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The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Axis Bold As Love

After the fury of Are You Experienced and before the glory of Electric Ladyland, Hendrix put to tape his most soul-searching and beautiful album. Anyone who sees Hendrix as a guitar-burning, drug-taking, rock god must listen to this album. Axis shows what a beautiful songwriter Hendrix was and how his guitar playing could be quiet and beautiful ...view item »

Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine

The mighty Mancunian GNOD juggernaut rolls ever onwards with a fierce five-strack statement, potently titled Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. The music bites as hard as the righteous title, with repeato-riffs pushi...view item »

Trad, Gras och Stenar
Tack For Kaffet

This is a particularly special record for Swedish underground legends Trad, Gras och Stenar, as it features their last ever jams with two band members who have since passed away. Tack For Kaffet, presented as a tribute to those members, is nevertheless full of improvisational life, with some moments of pure gorgeousness...view item »

Klaus Dinger & preJapandorf

We’ve never previously had an opportunity to hear this work by the late legendary Neu! drummer Klaus Dinger, which the motorik pioneer recorded with preJapandorf, a collection of various musicians. 2000! continues Klaus’s journeys into the infinity of sound,...view item »

Cut The Master

Sundowners are a Wirral-based band with familial connections to The Coral, whose James Skelly also co-produced this debut album. Cut The Master has a lovely sixties pop feel to it, with the band exploring various strands of beat music and psychedelia without ever losing their bright mel...view item »

Popol Vuh
Spirit Of Peace

Popol Vuh’s Spirit Of Peace was used in part by Werner Herzog as the soundtrack to his The Dark Glow Of The Mountains, where it's gorgeous sense of spiritual yearning fitted the picture well. And yet this rich album has been out of print since its 1985 release! Thankfully One Way Static h...view item »

Wolf People

Wolf People return to Jagjaguwar after a three year gap. Known for their psychedelic, proggy and pretty much classic rock with a little Jethro Tull thrown in for good measure, Ruins is a bit heavier and weightier. Distorted megaphone like vocals and valve driven guitar leads. Noted inc=fluences ...view item »

The Electric Family
Terra Circus

The Electric Family have been rolling down their rock rails for decades now, and new one Terra Circus arrives with the confidence borne of such a long time playing together. Sitars, guitars, organ and drums are all on fine form, on the band’s own songs as well as their Sisters Of Mercy and ...view item »
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This Betrayal Will Be Our End

Merch is essentially a one man project, that man is Joe Medina. His mission, with the help of a revolving cast of characters, was to mix his childhood love of noisy punk with cello and jazz phrasings. This Betrayal Will Be Our End is the second album following the debut Crash Boom Bash. This Be...view item »

Silver Apples
Silver Apples (Rotorelief Edition)

Well here is a beauty of a thing: Silver Apples classic 1968 debut album, reissued on ‘ultra-clear’ vinyl in a highly psychedelic trip of a coloured sleeve. Gorgeous as an object, and of course the album itself is absolutely crucial, mixing Simeon’s DIY synthesiser monster with Dan Tayl...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Peace Potato

The third full length solo venture from Wildildlife and Mmoss member Doug Tuttle. Performing and recording the entire album himself at home, Peace Potato is chocka with Beatles charm, George Harrison in particular, and summer afternoon dream state bliss...view item »

Jack Cheshire
Black Light Theatre

Heavily influenced by Can, Grizzly Bear, and Television london psych-folk artist Jack Cheshire has brought his long time collaborators together for his new album. Written within self imposed isolation and produced by Rob Ellis (Bat For Lashes/...view item »

Bell Gardens
Full Sundown Assembly

Kenneth Gibson (Furry Things) and Brian McBride (Stars of the Lid) have come together to produce this lovingly executed slab of orchestral pop. First things first, it sounds like neither of the projects t...view item »

Sula Bassana
The Ape Regards His Tail – Original Soundtrack

Sula Bassana’s accompaniment to the sci-fi film The Ape Regards His Tail matches the movie’s rich minimalism with a suitably spacey suite of music scored for Mellotron, Organ, various synthesisers and various other instruments that allow Sula to weave the kind of deep sounds that the film&rs...view item »

