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Kick Out The Jams

Kick Out The Jams was MC5's first album. It was recorded live in front of a large audience in October 1968 in Detroit. Though the band claimed it was a recorded document of "the revolution" they were right, not in the meaning they intended, however. It did revolutionise American rocknroll and music forever. They manage to infuse the same kind of...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Spacegirl and Other Favourites

San Francisco based psychedelic rock band The Brian Jonestown Massacre have put together ‘Spacegirl And Other Favourites’ from the original vinyl release of the tracks. Title track ‘Spacegirl’ is a drawn out, droning whiteout with psyche chants with bursts of classic seventies organ sounds that pick up the infectious, rep...view item »

Pre Language

Three albums deep, and Disappears are establishing themselves as more than just that-band-with-that-guy-from-that-other-band, as they proficiently bash out precisely tailored and deceptively sophisticated minimal indie rock with enough attention to detail to keep you noticing new things o...view item »


The first ever album from Circle, which forced the world to take note of their heavily driving Finnish krautrock sound. Meronia was first released in 1994, and consequently lasts for an hour and a quarter. You can pick up the CD or the vinyl version, although be aware that only vinyl-getters will hear the last bonus tra...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sun Ship

Well the good news is that there's a new the Brian Jonestown Massacre album due in October but while we wait for “Third World Pyramid” to land we must be grateful for these two taster tracks released on honey coloured vinyl (how delightful). If it beats the incredible 'Revelation' I'll eat a horse but it's alway...view item »

Cromlech II

The Welsh psych crew return to the megalithic tomb where they recorded the Cromlech Chronicles album. This pair of side-long tracks mix a wide array of acoustic instruments with subtle electronics. The  drifting, shifting, droning pieces reflect their interest in the likes of Taj Maha...view item »

The Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost

Describing their music as "hypno-drone-rock'n'roll", the Black Angels actually make that brainwashing kind of psych rock where the guitars sound like a watch being dangled in front of you. 'Directions On How To See A Ghost' continues the political inclinations of the band's lyrical and sonic motifs, influenced in particular by the apocalyptic no...view item »

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s Animals features the mega-selling prog outfit beginning to turn dark and disillusioned, which made for more interesting music. Apart from the two tiny ‘Pigs On The Wing’ tracks, everything here is over 10 minutes in length. This new reissue has been remastered, and is pressed to 180g vinyl...view item »


Austrian two-piece Molly make a sound bigger than the sum of their parts. They mix shoegaze and post-rock with multiple layers of guitar effects and powerful drumming. It’s quite an experience seeing them live too. Their new EP, Glimpse, is released as a limited edition clear vinyl 12”. ...view item »

Looking At The Pictures In The Sky - The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968

You know it’s gonna be a good psychedelic album when the soundclip makes your computer freeze from its layers of fuzzy guitar and echoed vocals. Looking At The Pictures In The Sky - The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968 is an epic tome; a 3CD ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

Not only is Nonagon Infinity a berserk, psychedelic piece of prog-metal, but it is the fourth album this Australian band have released in a year and a half. This vinyl LP or CD from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard borrows the sound of 70s hard-rock but connects it with their distinctive improvisational soun...view item »

The Pretty Things
Greatest Hits

The Pretty Things have evolved through several genres of music since the British R&B of their early ‘60s releases. This even included a stab at New Wave in the early ‘80s. Their most notable foray was into psychedelic rock, however, with the 1968 psych-rock opera SF Sorrow. The ban...view item »

Skit I Allt Instrumental Mixes

A luxury treat for Dungen fans: this release features instrumental versions of every last track from the Swedish psychedelic crew’s Skit I Allt album (translation: ‘Screw It All’), split across five 7” vinyl records and all packed in a box along with a small poster. Strictly limited edition of 50...view item »

A Hocht

Reissue of the third album from the justly acclaimed Belfast sludge/doom band, originally released in 2012. It boasts a mighty kraken on the cover and eight tracks (as the title suggests, if you know your Gaeilge). Slomatics are eyebrow-raisingly heavy despite eschewing a bassist, and display more...view item »


