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Black Goat Razor / Pain Reaper

ZATH (pronounced ‘ZOTH’) is made of three men - Zack Weil, Seth Sher and Dan Browning, all of whom have an existence outside of the howling maw of rage / despair that is ZATH. In fact, they’re all pretty busy musicians in other Chicago bands: guitarist and singer Zack plays in Oozing Wound and was previously in Cacaw; drummer Seth makes music as SYNE and Psychic Steel and also played in Coughs and Ga’an; bassist Dan works hard in CAVE as well.
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Once More ‘Round the Sun

'Once More 'Round The Sun' is Mastodon's sixth record, produced by rock and metal professor Nick Raskulinecz, who has worked with a variety of crossover metal bands, including Deftones, as well as proggier outfits like Rush. The record continues to push a version of Mastodon into the public with clean vocals, catchy riffs and an ear for mainstream rock, though certain tracks like "High Road" retain their penchant for sludgy metal with dark tones. Brann Dailor has said what he really wanted 'Once More 'Round The Sun' to be is "huge and weird". Features contributions from the Coathangers and Scott Kelly of Neurosis. Tracks: Tread Lightly The Motherload High Road Once More 'Round the Sun Chimes at Midnight Asleep in the Deep Feast Yopur Eyes Aunt Lisa Ember City Halloween Diamond in the Witch House

And The Light Will Swallow Everything

SEIROM is M.C. De Jong. And The Light Will Swallow Everything marks a departure from De Jong’s usual desolate and bleak work, this time he has created something that is bright and glorious, 4AD-ish and cinematic by using elements of shoegaze, post-rock and black metal. And The Light Will Swallow Everything is available on vinyl LP.

God Macabre
The Winterlong

The Winterlong is a reissue of the Swedish death metal trio God Macabre's classic from 1993. This expanded reissue features a previously unheard bonus track. Drummer Niklas Nilsson left the band before the album was recorded but was recruited as a session musician. The Winterlong is available on deluxe vinyl LP and CD.

The Oath
The Oath

The Oath are a trans-European rock and heavy metal band. Their members hail from Sweden, Germany, France and England. Their label, Rise Above, expect great things from the band and if the underground buzz is to be believed, they have every right to. Their eponymous debut is available on vinyl and CD.


Well, I tried Googling these guys’ music, but all I found was Youtube videos of medical professionals. So I am left no choice but to go out on a limb here and say that their self-titled album will an album filled with Limb’s half-sludge-and-half-minimal-bleakness sound that we’ve come to appreciate.

(The End) Prophecies

The icy wastes of Finland make for some haunting nightmares and GRMMSK captures the fear perfectly on his 2012 album (The End) Prophecies from Libertatia Overseas Trading. Remastered for extra volume and depth, and featuring reggae vocals to ‘signify cosmic dread’ apparently. Available on CD.


Finnish avant-garde at its finest, Kuolemanlaakso really can’t be arsed with any kind of boundaries. Between death metal and some kind of progressive acoustic folk, Tulijoutsen is all over the place without losing your attention. Impressive piece of Finnish craftsmanship, oozing with direct consequences of living with a daily average of two hours of sunlight.

Guilty Of Everything

Guilty Of Everything is the debut album by Nothing. despite being signed to metal label, Relapse Records, Nothing take their cues from shoegazing maestros My Bloody Valentine and the arena alt. rock of Smashing Pumpkins. The heavy swathes of guitars, introspective, dark lyrics are offset by a certain amount of beauty to create a perfect balance. Guilty Of Everything is available on vinyl LP and CD

Shadowed By Vultures

Pop on your boots and get ready for some stomping with Polar. Shadowed By Vultures is the guilfordian groups second full length. Taking stock from the last few decades of melodic metal and hardcore, this one is full of heavy vocals, chugged and mathily riffing guitars and brutal bass and drums. Think More Than Life, Heart In Hand and Being As An Ocean. Out on CD from In At The Deep End.

Church of Misery
Thy Kingdom Scum

Disco doom metallers Church of Misery are partial to heavy riffage and serial killers, having named nearly all of their songs after them. Thy Kingdom Scum continues their ascent to excellent surprise grooves and crushing evil. The band to listen to when all the serious doom bands start to bum you the fuck out.

Triumph of the Will

60 minutes of noisy, distorted, lo-fi, naïve Musique concrète/ tape music. Black sonics from the void > An obsession with the fragility of existence. B-side is the A-side in reverse. Edition of 23 copies. Tracks: A: Is There a Heaven?  29:29 B: ?nevaeH a erehT sI  29:29 |
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Faith No More
King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

King For A Day Fool, For A Lifetime was the fifth album by Faith No More and was originally released in 1995. It was the follow-up to their classic Angel Dust. The album was the band’s first without influential guitarist Jim Martin which meant a change in direction for them. This reissue comes with a second disc of B-sides and rarities, including their Bee Gees cover, I Started A Joke.

The Last Spire

And so the long and distinguished career of Cathedral draws to a close. The Last Spire is to be the band’s farewell LP, but as one might expect the group are not going gentle into that good night. This lot are one of British doom metal’s most prominent voices, after all. Track titles like ‘Entrance To Hell’ and ‘Cathedral Of The Damned’ set the tone for a wracked, sulphurous record.

Under Magnetic Sleep

  • Vinyl LP (BMR020)
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A Storm Of Light
Nations To Flames

Cruel sonic doomers A Storm of Light continue to drop their music from great heights onto the unsuspecting mass of people underfoot. Nations To Flames has a couple of most metal features on it, with Neurosis' Josh Graha and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden. A not nice time was had by all.

