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The Jazz Butcher
The Violent Years

The Jazz Butcher were formed in 1982 by Pat Fish. After making four albums for the Glass label, they signed to Creation, which is where The Violent Years begins. The 4 CD set, presented in a 20-page hardback book, collects together their first four albums for Creation: Fishcotheque, Big Planet, Scarey (sic) Planet, Cult of the Basement and Condition Blue. It sees their sound evolve from Weather Prophets style indie-rock to jazz-inflected pop.
  • CD box set (FIRECD470)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Intense Molecular Activity

I.M.A. were a pair of New York sound industry people back in the early 80’s: their jobs gave them access to some interesting studio spaces out of hours, which they utilised to record their own versions of the sounds they loved. Synths and percussion were performed, recorded, and then bounced and dubbed through a network of tape loops and recorders, for extra interesting results. Their Intense Molecular Activity is now reissued in full replica style, with a postcard, on vinyl, by Dark Entries.
  • Vinyl LP (DE198LP)

Live at Third Man Records

Brooklyn punks Pill come through with one of the most unusual and thrilling releases in the Live At Third Man Records 7” series. The live setting makes the band’s already-frenzied no wave by turns more no-ey and more wave-y. ‘Afraid of the Mirror’, for instance, pits garbled vox and sax against a thick Kraut-punk groove before slipping into a discordant shuffle reminiscent of Shopping or The Slits.
  • Vinyl 7" (TMR449)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

The Wibbley Brothers
Go Weird

One of the most bizarre Record Store Day releases comes from 1982 era Bonzo's meets Half Man Half Biscuit lunatics The Wibbley Brothers. Comprising of brothers Terry and Ronnie Wibbley and having done nothing in the subsequent 33 years it comes as no surprise that 'Go Weird' is as out there as a fish on flexidisc. Madcap '80's mayhem. This is what people did before the internet.  
  • Vinyl LP (TRUB11)
  • Limited edition
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Trisomie 21
Chapter IV

When Trisomie 21’s Chapter IV, Le Je-ne-sais quoi et le presque-rien dropped in the mid-80s, it was very much ahead of its time, especially for the French post-punk scene. While now it just sounds of its time, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of reissue, in this case via Dark Entries. Obvious touchstones are Durutti Column and Joy Division as well as the doomier moments of The Cure’s discography. This edition has been remastered and comes with a whole extra vinyl of remixes and version.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DE195LP)

Pro Anti Anti

  • Vinyl 12" (12MUTE517)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Who doesn’t love a good old alternative Christmas album? Les Disques du Crepuscule’s one Ghosts Of Christmas Past was first released in 1981, and has been updated in 1982 and also 2015. This version features old material from the likes of Aztec Camera and The Durutti Column, and new 2015 stuff from Gavin Bryars, Section 25 and many more, all getting festive. Double LP release.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TWI158)

The Glove
Blue Sunshine

  • Vinyl LP (4787571)
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The Apartments
The Evening Visits and Stays for Years (Expanded Edition)

The Apartments main man, Peter Milton Walsh made a big noise in the Brisbane alternative music scene of the late seventies and early eighties. So much so that none other than Grant McLennan and Robert Forster from fellow Brisbanites The Go Betweens asked him to join their band. He did, but not for long. They were chalk and cheese. Perhaps just as well really as The Evening Visits and Stays For Years, The Apartments debut album proper, wowed the British music press upon it’s original release in 1985. Thanks to Captured Tracks, we now have the reissued and expanded version to enjoy. The Evening Visits and Stays For Years is available on double vinyl LP with download code and CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CT206LP)
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Ted Milton / Blurt
Ruminant Violence

Optimo Music here give a proper dancefloor context to an underappreciated weirdo gem by Ted Milton from 1984: the cult joy of Love Like A Violence. This reissue places the track in a DJ-friendly 12” context, along with its original B-side (‘It’s Only Recently That Stalins Have Begun To Roost’) and an addictive cut by Milton’s band Blurt.
  • Vinyl 12" (OM39)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Melt Yourself Down
Last Evenings On Earth

Frenzied super-group Melt Yourself Down (members of Polar Bear and Zun Zun Egui, plus Shabaka Hutchings) return with a second album! Last Evenings On Earth, which takes its name from a Roberto Bolano text, is a pre-apocalypse party record of immense energy and joy: vocals, saxophones and everything else all operating at peak level throughout. Released by The Leaf Label.
  • Vinyl LP (BAY101V)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy
  • CD (BAY101CD)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Brotherhood of Lizards

