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Spacemen 3
For All The Fucked-up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3

Before going on to forming Spiritualized, Jason Pierce worked with Peter Kember (Sonic Boom/Spectrum) as Spacemen 3. Here we have a the first reissue since it’s original release in 1995. This album is of the first recording session they di...view item »


Bardo Pond always keep themselves busy and continually seek the other limits of the music they play. Curanderos is the supergroup formed by Bardo plus the ensemble Kohoutek, who help push things into extra avant territory. Two side-long pieces of sweet experimental jamming make ...view item »


The first album in two years from West Coast psych outfit Wand and for this they've added two new members which has brought about a much more democratic songwriting process than before. The album was borne out of improvisational sessions which yielded dense and wildly chromatic music, pushing the envelope of their previous psych...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
This Is Why You Love Me

Anton Newcombe continues his tireless mission to reissue all the early The Brian Jonestown Massacre records with the re-release of the 1997 four track E.P 'You love me'. It's of the usual high standard you'd expect from these LA garage rocker/shoe gazer favorites and a excellent reminder o...view item »

Futurians Live At Roadburn

Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland, really is a crucial place for the gnarlier end of heavy music, and it has been good to see documentation released recently of various bands giving their best to the Roadburn audiences. Here we have Slomatics doing their ...view item »


New Boris album! Dear, released in the band’s twenty-fifth anniversary year, was distilled from three album’s worth of material down to this single CD (or double LP) statement. It’s a real blast of a thing, as heavy and crunchy as ever. Apparently the band were considering wrapping things up, but writi...view item »

Mountain Movers
Mountain Movers

A little bit melancholic and a little bit thought provoking, s/t. is the latest release from  Mountain Movers. A band that started from a small and quiet affair, that have blossomed into a piece of well earned art on the indie-rock hidden gems wall of fame. A cracking addition to their rapidly growing arsenal of mu...view item »

Grails / Pharaoh Overlord
Black Tar Prophecies Volume 5 / Palmu

Morgan Delt
Barbarian Kings / Black Tuna Gang

This is deeply psychedelic. I’ve not come across Morgan Delt before today but I just put the needle down on this record and there’s all sorts of weirdness going on, backwards guitar melodies, crazy processed vocals and woozy rhythms kind of like Portishead and Candy Claw...view item »

Causa Sui
Vibraciones Doradas

Danish psych rock stoners, Causa Sui are rounding off their sort-of-trilogy of albums with a mini album, Vibraciones Doradas, Spanish for Golden Vibrations. It follows on from 2013’s Euporie Tide and 2016’s Return To The Sky. Their influences range from fusion-era Miles Davis, Krautrock groups such a...view item »

Holy Wave
Fuzz Club Session

Following the release of their 2016 LP, Holy Wave have been taken in by Fuzz Club to create another Fuzz Club Session. The band has moved on from their previous garage rock vibe towards a much more 1960’s psychedelic-rock sort of sound, a great little transition for the band. Available on vinyl LP....view item »

Swedish Death Candy
Swedish Death Candy

Swedish Death Candy are an psychedelic rock band. They are are based in London  but originate from much further afield, with member from South Korea and Italy. Their self titled debut LP follows on from their Liquorice EP which won them great praise from the NME and airplay from Dan P. Carter. LP and CD on Hassle....view item »

Cobra Family Picnic
Magnetic Anomaly

New Sulatron / Cardinal Fuzz doings for you tenacious psychlords to dig into: Arizona's Cobra Family Picnic have been hanging around with all the best and brightest and most stoned contemporary psych bands, and now they follow up their EP with a full-grown albu...view item »

The Zodiac
Cosmic Sounds

Twelve pieces of Zodiac signed music remastered from the 1967 record Cosmic Sounds by The Zodiac reissued on ‘Rhino’. A complete mash of psychedelic rock and that aims to show off the music of the time with little hints of British and American culture sparkling through: notice the sitar for example. Availabl...view item »

