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Oliver Wilde
Post-Frenz Container Buzz

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The Bats
The Deep Set

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Stories Don't End

Dawes aren't (ha ha) the same ones with  Jim Morrison in but are in fact a laid back bunch of retro rockers from LA who have clambered out of bed for long enough to re-press this their third album of breezy Laurel Canyon style folk rock. These smooth and soulful songs take their cue from earlier long hair strummers such as Jackson Browne and Poco. Peace.  

Great Ytene

It's very good (great in fact) to have Great Ytene back. Their debut self titled record was one of 2014's best. Here they pursue darker textures perhaps taking their cure from the concrete grey rock of the likes of Preoccupations. This one was mixed by MJ at Suburban Home who has added his trademark tape delay to the voice. Expect dark billowing avant-rock for bleak times. 
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Dutch Uncles
Big Balloon

Machester's favourite artful wonk-pop outfit Dutch Uncles continue to churn out material, with their latest being 2017-due Big Balloon. Fronted by a self-titled and explosive lead single, with the typical addition of Duncan's (lead) off-kilter dance moves, this edition takes listeners on a consistently intricate avant-garde journey.


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Hello Black Hole
In No Good Hand

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Change of State

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Tobin Sprout
The Universe and Me

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The Whistles & The Bells
Modern Plagues

Modern Plagues is an album that grew from The Whistles & The Bears main-man Bryan Simpson’s dreams of a wild fantasy dinner party: key figures from history arguing and getting drunk together. Although this isn’t a straight concept album, the smart indie-pop songs of Modern Plagues do have a colourful and eclectic flavour to them, just like the best parties. Out on New West.

Six. By Seven
Greatest Hits

Six. By Seven’s particular style of socially conscious psychedelic indie remained underground for their whole existence, but a Greatest Hits is still in order. It contains a generous selection of their finest cuts from across their career, including snarling food protest song ‘Eat Junk Become Junk’. CD release on Beggars Archive.

Cloud Nothings
Life Without Sound

Cloud Nothings have a fourth album ready to go: not bad going given that main man Dylan Baldi is still just 25 years old. Derek Bailey once said that “Life without music would be a mistake”, and we can only assume that Life Without Sound would be even worse. Fortunately, there is plenty of polished rock sound to be enjoyed on this album: the Nothings sound more accomplished than ever. Out on Wichita.

Julia / Spring

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Cameron Avery
Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams

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Fuck Yeah
Fuck Yeah

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The Molochs
America's Velvet Glory

Out on Innovative Leisure (BadBadNotGood, Nosaj Thing, Holy Fuck), this release pushes the envelope rather less than the aforementioned, sticking as it does to Jonathan Richman-style proto-punk and skittering skiffle. America’s Velvet Glory (indeed, indeed) is in the same school as early Parquet Courts or Ultimate Painting - not looking to reinvent the wheel, simply looking to write good songs good. Single ‘You and Me’ sounds like a track called ‘You and Me’ and is dead pleasant.


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Our Girl

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Band Of Holy Joy
Brutalism Begins At Home

Bad Punk/urban folk group Band of Holy Joy approach their longest stint of remaining active with a new release. Their new EP is titled “Brutalism Begins At Home” and it’s a 10” because of course, though it does include a download card. Featuring the most modern and British of urban hymns in “Removal Man”, the limited record precedes a 3xCD boxed set due in Spring on the same label.

The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me (Deluxe Edition)

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Kid We Own The Summer

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Summer Moon
With You Tonight

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Modern English
Take Me To The Trees

One for all old school 4AD enthusiasts as Modern English return with a record that sounds, looks and probably smells like a classic '80s 4AD record. The fact that this is their first record in 30 years doesn't seem to have prevented it from having the dark, wiry sound you associate with records of the era. The fact that it was produced by Colourboxx's Martin Young and Vaughan Oliver is on artwork duties certainly helps with the authenticity.  

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Tourist

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The Pigeon Detectives
Broken Glances

Dance to the Radio returns in order to release the new album from Leeds platinum selling (sorry this must be a's true) rockers the Pigeon Detectives. They've previously been known for their meat and potatoes non-threatening rock but with Wild Beasts, Ghost Poet and local tape delay enthusiast Richard Formby in the production chair this could be a lot more interesting. 

Team Picture / Laminate Pet Animal
Back to Bay Six / Eve

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Behind Closed Doors
Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors

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One Eyed Wayne
Attack Of The Luxury Flats

In the wake of Sleaford Mods and Hard Left here's another bunch of older lads getting really annoyed with stuff. Taking their cue from the London 'poetry' of Ian Dury this London four piece have made a scabrous, snarling album which has enough melodicism and bite to appeal to fans of the best bits of post-punk and Two Tone era ska. .  