Been waiting a long time for this to be re-issued. This is the short lived 'other' band of the Cleaners From Venus main man Martin Newell but there's not all that much difference in the sound. It still has that perfect '80s update of classic '60s pop and the sort of melodies that other bands would kill for. Once again it was ignored by the public at large possibly to do with Newell's insistence on touring only by bicycle.   
  • Vinyl Double LP (CT249LP)
  • £27.49 £21.99 (saving: £5.50)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (CT249CD)
  • £11.99 £9.59 (saving: £2.40)
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As a self-titled 2014 full-length from Eaters, this ten-track release is a beautifully crafted example of daring art-rock. As a band with one foot in contemporary art projects, and the other dedicated live music shows (such as Moogfest), the group manage to tie the two journeys together - forming a rich and colourful universe.
  • Vinyl LP (DT017)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Red Barked Tree

  • CD (PF018CD)


Since adding a portable CD player to my kitchen I've needed some interesting upbeat music to listen to whilst doing the dishes. First on my list was Sparks Propaganda  - an absolutely incredible album which showcases the band at their pomp. Almost as good as Kimono My House I reckon. This catches them at work with their classic early sound which is both tough as teak and operatic. Brilliant stuff now on LP via Island. 
  • Vinyl LP (4735905)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock


Indiscreet was the fifth album by the wonderfully weird duo Sparks. It was originally released in 1975 as the follow-up to Propaganda and produced by none other than Tony Visconti. Whilst it didn’t meet the commercial heights of Propaganda, or Kimono My House, which was arguably their best-known work, it was an artistic success - stylistically an odd, yet fantastic mix of glam rock and show tunes.
  • Vinyl LP (4735906)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Big Beat

Big Beat was the 6th album by Sparks. It was the follow up to the rather fabulous Indiscreet. Like its predecessor, it failed to reach satisfactory sales figures, but don’t let that put you off, things were different in 1976, this was probably buried under a pile of fresh punk. It led to them appearing, and playing two songs, in the 1976 disaster film Rollercoaster after Kiss declined the offer.
  • Vinyl LP (4735909)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Normil Hawaiians
More Wealth Than Money

From 1982, here is Normil Hawaiians’ remarkable double debut album More Wealth Than Money, an experimental post-punk epic that utilised tape loops, strange echoes and kosmischey psych to create four sides-worth of unique sonic space. Never properly released in the UK at the time, now we can relish this great work in full on CD and vinyl editions! Both formats come with a booklet.
  • Vinyl Double LP (UTR096LP)
  • CD (UTR096)

Peter Westheimer
Cool Change

Australian native Peter Westheimer is a qualified doctor, an actor and a musician. We’re here to talk about his involvement in the latter. Cool Change compiles his experimental electronica made over a twelve year period in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Westheimer’s sound sees him striding between ambient and dance oriented tracks that take in both pop and classical influences..
  • Vinyl LP (LER1008)
  • £19.99 £11.99 (saving: £8.00)
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Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Reel To Real

An archive collection of rare and unreleased solo recordings from Dennis Young. Known as the percussionist for Liquid Liquid, this set of sixteen tracks compiles his out of band experiments between '82-83. There’s a homely feel to the recordings, thanks perhaps to Young recording them at home. Just a guess. It's understandably heavy on the drums. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Staubgold.
  • CD (STAUB137)
  • Vinyl LP (STAUB137LP)

Lydia Lunch
Honeymoon In Red

A Lydia Lunch album recorded in 1982 is an exciting enough prospect even before I tell you that her backing band for Honeymoon In Red was none other than Nick Cave’s original band of bruisers The Birthday Party. And Thurston Moore even pops up for good measure! What a wild and dirty ride this album is. This reissue adds a bonus track and boasts remastered audio. On Bang!
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP109)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
One For The Soul

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous musics during her adventurous career. One For The Soul finds her decamping to Rio De Janeiro, where the Brazilian influence flowed freely into her music. Remastered and reissued on Light In The Attic, with the addition of 2 bonus tracks.
  • Vinyl LP (LITA139LP)
  • CD (LITA139)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

The Normal
Warm Leatherette/ T.V.O.D.