Feral Ohms
I Fall / Sweetbreads

Feral Ohms take the currently-huge fuzzed-out garage rock sound back into the past, touring through the vibes of various rock / punk styles, all of them hairy and sweaty and messy and fun. This new 7” pairs a cover of The Damned’s I Fall with an original Ohms cut. What a bla...view item »

Emma De Angelis
Emma De Angelis

Finders Keepers continue to unroot the finest forgotten tunes. Emma de Angelis was an Italian library composer and musician who created music for TV and film alongside some of the Italian greats; Alessandro Alessandroni...view item »

Deeply Vale Festival 40th Anniversary Weekend

Organised in Bury in the late 1970s, the Deeply Vale festivals were the sort of popular musical gathering that people of a certain age use as leverage to say that all subsequent culture was crap. Sometimes those people get together to relive the good old days, just as they did for a Deeply Vale 40th anniversary event in 2016. Th...view item »

Moths & Locusts
Intro / Outro

Basic rule for garage rock: if there’s more guitar than fuzz, there’s not enough fuzz. Enter Moths & Locust, who are making, if nothing else, a huge fuzz. Brace yourself for some heavy and noisy psychedelic rock on their new album Intro / Outro, produced by Rob the Viking. Out soon on beautiful ...view item »

Configuração do Lamento

Configuração do Lamento is the seventh album from DEAFKIDS. Living together in São Paulo, the band’s jam heavy music is a sticky affair and has seen them become a pretty big deal in their native Brazil and they&rsqu...view item »

Julian Cope
Rite At Ya

Rite At Ya is a collection of 4 monumental cosmic jams from the Arch Drude, Julian Cope. It’s the 5th in the series of Rite albums, which he began putting out in the early ‘90s. The music contained here dates from 1993 to the present day. This will swallow you whole and spit you back out. A thoroughly worthwhile expe...view item »


Unrelenting doomlords Ufomammut cut to the excruciatingly slow chase by naming their record 8 and leaving it there. It's eight tracks, each a self-contained sludge treatise of its own, coming together to prove them the master of creating suffocatingly heavy environments. Forty-eight minutes of crushi...view item »

Laurence Vanay

Music is a mix of progish folk/ mellow art rock with some organ and whispered/ spoken/ half sung female French vocals in the style of Brigette Fontaine. Drumming is great and the recording from 1974 is about as good as it gets with a full warm sound. The flute makes a few appearances as do some vintage sounding synths. There are slight touches o...view item »

Green Seagull
Scarlet / They Just Don’t Know

Green Seagull (who feature members of Hidden Masters and New Electric Ride) are a band in love with the psychedelically-coloured, brightly-baroque, jangle-pop sound of the late 1960’s, and they’ve done their damnedest to channel the vibes of that music here on their debut single. The...view item »

We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been

‘We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been’ continues irregular tonal experimentalist Bong’s disturbingly solemn delivery of prolonged, mesmerising drone. The record comprises of two twenty minute journeys into the sonic wasteland that is Bong’s melting glacial world as the listener is swept away through the power of residual...view item »

Rog and Pip
Our Revolution

Turning it up to 11 with Rog and Pip. Our Revolution is a set of unreleased material and rarities from these two fellas. Producing their own psyche-hard rock vibes these guys are one of the bands that didn't make it in the 60s & 70s where the likes of The Doors, Zeppelin & Hendrix did. Full of rig...view item »

Sula Bassana
Organ Accumulator

Bangs, whirrs and everything else on display here. The decade-deep Krautrocker conjures John Carpenter, Neu!, Massive Attack and the rest on this set of slow burners. ‘Nebelschwaden’ sounds a bit like Vangelis. CD edition on Sulatron comes in a 100% recycled ...view item »

Beyond Ancient Space

Slow stoners who fall asleep more than they play music, Bong are known for their riff-oriented doom, which knocks on the grinning evil of Electric Wizard, Queen Elephantine and the rest of the genre's suspenseful slayers. Beyond Ancient Space continues to show o...view item »

Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask?