H. Grimace
Self Architect

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INHEAVEN release their second single to date, a capable slice of indie rock with Phil Spector-esque drumming. Lots of reverb on the guitars and the vocals, but not so much that you can’t make out some lyrical clunkers. The 7” sounds big Bitter Town is released in a limited edition on the Hometown Records label.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree

The subject of a much-anticipated forthcoming documentary by Andrew Dominik, 'Skeleton Tree' is the latest offering from much-revered Aussie dark overlord Nick Cave and his inimitable Black Seeds. Hot on the heels of 2013's critically acclaimed 'Push the Sky Away', this new work will no doubt delight Cave's many admirers. Released the day after the film, the mood of the record will no doubt touch on its themes.

The Black Queen
Fever Daydream

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The Clean

The Clean’s Getaway album (geddit?) was released in 2001, by which point New Zealand’s finest underground indie boys were in a position to apply fancy production to their sound. They still sound gorgeously shambling however, e.g. just the way you want them to be. Two tracks even feature members of Yo La Tengo! Now Getaway is reissued in double CD / double LP editions by Merge.

Plants and Animals
Parc Avenue

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Ty Segall
Ty Segall

Another year, yet another album from prolific garage rock guy Ty Segall. You would perhaps think that a self titled album (his second) would have a back to basics approach but as Master Segall revels in a stripped back sound it's hard to figure the concept other than this is described on the press release as 'visceral' and 'penetrating' and with 'lobe blasting' fretwork. Lead track 'Orange Colour Queen' is tender and evocative, I think we need to know the truth.  

USA Nails
Stuck For Inspiration / Oven Degreaser

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Allison Crutchfield
Tourist in This Town

Swearin’s Allison Crutchfield returns with a solo debut full-length in tow. “Tourist in This Town” re-introduces Crutchfield with a more complete realisation of her skill in songwriting, arranging and instrumentation. Bringing synths into the mix, the album was recorded with Jeff Zeigler and shows off its sheen through the anthemic lead single “Dean’s Room”. The CD is a 4-panel digipak and the LP includes a download code.

Family Scraps

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Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr Ferryman

Once called ‘America’s greatest living lyricist’ by The Guardian, Mark Eitzel certainly knows his way around metaphor and allegory. The ferryman, in question, is quite probably the same Charon that Nick Cave grappled with on The Boatman’s Call. However, Eitzel is far wryer than Cave - on the title track he sings ‘Hey Mr. ferryman, do you party where you’re from?’ - and the sonic and lyrical approach to matters of life and death has more in common with Eels. Vinyl comes with an indies-only bonus CD, which is cool.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Open Minds Now Close

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Sacred Paws
Strike A Match

Sacred Paws, the new band name of members of former noise pop group, Golden Grrls, is a pairing of Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers. “Strike a Match”, the pair’s debut as Sacred Paws, will be released through Glasgow’s Rock Action Records. If you are a fan or Sleater Kinney or The Raincoats you are sure to like this collection of jangly indie pop tracks, released on heavyweight vinyl and CD.

Blue Orchids
Bomb Manchester! / Bomb Hamburg!

Manchester post-punk mainstays Blue Orchids unearth some heavily bootlegged live recordings from Manchester, 1981 and Hamburg, 1985 for this double CD. Two very different setlists, both sought after by fans and treated in the studio by Richard Trubridge and Stuart Moxham respectively. Limited edition, 300 copies worldwide and exclusive to independent stores so you’re better off being the early bird.

Gold Hole / The Lick

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The Cure
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

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Live in Paris

The reformed Sleater-Kinney, captured live in concert in 2015. Live In Paris is a punchy and fierce document of a great live band, as any attendees of recent shows can attest. CD, cassette tape and multiple vinyl editions are available, packaged in a pleasingly old-school photo-collage sleeve. On Sub Pop.

Little By Little

Australian duo Sodastream return to recorded music for the first time in a full decade. Little By Little is a record in the band’s classic guitar-pop tradition, full of songs that have lovely details squeezed into every corner: intimate and epic at the same time. CD and LP editions on their own Sodastream Music imprint.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

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2am Thoughts

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Animals That Swim

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Amber Run
For A Moment, I Was Lost

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Masters Of Reality
Deep In The Hole

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Are You Aware

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Grey Hairs
Serious Business

Grey Hairs play heavy metal / heavy punk / heavy grunge from the perspective of disaffected fortysomethings from Nottingham who’ve put the years into various DIY scenes. So Serious Business contains some proper desolation and some proper fierce riffs to match. Don’t mess with experience. CD and blue vinyl editions, out on Gringo.

