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Big Deal
Lights Out

London duo debut of indie guitar pop/rock with a dreamy, muscular and melodic beauty. There's something very endearing, quietly bewitching about these songs, as they're led by gorgeously captivating male/female vocal interplay filtered through a slightly muddy, austere and delicate atmosphere. Something like a mix of Wye Oak, Beach House, She &a...view item »

The Icarus Line

Wildlife by The Icarus Line is not their best album. It could be their worst album, actually. But the band itself is perfect. The Icarus Line have existed for over 10 years now and should be a hugely successful band but they're not, which is a load of shit. Between 'liberating' Stevie Ray Vaughan's...view item »
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We have a debut CD in by Diastole which started off sounding like Big Country and then the vocals came in and it stopped doing that. The Diastole EP isn't a bad debut by any means. The thing which lets this down is the weak production which manages to remove any energy or vitality that may be present and makes it all a bit wet let...view item »
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Cymbals Eat Guitars
Lenses Alien

Tearing me away from the Joey Barton twitter feed (current subjects: being transferred to QPR against his wishes, becoming environmentally friendly, Shearer's hair) is this new record from Cymbals Eat Guitars. What the Metronomy-loving Barton would think of this racket remains to be se...view item »

At Last An Atlas
From Which We Were Raised

Finally from me a CD on Slow Loris by At Last an Atlas. called 'From Which We We Raised' - the first thing to note is that its a gorgeous looking thing and the typeset will probably get in the Clinton famous top 5 fonts of the year chart rundown. The music is mellow, minimilist home spun pop music with beat box type rhythms, simple organ and guitar...view item »

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Mirror Traffic

Shit yeah, this more like it! Summer prison is getting me down real low, so a little waxy reminder of why I even bother getting up in the morning to serve this evil fucker we all know too well as the music industry is obviously welcomed. Malkmus and his bunch of merry Jicks return wi...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Hi it's me, the "turdlinger" who doesn't like 'Do You Wanna' by Franz Ferdinand. Whoever wrote that gave us a right giggle. More insults/death threats ASAP please! They've proper got groovy on their "difficult" 3rd album, Tonight. The production by Dan Carey is super sharp on this album! 'Turn it On', the 2nd track (ignoring tha...view item »

Blank Dogs
Collected By Itself: 2006 - 2009

Apple For Teacher

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Fragments EP

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Yeah Nothing

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A Medic

First up this week is 'A.Medic' by Disconcerts, a heavily tipped post punk group from London town. These guys are tearing it up '78 style! The drums sound like tin pots played by some hyperactive teen fueled by cider and cheap speed, the bass player serves up the the melody that perfectly compliment the aggravated vocal outbursts and razor sharp gu...view item »

Landscape Izuma
Kolorit Remixes

Dead Like Harry
Know The Joy Of Good Living

Love Of Everything
Sooner I Wish

The Chills
Kaleidoscope World

Kaleidoscope World gathers together the earliest days of New Zealand’s The Chills: every single release between the years 1982 and 1986. This must have sounded like the opening up of a new world back then: an indie sound as light and poppy as it was alternative and new. CD / double LP on (needless to say) the lege...view item »

Sex Jams
Post Teenage Shine

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Killed By 9V Batteries
Killed By 9V Batteries

One Last Hurrah For The Lost Beards Of Pompeji

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Das Fieber
Das Fieber

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Killed By 9V Batteries
The Crux

Let's deal with the elephant in the room first. Yes, Killed by 9V Batteries is a bloody terrible band name. One of the worst. There, now I've addressed that, on to the record, which is actually very good! It is what we in the '90s called "alternative rock". It reminds me of those bands...you know, Sonic Youth, Cable, U...view item »

The Feelies
Crazy Rhythms

Oh my god oh my god. First up re-issues of one of my favourite albums of all time. I was a naive 16 year old when I escaped from a horrific family holiday at Center Parcs to travel to Cambridge in order to seek out record shops. In one of them I purchased a vinyl copy of an album by The Feelies. I'd read that they were a kind of halfway house betwe...view item »

