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Here's what our Mike had to say when the tape first came out on Sun Ark in 2011:   Yeeeeah!! Here we have the long-anticipated audio cassette from Leeds's finest psychedelic upstarts, Hookworms, who are full of nice people who've played in other bands as is the Leeds 6 way. Out in an edition of 150 so you'd better make sure ...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Neither Virtue Nor Anger

Hailing from sunny Italy, Sonic Jesus create dark, heavy psychedelic/kraut music reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, TOY and Icelandic, ritualistic psych band, Dead Skeletons. They have a hint of Anatolian psych about the instrumentation too; with some of the woozing or...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth a.k.a Craig Dyer presents another psychedelic record from the industrial bowels of Manchester. There’s a sense of 90’s reverence on display without cosying up to outright nostalgia. Mesmerising and texturally rich, Haunted is just that. Out on CD and limited Coke Bottle colour vinyl LP ...view item »

Scan The Blue

exmagician thrown together a heady swirl of influences and sources for new album Scan The Blue. Field recordings and synthesisers all play their part in adding flavour to the sturdy garage rock tunes that propel the record. Songs of “hope, trust and revenge” the band assure us. Released by Bella Union....view item »

German Rock Scene - Clash Of Ages

The German Rock Scene compilation is largely the results of a trawl through the back catalogue of the Bacillus record label, a premium source of back-in-the-day psychedelic prog rock from Germany. The Clash Of Ages aspect of the title comes from disc 2, which complements the archival stuff with modern bands in a similar vein. T...view item »


Qluster is the third formation of minimal kosmische pioneers Kluster and Cluster. Original member Hans-Joachim Roedelius brings the group’s techno-futurism actually into the future, sharpening the rich synthesizer compositions of the original group with the newest technolo...view item »

Yeti Lane

Labels Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music have joined forces to bring the new album from Yeti Lane to vinyl LP and CD. For L’Aurore the psych duo built up their ideas for the album through a series of free-form improvisations with their pals, and thankfully their friends i...view item »


Baltimore resident PJ Dorsey releases his first album as his solo project Tarotplane. First is a nicely psyched-out journey, with tasty lashings of komische. Guitars are treated and reverbed, tape loops and field recordings filter in and out of the mix, and the results are all-round transportative. LP r...view item »

Live In San Francisco

Bronze’s playful electro-drone sounds great in the studio, but live is where their ferocious sound really makes sense. So thankfully Castle Face release Live In San Francisco, where the band’s unhinged blend of drone, primitive electronics and radiophonic pop are truly let loose. Ava...view item »

Venus Sleeps
Dead Sun Worship

Dead Sun Worship is yr traditional heavy sack of doom, the first record from Dublin’s Venus Sleeps. A touch of Ozzy Osbourne enters into the vocals, lending the whole affair a classic feel. The name of the record label, Heavy Earth Records, sets up a nice triumvirate of planets and stars too. 300 ...view item »

The Machine Stops

Hawkwind have been labeled with every type of forward-thinking rock music, from prog and space-rock, to krautrock and psych. On The Machine Stops, the band expand even further, incorporating more electronic elements for a grand concept album retelling a sci-fi classic. It’s nice and heavy too. ...view item »

Wall of Death

Wall of Death’s band name clashes pleasantly with their album title Loveland doesn’t it? The album title seems to have it here, with the record fitting comfortably into the warm and bright side of psych-rock as opposed to the crushing death-fuzz side. In fact, Loveland is a lush, gorgeous thing. Rel...view item »

Holy Wave
The Evil Has Landed Part II

Holy Wave are a hashed-up psych-rock gang from Austin, Texas. The Evil Has Landed Part II is a nice little bridge of a record, combining B-sides from the previous album Relax with demo versions from the forthcoming one. Pressed to clear 10&r...view item »