Municipal Dances

Karras is the pairing of two members of Maximo Park and The Rakes, stepping away from the smart indie rock their ‘main’ bands are known for with a debut album of instrumental pop, bustling with kitschy disco and pulsing krautrock influences. Municipal Dances show that the ga...view item »


It’s been five years since we heard from Slomo, the “Highly Ritualised Somnambulant Glumbient Downer band from Yorkshire” but with a band name such as that, we wouldn’t expect them to rush things now would we?The duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden previously released a couple of album...view item »

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys ...view item »
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Od Serca Do Duszy

Hey Colossus
The Guillotine

Some bands begin to edge out of the shadows, allowing the brightness of accessible production and relatable lyricism to evolve their work, while others sink deeper into darker and insular innovation. Hey Colossus are a group that are doing the latter, as proven by immersive and razor-sharp The Guillotine....view item »

Male Gaze
Miss Taken

Out on John Dwyer's Castle Face imprint here are a band who make the sort of lo-fi, in-the-red garage racket that you'd expect. The three protagonists have been rounded up from various punk bands to throw their energies into this six heeled outfit who have the pleasure of getting an impenetrable press release written by none other than Sir Henry...view item »

Spectre Folk
Vol. 4

Spectre Folk is a group comprising some guys who’ve truly done their time in the indiesphere: Aaron Mullan of Tall Firs, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, and Mark Ibold of Pavement, all backing the songs of Pete Nolan...view item »

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Wei Zhongle are a trio operating on a number of axes simultaneously, pulling in dubby bass, a melange of electronics, occasionally klezmer-ish clarinet and ecstatically meandering vocals to make a curious brew. The LP version of Nu Trance is released on Hairy Spider Legs, the cassette version on NNA Tapes....view item »
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Black Dirt Oak / Jantar

‘Presage’ is an LP split release from supergroup Black Dirt Oak (Pelt, No Neck Blues Band, Desert Heat, Rhyton and Pigeons) and Jantar (named after a rare folk music instrument from Rajasthan). The two sides exist in harmonic, aesthetic contrast with Black Dirt Oak’s dirty, bare bones onslaught of degraded electronics perfectly...view item »

The Cosmic Dead
Eccie Bam Yas, E?

The Cosmic Dead can always be relied upon to go mad with it, pushing the full weight of their Scottishness into their mind-expanding psychedelic rock. However, Eccie Bam Yas, E? sees them going mad in a different direction to usual, eschewing most of the noisey power for a fully-spaced out improvised set. Delivered, via...view item »


Techromancy is the latest release from the post-punk visionaries Chrome. The release brings back driving rhythms and metallic riffs that fuse together with their forty-year old sound that has seen many line up changes. A hard hitting mix of space-rock, psychedelic and po...view item »

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Vol. 2

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band formed with very clear goals in mind (just look at that utilitarian descriptive name), and they achieved them, even if they did not achieve fame. Vol. 2 is a bold and freaky set of lovely psychedelic music, deeply imbued with 60’s vi...view item »

The Gluts

Italian crew The Gluts have a second album to show off, and it comes at you even noisier than ever. The good thing about The Gluts is that they know just how far they can push that pysch-rock-punk sound into the regions of noise-collapse, making for an intense rollercoaster listen. Estasi is out on Fuzz...view item »

Fresh Air

Brand new music from the avant-heroes that are Faust. Fresh Air, which was recorded during a US tour with various musicians on board, is really genuinely weird, which is exactly what you want from these old hippies. The LP edition comes with a bundled CD. Plus, if you are quick off the mark, you might be able to order o...view item »

I Sing in Silence

The frenzied Scandinavian crew who go by the name of Goat are getting just a little less frenzied with their new material, chiefly by moving mostly to acoustic instruments. I Sing In Silence is awash with flutes and wooden percussion, all tethered to a lovely vocal melody. This is laid-back psychedelic music of a high o...view item »

Fuzz Club Session

Michigan based four piece Heaters pack a whole lotta surf fuzz energy. After a few full lengths on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records and Dizzybird Records London based label Fuzz Club had them over into their studio for some live sessions laid down on some truly analog equipment. Rough, ready, driving and warm as hell....view item »

