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Comets On Fire
Blue Cathedral

I've never really heard much Comets On Fire before. Their new album on Sub Pop has just landed on LP and CD and this really sounds like early Monster Magnet with hints of Hawkwind. Big fecking stoner rock about as big as stoner rock gets. Listening to this makes me want to buy a big bike and get absolutely twatted on...view item »

Mythic Sunship

Mythic Sunship are a band deeply in love with the early freakout krautrock bands, heavily psychedelic and fuzzed into bliss. Some of the band members of this Copenhagen-based outfit have associations with the Posh Isolation label, so look out for noisy tinges around the edges. Ouroboros is th...view item »

Death And Vanilla
Death And Vanilla

The year was 2012 when we first got offered copies of this, the first album from Death and Vanilla. It was a Normans favourite but like all good things disappeared very quickly. Fire Records have since helped take the band to new levels of popularity by unleashing the band's second album 'Where the Wild Things Are' and now that they are playing ...view item »

Tame Impala

Tame Impala have proved themselves champions of psychedelic rock over the past few years, ascending to the top of the pecking order with 'Lonerism', their tightly-knit collection of fluorescent pop tunes. Their debut 'Innerspeaker' is a worthy record in its own right, deftly navigating their heavy stoner influence with serene and inviting pop ho...view item »

Death And Vanilla

Oh kind people at Fire Records, fresh from issuing Death and Vanilla's much loved second album 'Where the Wild Things Are' have now embarked on a re-issue programme of the bands earlier work including this now impossi-find debut EP. This was the record that first informed us that there could indeed be life after Broadcast. ...view item »

Jakob Skott
All The Colours Of The Dust

Jakob Skott drums in the Danish group Causa Sui, but also has a solo concern where he sets his drums off against his synthesiser collection. All The Colours Of The Dust is his third record of this, and is real nice and groovy, the drums and synths darting in and out of one another for a technicolour exp...view item »

Klaus Johann Grobe
Spagat der Liebe

High quality Deutsche-language grooves from Klaus Johann Grobe, a band who specialise in summer-night dance pop. Spagat der Liebe, their second album, shimmers and shakes even more than the first one did, while simultaneously showing off its links to the komische-synth tradition. Released by Trouble In Mind....view item »

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
The Soft Bounce

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, the pairing of Richard Norris and Erol Alkan, are best known for their space-psychedelic remixes of indie and dance tunes, but The Soft Bounce has them producing a full suite of original material that swims through synth-pop and acid drops. Guests include ...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

Tales Of Murder And Dust are a band of heavy Danes who have moved into darker and weightier territory with each release. The Flow In Between was apparently ‘forged’ on an island whose name translates to ‘Death’, which appears to have seeped into the ma...view item »

The Third Sound
Gospels of Degeneration

The Third Sound are a strong indie-psych band with Brian Jonestown Massacre associations: they’ve toured together, and Tess Parks appears on one of these new tracks. Gospels of Degeneration is their third album. Released as a CD or as delicious-looking ‘Coke Bottle’ st...view item »

Dead Skeletons
Live In Berlin

Dead Skeletons played the first show of Berlin’s restored SO36, opening proceedings in style with ecstatic psychedelic drone-rock. Live In Berlin is available as a CD, or as a lushly-packaged double vinyl set pressed to coloured wax, wherein the D-side is attractively screen-printed. 1000 copies on Fuzz Club....view item »

City Sun Eater In The River of Light

City Sun Eater In The River of Light is the ninth LP by Woods, the American alt-folk-rock troupe with a psychedelic, even jazzy approach to their sound. As only their second recording made in a ‘proper’ studio, the sound is crisp and clear, but not lacking in the oddness either. The album is available on wha...view item »

Sidewalk Society
The Action / Bowie covers

Sidewalk Society love to play covers, and they especially love to play cover songs drawn from the absurdly fruitful time and place of the UK in the 60’s and early 70’s. This 7” does indeed include covers of The Action and David Bowie (two by each), performed in such a way that ...view item »

The Fruits de Mer Records Guide to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

The Fruits de Mer Records label pays curious tribute to the Douglas Adams TV series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with 3 different takes on the main theme. Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Astralasia and Icarus Peel all work their magic on the 7”, which comes...view item »

