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Current 93
Swastikas For Noddy / Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God

Current 93, the perpetual post-industrial rabble rousers, have a record out named Swastikas For Noddy / Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God. Take that, childhood loves! David Tibet has no time for your sentimentalism. This 1986 double album is a classic Current 93 release, pe...view item »

Exploring Jezebel
On A Business Trip To London

Due to it’s sexually explicit material, this uncensored release from Exploring Jezebel comes with a warning that it is for ADULTS ONLY. As if that’s not already cool enough ‘On A Business Trip To London’ comes crashing into your deepest and most primal instincts from the blackest of black vinyl (no idea what this means bu...view item »

Carter Tutti Void
f (x)

Next tight little release from the indomitable Carter Tutti Void trio (Throbbing Gristle, Factory Floor). f(x) finds them destroying dancefloors with a sharp set of tunes that balance beat-hypnotism with icy synth melodies. This release continues a brief but powerful traditio...view item »

Today Is The Day
Animal Mother

Today Is The Day are noise rock aficionados who pay as much tribute to sludgy, sprawling metal as they do to lightning fast, thunder thrashing grindcore. 'Animal Mother' is their tenth record, and to mark that milestone they've made the very wise decision to join with heavy music overseers Southern Lord. Lots of little things to note about the r...view item »

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe uses her fifth album to plumb the depths of the subconscious, via the medium of music that alternates between her intimate, close mic-ed murmurs and crashing heavy rock action. There is a strong sense of purpose in Abyss’ brutal contrasts: Wolfe has made a very good record here. On S...view item »

Dark Buddha Rising

Dark Buddha Rising are exactly as metal as a record titled Inversum with that cover would be expected to be. Doom metal, to be more specific, with thick psychedelic lashings all over the place. Two side-long tracks see the Finnish band draw the listener deep into a repetitive void. CD or gatefold LP on In...view item »

Black Breath
Slaves Beyond Death

Black Breath have a furious flail of death metal to show to you. Slaves Beyond Death (could they BE any more metal?) is their third record, and the band are proud to be even more unpleasant-sounding than ever on this one. ‘Putrid’, ‘rotting’, and ‘bile’ according to the press release....view item »

Cut Hands
Festival Of The Dead

William Bennett's new record under the percussive Cut Hands moniker, 'Festival Of The Dead', is based around aggressive, deathly drums, as you'd expect by now -- it's the ex-Whitehouse member's third record under his new alias, and this particular branch of noise continues to sound more organic and rhythmic. ...view item »

Akira Sakata & Jim O' Rourke With Chikamorachi & Merzbow
Flying Basket

Saxophonist Akira Sakata presents a furious five-way assault jam in conjunction with guitarist Jim O'Rourke and Chikamorachi (aka drummer Chris Corsano and double bassist/percussionist Darin Gray) with the added bonus of a...view item »

Wolf Eyes
Enemy Ladder / Dull Murder Two

Jack White’s Third Man label will be releasing the new album by Michigan’s post-industrial noise rock act Wolf Eyes in late October. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, Enemy Ladder will be released as a single. The 7” is backed with Dull Murder Two. It is the band’s...view item »


Ah, Whitehouse… You ought to know already if you'll like this or not. Halogen is their 1992 album, brought out here for the first time on the vinyl format. All your favourite Whitehouse tropes: sex, abuse, violence, general nastiness. This unpleasant material comes luxuriously pressed ...view item »

Wear Black EP

Disorienting, discomforting and just, well, really far outside of what you’re used to. The Wear Black EP is a nightmarish trip, with kicks compressed and distorted almost beyond recognition, slowly evolving into something you can almost understand. Next time you go to a satanic rave, feel free to bring one of Mourn...view item »

Ron Morelli
A Gathering Together

Dom Fernow’s Hospital Productions label has been gradually following his path towards techno, though without fully shedding the harsh distortions we’d expect given the label’s past. L.I.E.S head Ron Morelli manages all of that, with a full-length that will pound you with heavy dancing all ...view item »

