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The Like
What I say And What I Mean

Brand new single by The Like on CD and 7" picture disc thing which kind of sounds like a more indie female fronted Muse at times, lordy knows what's happening's better than I've made it sound........view item »

Pretty Girls Make Graves
Elan Vital

know these reviews are getting longer and longer so I'll keep em brief. Here's the Pretty Girls Make Graves new Album Elan Vital on Matador records. Guitar spacey soundscape a bit, female singer, contempory, Interesting enough....view item »

Andy Roberts
4 track Demos

Bands with tragic stories always seem more appealing to me. Who wants a set of gurning twats to hold close to your heart after another day of heartbreak when you can have Joy Division. Or Nirvana. Or Linus. Yes, that name stumbling from the mists of time like a small, nervous baby hare. "Where have I heard THAT name?&q...view item »

White Rose Movement

Last time Brian reviewed the White Rose Movement I had to edit his review as I thought him putting Shite Rose Movement seemed a bit un necessary and possibly a little childish. I now thoroughly take it back and wish I'd left it in. They have a new single out on ltd 7" and CD and it sounds like everything else at the moment but worse...view item »


Well, this is a really great record, and if you like the first album from The Bronx you will not be disappointed (The Drips & The Bronx shares 2 members, the singer and the guitar player). The Drips have a very old school, sped up/stripped down sound, and with Matt Caughthran's howling vocals over the top, it'...view item »

Archie Bronson Outfit
Derdang Derdang

A surprise this week. It's the Archie Bronson Outfit's fine new album called 'Derdang Derdang' I recall not being too offended by 'Fur', the last effort. They're like one of those fashion less bands who meld elements of R'n' B & detuned, raw indie into foot stamping hypno bar room rock. There's spots of southern boogie in there &am...view item »

The Cinematics

Brand new Cinematics single on 7" and CD which is a bit like The Killers and Bravery but possibly worse... is that possible??.......view item »

The Morning After Girls
Hi Skies

Some days your head isn't in the right place for writing reviews..... Anyway The Morning After Girls release their deadly debut 7"'/CD through Best Before Records (who launched Louie etc...) and this new single is like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with a bit of The Mary Chain in there..... and it's quit...view item »

Fruit Bats
Spelled In Bones

“Spelled in Bones” is just as melodic but livelier than its predecessor “Mouthfuls”. It is less folky, more indie-pop. “Lives of Crime” and “Silent Life” are a superb opening couplet, the upbeat nature adds a Beatles-esque quality to what was already a beautiful sound ...view item »

Dios Malos
Dios Malos

Once I was able to accept their change in style, I began to really like this album. Every tune is catchy and I find myself singing along even with some of the lesser-preferred songs. Their previous album was a little more uneven, with some songs outstanding and others seeming to need a few more revisions. This album is far more consistent, and whil...view item »


Previous incantations from Sean Antanaitis and Katrina Ford led me down a long dark road. Whether it was the vibrant dissonance of Jaks or the wonderfully sculpted darkness of Love Life, the pair have never fallen short of amazing. It was no vex for me to hear another outfit put together very well. Celebration should be applauded for such a beau...view item »

Dustins Bar Mitzvah
The Ramones

Dustins Bar Mitzvah. A tribute to the Jewish screen god that is Mr. Hoffman p'haps? I never heard their last effort, 'Jimmy White', as a song about the merits of a pasty faced snooker playing Londoner with the worst hair in sport never quite appealed. Now we have 'To The Ramones'. The intro is spirited enough but JESUS! ...view item »

Blonde Redhead
Fake Can Be Just As Good

Picking up where Sonic Youth left off, Blonde Redhead craft a turbulent blend of noise and pop on their third album. Composed of two Italian brothers and a female Japanese guitarist/vocalist, Blonde Redhead use alternating female/male vocals to great effect. The thing I like the best about this album is that it's packed with raw aggression and e...view item »

