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Dirty Pretty Things
Romance At Short Notice

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Daemien Frost
Spirito Di Daemo

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White Denim
Workout Holiday

There's loads of bands with 'white' in their name at the moment and similarly there's loads of bands with black in the title. Lots of bands with wolf or wolves in their name. I wonder if its just because we are running out of words or are there so many bands now there's not enough words to go around. White Denim are hamstrung by having a very bad...view item »

Dirty Pretty Things
Tired Of England

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The Zen Circus & Brian Ritchie
Villa Inferno

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Her Name Is Calla
The Heritage

Leeds post-rock troupe Her Name is Calla have a mini album (The Heritage) of dramatic slo-core tragedy which unfurls all over your face like a mask of sadness spreading it's wings. They sort of connect the dots between early Low, iLiKETRAiNS and Galaxie 500. A little gothic, rather grave but with some beautiful touches. There's some proper classici...view item »

The Whigs
Mission Control

Mission Control starts off with a blazing "Like a Vibration", a short take-no-prisoners track that immediately grabs your attention. The sound of the band unmistakably reminds you of the Replacements. The first half of the album is superb, with gems like "Production City" and the best track of the album "Ri...view item »
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  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Oh What A Lovely Tour!

This is a lot more polished and well rehearsed than I was expecting (with Doherty notorious reputation), I thought it would be much more ramshackle and disorganised (which I kinda wouldn’t have minded). To be honest I think two studio albums and an EP isn’t quite enough material to warrant a live album, the golden rule should be four...view item »
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The (Fallen) Black Deer

These Latitudes CDs are starting to get lovelier, embossed in gold or silver leaf this week. Phil says I can't review White Magic cos we ain't got time (post yr own review you lot! Gah! You want us to do EVERYTHING for youze??) so i've got The (Fallen) Black Deer's 'Requiem', finished off in silver in the delicious house packaging expected from thi...view item »

Oxford Collapse
Spike of Bensonhurst/ Bloopers

The Horror, The Horror
Wired Boy Child

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  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99


And over to KUBICHEK who have their debut Nightjoy re released. I think it's been re recorded.... it certainly sounds like it's been buffed up and polished. When it started I thought it sounded like The Cult and then he started singing and that went away pretty quickly. Thankfully.... The main problem I have with this is the f...view item »
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The Creeping Nobodies
Augurs &; Auspices

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The Triffids
Treeless Plain

The Triffids
The Black Swan


Delays: Hooray (Polydor) Shout-a-long, saccharin, orange squeezed pop that's all over the media at the moment. Starts of all symphonic with strings and that, only to crashing in with snapping drums and strings. The lyrics are angsty and anthemic at the same time if that's possible. If he's 'a garbage man tonight' what's he gonna be when he wakes up...view item »
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All Lights To The Morning Sun

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The Smiths
Meat is Murder

Never widely considered to be their best album but this is a superb effort. It contains one of their most unusual and memorable songs in 'The Headmasters Ritual', add in to that the twin rainy day melancholy ballads 'Well I Wonder' and 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore', the surprising funk workouts of 'Barbarism Begins At Home' and the disturbing ...view item »

The Old Haunts
Poisonous Times

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Last Shadow Puppets
The Age Of Understatement

Couldn't get out of bed this morning. But the minute I did, the sun came out. Which places my mind in positive territory just in time for the debut Last Shadow Puppets album. 'The Age of the Understatement' contains a nicely rounded 12 tunes of smooth, cinematic 60's inflected pop that often continues the spaghetti Western feel of last weeks chart ...view item »

Experimental Dental School
John Doe Loves Me

Although Deerhoof may be the torch bearers, Experimental Dental School are certainly one of the most distinguished bands to emerge from their scene. Hailing from Oakland CA, they've managed to create one exciting album here. An album that encourages repeated listens and manages to avoid predictability. It encapsula...view item »
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Do It

Sea Wolf
Get To The River EP

Alex Church, the lead singer and founder of Sea Wolf, was also a founding member of Irving. His songwriting skills are great, and this EP, Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low, showcases his ability to write beautiful and engaging songs perfectly. My personal favourite is "You're a Wolf", but every song he writes finds a way to burrow into my...view item »
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My Federation
Don't Wanna Die

