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Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto
Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto

Looks to be another one of the many side-projects of Acid Mothers Temple's head honcho, guitarist Kawabata Makoto. Best described as noise-metal. Might be too noisy for some. Couple of these tracks I thought that had managed to stand out from the rest were the jamming "Werghsukaxgh", the sort of Gong-ish "Vokkoshemmra", the frantic "Aathychkiwzhi" ...view item »

Stop Your Crying

Six Organs of Admittance
Shelter From The Ash

I quite like some of the Six organs of Admittance stuff though I find it a bit hit and miss. The last couple of albums didn't do much for me but this new one titled' Shelter From The Ash' (reportedly something to do with the outrageous smoking ban in England) is more the kind of Six Organs gear I dig. I prefer the opium den style meanderings rather...view item »

Lazer Crystal

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Dirty Moves

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Phantom Band
Freedom of Speech

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Wenn Der Sudwind Weht

I like what I've heard of this artist. This one was made at about the same time as "Lustwandel", another very good album which I recommend, and it's a nice contrast to that one. While "Lustwandel" is more piano-driven and has a feel of melancholy to it, "WDSW" is very cheerful and synth-dominated. It's like a cross between early Tangerine Dream ...view item »

Dream Get Together

Dream Get Together is not simply another California daydream, it knows where it wants to take you, and it blossoms without the need for magical substances to bring out its hidden magical imagery. This is a very precise, harmonised and well considered piece of music that shoots hazy ribbons of distortion through the air that are counterbalanced b...view item »


I'm genuinely not really sure what I'm supposed to tell you about Dopesmoker that you don't already know. Sleep's magnum opus was recorded way back in the mid-'90s with me...view item »

Subarachnoid Space
Eight Bells

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Starless & Bible Black
Shape of the Shape

Did they get their name from the Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milk Wood” or did they just skip to the sixth King Crimson album? It doesn’t matter. Anyone who likes folk-tinged indie or indie-tinged folk will undoubtedly love “Your Majesty Man”. A he and she or him and her singing together, melodically in perfe...view item »

The Mars Volta

Well whaddya know, it's the actual real Mars Volta with their new album Octahedron. I'm having to review this quickly because I think it's making everyone else suicidal.. Well, everyone except Phil who whispered to me that he was quite enjoying it then told me not to tell anyone.. I think I might've just broken a sacred bond of trust. I can to...view item »
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fun Machine

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Life On Earth
A Space Water Loop

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Jardin Au Fou

Roedelius. That's the Cluster man that is. Hans Joachim's 'Jardin Au Fou' LP from 1979 is reissued on vinyl & CD thru Bureau this week and it's a mostly pleasant excursion through Satie-esque piano vignettes topped with sweet nostalgic synth flourishes, Terry Riley style minimal electric piano stuff, playful classical rock, absorbing birdsong drape...view item »


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Your Ear Knows Future

I had no idea what to write about this new Baikonour CD on Melodic. It's called 'Your Ear Knows Future' and now I'm stuck about what to write. All I can think of is Pink Floyd and prog. There's a lot of prog about these days... prog and synth. I'm not mad keen on either to be honest. Maybe in another dimension or in years to come I'll get it. There...view item »
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Jackie O Motherfucker
The Blood Of Life

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Christina Carter
Original Darkness

Fresh from her Scorces stuff we have Christina Carter who ploughs the fields of my ears with an enchanted combine harvester that's got 'Original Darkness' written on the side in blue biro. This combine harvester is white by the way, like it's just about to go off and get married but before it does it just wants one last whiff of freedom, one l...view item »

Golden Animals
Free Your Mind & Win A Pony

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Omar Rodriguez Lopez And Jeremy Michael Ward
Omar A Rodriguez Lopez and Jeremy Michael Ward

This could very well be catalogued as a classical music album purely because of its remarkable similarities in sound to early electronic music. This is true electronic noise composition done by two very good musicians. There is no rocking guitar or memorable melodies on this album, and it is an album purely for those who want to hear everything Oma...view item »
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Irmin Schmidt And Kumo
Axolotl Eyes

'Axolotl Eyes' is more accessible than I had expected - in other words, it's not as weird as one might have thought it might be. Tracks here that prove this over-seventy (now) player can still put some worthy music out some forty plus years after he first began are "Kick On The Flood", the eight-minute title cut "Axolotl Eyes", "Etruriz Waltz" a...view item »
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A Toys Orchestra
Technicolor Dreams

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( r )
In Pink

Wellwater Conspiracy
Wellwater Conspiracy

I generally like music that is in the but I'm not sure what this is. The vocals are not clean enough. Either the singer is not very strong or there is too much emphasis on effects. Either way, the vocals strike me wrong. I also think the music is all over the place. There's definitely some interesting songs and quality music, but it seems to lac...view item »
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Apothecary Hymns
Trowell And Era

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Mercury Rev
The Secret Migration

This is music that should be taken on its own merits and not compared with previous Mercury Rev albums. If one can get past the differences between this effort and earlier efforts by Mercury Rev, the high quality of this musical experience will transport the listener to a place of optimism, magic and light. For me, this album evokes more emotion...view item »
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The Maggot

This release is packed with what the Melvins are quite adept at: Variety. From the chilled zen of the Fleetwood Mac cover "The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)" to the scraping bray of "Manky", no two songs are indistinguishable from each other. All the previously mentioned tracks are highlights, and are equally as powerful as less f...view item »

The Bootlicker

One of The Melvins' better and weirder albums but the psych influence tends to be exaggerated (not nearly as psychedelic as I was expecting) and though part of the point of this album is they're consciously not going balls out with the rockage, I can't help waiting for the music to explode into sonic fury and it never does. It mostly produces an...view item »

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