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Now Clinic with their new on Domino called Funf which is a compilation of b-sides and rarities. Never really got into these chaps and all the doctors costumes they wore. However time has mellowed me and I finding this quite an enjoyable ride with a good range of styles from heavy rock to sensitive plodders. Sounding a bit 60's surfy.. now it sounds...view item »

Elk City
New Believers

Every incarnation of this core pairing (Ray Ketchum and Renée LoBue now with Sean Eden and Barbara Endes) has had the same effect on me. The songs are following me around everywhere I go after just a couple of plays. Elk City's uncanny ability to mix infectious pop hooks with musically challenging arrangements produce a range of interesti...view item »

The Films
Don't Dance Rattlesnake

I happened to stumble upon The Films last month and was very pleased when I heard this album. The album opener, "Good Day" sets an almost bouncy and upbeat tone for the album. The songs that come after follow in the same footsteps of direct and almost hilarious lyrics, very catchy hooks, and some infectious instrumentation. The vocalist is very ...view item »

No Age
Weirdo Rippers

FINALLY released on vinyl. And not just any vinyl.. It's that spanky DMM stuff which probably bakes bread and fetches your morning paper. This comp features tracks from the 3 x 12" and 2 x 7" lettered series a while back. It's not got all of the tracks on but to get all of the tracks you'd have to sell your house as they're worth a mint. ...view item »

Popular Workshop
Stutter & Dance

One of my favourite indie things of the week is the POPULAR WORKSHOP single on the Fake Product label. The bottom line on this one is that's it's a just a fuckin' great tune. There's a bit of a Twisted Charm thing going on with the vocals but it's really jerky and at times it's quite Chicago maths rock with hints of ...view item »

Dandi Wind
Concrete Igloo

Now Dandi Wind... (fart gags going round the office... I shan't be drawn in) with Conc...view item »

They Shoot Horses Don't They
Pick Up Sticks

One of the appealing aspects of They Shoot Horses Don't They's debut album was that it had a carnival sound, offsetting their loose, sort-of-experimental indie rock. This starts off on a pretty good note, with the swaying stompfest of "One Fast Final Push." Unfortunately, they lose that cohesion in the songs that follow, where they erect a chaot...view item »

The Hat
Open Hearts

I quite like this 7" by The Hat. I was drawn to it by the inspired name. It's a great name for a band! Open Hearts has a quickly spoken word/ rapping verse swiftly followed by a catchy chorus which I couldn't think what it reminded me of but then it came to me... Gomez!! But when Gomez were good (ie around the 1st album time). Cock knows what ...view item »

Parts & Labor

Parts a Labor construct hyper-kinetic, reverb soaked, major chord skyscrapers. There is something about Mapmakers, their second release on Jagjaguwar, that feels like they are being broadcast from the top of the Empire State building. Each track is a towering anthem with snowballing momentum. The only reservation I do have is with the vocals. Wh...view item »

Jack Penate
Spit At Stars EP

JACK PENATE is a bit all over the place at the mo. You can't move for him. His new single Spit At Stars is a jaunty affair which reminds me of Jamie T,. Billy Brag and some old style jangly indie pop music. Nowt new or exciting if you ask me.... heard it all before.......view item »

Rope, Inc
Songs Of Love And War

This is a collaboration between two American indie music artists Kramer teamed with Matt Menovcik. The music is nothing like what you'd expect of Kramer. There are "beats" and subversive tones that aren't really like anything Kramer's ever done before. Menovcik wrote all the songs, but if you listen to Menovcik's other projects and his solo rele...view item »

Mon Mon
Repetition With Variation

Mon Mon; "Repetition and variation" ep on their self titled imprint sound like a metal band attempting to escape their indie foundations. This is evident in some of the histrionics and grungy riffs. Their jangly roots come more to fore on the "Telebhisean" though towards the end of this track and the fourth track the heaviness r...view item »

Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare

Arctic monkeys second album has now arrived, so "Apes" are back! Expectations are huge at the band, because the first album was so brilliant, but if you heard the new "Brianstorm" single you can't hate the new album.I have now heard the new album so I can say that it was a big surprise to me, "Apes" have done an e...view item »

