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I'll not beat around the bush here. I've got '90s rock in my veins. It's where I'm from. Phil was trying to argue that there wasn't time to review the new Unsane album, but I couldn't be having that, see. I saw Unsane live last year and they're still every bit as pummelling as they ever ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Warm Slime

Damn! Thee Oh Sees like to keep busy. It seems like no time at all since i was placing 'Help' on my deck for it's first listen and they've released a whole bunch of stuff between then and new offering 'Warm Slime'. Well it's business as usual for Dwyer's crew...and that's good business. Recorded live by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors guitarist and pro...view item »

Public Image Limited
This Is PiL

On asking whether the new PIL album was due this week I was met with a chorus of disapproval from colleagues who had heard and been horrified by the (now mysteriously missing) promo CD. Yet, the reviews of this first...view item »

A.C.R. 1999

Lungfish are a band who never really fit into any kind of “scene”. Locking into their sensuous repeato grooves with pagan psych vibes over which Dan Higgs...view item »

Facel Vega
The Body

I’ve been looking forward to getting this one in the office. Facel Vega are a Leeds-based DIY garagemo combo who belt through their songs with an unironic vigour, and this 15-song opus also comes complete with a really cool sleeve and...view item »


How does Punk influenced Hardcore mixed with Southern Metal sound to you folks? Because to me, it sounds like divinity. How a band from England can so easily exemplify and pay homage to a sound that was created thousands of miles away from, and many years past them, is beyond amazing to me. True punk, hardcore, and metal enthusiasts will marvel ...view item »

The You And What Army Faction

I thought with a name like this that these guys would be some kind of punky kids, but actually this is a Greek duo making creaking, droning, dirgey lo-fi with creepy whispery vocals. On the first side ‘Silk’ has monotonous trebly clangs held together by a spidery bassline while...view item »

Puffy Areolas
1982: Dishonorable Discharge

I really like these Puffy Areolas. They’ve got a raw obnoxious loucheness to them which I immediately warmed to so I’m very happy to see a new full-length collection turn up at Norman HQ. So happy that I’m reviewing it even though nobody has put it on the review pile. Ta...view item »

Mission Of Burma

These guys will be forever underground, where they belong, and I'm right there with them. Loud, noisy, sometimes mathematical and sometimes avant, always aggressive and surprisingly sensitive. And the instruments? Do you like idiosyncratic drumming, angular guitar riffs, strange tape manipulations, an overall sonic attack that creates a highly o...view item »

Talibam! & Sam Kulik
Discover AtlantASS

I'm coming straight into this record from the meticulously crafted insanity of the new Darth Vegas CD and to be honest it sounds pretty retarded. Seriously some of the silliest, dumbest, most nonsensical experimental music you'll h...view item »

DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays are a critically acclaimed Australian rock duo based in Brisbane. Their first record is essentially a thrash punk party, full of screaming, shouting,and dirty riffs. The lyrics occasionally verge on nonsense, particularly tracks like "Cops Capacity", but you'll usually be headbanging too much to care. Tracks 1 & 2 ("Teenage Kick...view item »

Divorce / Jailhouse Fuck

We're all pretty fond of Divorce and their unhinged bombastic Arab on Radar-ish scuzzy noise-punk stylings so I've bunged their side of this split ...view item »

Sister Chain & Brother John
The Androgyne Show

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Parlour Punk. I mean wtf dude? Streampunk is hard enough to deal with but a Victorian punk themed duo?!? Nah. Well, Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening and, if I'm honest, this is pret...view item »

Glaqjo Xaacsso

patten's glitchy electronic work is blunt and forthcoming, melding together the sensibilities of acts on early days Warp and contemporary Anticon with music that is better codified as avant-garde, drawing on musique concrete and dream pop. Glaqjo Xaacsso traverses many different styles to...view item »

Girls Names
Dead To Me

So here's a supernaturally buzzing ghost-pop band from Belfast, olde Northern Ireland! I'm quite simply obsessed with this album & keep listening to the bastard thing slavishly, seemingly caught up in a delirious trance of heady nostalgia. But these cats is also minty fresh with the finest killer hooks & a casual effortlessness that is q...view item »

Zen And The Art Of War

In Leeds we know how to make proper RAWK! Goatspeed are a fine example of the city unrelenting lust for balls out rockin' riffs. On this self-released 7” they hit us with four meaty slabs of blistering northern rock action and further bless us with an additional download code with b...view item »

Dillinger Escape Plan
Dillinger Escape Plan

I don't know if "Dillinger Escape Plan" is the best place to start, but if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Dillinger Escape Plan before, whenever you get the chance to: Do it! You will find one of the most talented bands around playing some of the hardest, heaviest, and technically chaotic music ever. Fans of non-commercial hardcore...view item »