Flavor Crystals
The Shiver of The Flavor Crystals

Flavor Crystals are 1 decade and 4 albums into their career, which means that The Shiver Of The Flavor Crystals sounds exactly as the band means it to: a wispy, gorgeous psych-rock ride. Featuring guest appearances from members of The Telescopes and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Double ...view item »


Quilt craft a careful, sensitive set of tracks here on Plaza, working in the mould of luscious, string-section-augmented, folk-pop-rock. It sounds like the output of some relaxed 1970’s Californians, in the best way possible. The band’s third album, Plaza is released by Mexican Summer, with an indie...view item »

The Doors
L.A. Woman

LA Woman was the sixth and final studio album The Doors. Jim Morrison died shortly after its release in 1971. The band split with long-time producer Paul A. Rothchild leaving engineer Bruce Botnick to co-produce with the band. Along with the jazzy blues rock of the title track it features Love ...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth are a band for whom demand has always outstripped supply, so don’t hang around on this Fuzz Club release of Mademoiselle! This 2010 record was only ever released online before, so this is the first opportunity to get a physical copy of this particular strain of lo-fi psych-folk. CD and 1000-c...view item »

Documents 1975

Unfortunately (and inadvertently) timed to coincide with the death of core member Dieter Moebius, here is a set of previously unreleased recordings by Harmonia. Documents 1975 has live and studio tracks never before heard by the komische-loving public, all bounced down to cassette tape. On Grönland...view item »

Salem's Pot
The Vampire Strikes Back

The Vampire Strikes Back is a seemingly B-movie-inspired slice of garagey rock from Swedish psychedelic dudes Salem’s Pot. The band’s own original tune on the A-side is backed up with a cover of Dead Moon on the flip of this 7” single. Released on the RidingEasy label in a limited edit...view item »

Formerly Extinct

I saw these guys a coupla years ago and they were ace. I’d completely forgotten I’d seen them until I held this CD in my fat wet hand and then it all came back to me, just like that. Now you might think they can’t have been that ace as I’d have remembered but these...view item »

Six Organs of Admittance
Hexadic II

Ben Chasny continues to draw on his self-devised quasi-mystic system of charts and cards to produce Hexadic II, a totally different Six Organs Of Admittance album to Hexadic. These pieces focus on acoustic instruments, exploring space and sound in inscrutable ways. Released as a vinyl LP or as ...view item »

Doug Tuttle
It Calls On Me

It Calls On Me is the second solo album by Doug Tuttle. It follows on from his 2013 eponymous debut and his work with New Hampshire psych-rock outfit Mmoss, a band who shared members with Woods. On It Calls On Me, Tuttle leaves behind the anxious, unrequited love them...view item »

The Heretic's Bargain

All I know is that it’s heavy...Rangda’s surreal The Heretic’s Bargain incorporates surf guitar, free-improv shronk and all type of post-rock weirdness. Chris Corsano, Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny have now completely nailed the dynamics in their raw guitar and drums trio. Drag City are put...view item »


Just take a good, long look at the sleeve art for Creation. You now have a decent sense of the Lightstorm aesthetic: authentic 1970’s hippies on a spiritual space-journey. Most of the material gathered here was originally released on a small scale, so it is satisfying to see these oddities compiled and made availa...view item »

Nicklas Sorensen

Nicklas Sørensen, of Papir, strikes out on his own for the first time, with Solo (each track is also named Solo). Given the chance to just sit down with his guitar and make it happen, he follows some wonderful minimal patterns, establishing a healthy ambient feel for this listener. Relea...view item »

Chuck Johnson
Velvet Arc

Chuck Johnson is an american guitarist who has honed his sound and perfected his modernist American fingerpicking style over two albums: 2013’s Crows In The Basilica and 2015’s Blue Moon Boulder. His latest offering, Velvet Arc, sees him returning to areas he traversed in bands such as ...view item »

The High Frontier

I was well into Oakland stoner quintet Lumerians’ previous album on Hands In The Dark, as was our boss man Phil, so my day of high quality releases to review continues apace as I dive headlong into the mystical chunterings and otherworldly grooves of their ne...view item »

Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is back, and he’s brought some pals along too. Bitchin Bajas make an experimental din of synthesizers and horns and together they make Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties a strange and fascinating collaboration. This vinyl LP, CD or cassette is ...view item »

Symphony for the Devil

Mamuthones kick off their cover version of The Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ with a distinctly LCD Soundsystem-esque drum machine / synth combo. It’s certainly a new direction for the hardy old tune, but in fact it works rather well, especially when it ...view item »

Throw Down Bones
Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones are a fresh new coldwave duo with a harsh industrial edge to them, and this self-titled record is their debut full-length. It isn’t only cold synthesisers they use however: there is a notable bass guitar heft to the sound, and you sure can shuffle to this. CD and vinyl on Fuzz Club....view item »

Tim Chaplin
Boy To Make Me Worry

Tim Chaplin was busily recording tracks at home during the period 1998 to 2010, and the results are now audible to the wider public! I guess Chaplin doesn’t have neighbourly concerns, as Boy To Make Me Worry is often a full-blown noise-pop record: he doesn’t hold back on the distortion. This...view item »

Monster Magnet
Dopes To Infinity

Dopes to Infinity is part of Spinefarm Records’ Monster Magnet reissue series and it’s a pleasure to have this low-slung, grotty stoner rock back on double CD and vinyl LP. This was the third of the band’s proper studio albums, and by this point they had completely perfected their noisy and dro...view item »

Monster Magnet
God Says No

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner metal outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. God Says No was first released in 2001, their fifth studio album. Both the CD and the LP versions include a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. Reissued by Spinefarm....view item »

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. 1998’s Powertrip includes their hit, ‘Space Lord’, as well as some of the most metal sleeve art ever. This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes a...view item »

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. Superjudge, their 1993 effort, includes a cover of Hawkwind: head straight to space! This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. On Spi...view item »

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos
Born With The Caul

I have to rate this highly because it is a beautifully haunting album. It has three long songs and the sound is like...think of irish folk with elements of modern psych and progressive ambient. Perfect for a nice highway or couch chilling experience. It is instrumental all the way with marvellous intensity in the crescendos and most importantly ...view item »

Baumann / Koek
Baumann / Koek

Bureau B reissue Baumann/Koek’s self-titled 1978 kosmische synth workout on vinyl LP and CD. ‘Reissue’ doesn’t do justice to the label’s discovery of this dense and psychedelic drone album, which was originally pressed to only 1000 copies. The glistening arpeggios and drum machines ...view item »

Christian Bland & The Revelators / Chris Catalena & The Native Americans
Split EP

Christian Bland is a member of The Black Angels, but here he heads out with backing band The Revelators. Their woozy psych takes up one side of this Split EP, the other being taken by ...view item »

The Rhubarb Triangle
67 Guilford Street (I Feel Alright) / She’s A Demon

The Rhubarb Triangle is a an area between three towns in West Yorkshire famous for producing rhubarb….or in this case they are an experimental acid punk band based in London who are highly rated by Shindig! magazine. 67 Guilford Street (I Feel Alright) / She’s A Demon is their new single. It was recorded to...view item »


Baron are a British rock group who cast their gaze back to an earlier age of rock music, where a fascination with myth and mysticism crept around the edges of a lot of bands. Torpor is all about old time, old places, magic: plus thick guitar riffs and organ vamps. Released on the Svart label on CD and LP....view item »

High Priest of Saturn
Son of Earth and Sky

As the band name, album title and tracklisting (opening track: ‘Aeolian Dunes’) should imply, High Priest Of Saturn are deep into heavy, proggy classic rock. And boy do they work that niche: Son Of Earth And Sky is driven as much by organ as it is by guitar, and the Norwegians manage to conjure with their mu...view item »

Comets On Fire
Field Recordings From the Sun

A great album name here. Field Recordings from the Sun is the second LP from Comets On Fire, a grungy psyche band from the West Coast. It’s a swirling cosmic mess of punky grunge with some shouty vocals and general mayhem let loose. Turn it up loud and grab a beer because this one’s gonna knock you f...view item »

