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Cave’s last album ‘Neverendless’ was an instant classic here at Norman Towers, a rare case of a record coming out that pretty much everyone in the office buys for themselves. It’s nice to see that Cooper Crain & co are still chugging away with this new arrival ‘Threace’ on ...view item »

Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975)

Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975) is the debut release from World Psychedelic Funk Classics and presents itself as 'a global psychedelic funk curriculum', complete with a 'course description' and 'supplemental listening' in its copious notes (found either on the handsome gatefold sleeve of the vinyl or the 36-page booklet of the CD). The title may...view item »


Oh yes, the music gods are smiling on me this morning. Not everyone in this office is a fan of the ol’ psych-rock/jazz crossover business but I love this stuff. I’ve not encountered California’s Psicomagia before but right from the start these guys are hitting all my pleasure buttons. The basic line-up seems to revolve around T...view item »

The Sufis

Not since “Start” by The Jam has the bass line to The Beatles “Taxman” so obviously stolen as on “All Of The Time”, the opening track of The Sufis “Inventions” album. Although this is a more wonky, broken take on it. The album is steep...view item »
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Teeth of The Sea

Teeth of the Sea are back with album number three, ‘Master’, as they further refine their spaghetti western space rock into new cosmic forms, with lots of krautrock repetition and lashings of synths which bring to mind the likes of Eat Lights Become Lig...view item »

Les Vampyrettes
Les Vampyrettes

A previously unreleased collaboration between krautrock producer Conny Plank and Can-member Holger Czukay, Les Vampyrettes features creepy kosmiche and deep voiced German spoken word. A unique rarity from the archives. Out on blue vinyl LP with fold out poster and 3 x 10” vinyl box set from Gronland....view item »

Moon Duo

I'm a bit skeptical with the old Wooden Shjips. I saw them live once and they were terrifyingly tedious. Most of their recorded output does very little for me although I do like some bits of Volume 1. So it's a bit of a surprise how impressed I am by this new one from offshoot band Moon Duo, especially since the apple's fallen so close to the t...view item »

Apropos Cluster

Exploratory Krautrock / Komische legends Cluster had a good few years from the late 60s to the early 80s, making frankly excellent records of pastoral electronic soundscapes: Apropos Cluster is the first record they made after getting back together in 1990, and contains blissful ambience and deft experimentation in equa...view item »

Comet Control
Comet Control

Dreamy, wah soaked psychedelic rock from Toronto-based Comet Control. Nothing shockingly new here but patiently, lovingly executed nonetheless. Lazy and hazy in a stoned Dead Meadow or Bardo Pond sort of way. Artwork by Prometheus-affiliate Signalstarr. Available on CD and vinyl LP from US indie Tee Pee....view item »

White Fence
Cyclops Reap

One of those names I’ve seen about for ages yet never heard. Despite my employ in a record emporium, its very easy to miss out on loads of great stuff if you are looking the other way, which I normally am, at a tree or the viaduct. This is the latest album in the lifetime of Tim (no relation to Elvis or Reg) Presley and its a lovely surpri...view item »

The Congregation

One for the stoner twitchers out there from Leeds renowned stable of the psychedelic and sublime, Vanity Case. I last heard Steve and Felix on the cosmic mindwarp that was the Frozen Geese platter a few years back. Here the duo have constructed a heady yet relaxing jour...view item »


Ooooff! Got a right meaty bad boy here from Super Fi/Destructure by Hark, which is the new project of Taint frontman Jimbob Isaac, who has also designed and screenprinted some pretty badass sleeves. On the wax itself we’v...view item »
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Israel Nash
Rain Plans

Rain Plans is the first single to be taken from Israel Nash’s 3rd album, Israel Nash’s Rain Plans. The track has been inspired by nature and the world that Nash finds surrounds his new home just outside Austin, Texas. This 7” also contains the non-LP track ...view item »


Well, I tried Googling these guys’ music, but all I found was Youtube videos of medical professionals. So I am left no choice but to go out on a limb here and say that their self-titled album will an album filled with Limb’s half-sludge-and-half-minimal-bleakness sound that we’ve come to appreciate....view item »

Thai? Dai!

