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Fountains Of Wayne
Hey Julie

The Fountains Of Wayne make American radio friendly college indie rock. They always have done and I guess they always will do. We got a new single in and it follows the above pattern. I don't really know what else to say about it. It's pretty commercial and if I'm to be honest I'd rather sever my hands off and typ...view item »

Hell Is For Heroes
One Of Us

Why are Hell Is For Heroes releasing a CD single on a tiny label (Captains of Industry) when I thought they were on a big fat major bloodsucking bastard label? A 2 track single with a rough version of 'One Of Us' that doesn't sound too rough. Emo-ish Brit nu-indie-metal. You get the picture. Anthemic & heavy. Grinding along in...view item »

The Futureheads
The Futureheads

I know many may want to lump these guys into the current group of suspects of late 70's/80's post punk (Franz Ferdinand, Killers, Interpol, etc.) but I believe they stand apart. The influences I hear are XTC,The Jam, Gang of Four, Ramones, maybe a bit of the Psychedelic Furs. Though they have elements of these bands, they add thundering back beat d...view item »

Winchester Cathedral

Clinic, those masked scoundrels from the land of the Scouse return with a splendid long player, 'Winchester Cathedral'. Unlike Prodigy who are incapable of breaking any new ground , this merry bunch of voodoo minimalists DON'T NEED TO! That's right. It's more of the same. And what did you expect one of the most distinctive soundi...view item »

The Breeders

Pod was so refreshing when it came out in 1990. For those of us who loved Kim Deal's contributions to the Pixies this was a whole album of the stuff and waaay superior to Pixies lacklustre Bossanova of the same year. Pod was more leftfield, more spindly and taut than anything they did later and if it sounds a bit like Slint at t...view item »


It seems every week I have to review another record by Dios. Here they are with their debut full length. This either sounds like/doesn't sound like Grandaddy depending on which Norman Records staff member you ask. It has that laid back West Coast thing going on  - a bit of Flaming Lips here and there.  Pleasant ...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Toward The Within

Yes, it's live. But for this band, that isn't really a problem. The music is just as mesmerizing and moody as ever, with the same Eastern flavour and instrumentation and the same lilting nonsense lyrics from Gerrard and the usual rich velvet dronings of Perry. There are none of the off-key slides or crummy production quality seen on most live di...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Into The Labyrinth

Into The Labyrinth was the sixth album by Dead Can Dance. Released in 1993 it was also one of their most commercially successful outings. The Australian duo of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard wrote their songs separately highlighting their individuality for the first time. The album is a...view item »

The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster
I Could Be An Angle

And finally, my single of the week. Not from a band you'd expect me to rate that highly to boot! The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have quietly been entertaining me for a couple of years now but I've kept it quiet for fear of mirthsome chuckling & prodding from my cynical, jaded colleagues who only listen to high pitched sonic do...view item »

Terra Diablo

Here's a new single by Terra Diablo. Its a big exciting rock thing. It sounds pretty decent for that kind of thing. There's a bit of Mansun/Tears For Fears in the melody. Yep there's nowt wrong with a bit of Tears For Fears. Yep its good this. I like the guitars on this there all slightly discordant yet melodic. The ...view item »

The Dismemberment Plan
People's History

The Dismemberment Plan were a great band. I say were as they've split up now. Another one gone. They've got a remix CD out. It has remixes by no-one I've ever heard of apart from Cex. It sounds very interesting. Its not your usual remix thing. Its not a promotional device. Some of the people who have done r...view item »

The Red Thread
Tension Pins

This CD is so very pretty. It hasn't left my car in a while. I can't really define what it sounds like, because there seems to be a plethora of styles and influences, but it all comes together in a perfect sound on this album. I hear early REM, Elliott Smith, ...view item »

Ikara Colt
Wake In The City

Ok you had better be listening to me this week or there'll be trouble. Don't listen to the NME cos they're sycophantic bastards who destroy music. I know the score. Like this 'ere new single by Ikara Colt. It's just fabbo. A dark slice of spiky new wave that'll shit on the heads of most bands. The drummer has more talent in his left arm...view item »

Modey Lemon
Thunder & Lightning

The Modey Lemon are one of the heaviest bands now playing. This is their second record and it has a real Pittsburgh steel and Black Sabbath influence to it. I love the way the guitar and synth mix into almost one instrument and the drummer is incredible. At the time this was made, they were still a 2 man show, but I hear they have a 3rd member now,...view item »