  • Vinyl 7" (MUTE1)

First Rehearsal Tapes

Check out this chunk of alternative music history: Suicide’s first ever rehearsal, captured on tape in 1977 as Alan Vega and Martin Rev were just starting up their legendary dirty NYC synth-punk project. These formative recordings contain quite a lot of what was to come in embryonic form, so you really gotta hear it. Reissued to vinyl by Superior Viaduct.
  • Vinyl LP (SV128)

Ut + Confidential

First out the gate for the Ut reissue series are the debut EPs from the New York no wavers. Ut’s is a darker and more angular take on the bass and rhythm centred approach they share with contemporaries Liquid Liquid and ESG. Admirably inventive and non-hierarchical. Available on CD or 12” cut at 45 rpm.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (OUT0102)
  • CD (OUT0102CD)
  • Artist(s):
  • UT

A Certain Ratio
The Graveyard and The Ballroom

The Graveyard and the Ballroom was the very first album released by A Certain Ratio. It was recorded by legendary producer Martin Hannett and shows the band in their beginning stages, starting to perfect the danceable post-punk that yielded true rewards on their follow up opus To Each. Re-issue on Mute. 
  • Vinyl LP (LSTUMM406)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (CDSTUMM406)

Brian Eno
Before and After Science

  • Vinyl LP (ENOLP4)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Sauna Youth

  • Vinyl LP (WAAT048LP)
  • CD (WAAT049CD)

Eyeless In Gaza
Drumming The Beating Heart / Pale Hands Loved So Well

Eyeless In Gaza were an artsy duo operating first in the 80’s, and then in the 90’s after a break of a few years. Inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Martyn Bates and Peter Becker work strange wonders. Two albums reissued together here as a double LP: Drumming The Beating Heart and Pale Hands Loved So Well.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LETV274LP)
  • Limited edition
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Eyeless In Gaza
Rust Red September

Eyeless In Gaza were an artsy duo operating first in the 80’s, and then in the 90’s after a break of a few years. Inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Martyn Bates and Peter Becker put together a highly atmospheric set of tracks with Rust Red September, re-released now on double white vinyl.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LETV273LP)
  • Limited edition


The 1977 debut by Alan Vega and Martin Rev is a conceptual and sonic assault. Vega’s pithy lyrics and echoed rockabilly vocals over Rev’s seething, primitive beatbox and fuzzed-up synths are a simple and devastatingly effective combination. Ghost Rider and Rocket USA is a killer double whammy to open the album. Frankie Teardrop makes your neck hair stand up, and Springsteen fave Cheree calms you down again.
  • Label(s):
  • BMG

Returning Jesus

First released in 2001, here is another chance for you to get your hands on Returning Jesus, a key statement from no-man. A sublimely subtle suite of art-rock songwriting with a smooth, lush, ECM-jazz instrumental palette. This reissue is available as a double LP or as a double CD, with the CD edition also including a stack of b-sides, demos and other associated rarities.
  • Vinyl Double LP (KSCOPE954)
  • CD (KSCOPE496)


DIaframma are considered, by those who know, to be among the very best bands ever produced by Italy’s 1980’s new wave rock scene, and now you have a chance to prove this for yourself with this reissue of their Siberia album. Period synth and guitar textures and a serious mood, with the Italian language perfectly suiting the melancholy grandeur of the new wave attitude. Reissued by Mannequin.
  • Vinyl LP (MNQ 105)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

The Jazz Butcher
The Wasted Years

The Jazz Butcher was an indie band born in the 80’s, and here we have their fantastic earliest albums, as released for the Glass label. That’ll be Bath Of Bacon, A Scandal In Bohemia, Sex And Travel and Distressed Gentlefolk then, all gathered together in their strange idiosyncratic glory, and remastered too. 4CD hardback book package on Fire.
  • CD box set (FIRECD460)

Pere Ubu
20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo

Since 1976 Pere Ubu have been creating their own unique brand of art-rock and they show utterly no sign of stopping. The magnificently titled '20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo' once again sees them hunker down in a dark windowless room a create blasts of future music...this time with lots of synths.   
  • Vinyl LP (BRED708)
  • CD (CDBRED708)

Gang of Four

Entertainment was the the debut album by Leeds post-punk band Gang Of Four. It was originally released in 1979. The band incorporated elements of funk, dub and reggae into their choppy and angular punk sound. Features the tracks Damaged Goods, At Home He's A Tourist and I Found That Essence Rare.
  • Vinyl LP (0825646297023)

A Middle Sex
Soul Sways West

Originally released on The Audacious Art Experiment we are delighted to issue a long-awaited vinyl edition of this posthumous album by Manchester dub/noise/improv collective A Middle Sex. Exploratory electronic repeato music that harks back to the golden age experiments of This Heat and Throbbing Gristle. Dark but essential.   
  • Vinyl LP (SANDBAR009)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Spray Paint