I'm so into all of this archive far Eastern stuff at the moment you've no idea. I can't help myself when it comes in and I'm particularly enjoying the slew of Thai comps that have come out lately. Finders Keepers continue their quest to plunder the world's psych-funk vaults to bring you a new selection of Thai tracks comprising of the heavier si...view item »

The Solo Artists
Broken Seagull in a Box / Golden Star

Here’s a new single on The Sound of Salvation and it’s a pretty likeable bit of indie pop, with the chunky jangling opening riff with its Allman Brothers-ish lead guitar and bright Hammond bringing to mind that strident European psych-pop aesthetic popularised in the ‘90s by bands like Motorpsych...view item »

Ellis Island Sound

The jury is still out on this new Ellis Island Sound album. We had it on in the office whilst I tucked longingly into a sandwich and it was kind of drifting past, but pleasantly I must add. This collaboration between David Sheppard (Phelan/Sheppard, Snow Palms) and Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weathe...view item »

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground

Not to be confused with their eponymous third album, The Velvet Underground by The Velvet Underground is a much-prized-by-collectors "best of" consisting of tracks from their first three albums. The Velvet Underground by The Velvet Underground is available on 180gm vinyl...view item »
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Beyond Ugly

Like a smorgasboard of sound, Malachai don’t particularly stick to a particular style thus destroying yesterdays office discussion that you could judge a record by the first track only. If you judged this one by opener ‘Sweet Flower’ you’d have it down as a kind of gritty, sink-dwelling ...view item »

Ragged Barracudas
Ragged Barracudas

Here’s a single of dirty hairy man rock from Ragged Barracudas. On side A is ‘Living the Dream’ which is a lo-fi ‘70s bulldozer riff with a bit of a cocky glam swagger to it. Everything is all muddy and distorted and there’s some sloppy squealing guitar solo bits. Enjoyable....view item »

Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music

The band had left United Artists and moved to Charisma, and the music reflects this change. This isn't like any previous Hawk album. Many people disparage this record as being an attempt at commerciality and the weak link in the land of 70s Hawkwind. I don't see it that way. I think it is a very fine album, with strong song writing and sharp pla...view item »

Ellis Island Sound
Intro, Airborne, Travelling

This is a long running collaboration between Pete Astor (Weather Prophets) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms).  The main track i...view item »

Sudden Death of Stars
All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown

So much stuff, so little time. This is a French psych pop band who sound unbelievably English...as if they’ve just emerged from a thatched cottage in the South Downs to play at the village fete. They use all the correct psych pop reference points; The Kinks, Syd Barrett...view item »

Three Dimensional Tanx
I am go / Loose Id Syd

This single opens with a Hammond refrain that sounds an awful lot like 'No More Heroes' by the Stranglers, but then there's some comically overdriven wah-wah guitar and some chatty vocals that remind me a little bit of the first Arctic Monkeys album. I heard these guys's a...view item »

World Arena

Bronze impressed us a lot when they released 2011's 'Copper' LP but nobody else seemed to be paying much attention so they're back at you with another one, 'World Arena'. I'm going to review it as if I didn't already know what they sound like since nobody bought that last one. This lot have a clever and woozy aesthetic which pairs repeti...view item »
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Spectre Folk

Its not just some guys jamming. Its Pete Nolan from Magik Markers, Steve Shelley from the Sonic Youth, Aaron Mullan from Tall Firs and Mark Ibold from Pavement. They do an ancient sounding ...view item »

Mark McGuire
Along The Way

When Mark McGuire's 12-minute-long 'The Instinct' dropped on 12" late last year with a similarly epic B-side, I was under the misapprehension that it was a small but perfectly formed mini-album. Clearly I was mistaken as the track also features on this rather more substantial new opus from the Emerald. It's a sprawl...view item »

You Send Me Up / You're Madder Than Me

Its not every band take their primary influence from Van Der Graaf Generator but here’s a possibility. Coming from the international pop hotbed of Bradford (see also: Kiki Dee) and rejoicing in the names Augustin Bousfield, Nanette Brimble and Bradley Cunningham,  the group have recorded...view item »

