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Throbbing Gristle
20 Jazz Funk Greats

For all their reputation as “wreckers of civilisation”, by 1979 the original industrial quartet had gotten some of the confrontation out of their system and were exploring a wider range of expression. Chris and Cosey were getting more into their electronics, evident on the pure electropop of Hot on the Heels of Love ...view item »

Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

Over her five previous LPs, California’s Chelsea Wolfe has won many plaudits for her grand, gothic take on the classic singer-songwriter tradition. If Hiss Spun’s lead single ‘16 Psyche’ is anything to go by, all of the parts remain in good working order. If anything, Hiss Spun will...view item »

Hey Colossus

Here's a re-release of a fascinating album Hey Colossus made in one big long studio session with Jon (Notorious Hi-Fi Killers) and Leon (Shit+Shine) in tow. The eight of them made a right old racket which has now been re-pressed onto a double LP with a bonus LP of outtakes and tracks which didn't make the f...view item »

Necro Deathmort

After releases on Distraction, Extreme Ultimate, and Rocket, London based two piece Necro Deathmort bring their 8th full length to extreme label Profound Lore. Sharing similar traits to acts such as Ulver...view item »

Master Of Puppets

Master Of Puppets by Metallica was originally released in 1986. It has grown in reputation to be widely regarded as the zenith of thrash metal. Available on 180g LP and standard CD, but there’s also a shelf-threatening Deluxe LP box set with 3 LPs, 10 CDs a cassette and two DVDs. With this you’ll get a slew of unrele...view item »

The Obsessed
The Obsessed

Doom metal doesn’t get much truer or more essential than the debut from the legendary Maryland trio. Though recorded in 1985, the album wasn’t released until 1990, after frontman Wino had left Saint Vitus and decided to revive his former band. Whereas Vitus were defined by Dave Chandler’s ultra...view item »

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey were, and continue to be a pillar of the stoner/sludge genre. After releasing two albums on Earache they called it a day in 1999. Now returning 18 years later with 9-13 as a three piece, and whilst Johnny Morrow is no longer with us they reclaim their crown with their inimitable nihilistic g...view item »

Live In Moscow

In 2001 the English avant-industrial icons Coil performed for the very first time in Moscow and, rather predictably, Live In Moscow captures this intense and confrontational performance which draws from music produced across their 30 year career. Continuing their amazing run of lesser known Coil reissues ...view item »


Conan have committed their filthy, ocean-sized sound to wax (and the slightly less cvlt compact disc) twice thus far- with more fetid output always on the horizon. First came the hulking mass of debut album Horseback Battle Hammer (Throne, Aurora Borealis), followed by a split with like-minded sludge-lords, Slomatics (Head of Crom, Bur...view item »

Futurians Live At Roadburn

Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland, really is a crucial place for the gnarlier end of heavy music, and it has been good to see documentation released recently of various bands giving their best to the Roadburn audiences. Here we have Slomatics doing their ...view item »


New Boris album! Dear, released in the band’s twenty-fifth anniversary year, was distilled from three album’s worth of material down to this single CD (or double LP) statement. It’s a real blast of a thing, as heavy and crunchy as ever. Apparently the band were considering wrapping things up, but writi...view item »


Featuring members of Dresden and Cokskar, False are well known for their unrelenting black metal. With the average track length hitting the thirtee...view item »


Monolord are the boss of the low graveyard sound, thriving on destructive bass lines, or guitar riffs, with the guitars tuned in maybe drop-C so who really knows anyway. Vaenir has the killer nihilistic riffs, the warped vocals, the glorious emptiness that comes with repetition, and the slow whiplash-inducing-head-bobbi...view item »

We Are The Gore

Spanish gore-grind band Haemorrhage bring their seventh full length album, and their first in 6 years. These guys have quite a unique take on the genre, mixing the pig like guttural growls and blistering speed with groovy verses and squealing guitar solos. Fe...view item »

White Zombie
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1

Let’s go back to 1992, when white people with dreadlocks was a thing and when those people played heavy metal of all things. 1992 is the year La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1 was released by White Zombie...view item »


Husband and wife team Mario and Sarah Quintero have been sat at home worrying about the state of the world. But instead of blanking it out with some Celebrity Love Island they've made an album of ultra intense dream rock that has garnered comparisons to Hum, My Bloody Valentine and Isis (th...view item »