Purposefully loose, mixing no wave and post punk, Spray Paint display their rockin’ chaos through three tracks recorded live in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. There was a studio version of Cussin’ released as a single back in 2014, but this version, for its performance and lyrics, in the current state of the world, is much needed.
  • Vinyl 7" (TMR403)
  • £6.49 £3.89 (saving: £2.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Residents

Available on 180 gram clear vinyl on Music on Vinyl. Avantgarde and anonymous art collective The Residents Originally released Intermissions in 1982. They made it very clear that it was not the 3rd chapter of the Mole trilogy (which seemed to never actually exist), but a cutting of related materials. Limited repressing of 1000 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (MOV12003)

Housewives / Massicot
Exc. 281016 / Kokteilis

The no wave repeato-brutality of Housewives and the hip-hopped tropical pop-noise of Massicot both commit themselves to wax on this exciting split 7”, with a totally new track from each band. EXC. 281016 / KOKTEILIS is released by a powerful coalition of five labels: Harbinger Sound, Hands In The Dark, Red Wig, Blank Editions and Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, in a limited edition of 1000.
  • Vinyl 7" (BETBC005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

MarQ Spekt & Gary Wilson
Broken Mazes

Collaboration between MarQ Spekt (Broady Champs/School Of Sharks) and Gary Wilson (Stones Throw/Cleopatra Records). Mixing hip-hop and the psychedelically mad world of Wilson’s back catalogue they plunged into his archival recordings sampling it into slick joints for Spekt to flow over. LP on Grilchy Party.
  • Vinyl LP (GP02LP)
  • £20.99 £15.74 (saving: £5.25)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Havah are an Italian band who, for their third album of stern and cold post-punk, have decided to delve into their country’s dark history of Nazi occupation and Fascism. Contravveleno is thus an intense listen, with the industrial and cold-wave dials turned up to the maximum. Released by Maple Death Records in a limited edition of 300 LPs.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship

Eyeless In Gaza
Mania Sour

Eyeless in Gaza are an art/post-punk duo from Nuneaton. They formed in 1980 and are named after the Aldous Huxley novel of the same name. The music flits between cinematic ambience, industrial funk, avant-garde folk and more standard rock and pop. Mania Sour is their 18th album. The songs herein are assertive and raucous and filled with the ardour and snap you’d expect from Martyn Bates and Peter Becker.
  • CD
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Eyeless In Gaza
Picture The Day - A Career Retrospective 1981-2016

This compilation provides a comprehensive overview of the influential Eyeless In Gaza’s whole career, with the major singles supported by album tracks and B-sides. 35 tracks for 35 years. Plus! An entirely unreleased track as a special treat. Picture The Day - A Career Retrospective 1981-2016 is a double CD compilation on Cherry Red.
  • CD (CDBRED694)


Liars are back. After a three year absence the off-kilter group return with a new footprint in their skewed journey in dark experimental lands. This time, with eleven-track TFCF, the band couple their line up upheaval with a revolutionised sound - one which smears the line between acoustic and electronic.
  • Vinyl LP (STUMM414)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (CDSTUMM414)


  • Vinyl LP (STUMM343)
  • CD (CDSTUMM343)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock


  • Vinyl Double LP (STUMM359)
  • CD (CDSTUMM359)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Keep On Moving

ESG have reissued a new wave funk compilation of nine tracks entitled Keep On Moving. Described as being the product of a studio that was left to run itself, this record is the all consuming sound of the techno dance floor. Solid beats and slightly distorted cymbal sounds compliment the youthful vocals in this release. Available on blue vinyl LP, black vinyl LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (FAME233LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP233)
  • CD (FIRECD233)
  • Artist(s):
  • ESG
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

3 Teens Kill 4
No Motive

Remastered for vinyl by George Horn, No Motive is the 1982 release from New York experimental rock outfit 3 Teens Kill 4. Although the record may be from the 80’s, it could easily be plucked from any of the current new wave bands, showing just how progressive 3 Teens Kill 4 are- notice the references to Reagan throughout out the entire record. Available on vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (DE170LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Rich La Bonte
Mayan Canals

Setting up his own label, Flatdisk, in 1980 Rich La Bonté has released sporadically. Dark Entries have remastered his debut full length that was released in 1981. Mayan Canals is as eccentric as it is experimental, with obvious inspiration from Frank Zappa it’s woozy, psychedelic, lots of synthesizer experimentation, and free form nonsensical pop at parts.
  • Vinyl LP (DE157LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
Live At CBGB