Galactic Zoo Dossier #10

What a lovely thing: the 10th edition of the Galactic Zoo Dossier zine! Hand-illustrated artwork makes every page beautiful, and you’ll learn a lot from 16 interviews with cool people like Michael Chapman, Arthur Brown and Shirley Collins! The zine also comes with trading cards (w...view item »

The Bevis Frond
New River Head

New River Head was the 7th release by The Bevis Frond. It is regarded as the best album to buy to get into their sprawling back catalogue as it juxtaposes melodic genius on songs such as He’d Be A Diamond with psych-rock wig outs on the 17-minute Miskatonic Variations II. Both are typical ex...view item »

Les Big Byrd
Stockholm Death Star

Following support slots with Goat and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Les Big Byrd commit their Scandinavian space rock to tape with Stockholm Death Star. Fuzzy and full of modern-psych overtones it’s also packed with a distinctly Swedish knack for pop hooks. Out on vinyl 12” from ‘a’ Recordings....view item »

Captain Beefheart
Live at Knebworth 1975

Although Beefheart was in something of a creative slump mid '70s, he returned to Knebworth each year to perform his avant boogie blues. Here he seems to stick to a tried and tested setlist of freakout favourites which must have delighted any hippies still hanging on as well as proto new wavers waiting for punk to come along. Comes on orange wax ...view item »

White Hills / RMFTM
Split Single No. 8

A very limited vinyl 10” split from the Fuzz Club label. Split Single No. 8 sees RMFTM contributing a psychedelic piece of industrial-drone full of colossal guitars and hazy textures, whilst White Hills give us a stoner epic of blues riffs and dizzying feedback. This is mo...view item »


Here’s a rare one: the 1999 self-titled release by Tokyo’s Up-Tight, originally only circulated in Japan as a CDr, limited to 100 copies. The band play heavy psychedelic rock in the noisy style of Japan’s finest: think Acid Mothers Temple and Les Rallizes Dénudés....view item »

Salem's Pot
Pronounce This!

You can’t really see the faces of Salem’s Pot under their masks on that sleeve art, but they can see you… It's the perfect image for this Swedish gang of splatter-horror movie obsessives: a spooky threat but with a rich undertow of campy fun. That vibe flows through the hard-acid-rock of Pronouce This!...view item »

Lola Colt
Twist Through The Fire

Film noir-inspired grooves from London six-piece Lola Colt. Hypnotic beats and big woozy guitars weave menacingly around singer Gun Overbye's haunting and poetic lyrics, creating a psychedelic and mesmerising soundscape. This lovely thing is available to pre-order now, on limited ghostly white vinyl. ...view item »

Rafi Bookstaber
Late Summer

Late Summer sounds like a meet-in-the-middle between old, mellow guitar troubadour-isms and out-there underground rural psych in the vein of MV & EE. Rafi Bookstaber plays analogue-treated guitar in a way that makes it feel almos...view item »

The Rough Guide To A World Of Psychedelia

A bargain priced album showcasing global psychedelic right through from the '60s to the present day. Big representation from Latin America on here but also stuff from Africa and India all carefully selected to give you an overview off how the genre combined with politics and rebellion to create mind bending music.   ...view item »

Jonas Munk

Definite krautrock influence here from the Danish electronic musician most famed for his records under the name Manual and who has already collaborated with the likes of Tortoise and Chicago Jazz Ensemble. Opener 'Orca' comprises the electronic squiggles of Kraftwerk circa 'Autobahn' with ...view item »


Toronto’s Bart present their debut album, wittily entitled Holomew. Their prog-pop is full of saxophones and 70’s-esque soft-rock touches, and this is no bad thing. The album is pressed to vinyl and served up in a sleeve that has been printed entirely using visually-arresting foil stamping and embossing tech...view item »

Lukombo Vibes

Never forget the sound of Zamrock, Zambia’s 1970’s response to the rock’n’prog boom going on in the Anglocentric world. Bands like Witch took those styles and filtered them through immense funk and Afro rhythms for something particularly special. Lukombo Vi...view item »

