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This is the first official reissue for Swans' aptly-titled 1983 debut album in nearly 25 years, featuring a foetal incarnation of their brutal no-wave violence in seasick waves of clattering, clanking noise rock and viscerally howled chants. 'Filth' is the blueprint for many years of harsh, damaged intensity that followed and remains a powerfull...view item »

Pere Ubu
Dub Housing

Too many Pere Ubu records have been allowed to slip out of print, so here, to coincide with some shows, the group are reissuing a few early records on Fire. Dub Housing is their second album, and represents the group at their wild, harsh best. Newly remastered from the original tapes and available on CD or LP....view item »

Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Reel To Real

An archive collection of rare and unreleased solo recordings from Dennis Young. Known as the percussionist for Liquid Liquid, this set of sixteen tracks compiles his out of band experiments between '82-83. There’s a homely feel to the recordings, thanks perhaps to Young recording them at home. Just a guess. It's understand...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
One For The Soul

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous musics during her adventurous career. One For The Soul finds her decamping to Rio De Janeiro, where the Brazilian influence flowed freely into her music. Remas...view item »


Liars are such an interesting band. You never quite know what you are going to get but every time its always different and never less than impressive. This album starts off in excellent style with opener ‘The Exac...view item »

Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado
My Lover The Killer

Legendary no wave noise-scream queen Lydia Lunch collaborated once more with the eclectic Mark Hurtado for this 2LP set of wild sounds. My Lover The Killer is a doomed tale of violence and murder, delivered with a sexy dramatic flavour by Ms Lunch. Worryingly, it is apparently based on ...view item »

Vivien Goldman
Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)

When she started making music in 1979, Vivien Goldman pulled together the sounds of punk, hip-hop and reggae, with a touch of afro-beat groove for good measure. Resoloutionary (Songs 1979-1982) compiles her work as a solo artist, in The Flyin...view item »

Tuxedomoon & Various Artists
Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise: Half-Mute Reflected

Tuxedomoon’s 1980 debut Half-Mute is rightly well-regarded as a weird-pop masterpiece: now the band are touring it again! To accompany the shows, they’ve handed out the material to artists like Simon Fisher Turner, Cult With No Name and Aksak Maboul, to cove...view item »

Deep Throats
Good Bad Pretty

Deep Throats were an old San Francisco band with a heady garage rock sound. This release gathers up their final recordings, previously unheard by the public at large. Good Bad Pretty is released by Castle Face, the essential garage rock imprint of John O’Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, for...view item »
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De Lux
Berlin Joe / Stranger Love

This single is pressed to 8” vinyl, because well why shouldn’t it be eh? That extra inch allows De Lux to stretch out a little more with these 2 tracks, 1 of them a Woody Allen-loving groove-fest and the other a cover of an old Classixx song. Berlin Joe / Stranger Love is re...view item »

Mayo Thompson
Corky's Debt To His Father


The relentless and repetitive guitar, drum and bass build-ups of Nisennenmondai have been described as ‘organic techno’. On #N/A, the band’s tenth recording, and first with iconic dub label On-U Sound, they fully embrace this. Adrian Sherwood’s production...view item »

The Finishing Line

Bis like their Record Store Day releases and this is the 'solo' project of one of their number 'sci-fi' Steve and his Batteries project. Previously described as Devo meets Queen of the Stone Age, it's not hard to imagine what he is doing here. Expect bouncy new wave pop fun with...view item »
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bis / Big Zero
Boredom Could Be Good For You / Tear It Up and Start Again

One for all you fans of day-glo buzz pop. Scottish indie veterans Bis play a brand new song that apparently has gone down a storm at their recent live shows. Overleaf young Reading upstarts Big Zero make synth driven pop fun that sounds like Devo hanging out with Weezer. Just 500 of these little blighters.   ...view item »

The (Hypothetical) Prophets
Around The World With

InFine remaster and reissue The (Hypothetical) Prophets phenomenally obscure minimal synth album. Cut-up samples, strange deadpan vocals and harsh synthesizer from none-other than Bernard Szajner (of Visions of Dune fame) have made Around the World With the stuf...view item »