Really, really strange man Gary Wilson gained his reputation with a series of oddball records that could be perfectly summed up as prog-based lounge music. This release documents a live set at New York's CBGBs  - one of the few venues in which he was welcome to play. The back up by a pact of ex New Yorkers called the Blind Dates gives these songs a harder punkier edge. 
  • Vinyl LP (FTR318LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Der Plan
Gefährliche Clowns

German New Wave pioneers Der Plan began revolutionising synth pop with their 1980 album Geri Reig. Gefahrliche Clowns, or Dangerous Clowns in English, appeared on that album. The avant garde band, who do everything with a hefty dose of humour, have reconvened after more than 20 years to record their classic song. This 7” also includes the original 1980 version and the 1988 version from their album Fette Jahre.
  • Vinyl 7" (BB257)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Fast Metabolism

  • Vinyl LP (MLR002)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Coca Leaf
Deep Marble Sunrise

Made in a Florida swamp (very hot I assume), Coca Leaf sculpted this brand of funk, jazz, noise, dub and new wave over a series of brain-fried studio sessions and madcap improvisation experiments. The band are made up of three multi instrumentalists including members of Merchandise, Destruction and Uniform and tend to enjoy following their nose(s). 
  • Vinyl LP (WCR035LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Gold Dime

Gold Dime is the latest incarnation from Andriya Ambro (formerly of Talk Normal), joining forces with Ian Douglas-Moore and Jessica Ackerley they draw on their noise rock past and refine the writing into a more expansive and wide ranging sound and song structure. This is certainly “Unapologetic art rock”, but who is apologising?
  • Vinyl LP (LPFTK117)
  • CD (CDFTK117)

Bent Knee
Land Animal

Boston based Bent Knee blend jazz, post rock, epic and chamber pop. Think Chrome Hoof, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble with a London Grammar huge pop punch. Moving to Inside Out Music for their fourth full length Land Animal boasts this grandeur more than ever, switching between huge jazzed up Muse-like chorus chords and delicate indie pop. Hair-raising.
  • Vinyl LP (88985421021)
  • CD (88985420992)

Fred Schneider and the Superions
The Vertical Mind

Fred Schneider is of course known to us all as a member of party-starters The B-52s, but here he is backed by his new group The Superions. The Vertical Mind is also stacked with party power though, being a wryly amused set of pop-disco-new wave thrillers. Good fun stuff, released by Happy Happy Birthday To Me.
  • Vinyl LP (HHBTM187)

Gary Wilson & Tredici Bacci
Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn

Weirdo hero Gary Wilson took to the stage at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium some little while ago, with Tredici Bacci, the band who play music in the style of vintage Italian film soundtracks backing him. The results, captured on the night and released here as Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn, are particularly great, putting a slightly different spin on some classic Wilson tunes. Out on Feeding Tube Records.
  • Vinyl LP (FTR319LP)
  • CD (FTR319CD)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Lavender Holyfield
Rabbitboxing Midnightmouth

With members of acts including (but not limited to!) The Olivia Tremor Control, Realistic Pillow and Circulatory System, it really is justified to call Lavender Holyfield a supergroup, especially if you are a fan of the whole Athens scene. Rabbitboxing Midnightmouth is a wild surreal carnival of post-punk avant-party music: something to really feast your ears on. Released by Cloud Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (CLD027LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

The Last Four Digits
Don't Move (1980-1982)

The Last Four Digits were a band that only existed for a few years in the early 80’s, but still managed to have two thoroughly different line-ups in that time. Don’t Move (1980-1982) anthologises both editions of this key underground new wave group with a great selection of tracks. The LP version comes with a CD containing their whole 1982 CBGB live performance too! On Family Vineyard.
  • Vinyl LP (FVSPECTC4LPC1)
  • £22.49 £16.87 (saving: £5.62)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Brando's Island
Duplicaat / Natural Order

Brando’s Island, who have an excellent name, are a synth-punk outfit with a little dose of no-wave attitude for good measure. Duplicaat / Natural Order is their third single, and it feels like the band are lashing out and lashing in at themselves all at the same time. Plenty of edge and frenzy to these two tracks. 7” single, out on Million Dollar Records.
  • Vinyl 7" (MDR03)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Flying Calvittos
Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks

Flying Calvittos were a super-obscure Australian underground band who made this EP in 1980 and then more or less vanished. Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks is a noisy weirdo-punk slice of scrunch, charmingly free of much concern for neatness or anything else like that. This EP has never been reissued before, but is now pressed up in an edition of 300 7”s, thanks to the Insolito label.
  • Vinyl 7"
  • £10.49 £7.87 (saving: £2.62)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Gerry & The Holograms
Gerry & The Holograms