The Myrrors
Entranced Earth

Join The Myrrors for another trip into the outer cosmic psych-ways: they know a good short-cut. Entranced Earth, their third album is plenty spaced-out, although without the sonic flab one sometimes encounters on sets like these: The Myrrors...view item »

The Bevis Frond
Any Gas Faster

The Bevis Frond were an indie band in the classic mould, releasing their earnest, slightly scrappy rock action on an array of small labels. The time has come for some reissues: here we have 1990’s Any Gas Faster, a particularly psych-tinged record, and the first Bevis Frond album to be recorded in...view item »

The Bevis Frond
London Stone

The Bevis Frond were an indie band in the classic mould, releasing their earnest, slightly scrappy rock action on an array of small labels. The time has come for some reissues: here we have London Stone, recorded in 1991 but not released until 2005, bolstered by a set of bonu...view item »

Two Isles

Monarch have been hanging out in sunny San Diego for so long now that they can’t help but sound lounged-out and relaxed. Their debut album Two Isles is a psych-tinged, slightly-stoned rock record that feels in no hurry to go anywhere too soon: each song is comfortable j...view item »

Mercury Rev
Yerself Is Steam

Mercury Rev introduced themselves in 1991 with possibly the wildest and weirdest record of their whole career. Yerself Is Steam is a beautiful indie-pop record, but also a blasted-sounding suite of noisy experimentalism: everything is piled in on top of everything else, with impressively glorious results. A very welcome...view item »

The Paperhead
Africa (Live)

A part of the Third Man Live series from Jack White’s Third Man Records we have a live 7” of the song “Africa” by The Paperhead which is backed with an unreleased track titled “Little Kid Blues”. This is some heavy blues with some banging drum...view item »

Ramayana Soul

Ramayana Soul are an excellent Indonesian outfit who pull off a heady blend of actual Eastern music with some of 60’s-ish Western psychedelic music that originally took influence from the East. Sabdatanmantra thus reclaims and re-appropriates at the same time, staying gorgeous and groovy the whole time! Out on Jap...view item »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin is a Thai musician who received a bit of Western attention thanks to Youtube. With his Electric Phin Band, he plays a fairly excellent form of psychedelia, with long, spaced-out jams that centre on the phin, a kind of lute. II contains original tunes in addition to a few covers of Thai pop so...view item »

Trinity Way

H.U.M. is a deeply psychedelic project sprung from the minds and souls of Gnod associate Mark Wagner and Zamzamrec label chieftains Olmo and Heloise...view item »

Swedish Death Candy

There’s mysteries and then there’s surprises, and Swedish Death Candy is a little bit of both. From the streets of London, these blokes deliver some of truly head-bobber psychedelic rock. Expect vocals that sound like they come from miles away, distorted guitar riffs that you will be humming all day long, and an...view item »

Girl Sweat
Bad Happenings

Who needs garage-rock when you can have garage-noise? If it’s messy, blasted-out fun-time vibes you want, go straight for Girl Sweat, who utilises a lap steel, some synths and drum machines, and some howled / hollered vocals, all squeezed through stacks of distortion and echo. Bad Happenings is the debut full-leng...view item »

Terminal Lovers
Flight Out

Terminal Lovers are a five-piece psychedelic rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. They describe their sound as ‘fried rock’ and ‘rare burning groove’. Their new seven track LP, Flight Out certainly is ‘out there’ and comes in two very limited vinyl editions.  On 300 mics....view item »

King Crimson
Lark's Tongues In Aspic

The title track - the opener - is an album's worth of genre-bending stylings and thorough musical control. It builds from a distant percussive murmur to become a riff worthy enough to impress most 70s metalheads. Beyond that initial six minute burst things get funky, melancholic with the introduction of violin, and then the restraint returns. Re...view item »

King Crimson

Here we are with King Crimson reissue LP no. 6 on DGM/Panegyric. Capturing Fripp & co at their most fiery, 1971's 'Islands' features heavy use of the saxophone of Mel Collins, heralding in the group's more dissonant era as a departure from their earlier bombast. All the reissue luxuries are present here - 200 gram vinyl, original sleeve...view item »