W. H. Lung
Inspiration! / Nothing Is

Manchester’s W.H. Lung are the latest band to take up the mantle of the motorik pioneers, setting down infinite rhythm patterns and then building shiny-spacey rock structures around them. Inspiration! / Nothing Is is the debut release of the band, delivered...view item »

New Candys
As Medicine

New Candys’ 2015 record As Medicine here receives a welcome reissue on deluxe vinyl with new artwork. Heavy motorik psych-rock is the name of the game, with everything swimming around in an oozy sea of delay, decay and fuzzy distortion. You know the drill. As Medicine is reissued by the dependable Fuzz Cl...view item »


After taking a break in 2009, Swedish duo Jesper Jarold and Johan Melin’s Fontän returned in 2016 with two EPs for Höga Nord Rekords and have already got a full length coming in self-titled form. Follow their artwork and you’re in the right place, they make colourful, somet...view item »

Introducing The Crimsmen

This all sounds like the kind of lo-fi damp basement fare that could have been projected out of the gut of someone like Neutral Milk Hotel. Gentle psych, acoustic laments and a dysfunctional recording process all add up to idiosyncratic and laconic lo-fi folk with nods to Syd Barrett and ...view item »

Music For Megaliths

Steve Von Till, one of the key figures within Neurosis, has a solo project named Harvestman, in which he unshackles his guitar from straight song forms and summons up images of arcane civilisations. Music For...view item »

Array 1

For two and half decade, alternative rockers LOOP have left a void in our hearts. And now they think they can make it up to us just by releasing new material. Which they totally can. Array 1 is the first of three releases planned for the coming year, and features 4 new songs. Expect to reminisce, recognize and be s...view item »

Casual Nun
Super Fancy Skeleton

Heavy music from Casual Nun, featuring heavy musicians from heavy music heavyweights Dethscalator, Kooba Tercu and Throne. Super Fancy Skeleton is a fierce flare of psychedelia for dropping out of regular existence to, with some crucial doses of noise in there too. Four...view item »

Crystal Jacqueline
Await The Queen

As one of the most successful singers on the neo-psych scene, Crystal Jacqueline is developing a stellar reputation for her immersive technique. Await The Queen couldn't showcase her talents better; it's a perfect example of the beauty made from ambitious songwriting and sensual vocals....view item »

The Oscillation
Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks

The Oscillation here release all the Rare and Unreleased Tracks that they have accumulated over the course of their last three albums. Four of these songs have been scooped up from EPs and B-sides, but the rest will be all new to even the most ardent Oscillation fan. Beyond The Mirror...view item »

Crème De Hassan
Technique & Rite

Creme De Hassan is what happened when Ghazi Barakat of Pharoah Chromium met Paul LaBrecque of Sunburned Hand of the Man for a gnarly sonic showdown. Technique & Rite is the project’s first full length album, and it’s a hell of a thing, m...view item »

Wolf Flow

Wolf Flow compiles the three sessions that Loop recorded for the dearly beloved John Peel between 1987 and 1990. It functions almost as a best-of compilation of the band’s work, with tracks from all their albums as well as a rare cover of Suicide’s Rocket USA. Remas...view item »

Dope (Julian Cope)
Maxi 12

Dope is a new band from Julian Cope (it would be with a name like that wouldn’t it?), dedicated to that wild wild psych sound. Dubby-electronicsy-world-rock-guitar hybrid music, featuring a song actually called ‘Drugs 7”’. Oh Julian. This debut statement from the group is...view item »

Electric Wizard
Come My Fanatics

Electric Wizard can appeal to a lot of people. They have the heaviness for the metalheads, the psychedelic edge for stoners, and the weird noises and ambiences for Radiohead fans. This is their 2nd best album, and it also comes with their impressive debut. Come My Fanatics is a lot heavier than their debut, and i...view item »

Galley Beggar
Heathen Hymns

Gallery Beggar have released an eight-part record entitled Heathen Hymns. A solid and genuine release that captures so many different areas of psychedelic folk music, many of which have never explored before! This release has been described as unequivocal triumph for creativity and is available Vinyl LP and CD....view item »