One Day All This Will End

One Day All This Will End is the eagerly anticipated debut album from Svalbard, a band devoted to most of the genres that could be described as ‘heavy’. Eight tracks of howling post-hardcore with lashings of crust-punk, black-metal, and maybe even some post-rock (especially on ‘The Vanishing Point&rsqu...view item »

Lord Real
Bad Code EP

Lord Real is a Norwegian lady who is now resident in the UK. Bad Code EP is a paradoxically focused yet unsettled work that has been likened to an imaginary lo-fi jam session between Aphex Twin, Earth’s Dylan Carson and artist Russell Haswell. The...view item »


‘Growth’ contains the edited, collaged and overdubbed first two live performances of Dublin grindcore, hardcore three piece Tarracóir (Gaelic for Tractor), featuring Diarmad Mac Diarmada (Tenor Sax, Trombone, Percussion, Garden Hose, Vox), Bryan O'Connell (Drums) and Gavin Prior (Guitar, Vox, Bass, Piano Innards, Electronics)....view item »


Vendetta presents the new record from Thou, which turns out to be the most melodic work to date from the band. Worth mentioning though that they are a sludge band in love with gargantuan riffs and seas of distortion, so don’t go expecting prettiness. Heathen rises and falls slowly and inexorably, like a trail of m...view item »


Plenitude is pretty direct for a Denovali release. While Oneirogen does have some of the ambient-droning-electroacoustics we’ve come to expect expect from the label, this EP also kicks very hard, with crashes of noise and battering beats: even some distant black metal-esque screams! Strong stuff....view item »

Exhausting Fire

Kylesa are a band of the down-tuned stoner metal old-school. Exhausting Fire is their seventh album, and it demonstrates the fact that they know exactly which buttons to pressing to conjure up a heat-blasted desert. The CD and the coloured vinyl editions prove their allegiance to the faith with a bonus cover of ...view item »

Ela Orleans & Skitter
De Flechettes

Here’s a team I’ve seen before. Experimental dreampop bon vivant Ela Orleans and experimental noise tinkerer Liam “Skitter” Stefani did a very limited 3” CD a couple of years back with some shivery noisescapes on it so I have a certain idea of what ...view item »

Faith No More
Angel Dust

Newly reformed, re-energised and touring again here is a deluxe 180g vinyl re-press of Faith No More's 'Angel Dust'. Dismissed as confusing by many rock fans in the US this was warmly embraced in the UK. This edition includes a bonus disc of rare material. Includes FNM favourites such as 'Midlife Crisis', 'Everything's Ruined' and 'Be Aggressive...view item »

Great Falls / Thou

Available on 7” vinyl on Hell Comes Here. Split 7” with Thou and Great Falls each taking a side and covering a different Shellac tune in their own heavy ways. Thou brutalise Prayer to God while Great Falls tackle Wingwalker. Limited...view item »

Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders: Volume II: Europe

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London stoner rockers Limb channel their inner Kyuss with their second album Terminal. Scuzzy, fuzzy and packed with hypnotic hooks it’s a confident collection of total bangers. It sounds like playing your Electric Wizard records at 45rpm, which can only be a good thing. Out on CD and Transparent white and cosmic ...view item »


Brand new Merzbow all up in your life, with the kind of ferocity only the Japanese master and a select few other high-functioning noisers can bring. Wildwood is, in accordance with Masami’s hardcore animal welfare principles, a benefit release for a bear rescue charity in Kent: look, there’s...view item »

Russian Circles

Russian Circles give us album number five of their sombre, drenched compositions. Indeed, this is a very layered thing - post-rock in the contemporary style of massive of guitar soundscapes suitable only for equally massive speakers, or headphones at least. Memorial is on CD and vinyl from Sargent House...view item »


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Matthew Bower has been evil for a minute or two, traceable in the lineage of British noise and power electronics as a shadowy figure with a guitar, lots of pedals and a dedication to changing minds and shattering ears. His Skullflower project has concentrated more on the industrial side of things, while retaining a natural beauty you won't ...view item »