Ceremony are the future of punk rock. It's that simple. Few bands capture the spirit of classic punk but deliver a modern interpretation, more often than not they cite Black Flag as an influence and believe DIY recording should sound like a cassette recorder placed in a room and tha...view item »

Busted At Oz

Oh man, I've not heard Naked Raygun in aaaaages. I remember reading once that they were the band which prompted Steve Albini to form Big Black (he even nabbed Santiago Durango and Jeff Pezzati from them) so we all owe them everything, basically. Personally I find that it's quite hard to see the influence on some of their later records (as good a...view item »

Strange Men In Sheds With Spanners
Strange Men In Sheds With Spanners

The scene: early 1980. The place: Manchester, a rain drenched metropolis, full of  drinkers/druggies, seedy alleyways and dingy pubs and whey faced gothic types. Into this urban nightmare comes George Best (sorry wrong meeting)...Into this maelstrom came Pete Shelley, a man with a vi...view item »

Roy Tapes

It must be great to have a wife. Some one who is loving and knowledgeable and is a demon between the sheets (!!??!!). I don't have a wife so I don't feel too guilty about listing my top three favourite Wife Jokes* (in no particular order...)...She ran after the garbage ...view item »

Office Of Future Plans
Office Of Future Plans

This is probably exciting news to some - J. Robbins (Government Issue, Burning Airlines, Jawbox, producer extraordinaire) has a new group with an album out on his first home - Dischord records. Formed after a supposed one-off performance supporting Chicago punkers The Bomb, the group has ...view item »

Kissing Gate

Strange one this. It sounds like The Pogues hanging out and making music with some pop punk act. Which either way you look at it is a damn fine idea or the worst idea since my uncle decided to cut his fingernails with a scythe. It's pretty upbeat and direct and you can imagine somebody so...view item »

Spills Out

These Brooklynites have fused drum-driven noise records (opener `School Glue') with 60's melodies, almost Wilco like. Even though there is a song called `Zombies' on the album the legendary sixties band influenced the mellifluous `The Hole Night'. Stellar work with multivocals add more layers of sound, especially over the distorted bass line in ...view item »

Sweet Williams

Funny that Charlottefield were one of the first bands ever to be played in our new office. Post-hardcore/emo types with a brittle yet simultaneously raging character, they probably never sold that many records but gave us many an hour's pleasure with their edgy dynamism and thorough pas...view item »

Nation Of Ulysses
Plays Pretty For Baby

An entertaining band that owes its sound to a single song from Mission of Burma - "New Nails." This band is not an evolution of anything from the MacKaye circle of music -- it doesn't sound anything like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, or Bad Brains. It's not a hardcore album, and it's not immediately obvious why it appears on the Dischor...view item »

Ugly Animals

Ah, the second coming of Three One G!!! Bring it!!! Retox are a new band that sees various Three One G/San Diego characters united in a common cause to bring a little class back to the Hardcore scene. The Three One G style has been described as many things but for me the classic crop of bands (The Locust, Festiva...view item »

Hired Muscle
The Last Minute

This little beauty has been out for a while now but the lads from Hired Muscle have only just got around to passing them on to me, talk about leaving it until 'the last minute', etc. Totally worth the wait though as Hired Muscle are the UK's finest hidden treasure which makes this humble little ten track CD the ...view item »

Rent Boys
Rent Boys

This is the debut single from a bunch of noisy lads known as the Rent Boys. I've not seen these guys live yet but I'd imagine that it's a harrowing experience. On record they bring to mind a more fucked up and perverse version of A Place To Bury Strangers with there ramped up vision of psychedelic garage sounding not to dissimilar in parts. The ...view item »

Trilogi Peradaban

Exciting stuff from Dual Plover! A CD by Indonesia's Zoo called 'Trilogi Peradaban' is currently sodomising my ears, shitting bent, gibbering thrash-funk & ranting asylum-core out of our tired, whimpering speakers. They manage to make An Albatross sound relatively conservative with their elastic jazz rhythms and insane vocal gymnastics giving t...view item »

Urge Overkill
Rock&Roll Submarine

Urge Overkill were responsible for one of the best records of the '90s with their album "Saturation" which contained classics such as "Sister Havana" and "Positive Bleeding". They also shot to unlikely fame with their cover of Neil Diamond's "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" which featured on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. It would be fair to say that...view item »

The Ex
Catch My Shoe

My old comment about The Ex not being as good as their deceased compadres Dog Faced Hermans left our Brett a bit perturbed. Of course I realise they're absolutely as good, and most definitely more globally renowned - I just prefer the demented Scots trumpet led agit-punk more cos i'm a right old anarcho'd-up idiot! The EX have a newish ...view item »