Weirds make heavy grungey psych-rock in Leeds, DIY style, in a manner that takes no prisoners. Swarmculture is a strong expression of how Weirds sound live: big, loud, fast and riffed to fuck. With this release, we can look forward to Weirds spreading their word beyond the bounds of Wes...view item »

Flowers Must Die

Flowers Must Die unveil their debut full-length album Kompost! This record finds the Swedish group delving deep into the psychedelic heritage of their homeland, melding it with an improvised approach towards sweet groove. It’s a dense but bright sound, full of colour and flair. Kompost is released by Rock...view item »

The Awakening

Konzerte 1972/1977

Absolutely wonderful live material from Cluster here, captured at two 70’s performances. There is a real sense of joyful play here, with our heroes Roedelius and Moebius dabbling and tinkering intuitively with their equipment, The 1972 performance here is particularly heady, transcending t...view item »

Emil Amos

Playing in a wide range of bands - OM, Grails, Holy Sons, and Lilacs and Champagne, multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos puts out his first full length as a solo artist. Set out as music written for film, the LP stylistically touches base with each of the projects he...view item »

Pink Floyd
Cambridge St/ation 1965-1967

Fans of Pink Floyd who didn’t quite feel able to spring for their colossal recent The Early Years 1965 - 1972 box-set can rejoice: the six constituent parts of the set are now being released separately! Cambridge St/ation 1965 - 1967 includes two CDs, a DVDs and a Blu-Ray, featuring the band’s very ...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
Hallucination Of Beauty

Re-issued by London label Fuzz Club on limited edition 180g black vinyl, Tales of Murder and Dust are back with their first LP, “Hallucination of Beauty”, originally released in 2012. Indeed, the Danish band, whose seismic amalgam of varied instrumentation and hallucinogenic psychedelia, return with this climactic heavyweight of an a...view item »

10,000 Russos
Distress Distress

10,000 Russos cast another album of darkly fuzzed-up psych-rock into the world. This one is distinguished by its techno-industrial throb and the tendency to push the echoed vocals so far back in the mix you feel like it might be bleeding through from the other side of the record. 10,000 Russos’ second albu...view item »

John's Children
The Smashed! Blocked! EP

Hailing from Surrey, mod psychedelics John's Children are perhaps best known for their outrageous live performances, famously upstaging The Who on a seven-day tour of Germany. Remaining relatively in the shadows ever since with little to no commercial success, the band went on to be hailed precursors of glam rock and imperative to the punk rock ...view item »

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace was Spiritualized’s 2003 album: the album in which Jason Pierce wholeheartedly embraced gospel music, but without sacrificing his raw, rough-edged garage-rock touch. Recorded with a large, semi-orchestral ensemble. This reissued edition is pressed to heavyweight 180g vinyl and releas...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Locomotive (Remixed By Sonic Boom)

Following up popular debut album Neither Virtue Or Anger, Sonic Jesus now land a quick and sharp little 7” single on eager audiences. One exclusive new track, and an exciting remix of Locomotive by Sonic Boom, aka Spectrum and a founder of Spacemen 3. He ...view item »
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Sonic Jesus
Live In Rome

Not quite live as in not in front of a studio audience but live in a studio in Rome. The band wandered in shuffled about then proceeded to blow the engineers mind with two tracks off their debut album 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger'. An album described as 'incredible' on the press release and worthy of a 7/10 review from us. Expect otherworldly psych...view item »

Sendelica and Superfjord

Fruits de Mer present another trip, re-presenting the past. A sweet 7” housing two covers of Frank Zappa Classics. With Finland’s psych-rock band Superfjord covering Peaches En Regalia in such a joyful and playful manner and the welsh Sendelica reamping Don't Eat The Yel...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
The Sound Of All Things

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete releasing a new record is a breath of fresh air that is sometimes greatly needed, and thankfully we’ve been given The Sound Of All Things. A great blend of sounds and musical architecture that give a deep and meaningful addition to any collection of shoegaze and indie synth-pop. Availabl...view item »