Trek with Quintronic
Landing Plus

An interesting curio from back in 1981 and by gosh it sounds it. No timeless retro futurism here. This sounds like all the David Bowie-aping synth bands of the day, from Tubeway Army to Ultravox to Visage. Th...view item »

The Frozen Autumn
Time Is Just A Memory

The Frozen Autumn is an Italian band from Turin. They’ve released three albums since forming in 1993 and Time is Just a Memory is a six-track collection and a general overview of those three albums. The songs are dark, clinical synth tracks in the vein of Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twin...view item »

Crash Course In Science
Jump Over Barrels

Crash Course In Science are a post-punk band formed by three art school students in Philadelphia in 1979. Whilst guitars, drums and synths were used, the band eschewed convention by experimenting with toy instruments and kitchen appliances to add to their sound. Jump Over Barrells was recorded in 1981, intended ...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Suspense is her take on an 80’s pop record, an unusual step that works remarkably well. Light In The Attic are reissuing Suspense and several other of her al...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Zulu Rock

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Zulu Rock is her South African album, a real 80’s afro-funk record. Remastered and reissued on Light In The Attic, with the addition of 5 bonus tracks....view item »

The Jazz Butcher
Last Of The Gentlemen Adventurers

Celebrating the 30th birthday of this long running British indie collective, this begins a series of re-issues from their long and varied back catalogue. Led by the wonderfully monikered Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher took elements of the Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett and took it in idiosyncratic, whimsical dir...view item »

Spider King
Shot To Pieces

Spider King are a little known example of early 1980’s British Northern post-punk being served up with a huge dollop of FUNK! on the side. Those sharp guitars and shouty vocals are all there, but so are broad, squelchy synth basslines. It fits remarkably well. Shot To Pieces, compiled from tracks recorded between ...view item »

Guerilla Toss
Eraser Stargazer

Eraser Stargazer is the new album by Boston five-piece Guerilla Toss. It follows on from their 2104 debut album Gay Disco and their 2015 EP Flood Dosed which won the band praise from the likes of Henry Rollins and Busy P of Ed Banger Records. The band ...view item »

Amusers and Puzzlers

‘Amusers and Puzzlers’ is the final chapter in the nine album career of one of experimental rocks most jaded treasures, Sightings. The record, intended as a complimentary album to their 2013 release ‘Terribly Well’ is the oxymoronic climax of their unique style of damaged rock, driven by irregular guitar changes and nervy...view item »

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
Cubist Blues

Alex Chilton (Big Star), Alan Vega (Suicide) and Ben Vaughn (er, mostly solo) made only one album together, intensely improvising together. The result, Cubist Blues, is a darkly atmospheric trip, sounding not quite like anything else. Originally release...view item »

John Cale

Fear is the first of John Cale’s 3-album mid-1970’s hot-streak, and a very strong example of Cale in dramatic songwriter mode. It is at once stagey (especially when just Cale and the piano), experimental, and a little bit punky. Also features Richard Thompson...view item »

Circuit Breaker
My Descent Into Capital

Circuit Breaker make music that brings industrial sonics into the present day. My Descent Into Capital is their fullest statement to date, taking the length of a whole album to hammer into the bleak truths of life under the neoliberal rule of late capitalism… with synths and drum machines! Out on Harbinger Sound....view item »

New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-1982

Reissue of Soul Jazz’s classic compilation New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-1982. As the subtitle should signal to you, this is some sharp groovy action, from incredible artists including Theoretical Girls, Dinosaur L and Alan Vega. New tracklist for ...view item »

The You And What Army Faction

The You And What Army Faction are a post-punk crew from Athens, Greece. The political-economic tensions of contemporary Athens seem to have made their mark on the band, their dark music howling and dead-eyed: they sound wounded, in the best tradition of their heavy post-punk forebears. Glum is out on Smash Records....view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Mambo Nassau