Sun & Sail Club
The Great White Dope

Sun & Sail Club is a stonerish supergroup of sorts, containing musicians who have played in the likes of Fu Manchu, Smile, Kyuss and The Adolescents. Long hair and beards are the order of the day with The Great White Dope, with a riff-heavy sound to...view item »

Mind Alien
Mind Alien

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Hope Drone
Cloak Of Ash

If you’ve come to Hope Drone hoping for hope, you might be disappointed. Their sound is a thickened, tar-black thing, more likely to drag you down than lift you up. Some of it coalesces into drones though! Cloak Of Ash is well textured and potently played sludge / black metal, released by Relapse....view item »


Old-school guitar licks all over this record from Horisont, a Scandinavian bunch. Oh, and the multi-tracked falsetto vocals are total classic heavy metal. I was all ready to dismiss Odyssey as a retread, but actually, the band evidently know and love this music, so why shouldn’t they make it? On Rise Above....view item »


Remember that game, Altered Beast? It was totally cack but it had some funny voice samples, one of them was this bad guy going 'Welcome to your doom!' which was amazing. This is doom, so that's relevant. Brian and I both drew one of these limited Utech CDs each, mine is Asmodai by Heavensore.. Sadly mine's not anywhere near as comical as the other ...view item »

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

Tad Doyle, formerly of Tad and producer of some of the heaviest sounds of the North West coast of the US of A, is back with his newest venture, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Also featuring Peggy Doyle and Dave French. Pure, destructive metal, with lots of immense drumming, heavy guitar and bass riffs.  CD and vinyl on Neurot...view item »

Brian Grainger
One Bleak Try

Install present a new collection from Brian Grainger with each track being a collaborative effort with fellow Install artists David Tagg, Peter Wright, Shinobu Nemoto, Acreil, Jason Adams and Millipede. Recorded as a way for Grainger to thwart a serious case of writers block, 'One Bleak Try' is a six track CD of compositions exploring all avenue...view item »
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No Form
No Form

Moody, muddy, chaotic and ever-so-hardcore, No Form are one of Leeds' very own, a band unfurling the conventions and homogeneities of punk rock. Transfused with industrial influences and unfamiliar instruments, No Form recall Brutal Blues and Throbbing Gristle amids...view item »

Iron Fist Of The Sun
We Can Yield Our Own Footseps

Iron Fist Of The Sun flaunts his power violence / electronics with this new album, We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps. Chilly synths, untraceable clicks and pops, and of course the genre favourite of indecipherably distorted screamed vocals! Six tracks of harsh action, or seven on the CD edition. From Cold Spring....view item »

Miracle of Birth/ Child Abuse

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Calcination is the first of seven major operations in the alchemy of transformation. Chemically, the Calcination process involves heating a substance in a crucible or over an open flame until it is reduced to ashes. In the Arcanum Experiment, Calcination is represented by sulfuric acid, which the alchemists made from a naturally occurring substance...view item »

The Blackout
Save Our Selves

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High On Fire

The seventh studio album from Californian metal-heads High On Fire, Luminiferous is all about riffs and riffs and more god damn riffs. Always a reliable outfit if you’re searching for headbanging catharsis, this heavy record does not disappoint. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Century Media....view item »

III Part 1

The unhinged Finnish electro-rockers unveil their third album. Hot on the heels of their dancefloor-orientated 'The History Of Techno' 12", their latest full-length builds on and surpasses its predecessors with cosmic chants, hypnotic beats and thick synth ooze aplenty. Along for this bizarre ride is Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic...view item »

Sindre Bjerga & Robert Horton
Can't Go Fast Enough to Get There Early

  Hello. Straight in with it this week. Am totally feeling this Sindre Bjerga & Robert Horton CD on Blackest Rainbow. Am not massively familiar with either artist. I've heard bits by 'em and liked what I've heard but many releases have passed me by. They're both pretty prolific artists. Here the 2 experimentalists joining forces to make so...view item »

Audible Delusions Ensemble
Winters Weapon

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Absolut Null Punkt
Live In Japan