En Konsert For Folk Flest

A special release of Norwegian proggers Motorpsycho and Ståle together with Kammerkoret Aurum and Sheriffs Of Nothingness performing the commissioned work En Konsert For Folk Flest in the Nidarosdomen cathedral of Trondheim. Featuring a 24-piece choir this is a mighty piece captured and released here in this ...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
Mind Of A Brother

First ever release by wild-riding collective Sunburned Hand Of The Man, put together back in the late 90’s. For once, the music journalist’s cliche of ‘on-acid’ is appropriate, as the group’s strange improvised sputterings heard here were mostly made under the influence. Mind Of A Brother i...view item »

Comets On Fire
Comets On Fire

The self-titled debut album of Comets On Fire, reissued at last on the always-worthwhile Ba Da Bing label. The band make genuinely-deranged sounding psych-rock in case you didn’t know, the throat-shredding vocals and the loud, reverb-drenched production fighting each other to be the most int...view item »


Always good to have these German jewels in print. Gronland are reissuing the first two Harmonia studio albums, to the joy of all. The 1970’s group combined Cluster with Micheal Rother of Neu!: three professionals in the art of ascending to higher musical planes through shi...view item »

Singapore Sling
Psych Fuck

Icelandic group Singapore Sling pin their flag quite firmly to the mask with this title and that sleeve art: Psych Fuck emblazed in giant capital letters. There’s more to this record than a garagey torrent however: the group have a great feel for dark, simmering, Suicide-esque vibes. Out on the Fu...view item »

Lucid Sins

Lucid Sins are an old-school leaning hard-rock group, laying down a heavy riff, casting dramatic, mystik vocals over the top and riding it out. There is even a Medusa cover on Occultation. 12” vinyl in a limited edtion of 500 copies, with exclusive sleeve art from excellent author Alasdair...view item »

Indian Jewelry
Doing Easy

Doing Easy is the eighth album by the duo of Indian Jewelry, containing more fine blasts of their trademark style: psych-rock, but informed by the aesthetics of noise. Which is to say, everything is beautifully overcranked into distortion. Edition of 1000 copies on orange vinyl, on Reverberation Appreciation Society....view item »

Sun Dial
Mind Control

Sun Dial here reissue their 2012 album Mind Control, considering that it’s psychedelic strength is too mighty to waste on just one release. Fair enough, it is a pretty wild trip, your usual rock set-up being complemented with violin, mellotron, melodica etc. Two bonus tracks as well! CD on Sulatron....view item »

Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy

Following on from the recent reissue of Gong’s classic Camembert Electrique, which was praised for the quality of its sound and repackaging comes Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy, an equally opulent box set containing three Gong albums: Flying Teapot, Angels Egg and You. Ex...view item »

The Velvet Underground
Live At Max's Kansas City

Come along and hear The Velvet Underground performing live at their 1970 heroin-haze peak! Thanks to a fan with a cassette recorder, the band’s set Live At Max’s Kansas City was documented, containing many favourites. 5 tracks have been added for this remastered reissue on Rhino: single CD or double LP....view item »

Frank Zappa
Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison

Reissues afoot of two Frank Zappa albums on Universal. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison features the typical Zappa-isms, with lots of highly technical guitar and rhythm lines, but also a large amount of very synthetic-sounding synthesisers. The title track is a bizarre suite of semi-ambience. Coloured v...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Unnatural With Pain-Relief

Yet more essential action from the revived Vibracathedral Orchestra. One side is a beautiful resonant jam (I mean, pretty much all VCO meets that description, but this is extra lovely), and on the other we hear the quartet going full throttle at Cafe Oto with assistance from actual drum demon Chris Corsano. Yes!...view item »