Paperhaus produce lively melodic psychedelic rock from the very capital of America itself, Washington DC. Are These The Questions We Need To Ask isn’t quite from the same world as the busy current gnarly g...view item »

Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard

Often looked over as that Sabbath worship album they did before they found their sound, this record rarely gets the respect it deserves. The riffs are 100% killer, the songwriting is great and the overall vibe is something worth hearing. It's one of those albums you can really tune out to. This is much more than just a decent starting point for ...view item »

Harsh Toke / Joy / Sacri Monti

Here's a great 3 way split from some heavyweight stoner monsters, available on either triple coloured 7" vinyl or the regular humble CD this compilation features Harsh Toke, Joy and Sacri Monti taking on classic cover versions from rocks dusty underworld, Harsh Toke doing Roky Erickson...view item »


Experimental collective, and occasional Sunn O))) collaborators, Ulver have created an intense new record edited from 12 live performances. ATGCLVLSSCAP relies less on sheer brutal heaviness and instead uses the group’s subtle rock and electronic improvisation.  Editing these performa...view item »

The Zephyr Bones
Secret Place

The Zephyr Bones are a part-Chilean, part-Catalonian band who make blurry psych rock and dream pop that they have labelled ‘beach wave’. Now based in Barcelona, the birthplace of the band’s rhythm section, they have set up their own recording studio there. This all lends itself to the debut album, Secret Place,...view item »

Ranch Ghost
Sugar and Milk / Soot

Third Man Records' Blue Room Sessions series continues with this, it's fourth instalment recorded in a single take direct to vinyl. Nashville's Ranch Ghost were casually accompanying The Today Show's feature on vinyl with their garage psych mess when Jack White's ears pricked up and bam, here those catchy tune...view item »

Ex Anima

Rodinia continues JJ Whitefield's exploration of krautrock themes by pulling himself away from the lure of lengthy ambient vacuums, instead focusing on shorter songs a la Neu or Harmonia, so expect greater focus & condensed atmosphere this time around. With Now-Again curating and art by Jason Jagel (of DOOM cover fame),...view item »

Snapped Ankles
Come Play The Trees

Snapped Ankles are a London group making their full-length debut right here and right now on The Leaf Label. The band apparently love to play shows while dressed up as trees, but you can’t really hear the foliage on these recordings. You’ll have to make do with chunky-funky synthesiser...view item »

Acid Baby Jesus
Lilac Days

Greek garage-rockers Acid Baby Jesus return from Athens after 3 years with their 3rd album, Lilac Days. The four-piece manage to distil warm, fuzzy 60s psych-pop and infuse mystic Eastern folkology with the dirt and grit of classic rock 'n roll -- these guys love the likes of The Stooges as much as Ravi Shankar. Well, s...view item »

Moebius Story Leidecker

Familiar is the result of what sounds like a gorgeous couple of days of recording in a remote chalet studio by Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harm...view item »

The Bombay Royale
Run Kitty Run

The Bombay Royale keep on mining their exciting territory of choice: synthy pop and surfy rock that takes inspiration from the rich world of vintage Bollywood. Run Kitty Run is cool and soulful and full of Hindi...view item »

The Doors
Strange Days

During the Summer of Love, when everybody in San Francisco was wearing flowers in their hair and talking of peace, love, and brotherhood, who should headline the psychedelic ballroom scene but the Doors, singing the darkest of songs, about sex and death rather than love and peace? From the opening cut, with Morrison's voice echoing from ...view item »

Ka Baird
Sapropelic Pycnic

You might recognise Ka Baird’s sounds from Spires That In The Sunset Rise, but here she lets her musical style stand alone. Flute and extended vocal techniques are used, looped, processed and layered into mystic pieces of avant-world-folk. Sapropelic Pycnic indeed. Released by good old Drag City....view item »

Fumio Miyashita
Live On The Boffomundo Show

Fumio Miyashita, captured live in performance for the public access TV show Boffomundo in 1979. Miyashita was a spacey synthesiser maestro and the leader of The Far East Family Band, and his kosmische-ambient sounds, made with a healthy array of synths and keyboards, are perfectly repre...view item »


