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Tone Float

Organisation were a band out of Germany who were a kind of prototype for Kraftwerk. The band members actually wanted this album to be under the Kraftwerk banner but were overruled. It would probably be better known if that were the case. Nevertheless the album was played in its entirety on German television despite being a UK only release. Confused? I think everyone was but this is a vital part of the story of the godfathers of electronic music. 
  • Vinyl LP (ISPLP2201)

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band
Easy Teeth

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Live In Tuscon

That’s the band Birth Live In Tucson, not just any old birth. This duo also play in The Myrrors, a band who are a favourite of the Cardinal Fuzz roster, so it makes sense for the Yorkshire label to be fronting this record. Live In Tucson is a highly potent improvisation that draws from stargazing mystics like LaMonte Young, Spacemen 3 and Terry Riley.
  • Vinyl LP (CFUL130)
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

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Livin' In The Jungle

Boston’s Banshee (not to be confused with the ‘80s hair metal band of the same name) invoke the spirit of MC5, The Stooges and Alice Cooper on their LP Livin’ In The Jungle. Their raw power is underpinned by a rhythm section that recalls the incendiary funk of War. If you like your rock music to be from the wild side, then this is for you.
  • Vinyl LP (CFUL133)


Melding folk, hard rock and psychedelia, Finnish act Hexvessel unveil their latest studio album, Kindred. Returning to their old studio in Tampere, and with the production skills of John Davis at their disposal, there’s a druidic and occultish feel to proceedings throughout, with an excellent Coil cover (‘Fire of the Mind’) particularly standing out. 
  • Vinyl LP (SVART226LP)
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  • CD (SVART226CD)

Kung Fu

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Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
Star Stuff

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Syd Barrett
The Madcap Laughs

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Safe As Milk

50th anniversary edition of this classic debut from the Captain and his merry travellers. Though the title could be seen as tongue in cheek, this is the group at their most accessible with their blues-influenced work only just fraying at the edges. We're still a long way from Trout Mask Replica but this is a brilliant work and has been re-issued to celebrate its half century. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOVLP343)
  • Limited edition

Minami Deutsch
Can’t Get There EP

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This Can Only Lead To Chaos

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Chris Forsyth with Garcia Peoples
Peoples Motel Band

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The Cult Of Dom Keller

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Pretty Lightning
Jangle Bowl

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Frank Zappa
Hot Rats

An early piece of the strange and wonderful Frank Zappa puzzle, recorded as a solo album by Zappa in 1969. Hot Rats is a spiralling, mostly instrumental suite of music recorded with cutting-edge 16-track studio technology that allowed for greater complexity: you can bet Zappa loved that. Reissued on vinyl by Universal.
  • Vinyl LP (238411)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Now weirdly busier than ever, Anton Newcombe was planning two albums for 2018 but the success of Something Else and it's associated tours has led this self titled follow up to be pushed back to 2019. Well at least we have a brand new the Brian Jonestown Massacre album to listen to before we all die.  Something Else was really rather good so we are looking forward to the treats on offer here.  
  • CD (AUK045CD)


Russian psych rockers Gnoomes had access to a bank of presumably indestructible vintage Russian synths when making this record. Experimenting with these beasts has allowed them to marry their stargazing pulsating kraut rock with the sort of brave new world synth exploration found in the back tunnels of the War records back catalogue.   
  • CD (LAUNCH105CD)
  • Vinyl LP (LAUNCH105)

Eat Lights Become Lights

Adam Harmsworth, owner of Brighton-based label Drone Rock Records, has wanted to release music by Eat Lights, Become Lights ever since he started his label. He found that the band's take on Neu! Can and Kraftwerk mixed with influences from Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Steve Reich, Loop and Ali Farka is too good not to be shared far and wide. Their studio work is one thing, but their live mastery is also rather excellent. The simply titled album, Live, captures the band live at the Windmill in Brixton in 2013. 
  • Vinyl LP (DRR035)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Kavus Torabi
Hip To The Jag

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The Garbage & The Flowers
Eyes Rind As If Beggars