Shooting The Moon

Brain Idea
Cosmos Factory

These guys get compared to a lot of the old NZ bands even though they're from Chicago so should sound like Big Black or erm...Chicago. Were Chicago from Chicago? I'll wager that they were but if I'm wrong I'll accept my punishment. Half a squashed freeze-dried badger in the post to the usual address please. So yeah, they've got one of those ...view item »
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Banjo or Freakout
Mr No/ Someone Great

Banjo or Freakout? There comes a point in everyone's lives where they must ask themselves this question. 'Mr. No'/'Someone Great' is a 7" featuring a nicely relaxed and floaty bit of indie on the A-side, maybe in the style of a more distinguishable Animal Collective whose new album YOU ALL MUST BUY, with its echoey vocals and electronically ma...view item »

Rock N Roll Dreamer

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Cold In The Guestway

The Horrors

One of the more interesting musical developments in recent memory was The Horrors' transformation from a hopeless mess of hair to the machine that produced the sporadically brilliant future shoegaze of 'Primary Colours'. This, surely their most anticipated album, opens in worrying style with the Psychedelic Furs-m...view item »

The Suzukis
The Suzukis

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Ciccone Youth
The Whitey Album

The Whitey Album by Ciccone Youth is an album that was recorded in 1988 by Sonic Youth with Mike Watt and Greg Ginn. The album features infamous cover versions of Madonna’s Into The Groove, known here as Into The Groovey and ...view item »

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
Love On An Oilrig

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Fair Ohs
Everything is Dancing

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Seeing Scarlet
Ugly Girl

The Suffrajets

THE SUFFRAJETS have a single out. Actually it's not that bad. I was pleasantly surprised I have to say...  I thought they were more rocking... more metal y' know. Well it's got a slightly raucous, dare I say it almost raunchy chorus. But the verses are quite sedate and simple sounding tune indie gear which makes me think of The ...view item »
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Short Breaks

STOPSTARTS have their second single out on Grace. 'Short Breaks' is more of that smooth, itchy compressed radio indie rock with post Futureheads/the Feeling kinda harmonies & a bit of a mid seventies FM vibe all mangled up with a clean cut new wave style production. There's lots of "oh-oh, oh oh-oh" style adl...view item »
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Sons And Daughters
This Gift

After the tremendous comeback single 'Darling', Our fave barbed Glaswegian Sons & Daughters stomp back with their 2nd full lengther, 'This Gift' & to these ears it's a blissful, harmony stuffed triumph. It's all in the feisty lyrics spat with an irresistable sultry sneer & the simple but glorious post Spector 60's sheen that's condensed...view item »
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Gorge Trio/ Uske Orchestra

Cor blimey are we on part 6 of Ache Records' Divorce series already???? This split is by Gorge Trio who do a Jazz improv drum-athon called 'What We Agree On'. It's like The Denison Kimball Trio collapsing in on themselves after being spiked with strychnine. Uske Orchestra do a number called 'Billlling- Billllong' which is quite funny, reminding me ...view item »
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It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)

Indie, Ambient, Post Rock with a Little Dream Pop. The artwork looks just like how this sounds, distant, blurry, longing, ghostly, fading in and out of focus (it also reminds me of my favourite SunKilMoon album Ghosts of the Great Highway). Reminds me of a few other bands for example: La Altra (practically her brother here), Radiohead (the more amb...view item »
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The Yell
My Baby's Into Witchcraft

Funtastic single from THE YELL on Marquis Cha Cha that sounds like Art Brut doing a Fall inspired chunk of discordant space surf garage. 'My Baby's into Witchcraft' is utterly effortless & mercifully trend free. These fellers have been listening to lots of 60s garage, a dollop of B-52s & loads...view item »
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Kevin Greenspon
Paradise A.D.

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Maria & The Mirrors
Travel Sex EP

Lachrymose One/ Sansava

Split 7"s eh? We have one here featuring the delightful post Dinosaur/Sebadoh style lo-fi rock of Lachrymose One sharing a sexy slab of sweet vinyl with the much gentler Sansava introducing  their sweet, blissed out Broken Dog/Mazzy Star inspired melancholic loveliness. This is the follow up to that nice...view item »
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Lake Trout
Riddle Me

More epic rock stylings from Lake Trout. 'Riddle' a 7" is kind of prog but rather intriguing as well. I like the fuzzy distorted sound & the general all over the place-ness of it. Leaving behind the yawnsome bombast of contemporaries Oceansize & Biffy Clyro. So not entirely my kinda thang but I wouldn't be ashamed to ...view item »
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Tell Me

