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Thee Oh Sees
Mutilator Defeated At Last

A new year, a new album. That’s how it goes. Thee Oh Sees are back with more dirty, messy rock. Having strayed from their noisy ways on 2014's Drop, their new album Mutilator Defeated at Last is right back on our favorite track of unforgiving tracks packed with racks of distorting effects a...view item »

Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Reel To Real

An archive collection of rare and unreleased solo recordings from Dennis Young. Known as the percussionist for Liquid Liquid, this set of sixteen tracks compiles his out of band experiments between '82-83. There’s a homely feel to the recordings, thanks perhaps to Young recording them at home. Just a guess. It's understand...view item »

The Durutti Column
The Return Of The Durutti Column

Factory Benelux presents a new vinyl edition of landmark album The Return of the Durutti Column, housed in a revised version of the iconic sandpaper sleeve first issued by Factory Records in January 1980. A collaboration between virtuoso guitarist Vini Reilly and legendary Manchester producer Martin Hannett,The Retu...view item »

In Camera

In Camera are late seventies, early eighties London post punkers, early 4AD label mates with Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, MASS, Modern English, Rema- Rema, The The to name but a few. In Camera enjoyed a short lived but intense period of musical innovation during which they released a small amount of much celebrated and sought after material. &ls...view item »

Mission Of Burma
Learn How: The Essential Mission of Burma

Well, let's face it, Mission of Burma were one of the most exciting, incendiary American bands. They straddled the intersection where the raw, chaotic visceral thrill of post-punk met a volatile, melodic strain of experimental hardcore rock and par...view item »

Negative Scanner
Negative Scanner

Confident, snarling post-punk debut from Chicago band Negative Scanner. Known for their blistering live performances, the self titled album captures this intensity in a 28 minute whirlwind. Recorded in their own practice space it’s a truly DIY effort. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Trouble In Mind. Includes download code....view item »

Hard Left
We Are Hard Left

Available on vinyl LP on Future Perfect Records. Debut album from angry punk modsters Hard Left. Made up of members from Lunchbox, Boyracer and Whorl. Oakland, California based, but sounding akin to 70s and 80s british punk, they are equally angry and politically charged. Good t...view item »

Pale Horses

Aaron Weiss and his band of galloping existential explorers return for Pale Horses, their sixth record. mewithoutYou have always offered a unique perspective on spirituality through their shared links of Christianity, Judaism and Sufism, ruminating on their religious experiences through ecstatic post...view item »

No Form
No Form

Moody, muddy, chaotic and ever-so-hardcore, No Form are one of Leeds' very own, a band unfurling the conventions and homogeneities of punk rock. Transfused with industrial influences and unfamiliar instruments, No Form recall Brutal Blues and Throbbing Gristle amids...view item »

The Falcon Five
We Are Falcon And You Don't

The Falcon Five's 'We Are Falcon And You Don't' is an energy fuelled mid 90's post hardcore / punk sounding riff-o-rama. It's pretty rocking actually and they can sure write catchy songs and play their instruments. Fun fun fun from this German outfit on Allin Village....view item »

Perfect World

Uniform is a group made up of two New York individuals, channeling their creativity through determinedly cheap equipment. The sound they aim for isn’t exactly lo-fi, though it comes across as a sort of Suicide if most of the synth was instead guitar. Crucially, they have that dogged repetition thing down. ...view item »

The Cute Lepers
Adventure Time

An energetic band that perfectly captures that classic early punk sound. Adventure Time starts off with "Tribute to Charlie", which is a song about Charlie Harper. No 'screaming' no 'anger', just lots of fun to listen to, and even better to see them live. One of the best songs on this LP is "Misdirected", although they are all good songs. Good, ...view item »

Crispy Ambulance
The Plateau Phase

On this incredible album there are hints of progressive rock, ambient, and eerie electronic effects combined with tense, shimmering guitar work and a bludgeoning rhythm section. Obviously Crispy Ambulance were pushing the boundaries, and their experiments with sound and texture paid off in spades. Listen to tracks like "Are You Ready", "The Wind...view item »

Black Flag
What The...