Bringing music from the underground Glaswegian music scene comes the self-titled record from Helicon. Formed back in 2009, they have been a staple, a necessity if you will, of the 'up-and-coming' music scene in Glasgow and this record does not disappoint. Available on vinyl LP - download code included - and is released on Fuzz C...view item »

Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow

One of the quintessential '60s psych rock albums Surrealistic Pillow was actually the second album by Jefferson Airplane but the first to feature vocalist Grace Slick. It has gained near legendary status over the years perfectly timed to soundtrack the counterculture movement of the late 1960s. ...view item »

Jimi Hendrix
Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix

Which is the best Jimi Hendrix album? Probably this one as it contains all the best of his songs including 'Crosstown Traffic', 'All Along the Watchtower' and 'Foxy Lady'. Anyway if you are new to the guitar maestro then this would be a good place to start. They've spread it across a double album too.   ...view item »

Acid King
Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere

Acid King make stoner doom that's as old as time -- or, they've been going for two decades now, which is a long time to offer up a reverie of stark metal riffs, crashing drums and fate-deciding chords. Middle Of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere is an attempt by the band to slowly expand their standard sound ...view item »

Sula Bassana

On Shipwrecked, Sula Bassana uses an impressive selection of vintage gear to produce a singular take on deutsche elektronische musik. For this CD on Sulatron he references the past with an eye on the future. Mastered by krautrock icon Eroc, this is heady stuff. The artwork’s epic science-fiction v...view item »

Psychic TV
Fishscales Falling : A Smorgasbord ov Delights - Mixtape Vol 2

Take another glimpse into the unique world of Genesis P-Orridge’s Psychic TV with Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord ov Delights, the second volume of a mixtape series that plucks out all sorts of treats from the archives, mostly unreleased. Remixes, demos and live tracks are all swirled up into a ...view item »

The Early Years

Krautrock-influenced London band The Early Years formed in 2004 and were signed to Beggars Banquet after airplay from Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens. After their debut album received rave reviews, the band embarked on the usual round of tours and festivals before deciding to take a break in 2008. Now, 10 years after their first album, here is the...view item »

Bodies Of Water
A Certain Feeling

Bodies of Water depart here from their debut album, which was somewhat light and choral, to something darker and more powerful. These songs have a deep, driving sound, with lyrics like old poetry about gatherings in the forest and shadowy things under the ocean. The sound is relentless, with the music generally moving faster than the male-under-...view item »

The Veldt
The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation

The Veldt's back story is an astonishing tale of two identical twin brothers who went against any kind of grain and made music throughout the '80s and '90s that baffled any record labels that tried to take them on but in 2016 sounds almost insanely influential. Their brand of soulful shoegaze most recalls like minded Londoners ...view item »

The Entrance Band
Fuzz Club Session

Power trio The Entrance Band headed up by Guy Blakeslee features members of Pixies, A Perfect Circle, QOTSA. They take the stoner come psychedelic route that Kyuss roamed and go further down that path. Part of Fuzz Club’s Sessions, it was ...view item »

The Orange Revival
Black Smoke Rising

...From the terrifying to the more sedate, The Orange Revival, or TOR, peddle some sort of Stones-esque indie rock. It's full of strummed acoustic guitar and occasional bleating electric guitar lead riffs coupled with folky style vocals and thudding drums. It has retro pasted all over its face. It reminds me of The See See or summat. It's ve...view item »

Viento Bravo

Melange are named for the drug from Dune, Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic, so of course their music is psychedelic. Vienta Bravo’s (Brave Wind for those of you who don’t have a google translate tab open) songs also have an earthy folksiness about them earning the band its title of “the spice&...view item »

Space Mantra

Vintage weirdo space rock from 1988! Space Mantra is perhaps the greatest record by F/I, a band who started out as underground electronic noise-tape dudes and then develope...view item »