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Mambo Nassau is a very funky record indeed, partly a result of recording at Chris Blackwell’s studios. Light In The Attic are reissuing this along wi...view item »

Normil Hawaiians
Return of The Ranters

Recorded in 1985, Normil Hawaiians’ third album Return Of The Ranters is quite an album. On the one hand it is a set of relatively conventional mid-80s post-punk political songs. But on the other hand, strange details and structures are packed in everywhere: strange violin loops, unidentified tones, and unrestrain...view item »

Coke Weed
Mary Weaver

Coke Weed plunge bodily into the sounds of Bowie-era Berlin for this record, ending up with a sharp and shiny dance part for post-punk art-squats. Mary Weaver is the group’s fourth record, and powerfully combines dead-eyed vocals with body-moving rhythm. Released by the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond lab...view item »

Pere Ubu
Carnival Of Souls

Last year's Pere Ubu album 'Lady From Shanghai' was a bit hit around the office, with the decades-spanning avant-popsters hitting a rich seam of form, and now they're back with another, 'Carnival of Souls', which sees them in a similarly spirited mood, romping through nine new tracks of mind-bending pop with David Thomas's distinctive nasal snee...view item »

Wake The President

A Scottish based band fronted by identical twins whose tunes are, by all accounts, hook infested earworms...is this the new Proclaimers album? Sadly not, it's the newie from Wake The President. These guys (twins Eric and Bjorn Sanberg) seem to be pretty good at writing literate pop dittie...view item »

The Rogers Sisters
Never Learn To Cry

Dunno where the Rogers Sisters have put their spiky edge. New single 'Never Learn To Cry' is a fine indie chugger with echoes of their previous raucous post punk pop but the B-52s for the nihilist age don't quite cut the mustard with this new single. I'd like to think the upcoming album will be a classic in waiting...view item »

The Rogers Sisters
Why Wont You

Struggling with recent ROGERS SISTERS singles as they seem to have lost their spiky, intense edge. 'Why Won't You' is a winding, bluesy shout-a-longa anthem that's surprisingly like a cross between The Zutons & JSBX but ends up sounding more like The Datsuns. An unpleasant surprise for me, myself &a...view item »

Nature Proper

Beards are a great band you may well have seen blasting out no-waveish post-punk to the joy of audiences across the land. Featuring members of Azores and Commiserations, they’ve honed what they do to a pretty fine point by now, and Nature Proper manages to capture that nicely. Spl...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Press Color

Lizzy Mercier Descloux did an excellent thing in 1979, releasing a record that mirrored her journey from Paris to Lower East Side NY by putting a tight no wave rhythm section beneath a version of slick French song. Press Color is that record, and it is a firmly compelling listen. Reissued at last, in remastered form, by...view item »


In 1979 MFH were formed, in the words of the liner notes, “by Andrew Cox (Maths) and David Elliott (Geography) at Sussex University in November 1979”, they were a couple of dweebs who couldn’t really play their instruments and instead dived headlong into the cassette culture ...view item »
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Full English Breakfast
Candy In Weightlessness

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Eyes & No Eyes
Eyes & No Eyes

Here’s an album of strident indie pop from Eyes & No Eyes. This quartet play a moody kind of indie pop which is presented with epic and loud production here, filling the spaces between guitars and vocals with droning cello and vintage analogue synths. This is one of several of these super-slick indie rock records I’ve had to revi...view item »

Frank Alpine
Frank Alpine

Lydia Lunch / Retrovirus
Urge To Kill

‘Urge To Kill’ is the follow up to last years live recording from noise queen Lydia Lunch’s with Retrovirus. Reuniting the same supergroup lineup with guitarist Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), bassist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) and legendary drummer Bob Bert (Sonic Youth/ Pussy Galore) ‘Urge To Kill’ brings powerf...view item »

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra
Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra

Liquid Idiot and Idiot Orchestra were two bands that eventually became one as the seminal New York post-punk band Liquid Liquid. Neither band on this split LP ever locked into a groove like the band they became, it’s way more freeform, experimental and, well, odd. It was music played for t...view item »


