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The Velvet Underground

Loaded was the fourth and penultimate album by The Velvet Underground and the last one to feature any of the original members, most notably, Lou Reed. It is, of course, an absolute classic and should be owned by anyone who has ever expressed even a passing interest in music. It features such greats as ...view item »

Psychic TV
Fishscales Falling : A Smorgasbord Ov Delights – Mixtape Volume 1

To commemorate the entire Psychic TV discography being made available digitally for the first time we get this vinyl edition of some of the many demos, live tracks, outtakes and band favourites from Genesis P.Orridge's shapeshifting outfit.  Comes on white and transparent yellow vinyl. Originally an RSD16 edition but still ...view item »

Dead Rabbits
Everything Is A Lie

Southampton shoegazers Dead Rabbits (that's Dead Rabbits UK, not to be confused with the metal band from Arizona) release this throwback effort, more than slightly reminiscent of Loop, Spacemen 3, etc. The band themselves describe it as "...the only honest thing you’ll hear in a world full of lies and hate." So probably worth investing in ...view item »


XAM Duo takes one member of Deadwall and matches him up with a Hookworm. Then the pair improvised their way down some infinite komische highways at high speed, producing shimmering electro-psych that stands comfortably apart from the ‘main’ projects of the members. CD / double LP edi...view item »

Vinyl Williams

Inspired by the Brunei dollar, Lionel 'Vinyl' Williams has created an Islam influenced pop opus to help try to spread harmony across the world. He is joined by Company boss Chaz Bundick (aka Toro Y Moi) and together they have made a dream pop opus which hopes to expand on Williams previous hit and miss effort 'Into'. You can't a...view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Goodbye To The Light

Filling the footsteps of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with their amplifier-worship, The Cult of Dom Keller only care about sounding like a huge lumbering stone giant. If ever there was a fitting title to their album, it would be Goodbye to the Light, because their sound is so massiv...view item »


Shaun Nunutzi heads up Tau, taking a well-earned sabbatical from touring his crusher monotony with Dead Skeletons. Following up from the Wirikuta EP, he works with Gerald Pasqualin for a quickly made, easily done 'n' dusted collection of psych folk tunes -- I imagine there might be some r...view item »

Us and Them
Fading WithIn The Dwindling Sun

Us And Them, an intimate-sounding Scandinavian duo, release an EP of their takes on English folk music. A Richard Thompson number and the traditional ‘Banks Of The Nile’, plus three Sandy Denny songs: this material is impeccable! Thankfully, these new versions do the songs justice, a...view item »

Nite Flights

In which the Scott Walker track Nite Flights gets a thorough re-working by the space-rocking band Sendelica. Its an imaginative spin, though the original’s Walkerness still shines through. On the B-side is Swordfish’s own tabla-heavy re-working of the ...view item »

Homegrown Paranoia

CFM is Charles Francis Moothart, and CFM is a fire-spitting garage-psych band project with a new 7” out now. Homegrown Paranoia’s three tracks feel like they are perpetually acce...view item »

Flying Hair
Haunted Hangout II

Flying Hair are a psyched-out three-piece who are as weird and fuzzed-out as their fellows, but with perhaps just a little more pop instinct. Haunted Hangout II is, despite the impression given by the title, their debut album, and it was previously only available in a limited run of cassettes. Now it gets a proper vinyl...view item »

Iron Butterfly

Here is the major statement from Iron Butterfly, one of the original ‘on acid’ rock bands. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is their second album, and it’s side-long title track is so famous it’s been referenced in The Simpsons. This heavy psychedelic album is pressed to heavy psychedelic-coloured vin...view item »

Home Of The Newly Departed

Home Of The Newly Departed is Knifeworld’s album from 2015, now receiving a release on vinyl to complement the previous CD. The material here originally saw the light of day on the two EPs Dear Lord, No Deal and Clairvoyant Fortnight, as well as an old B-side. That’s what we like to see, go...view item »

Root / Void

MV (Matt Valentine) and EE (Erika Elder) have been partners in life and music for a good long while now: they know themselves, each other, and their sound inside out. Root / Void strays away from the heavier psych-jams they’ve often produced, instead rocking a mor...view item »