Trevor Jackson Presents - Metal Dance 2: Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88

Strut Records bring you the second instalment in the 'Metal Dance' series, a great compilation of classic and rare industrial dance and new wave EBM. Compiled by Trevor Jackson (Playgroup, Underdog, Output Recordings) this 2 CD/LP set features a heady mix of...view item »

Opium Warlords

Atmosphere and destruction clash here in a cold whirlwind of out there bluesy doomed metal and exploratory abstraction. Evoking themes of folklore, solemn histories and distant lands, the album tells a story like a film or a quest, lurching through dynamic peaks and sombre lows, with all-powerful grace....view item »

Chaos A.D. (Expanded Edition)

Belo Horizonte in Brazil is famous for two things: England’s disastrous 2014 world cup campaign and Brazilian metal band Sepultura. It is the latter we’re here to talk about however, as their classic fifth album from 1993, Chaos A.D. is being reissued as a 2LP or 2CD set. It is remaste...view item »

Skinny Puppy

As well as the fact that cEvin key found a unique and innovative way of spelling Kevin, Skinny Puppy were musically innovative too fusing bits of new wave, techno and film noir into a sample based industrial racket. This is their debut missive and has now been re-unleashed on vinyl for the first time in 25 years. ...view item »

Skinny Puppy

'Bites' was the second missive from industrial music clatterers Skinny Puppy. They fused all kinds of musics including new wave and film noir with innovative ahead of it's time sampling. This one contains their first underground hit 'Assimilate' and is now available on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years. ...view item »

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Vol. 1

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are a band so firmly dedicated to their heavy rock history that they originally released Vol. 1 on the exact forty year anniversary of the first Black Sabbath...view item »

Configuração do Lamento

Configuração do Lamento is the seventh album from DEAFKIDS. Living together in São Paulo, the band’s jam heavy music is a sticky affair and has seen them become a pretty big deal in their native Brazil and they&rsqu...view item »


Unrelenting doomlords Ufomammut cut to the excruciatingly slow chase by naming their record 8 and leaving it there. It's eight tracks, each a self-contained sludge treatise of its own, coming together to prove them the master of creating suffocatingly heavy environments. Forty-eight minutes of crushi...view item »

Nick Klein
The Lonesome Dealer

Nick Klein comes to the dancefloor from a performance and sound-art background, mixing up noise-damaged industrial techno with a real kick to it. The 4 tracks of The Lonesome Dealer are heavy and woozy and carefully constructed for precision impact. This 12” is released...view item »

We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been

‘We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been’ continues irregular tonal experimentalist Bong’s disturbingly solemn delivery of prolonged, mesmerising drone. The record comprises of two twenty minute journeys into the sonic wasteland that is Bong’s melting glacial world as the listener is swept away through the power of residual...view item »

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

Wolf Blood
Wolf Blood

Menacing sludgy metal from Minneapolis 4-piece Wolf Blood. The initial pressing of their debut album (on cassette) sold out in just a few days, apparently. This vinyl release comes ahead of an extensive US tour and it's brutal, loud, sinister and feral. If you play it backwards you can just make out the voice of Satan himself reciting the Lord's...view item »

Beyond Ancient Space

Slow stoners who fall asleep more than they play music, Bong are known for their riff-oriented doom, which knocks on the grinning evil of Electric Wizard, Queen Elephantine and the rest of the genre's suspenseful slayers. Beyond Ancient Space continues to show o...view item »

Satan's Satyrs
Black Souls

Yuh-yeah! Here's a 7" of cheesy'n'sleazy '70s style rock from highly entertaining trash monkeys Satan's Satyrs, whose clattering retro assault of wah and fuzz has been impressing acid fried freaks far and wide on their 'Wild Beyond Belief' debut LP. 'Black Souls' is pretty much what you would expect; hard and dirty riffing a la ...view item »

Impassable Fears

Juicy heavy darkness here from Gravetemple, the experimental power trio of key Sunn O))) man Stephen O’Malley, terrifying Sunn O))) and Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar, and all-round sound wizard Oren Ambarchi. Impassabl...view item »