Porcupine Tree

First released in 1996, Signify is the fifteen-track record from long running prog/psych outfit Porcupine Tree. A genuinely mesmerising affair, the record gives everything an indie-rock album should give- a classic blend of solid guitar riffs and deep, well thought-out drum patterns that align with the records&rsqu...view item »

The Physics House Band
Mercury Fountain

The Physics House Band have always been happy to follow precisely the musical path they feel like following, and they are still rolling that way on Mercury Fountain, their second full-length album. The music is a knotty tangle of math-rock, post-rock and prog-rock, with a generally psychedelic vibe mixed in. LP and CD e...view item »

The Growlers
Not. Psych!

California’s The Growlers have been going since 2006 apparently, so I feel a little sheepish about not having checked them out until now. I thought from the name that they’d be some hard fuzzin’ psych rock types like Segall & co but actually what’s going on o...view item »

This Other Kingdom

As a scintillating hybrid of psych and rock'n'roll, The Other Kingdom create a distorting brand of music. The Dublin three-piece have, on this occasion, made a rampant twelve-track named 'Reveur' for fans to feast on - but that's not to say tender moments cannot be discovered within the exped...view item »

Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings

Rocket Records have been going for 15 years. That’s quite a feat in this fickle industry we inhabit (cohabit?). What with labels, artists and record companies losing money left, right and center these days (cos folk want music for free and straight away) things are a lot trickier than they used to be....view item »

Rough Guide to Bollywood: The Psychedelic Years

There are plenty of legends of Bollywood soundtracking here, going that extra psych mile. Featuring musicians such as R. D. Burman, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi -- all influenced by Western Rock 'n Roll and the entwined 'flower power' culture of the 1960s. Thus mushroomed the Indian Psychedelic Underground. Includes a full-album download c...view item »

White Denim

I'm pretty sure I've written some words about White Denim in the past, I can't remember what though. I'm getting by on a small amount of brain cells these days. 'Fits' I think is their second album for Full Time Hobby. It combines elements of 60's psychedelic rock, with a bit of a garage/ blues feel. They're a pretty rockin bunch actually and they ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Instrumentals 2015

The first release in fifteen years from Flying Saucer Attack sees David Pearce perform 15 new lo-fi tracks recorded at home. One to be listened to from beginning to end, this British space rock album resonates, drones and creates a stunning emotional arc from start to finish. Vinyl double LP or CD from Domino....view item »


Majeure is the solo project by the drummer from Prog-rock/Electronic duo Zombi, Anthony Paterra. Devolving further into heavy synthesis, arpeggiators and insane drumming. This is definitely what you’re after if you want to scratch John Carpenter, Sea Of Teeth...view item »

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel
I Can Spin A Rainbow

The busily creative Amanda Palmer here teams up with Edward Ka-Spel, who you’ll know from The Legendary Pink Dots, for their first full-length collaboration. I Can Spin A Rainbow is a work of subtle theatre, with both artists bringing their A-game in terms of lyrics, production an...view item »

Into The Woods

The legendary silver machine rides on still: a new album from Hawkwind has arrived! Many decades in, these veterans still have that third-eye magic, and Into The Woods shows it off with thirteen tracks of old-school space-rock, with traditional titles like ‘Magic Mushroom’, ‘Wood Nymph’ and &lsqu...view item »

Al Lover meets Cairo Liberation Front
Nymphaea Caerulea EP

In which psychedelic DJ DJ Al Lover gets Egypt-by-way-of-Amsterdam collective Cairo Liberation Front on board for a very sweet six tracks of musical exploration. Nymphaea Caerulea sizzles with colour and energy, pushing together a proper melting pot of styles into a compelling brew. All pressed to pictu...view item »

Golden Pelicans
Disciples Of Blood

Golden Pelicans make hard rock that is just as hard and gnarly at the edges as they used to make it in the scuzziest 80’s fleapits. Disciples Of Blood is the third record of punkish long-haired party music the band have put together, and it's properly strong stuff. Released by Goner Records on both CD and LP....view item »
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Rainbow Island
Crystal Smerluvio Riddims