Something of a motherload has landed for fans of classic komische music: Cluster 1971-1981 provides the whole of Cluster’s output during that period, which adds up to 9 albums. Included are the 2 LPs they made with Brian Eno...view item »

Joakim Skogsberg
Jola Rota

Jeepers! The song in the video section above is INTENSE! The only instrumentation is screechy cello and violin and a really terrifying vocal, really proper scary and slowly getting more threatening as it builds without ever properly building, it's just the pure tension and horror which drags you into it. Really creepy and thrilling and odd and p...view item »

Henrik Rylander
Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet

Från en obestämd plats i rummet (unofficially translated by the Norman Records Department of Swedish as ‘From an undetermined part of the room’) was first released in 1997. A bit of an electro-shoegaze juggernaut, this one. It sounds its age really only in the noisy guitar and Loveless-esque drum machines...view item »

Sky Music
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal Vol. 2

If you enjoyed the recent Tribute To Terje Rypdal, by supergroup Sky Music (featuring Henry Kaiser and members of The Thing, Bushman’s Revenge and Supersilent), you really ought to dial this into your life. Volume 2 contains two lengthy pieces that were s...view item »

Popol Vuh
For You And Me

Now 28 years old, For You and Me was the 17th LP from Popol Vuh, the German legends who helped define a sound in the ‘70s and worked closely with the director Werner Herzog...view item »

J Rider
No Longer Anonymous

West coast rockers with a penchant for twangy riffs, sweet-voiced harmonizing and drum fill showboating, J Rider originally went by the name Anonymous, but switched it up after their 1976 release 'Inside the Shadow' -- opting to be, you know, 'No Longer Anonymous'....view item »

Robert Sotelo

Andrew Doig makes his full length album debut as Robert Sotelo. Cusp showcase twelve tracks of delightful and sincere psyche-pop. It verges on lo-fi, but it’s more just charming. Drawing influence from the likes of Paul McCartney, it’s a slice of post 30 life. Limited LP on ...view item »

The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor
Cerddoriaeth Ddefodol Gogledd Sir Benfro (Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire)

The traditions of 'beating the bounds' and what was eventually coined 'rough music' hold more significance than simply people hitting objects. This concept is well presented on this superb release which presents the trance inducing, ritualistic rhythms carved out one night in a rain soaked cottage in West Wales....view item »

Sir Richard Bishop
Road To Siam

Sun City Girls survivor Saint Richard Bishop is back in the guitar soli seat this week with this tasty new 10" of nimble Orient-inspired pickin', which has a single 11-minute track on the A side and three shorter pieces overleaf. Apparently the long piece on side A, 'Mekong', is based around the sounds of the phin, a three-stringed Thai ...view item »

The Underground Youth
Fuzz Club Session

As The Underground Youth were touring their eighth album, What Kind OF Dystopian Hellhole Is This? They dropped in at the studios of London-based label, Fuzz Club. As with previous Fuzz Club recordings, it was a celebration of all things analogue, putting the live band directly onto tape. This raw interpretation makes the Berlin...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Forest Of Lost Children

Kikagaku Moyo improvise like they're falling through a black hole and can jam forever, and so Forest of Lost Children is just a snippet of their work together, a record that explores their meandering psych and folk workouts and picks out the best bits. This record buoys an Eastern influence and favours a frenetic c...view item »


Elder’s debut album Elder took the psych stoner rock world by storm in 2007. Now, not only has Elder been remastered for your pleasure for its tenth anniversary - it also includes a reputedly rougher and heavier album Elder recorded prior to Elder, before they were even called Elder. A solid 180g...view item »

Dead Roots Stirring

Boston psych-rockers Elder released Dead Roots Stirring back in 2011. It delivered 60 minutes of top-notch fuzz and remains a fan’s favourite to this day. The band are constantly evolving their sound, and this album saw them breaking out of their initial mould as doom metal stoners to create psychedelic epics with melodies...view item »