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Black Age Blues

Available as Gatefold 2LP (LP contains two exclusive tracks) or CD on Southern Lord. Ooooof! First album in fifteen years. With original members Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))), Pete Stahl (Scream), and Greg Rogers (The Obsessed) joined by new bassist...view item »

Sick Llama
Nightly Melting

Anthems For Catharsis

CD or 12” vinyl LP on Consouling sounds. Canada’s Thisquietarmy seems to have a release every couple of months, all based around guitar improvisations. Layer upon layer of guitar textures builds into a palette that can be equally dark and cathartic. For fans of Jesu, Deafheaven, ...view item »

Cortar Todo

‘Cortar Todo’ is the new full length album by Italian, experimental instrumentalists Zu, released on California based, independent label Ipecac Recordings. Recorded in the heart of the Bologna countryside in the summer of 2014 the album features a host of guest artists including Italian guitar maverick Stefano Pilia, known for his co...view item »


On CD or Limited Black or Orange Vinyl on Season of Mist. Goliathan is Weedeater’s fifth studio album has been highly anticipated since the acrimonious leaving of the original drummer. Travis Owen (Whores, Zoroaster) has stepped in to fill his boots, and yet again...view item »

The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard

Sonically weighty favourites The Melvins here reissue a pair of out-of-print releases together: The Bulls & The Bees and Electroretard. Sludged riffs rule supreme here, as ever on Melvins records, and the tracklisting contains a few gems, like a cover of Pink Floyd...view item »

Foot Hair
Foot Hair

180 gram vinyl LP, Extremely limited to 250 copies on Box Records. Barely in tune noise mongers from Newcastle Foot Hair feature members of Obey and Haikai No Ku. Trashy, filthy 4-chord fuzz that entertains, energizes and terrifies in equal measure. for fans of Drunks with Guns ...view item »

Lucifer I

A new band with an old style, Lucifer are as devoted to the sound of early heavy rock as their name might suggest (even the album name is a self-titled and numbered affair: old school!). Lucifer are energetic and devoted to their music of choice, and boy does it sound like they are having fun. On Rise Above....view item »


‘Ecate’ is the seventh album from Italian power trio Ufomammut. The album is composed of six separate tracks, each one is a representation of one of the many manifestations of ancient Greek goddess, Ecate of the three worlds; The World of Humans, The World of the Gods and The World of the Dead....view item »

Havah / His Electro Blue Voice

It’s always a good move for noisy bands to put out split EPs. There is something cute and reassuring about the way bands can split records on which everybody sounds really angry and makes pretty music. And then there’s the whole limited edition (500 copies!) green vinyl thing going on which just makes this release even more ...view item »

As Heaven Turns To Ash

Not the film to educate teenage girls about the First World War through the medium of horses, but Warhorse, epic doom metal band from Massachusetts. Reissued after 14 years and now on vinyl for the purists, this LP of the album As Heaven Turns to Ash also contains their last song, I am Dying. Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, on So...view item »

God Luck & Good Speed

One of those bands whose name is all you really need to know, Weedeater make grand, morbid and crushingly slow sludge/stoner metal. Steve Albini producing means feedback has never sounded this good and the poetic lyrics debating existence, death, desperation and getting high, sound fantastic. Reissued on vinyl b...view item »

The Vintage Caravan

‘Arrival’ is the third album from Icelandic classic blues rock trio Vintage Caravan aka singer/guitarist Oskar Logi, bassist Alex Orn and drummer Gudjon Reynisson, due for release on the 15th of May on indie heavy metal label Nuclear Blast. Following their 2011, self titled debut and 2014 release ‘Voyage’, ‘Arrival&...view item »

Child of Darkness

Bedemon are America’s first ever doom band featuring Randy Palmer, Geof O’Keefe and Bobby Liebling AKA members of the mighty pioneers of American heavy metal, Pentagram! ‘Child Of Darkness’ features archival recordings from the 1970s and is an essential possession for all fans of Pentagram, doom and heavy metal. Nihilism ...view item »