The Outdoor Types
It Is The Mercy

From Kidderminster, R'n'R capital of the UK, come these Outdoor Types. Once the opener gets kicking I'm immediately transported to the bar at a Wonder Stuff gig in 1989. They've got that big catchy old indie sound, you see, from when I were a kid and that. Rowdy vocals an...view item »
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Sons And Daughters
Mirror Mirror


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The Super Vacations
Thicker Milk

I've only heard the one single by these Norfolk, Virginia based characters ('Henry' i think it was called) and i thought it was pretty sweet but they've totally surpassed themselves on this long player. Sitting somewhere in the new and previously un-mined territory of lo-fi, surf and psych The Super vacations manage to sound like many things whi...view item »
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Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
Oscillate Wisely

Firstly, Mike Adams at his Honest Weight is a great name to record under. Secondly, the title “Oscillate Wisely” is great pun on the titles of The Smiths song “Oscillate Wildly”. So, these aspects made me interested and want to listen. What I found was some lovely dreamy alt. pop-cum-power pop. “Bad Weather&...view item »

United Fruit
Fault Lines

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White Shoes Black Heart
A Place Beyond The Sign That Reads You Have Gone Too Far

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Destroyer's Kaputt is that rare album where you know if you're going to love it in the first two minutes. With that in mind, opener “Chinatown” is a lush, gorgeous pop gem with a jazzy sway and really brilliant instrumentation that evokes a kind of mid-afternoon in paradise feel. Distant horns, slinky bass, and cavernous drums create...view item »

The Middle East
I Want That You Are Always Happy

The Middle East are an Australian band who will appeal to fans of Fleet Foxes, Midlake and that sort of thing. Whilst their debut, “I Want That You Are Always Happy” is partly austere indie-folk, with the first couple of songs “Black Death 1349” and “My Grandma Was Pearl Hall”, it does have it’s brighter...view item »

The Horrors
Primary Colours

I remember us being initially incensed by The Horrors, a bunch of novelty goth kids on that Loog label pretending to be some noir-garage bunch of slasher maniacs but just looking like a bunch of fashion victims ala Nathan Barley. Now they've found a new home (XL) and have started wearing colours other than black. All very good I say, nice work boys...view item »

Alain Johannes

Alain Johannes is an endlessly talented man who was married to an endlessly talented woman. Unfortunately, in 2008 Natasha Shneider passed away and left a pulsing void in Mr. Johannes life. This is an album inspired by death... which makes its beauty all that more powerful because there are no dirges, no depressive songs... the pain is there, bu...view item »

Grace Records- The 1st 5 singles

Now a compilation of the label GRACE RECORDS and her first 5 singles that were limited to 300 and all sold out. So here's your chance to own them again on CD for the first time. Featuring FURY OF THE HEADTEACHERS, STOPSTARTS, ORPHANBOY, LINEAR AND THE HOME WRECKERS CLUB. Its a pretty cool release as all the song...view item »
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Hollow Smoke

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Wet Paint

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Puerto Muerto
Songs Of Muerto County Revisited

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The Rudiments
Doctor Bone's Fried Medicine

Peter Case
The Case Files

The Case Files is culled from Peter Case's enduring solo career and makes a fine sampler of his unique brand of rock 'n roll Americana. This disparate collection also makes a decent intro for those who've never had the pleasure; raw and unrefined as it may be at times, the album runs the gamut from spartan folk portraits of middle America to pol...view item »
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A lull

After releasing their fantastic EP Ice Cream Bones, Chicago's A Lull were looking to master their unique sound with the release of Confetti. What has been accomplished through this album is a sound that reflects Sigur Rós with an urban dominant drum and bass feel. Confetti starts strong and ends very well. The scope of ev...view item »
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The type of record that could only be made by bespectacled Americans wearing checked shirts and blind if not for very thick horn rimmed glasses. Nodzzz find themselves on the end of the lineage that goes something like Jonathan Richman, Beat Happening, K records et al, Moldy Peaches. Its chirpy, strummy indie rock that manages to be very ec...view item »
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  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Warm Brains
Old Volcanoes