The Chemistry Experiment
Interstellar Autumn EP

I haven't heard The Chemistry Experiment in ages. In fact I couldn't remember what they sounded like at all. Anyway It's called 'Interstellar Autumn' and it appears to by an amalgamation of 'Forever Autumn' and 'Interstellar Overdrive' (by The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd respectively). It starts off all Moody Blues and then ends up all Pi...view item »

New Comes & Goes

Oranger have sliced a little psychedelic pop off the top and rounded the corners with some good ole fashion whiskey rock n' roll. The group has developed a serious duel guitar assault and the melodies are addictive as heck. The record starts out with "Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs" which is a nice way to take the tempo of the record up a...view item »

The Kull
Tic Tac Toe

Remember Earth The Californian Love Dream? Those bright sparks at Random Records (The label who's fault it was...) have seen fit to launch another 'The' band on us this week. The Kull are here to kull us with their wicked musicianry, songwriting and other such skills involved in being in a band and making records. It's l...view item »

A Place that Glows

There is a new CD's/7" out on Leeds label 48 Crash. Its by Parisman. I'm sure someone has used that name before though I may well be thinking of the Paris Angels. Anyway this is ethereal rock music that hints at  U2,  Hope of the States, Doves and anyone else with anthemic songs and layers of guitar ef...view item »

Kling Klang

Reminiscent of the junkyard percussion of Liquid Liquid, the reverby textural guitar builds of Do Make Say Think, and the organic dance beats and handclaps of LCD Soundsystem and !!!, Tussle creates i...view item »

Brakes (British Sea Power)
Ring A Ding Ding

Brand new 7" and CDs by The Brakes on Rough Trade called Ring A Ding Ding which at first I thought was dreadful but after a few listens it really gets under your skin. Think somewhere between the stompin' tunes of Roxy Music and early Pixies. Am reasonably impressed.... The B sides (On the CD) are all covers tho...view item »

The Life And Times
Suburban Hymns

We really liked this new CD by The Life and Times. This is fantastically produced blast of noisy pop music with nods to Idaho, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Dismemberment Plan. The kind of swirling almost anthemic breed of emo-ish  rock music that at best recalls a more noisy Mew and Death Cab for Cutie and at wors...view item »

Sky Starts Falling

Doves have a new single out. You've heard one Doves single and you've heard 'em all. They've lost some of that sparkle and magic for me though you crazy folks still buy 'em in their droves. This is a bit more raucous for them and they sound less like a bunch of pussies than they normally do. Good on them I say....view item »

Sonic Youth

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1990’s Goo was considered to be their most accessible album to date: it does after all contain the popular tunes ‘Dirty Boots’ and ‘Kool Thing’, virtually pop hits for Sonic Youth. LP reissue on Universa...view item »

The Bravery

Has anyone seen The Bravery? What a bunch of panda bear eyed, Morrissey quiffed MUPPETS. Debut single 'Unconditional' has been re-issued. Big fat hairy deal as fat ginger cartoon cat Garfield used to quip. I really couldn't care less if this band spontaneously combusted on stage or something. I'm tired of all these hopeles...view item »

The Angela Test

Leaves, a five-piece band that is labeled tear-jerking and worth the experience. The title track will fail at having you find a more upbeat energetic song, because the song has a more Beach Boys meets Doves feel that will get you wondering if you are listening to a polar opposite of Muse's Absolution right in the middle. Additionally, bits and piec...view item »

The Boggs
The Ark

The Boggs on City Rockers. This is ok actually,  its a slightly off kilter acoustic stomp. Sounds like a Bright Eyes that don't screech on like spoilt children or a Coral that actually do produce interesting non linear compositions rather than being another shade of the mainstream.......view item »

The Peppermints
Jesus Chryst

Oh I like some twangy lo-fi voodoo scuzz rock I do. The Peppermints seem to have got that particular avenue sewn up actually. The good book burning sentiments of 'Jesus Chryst' amuse but not as much as a track called 'Rabid Frogs'. This is psychotic stuff indeed. The kind of discordant, muffled primal shit that the US underground thrives...view item »