Black Beauty

Having walked around for the past week with ‘You Set The Scene’ seemingly jammed on my iPod, I seem to have forgotten how much I like Love...until ‘Forever Changes’, then there’s barely a note that lived up to the quality of those early records. ‘Black Beauty’ is that r...view item »

Garotas Suecas
Feras MÍticas

Vibrations from the sun drenched Garotas Suecas. Feras MÍticas is the second album from the Rio De Janeiro group. Awash with soulful vocalisations, tight guitars, serious bass lines, drums and an assortment of electronics and strings. They mix between their native styles such as bossa nova and gentle sa...view item »

Full Circle

Is it krautrock day today? I just had to write some words about the newie from Toronto’s Fresh Snow which reminded me of the north’s very own Warm Digits, and no sooner have I reviewed that than this Can-esque platter drops onto my lap from ...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Doug Tuttle

Former Mmoss man Doug Tuttle has dusted himself off after their demise and crafted this debut album under his own name, although I think it's fair to say that he's pretty much picking up where he left off with that '60s-loving beat combo. 'Doug Tuttle' is packed with dreamy, hazy psych-pop from the ...view item »

Morgan Delt
Morgan Delt

Morgan Delt's debut 7" 'Barbarian Kings' was an absolute feast of broken-sounding psychedelic weirdness so it's exciting and daunting to finally have his debut full-length on my CD player to try to comprehend, digest and describe in bite-sized review form. Even aside from the aforementioned single, which appears early on in all its hazy east-mee...view item »

Residual Echoes
Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol. 3 (India / Tajikstan)

Here's the third instalment of Casual Acid Tea's excellent 'Secret History of Kind Men' series, in which modern artists cover pieces from the epic 'Secret History of Mankind' archive. This one has a band called Residual Echoes interpreting tracks called 'Gungru Tarang' by Master Manamar Barve of India and 'Khar Shabi' by T Tazylova of Tajikstan....view item »

LA Machine
Phases & Repetition

I don’t hear phaser on drums as often as I’d like. I don’t know why it’s not common practice ‘cause it sounds sick. ‘Phases & Repetition’ starts with phased drums and a dub heavy Can groove possessing with it the promise of a classic from the outset. LA Machine don’t e...view item »

Sounds From The Other Ideology

Günter Schickert
Kinder In Der Wildnis

This is a crazy, wild and amazing record, make no mistake. I had a friend once who on meeting I asked (as the stock ice-breaker between men it's usually either football or music) "what music are you into?" He stared at me through his round tinted spectacles, scrunched up his mouth in deep thought and then uttered the legend "Owt German" ...view item »

Join The Dots

I must be honest here and say that although their early singles were neat pieces of motorik ethereal rock I never quite gelled with their self-titled full length so I wasn't expecting much from this. 'A follow up, already?" I bleated in astonishment on uncovering this in the pile. It takes a good band to build on the promise of a much-hy...view item »

Moebius & Plank


Pentwater do the whole prog rock thing right by name-checking pretty much every single first wave band there was -- let's just drop the words Yes and Gentle Giant now and be done with it -- and also playing some music. Mentioning their constant usage of "haunting flute lines"...view item »


A distinctly German take on easy listening, Wunderland by Pyrolator (aka Kurt Dahlke of Der Plan fame) is speckled with weird and wonderful sampled and lush arrangements. Originally released in 1984 it’s stacked with the bombast and production tropes of the decade. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Bureau B....view item »
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The Regal Crabomophone Annual For 2014

Two tracks from Fruit de Mer which need to be heard but that that the chaps in charge of the label haven’t gotten round to sorting yet. This year features two tracks – one by Finland's acid-folk band Octopus Syng and one baroque pop number by a new name to the label  – Mark McDowell. 7&rdq...view item »

Painted Caves

Marmite, as we all aware, has a certain clichéd reputation. Maybe the same assessment can be levelled at that avant-guard stuff that hovers around the edges of our lovely music pond...maybe. Ever since exposure to early Laurie Anderson I've always kept a space open for such route-less-travelled material of the American psyche. ...view item »