Gerry & The Holograms are a fascinating footnote in Manchester music history: their eponymous main song allegedly influenced New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ and was much beloved of Frank Zappa, and yet the quasi-novelty synth-pop group is scarcely known. This release of their only full-length record might change that. Vinyl reissue on Cache Cache.
  • Vinyl LP (CACHE018LP)

Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb Demure, who you may have seen drumming with the band Marriages. On Careless he jams the sounds feelings of his 1980’s LA childhood into Depeche Mode-esque dark synth-pop. The vinyl is a fetching shade of black, pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies only. Released by DAIS.
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS075LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS075LP)


Colour-splashed, like its singular and mysterious sleeve, Supermercado ushers Corridor in a new direction whilst retaining the group's trademark sound. The melodies are poppier and more potent than any previous, and so Quebec's most exciting art-pop outfit continue to make international waves.
  • Vinyl LP (RPUT22)
  • CD (RPUT22CD)

Camberwell Now
The Ghost Trade

The Camberwell Now were a noise/art group formed by drummer and vocalist Charles Hayward after the disbanding of This Heat, featuring This Heat’s sound technician Stephen Rickard who created analogue sampling boards for field samples and tape manipulation way before the sampler was brought in. First vinyl reissue since 1986 and features a bonus unreleased track.
  • Vinyl LP (MCR921)

Chain of Flowers
Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone

Double A-side single from Cardiff’s premier post-punk-shoegaze-pop outfit Chain Of Flowers. Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone sounds like it could play to get the crowd excited before a Cure gig, with moody vocals and dramatic synth and guitar lines. Released as a 7” single on the Alter label.
  • Vinyl 7" (ALT703)

A Way Of Life

  • CD (0724386350008)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Liquid Liquid
Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon

  • Vinyl Triple LP (REWIGLP34)

Pere Ubu
Drive He Said 1994 - 2002

The Fire label have repressed three of experimental art-punks Pere Ubu’s underappreciated later albums, and included some rare bonus material as well. Drive He Said includes Raygun Suitcase, Pennsylvania and St Arkansas, albums which capture the band’s freeform intensity and their complete refusal to conform to genre. This four LP box-set also comes with a download code.
  • Vinyl LP box set (FIRELP469)

Century Palm
Meet You

Meet You is the debut album of a kind of garage-pop supergroup, made up of members of Dirty Beaches, Ketamines, Tough Age and Zebrassieres. Obviously these guys know what to do, and the resulting ten tracks of motorik-driven, synth-shine and guitar-twang music really hit the spot. Released by Deranged.
  • Vinyl LP (DY297LP)
  • CD (DY298CD)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Talking Heads / Echosmith
This Must Be The Place

This is the series which pairs two artists together, performing the same song. Talking Heads were of course a legendarily jittery new wave band and here play their original from their 'Speaking in Tongues' album. I simply have no idea who Echosmith are. The record is also unique in boldly pushing the price of a humble 7" nearer to the £20 mark.  
  • Vinyl 7" (0054391964533)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Marc Hurtado & Alan Vega

Sniper is a 2010 collaboration between Etant Donnes man Marc Hurtado and the legendary Alan Vega, crooner-in-chief of Suicide. And Lydia Lunch even adds vocals on one of the track. The results are not far off an updated Suicide, with Hurtado’s electro grooves underpinning the mighty Vega voice. This limited reissue on 2 LPs adds an exclusive bonus track! On Munster.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MR362)
  • Limited edition

Eleven Pond
Watching Trees

  • Vinyl 12" (ARC092)

Live at Third Man Records

Jack White continues to offer both gigs and releases to up and coming bands via his Third Man Records label and shop: good on him. Nots are the latest band to get White-aided opportunities, with this 7” document of their live set. They sound like a fierce and essential live act on this evidence, with a serious bite to their post-punk via no-wave sound.
  • Vinyl 7" (TMR-391)
  • £6.49 £4.87 (saving: £1.62)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

White Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Love of Life

Swans are an American experimental rock who had their origins in the New York No Wave scene of the early ‘80s. They are fronted by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. White Light From The Mouth of Infinity and Love of Life are two of their classic albums from their early ‘90s period. Both complete albums are presented here as a box set available on CD and Vinyl, both versions come with an 18 track CD of bonus material.
  • CD box set (CDSTUMM377)