Of Ruin

Ghold are heavy rock duo comprised of Paul Antony and Aleks Wilson. There is an alchemy between this bass and drums duo that merges the two instruments together into an indistinguishable, gritty violence. ‘Of Ruin’ is a fusion of heavy rock, doom and power violence with rhythmic chanting vocals....view item »


Torche are monoliths of the heavy rock scene whose ascent to power came about through a clash of infectiously heavy melodies perfectly complimented by grungey, downtuned, discordant rock. Their debut album with Relapse, 'Restarter' is a ten song manifesto of thunderous, heavy rock glory. In spite of it’s undisputable heaviness it has a pop...view item »


Dark extremity from the blackened soul of only one man, Mastery’s Ephemeral Domignostika (definitely the name his mother uses). Valis is the most fully realised and widely available Mastery release to date, and features a frantically complicated black metal style, exploding everywhere. Out on The ...view item »

Flesh Throne Press

Apparently utilising six guitar amps and cabs for each take, Flesh Throne is nothing if not heavy. Bombastic UK doom-duo Pombagira’s sixth album is a riff-laden slowcore piece of work that dredges up the lowest frequencies it can muster. Think Dopethrone-lite. Out on CD and 2LP vinyl from Svart....view item »

Fast Lady
We Ate Rock

People who've been reading these updates for longer than they should have been will possibly remember the name Fast Lady. They released a CD on V/Vm's Test Records years ago and now he's all serious and ambienty these guys are going it alone and here's their new album of rock for your general amusement. Their schtick hasn't really changed from f...view item »
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I thought I'd give Merzbow another chance. Being all charitable and that I think everything is worth a listen and has to be judged on it's own merits. And if it's shit then so be it but you have to come to that decision yourself. Here's his new CD Camouflage on the Brazillian Essence label which is tastefully housed in an oversized cardboard digipa...view item »


An outlet of frustration from Fairhorns. MEDICI is the five tracker from these Bristolian dread-mongers. Brain child of the prolific musician Matt Williams, this one spans a lot of ideas, from hardcore, to sludge-metal, to droned out avant-punk. Full of vocal wailings, muscular guitars, out of this world organ...view item »

Against 2008: Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival 2008.02.10

Something of a treat here for you noise fiends with 76 minutes of action from the Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival. It's not super pro footage, just a single camera affair but it still looks and sounds very nice. It's a rare treat to actually see some of these guys in action, having been into their records but not got the opportunity to see th...view item »
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The Persistence Of Meaning

A hard hitting first track by ITHI, a New York-based duo. The long ear filling drone of black, industrial, electric sounds. Making you feel as if you're in a different world or on some world of substance unknown to man kind. The noises echo around your head going in one ear and coming out of the other as something new. In the third track of ...view item »

Stealing Fire From Heaven

Some brooding psychedelia full of detours into scratchy guitar riffs and some doom metal style vocals. Stealing Fire From Heaven is a dark place to be full of menacing drums, swirling delay and brooding guitar. 11PARANOIAS create an underworld of angst which grasps you tight and won’t let go.   ...view item »

Youth Code
An Overture: Collection

Shouty, righteous but mature electronic punk noises from L.A’s Youth Code. Consisting of their debut LP, new EP A Place To Stand and tracks from the Angry Love 7”, An Overture showcases their powerful industrial intensity and keen ear for a good hook in equal measure. Out on CD from Dais....view item »


Roaring stoner riffs and stoical vocals make this a treat for fans of heavy crushing psych rock. Berlin's Kadavar take influence from all the classics -- mainly Black Sabbath, going straight for the best stuff -- and add their own melodic innovations. As we know, stoner and psych is a game best played by bands who can deliver the best riffs; Kad...view item »

The House Of Capricorn
Morning Star Rise

Hail Satan and let him play some riffs on our album, please. The House of Capricorn are pitching themselves as hell's house band, their stoner and doom inclinations making for an album of lethargic punishments with no end in sight. Morning Star Rise is their third record and it would never end, ...view item »


Monarch have done the only decent thing and offered listeners more of their diseased drone squalor to wallow in -- 'Omens' is their sixth record, and bleeds together their overwhelmingly loud ambient settings -- with what sounds like dissonant sustained notes being played on a dusty organ -- with what sounds like a choir of groaning mortals...view item »