Star Spangled Banana
Pebbles 2000

Claiming to be the creators of a whole new genre called bubble-grunge, and then claiming to be the pioneers of said paradoxical genre, Star Spangled Banana play a kind of gorgeous alt rock that uses low-end and gruesome amps to a joyous end. Pebbles 2000 is a tribute to a bunch of fun-time old p...view item »
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What to make of Midlake. A bunch of bearded Texan’s whose sole remit seems to be to sound as much like early 70’s folk proggers Caravan and their Canterbury scene rivals  as humanly possible. From their early beginnings as a kind of Fleetwood Mac tribute act, &lsq...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler

Ex-Tangerine Dream musician/intern and member of Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler has made a lot of solo material in his own right, and free of the Komische landscape, Bureau B have released select compilations of his work. Gold focuses in on w...view item »

Lace Curtain
Falling / Running EP

This record has a sticker on it declaring it the “New project from Mikey Young, David West and James Vinciguerra from Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox et al&rd...view item »

Bardo Pond
Peace on Venus

Veteran out-rockers Bardo Pond return this week with album number nine on Fire Records, collecting five brand new tracks of their sludgy stoner-doom psychedelia for your listening convenience. It’s a raw-sounding production full of spluttering guitars and slow crashing drums and s...view item »


This record seems to have been played quite a lot in our office over the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s that lots of people independently wanted to check it out or if there’s a secret stoner rock fiend (besides myself) in the office, or if it’s just because the pounding riffage and shameless weed rock cliches ...view item »

The Paperhead
The Paperhead

this lp deserves a listen...view item »

Ramble Tamble
Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol. 2 (Epirus / Tunisia)

Here’s the latest installment in Casual Acid Tea’s ‘Secret History of Kind Men’ series, which sees modern bands reinterpreting songs from the classic historical compilation series ‘The Secret History of Mankind’ in their own style. This time round it’s the turn...view item »

Crystal Antlers
Nothing Is Real

I’ve got a lot of time for Crystal Antlers. Their first couple of LPs on Touch and Go and Recreation Ltd both went down a treat and now we’ve got this new one in our office with the group apparently now stripped back to a thr...view item »

Released By The Movement

Welsh quartet Islet are back with another album of strange experimental lo-fi pop with a deeply psychedelic, hypnotic bent. Last year’s debut album ‘Illuminated People’ was very enjoyable so I’m happy to give this one a go. My first impression is that this is a more fractured, twisted take on l...view item »

White Manna
Dune Worship

Strangely enough I actually saw White Manna just three or four nights ago at Leedsverpool Psychfest Leeds at the Brudenell on Sunday that had all the Psychfest bands playing. Anyway, I was pretty faded and it was about midnight and I totally tranced out to these guys, who play a fairly traditional and formulai...view item »

The Peoples Temple
More For The Masses

Sounding not unlike a Rolling Stones who have grown up solely on The White Stripes and Beck, the opening title track here blasts in with a guttural scream, riffs churn eff...view item »

Cian Ciaran
They Are Nothing Without Us

“Other Super Furry Animal” Cian Ciaran is back with his second solo album this week. I’ll be honest right off the bat and say I never heard the first one so I’m not going to try comparing the two here. The first thing that strikes me is that this is a pre...view item »

Carlton Melton
Always Even

Cosmic rock’s prolific bong voyagers Carlton Melton are back once again this week with yet another full-length offering of hypno-drones deep space whooshes and bobbling repeato riffs. In case you’re unfamiliar with this lot by now, they specialise in a head-nodding soup of astral drones and krauty...view item »

Dustin Wong
Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy

Dustin Wong is a lad who has been declared a ‘genius’ on these very pages. I wouldn’t go quite as far as that but what I would say is that he certainly knows his way around a loop pedal. His expertise manifests itself into a kind of jittery electronica that ocassionally strays into some...view item »

13th Floor Elevators
Bull Of The Woods

The material here speaks for itself. While it's true that this doesn't have the cohesion that 'Easter Everywhere' does, there are some good reasons: the Elevators were descending when this LP was made, Roky was in Rusk State Mental Hospital, and so it consists of outtakes from the Easter Everywhere LP (with only 2 or 3 cuts with ...view item »