Francis Vincent Zappa Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra & Chorus
Lumpy Gravy

A brace of some of Frank Zappa’s many (many) albums are receiving heavyweight vinyl reissues from Universal. Lumpy Gravy is Zappa’s debut solo album from 1967, released under the name Francis Vincent Zappa and utilising the talents of The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric O...view item »

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
We're Only In It For The Money

A brace of some of Frank Zappa’s many (many) albums are receiving heavyweight vinyl reissues from Universal. We’re Only In It For The Money is his third album with The Mothers Of Invention, and it’s got a wild blend of psych-rockin’, weirdo voice / tape experimentation, skitty bi...view item »

Harmonia & Eno '76
Tracks and Traces

Gronland have taken it upon themselves to reissue the Harmonia 76 release 'Tracks & Traces', a vital collection from the post Cluster collective which also encompassed the myriad talents of Brian Eno. Now, I've been recently relishing the wave of quality Kraut re-issues from Bureau B & 4MWB and now this smashing collection! Tagging on 2 rel...view item »

Blonde On Blonde

Blonde On Blonde were a Welsh psychedelic / prog band active for a couple of years from the late 60’s on. Their second album, Rebirth, has been allowed to sink into obscurity, with this being the very first time it has been officially reissued on vinyl. High energy melodic super-rock: what’s not to like? Rei...view item »

Sex Swing
Sex Swing

More kraut racket for your worn out ears but this time with legs. This collective contain members of Part Chimp, Mugstar, Dethscalator and Earth and this is a brazen and rackety take on the Suicide/Silver Apples blueprint with squawking sax adde...view item »

The Wharves

The Wharves come from loads of different places and combine a kind of fuzzed out folk and minimal psych which is comparable to both of Kim Deal's post Pixies projects (the Breeders and the Amps...view item »


Dungen’s album Häxan (their first entirely instrumental record) began as a score to the 1926 film The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, but ended up wandering off course into more abstract and witchy territory. The results are lush and super evocative. Bonus fact: the whole album was put together using on...view item »

Ashtray Navigations
To Make A Fool Ask, And You Are The First

Leeds’ very own genuinely-psychedelic noise explorers Ashtray Navigations are releasing their latest statement on the Blackest Ever Black label, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone industrial techno. No, To Make A Fool Ask, And You Are The First is full-bore AshNav, moving through stran...view item »

Rencontrer Looloo

Chocolat describe their new album as a coming together of “hard jazz and surf metal”, which puts them into pretty rare territory. Rencontrer Looloo, recorded after some time away, finds Chocolat merrily doing their own th...view item »

Forge Your Own Chains

What with the Psych Funk double LP coming out recently you may feel that your psychedelic funk and soul urges have been saciated. But think again fools! Now Again have gone one step further and released 'Forge Your Own Chains' which is a double LP of heavy psychedelic ballads and dirges 1968-1974. Make of that what you will but from what I've heard...view item »

Major Stars
Motion Set

Having been active since the last century, veterans Major Stars prepare to release yet another rough' n 'ready slice of psychedelic-rock. As the ninth offering from the Massachusetts-incepted outfit, Motion Set recognises its predeceasing catalogue whilst still exploring new ideas and st...view item »

The Silence
Nine Suns, One Morning

Amounting to the third album of Tokyo-based outfit The Silence is Nice Suns, One Morning. As it shifts across an array of styles and variations of modern rock, the offering prioritises free-flowing improvisation over the cull of safe and easy songwriting - amounting to a highly creative recor...view item »

Aidan Baker & Tomas Järmyr

Ex-Nadja heavy droner Aidan Baker and explorative drummer Tomas Järmyr whipped up some sonic rituals in the studio recently, and the results stretch across two CDs here. Werl is real expansive, the two musicians dancing around one another in passages that alternate between droning ...view item »

Grumbling Fur

Does fur grumble? Here it does anyway. This is another collaboration featuring Finnish people (as well as English ones) - what is it with the Finns this week? Anyway, two of the collaborees are Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo) and Alexander Tucker (Alexander Tuc...view item »