In Memorium

‘In Memorium’ is an underground doom metal classic documenting one of the most influential bands of the nineties at a time when they were first discovering their explorative feet, carving out their unique voice through a host of rich influences. Long out of print, this limited edition double LP features a bonus rare and previously un...view item »

The Electric Sleep

Canadian stoner metal at its finest, that is sHeavy. Known for their frantic vocals and relentless, endless riffs, the band have earned their place in stoner rock cannon. Thankfully, 2015 will see the reissue of their critically acclaimed The Electric Sheep from 1998, which was never released on vinyl. Until now, of cou...view item »

Mattias Gustafsson

‘Nattmusic’ is an Incredibly beautiful, profound and quietly arresting work from Mattias Gustafsson, whom is possibly best known as noise maker Altar of Flies and also records as Ornaments and Cryme. This is his first output ...view item »

With The Dead
Love From With The Dead

The second full length album from Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) fronted supergroup With The Dead. With Tim Bagshaw (ex-Electric Wizard) and new members Leo Smee (Chrome Hoof) and Alex Thomas (ex-Bolt Thrower...view item »


Swedish doom lords/riff masters Monolord return for their third full length album in the form of Rust. Bringing back the sheer groovability to the genre they mix heavy rock and metal tonality with bombastic low frequency rumbling power. Mixing genre luminaries such as Electric Wizard and Sleep...view item »

The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved with A Knife

Nadja, the long-running heavy ambient guitar duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, have a new album of typically dense sonics out on the Gizeh label. The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved With A Knife is good for blasting away what ails you, and is available both on CD and on viny...view item »

Planning For Burial

Planning for Burial are forerunners of the gloomgaze genre. Desideratum is their second album following on from Statement of Purpose, which was released in 2010. Planning for Burial are essentially a one-man bedroom project, that man being Tom Wasluck. The music takes in every gloomy genre from...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Swinging Reflective

The Swinging Reflective is a 1999 compilation that gathers up Nurse With Wound’s collaborations over the preceding nineteen years. And the list of collaborators is pretty extensive, taking in Stereolab, Whitehouse’s William Bennett, Foetus, ...view item »

Cut Hands
Volume 4

William Bennett's excellent Cut Hands project continues to gain momentum as he once again simultaneously releases two albums this week. Volumes 1 and 2 sold out double-fast so I'd imagine these will do the same. I'm listening to Volume 3 and it's got the fevered percussive electronics I was expecting, cutting out tribalistic and supremely dancea...view item »

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope

Agoraphobic Nosebleed are a premium grindcore band, no mistake about it. Their 2002 second record Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (a memorable title and no mistake) flares through almost 40 tracks in 33 minutes, so you know that it’ll be proper grind. Baby blue coloured vinyl reissue on Relapse....view item »

Monster Magnet
25... Tab


I'll try and keep this description a little less cluttered than the press release that requires a PhD in English Language to decipher what the actual f*** its going on about. Basically, this is a reissue of Misanthrope(s) by Celeste with a slightly new album art, that available on both CD and double vinyl LP that includes a download code. It rea...view item »

Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously, The Nature Of All That Must Be Transformed

Third long player from the power trio / avant-rock supergroup comprising of Keiji Haino (Fushitsusha), Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))). This recording captures these titans in all their electrifying, shredding and meditative glory at at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo. Released on U.S imprint Superior Viaduct's sister label W.25TH, ...view item »

Asphalt For Eden

Welcome to the first new Dälek release since Gutter Tactics, released a whole 7 years ago! Asphalt For Eden reawakens their mission to meld hip-hop with experimental sonics, with  a line-up that now includes DJ rEk and Mike Swarmbots in addition to MC Däl...view item »

Bestial Burden

Just a year after the maggot-crawling 'Abandon' was released on Sacred Bones, power electronics musician Pharmakon returns with her second record, 'Bestial Burden', written about the time Margaret Chardiet spent losing one of her organs to major surgery. The record reflects Chardiet's experience of seeing the human body in terms...view item »

John Wall & Mark Durgan

Lovers of sound detritus John Wall and Mark Durgan finally return to their collaborative endeavours with Contrapt, a seven-track missive made through improvisations made over three years. The timespan reflects in the record a structure and narrative in spite of the unprepared ap...view item »