In our very own city of Leeds, come the five piece indie rock group Koyo and their self-titled debut record. A ten track album that almost brings together that melancholic sound of the 80's but with a modern and contemporary twist. Available on double black Vinyl LP, a limited red and blue coloured double Vinyl LP or CD...view item »

Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders
Scenery For Dreamers

I can't quite figure out the history here. Daniel Wylie was in Cosmic Rough Riders then he left to pursue a solo career while they carried on without him but now it seems Cosmic Rough Riders are his. Go figure. Anyway he's back with several slabs of spangling guitar pop with nods to Teenage Fanclub and B...view item »


Pikacyu*Makoto is the super-powered pairing of Acid Mothers Temple’s Makoto Kawabata and Afriampo’s Pikacyu, together whisking up a lovely suite of technicolour dream-psych on drums, guitar, synth and vocals. Galaxilympics is a really fun an...view item »
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Minds Electrix

Drone Rock Records (who mistakenly called themselves 'Drone Drone Records' in the press release) are back with their 11th release of spacey psych jams. Stepping up this time is Domboshawa, the alternate name of Swedish one man band Anders Brostrom, recording it all in Stockholm to please fans of Carlton Melton, Kandodo, and Font...view item »

Monster Magnet
25... Tab

Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Passage To Agatha

Hotel Wrecking City Traders are Australia’s answer to bands like The Cosmic Dead or Hey Colossus: big, brash psychedelic rock madness that gets seriously heavy without taking itsel...view item »

Holy Oysters

There have been some very decent psych/indie/synth rock bands to come out of France, and Paris in particular. Holy Oysters are one of those bands. The Parisian five piece have released a nine-track album called Egonomy. Now, I have no idea what makes these oysters especially holy, but the record certainly sounds pretty ...view item »
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The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

I’m the worst treated reviewer ever. Appalling! With this one I even had to go and find the LP which has been sat in the stockroom for two weeks and remind us all it was out. Phil had not a clue. And do I get any thanks?  Well the thanks is that I get ...view item »

El Goodo
By Order Of The Moose

Ah El Goodo. Named of course after the Big Star song, El Goodo are a Welsh six piece who blend all manner of '60s influences particularly spaghetti westerns to create a form of nostalgic,cinematic pop that references Super Furry Animals, Lee Hazlewood, Love and Ennio Mor...view item »

Second Of Spring

Australian four piece psych-rock band Beachers return with their third full length album. Woozy and hypnotic post-punk meets psychedelic pop, Second Of Spring brings crunch...view item »

Sun Dial
Made In The Machine

Dave Schmidt of Electric Moon and Interkosmos runs Sulatron Records and brings Neo-Psych to the forefront, the latest offering is the UK’s Gary Ramon fronted project Sun Dial returning with a follow up to their 2012 album Mind Control. They’...view item »
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The Oscillation / 10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 9

The Oscillation and 10,000 Russos join forces to produce 14 minutes of distorted and sinister psychedelia. Titled Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No.9, the coming together of two pioneers doesn't disappoint as their murky and avant-garde brainchild is an exhilarating and fuzz...view item »

Sterling Roswell
Atom Brain Monster – Rock!

Look at that title...'Atom Brain Monster - Rock!'. Just look at the word 'Rock!'. This is the latest missive from former Spacemen 3 traveller Sterling Roswell. It's swampy, fuzzy rock and roll that seems to be a comment on a certain British leader who allegedly has a fondness for a type of snorting mammal.    ...view item »

Spacemen 3
Live at The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989

A bootleg of this show has been floating around for a while but this is the first time that this particular Spacemen 3 performance has had any kind of official release, albeit in slightly truncated form. Sonic Boom concedes in his sleeve notes that "the set presented here, is as it was...except the show was twi...view item »

Love (Mono Version)

In 1966, a year before releasing Forever Changes, Love’s self titled album came out. Here Rhino have marked the 50th anniversary with a reissue of the mono version on vinyl. Heralded as kings of the psych-rock scene in Los Angeles and label mates with The Doors they defined the genre, and still do...view item »