My Federation have a 7" out on Eye Industries which I can't really get a handle on.... It's like a synth version of Free or something. It's a decent catchy tune which is well strung together and the sentiment about not wanting to die is a good one. Let's face who wants to die? Maybe this will help suicidal folks and pull 'em from the other sid...view item »
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Electrons &; Particles

Computerclub... Those were the days... lunchtimes at school spent playing role playing games on early BBC machines and programming in basic... So Computerclub are a band and they have a single out called 'Electrons & Particles' that might appeal to fans of The Editors. You know the score... euphoric polished gear. That's as much as I can muster...view item »
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The Kooks
Always Where I Need To Be

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Cry Baby

I hope the term "prog-metal" isn't TOO pretentious, but that's how I would define bands like The Mars Volta and Mastodon, and that's definitely where I would place Ungdomskulen. In fact, they remind me a lot of The Mars Volta, from the guitar picking and jazz influence, to lead ...view item »
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Elle Milano
Meanwhile In Hollywood

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74


How could a group featuring such underground Chicago musical royalty as Robert Lowe, Ben & Adam Vida and Todd Rittman not be one of your favourite bands already? Maybe because on first listen this record might seem like an unholy mess. Add to that a front cover which encompasses a photo of a scuffed up piece of lino and you're probably stood...view item »
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This Is Pop
This is Pop

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The Kills
Midnight Boom

There is a lot to love with Midnight Boom. I can hear things they developed more in Blood Pressures - some guitar riffs, and phrasing. There are a couple of songs where VV (Alison Mosshart) sounds like Shirley Manson of Garbage. Those songs are what Garbage should have done instead of making their latest album. The ...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Kicking Against The Pricks

New vinyl reissue of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' classic all-covers album from 1986. It includes classic covers such as 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix', 'All Tomorrows Parties', 'The Singer' and 'Black Betty'. Over the years, Cave has downplayed the importance of this album, but has since admitted to its influence on the diversity of the Bad S...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Let Love In

More reissue goodness from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; this time it's the rather sweetly titled Let Love In, to which we ask Nick: what's the catch? The catch is of course that this is as ever a dark collection of cuts about loneliness and romantic insecurity (just look at those titles: "Do You Love Me?"; "...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
From Her To Eternity

'From Her To Eternity' was the debut record for Cave in his olden days as an ex-member of the post-punk meanies the Birthday Party and the founder of the Bad Seeds. Based around his own song-writing and contributions from co-founder Mick Harvey (who sadly didn't get his own nameplate), the record saw Cave focusing on lyricism and moments of musi...view item »

Vincent Vincent & The Villains
Gospel Bombs

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Grand Archives
The Grand Archives

Grand Archives is a project out of Seattle by Mat Brooke who split from Band of Horses, this is after both he and Ben Bridwell split from Carissa's Wierd to form Band of Horses. Their sound is harmony driven indie folk/pop music and Mat Brooke and crew have created one of the most enjoyable, beautiful albums I've heard. Songs range from mellow t...view item »
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Adam Green
Sixes &; Sevens

Adam Green looks far too young to make the music he does. He's a fresh faced whipper snapper yet he croons like Sinatra. I guess it's a timeless style though. 'Sixes & Sevens' are some moments that are a bit country with a huge dose of stinky gorgonzola. Billy Ray Cyrus was just mentioned.His songs are interesting though with some good black hu...view item »
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The Rank Deluxe

I think I reviewed something By the Rank Deluxe a bit ago... I could be wrong though as the one brain cell I have left is slowly diminishing. Onto their single 'Tight-Rope' this is a testosterone fueled oldskool London punk track with the south London accent prominent. It doesn't rally move me but it has balls I'll give it that. Out on Fat Cat. ...view item »
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Man In The Machine

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Envy & Other Sins

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Grand National
A Drink And A Quick Decision

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

LIke A Fox
Like A Fox

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Supernatural Superserious

What a great song! All the elements of a classic REM record are here: a catchy hook, a spirited vocal from Michael Stipe, it has a great guitar riff, the harmonies between Michael Stipe and Mike Mills are present, and it has a stronger sound that is somewhat lacking with R.E.M.'s recent releases. This song sounds like a mix from something out of...view item »
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Owen Tromans
Hope Is A Magnet