Carl Barat
Under The Influence

Interestingly, before Carl Barat met Pete Doherty, he didn't even know who The Smiths were. They introduced each other to different music and, consequently, influenced each other's musical style. Some of these selections on this compilation aren't surprising to anyone who's followed his career; The Mamas and the Papas' "Dream a Little Dream" has be...view item »

Nine Black Alps
Not Everyone

Nine Black Alps have been garnering rather a lot of fuss recently with their debut 7" on Melodic causing a frenzy,leading to being signed to Island. Well, they're a rather unoriginal yet hugely enjoyable mass of freewheeling energy, time changes & catchy dynamics. Totally old skool indie moshpit rock that won't set...view item »

The Duke Spirit
Love Is An Unfamiliar Name

Now The Duke Spirit. Some of their tracks have gone right below my radar in the tune stakes but 'Love Is An Unfamiliar Name' is a fine number indeed, on a par with the excellent 'Dark Is Light Enough'. A compulsive, voodoo mantra that builds up, then twists & snakes it's way into yr brain. The other side of the PJ Harvey rip o...view item »

I Understand It

Brand new Idlewild single on 2 x CD and numbered 7". I don't really like Idlewild and I always get every new release to review. I don't see the point of me reviewing this so I'm not gonna bother. I don't like cheese, (the food..... which I'm told I'm wierd for not liking) yet you wouldn't give me a plate of it and ask me to s...view item »

Silver Sun
Disappear Here

Silver Sun’s eponymous debut from 1997 had some genuinely great power-pop songs on it. What came after wasn’t quite as good, their songs seem to lack the urgency and melodic punch of their debut. “Disappear Here” was their third album and came after a seven-year hiatus. Whilst you can tell that it’s the same band th...view item »

10,000 Things
10,000 Things

I once saw 10,000 Things live and I quite enjoyed them. I can't promise what sort of state I was in but I'd guess I was reasonably muntered. I did enjoy them though. They were really full of energy like they'd just eaten a whole box of Ready Brek washed down with a dozen cans of red bull. On record though they sound like someone standing...view item »

Super Furry Animals
Under The Influences

If you're the kind of person who loves music and are always on the lookout for exposure to new artists and sounds, compilation series like "Under the Influence," "DJ Kicks," and "Late Night Tales" are a godsend. The Super Furry Animal's entry is no exception. Great stuff is all over this disc, songs you'd never hope to find elsewhere, all collec...view item »


Does anyone set out to make an average record? There's two ways of doing it; either release ten or eleven plain and unmemorable songs or create a group of songs that veer back and forth between great to awful. The first actually sounds easiest, but it's the second that we usually get. So how does it happen? Surely if the dross were written first...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Late Night Tales

One of the most inspired series ever offered on CD, 'Late Night Tales' offers an intimate look into the personal home listening tastes of each of the artists spotlighted in the series. The Flaming Lips are always musically adventurous and experimental, so I knew they'd have to have some cool influences. This album is a sweet mellow mix kicked of...view item »

Black & White Town

I quite like Doves but I find them rather boring at the same time. It's a funny old relationship I have with 'em (not that I've ever met them..) I usually find everything I hear by them boring on first listen and within time the tune grows on me. I suspect this is the case with the new single which sounds really very tedious indeed. But ...view item »

Moving Units
Dangerous Dreams

I heard about these guys from them opening for Nine Inch Nails. I figured, hey, Trent has a good ear for musical talent, so how could he go wrong with Moving Units? What an unusual pick, if you ask me. This band seems like a new wave ska band that was somehow transported to the present time from the eighties. Not that that is a bad thing. They hav...view item »

Earth The Californian Love Dream
Girls Fighting

Earth The Californian Love Dream return with their third single, this on CD only, called 'Girls Fighting' which blends a glammy rock stomp with some QOTSA style flourishes. Unfortunately the end result sounds like a dogfight in a Halifax pub between some bad mullet sporting hair metal tossers. Expect them supporting The Darkn...view item »

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