Wild Rocket
Dissociation Mechanics

For the past 5 years, Wild Rocket have been rocking audiences all over Ireland, and all around the world. Dissociation Mechanics is their second official album, since the release of Geometric Hallucinations in 2014. Wild Rocket's crazy use of psych, kraut, and spac...view item »

Sky Music
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal

Terje Rypdal is a hero of Norwegian music, playing sweet and experimental guitar in a variety of contexts for more than fifty years. This tribute was organised by Henry Kaiser, with the core Sky Music group (made up of members of The Thing, Supersilent, ...view item »

Six By Seven

Six By Seven have been a long running psych/kraut/alt rock band who are now pretty much run by leader Chris Olley. This albums sees him further explore his roots in the now very fashionable German kraut rock and kosmische scene and has only used instruments and equipment that were available in the era. ...view item »

Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas)

Well then: this. What a conundrum: the psychedelic tour-de-force that is Dungen offer up their huge jam galaxy Haxan for rework splicing by Prins Thomas, who does everything from chopping to screwing on a longlist of versions. It's a fascinating idea for a collaboration and it m...view item »

Can (Unofficial)
A Double Promo Album By

Six By Seven
Six By Seven

Nottingham’s Six By Seven recorded this self-titled LP in a boxing gym in their hometown. It was the gym where infamous 19th century boxer Bendigo Thompson trained. The music takes inspiration from Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit and utilises the sound of Rickenbacker guitars to the full. The band are proud tha...view item »

The Odyssey Cult
Vol. 1

The Odyssey Cult is a project of Ethan Miller, who you’ll know from bands like Howlin Rain and Comets On Fire. Here, ...view item »

The Odyssey Cult
Vol. 2

The Odyssey Cult is a project of Ethan Miller, of bands including Howlin Rain and Comets On Fire. For The Odyssey C...view item »

The Oscillation
Evil In The Tree

The Oscillation attempt the unthinkable by trying to compress their psychedelic onslaught onto that tiniest of 7" wax. Evil In The Tree features an eponymous track written in the same sessions as their Monographic LP, the band dedicating themselves to the same trance rock, building thei...view item »

The Heads
Dead In The Water

I guess these guys are yet another overlooked band in a sea of too many overlooked ones. I'm not sure what this album is supposed to be....it's almost as if it's a collection of live uninterrupted jams from various venues, but whatever it is - it smokes. I highly recommend this to fans of the neo-psych, stoner, sludge, etc. genres. If you are a ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bout Des Doigts

Fronted by the infamous and only constant member, Anton Newcombe, Brian Jonestown Massacre have seen more than twenty members pass through their ranks down the years but the quality has rarely erred. Although their sound is now well defined, different influences are picked up through the years. Bout Des Doig...view item »

Medicine Mountain

Chomper is a new band made up of hardy veterans of other bands, including such notables as The Men, Junk Boys and Guided By Voices...view item »

Joel Jerome
Cosmic Bear Jamboree

Joel Jerome, 'LA's Behind-the-Scenes Indie King' is back with Cosmic Bear Jamboree. Jerome evokes the slacker cool of the likes of Mac Demarco and Beck with ease, plus the vintage artiness of Ariel Pink. Featuring kaleidoscopic choirs, warm guitar licks and plenty-o' spacey reverb, his new album contains the hits '...view item »


Fabulous lost psychedelia from the 1960s. July lasted barely a year yet still managed to leave behind one of the most sought after relics of the psychedelia era. A mixed bag of psychedelic rock and pop that has elements of Syd Barrett whimsy with a harder rock edge that could recall Cream o...view item »


Saccades is in fact Nicholas Wood, he of The KVB. When that band took a break last summer, Wood snuck in a bit of recording time in order to craft his debut solo record, and now here it is! Compared to his other work, Saccades is brighter, dreamier and poppier, very eff...view item »

Gold & Green

Golden Retriever

What is great about Golden Retrievers is that they are both golden in colour and they retrieve things (balls etc). But this is no canine, this is the synth and clarinet duo from Portland who here incorporate a full chamber ensemble into their sound drawing comparisons with Terry Riley, William Basinski and ...view item »