White Sails
Laguna Sunrise

From Fruits de Mer's Regal Crabomophone label somes this great record from Mellow Drunk's Leigh Gregory with Ville and Jaakko Vilpponen - White Sails - with two track from the duo and a couple of covers of Black Sabbath which are as far from the original as one could possibly get. 7” vinyl, just the way you love it....view item »


This is the second album by Simon Price better known as one of the men in The Heads, a hugely popular group amongst you lot, our beloved consumers. This is nothing like his parent band but is just as valid in its own understated way. He purveys a brand of very organic, home produced ambient music which has a very ...view item »

Eat Lights Become Lights
Heavy Electrics

Londoners Eat Lights Become Lights are back with another album. Dave said last year’s debut ‘Autonomia’ “wears its krautrock influences on its face” and the same can be said for this one, with Ne...view item »

Ragnaraak / Chrome

More HoZac goodness on this here 7”, this time from Verma, who I hadn’t heard before. It’s kind of got a kraut-goth thing going on with echoed and muffled Zola Jesus hollers, repeato bassline and sheet-metal guitars hovering dizzily over it all. The A side is a pretty...view item »

Eat Lights Become Lights
Modular Living

Eat Lights Become Lights have been working away for years at their krautrock/post-rock/electronica hybrid with consistently decent results, and their persistence has been rewarded as their last LP sold out pretty sharpish and this new one has got a vinyl pressing on ...view item »

Thomas Dinger
Für Mich

The late Dinger brothers made a significant impact on music in the latter part of the 20th century, with the timeless music they made in Klaus’s Neu and Thomas’s La Dusseldorf sure to remain influential for many years to come. Thomas himself only made one solo album, &lsqu...view item »

Mystical Weapons
Mystical Weapons

Ian Skelly
Cut From A Star

Well, much like Erland and the Carnival and Skelly's own original priority, The Coral, 'Cut From a Star's' vibe centres on the late ‘60s as a minefield of inspiration. That the birth of the ‘70s was s...view item »

Sankt Otten
Messias Maschine

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin’s self-titled solo debut was one of those albums that took a while to creep up on me. What was initially just another innocuous indie-pop record has turned into a much-loved favourite with its mix of ‘90s power pop and ‘60s psychedelia. Cronin has an ability to write carefree, i...view item »

Rose Windows
The Sun Dogs

Sub Pop’s newest signing Rose Windows with their debut album ‘The Sun Dogs’, a record that’s steeped in the classic psychedelic rock sound of the ‘60s and ‘70s, with the warbling Hammond organ tones of The Doors and the distorted cru...view item »

Melt Yourself Down

Tuning into ‘Later with Jools Holland’ this week propensibly to watch the mesmerising Low, I sat through some hit and miss stuff but was struck by this group who resembled Pigbag. I couldn’t decide if it was a brilliant post-punk take on afro beat or a load of self indulgent twaddle. They f...view item »


The Handsome Family

Husband and wife duo Brett & Rennie Sparks aka The Handsome Family have been making mournful, melancholic yet beautiful music for twenty-one years now. “Wilderness” is their ninth studio album. “Wilderness” is a concept album about nature (really?) with every track nam...view item »

Brother JT
The Svelteness Of Boogietude

In Guards We Trust

A great set of songs with a great vocalist to boot. The beginning of "I Know It's You" sounds like a Passion Pit song remixed with mainly guitars instead of synths, the vocals make me think of what MGMT might have sounded like if they decided to rock out (check out the guitar break on that song). On another note, the track order leaves a little ...view item »

Captain Beefheart
Frank Freeman’s Dance Club

Yet another sub-standard bootleg release from Ozit to avoid at all costs! This time they seem to have lifted some of the audio from the official (but out of print) Grow Fins boxset yet inexplicably added some other tracks that are not only NOT from the Frank Freeman's 1968 gig, but also, not even from 1968! As always the artwork is shocking and ...view item »


Thomas Klein, as well as being the drummer in the excellent Kreidler, is the main man in Solyst and must still dine out on the fact that he got awarded our coveted Album of the Week with his previous self titled offering. From the looks of things this album carries on from where the last one left off. Natura...view item »
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Life Coach