Pink Floyd

More is the soundtrack to the Barbet Schroeder film of the same name. It was released in 1969 between the albums A Saucerful of Secrets and Ummagumma. The album featured acoustic folk ballads which the band would reprise on other albums and some heavy rock that wasn’t particularly representa...view item »

CCR Headcleaner
Tear Down The Wall

CCR Headcleaner play the kind of psychedelic music that seems to have just about crossed over into genuinely demented territory: this shit sounds fucked up. Tear Down The Wall, which comes complete with some highly-spirited sleeve art, is their third album proper, thrown aggressively out into the world by In The Red....view item »

Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties

If you’re expecting a babble of beautiful girls then the slouching, hairy blokes which make up Sleeping Beauties may leave you disappointed. The music on their eponymous LP however, is sure to please with its full on rock, primal guitar and slight psychedelia, think 13th Floor Elevators meets a bit of punk...view item »

The Honey Pot
Inside The Whale

Incredibly tight psych songwriting from the ever-eccentric The Honey Pot. Inside the Whale is built on sickly-sweet harmonies and thick reverb. The hazy west coast lyrics and 60s rock and roll grooves are kept in check by absolutely gorgeous production and arrangement. This is Phil Spector-inspired psychedelia w...view item »

The Walrus EP

Tross is a project of former Spacemen 3 bassist Pete Bain, who has also gone under the name of Pete Bassman. True to his personal heritage, The Walrus EP is a on tripped-out, spaced-up psychedelic vibe, chugging onwards into the rainbow infinity. Pressed to picture disc...view item »

Peter J Smyth
Black Smoke

Peter J. Smyth has probably already transported you and your third eye into cosmic psych-realms in the past as part or Mugstar, but this solo album takes a rather different tack. Black Smoke relies on acoustic, not electric guitars, and clean finger-picking rather than distorted riffing. What a powerful...view item »

The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Monolith of Phobos

This is where Sean Lennon and Les Claypool collide together, resulting in the fantastically unwieldy band moniker The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Their album Monolith of Phobos is a real psychedelic suite, with a cheerfully proggish approach to studio manipulations and instrumental profli...view item »

Die Krupps

Stahlwerkrequium is a resurrection of the spirit of the 1981 Die Krupps album Stahlwerksinfonie, a thick grind of industrial rock (‘Stahlwerk’ translates to ‘Steelworks’). But better yet, this time the band has 2 key members of Faust on-board, guaranteeing a beautifully ...view item »

Live Chronicles Volume 2

Spectrum is Sonic Boom, who is Pete Kember, who was in Spacemen 3. Which is to say that this is a lifelong psych traveller we are dealing with here. These cosmic recordings were performed live in front of an enthused crowd in Tokyo, and things get good and spacey. Live Chron...view item »

Live Chronicles Volume 1

Spectrum is Sonic Boom, who is Pete Kember, who was in Spacemen 3. Which is to say that this is a lifelong psych traveller we are dealing with here. These cosmic recordings were rained down upon grateful audiences in Newcastle and London in the very early 90’s, and they ge...view item »

Klaus Johann Grobe
Traumhaft / Nicht Zu Stoppen

Klaus Johann Grobe’s debut 10” quite rightly grabbed our coveted Single of the Week trophy when it came out a few months ago so it’s nice to see to see that they’re back with a new 7” this week. The first side opens with a kind of rinky-dink organ sound which made me wonder...view item »

One Unique Signal

On Hoopsnake, One Unique Signal prove that they are the heaviest and most repetitive noise-rock band in existence. Every song on the album is built from a single crushingly loud and minimal riff that is explored, destroyed and rebuilt by a range of collaborators and gear. Somehow they turn a single riff into a work of art....view item »

DJ Format's Psych Out

DJ Format loves his psych music, apparently slightly more than the audiences at his funky DJ set shows. So this compilation scratches his fuzzy psychedelic itch, gathering up a stack of rare cuts from around the worlds, including The Tijuana Brats, Bana Pop Band and Aleksandr Sergeyevich...view item »

Structures: Unreleased Material 1985-1989

These heady krautrock jams from Circles have never previously seen the light of day, due to shockingly low levels of commercial interest back in the day. Those 80’s record purchasers don’t know what they missed… But we do! And Structures: Unreleased Material 198...view item »