Eight Legs
These Grey Days

Eight Legs on Weekender have a 7"/CDs out called These Grey Days and it's more of that chirpy handy sounding indie. The Guitars sound like early Orange Juice... it's got a very classic indie sound....I've heard so much of this stuff lately I have no idea what else I could possibly say about it....view item »

Black Cab
Jesus East

This is an album of quality music with plenty of highlights that show this band is not afraid to move away from a tried and successful formula to create new things and explore new space. All of the guitar work is very impressive, and the musicianship is high calibre stuff. The drums are big and soaked in reverb, in keeping with the overall produ...view item »


I've been looking and looking for this album for a good long while! I listened to these guys ages ago on some music channel but forgot their name. Their strange sound always stuck with me though. I'm surprised no one else has reviewed this. Pterodactyl is an odd band. In the good way. Their guitars are noisy, the drums are all over and one of th...view item »

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead then. A very rare band indeed. They seem to be a band who've got better with age. Throughout the various phases they've gone through, they've consistently produced wonderful sounding records to make them one of the best 'guitar' bands out there. From the earlier more rawkous records to the more mellow sounds of Misery Is A Butte...view item »

The Mighty Roars
Daddy Oh

"Daddy Oh" is their third single, this on One Little Indian. Female fronted spiky punk-pop, wailing vocals, rowdy guitars and that!...view item »


CONSEQUENCES: "Parasite" 7", as I'm not a journo I can be lazy as I have to be quick. Thoughts of Simple Minds meets REM on this piano led song of yearning. A slowed down Scandinavian version of Placebo or My Morning Jacket in a trans-atlantic howl a la Mike Scott says my fellow clerk....view item »

The Bishops
The Only Place I Can Look Is Down

Now I have The Bishops new 7" on 1234 records. Saw these cheeky chaps live and it was like being in the Cavern all over again. Not the one when Jesus (or someone like that) hid from the Romans .... The Beatles man!! (said in New York accent)... It irritated me at the time actually... they even had the shaky mop...view item »

Mando Diao
Long Before Rock 'n Roll

I've heard a lot of people compare Mando Diao to the Hives, but the only comparison I really see is they're both Swedish and rock bands. Mando Diao-Unbeknownst to the boys in the band, the name means something a bit inappropriate in Chinese. However, who cares when after you hear Long Before Rock n Roll you’ll be thinking about the music. People...view item »

Mr Hudson & The Library
A Tale of Two Cities

I heard this compared to Bowie with a hint of reggae...maybe so, but I think a more accurate comparison is to Thomas Dolby and Prefab Sprout. In making this analogy, Hudson's album doesn't compare to Sprout's Two Wheels Good - which I personally consider a masterpiece - but does offer a strong set of consistent tunes for those that enjoy the lik...view item »

The Fighting Cocks
Music For Lapdancers

This music goes beyond classification unless "complete and total fun" is now a music genre. The genius combination of all sorts of genres of music and audio clips into something cool and amazing to listen to is no small feat. Not noise, just musical genius. For instance, the first track on this disc "Hellraiser" combines audio clips, punk beats,...view item »

The Heart Is The Place

Sat in a bar somewhere in the sprawl Seville, Spain has become in early 2008, a music loving friend asked me what they best album of the previous year was. The answer I gave him was Goldrush – The Heart Is The Place. Even at the time I was aware that this wasn't because this album is a hidden classic but much...view item »

Minus The Bear
Interpretaciones Del Oso

It goes without saying that this shouldn't be your first MTB album. Menos is the masterpiece. At the same time, you have to understand this album for what it is: it is a remix album. Tracks 1,2, and 8 are amazing. Then you have the rest. I have no idea what some of these DJs were thinking. Some didn't use any of the words from the originals and ...view item »

Hot Club De Paris

first up in my fire hazardous hands I have HOT CLUB DE PARIS with 'Shipwreck' It's a pretty fun record with fast intricate bass action with sing along vocals and jerking rhythms and stuff. Seems this sort of thing comes easy to the lads and its got a laid back feel to it that neither strikes the match of joy or bores the bones. Only got o...view item »

The Revelations
If I Called You On The Telephone

After a single out on Fierce Panda we have THE REVELATIONS on crazy records with their single If I Called You On The Telephone. Sounding like The Corrs this a pop song for the simplest of musical tastes. Inoffensive, bland and throwaway its 3 lovely girls making sickly sweet music to the masses. ...view item »