A band taking their name from a Leonard Cohen song is always cause for concern, but The Garbage & The Flowers managed to navigate these stormy waters with aplomb on 1997 debut LP Eyes Rind As If Beggars. This quietly ambitious LP includes everything from Velvet Underground-style drone-rock (‘Nothing Going Down At All’) to breezy folk ala Haruomi Hosono (‘Love Comes Slowly Now’) to psychedelic grunge (‘Rosicrucinn Lovers’). Well worth the reissue - this new edition also comes with a bonus disc of extras.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BONFIRE01LP)

Japanese Television
EP I & EP II Plus The Marc Riley BBC 6 Music Session

Japanese Television are a psychedelic space-surf band influenced by the likes of Hawkwind and King Gizzard. This does-what-it-says-on-the-tin release collects together their long sold out first EPs and adds in tracks from a Marc Riley session. Expect heavy motorik rock and sunny day surf on an album that serves as a nice stop gap before they furnish us with a debut LP. 
  • Vinyl LP (TIPT035)

The Underground Youth

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Dire Wolves
Flow & Heady

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Vox Low

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21st Century Breakdown / Lost Girls

Bushpilot were a post-rock band out of mid '90s Leeds that had all the correct influences in Can, Talk Talk and Slint but never perhaps got their due. God Unknown are currently re-issuing their back catalogue which should be of further interest to customers of Norman Records due to the appearance of a young Phil Leigh (Norman Records owner) in the Jaki Liebezeit role. 

Jimi Hendrix
Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix

Which is the best Jimi Hendrix album? Probably this one as it contains all the best of his songs including 'Crosstown Traffic', 'All Along the Watchtower' and 'Foxy Lady'. Anyway if you are new to the guitar maestro then this would be a good place to start. They've spread it across a double album too.   
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985447871)

Fu Manchu
In Search Of... (Deluxe Edition)

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Jane Weaver
Modern Kosmology

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Jane Weaver's early records (including those by her excellent band Misty Dixon) were lovely under the radar folky affairs but it wasn't until she started to invoke in vogue kraut and psych influences on 'The Silver Globe' that some overground success came her way. Modern Kosmology threatens to continue down that cosmic path (just look at that title). Sure to be one of 2017's more anticipated releases.  
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP484)
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  • CD (FIRECD484)

Die Wilde Jagd

Songwriter and producer Sebastian Lee Philipp revives his Die Wilde Jagd for a third studio album. Just like its two predecessors (2015’s self-titled effort and 2018’s Uhrwald Orange), Haut utilises the help of various guests as well as Philipp’s production colleague Ralf Beck to take the listener on a hypnotic musical journey. 
  • Vinyl LP (BB343LP)
  • CD (BB343)

Earthling Society
MO - The Demon

Riot Season’s the name, loud music’s the game. To a roster that includes The Cosmic Dead, Bad Guys and Art Of Burning Water they now add Leeds College Of Music group Earthling Society. MO - The Demon is an unofficial soundtrack to a Shaw Brothers flick entitled The Boxer’s Omen. The plot is something to do with kung-fu and shrooms and black magic, and of course that means we have a psych rock record to contend with here. Santana (ooh err) and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis (better) are cited as influences.
  • Vinyl LP (REPOSELP070)
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Kungens Män

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Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe

A whopping four decades after he released his first ‘Self Portrait’ album in 1979, after which a further seven instalments followed in the time up until 2002, another instalment in Hans-Joachim Roedelius has arrived. Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe is a timely reminder of the power of the German’s solo work outside of Cluster and Harmonia. 
  • CD (BB335)

Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973

This Light In The Attic compilation looks rather fantastic, historicising folk music from the tail-end of 1960s Japan. Cited as a period of growing political and cultural action amongst the country's younger demographic, Even A Tree Can Shed Tears arguably acts as a retrospective to music that was at its time unprecedented, with these artists seeking their own, particular sound through folk music.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LITA156LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Electric Moon / Terminal Cheesecake
In Search Of Highs Volume 3