Sterling Roswell
Give Peace Another Chance (Remixes)

Sterling Roswell (The Darkside, Ex-Spacemen 3) takes his track Give Peace Another Chance from his 2014 album The Call Of The Cosmos and puts it in the hands of electronic producers Max 2Ksub, Martin Lefteri, and Tim Sheridan. B...view item »

Psychic Temple

Chris Schlarb’s band Psychic Temple recorded IV, their fourth record (apart from their full-length cover of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports) in an LA studio in the old way, with big grand sessions. Guests like Terry Reid and Nedelle Torrisi...view item »

Art Feynman
Blast Off Through The Wicker

It’s definitely the time of the decade for lo-fi, bedroom-recorded, four-track, hyphen-loaded psych-rock records, but we still think you should give Art Feynman’s debut album a spin. Loaded with afrobeats, harmonic ninths, and shredding guitar solos, Blast Off Through the Wicker basically sounds like Mac DeM...view item »

City Center
Zen Kids

This is ok actually - It's on K Records who I am happy are still releasing records. Its lo fidelity guitar stuff that doesn't really recall anyone - a bit of early TV on the Radio here a bit of The Microphones (esp. Mt Eerie) there. Atmospheric guitars, pounding drums, pleading chanting vocals. The B side has some absurd vocal effects which alwa...view item »
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Grass Magic
Grass Magic

This is another one that originally came out on cassette but features an alternate jam not featured on the original release. This is way out there which is what you'd expect from Skaters, Jewelled Antler Collective and Davenport all lost in the zone on a farm in the vales of southeast Wisconsin back in 2004. Expect weirdo vocals, clattering rams...view item »

Sidewalk Society
Strange Roads

For those who find joy in the bubblegum, the psychedelic and the throwback, Fruits de Mer will be a household name, as might Sidewalk Society, an old-skool group with hints of Southern rock, Grateful Dead exuberance and a solid guitar-to-piano ratio. Their songs are semi-shambolic and super nostal...view item »

Anton Barbeau
Heaven Is In Your Mind

Anton Barbeau is a US born singer songwriter with crazy hair who has quietly been releasing power pop and psych rock and has collaborated with Game Theory's Scott Miller in the past so that makes him ok with me. Here he delivers an EP of one original and three covers one of which is the world's 14796436th versio...view item »

Khun Narin
Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band

It all began when someone posted a clip of this band on youtube with the caption  “MINDBLOWING PSYCHEDELIA FROM THAILAND”. What could be seen was a group of musicians who lived in a remote village hundreds of miles away from Bangkok playing some heavy, heavy psych. This led to American producer Josh Marcy contacting the band wit...view item »

Sarin Smoke

Sarin Smoke is a duo comprising the humans better known to you as Pete “Yellow” Swanson and Tom “Charalambides” Cart...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

Tales Of Murder And Dust are a band of heavy Danes who have moved into darker and weightier territory with each release. The Flow In Between was apparently ‘forged’ on an island whose name translates to ‘Death’, which appears to have seeped into the ma...view item »

The Telescopes
As Light Return

For the Telescopes Stephen Lawrie the familiar nostalgia circuit. He could, if wanted, get out on the road and play the shoegaze classics from the first couple of albums but no, this singular artist continues to stretch out into unknown waters. This new album features oscillating noise, feedback and out there detachment straddli...view item »

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Barefoot In The Head

We sold a magnificent zero copies of the previous Chris Robinson and the Brotherhood album but we are nothing if not loyal to the former Counting Crows man. This is his third collection in two years and further pushes the musical envelope into country, blues, psychedelia and '60s inspired folk music.  ...view item »

Wet Hair
The Floating World

Brand new one from this Iowa based veterans and you’ll be pleased to know that there sound is a hybrid of kraut rock and psych because there’s not enough of that sort of thing about. But this album oozes quality and has a kinetic sound which marries shimmering synths, exciting drum patterns and bass grooves. Said to be pos...view item »