This is Black Flag's first release since '85 and one of the saddest albums of all time. Forget early 90's emo or 00's lo-fi bedroom acoustic recordings, nothing brings me to tears faster than this album. The emotional rollercoaster begins with the front cover of the record, which physically hurts to look ...view item »

Electric Eels
Accident / Wreck and Roll

Old show-you-how-its-done punks Electric Eels continue to get celebrated by HoZac with this 7", another scatterbrained piece of guitar abstraction nonsense with duel vocalists who can scarcely be heard behind the racket. It's the way it was ment to be, and on "Wreck and Roll" they even try their hand at this thing you call pop music....view item »

The Chrome Cranks
The Chrome Cranks

The early '90s are an unappreciated musical era, with everybody pretending nothing happened except for Blur and Nirvana. Thankfully, HoZac are preaching the gospel by reissuing The Chrome Cranks’  self-titled debut album. It’s a piece of slow-paced and nihilistic punk, relentlessly packed with youthful energy an...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Hare

Prolific hardcore punk band Fucked Up have released over 80 recordings and collaborations on various labels including Arts & Crafts, Matador and Jade Tree since they formed in 2011. The latest installment in their series of Zodiac themed releases ‘Year Of The Hare’ is a 21 minute composition of frantic soundscapes created using p...view item »

Shudder Pulps
Housebound EP

Faux Discx consistently bring out good records, having brought us offerings from the likes of Hookworms, Cold Pumas and Vision Fortune over the last couple of years, so even when they’re putting out bands I...view item »

Mil Mascaras

From what I can gather this is/was a French all women band from the turn of the 2000s (was it really so long ago?). Presumably this is some kind of reissue thing and as such sits between curio and historical document. They have a churning sound with alternately shouted/squealed vocals that is ...view item »

Francis Harold & The Holograms
Hang The Goat/ Invisible Empire

Rowdy, confrontational, hypnotic and strangely alluring...any way enough about me, and more about this group of noisy fucks. The Francis Harold and The Holograms single sounds like it was recorded inside your Dad, using his spleen for for a drum mic and his pancreas as the control booth. It has sort of noise/psych leaning and it's fairly imm...view item »

Dark Matter / Dark Energy

Here we have the first full-length release from Membranes since their reformation six years ago; and therefore also their first since 1989. A lot has changed in that time, but Membranes  have remained much the same, Dark Matter / Dark Energy carrying a lot of the same post-punk weight and forward d...view item »

The Mothmen
Pay Attention!

The Mothmen’s album Pay Attention! has basically been forgotten, which is odd for a few reasons: the group included members of Simply Red and Durutti Column, and the album is full of energetically angular post-punk. Anyway, it is now reissued on U-Sound with several bonus tracks, ...view item »


This album is not about the Baltimore drug scene. It’s not about how to transfer money. It’s not about insulating your house. It’s our first submission for UnGoogleable Album of the Year 2015. Wire’s 13th album, their first self-titled, is the return of a punkband that has been going for almost 40 years. ...view item »

The Fall
Sub-Lingual Tablet

The Fall have been in existence for 39 years and massively influential to a lot of bands that really matter (e.g. Pavement). Mark E. Smith is the only constant in an eternally revolving cast of musicians. Despite the ever-changing personnel, The Fall will always sound like ...view item »

Jah Wobble
Redux: Anthology 1978-2015

Here we have a fairly comprehensive retrospective collection of Jah Wobble material: Redux: Anthology 1978-2015 fills up six whole discs and an actual box with solo Wobble and with countless collaborations, including the likes of Bill Laswell, Jaki Liebezeit, Th...view item »

Fight Fire

John Dwyer’s Castle Face label continues to be the number-one go-to location for joyously fuzzed-up garage-punkishness. Fight Fire, the new album from POW!, fits comfortably into that mold, except with a bit more synth duelling with the guitar over the perpetual motion rhythm section. Lots of fun ...view item »

Thee Tsunamis
Saturday Night Sweetheart

Available on Vinyl LP and CD on Magnetic Tape. Debut full length from Indiana based trio Thee Tsunamis. It’s gritty, free spirited garage punk with fuzzed out pop melodies and angry heartbreak throughout. Catchy and trashy, recorded straight to tape fans of New York Dolls, The Trash Women ...view item »

Bangers Vs Fuckers

Due to the excellent title, new lo-fi punk blues stars Coachwhips are up first with the terrific racket that is presumably their debut, 'Bangers Vs Fuckers'. Fuckin' excellent is this. Sort of like a psychotic White Stripes being fed through a blender by Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes. Fuzzy, catchy &a...view item »