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Odessey & Oracle

Crocoroma is the third LP from the French band who name themselves after a classic album by The Zombies, Odyssey and Oracle. For this they’ve blended French folk and pop and take their influences from ‘60s and ‘70s acts White Noise, McDonalds and Giles, 10cc, Robert Wyatt, the ‘70s Brazillian sounds of Caetano Veloso, Clube da Esquina and French chanteuses France Gall and Brigitte Fontaine.
  • CD (CDOULS001)
  • Vinyl LP (LPOULS001)
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Sun Araw
Rock Sutra

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Pure Reason Revolution

Eupnea is the fourth album by British rock band Pure Reason Revolution. Their influences range from Nirvana to Justice and Pink Floyd to Porcupine Tree. Their albums up to this point have seen them separately tackle prog rock, widescreen soundscaping and dark synths. What better thing to do on your fourth outing than to combine all of your previous ideas into one new sound? That’s just what they’ve done. 
  • CD (19439725042)

Blown Out / Comacozer
In Search Of Highs Volume 1

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Mark McDowell and Friends

Mark McDowell has expanded from the set up of his previous album 2017's Dark Weave to incorporate other players into his sound world which are known as his 'friends'. This has allowed him to expand his sunshine pop, folk and electronica to a full band set up.  He uses unique instrumentation (bouzouki, synthesizer) to allow a slightly unsettling dystopian atmosphere to invade his work. 
  • Vinyl LP (Friends of the Fish 36)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Lost Stoned Pandas
Tune In...Turn On...Get Panda'd

The Lost Stoned Pandas are led by Pete Bingham of Welsh space rock band, Sendelica. The idea came from a conversation he had with music journalist Kris Needs, which meant he was awarded honorary band membership. Tune In...Turn On...Get Panda'd features other members of Sendelica along with members of Curved Air, Astralasia and Space Ritual. The music flows from ambient delight to space rock propelled by ethnic rhythms. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (winkle 39)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Wax Machine
Earthsong of Silence

Wax Machine are a psychedelic band from Brighton. Earthsong of Silence follows on from their Mind Palace EP thematically and musically drawing from a broad pallette that includes spiritual jazz, krautrock, tropicália and library music.It was produced by Kikagaku Moyo drummer and singer Go Kurasawa, adding his psychedelic know how to proceedings. Serene UK psych-folk meets Sun-baked US West Coast psych.
  • Vinyl LP (LPBBIB063)
  • CD (CDBBIB063)


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Sky Valley Mistress
Faithless Rituals

Sky Valley Mistress come, leather clad, from Blackburn and make the kind of blistering modern rock ‘n’ roll that we’ve seen in recent years from Jim Jones Revue, Rival Sons, Royal Blood, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Eagles of Death Metal. Faithless Rituals is their debut album. On New Heavy Sounds.
  • CD (NHSCD029)
  • Vinyl LP (NHSLP029)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas

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Out of Reach

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Dead Sea Apes
The Free Territory

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Bushpilot were a post-rock band from Leeds. They formed in 1993 and were heavily influenced by the likes of Can, The Fall, Slint, and Talk Talk. Already! Is the second in a series of reissues through God Unknown Records following Live From Brotherswater. They’re a band close to the heart of Norman Records as they feature someone called Phil on drums... 
  • Vinyl LP (GOD062)

Uzelli Elektro Saz

Established in 1971 in Frankfurt and catering for Germany’s significant Turkish migrant population, the Uzelli Kaset label carefully maintained their largely cassette-based archive for decades as technology moved on. Now, the label dips into its archive for a new vinyl compilation titled Uzelli Elektro Saz. 
  • Vinyl LP (1324-3)

Hooha Hubbub

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Nick Nicely
All Along The Watchtower

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Der Blutharsch / Skullflower
A Collaboration

Austrian artist Albin Julius returns under his recording moniker Der Blutharsch, in league with the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand, works once again with British noise rock veterans Skullflower on the bluntly titled A Collaboration. Following their 2016 hook-up Angel of Darkness, it ought to be another workout of dark, droning psychedelia. 
  • Tape (WKN58MC)
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  • Vinyl LP (WKN58LP)
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The Noise Birds
The Dark Sea Hides A Bright Light