Higamos Hogamos

Unashamedly synth-tastic instrumentals from Higamos Hogamos’ Steve Webster. What is interesting though is that there is unclear how much synth is actually present on Spacerocks… Apparently an improvised talk box is playing a major role? Either way, good and spacey. Four track picture disc on Hoga Nord....view item »

Al Lover
Zodiak Versions

Al Lover is a San Francisco-based producer. In recent times he has been exploring the links between psychedelic music. On Zodiak Versions he combines what he believes to be the two defining styles of underground music: Jamaican dub reggae and ‘70s krautrock. What we have here then, is rumbling dub bass lines and m...view item »

The Telescopes
Splashdown: The Complete Recordings 1990-1992

Early business from The Telescopes. Splashdown compiles all four of their Creation EP’s, a never-before-released theoretical fifth EP, their whole second album, some cover versions from compilations, and a previously unreleased Peel Session! Good lord! This comprehensive package can be yours for a very reasonable ...view item »

Krozier & The Generator

Tranceformer is a sincerely bizarre record from Geoff Krozier & The Generator. Odd synth patterns spiral around in the background along with other random samples, while Krozier intones strange monologues / commands over the top in his Australian voice. Very rare in its original private-press edition...view item »


Psychedelic rock from Chicago. Verma were apparently so inspired by the ancient Babylonian map of the cosmos named the Mul.apin that they used to it guide their compositional process; even if that mainly translates to “make space-rock”. It did also lead them to give double titles to each track here as well t...view item »

Bernd Kistenmacher
Wake Up In The Sun

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world a...view item »

Jess and The Ancient Ones
Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes

Jess and the Ancient Ones make a surf and metal-tinged psychedelic rock sound and mix it with themes of an occultish nature. The Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes is the Finnish band’s second full-length album and follows on from 2011’s self-titled debut and 2013’s Astral Sabat EP....view item »

As Plantas Que Curam

Brazilian psych-pop duo Boogarins are new to me but I’m immediately quite taken by this debut album. Apparently Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz are school friends from the central Brazilian city of Goiania who took to making bedroom recordings on borrowed equipment, working things out as they went along, and have ended up with a surprisi...view item »

Drumside / Dreamside

Rodinia have put together a wonderful rhythm-fest here for this LP. The two members started off with a jam on a stack of synth equipment, and later on added drums and other instruments. It feels like every aspect of the sound-field is in some way rhythmic, yet also a little ambient in texture. Drumside / Dreamside is release...view item »

Bernd Kistenmacher

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world a...view item »

The Hum

Third album from Leeds-based psychedelic noise band Hookworms. With a new drummer on board, this is a more confident, leaner and meaner offering from the band Julian Cope described as a "...sub-Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-o...view item »

Zeus B. Held
Vinyl Collection

Vinyl Collection compiles a stack of material taken from the three solo albums of Zeus B. Held, a German synth-head. With a background in prog, Held’s solo trips are fairly ornate, but there are also disco-like tracks, really weird tracks, and even a Beatles cover! 180g coloured v...view item »


Maserati are all about that motorik, about the need to drive forwards no matter what the sound. Reuhmanizer mixes krautrock’s classic rhythmic instinct with chugging guitars and other ‘classic rock’ elements. The results are as much of a space fantasy as the one depicted on the cover. Out on Temporary ...view item »

The Velvet Underground
Loaded: Reloaded 45th Anniversary Edition

A comprehensive reissue package of The Velvet Underground’s album Loaded, which has been Reloaded for its 45th anniversary. The record has been remastered in stereo and in mono, and two live shows from the time are also presented. And lots of demoes and rarities. And an audio DVD with different mixes. Tha...view item »

Jean-Claude Vannier
L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches

Über-rare in original pressing form (and relatively rare by now in its first Finders Keepers reissue edition), L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches is a cult wonder. Super-fresh sounding French odd-rock / odd-pop from the 1960’s, with the mastermind Jean-Claude Vannier utilising proggish jamming and soaring ch...view item »