Foot Hair
Foot Hair

180 gram vinyl LP, Extremely limited to 250 copies on Box Records. Barely in tune noise mongers from Newcastle Foot Hair feature members of Obey and Haikai No Ku. Trashy, filthy 4-chord fuzz that entertains, energizes and terrifies in equal measure. for fans of Drunks with Guns ...view item »

Useless Eaters
Singles: 2011-2014

Dry, lo-fi punk thrashing from Useless Eaters. Singles: 2011-2014 contains guess what? Lots of this material was originally released in small runs on different labels, so it is good of Slovenly to compile them all for us. Catchy tunes bashed out with a snarl, just how you like it. Fourteen tracks, on vinyl or CD....view item »

Havah / His Electro Blue Voice

It’s always a good move for noisy bands to put out split EPs. There is something cute and reassuring about the way bands can split records on which everybody sounds really angry and makes pretty music. And then there’s the whole limited edition (500 copies!) green vinyl thing going on which just makes this release even more ...view item »

Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979 - 1984

Adrian Sherwood has made a name for himself through his innovative sound development throughout the 80’s and 90’s, learning his trade from dub warriors Prince Far I and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and later working as a live sound engineer to legendary acts such as The Clash and Public Image Limited. ‘Sherwood At The Contro...view item »

Second Layer
World Of Rubber

Available on CD on Cherry Red. Second Layer featured Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey of The Sound fame. a definite for fans of The Sound World of Rubber has the same post-punk drive but with many of the human elements being replaced with synths and dru...view item »


Eagulls are a rare thing, a band that live up to it’s hype. Some of you may not agree, they weren’t an easy sell for me either, at first, but it’s hard to deny Eagulls debut. Not only do they take reference from a much loved period of post-punk’s history but they do the period proud too. More importantly, there’s tu...view item »

The Intelligence
Boredom and Terror / Let's Toil

These lo-fi indie rockers look like they've just stepped out of a Wes Andersen set; in actuality, though, Back in 2004, the Intelligence made this record of lo-fi indie pop that spits itself out the way Robert Pollard spews nonsense for Guided by Voices. 'Boredom and Terror' is full of thrown off vocals, momentary lapses in guitar riffage and ro...view item »

(Strange Songs) In the Dark

Straying from their post-punk EPs, Merchandise’s debut album is a festivity of noisy pop. Recorded at home and sounding very DIY, the album is marketed by their label (!) as “a sad bastard of a record”, but that’s selling it short. A little lo-fi never hurt anybody, and (Strange Songs) in the Dark...view item »

Five Or Six
Cantame Esa Cancion Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Five or Six were one of the most unheralded bands to emerge in the post-punk era. They had the opening track on the legendary 'Pillows and Prayers' compilation on Cherry Red but their debut was for some unfathomable reason only released in Spain. They join the dots between Joy Division, This Heat and Wire and this first ever re-issue of the...view item »

And Life Is…

It is hard, given this album’s detached vocals, clean synth lines, minor key melodies and Scandinavian origins, to avoid using descriptors like ‘cold’, ‘icy’ and ‘glacial’ when discussing Moral’s And Life Is… I mean, it just is! Reissued with bonus tracks and in a r...view item »

Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados

Some furious words from Spaniards Eskorbuto. Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados is the 1987 banger getting a repress. This record is total anarchy, with the fellas ready to create a ruckus and oppose the powers that be - a la 'Rock Opera'. Full of straight up punk wailing, pneumatic drums, t...view item »

John Wesley Coleman III / Followed By Static
Personality Pancake / Bacon Bear

Raucous garage rock from two of Austins favourite rock bands, John Wesley Coleman and Followed By Static. They have 4 tracks each to offer and they are all quite excellent. Up first is John Wesley Coleman, who gets things going in suitably raucous manner. Their 4 tracks sound great, they have Nuggets style guitar fuzz, served up with the bes...view item »

Ex Hex

Firmly rooted in late seventies North American pop-punk-rock, Mary Timony’s new band, Ex Hex, have given us an album to jump around and sing-a-long to. An instant and instantly essential record that knocks Wild Flag, an album I love by the way, into a cocked hat. She’s al...view item »