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Camembert Electrique

Camembert Electrique was the first album by Daevid Allen’s legendary experimental psych-rock band Gong. It was originally released in France in 1971. It didn’t get a UK release until 1974 when the track listing, song titles and timings were all printed wrongly. This reissue, along with giving you the chance to replace a knackered copy, puts those wrongs right. On Charly.
  • Vinyl LP (CHARLYL347)
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His Name Is Alive
Black Wings

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Sunburned Hand of the Man

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Fabienne Delsol

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Six Organs of Admittance
Companion Rises

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The Relations

Here we have some ghostly electronic psych-folk courtesy of Neil Hale-led project, The Relations. Evocation contains a mix of synths, farfisa, guitar and haunting vocals and takes inspiration from horror folklore and lesser known singer / songwriter type people. It was recorded in Brighton and Frome over a three-year spell. On Castles In Space.
  • CD (CiS045)

King Crimson
Cat Food EP

'Cat Food' appeared on King Crimson's second album 'In The Wake Of Poseidon' released in 1970. That was 50 years ago. To celebrate this milestone it is being reissued with its original B-side cut, Groon as a 10” or CD EP. It also includes a live version of the title track recorded in 2019 and an alternate mix by David Singleton.
  • Vinyl 10" (KCEP6080)

The Heads
Reverberations Vol: 1

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Las Cobras

Deriving from the humble Uruguayan city of Canelones, Las Cobras are the creators of grumpy and murky pop-tinged shoegaze. 'as indebted to tropicalia as it is the Brian Jonestown Massacre' (CLASH), 9-track offering 'Selva' is packed full of scuzzy riffs, stomping beats and a whole load of originality.
  • Vinyl LP (FC126V12)
  • Indies-only

Pure Bliss

The new Shmu record is a collection of recordings head Schmu Samuel Chown has been recording since he was 17 back in 2004. Since then he's been adding to the backlog over the years but was finally persuaded to finish the project by Vinyl Willams who helped produce and record the extra instruments that would help it become a thing. Shoegaze and dream-pop is the order of the day but the lengthy gestation period ensures a varied collection of tracks. 
  • CD (RPUT34CD)
  • Vinyl LP (RPUT34)

White Heaven

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Deja Vega
Deja Vega

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Maher Shalal Hash Baz
Je est un autre

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Groovy, distorted psych punk on very gorgeous, and very limited, red and white splatter 10” vinyl. EP1 emerges from the deranged minds of trio Muertos. These tracks distill the atonal riffing and droning vocals of post-Velvet Underground garage into a pure snotty essence of amplifier fuzz and catchy hooks.

This Other Kingdom

As a scintillating hybrid of psych and rock'n'roll, The Other Kingdom create a distorting brand of music. The Dublin three-piece have, on this occasion, made a rampant twelve-track named 'Reveur' for fans to feast on - but that's not to say tender moments cannot be discovered within the expedition.

The Oscillation
Evil In The Tree

The Oscillation attempt the unthinkable by trying to compress their psychedelic onslaught onto that tiniest of 7" wax. Evil In The Tree features an eponymous track written in the same sessions as their Monographic LP, the band dedicating themselves to the same trance rock, building their way to pop repetitions through a filibuster of the usual: guitar warbles, shining keys and a knowing rhythm section.
  • Vinyl 7"
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Dead Gurus
Acid Bench

The scorched-earth guitars, shrouded in psychedelia, of Dead Gurus are colossal. No release showcases their searing and screeching riffs more potently than the Wrong Way Records presented and drug-fuelled LP Acid Bench. Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourself in - its gonna be a bumpy ride...
  • Vinyl LP (WWR 007)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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The Junkyard Liberty

Due for release on Friday 11th November, debut LP “Chains” comes in the form of a very limited edition transparent blood red vinyl. Released, aptly, into a political landscape of upheaval and unrest, “Chains”, with its provocative slant, is set to strike a chord with people the world over. The ten tracks, whose retro riffs hark back to the likes of the Velvet Underground, will not disappoint.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