Oh god I got a record by an ex-Testicle. That's not the moniker you really want is it? Maybe you should choose your band names more carefully chap. Warm Brains is marginally better, mind, & this isn't that Dave Haynes, the one with the spectacles & the London hair. But he is called Rory! They can't win these Icic-lads can they? I really ...view item »
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Dave Depper
The Ram Project

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

North Sea Navigator
Among The Dead City

From what little info I can cobble together it seems as though this charmingly arigato-pak'd album was devised as a wee bit of a concept effort with a post-Soviet Eastern Bloc sort of feel, something which titles like 'Die Hunde', 'Gestalt', 'Honecker', 'Stasi' and 'Mielke' give a bit of a clue to I guess. Stylistically this seems to be split betwe...view item »
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The Horror, The Horror

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

The Donkeys
Born With Stripes

There's so much music in the indie world that it can become overwhelming trying to keep up. This little outfit deserves some attention. The Donkeys have that Sterling Morrison - low-fi - Luna thing going that is a nice antidote to the hyperactive and very overproduced stuff we're hearing in the indie universe now. Nice to hear a band of guys pla...view item »
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The Cubby Creatures
Who Remembers Kathy Barra

From the US of A we have a 10"/CD EP by a band called Cubby Creatures which is lovely. Sounds quite a lot like The Delgados. Classy sounding indie pop with strings, tunes and panache. What more would you need on a friday afternoon? It's called Who Remembers Kathy Barra...view item »
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Upside Down

Hoggboy release a new single of catchy guitar indie rock type gear. More poppy than previous outings and it reminds me of the whole Britpop thing from years ago which I don't think is a good thing if I have to be honest. Upside Down is on 7" and CD...view item »
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Blue Note

Really baffled about bands such as Harrisons. They sound like one of those hopelessly endearing 1 hit wonder barroom outfits of the late 70's that still get an airing from Smashey & Nicey but with a bit of C86 indie jangle. I can hear Boomtown Rats era pub rock, Wah, The La's & a kind of working mans club eth...view item »
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Trompe De L'oeil

First up is Malajube with Trompe-Loeil which is a chaotic and uplifting pop LP from French speaking Montreal. If you can get into the french rock lyrics its actually got some nice musical moments with subtle and sophisticated chord progressions. Their friendship with Arcade Fire is evident on certain points on the record with the anthemic cresendo ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

The Metros
Talk About It

  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £1.49

Magic Bullets

Tim Cohen
Tim Cohen's Magic Trick

Not content with releasing about a billion Fresh and Only's albums here comes singer Tim Cohen the second (I think) of his solo outings. The opening track 'I Am Never Going to Die' (me neither, Tim) carries on the 60's Fresh and Only's vibe, an upbeat little pop song coming across like some kind of Hollies lost classic. More stripped down than h...view item »

Forbidden Friends
Tiny Hands

Kurt Vile
Smoke Ring For My Halo

Celebration time kids. It's time for a new Kurt Vile rekkid! Upping the ante significantly since his last outing on Matador ('Childish Prodigy') 'Smoke Ring For My Halo' is chocker with instantly enjoyable material. This is only my second spin of the LP and I already feel very much at home with the music presented here. Vile's sound brings t...view item »

Golden Kanine
Oh Woe!

  • Reduced from £16.49 - saving you £8.24

The Outdoor Types
One Legged Elvis EP

I guess there's something to be said for rowdy rock 'n' roll of the pub variety, if you happen to be in the right company. The Outdoor Types do it with plenty of energy, prize winning conviction and lashings of twangy, countrified yee-haw. Weirdly there's a 'clean' version of the lead track stuck on the end.. Well at least they did it that way s...view item »

Rest In Peace

Mower- Rest In Peace 7" on Transcopic... we wish they would. Actually it's not quite as offensive as the previous singles. Not as in your face pop. But still irritating like midge bites. Ever so slightly guitar folk indie. Like a bad Bluetones....view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £1.50

The Long Face

My _____ Is Pink

Colourmusic aren't an easy band to pin down in a few sentences - I'm not even sure where they are from! Anyway, they make a technicoloured racket that manipulates rhythm and tone to it's own advantage to produce a sound heavy on groove and steeped in obscure low-end drones. 'My _____ is Pink' is made up of loads of micro-pop songs, all off which...view item »

The Kills
Blood Pressures

I never knew what to make of The Kills. To me they seemed to spring up around the time when loads of crappy bands with "The" something or others started to get in my face... You know THE Killers... THE Thrills... The Eyes of Piss... THE FuckyWanks... all bands that exist... and whilst some are tolerable others get right on my nerves. The Kills a...view item »

The Pigeon Detectives
Up, Guards And At 'Em!