Populare Mechanik
Kollektion 03: Compiled By Holger Hiller

Deconstructivist jazz, post-punk project Populare Mechanik was created by Wolfgang Seidel, founder member of German language rock band Ton Steine Scherben as well as friend and musical partner of prolific German experimental electro musician Conrad Schnitzler. ‘Kollektion 03’ was curated by Holger Hiller, vocalist for Hamburg new wav...view item »

Cigarette Machine

I wonder if they ever were in an actual cult? Ex-Cult is what this group of hard, moshing rockers call themselves and Cigarette Machine is the LP. It’s rough, it’s Doc Martens wearing, it’s leather jacket clad bikers blowing bulbous balloons of pink gum, it’s head banging to the heavy drums, eye ...view item »

Hard Left
Skinheads Home For Christmas

The wonderfully names Skinheads Home for Christmas is a Christmas single in the form of some good ol’ punk rock from Hard Left. It’s heavy riffage and grouchy, gravelly vocals with some fun female backing vocals, just as shouty and full of attitude as the rest of the song. A coloured 7”...view item »

Destruction Unit
Live in San Francisco

If John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees likes it, so should you… Destruction Unit’s Live In San Francisco is out on Dwyer’s very own Castle Face label, and the record sounds as furious and pulverising as the album cover and the band name suggest. Blasted live action from these Arizona psych-pun...view item »

Fawn Spots
New Sense

Sometimes we all need to make some pretty pissed off music, of course - everybody knows that. The real question here is, does the name Fawn Spots refer to a place where fawns hang out, or is about different times people spotted fawns? Or maybe it’s about the spots on a fawn’s lower back. Honestly this band is a myste...view item »


Some deep meditations from Disappears. Irreal is the new full length from the Chicago group. This record is brimming with undertones of angst and frustration just waiting to boil over. Spanning a lot of influences, it evokes elements of Krautrock, trip-hop and electronic dance music done with a live ...view item »

The Ramones
WBUF FM Broadcast, Buffalo NY, February 8th 1978

Just because punk is dead doesn’t mean we can’t love it, right? Imagine you were trying to tape a show off the radio, but then you did it in perfect quality, got it pressed on vinyl and added a sleeve and nice cover for it. Also, the band you were taping was the Ramones while they were riding the peak of their potent...view item »

The Fates

One of the most obscure, rare and coveted records from the Manchester post-punk scene is actually a sweetly shambling DIY "pagan folk" album from Blue Orchids & Fall keyboardist Una Baines and a load of her (mostly female) cohorts. Numerous other B-Orchids/Mancs luminaries are inv...view item »


Garage punk from a band once populated by members of Hookworms. From Wales, to Leeds and, then back to Wales comes Twisted, drawing heavily on punk influences from the 70s and 80s including the Buzzcocks and Rites of Spring with an unmistakable raw, young edge, rightfully angry at what the world is coming to in ...view item »

Room 101
Vox Humana

Room 101’s Jason Williamson hates bands. And by the sound of Vox Humana he hates a bunch of other things as well. Packing all his aggression into the One Man Band results in a 7” jammed to the last groove with energy and punk disdain of anything remotely resembling authority or organized coh...view item »

Gang of Four

Jesus. What are we supposed to do with this? These old-timers don't seem to realise what it was that was so special & unique about their debut album because since the early 80s, they've continually, unopologetically urinated liberally on their own legacy. Like, this new album? I can hear an essence (rare as you like) of their original spirit...view item »

Young Conservatives
Young Conservatives

‘Not young. Not Conservative. An analogy for the modern state. The diluted mediocrity of 21st century British politics. Endless rhetoric and vitriol on what we are against because of our fundamental inability and unwillingness to actually define what it is we stand for. Who are Young Conservatives? The group’s line-up will pr...view item »

Fiction Or Truth

Loud and catchy pop punk from Belgian three-piece Castles. Released on Brussels-based Black Bassett Records, Fiction Or Truth is their second record and sees them craft a selection of earworms amidst the mathy time signatures and shouty vocals. Excellent cover art. Out on vinyl LP from Black Bassett Records....view item »


Here, on Southern Lord, we have an album of catchy metallic riffs, furious lyrical angst all shot through with classic hardcore-influenced directness. The four piece band recorded the album themselves at the charmingly titled Fvck Life studios and have created an angry, politically-aware album, the blitzkreig assaut will appeal to fans of C...view item »