Roman psychedelia here from Rainbow Island. Crystal Smerluvio Riddims isn’t just your usual psych-rock record though, as the group have decided to incorporate Riddims from elsewhere as well as some dub production touches. That makes the album a refreshingly different kind of space flight to the one you might have ...view item »

Ecstatic Vision
Raw Rock Fury

The clue is in the name. Raw Rock Fury is the second album from Philadelphian heavy primal psych outfit Ecstatic Vision. A no guns no glory affair, where psychedlic freakouts are king and only matched with raw rock and roll energy. (You'll) Get it if you’re into Hawkwind, Monster Magnet...view item »

The Mothers Earth Experiment
The Mothers Earth Experiment

This self-titled offering from The Mothers Earth Experiment is a well-informed and sprawling offering, containing worldy influences ranging from spheres of jazz, psych, metal and electronica. As a six-track offering its message is artistic freedom, and a debut album it forms an extremely solid foundation to build upon....view item »

Frederick Michael St. Jude
Almost Lost

Described as a ‘Florida rock phenomenon’, Frederick Michael St. Jude brings his third archival release entitled Almost Lost. The record features smooth and flowing guitars and a truly unique amount of varying instrumentalism. A somewhat lost classic of the folk, country, progressive and even psych genres.&nb...view item »

ESP Ohio
Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

ESP Ohio is yet another band by Robert Pollard, working once again with his fellow Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard. Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean is a proper nice rock album, with guitar chug, bonus brass parts, and catchy tunes. The good ship Polla...view item »

Baltic Fleet
Black Lounge / 3 Dollar Dress

Dire Wolves
Excursions To Cloudland

We've already had Dire Straits but now we have Dire Wolves a collective of '60s influenced dreamers who take influences from Pink Floyd and the Incredible String Band and apply them to their particular brand of freakery. With just four very long tracks, Excursions to Cl...view item »

Black Cube Marriage
Astral Cube

Black Cube Marriage is a mighty Rob Mazurek ensemble formed out various members of Marriage, Rob’s famed Sao Paolo Underground, and extra players like Steve Jansen. With eleven people on board, the group can summon up the cosmic freedom of...view item »


Synchromysticism (get your tongue around that one) is a unique concoction of prog from US math-rockers Yowie. The trio - from St.Louis - have been going for almost a decade-and-a-half now, and that deluge of experience seems to have sharpened their latest release. Overlook this idiosyncratic commodity ...view item »

Pink Floyd
Dramatis/ation 1969

Fans of Pink Floyd who didn’t quite feel able to spring for their colossal recent The Early Years 1965 - 1972 box-set can rejoice: the six constituent parts of the set are now being released separately! Dramatis/ation 1969 includes two CDs, a DVDs and a Blu-Ray, featuring an absolute stack of rare and unr...view item »

Pink Floyd
Reverber/ation 1971

Fans of Pink Floyd who didn’t quite feel able to spring for their hefty recent The Early Years 1965 - 1972 box-set can rejoice: the six constituent parts of the set are now being released separately! Reverber/ation 1971 includes a CD, a DVD and a Blu-Ray, featuring unreleased demo versions of ‘Echoe...view item »

Pink Floyd
Obfusc/ation 1972

Fans of Pink Floyd who didn’t quite feel able to spring for their hefty recent The Early Years 1965 - 1972 box-set can rejoice: the six constituent parts of the set are now being released separately! Obfusc/ation 1972 includes two CDs, a DVD and a Blu-Ray, featuring a new mix of Obscured By Clouds...view item »

Alive at Roadburn

Hills are alive with the sound of psych rock. With four songs they have sung for many years.  Hills may fill your heart with primal hypnotic rhythms. They'll make you want to sing every song you hear. Their songs beat with the rhythm of the Byrds. Playing 'Eight Miles High' forever up in the trees.&...view item »

Birds Of Maya

I’m ready to dance. I need...to dance...and let it all hang out. [Office: Dude, you're wearing shorts. Please don't.] Listening to the first few tracks on this howling album by Purling Hiss members I am put in mind of basement parties - a keg of beer in the corner and a whirling dervish of a ban...view item »