The Word As Law

Reissue of Neurosis’s second full length album The Word As Law. Released in 1990 this was still a precursor album to the more avant garde doom laden band we know today, but they were still pioneering, mixing punk and hardcore fury with metal musicality and brunt. Remastered and released through Neurot....view item »

Cut Hands
Volume 3

William Bennett's excellent Cut Hands project continues to gain momentum as he once again simultaneously releases two albums this week. Volumes 1 and 2 sold out double-fast so I'd imagine these will do the same. I'm listening to Volume 3 and it's got the fevered percussive electronics I was expecting, cutting out tribalistic and supremely dancea...view item »

Endangered Philosophies

Dalek have long been one of our favourite bands here at the Towers. They have constantly been striving to blend Public Enemy styled socially conscious hip-hop with the sorts of vicious noise that appears on records by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack and ...view item »

Hyakki Echo

Whilst pushing the 300 album mark, Japanese extreme noise pusher Merzbow is never short of a new idea. Dialing back the noise somewhat, Hyakki Echo is less of a brutal assault of the senses but a freeform experimental affair. Plus, this badboy comes on a CD which is also a vinyl… so… be careful with that. ...view item »

A Sun That Never Sets

If you like Tool chances are you'll like Neurosis. Not to say Neurosis sounds like Tool, they don't, but they definitely have a sound that like Tool could be described as psychedelic tinged metal. Incredebly long songs, mellow vocals, screamed vocals, sound effects, a wide variety of instruments are just some of the things that you'll hear on A ...view item »

Black Moth
The Killing Jar

So what is this band all about? It’s a fast-paced experience most of the time, but it also has its slower parts as in, for instance, the songs “Plastic Blaze” and “Blackbirds Fall”, however it kicks off really great at the opening track “The Articulate Dead” that just throws you right into the boiling ca...view item »

Inter Arma
Paradise Gallows

The title Paradise Gallows is a very good one, suggesting that you are doomed, to a brutal old-fashioned death, but also that you long for execution. Perfect tone-setting for the bleak sounds of Inter Arma. The crushing extreme metal climaxes of this album are so inevitable that the band are in no hurry to get to them, ...view item »

Wolf Eyes
Strange Days II

Noise mongering stalwarts Wolf Eyes are constantly releasing material, and they aren’t about to stop now. Straight after releasing their latest full length Undertow they back it up with this two track EP made up of purely abstract electronic experimentation. Noisy, of course. Vinyl on Lower Floor....view item »

Massimo Pupillo, Alexandre Babel & Caspar Brötzmann
Live at Candy Bomber Studios, Vol. 1

Three is a good number; there are a lot of trios in the world, so it must be. This one is a particularly extreme assembly, offering bassist Massimo Pupillo, percussionist Alexandre Babel and guitarist Casper Brötzmann...view item »

Morbid Angel
Blessed Are The Sick

Morbid Angel’s second full length album Blessed Are The Sick remastered from the original tapes. Hailing from Florida Morbid Angel were pivotal in de...view item »

Napalm Death
From Enslavement To Obliteration

What we have here is the ultimate Napalm Death album in the classic pre-Barney line-up. For a lot of metal fanatics their previous album Scum, although a groundbreaker, still had too much ‘punk’ in it. On F.E.T.O. its old school grindcore all the way. Not as sloppy as their earlier works yet not as slick and heavy as their Barney per...view item »

Faith No More
King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

King For A Day Fool, For A Lifetime was the fifth album by Faith No More and was originally released in 1995. It was the follow-up to their classic Angel Dust. The album was the band’s first without influential guitarist Jim Martin which meant a change in direction for them. This reissue comes with a seco...view item »

Portals Into Futility

Portals Into Futility is the third LP from Portland's doom-er four-piece USNEA. These guys are into their sci-fi in a big way but know full well the horrendous meeting-point with modern futile reality. 5 songs. 56 minutes of well-crafted and supremely soul-destroying doom-sludge. The guys dip into dissonance, varie...view item »

Destruction Unit
Negative Feedback Resistor

How the hell is that for a name: Negative Feedback Resistor by Destruction Unit! Pow! Brutal noise-punk-rock that charges along with hardly a care. This is the group’s second album, and it arrives with strong anti-establishment political vibes and amps that are turned up quite far. On Sacred Bones, with all the lo...view item »