Normalised : The Detonic Collection

Australia has already stolen the source of all our garage punk/noise rock powers and set up a new base for the genres down under, and now they're taking aim at the dark recesses of electronic music. Detonic Records is home to a variety of unforgiving industrial acts and pulverising EDM artists, who shut out the sun, caving themselves into the di...view item »

The Men

Given the rate at which they’ve been accumulating plaudits and column inches over the past couple of years for their gnarly post-grungey noise rock dirge-pop, on the back of two excellent albums on Sacred Bones, it’s no surprise to see that The Men’s out...view item »

Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
The Invisible Girls

The Invisible Girls is a collaborative effort by Steve Hopkins and Martin Hannett who have both weaved their way in and out of the brilliance of many different bands, Hannett producing for the likes of New Order where Hopkins has helped perform for som...view item »

PUNK 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn - Akron, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-80

Whereas the first two Punk 45 collections focused on categories as broad as ‘America’ and ‘Britain’, this release is one of two that closely document specific scenes: here, we have 5 years in the punk-life of Akron, Ohio. Typically lovely Soul Jazz cover art and liner notes, and a whole host of amazing music, inc...view item »

PUNK 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City - Cleveland, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-82

While the first two Punk 45 collections concentrated on ‘America’ and ‘Britain’ respectively, this release is one of two that burrow down deep into the punk of a specific city at a specific time. Here, we have 7 years in the punk-life of Cleveland, Ohio. With bands you know (Pere Ubu), and plenty...view item »

Tierra Y Libertad

Excuse me, are those tanks roaring through a landscape strewn with Mayan temples on the album cover? Yes, yes they are. And those are indeed bionic soldiers firing at each other. No, it’s just the album cover of Terria Y Libertad of Californian death metalheads Xibalba. The album title refers to the slogan of the ...view item »


A sloppy broth of lethargy from Fang. Landshark is getting reissued over three decades after it's initial release, and it’s still depressingly relevant. Going anywhere they feel like, Fang spurt out their own brand of smoked-out hardcore-surf-punk-stoner jams. It's the true sound of raw gnar. Out ...view item »

Icky Boyfriends
Live in San Francisco

Icky Boyfriends might not to be everyone’s taste with their songs about spermicide and dental dams, but there is more to them than that. They certainly are loud, raucous, and rocking. Scuzzy heroes of the San Francisco freak scene, this live album captures their iconic sound. On vinyl and CD.  ...view item »

Mark Burgess
View From A Hill

View From A Hill, the story of Mark Burgess -- singer and founding member of legendary post punk band The Chameleons –- was previously only published in very limited print runs, but here it gets the attention it deserves with a revised, definitive edition. Complete with a full discography, family tree and an introduction by fanzin...view item »

Davila 666
Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos

Puerto Rican garage punk with plenty of Satan worship, we presume: Davilia 666 are using 'Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos' to share their blasts of noise with the as-of-yet unwilling world. Describing their tunes as "top shelf quality sit", their wonderful squalor is likely to appeal to fans of scuzzy and silly punks who just enjoy fucking shit up....view item »

The World / Inferno Friendship Society
This Packed Funeral

Cabaret crew The World / Inferno Friendship Society haven't released an album in so very, very long, so it's nice to see they've decided to come out of hiding (aptly, 'tis Halloween) to announce brand new music. 'This Packed Funeral' promises more deep, booming voices relating spooky and trippy stories through klezmer-infused...view item »

Pale Angels
Strange Powers (ARC Live Session)

Grungy jacket punks Pale Angels deliver a quick treat with their Strange Powers session for ARC, offering three originals that continue their primitive squall and forceful early punx energy. There's also a cover of the Feelies thrown in, because if ever there was a band to influence Pale Angel...view item »

Poison Everything

This crust punk invention comes from a variety of different bands, including the more psychedelic Black Mountain and Night Horses. Influenced by more straight-up hardcore acts, from the stalwarts Poison Idea to the once canonized Black Flag, Obliterations take us back to when chaotic punk rock was old-school. 'Poison Everything' is for blasting ...view item »

First Demo

Fugazi are now lauded as one of the most influential punk bands of all time, both for their contributions to the lineage of hardcore (continuing what Minor Threat started with a little more "post" in the mix for the new era) and for their political standpoints, uncompromising live shows and complete autonomy. 'First Demo', though, charts Ian Mac...view item »