The Recoys

This is a very cool rock record featuring Hamilton Leithauser and Peter Bauer of the Walkmen. Recorded in the late 90s, it wasn't released on CD until 2003. The music is not too far removed from the Walkmen, 60s influenced garage rock but with far less organ and piano. "Song of the Paper Dolls" is a great opener, showcasing Leithauser's slurred voc...view item »

Icewater Scandal
No Handle

This album reminds me of Rodan's album Rusty, in that it only has six songs (two of which are shorter than 3 minutes, while the other four all run over seven minutes), and the style of music isn't too dissimilar. They used to be called AM Radio, and I kinda disliked the song I heard from them under that name. I decide...view item »

Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies

It's an odd one this. A review for a best-of that's been out before and certainly wasn't the original career round-up (that was '97's Death to the Pixies) The reason they're doing this (4AD), other than blatantly dumping another cash-in on our collective lap, is they feel there hasn't been a well sequenced, chronologically accurate primer availa...view item »

The Stills
Changes Are No Good

Everyone tells me The Stills rock, man - they're the new Interpol. Yeah I suppose so  -its like Interpol crossed with Coldplay and  I don't mean that as a put down just that it has that kind of vocal. Anyway its over a number of formats and its really cheap so you can decide....view item »

The Paper Chase
What Big Teeth You Have

The Paper Chase- What Big Teeth You Have... brand new single (CD on Southern). Very Chicago sounding but with a massive Bright Eyes influence in both the vocals and the use of piano. Angry and edgey sounding but ace. me like big....view item »

Modey Lemon
Predator EP

Mute have signed Modey Lemon to their increasingly guitar orientated roster. We've had some of their stuff on import before from the US on Birdman Records and I think this is licensed from them. Think of The Stooges and this is what we have here. Not bad really....view item »

The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Clint here with the reviews. First up on Bugs Bunny's Warner Brothers label is Flaming Lips 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' and its most excellent - what else did you expect? Full to the brim with sparkling lop sided pop tunes and odd arrangements it pours out of the speakers. Uncut magazine gave thi...view item »

Numbers Life

I do like this new Numbers Life CD on Artrocker recs. Spiky, angular new wave pop which will appeal to the Erase Errata fans amongst us. Lo fi scratchy sounding guitars with shouty muffled vocals and a dash of electro. Utter class......view item »

Sammo Hung
Stand Up & Swear

Brian really likes  the new Sammo Hung CD on No Danger but he's too busy tapping away on his keyboard over there to write anything so his words are coming through me....I hear the words Yeah Yeah Yeah's. ....Pretty Girls Make Graves....and Siouxie and the Banshees....hope that help...view item »

Black Nielson
The Human Strain

Black Nielson also have a dead limited release, this time a 3" CD on Oxford's Truck label. Limited to 250 & mail order only. Here's 4 tracks of swirling, anthemic indie & dreamy acoustic introspection which I think Truck do best. Think along the lines of Goldrush & the like. Track 4...view item »

The Twilight Singers
Blackberry Belle

The Twilight Singers is the new band from Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs. It starts off sounding like Bruce Hornsby & The Range (we do want to sell some honest...) but seconds later it dives into sounding like the Whigs. I like this song. I like it a lot in fact. I think it's the ...view item »

The Speaking Canaries
Get Out Alive The Last Type Short

The Speaking Canaries are a steel city supergroup, boasting members of the best bands from the 90's indie circuit. Their songwriting has taken such a huge leap forward from Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged that at times it doesn't even sound like the same band. Whereas the former spends a lot of time showcasing musical chops, "Get Out Aliv...view item »

Funeral For A Friend
She Drove Me To Daytime Television

Funeral For A Friend... new single on Infectious... 2 CD's and a 7". Kind of Emo ish. Don't do it for me but it sounds pretty polished and probably right up someone's street. Am just not young or spotty enough.... She Drove Me To Daytime Television is out now released on a plethora of formats..... ...view item »

Walking With Thee

Right then. Somehing good now.... and that be a new Clinic long player called Walking With Thee. Now on first hearing I quite enjoyed it but thought it petered off to the end. Definitely side one has the edge and is great but I didn't really notice the latter half of the LP when it was on which isn't a goo...view item »

Jetplane Landing
Calculate The Risk

Jetplane Landing return with a shouty , noisy CD single called 'Calculate The Risk'. I remember these guys sounding like Pavement but these days they're a lot tauter & rockier, like they've been listening to Fugazi or summat. Jolly fine stuff chaps!...view item »

Big Black
Songs About Fucking

You already know it, but Big Black are Steve Albini's old band of pisstakey punk-churners, offering transgressions at a super-fast rate as they squirm and snarl their way through the classic Songs About Fucking. This was the band's second and last record, offering industrial noise bluster like never ...view item »

