect change. 
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Hammered Hulls
Hammered Hulls

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Down In Flames

The first thing to note about southern Californian grunge punksters is that they are led by Riley Hawk son of legendary skateboard guy Tony Hawk. Seems young Riley wants to bring the sludge back into indie rock and so has got together with a couple of pals to make something that has been described as Insecticide - era Nirvana crossed with the garage-punk of the Misfits. Expect bludgeoning riffs and lots of noise. 

The Dum Dum Boys
Let There Be Noise

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Thee Oh Sees / Total Control

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The Hand Of Doom

If metal on metal is what you crave then The Hand Of Doom’s Poisonoise should float your boat. Originally released in 1979, this set of heavy metal and hard rock is the sort of record that should be played on every single pub stereo when friday night rolls round. The performance from The Hand Of Doom’s singer Andreas 'Iggi' Rossner, all exuberant histrionics and ‘Release The Bats’-style melodrama, is particularly good value for money.

No Sister
Influence EP

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Come La Notte

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The Fall
The Unutterable Plus

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No Blades No Bone

Louder Than War (Evil Blizzard, Girls In Synthesis) are very excited about their new signing Glove. And so they should be - if all of their records are going to be like new EP No Blades No Bone we can look forward to the emergence of an original new voice. With just a bass guitar and tom drum this duo make a frenzied avant-punk racket. Everything from The Slits to Rattle to Guttersnipe to Xiu Xiu is recalled by the pair across the four tracks of No Blades No Bone.

The Cigarettes
You Were So Young

The complete recorded output of the short-lived and scandalously under-appreciated Lincoln punk band The Cigarettes. You Were So Young captures 22 tracks laid down between 1978 and 1981, including their singles and B-sides, a John Peel session and a handful that were never formally released. The 2xLP version also includes 20-page booklet, poster, sticker and badge. 

The Fall
New Facts Emerge

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Home Made Satan

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