American Heritage

Bloody and bruised hardcore is the order of the day from furious nihilists American Heritage, whose new record squirms with metallic riffs and fastcore drums. This is nothing new, really -- the band have been kicking ass at the highest volume and quickest convenience since 1998 -- but 'Prolapse' sees the band working at the same pace, over a dec...view item »


Here, on Southern Lord, we have an album of catchy metallic riffs, furious lyrical angst all shot through with classic hardcore-influenced directness. The four piece band recorded the album themselves at the charmingly titled Fvck Life studios and have created an angry, politically-aware album, the blitzkreig assaut will appeal to fans of C...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Untitled 1980 / Untitled 2013

CD on Important Records. Gritty industrial noise produced from a single Korg MS20 synthesizer by Italian pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. Recorded and originally released in 1980 this release contains the original recordings as well as four new compositions, recorded in 2013, based on the original material....view item »

The Soft Pink Truth
Why Do Heathen Rage?

‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’ queried Guadalcanal Diary in 1985. ‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’ sang REM in 1987 and now The Soft Pink Truth ask ‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’. Do we have an answer yet? ...view item »

Ruby The Hatchet
Valley Of The Snake

Remarkably, given the state of this album’s cover, Valley Of The Snake is actually a brand new album, not a reissue from 1972. Singer Jillian Taylor presides over a dramatic landscape of psych-metal: Ruby The Hatchet sound much as you might expect from the cover, but that need not be a bad thing....view item »

Tierra Y Libertad

Excuse me, are those tanks roaring through a landscape strewn with Mayan temples on the album cover? Yes, yes they are. And those are indeed bionic soldiers firing at each other. No, it’s just the album cover of Terria Y Libertad of Californian death metalheads Xibalba. The album title refers to the slogan of the ...view item »

Phil Julian

Someone let abstract-electronics-expert Phil Julian into the EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) studio in Stockholm! I can only dream of the delicious range of sound machines one might find in a proper electroacoustic music studio like that… This LP on Harbinger Sound is the result of two weeks in residence at the EMS, and it sou...view item »

Call Of The Mastodon

Mastodon are a full-on, balls out, no holds barred metal band. Call of the Mastodon is their third album according to them -- or just a compilation album, if you think that rereleasing early songs and doing some different versions of them counts as a proper album. It contains songs from their first EP and is r...view item »

A Whole Other World Of Fun AKA 13 Songs 13 Samples

Black Moth
Condemned To Hope

Having been pillars of Leeds’ underground music scene for the last decade or so, Black Moth finally got the attention they deserve in 2012 with their debut full-length 'The Killing Jar' being praised by the likes of Kerrang. 'Condemned To Hope', however, is an altogether mightier beast. With help from Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Nick Cave &...view item »

Monster Magnet
Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol

Monster Magnet have re-imagined/re-vamped 2013's  "Last Patrol" adding four brand new tracks, and some exclusive live ones. They have made the vocals sound even more like Eddie Vedder vomiting into a flask and have sandpapered off any edges to reveal a chugging, bluesy Hootie smoothie. ...view item »

Alchemic Heart

A self-described "brutal orchestra", Vampillia collects a noise artist from just about every walk of life you could ask for and chucks them in a single band: you've got members past and present from Boredoms, Swans and Inswarm in this thing, as well as freaking Merzbow. I could describe some of the instruments that actually go into comprising th...view item »


...and so the downtuned demonic dynamic duo known as Ommadon lurch forth from their slumber to lay waste to the world of man once more. They maketh the earth shake, the skies blacken and the seas boil with their searing, scalding ur‐doom sound. Drums that fall like the footsteps of some monstrous lead‐footed behemoth c...view item »

Surgical Remission

'Surgical Remission' is the new EP from death metal growlers Carcass, supplementing their recent 'Surgical Steel' record -- because sometimes all that evil just overflows and you're left with a surplus. The band claim the EP ties up loose ends, in case you had any questions about 'Surgical Steel' and its metal debauchery. ...view item »