  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £5.59

14kt. God

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £9.09

Holton's Opulent Oog
The Problem Of Knowledge

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I Was A Cub Scout
Pink Squares (Live) / Echoes

The Reverse

Hello there. I'm still here and there about somewhere or other. Here's a new single by The Reverse. It's their 2nd single and it's a CD only release.... But it is a lovely sleeve with it's apple themed cover, inlay and disc etc.. Makes me want to eat the apple I've got for lunch looking at me here. In fact I've just put the apple on the sleeve to m...view item »

The Evening Descends

This is a messy messy album. It's musical butter lathered over greasy hooks, extra-shot distortion, complete with milky voices pouring over all the sides, and it is absolutely delicious. It ignores convention, it bends every rule, and it gets awful close to destroying your speakers. These guys can write impossible melodies, create elaborate flow...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

One More Grain
Isle of Grain

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

A Wretched Sinner's Song

It's very beautiful and reflective with amazing lyrics.I think it's their best yet. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Whole Sky Monitor
Bland Bland Bland

  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £5.59

Cat The Dog
I'm A Romantic/ Devil in Me

Toddla T
Do You

  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £3.14

Oh No Ono

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Tired Irie
Tired Irie

Tired Irie... new single... CD you digital kids and it's a self titled release on the ace Try Harder label. They're kind of like Foals but more poppy and structured....I think maybe there's some bits of Bloc Party and Q & Not U in them. Funky indie rock which sounds like the worst type of music in the world but it kind of works. Mingus piped up...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £3.49

The Dead 60's
Stand Up

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Disco Dancer

Disco Dancer by Parka thoroughly disturbs me to the point of not actually knowing what to write. Unfortunately it's release is a couple of weeks late as Christmas is the time for turkeys. To put it lightly this blows. For fans of The Automatic and Bravery on the 'used to be good' Jeepster label. 7" and CD for your sins....view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

In Rainbows

OK it's a reasonably well known fact that I'm a bit of a Radiohead fanboy. I think pretty much all of their output with the exception of the 1st album which is shit has been really strong and each album has taken them a step forwards in some way. The music has progressed and they got to the ridiculously confident point of following OK Computer (wid...view item »

To Cut A Long Story Short

Cazals: 'To Cut A Long Story Short' (Kitsune)Writing credits go to certain G. Kemp, so pop picksters, it's a Spandau Ballet cover version. No so much done in a New Romantic style-more in a Emo style (New Emo anybody?). The vocals are very angst ridden, that said I don't remember the original...maybe it could do with a bit of a disco twist...view item »
  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £3.84

Captain Phoenix

Its a mess - these boys don't know whether they're Fleetwood Mac, Cream or Jeff Buckley's poptastic nephew. God love it. ...view item »

Public Relations Exercise

  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £2.79

My Way My Love

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Frightened Rabbit
Sing The Greys

Ahab Rex
Blood On Blonde

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

High Priests
Self Prescribed Medicine

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £6.29

Modest Mouse
Sad Sappy Sucker

Originally released in 2001 but conceived in 1994, ‘Sad Sappy Sucker’ was intended for Modest Mouse’s debut LP, but delays meant the record was shelved and, essentially, it was forgotten about until its subsequent release seven years later. All the original 12 songs recorded during the Dub Narcotic Studio session are here, incl...view item »

Sunnyvale Noise Sub Element
Box Three, Spool Five

Turf Wars

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £5.94

Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Oh, Beatrice

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £5.24

Johnny Panic

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Future of The Left

First up I have Future of the Left with their full length album 'Curses'. Formed by 2 ex-members of McKlusky, is a snarling, angry guitar driven album with furious lyrics screamed over rock drums and chuggin bass. Not really my thing actually as it always feels a bit contrived and teenage angsty but I can appreciate its intensity and...view item »

The Acute
Secret Shame

What The Hell Do I Know?