The Silence
Hark The Silence

Hark The Silence is the second record by The Silence, a Japanese combo. Following on from their debut, the band have decided to say ‘fuck the songs!’ and delve into weighty instrumental madness as often as possible. They get so into it that the record stretches across 2 LPs. On Drag City....view item »


Ty Segall’s proto-metal trio, Fuzz are back with their second album aptly named, Fuzz II. The band are in a musical time warp, ostensibly existing somewhere between 1968 and 1973, a time when guitars were fuzzy, and everything was real heavy. Their eponymous debut was a cracking homage to the rock...view item »

Holy Water Pool

The Heaters are keen to let you know that they are big fans of ‘60s surf bands. However, it’s not something you’d necessarily know from their Holy Water Pool album. In parts it is reminiscent of Pink Floyd and any surf influences are heavily wrapped in swirling, epic indie rock. Availa...view item »

Richard Pinhas

Chronolyse was first released in 1977 (but only in France), as a sideline to Richard Pinhas’ activities in Heldon, the synth-prog experimentalists whose reputation is growing ever stronger. This is an LP of properly exploratory proportions, Moog arpeggios expanding everywhere. White vinyl reissue ...view item »

The Orange Revival

The Orange Revival make psychedelic, droning blues rock. Futurecent is a slab of acid-soaked fuzz, buzz and thump that recalls The Stooges and Brian Jonestown Massacre. To add more authenticity to their sound Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectru...view item »

Trader Horne
Morning Way

Morning Way, the only album ever made by Trader Horne, is considered a major (and majorly unappreciated) example of 1970’s British psychedelic folk. First of all, just look at that cover art! The music is similarly colourful, varied, and wonderfully odd. Reissued by Earth Recordings on CD or red coloured vinyl....view item »

Jimi Hendrix
The Cry Of Love

A repressing of the first Jimi Hendrix record to be released after his death, 'The Cry of Love' shows off the guitarist going deep into his extensive guitar lexicon, performing as if with some sort of prescience of his instrument. The record initially came out in 1971 and was affectionately released by Hendrix's old collaborators: Eddie Kramer a...view item »

Alpine Frequency

Alpine Frequency by MV & EE has been likened to a pair of Neil Young’s patched-up jeans, suggesting that, unlike their previous work, it is a collage of sound. A patchwork quilt of sounds brought together to make a sprawling double LP. They mix psychedelia, appalachian folk and aspects of indi...view item »

Otomejima No Otome

Miminokoto are a trio with some serious pedigree, bringing together members of Acid Mothers Temple, Astral Travelling Unity and Che-SIZU for a blasted sounding psych-rock trip. These guys know how to do it. Otomejima No Otome is pressed to some very fetching 180g pink a...view item »

Termination Shock

‘Termination Shock’ is the third album release from ambient synth composer Majeure (aka Paterra from Zombi). Comprising eight tracks of intimate, minimalistic ambient synth tracks, the record is part new age, part kraut rock with endless textural layers of 90’s/2000’s inspired synths which Paterra describes as his coldest...view item »

Jerusalem In My Heart
If He Dies, If If If If If If

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh has had a long relationship with Constellation, Montreal's banner-label for post-rock and any experimental music that grows from its roots. He's produced records for post-punkers Ought and avant-jazz artist Matana Roberts, made albums with folk-warper Eric Chenaux...view item »

Natural Snow Buildings
Terror's Horns

Very exciting times as a brand new Natural Snow Buildings announce a new record on Ba Da Bing! Terror's Horns is a relatively brief excursion for the duo, and is a little less droney than most past efforts. The vocals can recall bleak English folk, but the music is a wonderful, multi-faceted blur. Gorgeous st...view item »

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra
Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra is an unusual project name isn't it? I guess Johnny Kafta really hates vegetarians…? Well, whether he does or not, the self-titled album of this group of his expresses strong vibes of free-rock, honed carefully (through improvisation) in the Lebanon. LP on...view item »