The Mystery Lights
The Mystery Lights

The Mystery Lights see themselves at the vanguard of the New York City music scene, bucking the apparent trend of “no good NYC bands”. They buck this trend with high energy guitar rock-and-or-roll, tight and fast and a wee built soulful when they want to be. Their self-titled debut full-length is out on WICK Records....view item »

Icarus Peel
Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow

Icarus Peel is the leader of The Honey Pots, but he has a busy little sideline in solo albums, of which Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow is the fourth. It sounds as old-tyme English as the sleeve art looks, with an eccentric darkness that feels like a twingle in Peel’s eye. 180g v...view item »

Mass Datura
Feel Me Human

Mass Datura hereby reveal their first ever physical release, the single Feel Me Human (with previous digital-only single Dream Thief installed on the B-side). Tuneful indie songcraft with the unexpected presence of pedal steel and Mellotron in the mix as well. 7” released by All Types Of Slime Recordings....view item »


Votaries sound like a band who fell into a space-drugs wormhole so deep that they’ve emerged with a permanent layer of early-90’s shoegaze-haze draped around every sound they make. On Psychometry they make this work massively to their advantage, with big thick drone-rock tunes to lose oneself in. Released by...view item »

Pussy Plays

A deeply rare psych-pop obscurity from 1969, barely ever available to begin with and only sort-of reissued in 2009 by Record Collector magazine. But now, one can actually straightforwardly buy Pussy Plays, the only full-length record ever produced by Pussy. Contains everything that you love about the 60’s. Cream c...view item »

Clear Shot

They are a strange lot Toy, they never completely blow you away but they are very pleasant to listen to. This is their third album and they recorded it themselves then sent it over to the states for a bit of gloss. It carries on the moody krauty template from previous albums and lead track 'Fast Silver' has some rather mood...view item »

Silver Apples

The 1997 return of the legendary oscillation-innovators Silver Apples is reissued onto vinyl for the first time ever. Beacon still has the wide-eyed sense of explorative magic that Silver Apples first announced themselves with, even if the rest of music had finally caught up with them by this point. CD ...view item »

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4 is a powerful round-up of the vividly flourishing European psych scene, put together by the Fuzz Club label, who certainly know what they’re doing. Twelve tracks, from artists including Soft Walls, The Oscillation, My Invisible Friend and Pre...view item »

The Lucid Dream
Compulsion Songs

One of those rare outfits producing music from the depths of the Cumbria, The Lucid Dream are up to their third full-length album. Compulsion Songs has a little of the weirdness you’d expect from such isolation, freely mixing krautrock, dub, garage-noise and plenty more. I was occasionally reminded of Clin...view item »

Feral Ohms
Live in San Francisco

Live In San Francisco is the live debut LP from Oakland band Feral Ohms. Sparks fly here as the Californian trio present their brand of raw, animalistic psychedelia in an explosive live setting. Expect rapid tempos, thunderous drums, bellowing vocals and virtuosic riffs. Released as Viny...view item »

My Invisible Friend
My Invisible Friend EP

Glorious! There’s driving noisy rock, hi-fidelity pop joy, speedy krautrock rhythms, and moment of discordant spaciness. Italian trio My Invisible Friend push all this together into long expansive tracks that push the 18 minute mark and fuse the walls of sound of My Bloody Valentine with the pace of ...view item »

Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Wild action from Pakistan, courtesy of Nawksh, who produces video games as well as music. Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II is a super-powerful brew-up of pretty much everything Nawksh enjoys, with new age sounds, messed-up LA-style beats and general abstract sonic explosions all involved. The results are hea...view item »

It Do

Christian Burchard has led the ever-changing Dadaist jazz-rock collective Embryo for the best part of fifty years. He has brought his multi-instrumentalist daughter, Marja, on board for his latest venture. It Do gets its name by reversing the phrase ‘Do It’ which was used as a slogan in the sixties by hipste...view item »

Axis: Sova
Motor Earth

Axis:Sova is a project that loves to skulk around in the fuzz and haze of lo-fi production, with gloriously textured results. New release Motor Earth expands outwards into more of a proper band than a bedroom solo project, but that doesn’t mean the sound has straightened itself up: hell no, they’ve stayed gn...view item »