Dust Witch

Synth arpeggios, a processional drum beat and a mellotron-esque layer open this 7" in a fashion that persists over the rest of the release. Soon convention harming 7/8 rhythms disorientate the sense, as the atmosphere builds in solemn psychedelic colours, exploding into a vivid synth kaleidoscope on the flip side....view item »

Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-81

The third in Soul Jazz Records’ series of compilations exploring multifarious delights in the fertile world of 70s and early 80s German experimental rock, pop and electronic music. Several familiar names here - Popul Vuh, Cluster, Roedelius, Neu!, ...view item »

Causa Sui
Euporie Tide

Causa Sui’s most recent album, the double LP excursion into heavy cosmic psych moods that was 'Pewt’r Sessions', was a bit of a favourite around these parts, and now Jonas Munk(aka Manual)’s stoner rock troupe are at it again with anot...view item »


Bremen are a duo from Sweden. Despite releasing on Blackest Ever Black, they aren’t techno boys: wow! Instead, they play a blackened form of minimal psychedelia, forging a direct link to some foresty nether regions of the mind. Eclipsed is their second for the label, and stretches out over 2 LPs....view item »

Electric Eye
From The Poisonous Tree

Electric Eye are moving fast, with From The Poisonous Tree being their third substantial release in just over a year. Clearly, the eternally forward-driving energy of the Rock is in them. This album is as psychedelic and juicy as ever, though the band also find time to play with some varied rhythms too. Released by Jans...view item »

Joel Gion
Joel Gion

The Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine batterer Joel Gion returns with another solo album where he marshals a troupe of his talented musician pals to concoct an album of calm and collected psych vibes. Expect sun-glassed and laid back sounds from this master of studied cool. Enormous sideburns essential. ...view item »

Dinner Fur 2

Anyone with the slightest interest in 1980s synthwave ought to be acquainted with Vono, a pair of German brothers active in the late seventies and early eighties. Their weapons of choice: dark, danceable beats, simple bass sequences, metallic synth textures and yelped lyrics. Immaculately stylish for their time, and perhaps rath...view item »

Art Zoyd
44 1/2: Live & Unreleased Works

A frankly ludicrous amount of material from French avant-garde outfit Art Zoyd. Eight CDs worth of live recordings between 1972-2004, four CDs worth of studio recordings, their full birthday performance filmed in RIO on DVD, plus another filled with TV performances… all in a single 12x...view item »

Just Us

Faust are back to scare the living shit out of us and follow up on the most pressing questions of their career -- like "Why don't you eat carrots?" - with a brand new record. The seasoned krautrock crew plotted, designed, built and tore down three new tracks for j U s t (also known as Just Us, in a confusi...view item »

The Babe Rainbow
The Babe Rainbow

As the the band name and the wonderful cover suggest, the self-titled debut by The Babe Rainbow is full of dreamy, swirling sounds that incorporate all the colours of the rainbow. Think leftfield ‘60s hippy pop, loose grooves and a relaxed vibe. Notably produced by Stu McKenzie of Ki...view item »

Fucked Up Inside

'Fucked Up Inside' was initially a limited run record released to Spiritualized diehards in 1993, capturing his live show on record for the very first time. It coincided with the release of 'Lazer Guided Melodies', a notably minimalist entry in the Spirutalized discography. This reissue contains live performances of three songs from that record,...view item »

Ta Det Lugnt

Dungen are from Sweden I believe. Well they have a new CD out on Memphis Industries and it's a bit superb indeedy... This is proper authentic 60's psychedelic pop that is done so well I almost can't believe it's been recorded recently. This has loads of really strong melodies complete with fun wig out happenings. It's all sung in ...view item »

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom

Big hairy freaky rock music from Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, jamming on the whole history of weirdos playing wigged-out sounds, from Hawkwind to Faust...view item »


Heavy, decade spanning psyche rock from Brisbane's Zong, on an album which connects together historic fuzz and doom. Sabbath is an obvious reference point, but modern outfits like Eternal Tapestry and Astra also have kinship here. It's a vivid, totally tripped-out journey for horizon gazers everywhere....view item »