Chris Hewitt
Martin Hannett, His Equipment and Strawberry Studios

A massive A4 book documenting several areas of interest for fans of North West post punk music. First up it covers Martin Hannett and the equipment he used to make the classic records by Joy Division and the like. Next up it tells the story of Strawberry Studios founded by 10CC but used by Hannett and other Factory producers of the era. Finally there's a section on Hannett and Tosh Ryan's Rabid records and Absurd records.   
  • Book (9780954931261)

Eyeless In Gaza
Original Albums Boxset

Eyeless In Gaza were a post-punk outfit from Warwickshire who were active in the 80s and helped keep it moody, moving with a similar trajectory to Talk Talk from a poppy sound to sombre New Wave shores. Fronted by Martyn Bates and his untrained, boozy vocal, the band went on to make music based around dark synths, field recordings and noise. 'Original Albums Boxset' captures the band as they went through their many different stylistic incarnations, featuring four records released in the early eighties, a bunch of rarities and a lot of educational sleeve notes about the band's time together. 
  • CD box set (CRCDMBOX14)

Dimosioypalliliko Retire
On the Administration of Panic (The magazine issue 1)

This LP is an ‘audio magazine’ from 2002, showcasing the work of Dimosioypalliliko Retire. This was a Greek group preoccupied with experimental rock deconstruction, and On the administration of panic is an excerpt from a live performance. Cross-released by the Rekem, Orila and Agios Anthropos labels in an edition of 300 LPs.
  • Vinyl LP (Οrl29 / REKEM 10 / AAR 003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Blank Square
Animal I

Blank Square make punk-music-gone-weird, engaging with the lessons of messed-up no wave and also pushing a saxophone to the front of their sound. Animal I is their debut record, and the deep and odd punk fans are going to go wild for it. Released, naturally enough, on John Dwyer’s Castle Face label.
  • Vinyl LP (CF084)
  • CD (CF084CD)


Spearheaded by the stabbing bass of the record's self-titled track, Sports, neo-psychadelic outfit Fufanu sound like a nu-rave version of such 1980's innovators as Joy Division and They Fall. Their electo-driven post-punk lies alongside a plethora of candid, almost spoken vocals - which makes this record both chilled and energetic.
  • Vinyl LP (TPLP1362)
  • Indies-only
  • CD (TPLP1362CD)

Half Japanese
Hear The Lions Roar

Everyone either does or should love Half Japanese, the expression of a brotherly love for weirdo rock music to be played with no regard for conventional technique. Hear The Lions Roar is their brand new record: it's as fun as ever, and apparently features many of the musicians who worked with the band in the 90’s for maximum good old times. CD and vinyl (black or lilac) editions on Fire.
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP467C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP467)
  • CD (FIRECD467)

Alan Vega Martin Rev

The follow-up to Suicide's 1977's legendary eponymous trail blazer. 'Alan Vega Martin Rev' (named after the two members of Suicide, in case that isn't obvious) was originally released in 1980 and produced by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. A lighter and fluffier animal than its predecessor, but still bearing a healthy kick of venom. Reissued on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (SV110)

Colin Newman

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Although in the case of A-Z, some members of Wire were involved in the recording… This feels as lean and sharp-edged as all your favourite Wire, but with some different details in the sound. Released on vinyl and CD, with the CD edition coming with a whole extra disc of demos and the like. On Sentient Sonics.
  • Vinyl LP (SS01LP)
  • CD (SS01-02CD)

New Fries

New Fries are such a lively-sounding band that you feel like you must be missing something by not getting the visual aspect: these songs are so bursting at the seams with *stuff*, they must be sprouting out colours or something. Anyway, for now we must settle for the kaleidoscopic sound of New Fries: 10 inches worth on their new Telephone Explosion release.
  • Vinyl 10" (TER042LP)

Pere Ubu
New Picnic Time

New Picnic Time is the third album by Cleveland, Ohio’s experimental art-rockers Pere Ubu. It was originally released in 1979, it continued a run of classic albums that also included The Modern Dance and Dub Housing.The sessions for the album were so stressful that the band split after recording only to reform with Mayo Thompson replacing original guitarist Tom Herman.
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP363)

Pere Ubu
Song of the Bailing Man

  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP365)


At no less than 36 years of age, the warped synths and humming basslines of Half-Mute by Tuxedomoon return to the fore on vinyl with Crammed Discs. The experimental new-wavers from San Fran helped kick off the 1970s punk rock revolution, and this offering is largely responsible for establishing the outfit's cult status.
  • Vinyl LP (CBOY1010LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Minimal Compact
One (Statik Dancin')