Magic Bus
Seven Wonders

Magic Bus have something of a mysticism to them, inherited from 1970's era English folk-rock along with much of their sound. Seven Wonders is taken from their latest album Transmission From Sogmore's Garden, with an exclusive track on the B-side. This 7" single release continues their relationship wi...view item »

Tir na nOg

Tir na nOg are an Irish psychedelic, progressive rock band who have been a bit quiet for 40 years or so.This is a 7” of their new single, Ricochet, from their upcoming album The Dark Dance, their first album in 40 years.It’s a dark, building slice of psychedelia and is backed with a ...view item »


Mueller_Roedelius are Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Christoph H. Mueller, coming together for the first time to create Imagori. It’s an album of electronic music but it feels intimately hand-crafted. The tunes are deep and warm with some rich piano and lots of percussive flourishes. It’s like electronic...view item »

Sweat and Swim

A rare example of Swiss Kraut-Prog, Krokodil made a few albums prior to Sweat And Swim, their 1973 final effort. This album is a double, and fits a whole lot of hard rocking action into that space, tempered by touches that might be called freaky. The feeling is of a vehicle driving relentlessly forwards...view item »

The Kitchen Cinq
When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-68

The Kitchen Cinq are very much an in-the-known band, beloved by those that know, but generally lurking in the shadows, including behind frontman Lee Hazlewood’s solo career. When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-1968 collects the whole lot of their sparky garage-rock’n’roll, i...view item »


Following the release of the Can Box, Mute are reissuing all of Can’s albums separately. Landed is Can’s 7th studio album and was originally released in 1975. The album was produced by the band and they utilised a 16-track recorder for the fi...view item »

Wot Oz

Herbcraft are a psychedelically-inclined group (no shit), and they recorded Wot Oz almost by accident. Originally the session was just a warm-up, but soon it turned out the jammed-out material was too good not to do something with. Sounds like the product of a mind overheated on a hot August afternoon: e.g. it sounds ve...view item »

Sankt Otten / Majeure

Available as either Digipak CD with 3D print or 180gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve with free digital download and 3D print from Denovali. A split record from Majeure (Zombi’s A.E. Pattera) and German duo Sankt Otten. File somewhere between your blade runner soundtrack and ...view item »

Wirikuta EP

Psychedelic trip-tunes here from TAU, formerly of Dead Skeletons. His EP Wirikuta is deeply inspired by the desert, specifically the deserts of North-West Mexico, where it is implied that he has had some wild experiences. Some of the tracks build on traditional medicine songs, some build that vibe up fr...view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Batlight Clearkid

Here we have a collection of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band live recordings dating from the 70’s: premium times for the Captain. John Peel himself compiled the collection that appears on Batlight Clearkid, and the fourteen tracks are presented on 180g yellow vinyl with an array of rare ...view item »


Pridjevi are a Croatian crew, formed of three songwriters who have audibly psychedelic interests. Sung entirely in Croatian (good thing too), this self-titled debut is a lovely whirling thing, hypnotising listeners with circular rhythms, acid rock guitars, and a haze of indefinable background sound. On Trouble In Mind....view item »

The Telescopes
Hidden Fields

The Telescopes have a rich history of walking the borderline of sheer noise and straight song-forms, never quite committing to either. Hidden Fields, their first record since 2013, finds them channelling wild drones into fairly songish songs, by their standards. A heady rush of devotional sonics, released by Tapete....view item »

The Bevis Frond
Inner Marshland

Inner Marshland is the second album from The Bevis frond, aka Nick Saloman. Originally released in 1987, the album has been long out-of-print and features six bonus tracks from the original sessions. Nick Saloman has the ability to write beautiful, honest pop songs and wrap them in swirling psychedelia. Artists such as ...view item »

Blank Realm
Go Easy

From Australia but by the Pere Ubu-style noise quirk you may think that they’d emerged from an industrial US city, Cleveland or Detroit for example. On ‘Cleaning Up My Mess’ (a dirty job but someones got to do it) there is a mass of ...view item »

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