The Bevis Frond
Son Of Walter

Son Of Walter is the 15th album by The Bevis Frond and was originally released in 1996. At this time, Nick Salomon worked alone in his bedroom, head bursting with ideas, desperate to get his refried psychedelia on tape. The album mixes strummy folk-pop, multi-layered harmonies, pysch-pop and epic guitar wig-outs...view item »

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook
The Dark Side Of The Moog – Vol. 9-11

The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 9 - 11 continues the quite frankly epic archival effort to tunnel through the mass recordings that were made when the legendary Klaus Schulze started working with Pete Namlook in the 90’s using an...view item »

Small Faces
Ogdens' Nutgone Flake

Here's a re-issue of the Small Faces classic psych epic Ogden's Nut Gone Flake - a kind of mixture of proto heavy rock and cockney knees up psych pop all narrated by that man who talks gibberish (Stanley Unwin not Steven Morrissey). A completely unique album now re-issued on 180g vinyl using a remaster from 2012. ...view item »

Aidan Baker / Simon Goff / Thor Harris

Aidan Baker, Simon Goff and Thor Harris recorded Noplace in the space of a few hours at Berlin’s Redrum Studios. The album comes from an improvised jam which was then re-ordered and edited to form the cohesive music herein. Guitars and violin tussle over motorik beats to create a kind of w...view item »

Pink Floyd
A Delicate Sound Of Thunder

Pink Floyd are just about reaching the end of their latest grand reissue project, remastering and pressing to vinyl the final two releases of the band’s original incarnation. A Delicate Sound Of Thunder is their 1988 live album, featuring a powerful setlist of mid and later-period Floyd classics. ...view item »

Cluster & Farnbauer
Live In Vienna 1980

Hear Cluster live in performance, taking the stage with percussionist Joshi Farnbauer in Vienna. Now the great thing about Cluster live is that they got really stretched and spaced out, whipping up a noisy free-flowing electroacoustic storm, and Vienna 1980 is a fabulous and lengthy exa...view item »


Oh what a pleasant way to end the day with a brand spanking new Cluster album. It's ultra-soothing silky electronics are twinkling away in the headphones. The fact that these guys are making music like this after 40 years really is amazing. What strikes me about it is that it feels very current yet not really like anyone else I can think of. There ...view item »

Alvarius B
Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo

Alvarius B, aka the great Sun City Girl himself Alan Bishop, presents this jumbled-up collaboration with Abdel Baqy Byro (unless this person is simply an invention of ...view item »

Silver Apples

The second album by the magical Silver Apples, first released in 1969 and now reissued for your pleasure. Contact features more of the wonderful interplay between Simeon’s DIY synthesiser monster, Dan Taylor’s pulsing drums, and vocals extolling psychedelic adventures. C...view item »

Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating Into Space was the third album from Spiritualized following the dissolution of Jason Pierce's previous band, Spacemen 3. The album is a tour de force of elaborate space rock, bittersweet melodies and ambitious sonic exploration. It has since become seen as a high point of Pierce's career, leading to the ban...view item »

The First International Sex Opera Band

Now then, this one seems to have a good story. The First International Sex Opera Band with Anita. The LP was originally only available in sex shops in the Netherlands and is two 15 minute long tracks of jazz rock jams overlaid with the moans, groans, screams and squelches of people in pleasure and pain. A psyche...view item »

Popol Vuh
Die Nacht Der Seele - Tantric Songs

Florian Fricke’s avant-garde electronic experimental group Popol Vuh joined moog synthesizers with percussion and instrumentation, as well as scoring many of Werner Herzog’s films. Originally released in 1979 and not seen on vinyl since 1984 Wah Wah have brought this percussive ambie...view item »

Popol Vuh
Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN

Wah Wah Supersoni Sounds continue their revival of Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh material with their 13th full length LP Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN. Produced by Karl Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and label head). A number of these tracks were use...view item »