Underground 80’s club favourites Minimal Contact play relentlessly compulsive, bass driven tracks with an economical, stripped back funk/disco sound, recorded with a raw, punk rock production aesthetic that earned them a large, cult following across Europe and the US. This remastered reissue of their 1981 mini album includes the classic track ‘Statik Dancin’.
  • Vinyl LP (CRAM015LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Pere Ubu
Architecture of Language

One-of-a-kind post-punkers Pere Ubu get the box-set treatment. Architecture of Language brings together four remastered vinyl LPs, New Picnic Time (1979), The Art Of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982) and a new collection of extras. The perfect music here runs from punk, to shronking free jazz with some funk and glam thrown in too. The set comes with a lovely poster and download codes as well.
  • Vinyl LP box set (FIRELP422)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock


Prog showstoppers Milemarker have a long history of mixing a rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop, an undercurrent of math kinetics and metal showboating in the vox. Their new record, Overseas, panders to their old love of fronting guitars and giddily overbearing electronics. It's a bit silly, of course -- just the way they like it. 
  • Vinyl LP (LOV84V)
  • £16.99 £12.74 (saving: £4.25)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Artificial Dance

Savant has titled this record Artificial Dance, which is an interesting choice given that the music it contains is a lot less ‘artificial’ than plenty I’ve heard. Although loops and samples are clearly in play here, the instrumental tracks at the core of these pieces sound very much human, especially with the keen focus on interesting flaws. On RVNG International.
  • Vinyl Double LP (RERVNG7LP)

Mars Archives Volume Two: 11000 Volts to Tunnel

The second release in this series of Mars Archives explorations / excavations is a bunch of live tracks recorded at Max’s and CBGB circa 1978. 11000 Volts To Tunnel jerks and kicks with the sparky weirdness of Mars’ still-emerging no wave sound. An excellent listen for no wave historians and general fans of strange music alike! On Feeding Tube Records.
  • Vinyl LP (FTR274LP)
  • Genre(s):
  • New Wave / No Wave / Art Rock

Biased Advice

Melbourne band Exek have their first full-length album to show off. Their sound is not a sunny one: instead, this music feels like it was made in some shady garage before a hard rain, late at night. The production on these post-punk songs is laced with dub, with a coldly groovy effect. Biased Advice is out on Another Dark Age.
  • Vinyl LP (ADA007)

Super Low

Warehouse are an Atlanta GA band who tap into the marvellously fertile Athens jangle pop/art rock scene of the early 1980's. In fact the band provide the perfect R.E.M like backing for the remarkable growling vocals of Elaine Edenfield who bears an uncanny resemblance to Pylon's Vanessa Briscoe Hay. Quite remarkable. This could be a really interesting one when you bear in mind the band have also been listening to Deerhunter rather a lot I'd imagine. 
  • Vinyl LP (BR012LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (BR012CD)

Duchess Says
Sciences Nouvelles

Duchess Says seem to be working a very interesting seam indeed, crossing over fuzzy psych with cold-wave synths and Italo disco grooves. Plus a little bit of punks-from-space? Very hard to pin down, but very easy to enjoy. Sciences Nouvelles is their third album, and is released by the Slovenly label.
  • Vinyl LP (702187LP)
  • CD (702187CD)

The Pool
Dance It Down / Jamaica Running

Patrick Keel’s new wave dance experiments from 1983 were received so well by DJs at the time that he reworked them into faster versions and dub tracks specifically for mixing. So, here Dark Entities have collected the originals as well as the dance re-edits and two “european” mixes from the 12” released a year later.
  • Vinyl 12" (DE130)

Dow Jones and The Industrials
Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981

Dow Jones and The Industrials, who have one of the best band names I’ve seen in ages, were a US art-punk outfit from the turn of the 80’s, who couldn’t stand living in the very un-art-punk Midwest. Can’t Stand The Midwest contains a stack of their simple-but-weird tracks, some of which have never been released and others of which have been functionally unavailable ever since the original records sold out. And the vinyl edition has a DVD of a live show too! On Family Vineyard.
  • CD (FV72CD)

Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984

Get away from here with your overly Anglocentric narratives of post-punk! As Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984 demonstrates, incredible stuff was being made all over the place, pushing the envelope ever further. The first track, from Rheingold, is especially wonderful.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TSR002LP)
  • CD (TSR002CD)

Spray Paint
Punters On a Barge

Unpolished, and harsh, Spray Paint pack a lot of energy. From the barren streets of Austin, TX, they have chosen vinyl as their medium for unleashing their no wave punk upon us: Punters on a Barge harbors paranoid, atonal tracks that will have you jump awake in the night. Which is totally our kind of jam.
  • Vinyl LP (HOMELESS23)

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