Forever Becoming

Forever Becoming was the first full length album from post-rock/metal sludgers Pelican following a self imposed hiatus in 2009. It sees the Chicago area instrumentalists reborn and fully focussed. Like their earlier work its a window rattling churn that takes the possibilities of guitar music to its limits. For fans of Mono, Explosions in the Sky et al. 
  • Vinyl LP (LORD182LP)
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Suspension Of Belief

  • Vinyl LP (DSR070LP)
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Another Temple

  • CD (URcd082)
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Midnight Moon

  • Vinyl LP (ATOM064)
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Cut Yourself In Half

  • Vinyl LP (NHS010LP)
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Barberos / Dispo
You Vs Us/Us Vs You

Another split release from Payper Tiger, this time via the grey streets of Liverpool and the sunny climes of Italy with Barberos alongside electro-math wizards Dispo. It brings together a range of influences including Battles, The Mars Volta, Kraftwerk and Melt-Banana -- and it’s definitely one for the post-rock fans. They even wear things over their faces. Vinyl LP on New Sonic Records.


Baptists drop their debut LP via Southern Lord. Bushcraft makes good on the promise shown by the Vancouver group on their self-titled debut EP. Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, the tracks here tear out of the speakers with a ferocity similar to Drive Like Jehu’s best work. Bushcraft is punishing, invigorating stuff.

Roseanne Barrr

Nova Akropola

Nothing like a little bit of horrifying industrial bloodshed to get you out of bed in the morning. On 'Nova Akropola', Laibach's unsettling sound recalls eerie, long forgotten film scores and ferocious power electronics driven with inflamed percussion, along with completely vulnerable vocals that range from opera to death metal growls. All the while it delivers potent political messages -- not that they're all that decipherable in this abstract, constantly morphing work. It sure sounds like a dystopia, though.

Atrax Morgue
Esthetik of a Corpse

Atrax Morgue is Italian industrial noise musician Marco Corbelli. He released a significant amount of recordings, mainly on cassette, on his own Slaughter Productions label during the ‘90s and early ‘00s. Esthetik of a Corpse, his 10th recording of grating electronics and debauched lyrics, was originally released in 1995. 
  • Vinyl LP (Uma 141)
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Anxiety Despair Languish

  • Vinyl LP (DEN151LP)
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Altar Of Flies / Mirrors Are Black

  • Vinyl LP (Tmd 004)
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Mike Shiflet

  • Vinyl LP (TYPE098)
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Better Living

  • CD (TPLP1092CD)
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  • CD (IPC137CD)
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Various Artists
Music From The Motion Picture: The Ballad Of Genesis & Lady Jaye

This is the soundtrack of the remarkable story of the pandrogyne project between Genesis P. Orridge and his/her partner Lady Jaye in which by way of thousands of pounds worth of plastic surgery Genesis more resembled his/her wife. A tale where the lyrics of the Beautiful South song 'We Are Each Other' came true. The great soundtrack features lots Genesis's projects such as Psychic TV, Thee Majesty and other collaborations.     

Claudio Rocchetti
Dirty Armada

  • Book (n/a)
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Teeth of The Sea
Your Mercury

Teeth Of The Sea - TOTS, if you will - bring their ambitious and heavy brand of psych-rock back for a second round. Your Mercury follows on from 2009 debut Orphaned By The Ocean by taking everything that made that record good and pushing it even further. The textures here are more widescreen, the melodies more potent, and the interplay of bass, kit, guitar and electronics even more accomplished. You’re looking at Emeralds and Gnod for Your Mercury’s closest relatives.

Our Love Will Destroy The World
Blue Eyes Are My Reward


  • Vinyl LP (TRR193LP)
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Sonic Mass

Silent since the late 80s, Amebix, a duo of the reclusive swordsmith Rob Miller and his brother Stig have had their lineup augmented with the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour). Sonic Mass is their first album in over 20 years and their third in total.
  • Vinyl LP (AMBEA002LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Wolves in the Throne Room
Celestial Lineage

A modern classic of American dark-nature black metal: it’s Wolves In The Throne Room’s 2011 album Celestial Lineage! This is a particularly epic one, with Jessika Kenney contributing beautiful tender vocals to several sparse quasi-ambient passages that break up the brothers Weaver’s ecstatic dark ritualism. Southern Lord reissue.

The Ergon Carousel
Dead Banks

  • Vinyl LP (HRR066V)
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Early Graves

  • Vinyl LP (LORD131)
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Garrincha And The Stolen Elk

  • CD (WEIRD072)
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Andrew Perry/Dead Wood
The Victory EP

Moon Pool & Dead Band

  • Vinyl 7" (MAMA058)
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Beyond Ancient Space

Slow stoners who fall asleep more than they play music, Bong are known for their riff-oriented doom, which knocks on the grinning evil of Electric Wizard, Queen Elephantine and the rest of the genre's suspenseful slayers. Beyond Ancient Space continues to show off their affection for playing and recording in a mostly live fashion.

Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis
Yagua Ovy

B Chuggas May Be Logging

  • Vinyl 12" (HH666183LP)
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Alchemic Heart

A self-described "brutal orchestra", Vampillia collects a noise artist from just about every walk of life you could ask for and chucks them in a single band: you've got members past and present from Boredoms, Swans and Inswarm in this thing, as well as freaking Merzbow. I could describe some of the instruments that actually go into comprising their orchestra, of course, because they are making arrangements -- with piano and strings and all those things -- but Vampillia is very much a noise project, and 'Alchemic Heart' is exactly what you want from these artists. The record is sliced into two twenty-plus minute songs respectively called "Sea" and "Land".

Evil Walks

  • CD (CBR88CD)
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