Psychic TV
Allegory & Self

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Allegory & Self, released in 1984, is in fact one of the group’s most pop-friendly albums ever, a surprising move for the group led by Genesis P-Orridge and ...view item »

Astro & Cornucopia
Deep Wind

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Nurse With Wound
The Swinging Reflective II

A double CD compilation from Nurse With Wound. Stephen Stapleton has put together a load of his favourites from his massive archive, includes tracks he’s remixed, written with guest musicians or long time collaborators, all remastered. It’s a follow on from a compilation of the same name released in ...view item »

Sonic Circuits DC Presents District of Noise Vol.3

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi

Sarin Smoke

Sarin Smoke is a duo comprising the humans better known to you as Pete “Yellow” Swanson and Tom “Charalambides” Cart...view item »

Kino I: Birthdeath

The Kino series: in which a multitude of early Skullflower releases, long thought lost to the ages, are brought thrillingly back into print. The first release, Birthdeath, allows you to go back to the very start, presenting the first Skullflower EP from 1987 alongside six never-before-released ...view item »

Kino III: Xaman

Third part of the Kino series, which brings back into print a whole host of early Skullflower material. This one is Xaman, a long lusted-after piece of the Skullflower puzzle, containing all the crushing blackened hallmarks of their early sound. Remastered, and lushly packaged with new artwork ...view item »

New WR

Heavy mathy noises from Iepi. New WR starts at 90 mph and does not really let up. The Locust-esque riffage and frantic drumming that boarders on demonic disco at times are tied together in a spazzy fashion. There are some more melodic moments but they are few and far between. This 12" vinyl is out on Aloud Records....view item »

Through The Mirror

Japanese moise mongering experimentalists Endon are on a constant mission to be the most extreme act out of Tokyo, and they manage it with mixing the blistering speed and unexpected grandeur of Liturgy, the raw crusty hardcore of Oathbreaker with guttural growls and screeches that’d make ...view item »

Ask The Universe

Atelier Mediterranee

This single is very interesting. It's a youth project put to vinyl. It's a collaboration with the Ambrioze Croizat Institute For Mentally Handicapped Children. It sounds great. I reckon it's pure expression and enthusiasm that makes this a really worthy single. I'm all up for music thera...view item »


Missing Foundation
Missing Foundation

Auburn Rule

London based four piece Wren ready their debut full length album for Holy Roar records after releasing their EP with them in 2016. Imposing bleak slabs of post-metal inspired and experimental sludge. Definite comparisons to Neurosis, Isis, Pelican, and Cult Of Luna ...view item »

dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert
(Fake) The Facts

The relentlessly tuneless experimentalism of this week's review pile is getting me down so I'm dipping into this new LP from Spidergawd for a little respite. These guys have two members of Motorpsycho among their ranks but none of that band's sophistication - this is straight-down-the-line '70s riff rock which...view item »

John Cohen
Tar River

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Aoyama Noise
Live At Cay

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Spiritual Church Movement

The press release says that these two have been 'haunting' the North East of the United States for a couple of years now. Certainly if I'd stumbled across these two whilst enjoying a quiet pint I'd be suitably haunted. The best comparison again is stolen from the press release (look we'r...view item »

This Betrayal Will Be Our End

Merch is essentially a one man project, that man is Joe Medina. His mission, with the help of a revolving cast of characters, was to mix his childhood love of noisy punk with cello and jazz phrasings. This Betrayal Will Be Our End is the second album following the debut Crash Boom Bash. This Be...view item »

Justice Yeldham

Aw crap. After last week's New Blockaders endurance test I thought I'd done my extreme noise penance for the month, but it would seem not, since now I've got this cacophonous new Justice Yeldham picture L...view item »

Music for Zeitgeist Fighters

Kleistwahr is Gary Mundy, who fans of ‘extreme’ music will recognise as a crucial component of Broken Flag, Ramleh and the noise / power electronics / industrial scene in general from back in the day. With that in mind, Music For Zeitgeist Fighters is very listenable, shadin...view item »

The Blue Record

Baroness's sound is rather difficult to pigeonhole at times. At one point their sound isn't too far away from early Mastodon, and at other points, they sound like Thin Lizzy on steroids. 2009's sophomore effort Blue Record saw them move further away from those Mastodon comparisons and expanded their landscapes and thus were able to forge their o...view item »