The Valkarys
Since I Was Fifteen

The Valkarys are part of an ever-growing quantity of psyched-up garagey rock bands, a style they do very well at. But what is more individual about them is their audible fondness for the sounds and styles of desert-USA as imagined by Westerns. This is what gives the Since I Was Fifteen EP a real flavour of its own. 10” vinyl release, pressed onto orange wax.
  • Vinyl 10"
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Goa Express
Goa / Kiss Me

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Melodic Energy Commission
Migration Of The Snails

Melodic Energy Commission were a Canadian space rock collective who featured members of Hawkwind and who played an exploratory blend of hippie-ish psychedelia, guitar freak outs and out there electronics. This rarity has now been re-issued and should appeal to fans of Amon Düüll II, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind. 
  • Vinyl LP (TER051LP)

Trees Speak

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Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes (the Mutants) were sort of the Brazilian the Beatles. They blended pop, tropicalia and psychedelia and have become influential to newer artists largely because of *that* Song A Minha Menina which has become something like ubiquitous. Mutantes was their second album originally released in 1969 and continued their genre destroying rise to popularity mostly in their native country.
  • Vinyl LP (900211)

Un Deux Trois

French ‘60s influenced indie-pop three-piece Juniore have been described as a cross between Cat Power and Françoise Hardy. Un Deux Trois is the band’s second album. It follows their highly regarded 2017 debut, Ouh là là. The band are led by Anna Jean whose dad just happens to be Nobel Prize winning author, J. M. G. Le Clézio.
  • CD (CDOUTRE08)
  • Vinyl LP (LPOUTRE08)


Eindhoven-based psychedelic act RMFTM (Radar Men From The Moon) return with a new EP of experimental exercises of drone, ambient and dark electronics. Propulsive rhythms, lysergic atmospheres, throbs and hisses of feedback, and deluges of murky synths feature in this three-track EP. Remember, Fuzz Club isn't just a label, it's a promise. 
  • Vinyl 12" (FC110V12)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
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Odense Sessions

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Dr. John

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De Lorians
De Lorians

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Ben Chasny
The Hexadic System

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Bardo Pond
Adrop / Circuit VIII

Bardo Pond's back catalogue is so vast and sprawling that it is hard to know where to begin. Three Lobed have been helping fans make sense of it all with a series of reissues and Adrop/Circuit VIII is a vital component. The two records were initially issues separately as EPs but now come together on a 2LP set that perfectly encapsulates the band's brand of exploratory space-rock.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (LPTLR130)
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Cheval Sombre
Been a Lover / The Calfless Cow

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L'épée is a collaboration between Brian Jonestown Massacre main man, Anton Newcombe, French psych-pop duo, The Limiñanas and French actor, former model and singer, Emmanuelle Seigner. Diabolique was recorded in The Limiñanas studio in the south of France then taken to Berlin by Anton, where he gave the songs a darker, more psychedelic edge. 
  • CD (AUK133CD)
  • Vinyl LP (AUK133LP)


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The Aliens
Live On The Moon

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Immanentize The Eschaton

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Jonas Munk
Minimum Resistance

It's probably fair to say that Jonas Munk gets about. Back in the early 2000s he was known as Manual, today he's better known as the guitar player and producer of Causa Sui. Out on his own he makes ambient pieces out of his own guitar and effects pedals. The sort of album that is a slow burn with every component taking its time to reveal its colours. Another string to what is a very large bow.  
  • CD (VISTA009CD)

Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

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Bitter Balls

Karkhana are a supergroup from the Middle-East made up of members from Dwarfs Of East Agouza, A-Trio, Konstrukt, Chicago Tentet, Land Of Kush and a few other bands. Among their contemporary and oriental free jazz, western improvised prog rock and electric and acoustic sounds, they are also known to play ‘distorted unrock’, which sounds like a beautiful thing, doesn’t it? Bitter Balls is their latest album.
  • Vinyl LP (UNROCKLP015)

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