The Grim Northern Social
Urban Pressure

Grim Northern Social have a fair enough stadium indie tune out on One Little Indian this week called 'Urban Pressure' which sounds like a cross between prime time Pulp & The Verve or summat. No prizes for originality but it's a well crafted song with a bit of character. Awful na...view item »

Ancient Greeks
The Song Is You

Ancient Greeks. Cue man with high voice singing jazz tinged opus's in the manner of Sea and Cake dilly dallying with Brit hopefuls Athlete. (Brian's comparison not mine). The Song Is You is on CD and LP...view item »

Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats released the gloriously melodic folk rock album “Mouthfuls” in 2003. Eric D. Johnson’s nasal voice is reminiscent of antipodean acts such as Tall Drawfs and Grant McLennan of The Go-Betweens. “Rainbo...view item »


When I was teenager and britpop was riding high, 1977 by Ash was one of those must-have albums. It was full of classic hits, like Girl From Mars, Oh Yeah and Angel Interceptor. Goldfinger was the best though, full of teen angst and future hopes - a timeless classic that takes me back everytime I hear it. The song itself to me is abour being lock...view item »

Papa November
From The Start Line

Papa November seems to be fairly poor trip hop lite and something resembling a bad version of the last Goldfrapp album. From The Start Line is CD only on Bearos....view item »

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever To Tell

Yeah! Yeah Yeah Yeahs are giving us the chance to enjoy their fierce little debut album Fever To Tell all over again, just in advance of the record’s fifteenth annive...view item »

Martin Grech

Martin Grech the feller who scored that hit last year on the car advert has a new single out a big label.Hmm. Its ok-ish grand progressive rock with nods towards Radiohead and erm everyone who sounds like Radiohead. The B side finds him wailing away over big swarthes of synthy sounds then...view item »

Hell Is For Heroes
You Drove Me To It

Hell is for Heroes are a band who could be great if they didn't sound so baz nu-metal half the time. Well accomplished tunes wiv loads of energy. Symposium fans can be smug that members of that band are making a far more distracting racket in HIFH than in that previous dodgy indie band. Still la...view item »

The Maggot

This release is packed with what the Melvins are quite adept at: Variety. From the chilled zen of the Fleetwood Mac cover "The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)" to the scraping bray of "Manky", no two songs are indistinguishable from each other. All the previously mentioned tracks are highlights, and are equally as powerful as less f...view item »

Wowee Zowee

If there could ever be anything close to a modern day White Album, this is it. My first introduction to Pavement was "Rattled by the Rush", track 2 off this album; I was taken with its quiet chaos and looked up other songs by the band. While maybe not topping any "Best of the 90s" lists, Wowee Zowee gives its listener the clearest representation...view item »

The Jeevas

The Jeevas are a band that have one scuzzy, mucky and dark skeleton in their line up closet. Most folks are already aware of this ghoulish nightmare that goes by the name of Crispin Mills. I mean, what the fuck were Kula Shater all about then? Called 'Ghost; this is marginally more bearable yet ...view item »

Sofa Surfers

Everyone was shocked by recent events in London, and those involved in independent music were even more shocked to hear about the. ...view item »

Ten Speed Racer
Girls And Magazines

Ten Speed Racer's 'Girls and Magazines' Compact Disc. Melodic tuneful stuff a bit like Teenage Fanclub and The Byrds and twangy folks like that….the second track has some noisy discordant stuff as if The Pixies somehow got involved....view item »

The Black Heart Procession

It's tempting to call this fare "mood music," but the Black Heart Procession's work encompasses a much broader array of sounds and emotions than can be classified with such a simple term. The band's eerily minimal compositions, combined with Pall Jenkins's hauntingly poetic lyrics, could perhaps best be described as music for a rainy day. Perhap...view item »


The Mower LP is catchy shouty noisy poppy punk indie pop. Great if you like that sort of thing. Not so great if you don't. I don't. It's on that bloke from Blur's Transcopic label and it comes in that brown packaging he seems to be ever so fond of. There's a degree of evil about this rele...view item »

The Bootlicker

One of The Melvins' better and weirder albums but the psych influence tends to be exaggerated (not nearly as psychedelic as I was expecting) and though part of the point of this album is they're consciously not going balls out with the rockage, I can't help waiting for the music to explode into sonic fury and it never does. It mostly produces an...view item »

Stephen Malkmus
Stephen Malkmus

And lastly that Stephen Malkmus bloke from Pavement releases his debut solo LP and surprisingly it sounds quite like Pavement. Only heard a bit of it so far but it sounds like it might be a good LP....view item »

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