Pals of metal get together and try a shred. Sounds like the stuff of our teens, but here it's actually the work of veterans Brann Dailor (from riff behemoths Mastodon), Core Adams (outta Zruda) and Raheem Amlani (via Withered and Scarab). A f...view item »

The Dividing Line

Most kiddies getting into this new exciting "new wave of thrash" are bound to come across UK punks SSS. Very few of them will like the idea of landspeed record blasts of 30 or so seconds songs, or will be turned off by Foxy's unique (When it comes to thrash) vocals. However, the couple of them that when someone says hardcore punk they say SSD, N...view item »

Sutekh Hexen with Andrew Liles
Breed In Me The Darkness

On being presented with my reviewing pile this morning my face slumped. Lots of very difficult music which I have to pretend to be enthusiastic about. The first of which is this incredibly bleak offering from Sutekh Hexen, two of which are originals, two of which are reimaginings by West Yorkshire-based Andre...view item »

Bronze Mystic

As a raucous mix of sparse post-rock, jagged electronics and crashing percussions, Welsh-born Gallops' concoction is not for the faint-hearted. In their latest nine-track cut - Bronze Mystic - the ambitious trio have stood well clear of the dreaded second album syndrome, and instead built upon the...view item »

Wolf Eyes

New audioz from erstwhile American weirdos Wolf Eyes. Scuzzy electronics and silt-dredged vibes, just the way you like it. Undertow is released as a CD and as an LP, both of which come with a bonus CD called Right In Front Of You! The vinyl has a newsprint zine with it too. Out on the gang’s own new impri...view item »

Code Orange

Code Orange have released their third album entitled Forever. The American band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bring about a refreshing burst of industrial hardcore onto a scene that is flooded with mediocre metal. Each album they release eats away at ‘genre-norms’ and instead pre...view item »

Requiem For Hell

An album by Japanese post-rock heavyweights MONO, titled Requiem For Hell, was always going to be a crashingly epic experience, and the band don’t disappoint. Strings are prominent within the sound here, coaxing the band’s grand crescendos into yet-more-ecstatic territory. CD / double LP editions on the Pela...view item »


The choice grindcore band for pet goats living in squats and a general frontrunner for the genre, Wormrot are totally back with a new record on Earache! It's called Voices and follows up 2010's Abuse and continues their fast dirge with twenty-three tracks of intense grind dash...view item »

Splendor & Misery

More diseased-sounding noise-electronics hip-hop from Clipping. Splendor & Misery is something of a concept album, telling an Afrofuturist space story with narrative touches as heavy as the harsh-blast soundscapes they flow over. Indeed, the album’s sounds are intended to be the sounds of the imagined space sl...view item »

What One Becomes

So much heavy lineage in this trio. Members of Isis, Baptists and Russian Circles assembled to become Sumac, and they wasted no time developing band chemistry: their vei...view item »

Faith No More
Sol Invictus

The eighteen-year wait for a follow-up to Album Of The Year is finally over! Faith No More return with their new album, Sol Invictus. The album features the singles Motherfucker and Superhero. I’m guessing that fans will be clambering over each other to get their hands on one of the 750 ...view item »

Blood Mountain

Peerless Atlanta riff-mongers Mastodon have their typically ambitious third full-length reissued on coloured vinyl. A concept album with a mythic slant heavily informed by the writings of Joseph Campbell, ‘Blood Mountain’ features guest contributions from Josh Homme (Kyuss/...view item »

Faith No More
Album Of The Year

To coincide with 2015’s Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first album in 18 years, the band embarked on a reissue program. That now draws to an end with the re-release of their 1997 album and predecessor, of sorts, to the aforementioned Sol Invictus, Album Of The Year. This reissue contains a s...view item »

Iron Man
South Of The Earth

Initially a Black Sabbath cover band, Iron Man celebrates a quarter century with their fifth album of original material, South of the Earth, an album that benefits from dense and fuzzy performances from each member, creating a unpretentious slab of doom. On songs like The Worst and Longest Day", "A Whore in Confession" and "Hail to the Haze", yo...view item »

Rolo Tomassi

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