LP 3

Alto! are a band of Portland’s finest, with 2 drummers and a guitarist who has played with the brothers Alan and Richard Bishop. They tend to get into some messed-up gnarly jams, with afro psych-tinged guitar licks and layers of polyrhythms. LP3 is their first release away from th...view item »


Parlour is what various members of Papa M, Crain and The For Carnation do away from their ‘day jobs’: play a different brand of alternative guitar music. They’ve su...view item »

Wars of the Roses

Norwegian band Ulver have always been hard to pin down, and their eighth album is no exception, whisking their history of black metal, post-rock and ambience into a progressive, song-based whole. First released in 2011, this reissue of Wars of the Roses presses the music onto pure white vinyl. On Kscope....view item »

Octopus Syng
Reverberating Garden No. 7

Octopus Syng are a Scandinavian band deeply in love with all the different kinds of psychedelic music, from the heavy distorted stuff to the acid-on-a-summer-afternoon acoustic stuff. It all comes together on new single Reverberating Garden No. 7, which is as colourful and welcomingly hazy as that throwback sleeve art s...view item »


It’s good to have a range of interests isn’t it? David Johansson is known in the doom metal world for his noisy howling as the frontman of Kongh, but he also makes vintage synth music in a giallo-in-space kind of style, as ...view item »

Causa Sui
Return To Sky

Spaced-out krautrock impressions from Causa Sui. They bring the tight loops and grooves of a minimal rock group, but add in some slowed down stoner freak-outs. Return to Sky on El Paraiso Records is unapologetically psychedelic, full of heavy riffing, massive drums and surreal breakdowns that so...view item »


Interkosmos are a band who dearly long to be in outer space: specifically, space as conceptualised by 1960’s sci-fi films. How to get there? Through acid and psychedelic guitars of course! This album has been circulated online for some years, but this is the first proper (non-CDr) release, adding a bonus...view item »

Comets On Fire

The latest COMETS ON FIRE Album is here. I gave this a whirl earlier in the week and had mixed feelings. I like elements of their sound but then the guitars wonder off into super over widdly metal/prog/ cock rock mode which is a shame. I was under the impression that these guys made kick ass stoner rock so I'm a little disappointed. Th...view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Lick My Decals, Baby is Captain Beefheart’s fourth album, initially released in 1970 with the Magic Band naturally in tow. This was reportedly the big man’s favourite of his own records: not coincidentally, it is also one of his most experimental, sounding something like a broken blues band ...view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid

The Spotlight Kid is Captain Beefheart’s sixth album, initially released in 1972 with the Magic Band naturally in tow. Following straight on from Trout Mask Replica and Lick My Decals Off, Baby, this record finds the music slowing down somewhat, letting Beefheart...view item »

Orchestra Of Spheres
Brothers and Sisters of The Black Lagoon

Orchestra of Spheres are a motley band of New Zealand psychedelics with a love for vibrant costumes that you can somehow hear in the music. Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon sees them continue their third-eye journey, although never losing their grounding in limber gro...view item »

The Dwarfs of East Agouza

The Dwarfs of East Agouza is a new trio, formed of Sam Shalabi of Land of Kush, Maurice Louca of Alif, and none other than Alan Bishop of the great Sun City Girls. Recorded in Cairo, Bes is a fantastic set of grooving, ...view item »

Cloud Becomes Your Hand
Rest In Fleas

Cloud Becomes Your Hand are a New York band so adept at playing their instruments that they can afford to have fun with it. Tightly interlocking rhythmic-melodic patterns power forwards with plenty of colourful touches thrown in: cartoonish vocal interjections, surprising samples, MIDI percussion. But ...view item »

Another Splash of Colour - New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985

This release goes back to a classic 1982 compilation of hot psychedelic action and expands it into a full-blown triple CD set. Major artists and semi-forgotten obscurities rub shoulders on Another Splash Of Colour - New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985, showing off the full spectrum of what was going on. 64-track box-set on RPM....view item »

Crystal Jacqueline
Morning Dew

Crystal Jacqueline have a bit fun with this little 7”, performing 3 covers of favourite songs (by The Jaynetts, Bonnie Dobson and Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies) and 1 original by their associate Icarus Peel. The new, extra-psychedelic spins they provide a...view item »