Leeds's own hit parade shakers return with what is their 3rd album...by which I mean this is the third time they have recorded an album. There first album had some alright pop songs on it. The second one wasn't as good (according to my man on the inside). This album is a kind of progression for the lads. A lot of the new songs seem to have been ...view item »

Bass Drum Of Death
Gb City

This album is full of great energy, noisy guitars and a thumping bass drum. The first track, "Nerve Jamming," is a driving anthem, and I imagine would be great to see live. Oddly, "Gb City," the title track is one of my least favourites, as it lacks a great hook and some of the more interesting ideas of the other songs. I think this is a must ad...view item »

Euphoria, Take My Hand

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Teasing Lulu
Black Summer

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £4.49


Next up the Liars with their self titled 4th album on mute. It opens with last weeks single of the week which is a snarling punky number. From here we are presented with a variety of styles and genres from Beck sounding rock songs to ambient tribal cave paintings to the somber Joy division. (... and Sonic Youth) Always subversive, its schizophrenic...view item »

Langhorne Slim
Langhorne Slim

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Buffalo Tom

After releasing six albums between 1988 and 1998, Boston three-piece Buffalo Tom have slowed down somewhat. “Skins” which was released in 2011 is only their second album in 17 years and counting. 2007’s “Three Easy Pieces” and “Skins” have also been released with little fanfare too, which is a shame. Buf...view item »

Paris Effect / Neat in the Street

Athens GA kids these. The A side bobs along in a meandering/ploddy/sleepy slacker fashion with a head-noddy "good-bye" vocal refrain. It's quite an unremarkable tune but has a nice loose feel & a warmth - I dig the dusty, homely production too. I'm totally baffled by the other side. She's got some awful Grace Slick/ Joan Jett/ Suzi Quat...view item »

Terror Bird
Waiting For Nothing

Minimalist spacious songsmithery from Terror Bird who are from the good ole US of A. They have a stripped down sound that relies on space and mood. The title track "Waiting For Nothing" is three (ish) minutes of lush melodies and sparse arrangements. I quite enjoyed that. It's not like a million instruments clamouring for your attention - just a...view item »
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Simon Says No!
Simon Says No!

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74


Disappears have been keeping themselves busy of late. It doesn't seem that long ago that debut 'Lux' dropped and since then they've released a live LP and now they're back again with a new studio LP 'Guider'. Hopefully you have some idea of what's going on with these lads by now but for the uninitiated we are talking classic psych, garage, kraut...view item »


This is the second album by Found and this time they have the walloping might of Chemikal Underground behind them. Initial impressions - very Scottish, dodgy rhyming couplets but it gets better as it goes on. It sounds a little like a Hot Chip that grew up on Wire and Josef K rather than Sylvester or whatever it was they were listening to, in th...view item »

Dead Air

Heatmiser on Dead Air strike me as a jaded ballplayer nailing fifteen machine-thrown balls in a row out of the park. Each song is a loud, thundering crack of pop-smeared beauty. The blurry guitar work is spot on, but Smith and Gust's fat and gritty fuzztones add a punk garnish to a pop platter. It's Elliott Smith...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Wild Palms
Until Spring

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

The Chapman Family
Burn Your Town

I've seen a couple of interviews with these lads which have made me chuckle, sound like a canny bunch. Having read one of them being angry about almost everything, ever has made me want to like their music. It's going to be a bit of a struggle. It's angsty rock music that sounds like a cross between an early, angry Maximo Park and a furious Twil...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.99
  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

Parts & Labor
Constant Future

Having been a fan of Parts & Labor for years now, seeing them live in small and large venues, I was originally wowed by their powerfully thrown up walls of noise, their anthemic joyfulness of their experimental “noise rock”. But Parts & Labor seem to have raced to bring out album after album and in their last outing...view item »

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