Joan Of Arc
He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands

Joan Of Arc are veterans of the game by now, having been crafting post-rock in Chicago since 1995, when post-rock still meant ‘inventive and interesting’. He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands, their first album in five years, is as brimming with melodic detail as any of their work. Out on the Joyful Noise label on CD and black and pink vinyl editions.

Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr have announced Apocalipstick, their new album, set for release on 20th January 2017. Recorded at Hollywood’s nominal Sunset Sound studio with celebrated producers Joe Chicarrelli (The White Stripes, The Strokes, My Morning Jacket) and Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Bleached, M83), this is the band’s debut album for Secretly Canadian.

Luxury Death

One half of them used to be in Nai Harvest but now they do this sort of Stevie Nicks-type thing called Luxury Death. ‘Glue’ is a very good synth-pop song - the verse ticks along pleasingly, with Ben Thompson (the Nai Harvest one) and Meg Williams sharing vocal duties. However, the way they completely pull up the groove for the chorus is novel indeed. The rest of the songs on this EP showcase similar songwriting quirks that make Luxury Death a more engaging proposition than many of their peers.

Dude York

Seattle label Hardly Art have been killing it since day now, and their career-long purple patch continues with new signing Dude York. Producer John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney) coaxes the raditude out in spades here - opener ‘Black Jack’ is a pleasingly demented collage of massive riffs and things continue in a similar vein from thereon. Cool cover too.

The Replacements
Don't Tell A Soul

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Tim Cohen
Luck Man

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The Stray Trolleys
Barricades and Angels

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Glad Hand
Shape Your Fever Close

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Gone Glimmering

Chavez frontman Matt Sweeney is probably better known than his cult '90s band. He recorded the album Superwolf with Will Oldham under his Bonnie Prince Billy moniker and was a member of Zwan with Slint's Dave Pajo and the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. It is now time to revisit what he did first namely gritty, grimy, excellent angular rock. Gone Glimmering is available on vinyl LP on Matador

Beach House

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Ride The Fader

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Paul Weller
Wild Wood

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The Dears
Times Infinity Volume One

The Dears are a Montreal band who’ve been around for long enough (since 1995) to have an established handle on their own sound. Their sixth album, Times Infinity Volume One, shows off that sweeping orchestral indie pop sound to the max, with song subjects that the band refer to as ‘Romantique’. Out on Dangerbird.

Dave Hause
Bury Me In Philly

Dave Hause is an authentic punk voice, having put the years in with his band The Loved Ones: this is his third solo album. Bury Me In Philly is made-up of full-hearted anthems and Americana-tinged rock energy: proper American songwriting, delivered with a smooth fire. Released on CD and (clear vinyl) LP on Rise Records.

The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody

Fewer band's have remained so deliciously weird and consistently influential in the universe of alternative rock than The Flaming Lips. Led by the eerie and pounding The Castle, Oczy Mlody becomes the latest addition to a bulging catalogue - which continues to reinvent and surprise over 24 years down the line.

Piano Wire
Dream Underground

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The Apples In Stereo
Science Faire

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Beachheads is a spin-off band from good-times heavy metal band Kvelertak, with two of that band’s members joining another drummer and a synthpop singer. Their music is more pop-friendly than Kvelertak, with sun and beaches replacing black skies and forests. Fun times! Their self-titled debut is out on Fysisk Format.

Brandon Can't Dance
Graveyard of Good Times

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Nicole Sabouné

Deep down, we’d all like to know what happens when talent show contestants go that extra mile by making an offering to Satan. And now we can find out. Nicole Sabouné’s new album, Miman, takes a poppy approach to gothic and doom metal. The instruments accompanying her lucid voice are both sober and haunting. Great stuff for all you Ulver and Chelsea Wolfe fans.

Weezer (White Album)

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Half Japanese
Hear The Lions Roar

Everyone either does or should love Half Japanese, the expression of a brotherly love for weirdo rock music to be played with no regard for conventional technique. Hear The Lions Roar is their brand new record: it's as fun as ever, and apparently features many of the musicians who worked with the band in the 90’s for maximum good old times. CD and vinyl (black or lilac) editions on Fire.

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1

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For Posterity

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The Courtneys
The Courtneys II

After stints with Burger Records and Gnar Tapes, sunshine-grungers The Courtneys have found a new home on Flying Nun (Deerhoof, The Clean and loads of others) for their second full-length LP. It’s another collection of 90’s-ass guitar pop with melodies sweet enough to woo the hardest of hearts - if you don’t believe us, see lead single ‘Silver Velvet’. Out just after Valentine’s Day.