Raspberry Bulbs

Hardcore band Raspberry Bulbs' newest record, Privacy, was recorded swiftly and uncaringly to 4-track, hoping the recordings would stay up close in the face of their recipient and continue to fashion their punk rock after black metal's rugged, raw production qualities. It's possibly their last record for Blackest Ever B...view item »

Anatomy of Habit
Ciphers + Axioms

Despite arguably coming from entirely different disciplines -- the band comprises ex-members of Tortoise and Wolves In The Throne Room, to name just two -- Anatomy of Habit marry the heavy but introspective build-ups of post-metal with the dissonant refusals of noise rock. It's a different venture all round, but 'Ciphers + Axioms' dives right in...view item »

Bog Oak
A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife

With a title like that, you can only hope to be treated to some Satanic inclinations. Bog Oak does not fail to deliver, delivering music that will make you second-guess all you thought you held holy. Sympathizing with obscure metaphysics from the Middle Ages, A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife makes the occult accessib...view item »

Lotus Thief

Some metallic ‘nanas and custard from Lotus Thief. Rervm coincides with the recent trends in progressive metal. It's got elements of stoner, sludge, black and prog metal. To be honest, it sounds a lot like a post-rock band but with thrashy bits, more sci-fi bleeps, bloops and monotonous vocals. It's out doubl...view item »

Bliss Torn From Emptiness

'Bliss Torn From Emptiness' is a pretty apt album title for Nadja, the ambient metal band who drone endlessly but somehow also tear shit up. Aidan Baker's and Leah Buckareff's 2008 effort is finally being released on vinyl after years in the waiting, showing off soundscapes of unrelenting feedback and drum warfare that recalls Earth. ...view item »

Machine Head
Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Drum are probably sitting in a cabin with a bunch of weird staffs urging me to do the right thing right now, so I can safely say their newest record, 'Bloodstone & Diamonds' continues their never-ending thrash metal journeying. With lots of truly m/ motifs -- "amulets", "evil", all that good stuff -- the record continues their no fr...view item »

Russell Haswell

Russel Haswell has worked in a variety of supposed genres but noise (sorry, nO!se) is certainly his first love: he's even made rave music out of it. 'CONCEPTUAL nO!se' is pretty self-explanatory, but to give you a little more information, it's a six-track LP comprised of several noise experiments: it even promises an offering of the good old noi...view item »


Essential reissue action here from crust-punk pioneers Amebix. Their debut 'Arise!' came out in 1985, a year before the term was even coined, but its apocalyptic blend of snotty anarcho punk and sludgy metal riffs proved hugely influential to a whole generation of imitators. Now you can finally own a copy for less than £50....view item »

An Unending Pathway

Having won the Norman Records award for Metal Band With Clearest Name Font, Atriarch go on to make another record that combines a love of abstracts: they bring together death metal growls, the oscillating sounds of black metal (if it were produced pretty damn well), as well as punk rock and doom. 'An Unending Pathway' manages to give each genre ...view item »

The Darkening Plain

Transmaniacon were initially a collective of musicians assembled to provide the score for a film of John Shirley's book 'Transmaniacon', also drawing inspiration from Blue Oyster Cult's 'Transmaniacon MC'. The film ended up being canned, but the musicians continued on to make this pummelling sci-fi concept album from its discarded remains. It's ...view item »

Hold It In

Their first full-length as a quartet since 2010’s 'The Bride Screams Murder', ‘Hold It In’ marks yet another return for Washington’s ever-prolific Melvins, this time with the addition of guitar-proficient Paul Leary and JD Pinkus (Butthole Surfers), joining originals and sole constants Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover. Recor...view item »

Flower Of Disease

An overdue reissue of a long out-of-print favourite! A perfectly-formed album of sludgy, doomy, riffy, Sabbathy rockers that's as heavy is it is ridiculous (and it's definitely pretty ridiculous). The title track is a thing of glorious, chugging beauty and the rest ain't bad either. I remember around the time this album came out they played a sh...view item »

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