Illinois' 2nd EP release. You'd expect a band from Pennsylvania calling itself "Illinois" to be ironic. But even when they leaven their power pop and Britrock with Casio-styled synthesisers and the strum of a banjo, the result is more happy good-time than tongue-in-cheek clowning. There are modern production notes here that evoke bands like ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Scout Niblett
This Fool Can Die Now

On the cover of the new Scout Niblett CD 'This Fool Can Die Now' she's shooting lazer beams from her eyes. Am extremely jealous as that's a super power I've always fancied.... All I can do is shoot fowl smelling gas out of my arse and make people cry. It's hardly constructive and you know I'm not gonna be in the next season of Heroes with powe...view item »

Magick Daggers
Magick Daggers EP

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £5.94

Autumn Of The Seraphs

Pinback are (pin) back with a new album on Touch & Go. I like Pinback. I like Pinback a lot. Autumn of The Seraph is classic Pinback.... perhaps Pinback by numbers you'd say? They don't really sound like anyone else aside from the other bands they inhabit (3 Mile Pilot and Heavy Vegetable). I used to be a massive fan of 3 Mile Pilot and this is...view item »

The Envy Corps

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Funeral For A Friend
The Great Wide Open

  • Reduced from £5.99 - saving you £4.19

Shotter's Nation

I was really surprised by the cleaned up sound when I first heard this. Down in Albion was really muddy and took about a year for me to really enjoy it. This album hit me immediately. Doherty's writing is so personal that at times it's really creepy. Kate Moss is listed as a cowriter on four songs. The sound has a very mid 1960's sheen. On "UnBiloT...view item »
  • Reduced from £17.49 - saving you £12.24

The Blackout
We Are The Dynamite

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £7.69

We Start Fires
We Start Fires

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Saturation Point

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

The Changes
Today Is Tonight

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99


I don't think we've ever reviewed anything by Levy before... I've never heard anything by 'em til now.... we get a lot of records in each week and time is always of the essence. Here's 'Glorious' anyway which I'd have to say is a great indie pop anthem. Anthem being the key word here as it melds together parts of James and The Lightning Seeds and s...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Joshua English
Trouble None

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

She Get It

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Lightspeed Champion
Galaxy of The Lost

That dude from the Test Icicles is back with a new band called Lightspeed Champion. What surprised me was how much this didn't really annoy me. It's not even vaguely a bit irritating and in fact I'd go as far as to say it's a decent tune. It's the spit of Elvis Costello but that's no bad thing. Great sleeve as well with some dude holding a chicken....view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £1.39

Kill Casino
I've Been To London To See The Queen

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Jonah Matranga

Jonah's decision to abandon all his prior band identities and instead put music out under his own name has not affected his artistic ability in any way. In fact this is probably Jonah's most addicting and assuring work since Onelinedrawing's Visitor. The pop-rock elements of his time spent in gratitude have been firmly welded into his indie-acou...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Sean Na Na
Family Trees Or:Cope We Must

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

dod qoq pop

Nice one.A real progressive album, with a nice twist to it. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Tuesday Heartbreak
Poor Little Rich Girl/ Tuesday

Trash Money

Week in and week out I don't have give myself a load of rubbish to review.... Here's a raunchy 7" by Trash Money which is like a more indie version of ZZ Top. I guess the beards at the lower end of the face have been relocated to the top of the head for some more interesting hair design. Something I'm always keen on. My dad use...view item »

Tiny Masters Of Today
Bang Bang Boom Cake

Most of the songs here are extremely simple, somewhat catchy and for the most part original. It took me a little bit to get used to the little kid vocals but it feels oddly appropriate. I like the songs but one of the biggest things that keeps me from putting this album into regular rotation is that their chord progressions really don't seem to ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Turbo Fruits
Turbo Fruits

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
A Question of Trust

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring- A Question of Trust... 7"/Cds on Marketstall records.... Good solid indie pop tune. The Divine Comedy and Gene immediately popped out at us. An accomplished debut and I'd also like to say the word sturdy....view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Seventeen Evergreen
Lunar EP

  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £3.49

Paris Texas
Action Fans Help Us

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £5.24

Automated Acoustics
Love To The Dedicated Listener

Utterly different, fresh & funky. Imagine if Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, Beethoven, Cylob & Dr. John were in a band together....Amazing. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

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