Lower Plenty
Sister Sister

Lower Plenty are a Melbourne-based four-piece who make mature, reflective and idiosyncratic folk music. It takes a certain gift to be able to pull off blatantly detuned strings, guitars and vocals but somehow it works in this band's favour, making their dawdling, introspective arrangements instantly recognisable. Sister Sister is an organic and grown-up album for folk-lovers everywhere. Released as Vinyl LP on Bedroom Suck Records.

The Moonlandingz
Black Hanz

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Black Mamba Fever
Feeling The Strain

Black Mamba Fever are a four-piece band playing a slightly messed-up sounding indie rock / punk-pop hybrid music. Feeling The Strain has good old fashioned riffs and dementedly hollering vocals, delivered with all the enthusiasm you’d expect of youth. Feeling The Strain is a 7” single, released by a label called Eating People Is Wrong (quite right too).
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Destruction Unit
Deep Trip

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Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu has finally returned from their stint at the Black Lodge, but perhaps they have taken some madness with them. After recording and touring with the popular Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, they are now returning with FORGET, packed with eccentric electro-pop, overdriven vocals and utterly danceable rhythm tracks - hidden away there somewhere. Produced by John Congleton (Sigur Ros) and Deerhoof's Greg Saunier. 


Danish kids here making a delightful post-punk dreampop hybrid record. After releasing a few singles over the past two years, Communions are finally ready to release a debut album. Blue is dripping with youthful enthusiasm and eagerness. Fat Possum Records have hooked us up with a limited edition indie retailers only vinyl edition, so don't hesitate to hook yourself up with some Scandinavian goodness.


Youngsters these days just keep cranking out brilliant band-names. Cairobi’s self-titled debut album is released in a tragically inappropriate season, as is evident by the very first chords of their single Lupo - this is summertime music. Fuzzy guitars, fuzzy bass in fact, hazy vocals, and dreamy drums, this is the easiest way to get your summer psychedelia trip while the 2017 winter razes on.

Frank Turner
Sleep Is For The Week - Tenth Anniversary Edition

Ooh, bet Frank Turner was really pleased with himself when he came up with that title. Sleep Is For The Week (yes mate, we get it) was the first LP Turner released after the break-up of Million Dead. On this 2007 album Turner kick-starts the confessional acousti-punk train that he’s been riding ever since. This tenth birthday edition of Sleep Is For The Week includes some demos.

Little Fictions

Look, new Elbow! This band of friendly Mancunians have been known to split opinions in the Norman office, but they are beloved to many, and with good cause. Little Fictions is the band’s seventh album, put together by Garvey and the gang with special contributions from the The Hallé Orchestra and the London Contemporary Voices choir. Sweeping and intimate at the same time, just like Elbow. Released by Universal.

Dumb Blood

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These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores

Young Danes Yung are a energetic indie rock group very keen on DIY aesthetics: the artwork and production of this EP was handled by the band themselves. These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores bounces along vigorously with a nicely overdriven guitar sound, sharp slices of feedback punctuating the songs here and there. 12” EP on Tough Love.

Mutual Benefit
Skip a Sinking Stone

Mutual Benefit is Jordan Lee’s self-reflexive solo indie-pop project, and Skip a Sinking Stone is his second record. The album can be thematically divided into 2 parts: 1 nomadic, 1 grounded, but both presenting their own problems. Jordan gets it all accross with sensitive arrangements, strings, and his own plaintive vocals. On Transgressive.

Without You I'm Nothing

Reissue of Without You I’m Nothing, the second album by Placebo and a landmark record for alternative (but still successful) rock groups in the '90s. Brian Molko expresses his inner pain over the band’s tight riffing. Includes their hit ‘Pure Morning’. 
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It looks like this release is the only opportunity to hear the full-sized band Mazozma’s FATUFAIRFE, a group unwieldy in both name and line-up. Ma Turner and John Philip Farmer are at the core, playing their compositions with musicians previously sighted alongside R. Stevie Moore, Apples In Stereo, Blood Pheasant etc. 12 inches of weirdo rock, packed in envelopes with Jim Marlowe artwork.
  • Vinyl 12" (SL082)
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Banks & Steelz
Anything But Words

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Rob Crow's Gloomy Place
You're Doomed. Be Nice.

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Elf Power
Sunlight On The Moon

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Dim Peaks
Time of Joy

  • Vinyl LP (GRR032LP)
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Midnight Control

After 8 years away, Sheffield local boys are officially back, and with a new double A-sided single. Definitely matured in the 8 years away as well, and with the members playing in acts such as Dead Sons and Backhanded Compliments in the gap they have pushed away from the jingle jangle, and into more matured indie pop. less shake, more sway.

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