This album is not about the Baltimore drug scene. It’s not about how to transfer money. It’s not about insulating your house. It’s our first submission for UnGoogleable Album of the Year 2015. Wire’s 13th album, their first self-titled, is the return of a punkband that has been going for almost 40 years. ...view item »

The Names
Stranger Than You

Available on CD or Double 12” Vinyl in gatefold packaging with digital download on Factory Benelux. The Names are a new wave group from Belgium, mainly known for their body of work with Factory records in the early 80s. Now, since 2014’s In Time they are joined by two new memebers and are looking back to the...view item »

Guerilla Toss
Smack the Brick

Guerilla Toss are an exciting bundle of fun, doggedly repetitive, somewhat abrasive, and always propulsive instrumentally. The whole thing is whipped up to terminal velocity by Kassie Carlson’s yelped vocalisations. Smack The Brick is what this band want you to do, and you’d probably do it f...view item »

My Dreams Dictate My Reality

Produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (The Cure), ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ is singer songwriter Soko’s follow up to her melancholic folk album debut ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’. The album includes two hypnotic collaborative tracks (‘Monster Love’ and ‘Lovetrap’) with lo-fi troubadour A...view item »

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby - Volume 2

Jack Ruby were one of the missing links between Fun House era Stooges and the eventual No Wave of the late 70s. They basically sound like what would happen if J.G Ballard started a proto-punk band; electronic noise throughout with dirty rock n' roll. This is the 2nd volume of LP reissues which is the more noisy and experimental side of the band,...view item »
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Some deep meditations from Disappears. Irreal is the new full length from the Chicago group. This record is brimming with undertones of angst and frustration just waiting to boil over. Spanning a lot of influences, it evokes elements of Krautrock, trip-hop and electronic dance music done with a live ...view item »

Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
The Invisible Girls

The Invisible Girls is a collaborative effort by Steve Hopkins and Martin Hannett who have both weaved their way in and out of the brilliance of many different bands, Hannett producing for the likes of New Order where Hopkins has helped perform for som...view item »

Guerilla Toss
367 Equalizer

Keep it livid. Keep it dense yeah? This is some colossal post-funk-proto-riot-noise-dance from Guerilla Toss. 367 Equalizer is brilliant and rubbish all at once - it's well meta. You can dance to it and not really understand in what way you're dancing to it etc. Out on vinyl LP from Feeding Tube Records. Totally fucking...view item »

Rattle EP

Minimal funk-punk from Nottingham's Rattle. Rattle EP is a lesson in creativity and effective repetition. The female duo utilise minimal instrumentation and simple layered vocals to make abstract grooves with a disjointed propulsion. Think art-school-post-weed drum circle - in a good way. Out on 7" vinyl from I Own You ...view item »

Pauline Murray
Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls

Re-issue of a legendary album recorded back in 1980 and produced by Martin Hannett, its a veritable who's who of the Factory scene with appearances from John Maher (Buzzcocks) and Vini Reilly (Durutti Column) with a sleeve designed by Peter Saville. This double vinyl version includes a bonus CD of instrumental versions, alternate takes, live ver...view item »

Null And Void
Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte

Nuttier than a squirrel's turd Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte by Null And Void. Medical Records re-mastered and reissued this following the resurgence of interest in post-punk heritage. Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte is a barrage of dystopian synths, bombastic vocals and angular guitars. It's po...view item »

Dead Unique

Blackest Ever Black have this week unearthed this gem of oddball indie pop which has languished unreleased for a staggering 19 years, having been shelved at the time for reasons nobody can remember. It's truly unusual stuff, with even our hardened post-it genie conceding: "Can't get my head round it. Horns but nice ones." The horns being nice ...view item »

Acrobat EP

Straddling the mid ground between Franz Ferdinand and Haircut One Hundred, Acrobat produce the kind of disco-influenced indie music that was de rigeur amongst the class of ‘82 with their white boy funk and arran sweaters. The basslines could have been playe...view item »