The indefatigable Phil Manley is back under his Life Coach guise, and this time he’s got a sticksman - none other than Mars Volta/Fucking Am/Golden boy Jon Theodore! Anywa...view item »

The Peoples Temple
Live At Third Man

I like People’s Temple. On their two albums so far they’ve managed to knock out a disarmingly vital mixture of ‘60s garage rock and r’n’b for a sound that’s like Ty Segall knocking out some pepped up ...view item »

Recurring Dream

Klaus Dinger + Japandorf

Steve Mason
Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time

This is my favourite record of 2013 and I listened to it non-stop most of the Summer. When a lot of people I know went crazy in the heat and bad luck of last year, this record kept me sane. The album works as a whole with some tunes being variations: using reprises and (dub style) 'versions'. Binding it altogether is ...view item »

The Astral Body Electric

We’ve got two records in from the reliable Woodsist imprint this week. One’s a taut bit of power-pop from The Woolen Men and the other is this languid honk on the cosmic hippie psych lifepipe that is Herbcraft. It&rsq...view item »


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The Saint James Society
Bab(a/y)lon Rising

Here’s an LP from a Texan “psych rock gang” (quoth the press release) who play a self-described “Pentecostal Desert Glam” (caps their own). In case you’re wondering, this means some kind of cross between Echo & The Bunnymen, Kin...view item »
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Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Octopus Kool Aid

With the demise of the Mars Volta on everyone’s lips, the ever prolific O-Rod drops his latest solo LP this week, with his cousin Marcel handling drums and programming and Butcherette Teri Gender-Bender (also of his...view item »

Christelle Ou La Decouverte Du Mal

  • Reduced from £24.99 - saving you £12.49

Spectral Park
Spectral Park

Spectral Park is the alias of Southampton’s Luke Donovan, who here dishes out a debut LP of energetic sampledelic psych-pop which, says the press release, was “literally sourced from a box of records the Southampton multi-instrumentalist found on a walk by a council block’s curbside garbage”. That old art-from-trash chest...view item »

The Garbage & The Flowers
Eyes Rind As If Beggars

White Hills
Abstractions & Mutations

This is the first vinyl pressing of what started life as a tour CDr way back in 2007 when White Hills came over here with Dogntank while honcho Dave W was in the early stages of transforming the band from a solo studio project to the heavy cosmic psych...view item »

Ben Nash
The Mineral Victim

After a lengthy silence, Chora’s Ben Nash came back recently with an album made entirely on his computer, and now here’s another one which seems to have been made with a combination of computer and guitar, c...view item »
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Los Piranas
Toma Tu Jabon Kapax

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Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-68

Nuggets: A Classic Collection From the Psychedelic Sixties has a lot to like on it. This is a weird assortment of tracks, but they are unified in that each features a simple "hook" or distinctive and elemental riff. There is a minimum of "production" on most of these records; the band plays, the tape rolls, and that's that. Just about every trac...view item »

The Velvet Underground
La Cave 1968

John Cale had just left the Velvets in a state of confusion and despair, being that he was responsible for much of the band's most challenging and impressive work curving around people's idea of punk. La Cave 1968 sees newcomer Doug Yule in the early stages of his tenure with the band -- at the time ...view item »

Eternal Tapestry
A World Out Of Time

I cannot recall when I last heard Eternal Tapestry but I’m sure they were a great deal heavier, sludge-droney and mind-churning than this latest for Thrill Jockey suggests. Maybe I’m thinking of early Cav...view item »

Pop Levi

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Indian Handcrafts
Civil Disobedience for Losers

Black White White Light
Infrared Daylight

Phil said that these lot are supposed to sound like Spacemen 3 but come across a bit more REM. I see what he’s saying. The opening track sounds like the type of bands who, in the late ‘80s, heard the REM ...view item »
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The Brights
Full Colour Sound

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Leave No Star Unturned: Cambridge January 1972

An important archival live recording from early 1972, a period of few live examples (bootleg or official). "Doremi" classic personnel lineup (w/Ollis not King). Lots of psychedelic jamming with Turner honking away, Detmar & Dikmik atmospherics, Calvert poetic space interludes, Brock heavy guitar riffing. The mixing & mastering engineers ...view item »

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