Pink Floyd

Ummagumma by Pink Floyd was released in 1969. It was the band’s third album and first album to feature the line-up of Gilmour, Waters, Wright and Mason (not counting their soundtrack to the film More). The change in line-up was also marked by a departure in sound from their psychedelic roots. A double LP,...view item »

Frank Zappa
Zoot Allures

Frank Zappa’s Zoot Allures (what an incredibly Frank Zappa title for an album) was released in 1976 in the midst of some legal stresses. ...view item »


The repetitive strains of bass, drum and hurdy-gurdy playing three-piece, France, will have you in a trance with their pulsating and pounding rhythms. The band are made up from members of Tanz Mein Herz, Toad and Jerico, whilst all three are members of the Novia Collective. Occitanie is a recording of a non-stop ferocious late n...view item »

Lazy Bones

'Lazy Bones!!', the third record by Zambian garage rockers Witch, trawls through rollicking guitar riffs (with plenty of fuzz action), avid drum fills and sublime vocal harmonies, creating a sound that's joyous and communal whatever genre it ends up slinking into (be it their preference for funk or psych rock). It's being reissued by Now-Ag...view item »


Siinai are one of the most interesting contemporary bands coming out of Finland right now, and they just gifted the world with their third album, titled Sykli. The group inhabit the rich tradition of synth-prog-...view item »


On this meeting of worlds, techno is spiked with various other sources - krautrock, drone, cinematic synthscapes and electronica - to tell a sombre and unnerving story. Kaukolampi here explore a diverse range of moods and sonic environments, whipping the listener into a subdued, but significant hypnosis. ...view item »

Jess and the Ancient Ones
The Horse and Other Weird Tales

Jess and the Ancient Ones are a band who play in a firmly vintage mould, where riffs are chunky (and played on both guitars and organs), themes are occulty, and vocals are full-bore powerful. The Horse And Other Weird Tales...view item »

The Apples In Stereo
Her Wallpaper Reverie

Album the third from The Apples in Stereo, first released in 1999. Her Wallpaper Reverie is a relatively quick spin, clocking in at just under half an hour, and is notable ...view item »

Lost Harbours
Into the Failing Light

Drone or folk; which is sadder? It's a question which has divided opinions throughout the ages, causing bitter rifts between families which ferment through generations into bloodshed. Striding purposefully through this smoke and chaos come Lost Harbours, with the purpose of bringing union to these two disparate miseries, uniting them in a grandi...view item »

Pink Floyd
A Collection Of Great Dance Songs

Pink Floyd are just about reaching the end of their latest grand reissue project, remastering and pressing to vinyl the final two releases of the band’s original incarnation. A Collection Of Great Dance Songs is their oh-so-ironically-named Best-Of compilation, including alternate versions of various Floyd...view item »

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Pollution, from 1972, is the second of his ...view item »

Electric Wizard
Black Masses

Electric Wizard aka Leccy Wizoir aka Totally The Best Stoner Doom Band in the World Ever. Finally the masterpiece that is Dopethrone has been reissued on vinyl and it's more than ably accompanied by their seventh full lengther which sees their sound take its biggest shift in quite a while, I'd go so far as to say, what with the super lo-fi all-a...view item »

Paul Major: Feel The Music Vol. 1

Paul Major, the man behind the band Endless Boogie, has been collecting and distributing weirdo music rarities for decades now, focusing on those individuals operating from outside the established industry. ...view item »

Scattered Purgatory

Taiwanese duo Scattered Purgatory make dense droning musics defined by humidity, ritual, and shared love of ambient and industrial music. Sua-Hiam-Zun is a deep trip throug...view item »

Psychedelic Witchcraft
Sound Of The Wind

Psychedelic Witchcraft are a heavy stonerish hard doom rock band from Italy with some classic and proggy touches, precisely as their name requires. Sound Of The Wind is grand and crunchy, weighted down with chewy riffs and Virginia Monti’s epic vocal performances. Sound Of The Wind is rel...view item »

Pete International Airport
Safer With The Wolves...