Glitter Wizard
Hollow Earth Tour

We don’t get enough glam rock coming around these days, so we ought to be grateful for the appearance of Glitter Wizard, who play riff-heavy psychedelic hard rock with a strut in its step. Hollow Earth Tour is their latest explosive missive, and is released...view item »

Silver Apples

Silver Apples‘ fifth album The Decatur, which was released in 1998, dispensed with individual tracks and just dived straight into a single-track, 40-minute-plus cosmic odyssey that gets into some pretty weird and wild places. This reissue marks the first time it has ever been pressed to vinyl, with both regular bl...view item »

Silver Apples
Silver Apples / Contact

Silver Apples were an experimental psychedelic duo who plied their trade during the late '60s. The duo consisted of Simeon, who played a self-built synthesizer and drummer Danny Taylor. The self-built synth was central to the group's experimental electronic sound - a sound that foreshadowed Krautrock. The drum beats were almost tribal and the me...view item »

The Orange Drop
Stoned In Love

As a heady, melting blend of neo-psych and garage-rock drunk on reverb, The Orange Drop transports listeners back to the summer of love in this edition. Stoned In Love, its 180 gram vinyl limited to only 250 copies worldwide, is the...view item »

Astral Son
Mind's Eye

Near regressive psych from Astral Son, a solo project by Dutch artist Leonardo. Sticking firmly to early Gong and the full blown 70s psych sound roots, no fancy schmancy new age production or instrumentation here, just a goooood and looooong trip. A purist’s delight. CD released on Sulatro...view item »


Sherpa are an Italian band who manage to be a damn sight more genuinely ‘psychedelic’ than a lot of bands who use the term. That’s probably because they don’t just lean hard on the fuzz pedals: they have eerily soft passages and touches of traditional Eastern musics as well, all impressively combined. Deb...view item »

Mark McGuire
Beyond Belief

Former Emeralds guitar supremo Mark McGuire stretches out his range here on Beyond Belief, throwing in wild synth and drum machine patterns, piano, and even vocals as well as his guitar. This is a major piece of work, an all-consuming epic that stretches near to 80 minutes. The vinyl is limited to indep...view item »

Tumbles from The Vault

Syrinx were an experimental Canadian ensemble who worked in tape manipulation, synthesis and DIY electronics into melodic pseudo-chamber music, successfully coming up with a strange hybrid sound that still sounds unusual. Tumbles From The Vault presents everything they ever recorded, including some never-before-released...view item »

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Mudei De Ideia

The debut album of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, who managed great success with their psychedelic take on samba and funk music in Brazil in the 70’s. Mudei De Ideia was initially released in 1971 and is reissued now by Mr Bongo, packaged in the psych-haze variation on the sleeve art (much nicer than ...view item »

Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Get spacey with the latest release from Carlton Melton, those well-regarded purveyors of stretched-out psych-rock jams. They take three tracks of this 12” split: the other side belongs to kandodo 3, a spin-off from The Heads, taking an even more spaced approach to music than the mother-ban...view item »

Syd Arthur

Canterbury lads Syd Arthur have been making their interesting post-psychedelic-come-Jazz with an indie accessibility since 2003. Their latest offering Apricity is more accessible than ever, verging on the edge of downright cheeky i’d say. Proggy but with a catchy vocal hook that you’ll be singing for the res...view item »

Melting Hand

With personnel drawn in from Gum Takes Tooth, Terminal Cheesecake, Bong and Skullflower, it goes without saying that Melting Hand are a cosmic psych-out band of the heaviest proportions. Highcollider provides five jams from the supergroup, which ought t...view item »

Six By Seven
Six.By Seven

So here comes a new record by Six By Seven who have been around for a long time. Longer in fact than most people have been alive. Looks like the band have gone back to basics and recorded without any plug ins or computers in order to try to work in a similar manner to their heroes Neu or Can. If...view item »

Bruce Haak
The Electric Lucifer

A rare slab of 1970 electronics by Bruce Haak. The Electric Lucifer is heavily-laden with dramatic organ and even more dramatic vocals, plus some cutting-edge Moog synths and electronically-tweaked wildness. This has been unavailable for years, but is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 copies by Telephone Explosi...view item »