Hands Up Who Wants to Die
Vega in The Lyre

Discordant not dissonant, Hands Up Who Wants To Die make a horrible mess with noise rock, leaving some fragments of melody the way McLusky, The Birthday Party and Shotmaker do. Tinges of post-hardcore remain in the guitars of 'Vega In The Lyre', while its best asset is its rambling vocals, which occasionally punctuate th...view item »


Punk trio Purple have named their first ever record '(409)' after the area code they're confined to out in Texas. Sonically, it recalls a history lesson in stripped down punk rock as well as shades of newer, quirkier acts who incorporate punk into their spontaneous indie rock (think Cage the Elephant style quirks)....view item »

Useless Eaters
Bleeding Moon

Useless Eaters is the one man garage rocker Seth Sutton, and 'Bleeding Moon' is shaped from scrappy guitars, snarling bass and a heap of up-to-no-good lyrics. Sutton makes the kind of quick in-and-out guitar pop that makes Jay Reatard and Ty Segall so compelling, bringing to mind the best of the garage rippers who go it alone....view item »

Null And Void
Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte

Nuttier than a squirrel's turd Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte by Null And Void. Medical Records re-mastered and reissued this following the resurgence of interest in post-punk heritage. Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte is a barrage of dystopian synths, bombastic vocals and angular guitars. It's po...view item »


Essential reissue action here from crust-punk pioneers Amebix. Their debut 'Arise!' came out in 1985, a year before the term was even coined, but its apocalyptic blend of snotty anarcho punk and sludgy metal riffs proved hugely influential to a whole generation of imitators. Now you can finally own a copy for less than £50....view item »

The Fall
Live In San Francisco

There have been some pretty shoddy live Fall releases over the years, but Ozit-Morpheus have been fortunate enough to put out 3 of the very worst! This one, Bingo Masters At The Witch Trials and Live In Clitheroe. All for very different reasons.. The problem here is that 5 gigs from this era have already been officially released on the T...view item »

Digital Dance
Total Erasement

Digital Dance are a supergroup of cold-hearted post-punks from a variety of chilly coat-wearing acts including Kid Montana, The Revenge and Marine. They know what they're doing, basically, and the dissonance, despondency and general dourness of 'Total Erasement' can speak to their wisdom and experience. This collection of their singles and demos...view item »

Wax Witches
Center Of Your Universe

Lo-fi pop-punk graces us from Wax Witches, a project started by Alex Wall that delivers no frills, no masters riffs and choruses aimed to be immediate, pulverising and sung along to. 'Center Of Your Universe' collects together refusing, uncompromising blasts of punk rock clearly influenced by the attitudes of the genre's earliest purve...view item »

Oozing Wound
Earth Suck

Thrash heads Oozing Wound make a monolithic sound that defies the science of being a three-piece. Their new record, the wonderfully titled 'Earth Suck', follows up 'Retrash', continuing their almost academic reverence for thrash metal past and present, as well as their inane and gleefully dark lyrics....view item »

It’s Not Unusual

This five-song disc features a cover of the quasi-title cut that Tom Jones made most famous. Of course, the D.O.A. version of "It's Not Unusual" has an entirely different tone than that of the perpetually panty-showered Vegas crooner. Vocalist Joey Keithley revels in the schmaltzy track, extending notes with a throat-splitting caterwaul and enou...view item »

…And Star Power

It's Foxygen, those goofy psych-rockers with a penchant for the 60s and maybe also flowers! They haven't released a record since their well loved 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic', but they promise this one -- named 'Star Power' after an imaginary radio station they made up -- is as good, if more punk, and also a little ...view item »

Fucked Up
Glass Boys

Toronto stadium punks Fucked Up are back this week with another ambitious LP of melodramatic three guitar epic-core and they’re sounding as cavernous as ever on ‘Glass Boys’. Every song sounds like a big compressed wall of guitar distortion, pounding drums and roaring vocals. It’s not bad, but aesthetically seems not to r...view item »

The Adverts
Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts

One of the great first wave punk bands, The Adverts had a tuneful and whip-sharp brand of fast, distorted power-pop to rival contemporaries like The Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers. 'Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts was their definitive musical statement, an all-guns-blazing LP of raw, noisy punk with an irresistible melodic edge and a h...view item »

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