Pete International Airport is the new solo project from Peter Holmstrom, guitarist for The Dandy Warhols. He has named his project after a Dandy Warhols song of the same name from their 1997 album, The Dandy Warhols Come Down. Safer With The Wolves is being released by A Recordings, the label ow...view item »

Mordecai Smyth
The Mayor of Toytown is Dead

The Mayor Of Toytown Is Dead is the second album from Mordecai Smyth. On his debut album, Sticky Tape and Rust he inhabits the same world as Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, Vivian Stanshall and Ivor Cutler writing short, hooky retro-pop songs. Following this, Smyth wa...view item »


ORB land on your stereo from Australia, routed via California by John Dwyer’s superb Castle Face label. Naturality is some very fine mind-warped psyc...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Vol. 1

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are a band so firmly dedicated to their heavy rock history that they originally released Vol. 1 on the exact forty year anniversary of the first Black Sabbath...view item »

Eberhard Kranemann & Harald Grosskopf

Two huge contributors of the German electronic music scene team up for the first time. Eberhard Kranemann (Fritz Müller) who co-founded Kraftwerk and NEU! And Harald Grosskopf of Ashra, Synthesist, and ...view item »

Once & Future Band
Once & Future Band

Once & Future Band are a full-on throwback to the rich flavours of the great orchestral-prog-pop of the 1970’s. This self-titled debut of theirs sounds like a mash-up of all the nicest bits from all those bands, but performed with such love and skill that it all sounds new and fun. Nobody does this kind of music anymor...view item »

Phantom Of Liberty

If you are a fan of the 70s kraut thump of the likes of Neu and early Kraftwerk then Camera could well be the band for you. These Germans (natch) have a propulsive drummer in the shape of the aptly named Michael Drummer and add in lots of bleeps and bloops and fizzing early computer sounds. They have a manic ene...view item »


Boogarins are a psychedelic pop / rock group from Brazil who sing mostly in Portuguese. Manual is their second full-length record, and its eleven tracks feel at once grounded (by a rhythm section who propel everything forward) and about to drift away (elevated by the airy vocals and guitars). Released by the Other Music...view item »

Tim Maia
Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia

Tim Maia has a lot of cultural caché in his native Brazil, but his profile in the English-speaking world could do with a little boost: enter Luaka Bop. The David Byrne-affiliated label have compiled 15 highlights from Maia’s extremely soulful career. Nobody Can Live Forever: The...view item »


Raucous, psychedelic rock from XIXA. On Bloodline the group cite West African desert blues and raw Latin music. So, the percussion borrows from cumbia sounds, whilst the organs and heavy guitar come from 1970s hard rock. The final result is playful, tripped out rock available on CD and vinyl LP (which kindly als...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Mind Control

Uncle Acid's previous album ‘Blood Lust’ triggered a flipper frenzy, with some copies of the first pressing going for frankly insulting prices on Discogs and eBay as collectors scrambled over one another to get a piece of the pie. I guess that’s a clear sign that ‘70s revivalism is alive and well, as this lot churn out a ...view item »

Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Come on, don't you remember when I was carbon dioxide? You don't? I was wearing the green jumper, remember? Yes that was it. Camera are a Berlin band who have a penchant for playing in public places without permission. The little rat bags. They play a form of kraut-rock but are not overly reverential to their forebearers, instead they hit on a m...view item »

White Fence
For The Recently Found Innocent

'For The Recently Found Innocent' is many things: the fifth White Fence album the first White Fence album to be recorded outside the bedroom fence (with live drumming!) the first White Fence record to be produced for Drag City the second time that Tim Presley and Ty Segall have met to record music....view item »

Serra (Distant Sun Remix)

Mugstar are a great band! Along side Bristol's The Heads and Manchester's Gnod they are the  finest examples of Kraut-infused cosmic rock currently doing the rounds in the UK. When Agitated records pushed for a repress of the groups 'Lime' LP they also suggested the possibility of...view item »

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