Plankton - A Fruits de Mer Collection

A collection of tracks from experimental psych labels Fruits de Mer’s first 12 or so releases, all remastered and put on one CD. Covers of works by Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, and The Bee Gees, by the likes of Vibravoid, Hausfrauen Experiment, and Sidew...view item »

The Lucid Dream
The Lucid Dream

The Lucid Dream? Must be a psychedelic band right? Correct. A psych band delivering their second LP, the self-titled, The Lucid Dream. Truly a band of the new psychedelic drive we find ourselves in, the group edge closer to the kraut inspired bands of TOY or the heavy-rockers of Bo Ninge...view item »

Biased Advice

Melbourne band Exek have their first full-length album to show off. Their sound is not a sunny one: instead, this music feels like it was made in some shady garage before a hard rain, late at night. The production on these post-punk songs is laced with dub, with a coldly groovy effect. Biased Advice is out on Another Da...view item »

Trad, Gras och Stenar
Trad, Gras och Stenar

Anthology Recordings reissue material from the definitive lost Swedish prog rock band, Trad, Gras och Stenar. Six vinyl LPs or three CDs of fuzzed out jams and psychedelic rock from the golden-age. This set focuses on the band’s ferocious live performances, but also includes albums from 1971 and 72 at the ...view item »


With members of Pigeons, Stygian Stride and, most notably of all, No Neck Blues Band, we can be fairly confident that Rhyton will show us a real cool time. ...view item »

Ebbot & The Indigo Children
For The Ages To Come

Ebbot Lundberg, seen here peering out from inside a tree, used to run The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, but has since moved onto TV acting and solo work. On For The Ages To Come he has formed a backing band of young guns (the Indigo Children) to help realise his psychedelic pop visions, whic...view item »

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill
Deep Dive Dub

Dub isn’t a genre known for it’s progressive or experimental leanings, but then again Switzerland isn’t really known for it’s contribution to dub. Put together elements of dub, trance like electronics and an edge of theatrics and you get Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. They made a William Burroughs...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Guadalajaran kraut/psyche-rock duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete manage to blow some of the cobwebs away, re-energise and bring grit back to the genre with Balance, literally. La Distinción sonically paints a world where Tarantino directed Austin Powers with big band psychedelic groove meeting mexican stand...view item »

Kandodo / McBain
Lost Chants / Last Chance

Fans of the Heads should move quickly for this album of pummelling kraut rock and psych which features one member of US stoner rockers Monster Magnet and no fewer than three members of the Heads. Full of riffs and drones that have been wafted back and forth across the atlantic ocean this is sure to vomit out of ...view item »

Jimi Hendrix
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East 12/31/1969 (First Show)

This particular performance at The Fillmore East 12/31/1969 has never previously been fully released, even though it is a rare document of Jimi Hendrix’s Band Of Gypsys. Needless to say, the playing is top of the line from Hendrix and co., and the recording quality, newly mixed by...view item »

Mind Monogram
AM In The PM

After a long gestation period in which Mind Monogram grew from Edgar A. Ruiz’s solo project to a full band with a couple of EPs behind them, the time has finally come for the debut, full-length album of the group. AM In The PM is a strong set of punchy psychy indie, released by the Aagoo label....view item »

Wake Up Before You Die

Düsseldorf-ians Vibravoid shake up the modern kraut/psych world a bit by injecting 3- 4 minute pop song sensibility and energy. With sitars and mellotrons galore Wake Up Before You Die brings the sunshine, and The Beatles back. Head on back to 1967 and the summer of love, what is all this white stu...view item »

Honey Ltd
The Complete LHI Recordings

A girl group called the Mama Cats used to perform around Detroit with the likes of Bob Seger and Glen Frey. The girls moved to LA where they were signed by psychedelic cowboy Lee Hazelwood, renamed Honey Ltd and recorded with the Wrecking Crew as their backing band. This collect...view item »