The Hours
Narcissus Road

This album has some great elements from bands its musicians had formerly played in, as well as new ingredients all of its own. "Narcissus Road" is the single for two summers ago that I never heard. There are songs I like on this album and I mean REALLY like (which is most of them), but there are a couple that I don't really like and I skip every...view item »

Gruff Rhys

Super Furries front man GRUFF RHYS has his second solo album out this week following the 7" release of title track 'Candylion'. I'm buzzing about the fact that the sleeve notes are also written in my native welsh tongue and that my old Science teacher Gorwel Owen plays Tamboura and Stylophone on a couple of the tra...view item »

Field Music
Tones of Town

Now ... again I'm reviewing FIELD MUSIC and their bonny new album TONES OF TOWN. If music were a dog this would be golden retriever all prim and proper with shiny nose and bright eyes collecting your slippers and getting drool all over them. Its very prog and 70's with their harmonies and sounds they're busting out. We like the cha...view item »


Woohoo! CLINIC are back with another album. It's called Visitations and it's well it's errr.... Clinic. They have their own sound you know.... you got one Clinic album then you got 'em all. From the off it's undeniably them with a Beefheartian stomper of a tune roaring through the speakers.... They seem to have exp...view item »

The Isles
Summer Loans

Don't totally get THE ISLES. Their tunes kinda pass me by in a foot tapping Orange Juice/C86 way. A yank hybrid take on the 80's that i'm sure Voxtrot do better. It's nice music, well done with a bit of soul but the Pixies basslines don't make their schtick any easier to love. I think they're a little airy. Don't...view item »

The Rivers
Got Something On Me

The Rivers are more much of a muchness indie which is  battering our senses on a daily basis. The thing this has going for it is that it sounds hideously unfashionable which I quite like....catchy enough though....view item »

Soldier On

Now a gang of  5 lads called THE DOGS. Something drives this music...let me's 10 full balls of filthy water.. all spewing out from the dirty dawgs!!! Rock for moments when the testosterone gets too much. Interesting picture on their website autographing...view item »

The Decemberists
The Crane Wife

"The Crane Wife" is a lovely album but never quite reaches neither the beauty of "Castaways and Cutouts", nor the pop brilliance of "Picaresque". It does, however, show noticeable improvement in both the complexity of arrangements and the musicianship of its players. I can see why after Picaresque that they decided to go slightly in a new direct...view item »

The Broken Family Band
You're Like A Woman

Not having heard much from these boys I was quite excited by the Cambridge/London outfit. However it's way to rock for me and with the repeated "cigarettes cigarettes cigarettes" drilling in my head its not helping my cast off addiction. It's amazing for an English band to sound so American. Track 3 they hit into some country grove w...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Yours To Keep

I thought this was an excellent album. I am a big Strokes fan, but don't expect Strokes songs. Hammond Jr. goes out in a completely different direction than his efforts with the Strokes, and I feel he succeeded in Yours to Keep. It's a simple, melodic album, that isn't trying to prove anything. It's hard to explain what's good about it, just bec...view item »

The Secrets to Superflipping

Brian cranked up the stereo to super loud rocking volume yesterday to the sounds of YIKES. I thoroughly approved as the 'Secrets To Superflipping' EP is a glorious racket made by members of Coachwhips, Pink& Brown, OCS and Big Techno Werewolves. This green vinyl 10" is a totally entertaining blend of wonky g...view item »

Up Close & Personal

Now I have a the new single from Londoners SOUTH on Cooking Vinyl. It's got me in a bit of flap this record because some sections I really like then some sections I hate. Phil has just spouted that they did the sound track for one of my favourite films 'Sexy Beast' so they must have something. They're about supporting ...view item »

Tapes n Tapes
The Loon

Next I have the debut album on XL by Tapes n Tapes who "took the South by South West festival by storm".... apparently...!! Good on em...Listened to this yesterday in completion and I really liked it. Sort of rock but with an intelligent slant on the genre. He's got that Strokes style of singing where he knows what makes a cat...view item »

The Triffids
Born Sandy Devotional

The Triffids were one of 1980’s Australia’s greatest alternative rock groups. Grand, sweeping songs, driven by the basslines of Martyn Casey, later of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. Born Sandy Devotional hasn’t been in print on vinyl since the original ...view item »

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