Lydia Lunch

Retrovirus is a career-spanning (1977 to present) live set from Lydia Lunch. The tour that spawned the set featured a band made up of Weasel Walter on guitar, Algis Kizys, who has played with Swans and Foetus, on bass and original Sonic Youth drummer Bob Bert. ...view item »

the abc club
Thieving Magpie

Things to Make And Do have a couple of 7”s out this week, both by Leeds bands. There’s one from Blood Oranges and this little indie-pop gem from The ABC Club. Can’t tell you much about the band to be honest. I’ve never seen them and factual information is scarce online but I’m Lee...view item »

Pulling Chain

New waver David Lindell continues to mark his Anne project with electronic grandeur and vocal show-boating, offering Pulling Chain up as an opportunity to dance 'til your feet disintegrate and sing 'til you reach the highest possible octave. A suggested serving for those goths who hit up the club....view item »

Helms Alee
Sleepwalking Sailors

This new Helms Alee album is another step in a similar direction as the previous two but has more to do with the first record than the last one, which is the weakest out of the 3 I think. It has all the great bits from the first record, awesome harmonys, that crunching guitar sound which is so distin...view item »

2 Minds

This is the second consecutive single I've reviewed today that's an indiepop song with no guitar. What's happening to the world? This is very different from the psych-pop of Forever Pavot, though. Stats are peddling some kind of minimal synthpop with a bit of an arty post-punk feel, kind of like Hot Chip imperson...view item »

Guardian Alien
Spiritual Emergency

I'm finally reaching the end of a protracted and panicky review marathon as I race against time to get all this week's significant releases written up before our weekly update goes out, so the last thing I need right now is something difficult to describe. Sadly I don't get to choose how easy records are to describe and so...view item »

The Distractions
The End Of The Pier

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New War
New War

The eponymously-titled album by this Melbourne quartet is a real blast. It's one of those multi-faceted treats that come out of nowhere and begin to persistently beg to be put in the player whenever you pass within three feet even when you have loads of other things you really should be...view item »

Sweet Madness
Made In Spokane: 1978-1981

This song got lodged in my head and couldn't be removed without a crowbar! There's a beginning, a middle, and an end...without 20 minutes of guitar diarrhea! As they say, don't bore us...get to the chorus. A very good alternative to Miley Cyrus. Highly recommended....view item »

Sonny & The Sunsets
Antenna To The Afterworld

Restless soul Sonny Smith is back with another outing for Polyvinyl. Antenna To The Afterworld chronicles the writer’s time spent reflecting on the afterlife - from the perspective of alien visiting earth. This is charmingly homespun stuff as usual, but with added flashes of colour and odd...view item »
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The Old Grey Whistle Test: Punk & New wave

Buke and Gase
General Dome

Here’s the second album from Pitchfork-lauded experimental indiepop duo Buke & Gase, and a slick and confident effort it is too. Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez whip up a catchy, stomping swirl of pop hooks and spiky guitars which on the first track ‘Houdini Crush’ instantly brings to min...view item »

Milk Teddy

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Guerilla Toss
Jeffrey Johnson

Fantastic. Totally bizarre. Perhaps the future of music. The art is wonderful too. I see these guys live once when I was in New York City. Their live performance is mind blowing....view item »

Electric Hawaii

Opossom is the new project of former Mint Chick Kody Neilson, whose brother and former bandmate Ruban has gone on to form the excellent Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I am of course interested to see if t...view item »


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Funk Police
Hot We Are, Funk We Play

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Public Image Limited
One Drop EP

It's hard to believe that it has been twenty years since their last release. P.i.L. picks up where they left off without missing a beat. Seen as it's been so long since we've had any new material from Lydon, the last album being Psychos Path, there's a lot to live up to with this new EP. I wasn't sure at first but after a few listens it really g...view item »


Not heard these guys before so I thought I'd check 'em out. Firstly some facts for you..... there's 300 copies of this baby.... 150 in a green sleeve and 150 in a red sleeve. We have a handful of each but there being only 300 I can't imagine it hanging around for too long. I thought these ...view item »