Dead Sea Apes
Sixth Side Of The Pentagon

Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes don’t seem comfortable in whatever shape they are given, and pure points for balls on this one. Taking elements of psych, krautrock and drone always pushed them slightly out of the field, so they’ve taken the last track from their previous album Spectral Domain and injected a...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack's debut was one of those records that pointed the way forward in terms of how albums could be comprised and sequence. Half blurry pop songs, half wandering instrumentals, it contains two tributes to the then totally obscure Popul Vuh and an unlikely cover of Suede's 'The Drowners'. It's notable how twee the pop songs are sou...view item »


Sophomore efforts are always difficult, but Vermont simply continues where they left off. On II, German synthesizer-whisperers Marcus Wogull and Danilo Plessow (from Motor City Drum Ensemble) once again show a world brimming with vintage analog electronics, wh...view item »

Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1, 2, & 3

The Weather

Pond present The Weather, a concept album dedicated to their hometown of Perth and its colonial city brethren around the world. It has a bright and exciting psychedelic flavour: you can almost hear the influence of their producer, Tame Impala...view item »

Feral Ohms
Super Ape / The Snake

“Super Ape” comes into the world like one of those punk rock songs that’s been kicked out of the club and is now falling backwards down the stairs. The chords dive forwards before chugging back with the power of a train stopping, the drums following suit and halting at the last minute. From there, psychedelic riffs tumble and s...view item »

Lecherous Gaze
One Fifteen

Lecherous Gaze are a total hard rock & roll band from California, featuring alumni from bands like Witch, Saviours and Annihilation Time. One Fifteen is a heavy and psychy set from a bunch of guys who live, eat and breath hard rock. Chugging riffs and flaring solos ...view item »

The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

Second album from The Wytches, the darkly psychedelic English rock and roll band. All Your Happy Life manages to sound groovy and guitar-gnarly even while the band seem lashed with despair. All Your Happy Life was recorded and mixed by a Grinderman (in the form of Jim Sclavunos...view item »


Kuro are a duo made up of Lyon-based Agathe Max, and Bristol-based Gareth Turner. Both of whom have more than enough extensive musical knowledge to create the progressive and intuitive record also called Kuro- a dark and deep mix of ambient and psychedel...view item »

Morgan Delt
Phase Zero

Morgan Delt follows up his terrific eponymous debut, which was no. 7 in Norman’s Top 50 albums of 2014, with Phase Zero. Delt has now signed with legendary Seattle label Sub Pop but he hasn’t let the Pacific North-West influence dampen his sunny, lo-fi Californian psychedelic rock vision. ...view item »

Cosmic Machine: The Sequel LP

A wide range of exciting experimental music is represented on Cosmic Machine’s The Sequel, which compiles some choice pieces of French space-jams from the 70’s and 80’s. Not many of the artists will be familiar to the average listener (Moon Birds? Arpadys?), but a few ...view item »

Ecstatic Vision
Sonic Praise

Psych, psych and more psych from Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision. Indebted to the likes of Hawkwind and more recently Wooden Shjips, Sonic Praise is their debut effort packed full of riffs, solos and motorik drumming. Utterly retro space rock for those who like it classic. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Relapse....view item »

The Bevis Frond
Bevis Through The Looking Glass

Bevis Through The Looking Glass was the third album by Londoner, Nick Saloman's band The Bevis Frond and was originally released in 1987. It features guitar solos that would make J Mascis jealous and catchy melodies to make The Beatles rethink their status, all wrapped in a big psychedelic blanket....view item »

Sun Araw
The Inner Treaty

My second visit to the stoned, glistening kaleidoscopic world of "Cammy Stalls" this week.....but this initially seems a more abstract, disjointed and bizarre listen than some previous musical moves he's busted. I was picking shit 'n' stuff in the stockroom the other evening with this on ...view item »


Neu! were formed by Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger after the pair left Kraftwerk. Their eponymous debut was released in 1972. Opener “Hallogallo” is a 10-minute long repetitive beat with manipulated guitar sounds floating over the top. They neatened up the metronomic clack that fellow Krautrockers, ...view item »

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