Different Thinking People

'For Fans Of: Chrome, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, Ralph Records, and SF Artpunk'? Sounds pure hard body. Count I in for some o' dat. To be honest, from what I've heard of this so far I barely need to add anything to that first line.. You've got your clangy, trebly basslines, your primitivist cut 'n' paste surrealist touches, your Residents-style pla...view item »

Charles Albright
I'm Happy, I'm A Genius

This Charles Albright band are fucking nuts! Not quite as nuts as the serial killer they take their moniker from but still pretty nuts all the same. They ply their trade in ultra lo-fi experimental punk rock meaning this 7" has been recorded in the lairiest, noisiest possible way. Think Guitar Wolf noisy. We are talking serious tape saturation a...view item »

Brainwashed Youth
The Trilogy

This is a ridiculous 7" single courtesy of a bunch of punk rocker types called Brainwashed Youth. Featuring members of Inmates, H-100s, Wolfdowners and even Integrity, these lads are basically in it for punk rock kicks playing music that owes a massive debt to early english hardcore and Oi stuff whilst still sounding very much like an American p...view item »


Plug are a couple of gals from London and after a handful of singles Upset the Rhythm have released their self titled album for mass consumption! It's a cheeky one on first listen. After a short opener of just some weird noises you get a nice electro(ey) hip-hop style number which is a wee bit like Luscious Jackson with some deep keyboards. It's...view item »

Brick By Boulder

Leeds based Girl-Boy-Girl mutant new wavers Beards are total winners! Their debut 'Brick by Boulder' is brimming with punk rock infused dance nasties and some of the toughest riffs i've heard in time. Notable for their outstanding interplay, infectious, chunky bass lines, hyperactive guitars, propulsive synths and loose new wave beats, Beards ha...view item »

Fucked Up
Couple Tracks Singles 2002-2009

Fucking hell. Now I understand totally where Fucked Up came from. After loving the 'Chemistry....' LP but being totally perplexed by the previous 'Hidden World' jobber, it's nice to hear exactly how they began with singles compilation opus 'Couple Tracks'. Whereas most hardcore bands sound pretty ripped & vicious, FU apply a bit of a good-time gr...view item »

Dark Days Coming

It's amazing how a CD that is over a decade old can still school every band in its genre years after its initial release. This is just another chapter in the long years of Dischord records. It features 3/4 of what would become Grey Matter and our favourite 'straight edge' drummer from ...view item »

!!! (chk chk chk)
Strange Weather, Isn't It?

Dance music created not by keyboards, but by a rotating cast of world-class percussionists, guitarists and rhythmic geniuses. The vocals and lyrics simply accent the mix: grunts, chants, ramblings and amputated musings are favoured over anything remotely croony or emo. Their songs will never be the theme to your prom - but they will keep most ev...view item »

Modern English

the name of the band is the only link to that era, first eighties, of pathos and tensions of which they've been absolute frontrunners. Unfortunately, beside good production and execution, there's not much more for those who worshiped the 4ad epopea. In a way, it's like listening to some latest Adrian ...view item »

The Fire Engines
Hungry Beat

The Fire Engines have another collection out. This one different to the odds and sods collection released on Domino. 'Hungry Beat' is a compilation of their 3 singles and their mini album for the 1st time collected onto one lovely CD. I have to say Brian was the specialist in this field but now he's gone I've sort of got into it a bit more. This wh...view item »

Neils Children
Stand Up

Next I have the new 7" single by Neils Children on Half Machine Records. I've read a lot about these fellows recently. They certainly seem to get a lot of press so you can guess they going to sound like all those new beautiful young trendy bands of the moment... and they do I guess. Well they sound 80's a...view item »


From David Tibet to Unicorns.. Not such a leap. I vaguely remember that band from a few years back and apparently this Clues lot contains some ex members if that's of interest to you? In any case this self-titled album sounds surprisingly un-Constellation-ish, throwing about trebly guitars, crashing drums and a cool experimental indie sort of style...view item »

Mission Of Burma
The Sound Of The Speed Of Light

I wasn't here when this came in and this pack of fools neglected to review it. It's mint like they always are!...view item »

Les Savy Fav
Let's Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav are the most Superchunkish band that aren't called Superchunk. Their cover of the 'chunk's "Precision Auto" was a favourite at live shows and you can hear the influence of them permeating through "Let's Stay Friends". It is similarly filled with furiously performed catchy, punky indie rock, albeit wi...view item »

These Are Powers
All Aboard Future

The no wave/early Sonic Youth influence is less apparent (though not gone) and an electronica/glitchcore spasticity (though performance friendly, not laptops being programmed) filters through it. It's not quite so much "toned down" as taking a new direction. "All Aboard Future" is well worth picking up and the band is certainly worth experiencin...view item »

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