Various Artists
Music From The Motion Picture: The Ballad Of Genesis & Lady Jaye

This is the soundtrack of the remarkable story of the pandrogyne project between Genesis P. Orridge and his/her partner Lady Jaye in which by way of thousands of pounds worth of plastic surgery Genesis more resembled his/her wife. A tale where the lyrics of the Beautiful South song 'We Are Each Other' came ...view item »

Radar Men From The Moon
Subversive I

Radar Men From The Moon are, not entirely surprisingly, a space-rock band, travellers on psychedelic lunar pathways. With lots of distortion and riffs.. On debut Subversive I they keep it instrumental, to let the power of the band’s sound really fly unimpeded Just 500 copies of this 12” out there, released b...view item »

Zero Moment

First full-length recording from Contact, the pairing of A.E. Paterra, who has played with Majeure and Zombi, and the film composer Paul Lawler...view item »

Proud Peasant
Cosmic Sound

Texas band Proud Peasant are deep into their progressive rock, and know how to snap straight into the highest grade of old-school keyboard-led deep cuts. Here they show off their credentials with impeccable covers of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Eloy. Coloured vinyl 7” in a gatefold...view item »

Claudio Cataldi
Here She Comes Now

It’s no slight on the songwriting skills of Claudio Cataldi to say that his cover of The Velvet Underground’s Here She Comes Now is the highlight of this EP: you just can’t beat that classic ...view item »

Space Ritual

The crowning achievement for space rockers Hawkwind, Space Ritual captures a blistering live show from 1972. Rhino bring this monstrous double LP back to vinyl again. These extended freak-out jams, complete with spoken word sections, screeching riffs and berserk electronic breakdowns are how Hawkwind are meant t...view item »

Electric Eye
Different Sun

This sophomore effort from Electric Eye picks up where their 2013 debut Pick-up, Lift-up, Space, Time started. Different Sun is a raucous album of psychedelic hard rock which updates the prog they love. Sitar solos? Check. Reversed guitars? Check. Distorted organs? Check. ...view item »

The Honey Pot
To The Edge of The World and Beyond

The Honey Pot are total 60’s lovers, their music being full of flaring psychedelic guitar riffs and the exact kind of vocals that were prominent at that time. Though they come from the West Country, they sound San Francisco through and through. To The Edge Of The World And Beyond is out on Mega Dodo....view item »

Astral Son
Silver Moon

Astral Son’s album Silver Moon is, obviously, a psychedelic rock album (only metal has clearer genre signifiers). It’s a pretty premium one though, with the 60’s variety of psych evidently preferred: lots of dreamy vocals and shiny, colourful textures. Perfect for dropping out on a summer afternoon. CD...view item »

Brown Acid: The Second Trip

As the name might signal, Brown Acid: The Second Trip draws its sounds from the post-Woodstock era of psychy American rock. The aim here is to pull out obscure tracks and bands missed by stardom and previous compilations, and the results are fabulous and atmospheric. How could they remain so rare for so long? On RidingEasy....view item »

Desire's Magic Theatre

Purson are described by their leader Rosalie Cunningham (formerly of Ipso Facto) as “vaudeville carny psych”, so you know that this will be a fun listen. Desire’s Magic Theatre is in fact a rock opera in classic overblown proggy style, the band plunging into dramatic, ...view item »

Fumaca Preta
Fumaca Preta

This is an experiment started by Figueira, a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer and percussionist who invited some mates to the studio he shoehorned on the back of his house. They had a right old laugh making some digi-dub jams, pulsing acidy electronics and psych guitar workouts.   ...view item »

Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera
Magnetic Systems

The trio of Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera share a huge amount of talent between them, being involved in a large amount of the amazing film music that came out of Italy in the 1970’s. The tracks compiled on Magnetic Systems were recorded with the commercial instrumental pop market in mind, and are frankly wild: gaudy synt...view item »

Synthezoid Heartbreak / Distant Visions

It’s hard to believe that this funky, sci-fi boogie came out in 1975. Maya’s Synthezoid Heartbreak and Distant Visions are long-lost pieces of psychedelic hard rock, complete with frazzled solos and sleazy synth bass. With this vinyl 7” reissue the Touch Sensitive...view item »