Silver Apples
The Garden

I'm enjoying this SILVER APPLES reissue jobber on Bully Records of Canada. Only got the vinyl here but to be honest vinyl is the only format you'd want for this beast. This is the missing 3rd album issued for the 2nd time (it came out about 5-6 years ago I think) but now it's on vinyl with oodles of extra tracks. Loads of new and unrele...view item »

Cool Ghouls
Animal Races

Normally I pull out a twenty-sided die before I talk about awesome undead creatures, but San Francisco-based Cool Ghouls are the exception. Their mix between grungy garage and upbeat surf-rock is a catchy cocktails which will appeal to your refined West-Coast pop-rock tastes, especially on the expertly fine-tuned Animal...view item »

The Luck of Eden Hall
The End Of The Lane

The Luck Of Eden Hall have been flying solidly below the radar of Chicago’s rock scene for two and a half decades now, delighting those in the know with the kind of warm psychedelia we hear on new single The End Of The Lane. The song was inspired by a Neil Gaiman book, and the author kindly contri...view item »

The Wands
Faces EP

Here come Swedish psych guys the Wands with a 10" on 10" loving label Fuzz Club. Nothing can prepare you for how much the vocals sound like Suede but they match Brett Anderson's whinny with big dark psych rock that reminds us of the Doors. So cosmic that they even have that word...view item »

The Bevis Frond
It Just Is

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are reissuing a number of key Frond releases, including It Just Is, which is actually a Saloman solo release...view item »

The Bevis Frond

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are now reissuing a number of key Frond releases. Sprawl is one of the group’s most psychy outings, with some lengthy t...view item »

The Bevis Frond

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are now reissuing a number of key Frond releases to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group. 1995’s Superseeder has...view item »

Polar Star EP

Fontan are a neo-psych band from Sweden. On Polar Star EP they begin in the vein of Barrett-era Pink Floyd before taking us on a journey through Philip Glass-style polyrhythms, assured guitar work, breakbeat disco and haunting harmonies and organ. Elsewhere the EP is has melancholy with...view item »

Ghost Wave
Radio Norfolk

They’ve called their album Radio Norfolk, but Ghost Wave are from New Zealand: so much so that they are releasing on legendary Kiwi imprint Flying Nun! Turns out they love the psychedelic sound Britain produced in the 1960’s, and have melded that with a few other choice influences to make this heady, janglin...view item »

Os Noctambulos
Corsica Garden

Traditional psych rock act Os Noctambulos are set to release their debut record, 'Corsica Garden', produced by genre maverick Nick Wheeldon, who's worked with acts such as the Jesus Loves Heroin Band. Os Noctambulos subvert the norms of their favourite sound, clouding the room up with a psych atmosphere but dabbling in surf rock riffs and c...view item »

Jacco Gardner
The End Of August / Notus

‘Swallows leaving for the sun tell me September has begun’, pines Jacco in the opening verse. Round here it's usually freshers vomiting up the city that marks the autumn dawn. Jacco Gardner is from now but you’d think he was from the '60s with these slices of whimsy. It was easier to write ...view item »

Mental Health

Albert Sjöstam and Christoffer Fransson are a duo based in Gothenburg who call themselves SPR, which is an abbreviation of Skills for Psychological Recovery, which is sort of a type of therapy or something. So it would make sense that this record is called Mental Health then. Psychotic episode inducing limited white vinyl. ...view item »

The Shifting Sands
Cosmic Radio Station

Things are still popping in Dunedin, New Zealand: the latest group to follow the example set by The Verlaines and the like are Shifting Sands, who play an indie-rock that is at once beautifully pop and buried under a layer of fuzz. Cosmic Radio Station is produced in such a way that the instruments slid...view item »

13th Floor Elevators
Easter Everywhere

'Easter Everywhere' is a breathtaking psychedelic experience. The music is less "garage" than the first Elevators album, which I enjoy quite a bit, and it's not as hard to get into in my opinion. The electric jug is pushed back in the mix a little bit too, which was a good move. The style of the music takes you back to a different time, and the ...view item »

Salem's Pot
Watch Me Kill You

Watch Me Kill You is an LP for which demand far outstripped supply: it’s been impossible to get hold of for quite some time. Fortunately, the Riding Easy label has now relented, opening up access to this astonishingly heavy material once more. 2 side-long jams, wreathed in weed smoke and amp vibrations. Orange and purple splatter ...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Sonic Jesus EP