The Myrrors
Hasta La Victoria

Meandering psychlords the Myrrors release so many sleepytime groove records you'd think they actually never for one second stopped jamming. They follow up Entranced Earth with another outing of evergreen patience, moving slowly through five open-world songs of stretched out guitar-wahin...view item »

White Hills
Stop Mute Defeat

New York psych juggernauts White Hills try something a little bit new here, winding in the guitars a little bit and cranking up the thick industrial production. Stop Mute Defeat is a bad-trip of a record, with influence taken from Cabaret Voltaire and William Burroughs. It's a heavy one...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
New Lands

Released in 1997, New Lands is the eight-track pioneering record from Flying Saucer Attack. A solid and creative album that brings together different elements of their dreamy yet distinct shoegaze sound. Underneath a few of the tracks is a constant mumbling drone to keep you on edge and this quietly influential ...view item »

Feral Ohms
Feral Ohms

Feral Ohms is a trio with ferocious members drawn from bands like Comets On Fire, Drunk Horse and Nudity. This self-titled debut album is a dirty slab of rock music done right, e.g. ...view item »

Warp Transmission
Tamam Shud

Warp Transmission are a Finnish group who are deadly serious about fiercely-blasted dark psychedelia. Taman Shud, which was first released as a cassette, is so full of overdrive, effects and distortion that the textures start to mutate into something alien. Remastered for CD and vinyl and released by Creepy Crawl. Pow!...view item »

Sundays & Cybele
Chaos & Systems

Sundays & Cybele are a super-psychedelic outfit who pluck their moves from the Japanese scene, from prog-rock, and from 60’s acid dudes among others. Crucially, Chaos & Systems is psychedelic as opposed to psych: there is plenty of air and love in this epic record’s atmosphere. CD and LP editions on ...view item »

Silver Apples

The 1997 return of the legendary oscillation-innovators Silver Apples is reissued onto vinyl for the first time ever. Beacon still has the wide-eyed sense of explorative magic that Silver Apples first announced themselves with, even if the rest of music had finally caught up with them by this point. CD ...view item »

Third Sight

Connecticut's Landing have been making rural psychedelia for over twenty years but without reaching Flying Saucer Attack like levels of adoration. Those in the know appreciate this band for its ability to distil fuzzed up driftings and blissed out folk that could be compared to prime movers Bardo Pond and ...view item »

Earthless / Harsh Toke
Acid Crusher / Mount Swan

Earthless and Harsh Toke are both super-heavy, super-stoner style bands, perfectly suited to complementing one another on this split release. They also both contain pro-skaters, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear that aspect. Acid Crusher / Mount Swan is, of course, only for the slud...view item »

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Noeth Ac Anoeth

If you are going to form a stoner doom outfit, you might as well go all the way right? Hence this band from Wales, who’ve titled themselves Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Noeth Ac Anoeth fits just three large numbers into 50 minutes, stretching out their heaviness. Jessica Ball’s vocals set th...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Bowler Hat Soup

Boyish new crooner Kiran Leonard brings out his debut LP of sentimental singer-songwriter psychedelia this week on Hand of Glory. A writer of heartfelt songs with a bold, plangent delivery over a widescreen bedroom-indie backing, Leonard has, at the tender age of 18, come up...view item »


So much for turning a new leaf. The acid fried duo of Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden aka MGMT have desperately tried to shake off their early success citing the 'Oracular Spectacular' era as one of naivety and good fortune. Ridiculously good fortune mind you; with over 1 million sales worldwide and 3 absol...view item »

Moon Duo

Moon Duo have long since shaken off the pesky “side-project” tag that plagues anybody who’s in another more famous band, and are here dropping their third full-length LP and s...view item »

God Is Good

I think there's been a fair bit of fretting over Om since Chris Hakius left early last year which isn't really surprising considering he was half the band. Emil Amos from Grails has since stepped in and, despite initial reservations over a contrast of styles, seems to have fitted right in if the couple of times I caught them live last year and t...view item »

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