Dead Rabbits
The Ticket That Exploded

This is the debut album of British band Dead Rabbits, first released in 2013 and now back in circulation courtesy of Fuzz Club. True to the label, The Ticket That Exploded is full of hazed fuzz-rock: bleak lyrics seek comfort in warm organ drones and throbbing rhythms. The LP edition of this reissue is limited to 500 co...view item »

Le Super Homard
Maple Key

Le Super Homard are a three-piece electronic pop band. They were formed by Christophe Vaillant, who was previously in ‘60s-style beat group Pony Taylor. The lineup is completed by Vaillant’s brother, Olivier and Pandora Burgess.  They wear their influences, such as Stereolab and...view item »

Dieter Moebius

Dieter Moebius, the recently-deceased member of Cluster and Harmonia and one of the founding fathers of komische, recorded Nurton late in his career, in 2006. It finds him allowing the dreamy smoothness of a lot of his work to impacted on by noisy occurrences and jarring textures: even ...view item »

False Flag

Oh my oh my what we have here is a super trio: Sir Richard Bishop, Ben Chasney and Chris Corsano. I could probably stop writing there and for many those three names alone would be a deal clincher... Opener 'Waldorf Hysteria' is a full on manic and intense psych rock freakout and then we get 'Bull Lore' which could be a score for a Sergio Leo...view item »

Hotel Wrecking City Traders

Hotel Wrecking City Traders are an instrumental Australian group who tread the line between psychedelic rock jams and noise rock detonations. Phantomonium is grounded by heavy rhythms and covered in thick guitar fuzz: it's no surprise to hear they recently released a split with Hey Colossus. Released on...view item »

Blown Out
Supernormal 2015 Live Transmissions iii

Blown Out is a heavy assemblage of Newcastle doomsters, taken from bands such as Bong, Drunk In Hell and 11Paranoias. This LP contains the truth about what they did at Supernormal festival in 2015: they blasted out some blackened jams. Live Transmissions iii is released...view item »

Fumaca Preta
Impuros Fanaticos

Second full-length album from Fumaça Preta, the experimentally-inclined Spanish-language group. Recorded in locations as diverse as a Spanish desert and the border of Venezuela and Brazil, Impuros Fanaticos is as heavy as it is groovy as it is frenzied: a busy blur of sound that recalls Zun Zun Egui...view item »

Cosmic Machine
The Sequel EP

This Record Store Day 2016 release of Cosmic Machine’s EP The Sequel presents two tracks in multiple forms. The funky ‘Young Freedom’ is present in original version, ‘Golden Rules Remix’ version and an instrumental of the latter, whi...view item »

White Hills
No Game To Play

300mics re-press the debut of psychedelic rockers White Hills. No Game To Play is an essential introduction to the hypnotic and transcendental hard rock they have pioneered since the early 2000s. Their rough and repetitive sound is equal parts NYC scuzz and krautrock minimalism. Limited to 1000 ...view item »

Dieter Moebius

In honour of the recently-departed Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Bureau B are now reissuing his 4 most recent solo albums. 1999’s Blotch is a set of electronic compositions that loop loops upon loops, resulting in some fine hypnotic semi-ambient atmospheres. Available on CD or, for the first time, on...view item »

Total Freedom

Spacin’ make a super loose, stripped-back rock ‘n roll and on Total Freedom they get even more minimal. The motorik drumming and angular guitar are clearly inspired by The Velvet Underground, but the band also bring a trippy southern groove that locks into extended jams. Out on CD an...view item »

Hey Colossus
In Black And Gold

Hey Colossus and Rocket Recordings seem like such a natural fit, I was surprised to see this was their first release together. Hey Colossus’ furious in-the-red psych-noise-rock has been going down well for years, and In Black And Gold contains plenty of that sound, but it also has a few tracks tha...view item »

Modern Dancing

The sound of TRAAMS is the sound of a few friends rollicking through some tuneful post-punk numbers. Modern Dancing cuts straight into action and doesn’t let up much over the course of eleven tracks. Pristinely produced by MJ of Hookworms, this second TRAAMS record is available as...view item »

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