Indies only coloured vinyl re-issue EP from Italy's psychedelic noisemeisters Sonic Jesus. Originally released in 2010, it sold out almost instantly. Heavy, droney, shoe-gazey psych rock at its finest. Debut album 'Neither Virtue nor Anger' got some great critical attention and this is just as loud. ...view item »

Octopus Syng
Hollow Ghost / Rochelle Salt

Octopus Syng are a band deeply in love with all the different kinds of psychedelic music, from the heavy distorted stuff to the acid-on-a-summer-afternoon acoustic stuff. It all comes together on new album Hollow Ghost / Rochelle Salt, a strangely-surreal set of darkly groovy tunes. CD and blue vinyl editions, on Mega D...view item »

Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked

Part 2 in a promised trilogy of albums from Radar Men From The Moon (or RMFTM if you are in a hurry). Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked starts off with a steady droning, but soon surprises with a big groovy motorik-party beat. And from there, we’re off into a psychedelic melange of heavy propo...view item »

Mark Stoermer
Dark Arts

Mark Stoermer will mostly be known for his bass playing in indie-synth-pop band The Killers. But Dark Arts is a follow up from his 2011 solo debut. Having always been a vocal lover of Pink Floyd and The Beatles, Stoermer has delved into that psychedelic experimentation,...view item »

Tamam Shud

The original 60’s-70’s Taman Shud band were at least as much surfers as they were musicians: Evolution was recorded as the soundtrack to the surfing film of the same name. Apparently they projected the movie in the studio and then jammed along to it: the resulting funky hard-garage rock is full of life and j...view item »

Pink Floyd
The Early Years 1965 - 1972

Pink Floyd were never ones to do anything by halves and in typical fashion they seem to have come up with the most preposterous bpx set of all time. This 27 disc box set includes all manner of items but only one disc represents the Syd Barrett era  -the rest concentrates on those 'difficult' post Barrett ye...view item »

Magic Trick
Other Man's Blues

Singer songwriter Tim Cohen lives on a ranch with horses but when he gets away from all that he plays remarkably grand sounding pop noir with pals from Aislers Set and Beach House. Sounding on first play not unlike Gene Clark's 'No Other' this opus could appeal to fans of ...view item »

Electri_city 2

If you ever feel you’ve had enough of your Kraftwerk albums (as if..), for the the time being anyway, Gronland have put together this excellent compilation showcasing the Dusseldorf electronic scene from the 70s and 80s. Featuring tracks from neu!, wolfgang flür, daf,...view item »

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel

Chris Robinson Brotherhood is exactly the kind of name that an old-school classic California rock band should have. The Brotherhood recorded Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel near the Pacific ocean, and a loose and easy feel permeates these semi-improvised tracks. Laid-back-groovy and a little bit p...view item »

Holy Wave
Freaks of Nurture

Here we have the third album proper (following some singles and b-sides compilations) from Holy Wave, a Texan gang much enamoured with surf and psych music. On Freaks Of Nature they like to lean back and let the songs drift forwards, the guitar haze and the vocal harmonies merging into a warm drone. Released by Reveal....view item »

Flying Saucer Attack

Chorus compiles a handful of singles, rare compilation tracks and an entire Peel session from experimental rockers Flying Saucer Attack. This is the second of Domino’s set reissuing tough to find works from the band. The balance of heaviness and lightness in the soaring Feedback So...view item »

Desert Mountain Tribe
Either That Or The Moon

Acid scorched psych rock from the London based Desert Mountain Tribe. Either That Or The Moon sees them combing slow riffing, heavily reverb lead guitar and snotty, swaggering vocals. Their dense, jam-band sound reminds us a little of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Pressed to 180 gram vinyl LP and...view item »

III Part 2

Another installment in K-X-P’s continuing quest to produce a catalogue high-grade, minimally-titled, rhythmically-intense synth-kraut albums. III Pt. 2 follows up on last year’s III Pt. 1, and was recorded in the same sessions. Another dark and immersive ride from these Finns. CD release on Svart....view item »

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