Andreas Dorau
Blumen Und Narzissen

Andreas Dorau was reportedly only 16 when he made this album: d’awwwww. I guess that explains the sheer unvarnished youth we can see on the cover. For an almost child-star, Blumen Und Narzissen is a remarkably developed-sounding record, with a very cool synth-pop style underpinning Dorau’s t...view item »
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John Cale
Extra Playful EP

Lock up your leeks, here comes the Welsh Wizard with a surprise 12" on Domino of all places. Now call me a silly sausage if you like but I've never once delved beyond 'Paris 1919' with regard to Johnny Viola's solo work. I'm too worried about upsetting myself. I'd have pretty much reach my grisly death happy having only heard that extraordin...view item »

Babybird (Baby Bird)
The Pleasures Of Self Destruction

Despite being best known for the one-off hit 'You're Gorgeous', Babybird aka Stephen Jones should be most lauded for his initial run of lo-fidelity records he released in the early '90s, now collected on the essential 'The Original Lo-Fi' box set. Since then, though, his ca...view item »
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Camp Skin Graft ! Now Wave

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Mister Heavenly
Out Of Love

I love that mix of old-fashioned, nostalgic sound with the new and modern and I'm always a fan of good lyrics. I would have given it five stars, except (and this is more personal taste than a comment on relative worth or value of the record) I tend to skip a full third of the album's songs. Not that they're bad, they're just a bit boring or not ...view item »
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  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Ugly Animals

Ah, the second coming of Three One G!!! Bring it!!! Retox are a new band that sees various Three One G/San Diego characters united in a common cause to bring a little class back to the Hardcore scene. The Three One G style has been described as many things but for me the classic crop of bands (The Locust, Festiva...view item »

Blank Dogs
Collected By Itself: 2006 - 2009

Pillars And Tongues
The Pass And Crossings

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Psychic Powers
Wellington / Foreign Photograph

Psychic Powers provide us with the latest installment in the Geographic North 7" series, subtitled 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'. 'Wellington' is a strutting electro rock piece that kind of reminds me of Flock of Seagulls and Electronic. It's got a bit of an old Euro pop pulse & at one (very brief) point recalls the terminally useless White Li...view item »


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Jad Fair
His Name Itself Is Music

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Different Thinking People

'For Fans Of: Chrome, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, Ralph Records, and SF Artpunk'? Sounds pure hard body. Count I in for some o' dat. To be honest, from what I've heard of this so far I barely need to add anything to that first line.. You've got your clangy, trebly basslines, your primitivist cut 'n' paste surrealist touches, your Residents-style pla...view item »
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Floored By Four
Floored By Four

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Las Nurses
Just So Pretty

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Brontosaurus Chorus

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  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Gary Wilson
Electric Endicott

This is, I think his strongest collection of songs yet. The album flits back and forth between jazzy avant garde piano tunes against a floating rhythm but the pop tunes are just magnificent. Very loudly mixed bass but flawless lines... that trademark 'Gary sound' is present. Based on this, I hope he doesn't stop making new ones. Not many people kno...view item »
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Brian Eno & David Byrne
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Not since the Beatles reissues has a remastering provided such a dramatic improvement. Although it doesn't say so, I'd suspect engineer Greg Calbi (who mastered the original album) went back to the original 24-track masters, meticulously cleaned up each individual track, then recombined them digitally for maximum clarity. These don't sound like ...view item »


More Richie Records rock in the form of Factorymen who dish up yet another tasty plate of outsider, fuck-over style noise rock. It's a truly mixed bag they be serving up here. One moment they're tinkering with synths and the echoplex and next minute they're harnessing good time Kiss-style riffage into the mutant disco broth. Brief compositional ...view item »
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Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
Between My Head and the Sky

Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band
Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band have really caught my imagination today. Sounding like a swell, regular bunch of melodic indie kids, by the second track you realise yr listening to a slightly out-of-the-ordinary unit. The drummer's apparently 13 ish but they seem to have the ability to blend the kind of head-whirling alternative pop/rock beloved of Vam...view item »

Wonderful Day

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